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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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fundraising questions. a new report in the criminal investigation involving mayor bill de blasio. did he violate election law. a cab killed in a violent hit-and-run crash. the driver busted by police. why he should have never been behind the wheel. >> i'm joe torres. >> and i'm -- the man slammed into the taxi. >> the impact pushed the taxi across onto a sidewalk and into a pole. mallory hoff is live in franklin square with the details. mallory. >>reporter: joe, sandra, the victim was a 47-year-old father from elmont. both cars ultimately came to a stop right where that power pole is right there. and across the street, you can actually see the close proximity to where this
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i spoke to a man who called himself a colleague and friend of the victim. nassau county police say 23-year-old duke was arrested about an hour after running from the scene of a deadly morning crash. he was driving the 2016 bmw on turnpike at a high rate of speed when he hit a 200 the chevrolet taxi. his charges include second-degree manslaughter, operating a vehicle without a license and dwi. investigators say the crash pushed the taxi from the westbound lane to eastbound lanes across to lincoln road and into a power pole. the taxi driver died as a result of the crash. >> i spoke to him last night. >> a dispatcher at oli airport service who was not working says he was devastating to learn about the death of his friend. >> never had customer complaints about him. he was a good driver, worked hard, and he seemed like he loved his kids. >> he says his friend
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did for a 5:00 a.m. shift when the crash took place. >> the guy is going into work and his life is ended because somebody else was behind of wheel going that fast. >> the speed limit in this area on this road is 30 miles-per-hour. investigators telling us this afternoon that they do have surveillance video that shows this crash. they have decided not to release it until it has been thoroughly reviewed. live, mallory hoff. investigators are looking for a driver in a hit-and-run crash. the van at the intersection of shore avenue and princeton street in jamaican just before 11:00 p.m. police say a sedan ran a stop sign and t-boned a van. the three adults and three children in the van were hurt, but not seriously. >> that's what we are as a big family, and just to know they're okay. that
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protection over them in a terrible thing that could have been worse. >> hospital doctors treated and released the injured victims and the crash damaged a parked car. police are looking for a 2016 ford sedan. we-- we turn to a bomb shell -- a newly surfaced board memo raises questions about the legality of political campaigns. news reporter stephan has the mayor's reaction. >>reporter: it's a memo obtained by the daily news. the port of elections is accusing de blasio of coordinating what could be an illegal fundraising scheme. it could constitute a felony. it's a bomb shell report obtained by the daily news
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blasio may have been behind an -- it recommended that the manhattan da investigates city hall. the 8-page letter was delivered to the board. it was a willful violations of law. the news suggesting the effort was part of a larger plan to flip the gop, control state senate to democrats and return to -- deep pockets benefits. the mayor did an appearance on the brian layer show and denied wrong doing. >> i believe everything we did was legal and appropriate and careful. and look, we've said from the beginning, if there's an investigation going on, we'll participate. we'll support it. >> the state board of elections chief enforcement officers in the memo says there's evidence that the de blasio team solicited higher than allowed
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transferred the campaign funds to the names of the contributors which may violate election laws. the investigator urged the full board to refer the matter to the da and the u.s. attorney's office writing quote, i have determined that reasonable cause exist to believe a violation warranting prosecution has taken place as the mayor is promising to be transparent. >> we want to get everything out. we want every fact to be uncovered and i welcome this being done and being done properly. i'm happy to be apart of solving any outstanding questions, but from my advantage point, everything was done legally and appropriately. >> a spokesperson for the manhattan da declined comment. the senate and democratic committee, we have reached out to, we have not heard back. new video in the search for two men involved in a brooklyn -- police are
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sedan and a blue surrender burban. -- melissa was the her chin. for a third straight day, prince fans are gathering at his estate in minneapolis to mourn the legendary musician after death. hundreds have been flocking to paisley park to leave flowers and balloons and cards including former pre-cushion natury sheila e. prince was found dead on the compound. he was 57-year-old. in new york, fans are reflecting how much his music and style influenced their lives. >> prince has been a part of my childhood, and my father first introduced me to him. it's unfortunate
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>> he's my all time fair -- he's my all time favorite. i used to say i'm going to have his baby. i have to see him in the big screen. >> an autopsy was conducted yesterday, but authorities say it could be weeks before the cause of his death is released. politics now and vote 2016, presidential front runner clinton and trump are making a play for votes in connecticut three days before the primary there. a confrontation caught on camera at a trump rally in bridgeport. take a look. this photo posted on twitter appears to show a police officer putting a protestor into a choke hold while escorting the man out of the event. we have more on this final week of campaigning before another big primary day. >> if i acted presidential, i guarantee you, this morning i wouldn't be here. >>reporter: not changing his tone. gop front runner trump on the trail in connecticut addressing
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saying that his rhetoric is an october. -- it's an act. promising republican officials that the billionaire will tone things down, but the candidate doesn't seem to be onboard with that plan. >> i sort of don't like toning it down. >> his supporters seem split. >> it seems authentic. >> personally i'm hoping he's more presidential than in the past because i like what he stands for, but not the way he says it. >> cruz accusing trump of lying. >> what's amazing is do notnald is tell -- donald is telling us he's lying to us. >> front runner clinton sitting down with voters face-to-face in connecticut. >> thank you. >> i look forward to seeing you as president. >> with your help, we'll get there. >> arrival bernie sanders
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of five states headed to the globes on tuesday. >> on tuesday, the people of maryland can say it is time for a political revolution. >> win or lose, he's vowing to stay in the race until the end. mary bruce, abc news, bridgeport connecticut. stay with eyewitness news and abc news for coverage of the connecticut primary and the race for the white house and head to to follow the campaign. scary moments for passengers on a plane. a dra -- a dramatic 911 call. hear a woman's plea for help.
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in new jersey, an investigation is underway after a freight train derailment. four cars of a freight train went off track in jersey city. it happened near new york avenue in a common area shared by cfx, con rail and north -- authorities say that derailment posed no danger to the public. there were no hazardous material involved and no one hurt. police are looking for the public's help as they search for a suspect in an assault. detectives say this suspect punched a
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southbound 5 train at the 3rd avenue east 149th street station. the suspect came up behind the victim, grabbed her, hit her in the face during the morning rush. she got away. the suspect on the subway. a new york bound flight made an emergency landing because of a broken windshield. the american's airline flight left miami last night when the pilot said the windshield was cracked. flight 1049 made an emergency landing at raleigh airport. authorities in ohio have released the frantic 911 calls from family members who had just made a horrific discovery. 8 members of the same family shot to death execution style. the victim's bodies were found in four different homes yesterday in an rural area 830 miles east of the cincinnati. 7 adults and a teenage boy had been shot in head. >> my grandpa is dead.
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[indiscernible]. >> there's blood all over the house. >> okay. >> my brother-in-law [indiscernible]. >> three children were left alive at the crime scenes including a 4-day old baby. investigators say they received an overwhelming number of tips. so far no arrests have been made. all the world president obama gets a special treatment as britain celebrates shakespeare 400 years after his death. and we take an outside on this saturday evening. fortunately the rain gave way to plenty of sunshine. meteorologist jeff smith tells us if tomorrow will
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in london, president obama marked the 400 anniversary of the death of william shakespeare. he play was designed in 1599. the president got to watch the play hamlet. look, the only place to be here today, after the rain, was outside. >> it was outside. i was going to say it's anything but the tempass. it could be frost areas west of the new york city. a live look over towards the manhattan bridge. temperatures 68
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temperature as far as i know. north wind coming at 14. gusting up to 20 miles-per-hour. the combination of the plummeting humidity, the next couple of days, and that wind which will be breezy right through the day on monday means there's an elevated risk of brush fires and we dealt with that in a few communities during the past week. we'll watch that situation carefully. 71 was your high. a 7 average. not quite that record 86. i would say fairly recently in 2007. rainfall this morning, a damp start. some areas got closer to a half inch in caldwell towards white plains. we need the rain. 30% of normal rain fall since march the 1st. we have a couple of opportunities during the next 7-days to get some much needed rainfall. chilly tonight in the meantime though. some 30s north and west, maybe patchy frost out there. a
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60s. tomorrow and monday, the elevated brush fire risk. 71 right now. still at new york , 66 and 63 at white plains. you're down to 55 at monticello, but mid-60s on the island except monday tact sitting at 66. there goes the clouds and the showers moving offshore. lows tonight, getting down to 46. you're down into the 30s and below freezing monticello. highs tomorrow getting back up to 66 in central park. 67 in morristown. cooler along the jersey shore, and onto long island, but the wind off the water. so tomorrow, a few degrees cooler than it was this afternoon. accu weather forecast for tonight, clear and cooler. we're down to 46 midtown, but some suburbs down into the 30s. mostly sunny and pleasant tomorrow. a high getting up to 66. enjoy that. partly cloudy. tomorrow night, we're down to 51. here's your 7-day forecast, breezy and warmer on monday.
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up to 75 with a mix of clouds and sun. we have showers and maybe a thunderstorm in the forecast on tuesday. a little cooler. 65. a break on wednesday . upper 60s and showers and storms returning especially late thursday. they might try to bleed into early friday. we'll have to watch that timing. 68 friday and clearing out in time for next weekend. but just layer up later on tonight. it's going to get chilly out there. >> thank you, jeff. laurie up next with sports. the rangers had been here before overcoming deficits in the last two postseason, but -- it's difficult to recreating as the blue shirts find out the hard way in pittsburgh. it was a must win game. the news was better for the
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blue shirts, you can only go to the well so many times. >> you can. it's frustrating for them and their fans. there was no good news to come out the rangers embarrassing game. thursday night at the garden which put them in this 3-1 -- except this, the blue shirts entered today. winners of their 9 of the last 11 games. the
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looked good early on. a minute and two seconds and gnash putting them up 1-0. it looked like their day, but about that. the penguins weren't backing down. the power play and phil -- four goals in the period. it made it 5-2. 6-2 the final. the rangers season ends five games in the first round. >> you don't know if you're going to get by in these playoffs no matter who you're playing against. if you don't have everybody playing the way they need to play, it's the toughest thing. you don't get too many chances. you never know when your next opportunity is to play for the stanley cup. >> one team will face elimination and the islanders and -- it will not be the home team. after after isle's took care of business. it was
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ot, new york is now just one win away from clinching its place off series in 21 years. they'll have the schans to do that tomorrow at home. >> they have been playing great. it's evident that he can play in the nhl. he's brought energy when guys are scoring the big goals for us. it's a good feeling. >> a 9-game home stand is a good thing for a baseball team. the yankees had one win to show through six of those games. els bury led to that win and starting a trend. the pin stripes can continue against the rays. he strikes out miller there getting out of a jam in the 4th. couldn't get out of this trouble in the 5th. kevin taking him deep for the solo home run as the rays take the lead. the brett and dan field singled and -- that ties the game. it was tied in the bottom of the 9th.
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again and sends everybody home with the walk off. 3-2, the yankees win their second in a row. the diamond continues a weekend set against the braves in atlanta. stephen gets the ball and he's coming off the best pitching performance of his career, but he won't have the -- he's out tonight. possibly longer after sliding into second base and re-aggravated the discomfort in his right leg he suffered initially diving into the stands trying to make a catch last week. the first round of the nba playoffs continues. after game one, it has been a -- this afternoon, trying to take a 3-1 series over the pacers in game four. indiana had no interest in that story line. on the 3 on 1, paul gorge finishing with the dunk. that kept up that after the half. gorge hill, the pull up jumper getting a friendly bounce. they finish with 22-points. 183, indiana wins. so we have a series. it's tied at 2
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your home for the nba playoffs. there's a big day tomorrow on channel 7. first the spurs look to sweep the grizzlies at 1:00. and followed by the warriors trying to bounce back and take a 3-1 series over the rockets and curry expected to play. triple plays are hard to come by in baseball. some teams have never pulled -- the white sox, no longer one of those teams thanks to a roundabout way of pulling off a triple place against the rangers. the bases loaded in the 7th. mitch flew out to right. then he over runs the bag. and tagged out. out number two. finally we had to speed it up here. the two players got caught in a run down. it was prince fielder getting tagged. that's out number three. the whole play took almost 30-seconds, which is long in sports terms, but they got the job done. >> not the traditional route. thank you laura. that is the news for now. thanks for joining us.
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up next. >> we're coming back at 11:00.
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