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tv   ABC World News  ABC  April 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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surveillance camera captured that terrifying attack outside of the victim's home. we're live in the sound view section of the bronx. kimberly. >>reporter: sandra, because that surveillance video is pretty good, hopefully detectives will catch this suspect. as for the victim, mohammed, he's a cab driver and he never imagined giving a basic answer to a simple question would get him sucker punched. >> i never saw him before. i had -- i had no idea. >> it's hard for mohammed to tell me what happened, but his broken nose and bruised eye -- it's an indication how violently he was attacked. >> he punched me close. >> surveillance video captured everything. mohammed was with his brother. the pair pulls their car up to their
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opens the gate. there, you see mohammed walk-through and pick up a bag of garbage to put on the curve. mohammed is standing still holding a bag, the suspect walks up to him. >> he passed me. and he's back again and told me what time is it now. i said probably 1:00. that's it, and you pinched -- he punched my eyes. >> and a crushing blow to the face. >> i closed my eyes and i'm bleeding in my nose and mouth. >> mohammed tells me what happens next. your brother. >> he called my brother and said let's go. >> the suspect didn't make good on his promise. a second camera shows him leaving a woman by his side child. police did respond, but didn't make an arrests. the situation left this father of four and his wife on edge. >> i'm not comfortable to
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i want to go with them because i'm not safe. i think they are not safe also. >> now, this suspect didn't take anything from -- he believes his attacker lives some where close by. kimberly richardson, eyewitness news. >> kimberly. firefighters have their hands full. flames threaten school bus in new jersey. reporting mallory hoff is at the scene. mallory. >>reporter: joe, that fire is out. crews wrap things up as they head out after fighting this fire. look at these photos taken earlier this afternoon. the fire in east 5th street and isabella avenue. this
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because of dry conditions and some wind today. there's been an elevated brush fire risk this afternoon. at one point the fire was threatening the board of education bus expo. everything is okay now. the buses were not damaged in this fire. a fire boat went across the river to contain the blaze. fire crews were able to get this fire under control and eventually able to put it out. back out here, live, the cause of this fire is still under investigation. we're told in the hours ahead, these roads will be reopen as crews prepare to head out. live in bayo, mallory hoff. more on the brush fire risk through the area you talked about. jeff smith in the weather center with more. >> we've had nice, dry wealth, but that's the problem. we've had nice, dry weather. 60 degrees in central park. look at the humidity levels. down to 26% in the park and down to
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when it's below 30%, it does increase your fire danger. since march 1st, 30% of the normal rainfall. we have a couple of opportunities for rainfall in your accu weather forecast. we'll detail that in a few minutes. sandra. >> thank you, jeff, we'll see you then. police say a 4-year-old boy is dead after he was hit by a car in new jersey. police say the child's mother was trying to put her son inside her car when another driver hit the child. that driver did stay at the scene. the incident as we said right now, under investigation. police are investigating what appears to be a case of road rage in manhattan. two drivers got into a fight on east 61st street. one stabbed the other multiple times, and then fled. the victim tried to drive himself to the hospital, but ended up crashing near east 76th street and madison avenue. that 45-year-old man is in stable condition. police
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they describe as having dread locks and they believe he was driving a blue ford with rode island plates. new york city mayor de blasio said he did nothing wrong in response to a published memo that says otherwise. the memo in the daily news raises concerns about the mayor's fundraising practices. eyewitness news reporter lucy yang has more. lucy. >>reporter: joe, there's nothing scandalist about a politician raising money for another politician. there's a finance game about how much and how it's done. de blasio is facing serious questions about whether he actually broke the law in his efforts to help elect more democrats to albany. >> i believe everything we did was legal and appropriate. >> a defensive de blasio took to the radio on friday insisting he did not commit fraud. on wnyc john larry he'll cooperate with investigators.
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uncovered and i whack - and i welcome this being done. everything was done legally and appropriately. >> the daily news obtained this memo from the board of elections. in the 8-page document, the chief recommended that city and federal prosecutors begin criminal investigations into whether or not de blasio and his aids engaged in quote, willful and violations state election laws. specifically the board suspects team de blasio may have -- in their effort to help support specific democrats running for the state senate. the pay back for city hall according to the daily news will be more friendly to mayor's liberal policies. the stunning accusations, one democratic consultant was not alarmed.
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if anything at all, it can disappear in a week or two. >> as we wait to learn more about this corruption investigation and whether it's enough to topple a mayor, there's building chatter online to impeach de blasio. one demanding that the mayor step down. sandra. >> lucy, thank you. we turn now to vote 2016. less than 48 hours before voting begins in five more states, democrat sanders is calling on rival clinton to join his progressive stance. clinton turned her attention to the general election. speaking on abc this week, sander urged sanders to support a tax on carbon admissions, and universal health care. >> if secretary clinton is the nominee and we're going to california, but if she's the nominee, i hope she puts together the strongest agenda. >> clinton called the rhetoric -- by trump and
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those same gop hopefuls are getting heat from the biggest conservative influences in the country. >> these personal attacks and pinning one person against the other. that's the message you're sending to the country. you're role model and you're terrible role models. i don't know how we can support them. >> speaking exclusively to abc john car, charles says it's possible that hillary clinton would be better than a republican. clinton responded in a twitter post writing quote, not interested in endorsements from people who deny climate science and try to make it harder for other people to vote. still ahead on eyewitness news at 6:00, fans create a memorial for legendary singer prince outside of his studio complex. the investigation into his death continues.
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we've learned the mayor of new jersey has died. the city says parker was rushed to holy name medical center this morning with respiratory issues. she died at the hospital. city flags will fly at half staff to honor her. the deputy marrow -- the grieving for prince continues. people came in the ring to pay their
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has become a memorial. yesterday, the singer's friends and family had a small memorial after his body had been cremated. police have a suspect in custody after a deadly shooting at a suburban church. authorities reported gunfire at the keystone fellowship church in north whales about 11:30 this morning. one person was rushed to the hospital where that person died. the victim and suspect have not been identified. school officials in wisconsin says officers outside a prom prevented tragedy last night. an 18-year-old shot prom goers. one was hit in the leg. the other off -- the other grazed and an officer patrolling the parking lot opened fire shooting and killing the teenager. police recovered a high power rifle and a large ammunition clip. a destructive fire displayed tenants in the bronx.
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the top floor of a 3-story building in the claremont section. firefighters brought the blaze under control. much of the building including a store on the first floor sustained water damage. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. investigators are working to figure out the cause of a fire that badly damaged a building in manhattan. flames spread this morning in the rear of a 6 story apartment building. that fire moved through the entire top floor and through the roof. more than a 100 firefighters responded to the scene. eyewitness says many tenants are elderly and needed help getting out. >> when i came out, it was a lot of black smoke and tenants coming out, and elderly people and you see the flames and ashes and the flames of the black smoke and then also the fire trucks started coming over, people coming out with their dogs. >> everyone did get out safely. two firefighters and one tenant suffered minor burns.
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news at 6:00, relief efforts underway around the world to help the survivors under the devastating earthquake in ecuador while the death toll rises. jeff smith will be back with your accu weather forecast. first, here's a look at what's coming on world news tonight. >> sandra and joe, good evening. coming up, prom night ambush. a teenage gunman opening fire on his former classmates and trump's struggle over his persona.
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more than a week now after a powerful earthquake and the death toll keeps rising in ecuador. it stands at 654 people. government officials say 58 people are still missing. more than 12,000 are injured. relief efforts are underway to help the 25,000 people in shelters. members of the armenian community in our area paid tribute to those of the armenian general side. the mid-atlantic -- they held a 101st commemoration of the armenian genocide in time square. 1.5 million armenians were slaughtered by the empire in the early 20th century.
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decedents marked 100 years since easter rising. the event held in battery park center where the irish republic was raised and the national flags raised. it was a 6-day resurrection against -- during which the irish republic declared its independent. a street fair outside of our studios wrapping up at this hour. the organizers told us it was different from the street fairs that so many in manhattan has come to expect. columbus eats a what they call it. it's vendors with unique food and music and activities as well. the company that produced it says dozens of similar fairs are coming up this summer. a response to people who say all street fairs are the same. yeah, there's a difference. >> there's more gourmet food there too. >> and there were no socks for sale. >> yeah. >> 800 egyptian sheets. >> all right.
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for a street fair. >> it was, yeah. nice day for tomorrow too. the good news is humidity comes up, so the brush fire risk will be quailed by humidity. we head outside and check out that shot towards the empire state building to one world trade. crystal clear skies as far as the eye can see. 63 now. the self wind come ing in at 14 miles-per-hour helped to cool it off from our earlier high of 68 degrees. that's south and southeast wind coming off the cool waters of the atlanta. above normal this time of year, 4 degrees. the record was 87 back in 2001. next seven hours, temperatures falling through the 50s. and we're down to 53 by midnight with a light wind out there. 63 new york. still 68, room temperature in new jersey. cooler off to the east. 58 islip. again, that south wind coming off the cool waters. 55 down the shore
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satellite not showing much. high clouds will stream in across the area overnight. you can see them over up state new york between syracuse. they'll be streaming off to the southeast by early tomorrow morning. lows tonight, getting down to 49 in the park. they'll be upper 30s, morrison and monticello, but stay nothing the 40s elsewhere. tomorrow, a few degrees warmer than today, but at the coast it stays cooler than central park. central park gets up to 71. even mid-70s in mid-new jersey, but stays in the 60s onto connecticut. around dawn. it should be-- showers and a thunderstorm move in from the west especially north and west of the city. that's our greatest threat of getting showers tomorrow night and during the day on tuesday, there could be a couple of lines of showers and or thunderstorms moving
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doesn't look like an all day washout, but that will be the day you need the umbrella, and we'll get beneficial rainfall in the area. weather we will -- the uv is a six. it's on the high side. partly cloudy. we're down to 49. we call it time s of clouds and sun -- times of clouds and sun. it's a warm afternoon, but around the coast, it stays in the 60s as we get to 71 in midtown. a shower developing late tomorrow night. we're down to 57. here's your accu weather 7-day forecast. tuesday is a cloudy day. we'll have a couple of showers and a thunderstorm around. 67 for a high. the clouds keeping it cooler and back to abundant sunshine on wednesday. 65 degrees. increasing clouds thursday. it can be an afternoon shower and 60s. cooler by the end of the week, and 60 on friday under a lot of cloud cover, but clearing out for next weekend. back near 70 saturday and clouds thicken up on sunday. hopefully that rain will wait until sunday night. that's a
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>> laura, -- laura is up with sports. jacob made his return and the young a's picking up where he left off back in the home opener as they look off to finish the
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it seems all is well in the mets pitching world. >> it definitely is and in the personal lives. the last time we saw jacob it was the home opener. they dealt with the family emergency as he left the team to be with his newborn son jackson who had been dealing with breathing complications and now jackson is healthy. it went well. he allowed one run. struck out three. giving the met s s a good chance. no home runs today, which is a rarity. jay and to close it out, he ran into trouble, allowed a run, but got out of the jam. 3-2 the mets. the slugger out of the line up for the second straight
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to deal with soreness in his bruised upper right leg after he slid into second base in friday's game. he'll be assessed after the team returns to new york tonight. the yankees had hope to use this latest nine game home stand to get themselves on track in this young season. they were in danger of ending it with three wins under their name unless they can sweep the rays. it was one bat out for -- tampa capitalized. that's cory. it made it 2-1. stephen hit a homer twice on his 27th birthday. they led 5-0 after one. the rays were not done yet. pierce on the home run. peda was allowed 7 home runs and the rays blast five homers, 8-1. the yankees fall. there's no better place to exercise over two decades worth of playoff demons than in the fans. the islanders will have the opportunity to
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narrative by beating the panthers in brooklyn. the islanders take a lead where four of five games had been decided by one goal. two went into over time and expect a battle. we'll have highlights at 11:00. one more series decided in the east. the capitals knocking outs the fire in game six. nicholas scoring the game's only goal which sets up a second round match up between the cavs the warriors proved they can win a game they proved they can lose one as well in their first round series he joined the line up -- the warriors and houston the cross over drive and fowl, and the last thing the warriors wanted to see is the locker room.
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not return with a sprain leg. he's doing -- thompson in transition. 129 -- also today, the spurs trying to sweep passed the grizzly. he had to deal with the electricity or the lack thereof thank to a power surge. it delayed the game for 20 minutes before the lights came on. the grizzlies probably preferred them off. san antonio pulled away. 116-95. the spurs pull off the sweep. with the summer olympics a few months a way, the focus -- not before today. in the london marathon. 40,000 took part in the race, but only one could win in each category. kipchow crossing in a course record. 7 seconds off the world
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>> impressive. >> big turn out there. >> thank you, laura. that's the news for now. we thank you for joining us. i'm joe tore this.e this. >> and i'm sandra backman. because baseball ran late, the world news will not air. we'll be back here at 11:00 and we hope you will too. (maintenance guy) is that a hammock made out of ethernet cables? (it guy) yup, it's our entire network. (maintenance guy) should you be doing that? (it guy) nope! (maintenance guy) well, you could play a new york lottery scratch-off game. that's how i break the routine around here without making our entire network collapse. (it guy) good point. can i have one?
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(avo) take a break from the expected. play scratch-off games from the new york lottery. ribeiro: here's a sneak peek at tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it. woman: take your mark. go! whoa! [ indistinct shouting ] woman: oh!


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