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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  April 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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8 have been confirmed, the other nine probable cases. mumps is a communicable viral illness that results in the swelling of the salivary glands. it leads to jaw pain, swelling in the face and cheeks, low grade fever is possible. there is no treatment and most patients recover but those diagnosed with the mumps are kept in isolation for a few days. today the health department and university officials reminding students to practice good hygiene, hand washing, no sharing of drinks and utensils. dr. richard besser says mumps is spread through contact amongst those living in close quarters. >> it is prolonged, direct contact. people sharing a room with someone with mumps their risks from sharing utensils and cups and kissing. it is a great time to remember two doses of the mm r will decrease the chances you are
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>> reporter: and a number of colleges in the northeast experiencing outbreaks. harvard university has 40 confirmed cases. there is a vaccine as you heard. two courses of treatment are needed. it is only about 90% effective. in fact all the connecticut cases the students had been vaccinated for the mumps. channel 7 eyewitness news. new at noon, a missing man with autism has been found safe in downtown brooklyn. 24-year-old michael yam was taken to the hospital this morning. nearby firefighters brought him to the firehouse. he was cold but otherwise okay. two dozen people are being temporarily relocated after a car slammed into their building in new jersey. a driver lost control in plainfield around 10:00 last night. the car crashed through the
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store, and structural damage needs to be repaired before residents return. turning to the latest in the fund raising probe involving new york city mayor bill de blasio's campaign. some of his top allies now slapped with subpoenas. dray clark has more. dray? >> reporter: another day another problem for the de blasio administration. suddenly city hall has become the focal point of a major the mayor has not been named but some of the people around him are being called in. >> reporter: some of the most trusted aides have been served. a spokesperson for the mayor's office says we are not commenting on the details of the investigations. all followed the letter of the with investigators. emma wolf, a chief aide in the de blasio administration was given a subpoena.
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wolf is a highly regarded public servant whose integrity should not be questioned. the joint local and federal investigation is a follow-up to a report by the chief enforcement officer at the state board of elections. the report claims the mayor and his advisors broke campaign finance laws by finding a loophole in the system and including with political contributors to donate as much as 10 times the legal limit to democratic state senate candidates in 2014. the allegation is de blasio was funneling money to those candidates to help support his agenda in albany. but the candidates all lost. the u.s. attorney is leading the probe, and a separate inquiry into corruption within the nypd. >> the commission and i have spoken. our folks speak with each other and it is a joint investigation. to the extent there is corruption in the department i know there is nobody more committed to rooting that than the commissioner.
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it jointly along with the fbi. >> reporter: mayor de blasio has said in the past he has instructed members of his team to provide any information that investigators may want because he has done nothing wrong and there is nothing to hide. but some have said this is just the beginning of a major, extensive investigation. live at city hall dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dray thank you. police in new jersey continue to ask for the public's help as they search for the car involved in an attempted luring. investigators release this had surveillance image of the -- released this surveillance image of the gold chevy impala. a 16-year-old boy says the driver made sexually explicit remarks and tried to lure him into his car. police are searching for the man who robbed a taxi driver in midtown. authorities say the man, seen in this surveillance video, threatened the driver with a fly and robbed him.
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on east 42nd street and fifth avenue. in the city that has come to be known as the bloodiest battleground in the syrian civil war, dozens now dead from rebel air strikes. more than 60 people have been killed within the last day in the devastated city. the death toll 27 at the red cross. residential areas of the city also hit. around 200 civilians have been killed nationwide in just the past week. peace talks between the boston and rebel groups are being held in geneva, but are reportedly deadlocked. and the vice president is in a neighboring country right now as he pays a surprise visit to iraq. vice president biden touched down in baghdad. he plans to work with leaders to resolve a political crisis from that nation. the government has been
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troubles and ongoing extremism, some of the unhappiness directed at the u.s.-backed prime minister. the presidential candidates are focusing on the next key primary, indiana. republican front runner donald trump is mocking ted cruz for a so-called hail mary move and bernie sanders laying off staffers. >> reporter: good afternoon. recent polls show a competitive race in indiana for the leading candidates in both parties. tuesday's primary could deal a blow to the front runners or further deflate their challenger's campaigns. a bold and rare political play. >> my friend, and the next vice president of the united states, carley fiorina. >> reporter: ted cruz announces a running mate well ahead of the gop convention, even though he is far behind donald trump in delegates, cruz hopes to best him in next week's crucial indiana primary to force a
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>> i am prepared to stand by his side and give this everything i have. to restore the soul of our party, to defeat donald trump. >> reporter: former presidential candidate carley fiorina has some experience in the fight against trump. the billionaire's criticism of her face bam fired after her strong response. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> cruz can't win. what is he doing? >> i think it is going to have zero effect. when you are at the end, way behind and on a very bad 6-game losing streak. adding a relief pitcher who flushed out of the majors earlier in the season isn't going to help you. >> reporter: the race in indiana also a focus for the democrats. bernie sanders hopes a win in the hoosier state will put to rest rumors he may be getting
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>> reporter: sanders's campaign announced it is laying off remaining primaries and denies the move is in response to disappointing losses in this week's primaries. in washington channel 7 eyewitness news. an mta bus driver attacked, punched in the face and robbed after stopping to help a disabled passenger. the images police want you to see. and saving young lives. an overdose antidote coming to schools for free. and remember that massive snowstorm in january that they told us was just shy of a record? thought. >> what was it this much? >> no it was this much. >> no it was this much. >> we are going to show you that measurement and tell you all about it. there is rain on the way.
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new at noon a life saving antidote narcan is being offered to all u.s. high schools for free. the drug maker, pharma, says it will provide a free carton of nasal spray to all the schools. the governor in pennsylvania says his schools will accept the offer and stock it. research shows there are 150,000 accidental drug overdoses by teens each year. investigators released the audio transmission between air traffic control and a pilot who had to abort take off from atlanta's airport yesterday. it happened when another plane crossed its path on the runway. >> we actually had to double check and make sure we heard you right.
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sorry. my mistake. >> passengers say the pilot slammed on the brakes just in time to avoid hitting the other plane that appeared on the runway. the braking was so intense they had to let the brakes cool off before they could take off again. the near disastrous mix up is under investigation. a different kind of problem forced an american airlines flight bound for dallas to return to seattle shortly after take off. a bird strike left a large dent on the jetliner's nose. the flight, with 150 passengers, landed safely back in seattle yesterday afternoon. american airlines officials say they are evaluating the aircraft. right now in louisiana, prosecutors are making their case against the man they say killed former new orleans saints player will smith. the prosecutors are presenting witnesses in a probable cause hearing in the murder case against 28-year-old cardell hayes. police say hayes shot the star defensive end after a traffic
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and disturbing new details about two boys who found themselves lost at sea last year off the coast of florida. their boat found just last month near bermuda and there may be signs of foul play, including the ignition switch being turned off. there may have even been an unknown third person on the boat. a cell phone that belonged to one of the boys was also found. investigators are trying to recover data in spite of damage from salt water. family members find the discovery very disturbing. >> i don't know what happened. i don't know his last moments. it is haunting and it is terrifying. >> reporter: also of concern a florida tv station uncovered a document about the search. another boat spotted what may have been the boys. by the time authorities checked out the sighting the boat was gone. a 13-year-old boy carrying a toy gun, shot by police. what police say the child did before they opened fire and what his mom has to say about it.
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i am sure we all remember how bad the january snowstorm was that hit the new york area. i certainly do. but the people who keep records originally said it fell short of breaking a record. it turns out some mistakes were
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that storm ended up being one for the books, breaking an all time record for snowfall ever recorded in a single storm. new york city the new total 27.5 inches. now mind you, we are talking about an inch more than what they originally said. but to people like bill evans this is a big deal right bill? >> well it is. they were used deflated measuring sticks and this of course went before the commission and now is probably going to go all the way to the supreme court. >> they could do that. >> i just don't want snow on my sidewalk. that is all i care about. >> the measurements have never do it. they could go back 50 years and go back and redo all these. inches. >> you know you could work for the national weather service. >> oh. >> yeah, pretty close.
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a look across from our camera at central park. the official measurement is taken at the zoo. and it is done by the staff there at the could in central park and they do a good job. and so, you know, at least they got it right. there you go, that is the largest snowfall all time in new york city. today we are looking across central park over to fifth avenue and it is cloudy and that is the street where it may not be the best sunbathing day, but softball will be played this afternoon and this evening. because the rain holds off until late and may not make it actually until you know, we get to about sunset around the evening. that would be about 7:30. so most of the softball games will get in today into the afternoon, because the humidity is dry and the rain that is coming runs into the dry humidity and it takes awhile for it to get down to the ground. normal is 66. we are not going to get close to a 66-degree temperature until maybe next week. temperatures are going to be
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rain comes in late this evening and lasts through tomorrow. we need some rain, we are about 5 inches short in the park. we have a great looking saturday, with cloudy skies and rain late on sunday. so we'll have showers to start on monday. so here are the april showers we have been missing all month long. 56 around the park, 56 from belmar and looking at a 13 miles per hour wind here out of the northeast. 16 miles per hour up toward newberg. draped across here showers are running up the stationery front. almost to philly now, not a lot ground. our guidance is showing 5:00, a few showers popping up at 7:00, and a few showers popping tomorrow morning. then another wave of low pressure comes by tomorrow and we'll be seeing rain here and we go into friday night, a rainy night and then we start
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all right so here is your acu weather forecast. sunshine with clouds increasing now. rain around 5:00 to 7:00. rain and drizzle cool and damp tonight 47. rain and drizzle for tomorrow. we are not looking at big rainfall amounts but whatever we can get will be a big help. the rain actually looks the heaviest on the computer guidance, to be tomorrow evening, tomorrow night. then we have a great day saturday and we are looking at a few showers sunday afternoon. i believe that is greek easter. >> greek easter. >> sunday. >> that will be a little shower activity in the afternoon, and more likely we start off next week wet. i have a story for you. stick around. >> just for bill? >> yes just for bill. beautiful beach day turned into a sand storm for some people on this hawaiian island. it sent beachgoers scrambling on monday. a california woman says at one point there were about six of
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the national weather service says they can happen anywhere, open fields, near a building, in this case a beach. luckily no one was hurt. >> and those umbrella posts are flying around, ready to hit somebody. >> they are going back to remeasure. that is not quite a dust devil. that is a dust bad guy. a demon. all right so a mom and dad leave the hard way when they say the boat leaves at 6:00 you need to be there at 6:00. instead they were left behind when their caribbean cruise
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a woman puts her life on the line to save a stranger. a spectacular sight off the coast and a curious kangaroo. some of the stories caught on camera. we begin with a good samaritan who braved rising flood water to save a woman trapped inside her car. watch as a woman wades through deep water. as she approaches her legs sink into a hole and the water covers part of her thigh. but the good samaritan helps the driver open the window and climb out. then the two of them walk arm in arm to safety. incredible.
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see on a road trip. a driver was leding to los angeles whether he spotted a whale and her calf off the california coast. the driver just happened to have a drone in his car. later, during the same road trip, the driver found a pod of whales mingling with dolphins. they were playfully spout and go -- spouting and rolling in the water. this kangaroo tried to make his way into a home in eastern australia. the homeowners were able to grab video before the curious kangaroo hopped away. >> i would like a cheeseburger and a milkshake. >> cheeseburger on the barbie. >> i love it. russia successfully launched the first rocket from a new space facility after a last minute delay the day before. the booster blasted off this morning. the three satellites the rocket was carrying orbited several
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the launch originally scheduled for wednesday but was called off just over a minute before it planned to lift off. ahead on eyewitness news at noon, four teachers hurt inside a school during a confrontation with a student. also ahead, the mta bus driver punched several times after a passenger stole his hat. what happened. and video shows parents missing their ride back to new york, as a cruise ship sales off with their children on board. we'll tell you all about their ordeal. and changes to the tappan zee bridge could create headaches for commuters. you are going to want to know all the details.
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another twist in the fund raising probe involving mayor bill de blasio. his top aide emma wolf, his top fundraiser and the consulting firm that works on his campaigns have been hit with a subpoena. it is all connected with
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administration funneled money to upstate candidates who would support his agenda in albany. the mayor said his administration is fully cooperating with the investigation. and hello again. >> i'm david navarro. we begin with an mta bus driver pupched several times while on the job. police releasing this picture of the person they are looking for. >> the confrontation started when the man stole the bus driver's hat. eyewitness news reporter rob nelson is live in the marshal hills -- marble hills section, rob? >> reporter: this happened a few months ago in the bronx, but today as you said police just releasing the photo of the man they want the public's help to find. it was about 7:15 at night back on january 28th when an mta bus driver stopped here at kingsbridge terrace in west kingsbridge road. the 47-year-old driver helping
12:31 pm
when he got involved with some passenger on the bus. the passenger grabbed the worker's hat and tried to leave the bus. when the driver tried to get the hat back the suspect began to punch the driver repeatedly in the face. the suspect then fled. the driver stayed at the scene but refused medical attention. right now it is unclear exactly what sparked the dispute between the driver and the suspect but police are asking anyone with information to please call crime stoppers at 1- 800-577-tips. rob nelson channel 7news. new at noon police say an out of control 10-year-old hurt four teachers at a connecticut elementary school. the student started throwing tables and chairs inside a classroom at timothy dwight school in fairfield yesterday. police say one teacher went to the hospital with an injured leg. no students were hurt.
12:32 pm
home with his parents. administrators did not say whether he would be disciplined. now to the mumps outbreak. sacred heart in fairfield is urging students to take precaution. cases have popped up at harvard university and four nearby campuses in the boston area. another 53 cases at two justice in indiana, and -- universities in indiana and 13 cases in california. marcie gonzalez is here with the story. >> reporter: a lot of concern at schools today. at harvard students are being more mindful, no longer sharing drinks, trying to keep the virus from spreading more. >> reporter: a health alert, 41 plumps cases reported at the university. the outbreak intensifying since the first case was reported two months ago. the university's health services director saying i'm more concerned now than i was during anytime of the outbreak. >> it is very contagious and there is a lot of people around us that have it.
12:33 pm
>> reporter: at least 11 of the infected students now in self isolation. school officials trying to get the outbreak under control, especially ahead of next month's graduation ceremonies. >> i feel bad for the seniors. >> reporter: all of the students have been immune nized against mumps, but according to the cdc, 12% of people are still at risk for contracting the virus. >> most people it is a typical viral illness with fever, body aches, fatigue and the telltale sign of the swelling of the face. if you get it after puberty, there is a risk of inflammation of the ovaries and even of the brain. i'm a little stress about it. >> reporter: students at harvard saying they are --
12:34 pm
being extremely cautious. >> students are in such close contact. and while mumps can be serious, most people make a full recovery in just a few weeks. we have an update on the death of music legend prince. law edge forcement sources telling abc news prescription drugs were found in his possession. a tv station is reporting sources say prince entered an out-patient treatment program to deal with his chronic hip pain and reduce his use of prescription drugs. prince died last week. toxicology results are expected in three to four weeks. light rail on the hudson bergen line is back on track after repairs. a dump truck took out overhead wires monday in jersey city. the driver left the bed up on the truck. new jersey transit replaced a pole that supported the wires and a traffic signal. trains were on a modified schedule but are now back to normal.
12:35 pm
drivers who -- a commuter alert for drivers who depend on the tappan zee bridge. all southbound lanes will remain open during the construction, closures will take place from 9:00 p.m. friday to 2:00 p.m. saturday and again from 9:00 p.m. saturday to 2:00 p.m. sunday so you have been warned. now to meteorologist bill evans with the after accu-weather forecast for us. >> reporter: we look at what is going to happen right after school. cloudy skies, mild temperatures actually. a little on the cool side at 59 degrees. normally the temperature would be about 66. i think the rain holds off until 6:00 or 7:00, 6:00 in central jersey. coming from the southwest to the northeast, and will be kind of riding into the area as we go into the afternoon. because of this warm front to our south and west, so this kind of keeps pushing north a little bit, with this rain. as it surges northward, it flattens out and waves of low
12:36 pm
today but tomorrow. and your weekend we'll talk about coming up. coming up, an update on a fire that killed 80,000 chickens. the warehouse at the egg farm destroyed. a 13-year-old boy care rick a replica of a gun -- carrying a replica of a gun. the mother's reaction as police
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the latest cartoon character to end up in police custody, rena perez was dressed as minnie mouse and around 5:00 p.m. yesterday she posed with a tourist and her two children. she got a tip but the family said she demanded $20. the mother quickly found a police officer and perez is now charged with harassment. new information about what caused a massive fire that killed 80,000 chickens in connecticut. firefighters believe an overheated electric motor is to blame for the fire that destroyed a chicken coop at an egg farm in lebanon tuesday night. it took more than 100 firefighters from 25 departments to put it out. the secret service wants to upgrade the white house fence and make it even taller. the new design is more than 11
12:40 pm
it would also incorporate anticlimb features as well as intrusion detection technology. a man scaled the fence near the white house, just the latest in several incidents in the last few years. the manager of a former wwe star believes chyna died of an accidental overdose. the manager tells the los angeles time chyna combined the sleeping pill ambien and a form of valium. the 46-year-old had been taking the legally prescribed pills for weeks but was not using them properly. but he insists she did not commit suicide. the coroner has not released an official cause of death yet. a 13-year-old boy was shot and wounded by police in baltimore who police takenly thought his -- who mistakenly thought his toy gun was real. they spotted the teen with what they believed to be a handgun. themselves and the police
12:41 pm
away and the officers chased him for about 150 yards. they then told him to drop his weapon. police say he refuse and an officer shot him in the leg. >> i looked all the it myself, put my -- at it myself, put my own eyes on it. it is an absolute, identical replica semiautomatic pistol. the police officers had no way of knowing it was not, in fact, an actual firearm. >> after the shooting the teen's mother told police he left home with a bb gun. the teen is expected to survive. jetblue says it is going to be boosting service out of the new york city area. jetblue adding six round trip flights from laguardia to boston's logan airport every weekday starting this fall. saturday and sunday we'll get a few trips to boston as well. and newark to five florida cities, again starting if the fall. we have a quick programming note. tonight at 11:00 eyewitness
12:42 pm
issues involving new york city restaurants. jim hoffer found restaurants across the city hiding their bad grades. wait until you hear the violations they have. the dirty restaurants are exposed tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. the parents left behind. the moment a mother and father missed the boat headed back to new york while their kids were still on the cruise ship. unwelcome guests.
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breaking news involving the deadly san bernardino atack. authorities arrested three people in connection to the shooter on conspiracy, marriage fraud and false statements charges. one of them is the brother of gunman syed farook. the december attack killed 14 people is that a connecticut judge ruled in favor of a teenager accused of hitting a 10-year-old girl with a stolen
12:46 pm
the judge ruling the 10-year- old could not be held accountable for his conduct because of his mental illness. now the teenager being committed. frederick sole stole a car in 2014. the 18-year-old accused of driving across the cemetery and over grave markers before crashing through a group of people visiting a loved one's grave. talk about missing the boat. we are seeing the moment two parents were left, standing on the dock as the cruise ship took off without them, with the children still on board that ship. passengers aboard the norwegian break away recorded the moment as the woman ran to the boat waving her arms. the crew had warned the passengers when the ship would depart and even left later than scheduled. the cruise line said the children were with their uncle on the boat until they were finally reun flighted with
12:47 pm
a little -- reunited with their parents. a little league player, 9- year-old will baker, dominates his san diego league. even though he is one of the smallest kids in the league, he makes up for it with speed. he is able to do with one hand what his teammates do with two. >> i can't imagine learning how to do it with both hands. >> he excels at every position. he just does not let any position you know, take him down. he just does it all. >> this kid is amazing. a year and a half ago will contracted a rare virus that attacked his nervous system. surgeons helped will regain the use of his hand and the sling gives him stability. >> that is awesome. >> what an inspiration. >> remember jim abbott? you want to put your mind to it you just do it. persistence, enthusiasm right? courage, bravery.
12:48 pm
let's look outside. cloudy skies. kind of how they look creamy, milky there? >> yeah, how poetic you are. >> well we welsh, we are very poetic type people. >> i knew there was a reason. >> dylan thomas our hero. >> as we look across the park here, it is nice and green. we are in much need of rain. close to 5 inches short of normal rainfall. they have this creamy look to them, mashed potatoes, creamed potatoes, that kind of thing, because of the winds coming off the atlantic and this is a warm front surging up and over that. the humidity is very dry, so these are cirrus clouds and it is 57 degrees. that is our high so far today. we are going to stay below our normal averages here. average afternoon shy 66. record high is 90 back in 1990. went and summer, that was a --
12:49 pm
really warm year. 53 toward montauk and 56 at andover, 57 white plains. in. some of the reports so the wind turning around to the south but and over this. so you get these creamy clouds here and down in the south once the rain comes with that. this is going to take awhile for this to get down to the surface. you saw the 29% humidity. once it starts getting here, those dew points have been rising fast, where there is some rain down to our south. our futurecast shows from 5:00 i-80 southward a shower or two. along i 84 and the thru-way. into the night scattered showers, drizzle, you get some overrun. good rain coming down friday night, gone just in time for saturday, which should be a really nice day as we go into the weekend. 59 this afternoon.
12:50 pm
rain and drizzle tomorrow, cool and damp overnight into tomorrow. tomorrow's high 56 degrees. in the accu-weather 7-day forecast, you'll see we have a nice day saturday. so you know, you've got, a moats and mets weekend. a 50-50 you know? where we have rain sunday afternoon. speaking of mets and mets. >> that is what i thought you said. how about the yankees. >> take your rain gear. >> they may get the game in but it will rain. space x is planning an ambitious mission of its own. the company wants to land an unmanned spacecraft on mars in two years. space x plans to work with nasa, making it an extraordinary collaboration between the public and private sectors. home owners find all kinds of critters in their house.
12:51 pm
your typical -- take more than your typical exterminator to get rid of. in louisiana flooding hit the area and forced the gator to take shelter. the homeowner called in the professionals that is a job i don't want to do, to get it out of the house. >> a gator wrangler. >> i have never seen one that big. as a matter of fact in a house at all. >> man how did this thing get in here. and what is he doing? >> you know, they don't pay these people enough to pull gators out of a house like that. the gator wrangler was able to get him out of the house. he put up quite a fight. this is actually the reason why he wandered so far from where he should be, it is mating season and it is likely the gator was looking to do exactly that. what better place than an abandoned house. what do i know about these
12:52 pm
next what is coming up on the clue? >> i'm cooking with the hilarious jessie tyler ferguson.
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rf here's what we are working on for you. a brother and sister in trouble after a road rage incident in new jersey. what started as a fender bender are turned into a shooting. now this is on major store shelves. see how it cuts down on reflux and gas beginning on eyewitness news at 4:00. very cool. we are now getting into that time of year where students are thinking about who they are going ask to the prom. the active asking is known as a prom pose al.
12:56 pm
>> yes. >> oh. >> a coffee shop in north carolina hires the developmentally challenged. his friend lily has been friends with trevor for years and couldn't wait to ask him to the prom. they answer our calls when we are in a jam but some police officers themselves calling for help. a group of officers became stuck in an elevator in kansas city. their brothers and sisters from the fire department came to their rescue. you see in the elevator that is the police and the firemen are rescuing them. this photo was tweeted. it is all smiles among the first responders and has been shared thousands of times. >> i'm sure they teased them a little bit. >> you sure they want to come out? a soldier returning from deployment having no idea the plane ride home was being piloted by his father. check out the touching moment caught on camera when captain
12:57 pm
airlines pilot learned his son mario was scheduled to return from kuwait. he saw an opportunity to pilot a flight on the same day to virginia. they couldn't confirm he wanted be on there plane, but as fate would have it, his son was on the very same plane. look at that. isn't that incredible? how cool is that? stars lined up. that is going to do it for
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>> announcer: get ready to surrender to your cravings. because we're serving up mouthwatering, simply irresistible eats. you've never seen chicken and waffles like this. carla's shaking things up with her twist on a southern favorite you've got to taste to believe. then, two viewers battle it out to craft with the one and only clinton kelly. plus, mario is in the kitchen with the hilarious jesse tyler ferguson, and they're cooking up a decadent pasta dish the whole family will love. the deliciousness starts right now, here on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> good afternoon, welcome to "the chew." >> you know, the dishes we're whipping up today are so good, it should hardly be permissible. the kind of taste that's


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