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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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isis has posted a proposed hit list, laugh year military personnel were supposedly targeted. on this current list a few dozen homeland security personnel are secluded. the new yorkers on the list, none particular well-known. the names from nice neighborhoods and neighborhoods that are not so nice. that leads law enforcement to believe this may be a random fear mongering project. again the supposed isis hit list. not seen by authorities as particularly credible. the bureau today saying in a statement the fbi routinely notifies individuals and organizations of information collected during the course of an investigation that may be perceived as potentially threatening in nature. if a terrorist goal is to try to freak people out it behooves all of us to do the opposite. a brooklyn woman reported
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found safe out of state. it is believed defendant if i dawson left to go visit a friend. her boyfriend said he last saw her 8 days ago. she left her two young daughters with her grandmother in harlem and didn't tell her family where she was going. residents in connecticut are being told to be on the lookout for symptoms of the highly contagious illness, new cases are at sacred heart university in fairfield, and all of them involve people who were vacs tornado. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis tweeting from the campus throughout the day. he is there live for us. >> reporter: diana that is one of the concerns. many of the students will be going home, possibly putting others at risk. amid the carefree fun of a college campus there is a serious health concern at
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in the last month over a dozen students have been sickened, eight confirmed cases of the mumps, nine probable cases. >> i have seen pictures. their neck swells up. they have terrible headaches. >> reporter: the first cases were diagnosed march 22nd, involving three students living in a dormitory, two of them roommates. after the easter break additional cases popped up on campus. mumps is a viral illness that causes a swollen face and cheeks, jaw pain and headaches. it is contagious and spread most often by those living in close quarters. >> it is prolonged, direct contact. people sharing a room with someone with mumps, their risk from shares utensils and cups and kissing. >> reporter: several northeast colleges are dealing with a mumps outbreak. at harvard there have been at least 41 cases. in connecticut students are
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hands and not to share drinks or utensils. the vaccine is only 90% effective and does lessen the severity of symptoms of those who do get sick i don't there is a two-day period you are contagious but not having symptoms. there is a window where they may socialize together and could be passing this along. >> i'm totally like a germ february. definitely going to shake those retortions -- going to take those precautions. the virus has to run its course. the good news is the students have all recovered and are okay. live in fairfield, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you marcus. also an outbreak at harvard, and it could mean some students will miss next month's
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the first case of the mumps reported there two weeks ago. a or de blasio's speaking out tonight about the subpoenas issued to his most trusted associates, including one of his top aides. the flurry of subpoenas, the latest twit in the fundraising probe. political reporter dave evans at city hall with more. dave? >> reporter: this all began a couple of weeks ago with federal investigators looking at high ups in the police department. this has now mushroomed into whether big time developers may have gotten favors here at city hall. now prosecutors are looking at all of that. >> reporter: the mayor at a citizenship drive today wanted to talk about immigration. some of his top team at city hall now subpoenaed by state and federal prosecutors. >> i have said before hey guys, don't knock each other over.
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tripped over so many reporters trying to learn more about his scheme to get more democrats elected to the state senate. a memo suggested prosecution for flagrant violations on campaign contribution limits. yesterday's subpoenas went to emma wolf, one of the top advisors and jonathan rosen and guys as i have said many times, we hold ourselves to highest standard of integrity. everything we have done is legal and appropriate. >> reporter: the mayor claims he is cooperating with the federal prosecutor and the manhattan da, cy vance. >> reporter: you were not subpoenaed? >> i was not. >> sir, don't push me. >> everything we have done is legal and appropriate and we are going to fully cooperate. >> reporter: the mayor's team is being investigated for,
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limits and funnel that go money to candidates. dick davy says yes, the mayor's team is innocent physical proven guilty. but he adds something spells fishy here. >> there is something wrong here. whether it rises to the level of illegality is something for our judicial system to determine. >> reporter: there is speculation about how all of this might possibly affect the mayor's reelection effort in 2017. for now reporting live at city hall, channel 7 eyewitness news. governor cuomoton calling for safer rail crossings. all options are being lord from
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explored, from motion detectors to voice commands. he has reached out to the federal government to fast track the changes. as for the bedford hills crossing this was the first accident there since 2008. in new jersey two dozen people are temporarily out of their homes after a car slammed into their building last night. the building needs to be repaired before it is safe for residents to return. the landlord is paying for them to stay. former house speaker john boehner calling republican candidate ted cruz lucifer in the flesh. >> what boehner is angry with me for is standing with the american people. is energize and go encouraging house conservatives to stand with the american people and actually honor the exitments we have made. >> cruz said he and boehner
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because boehner refused his invitations over the partial government shutdown three years ago. >> harry truman, with what he did in dropping and having the guts to drop the bomb in 1944, here's a man who would do the same thing, because he is going to become one of the four great presidents of the united states. >> you may recognize that speaker. he is one of indiana's first controversial sports figures and he is throwing his support behind donald trump. former indiana university basketball coach bobby knight said he has never vetted and he said trump is the best candidate to lead the u.s. meanwhile democrat bernie sanders is taking a swing at trump in oregon. >> in every national poll done in the last month, we are defeating donald trump by much greater margins than hillary clinton. >> reporter: and here in our
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christie today speaking out about this video, when donald trump made comments about democrat hillary clinton playing the woman card, twitter blew up saying crusty's wife, mary pat, actually rolled her eyes. >> being the recipient of more eye roll from his my wife than any human being on earth, that was not an eye roll. it was just not an eye roll. i've seen the mary pat eye roll. for 32 years that was not an eye roll. >> okay. christie clarified mary pat was actually glancing in his direction. three people with ties to the san bernardino shooters are under arrest tonight, charge with taking part in a marriage fraud conspiracy. prosecutors claim gunman syed farook's brother, sister-in-law and his friend's wife lied under oath to get immigration benefits. enrique marques agreed to mary one of the women in exchange
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the other two are accused of creating a joint checking account and a lease to make it look like the pair share a home. the u.s. con depending today's deadly air strikes in syria and calling on warring sides to renew their commitment to a ceasefire. 66 people were killed when a hospital and nearby buildings were hit. the u.s. says every indication suggests that air strikes were carried out by syria's government. still to come, a brother and sister facing attempted murder and assault charges. also changes at the dmv. what governor christie is ordering workers to do after he got personally involved helping a teenager get his learning permit.
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drizzle near edison, reaching wall street over into parts of brooklyn as well. steady over parts of new jersey. the streets are still dry on
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the governor, using this incident to demand retraining for all workers. new jersey reporter anthony johnson has details. >> overall the customer service delivered is very good.
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governor christie is calling for customer service retraining for all motor vehicles commission staff, including chief administrator, raymond martinez. the training will take place during the course of the next year. last week the governor stepped in personally to help stacey's son get a duplicate learner's permit after he left the original in a pair of pants and it was destroyed in the washing machine. she contacted the governor on his radio show, detailing her seven failed attempts to get a replacement permitted, which included visits to centers and calls that were put on eternal holds and dropped. the governor met her and her son, isaac at the south plainfield office last is in 10 minutes the problem was solved. the governor said this situation and others prompted today's action. >> stacey and her son, isaac,
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week thatrve is human. no one is perfect. we all -- that everyone is human. no one is perfect. we are on the front lines every day, intheir acting with the public. >> reporter: the measures announced today for employee retraining will focus on treating people as valued customers, proper phone etedquette, and calling -- etiquette, and calling back customers within a proper amount of time. >> i think they need to learn moermaners. some of them are not very nice. >> reporter: what is it like dealing with the people that work inside? >> in general it is like you are in line and next, next. they don't even really look at you. >> that was anthony johnson reporting. police are searching for two suspects tonight who pistol whipped a woman in her building on montauk avenue.
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struck in the head in the lobby of her apartment building. the victim is at the hospital now in stable condition. we have new information about this year's massive blizzard. new numbers confirm what we already knew. our meteorologists had been telling us this since january. the biggest snowstorm on record here in new york city. initial snow totals showed it was the second biggest missing the all time mark by a point. then the latest data says that initial number was wrong. the new number is 27.5 inches. of course we know who knew it all along, chief meteorologist lee goldberg, predicting it would be historic. >> reporter: this crushs the one in 2006 that is technically still on the top spot. i'm still throwing out the
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>> the challenge flag. here we go. i had heard it was under review. >> so here's actually a little post. a look back. a picture i took when we were doing the facebook live out in lincoln center. what happened with that was, when we posted on instagram, was actually that look at the instagram post. there it goes right there. so that is what it looked like. you see how the weather service came out with 26.8 and there is that challenge flag on the bottom. there is the new list, 27.5 inches, tops the february 2006 storm so make the t-shirts. you survived the biggest snowstorm in new york city history if you were in the area this year. as we look at our forecast models, we are looking at light rainfall totals and that is really taking us from tonight into early tomorrow morning. rainfall amounts are very light. for the most part a tenth of an inch or less. now we are 55 degrees right now. the streets are still dry on the west side.
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we could be are continue in this cooler than normal pattern. 57 stanhope, it has been raining in clinton, new jersey at 49 east rutherford. not much rain in long island. around 50. 60 degrees and 49 in lake hurst right now. see how the humidity is so much lower when you go from new york city north and east and raining here across central and southern new jersey. there is dry air in place fighting this rain. so have your umbrella handy through the early evening hours. there will be patchy rain and drizzle and that could happen through early morning tomorrow. but not much rain during the daylight hours tomorrow. i'm hoping brightening off to the east. light blues now, darker here across mercer county. definitely rain along i 84. blooming town and monroe light rain. rain moved into staten island,
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and over into hoboken and a few showers across the trenton area. we will get drizzle to fall out of the sky. that will leave the scene tomorrow morning. it is dry much of the daylight hours tomorrow. the farther north long island, connecticut you have a chance to see holes in the overcast. a period of rain tomorrow night. the better half of the weekend is clearly saturday. might be limited sun off to the south and west. dry saturday not so much as we go into sunday. see the futurecast here through the day tomorrow, really not a lot going on. have your umbrella for your friday night plans as steadier rain moves in tomorrow night and very early saturday morning. off and on rain and drizzle, 47. tomorrow's high 58. lots of clouds, brightening east. drizzle especially south and west of new york city. even period of rain for your friday night that will taper to drizzle and clouds will break as we go into early saturday morning.
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are the clouds going to hang tough in spots saturday? i'm hopeful we can get sunshine. an all day rain sunshine. maybe not. i'll tell you when the window of dry weather will happen. any 70s in sight? really a cool pattern. so we'll look for the warmth after 5:30. okay lee. tomorrow changes for drivers who depend on the tappan zee bridge. construction on the new span will close three of the four northbound lanes beginning friday night. closures will take place from 9:00 p.m. friday to 2:00 p.m. saturday and then again from 9:00 p.m. saturday to 2:00 p.m. sunday. all southbound lanes will remain open during the construction. former subway pitch man jared fogel asking for a shorter prison sentence. fogel was sentenced to more than 15 years in prison. he pleaded guilty to distributing and receiving child pornography and traveling
5:21 pm
illicit sexual doesn't with conduct with a minor. darren houston's actions were found contrary to the code activities inconsistent with the company priceline. he will be replaced during the search for a permanent replacement. a mother left behind while her kids and husband sail away on a cruise ship. see the heartbreaking video and how they were all finally reunited.
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we have breaking news. there has been an accident on the bqe causing big delays. shannon stone is live in news copter 7. >> reporter: you know the accident itself not that bad. it is the positioning outbound bqe, you have the left lane taken out here and these delays are just enormous. waiting to the police to get here it takes you back to the williamsburg bridge. it is a nightmare. shannon stone channel 7 eyewitness news.
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okay thanks shannon. it is national take our daughters and sons to work day. at the nation's capital speaker of the house paul ryan joined by kids of capitol hill reporters during his news conference today. ryan has of course famously said he wouldn't give up his time with his family to take the top leadership post. this was a very special day for children whose parents died on 9/11. those children spent the day with first responders. eyewitness news reporter has their story, learning how to lift cars into the air. >> when i say hit you hit. >> reporter: and how to pry doors open during a fire. take your child to work day was extra special for a few lucky kids. >> i have never been in a real firehouse and i got to learn about how the fire trucks whooshed.
5:26 pm
thanks to -- worked e. >> reporter: the experience is thanks to tuesday's kids. >> they have gone out like four times already since we have been here and we have only been here like two hours. >> reporter: firefighters took their time, showing the young ones what it takes to be new york's bravest. >> i got to slide down the pole. >> reporter: they even got to get geared up from head to toe. >> i feel like there is something really heavy, like on me and also like something is like holding me on my leg and trying to get me. >> it is nice to show them what it is all about, give them advice they can hopefully use, maybe talk a few of them into actually joining the fire department. >> i'll keep being a firefighter in mind.
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in -- he will keep it in mind. tuesday's children does so much for kids who have suffered traumatic loss. if you are interested in supporting them or finding out more, visit our website abc 7 ny. a new mom decided to name her baby after the airline she was flying when she delivered the little boy. meet sol jet tar born on jet star asia airlines. both mother and baby are doing just fine. >> can you imagine if she was flying qantas? a fender bender, a road rage shooting in new jersey. also a teenager shot by a police officer was armed with this.
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and a search warrant issued it seems like a cold at first. you can't concentrate, can't sleep. before long it's all you can think about. you feel anxious and uncertain. until one day you realize,
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it started with a fender bender but erupted into a point blank shooting in new jersey. now two siblings are facing serious charges in the road rage incident. >> reporter: police say the brother in this brother and sister duo was not even at the scene of the accident when it happened, but a call from his sister got him involved with deadly intent. this all started with literally a minor fender bender at 3:00 in the morning, april 19th. police say 38-year-old natasha
5:31 pm
for some reason got out of her car and punched the driver. peyton then called her brother, 26-year-old charles connelly, by cell phone, and he came over and shot the other driver as he sat in his car. road rage over a fender bender. >> to have road rage escalate to violence is something that's completely unacceptable. >> reporter: the victim called a relative before even calling police. he was taken to saint general motors zev's medical center in patterson. meanwhile this -- st. joseph's medical center in patterson. connelly faces attempted murder, weapons and assault charges. he is in jail on $750,000 bail. peyton is charged with aggravated assault and has been released on bail. she returned home, which is where we tried to speak to her. she came to the door, checked her mail and left, without saying a word.
5:32 pm
police work in finding and arresting the suspects, saying its fortunate this senseless act of violence did not result in a greater tragedy. the acting police chief adding we have zero tolerance for criminal activity and if you violate the law we do not idle until the perpetrators are apprehended. >> a minor vehicle crash happened. there is no reason for it to escalate to any type of tragic situation like we had last week. >> reporter: that 21-year-old victim was shot with a small caliber gun. he was treated, released, and today he is recovering. for now we are live channel 7 eyewitness news. it is hoped surveillance video will lead police to five men wanted for the attack and robbery of a livery driver in harlem. the 45-year-old driver had picked up the suspects on west 146th street. one of the passengers pulled out a gun, another hit the driver in the face, and they
5:33 pm
and police are looking for a man who tried to rob a bank dressed in construction attire. he walked into the bank in astoria, queens on monday afternoon, flashed a gun and demanded money. he did take off empty handed. he was wearing a dust mask gloves and dark glasses. new information into the investigation into prince's death. authorities have obtained a search warrant for the superstar's paisley park estate. prescription drugs were found in the home. marcie gonzalez joins us now with more. marcie? >> reporter: it is not clear what, if any, connection those drugs could have. authorities are stressing that now, a week after prince's death, the investigation is far from over. >> reporter: investigators in minnesota now have a search warrant for prince's paisley park home.
5:34 pm
authorities try to uncover what caused the superstar's death. law enforcement sources say when prince died last week, prescription drugs were found in his possession and at his home. the carver county sheriff's department reaching out to the dea in case the drugs are determined to be related to the singer's death. family and friends say it is no secret prince took medication for hip pain. >> we know he had issues with his hips. if you look back in the days of purple rain when he was on top of risers and jumping down off risers in those heels, you know, it damaged you know, parts of his >> reporter: autopsy and toxicology results aren't expected for several weeks and as his death remains a mystery, a part of his life, veiled in secrecy, may now be coming to light. according to ks t p, the bank,
5:35 pm
prince's estate, has hired a company to drill through his personal vaults. the contents expected to add significantly to prince's more than $300 million fortune. and that same company, appointed by a judge to manage prince's assets, is also tasked with determining his heirs after prince's only full sibling verified her brother did not have a will. his family is expected in court next week to continue trying to settle his estate. meanwhile a park in brooklyn will host a tribute tomorrow night to prince. the event kicks off around 5:00 p.m. in fort green park when deejays will start spinning prescription's music for a dance party. purple rain will be shown at 8:00. the borough had a block party last week outside spike lee's production headquarters. police in baltimore defending one of their own after he shot a boy who they say was holding a replica handgun. today officials addition
5:36 pm
semiautomatic pistol and a real one, side by side. officers say the 13-year-old refused to drop what they thought was a real gun. that is when one of them shot the child in the leg. he is now recovering in the hospital. the new flight path planned for teterboro airport has been delayed. it is intended to divert some of the arriving jets from paths close to hackensack university medical center. the faa is revising its flight for a new landing procedure after protests from the communities. pier 55 is replacing an old on the hudson. it will include a park and performance space. meanwhile, a lawsuit to stop the project was thrown out of court earlier this year, but the club behind the filing says it is appealing the judge's decision. a connecticut teacher named
5:37 pm
year today. joe hannah hayes teaches history at john f. kennedy high school. president obama will recognize her next week. hayes said she was surrounded by poverty, drugs and violence as a child, but imagined other possibilities for her life with the help of educators. still ahead, what you don't want to happen on your vacation. coming up on eyewitness news, a stranded mom. she is stuck as a cruise ship sales away with her kids on board. also from cheers to jeers, a poster showing the do and his don't of cheerleading tryouts. and a last minute sub at the met gets set to take the stage again. still dry over the george washington bridge right now.
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a mother, left standing on the dock as the cruise ship she was supposed to be on took off with her kids on board. passengers on board the norwegian break away recorded this video as the ship left the bahamas and headed for new york. you can see her there going wait. she is waving her arms there. the crew warned passengers when the ship would depart and even delayed for a laugh hour while they tried to -- a half hour while they tried to find her. the children did stay with an
5:42 pm
all reunited with their parents. students weren't cheering for a picture posted on the university of washington's cheerleading facebook page. the university removed the picture that offered tips on trying out for the cheerleading team. it encouraged them to come in with a tan and athletic physique. people were frustrated that the picture reduced it to a person's looks. a substitute tenor will take the stage tonight again at the met he wowed the audience during last saturday's performance. he didn't even have time to put the costume on. he threw a black cape over his jeans. he is going to perform again tonight because the lead
5:43 pm
eyewitness news investigators uncover issues involving new york city restaurants. jim hoffer found restaurants hiding their bad grades and wait until you hear the violations they have. the dirty restaurants are exposed tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. standing room only at a local fast food restaurant. coming up on eyewitness news, no door, no seats, no countedder, no problem. why a mcdonalds got a mcmakeover. a baby bottle designed by a new york mom who had lots of challenges when it came to
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more for you on the breaking news in baltimore. the standoff is over but we
5:47 pm
there wearing a panda suit and was holding what looked like a potential explosive, the explosive was actually chocolate candy bars wrapped in aluminum foil. the suspect is now in the hospital, he was shot twice, he is in serious but stable condition. he is not, we are told, cooperating with police. a jersey city mcdonalds got a makeover. it only has a walk upwind dough and a drive through, no door, -- up, window, and a drive through, no door. it opened in february. the fast food chain said it made the new style for speed and convenience. we have meteorologist lee goldberg joining us now with the acu cue weather forecast. lee? >> reporter: done to the south looks a little threatening.
5:48 pm
make a little progress. if you look at the satellite radar right now, steadiest rain between 195 and i-80 in new jersey. another good pocket coming into the area. the initial showers that didn't reach the ground here on long island. the rest likely to reach the ground. that is why you see showers over our next 7 hours. plan on having the umbrella and raincoat for mostly light rain moving through during the overnight. by tomorrow morning the showers and drizzle are moving out. we have clouds, maybe even a little bit of brightening east of new york city. the bulk of the daylight hours, you can go on to plan your outdoor activities. i think it is late in the day into your friday night plans that you have to have the umbrella again. that is not the best news for giants mets. each leading up to the game it gets more widespread into the evening hours.
5:49 pm
this is a futurecast, a short- term futurecast, showing steady rain allowed to make progress in a light fashion. by tomorrow morning clouds around, i don't think we are looking at a really wet morning commute, but a few showers or drizzle around. then the clouds tend to thin out over long island. maybe over connecticut. i don't think we'll see much clearing over our far western suburbs. notice the upper 50s. lighter by saturday morning. air quality is good tomorrow as the rain cleans things out later in the day. pollen count moderate to high. the 7-day accu-weather forecast, cool clouds tomorrow. in the night. saturday is the better half of the weekend. on sunday it is probably going to rain from the get go. but now the rain time has been pushed up, i'm hoping after 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon
5:50 pm
cloudy to finish off the day. monday 62, in between systems looks good. dry daylight hours tuesday before the next round of rain comes in at night into wednesday. this is a forecast challenge now multiple light rain events coming in. sunday is the one day where i think it is rain a lot of the day. restless nights can sap our creativity. but lack of sleep helped make one woman the mother of invention. >> she dreamed up a new baby bottle that is helping parents and babies. >> no one likes feeling, and i'm going to say it, gassy. imagine what a baby feels like with that problem. this west chester mom saw her baby struggle and used her design degree from pratt. it took several years but her new baby bottle is now on the market. >> prior to this bottle she used to spit up a lot more. now once we switched to this it
5:51 pm
>> reporter: julia leonardo is a happier baby these days. that bottle limits the amount of air that gets swallowed. the bare air free bottle is their neighbor's creation. >> i designed the whole thing at my kitchen table. >> reporter: christa diaz was inspired by her son who struggled to feed. she immediately tapped into her background in design. >> the little time i had when he went to sleep, i was sketch and trying to find out how things would work. >> reporter: the result a bottle based on the idea of syringe. once the milk is in the bottle the parent pushes up the plug to expel the air. the baby's suction moves the plug along, preventing more air from entering. >> it is air free. you can expel the air out of the bottle before feeding the baby so it is 100% milk. >> reporter: she offers two nipples, one of which very much
5:52 pm
she launched in february and the line is already in 185 stores nationwide. >> we have sold so far about $1 million in retail sales. >> reporter: she was able to leave behind her career in design packaging and her husband, dana king is a partner in the business. more products are on the horizon. >> it is amazing how much they put into making the prototype and making a bottle. i mean, how can you not support a local mom, trying to make things better for babies and easier for parents? >> personally i'm very happy that my bottle is helping. >> reporter: the bottle start at $14.99. babies r us is currently the exclusive retailer. but good for her. >> she said a million dollars in sales since february. >> february. >> wow. way to go momma. >> once moms hear about there concept they will be on to her. >> if she could fix the problem
5:53 pm
spring is in full bloom and those of us who suffer from allergies are under attack. coming up on eyewitness news, strategies to help you cope when allergies are at their worst. i'm bill ritter. learning new information about the 3600 names of new yorkers found on an isis-related hit list on the internet. and the website now with a chilling message from the terrorist. and mayor de blasio speaking out tonight about the
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as we spring into may, allergy sufferers are under attack. pollen is triggering symptoms. >> reporter: have you noticed the trees are almost in full bloom? if you have allergies, you definitely have and so have a lot of other people the allergy
5:57 pm
year because we had a mild winter. >> reporter: dr. lou heads up the allergy department at winthrop hospital. if you have suffering she says make sure to wash pollen-ridden clothes, clean your face thoroughly, focusing on your eyes and eyelashes. make sure to close your car and out. because the allergy season is starting earlier, doctors say people who may say they don't have allergies may realize they actually do. >> when you develop the symptoms of allergy, it depends how long you have been expose and how heavy the exposure is. >> reporter: doctors say symptoms of allergies could seem like a cold but a cold only lasts 5-7 days. allergy symptom, they say, typically last more than two weeks. kristen thorn channel 7 eyewitness news. >> some essar steel minnesota are really going through it.
5:58 pm
still ahead a new york city bus driver attacked. now cops want you to see the only clue they have in the case. eyewitness news at 6:00, starts right now. everything we've done from the beginning is legal and appropriate. new york mayor de blasio trying to stay on the insisting the federal investigation into his fundraising practices will clear his administration. this, after one of his top aides is subpoenaed. but first we are learning new information tonight about thousands of new yorker's names listed on an isis-related website. now the fbi and the nypd trying to contact all of them. good evening, everyone.
5:59 pm
and i'm liz low. names of 3600 -- liz cho. >> names of 3600 people were listed. >> is this a scare tactic? most likely. but they are taking no chances, notifying people on the list. >> reporter: kimberly richardson is in lower manhattan with new information. >> reporter: liz it is not new, but it is an effective tactic. one meant to annoy, harass and alarm. right now thousands of people in our area are being contacted by fbi agents and the nypd, being told to pay close attention to their surroundings. >> no one wants to have their name on a list where it says wanted, dead or alive. >> reporter: it is yet another attempt to rattle americans. authorities say an isis-related group, posting the names of roughly 3000 people online. part of a so-called hit list.
6:00 pm
special agent in charge, tells me the majority of people on the list are from the tristate area and it includes some high level law enforcement officials. sources tell eyewitness news along with the list came this chilling message quote we want them hashtag dead and hashtag shut them down. >> this is a splinter group or smaller group out there basically doing their own thing. trying to do something that will help the cause. and helping the cause is by causing terror. and listen, whether it is physical terror or perceived terror, it is causing us to differ resources from other cases to handle this matter for the time being. >> reporter: this is the first time this tactic has been used and each time authorities have stressed this is not a significant or credible threat. still right now the fbi and nypd are busy contacting


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