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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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special agent in charge, tells me the majority of people on the list are from the tristate area and it includes some high level law enforcement officials. sources tell eyewitness news along with the list came this chilling message quote we want them hashtag dead and hashtag shut them down. >> this is a splinter group or smaller group out there basically doing their own thing. trying to do something that will help the cause. and helping the cause is by causing terror. and listen, whether it is physical terror or perceived terror, it is causing us to differ resources from other cases to handle this matter for the time being. >> reporter: this is the first time this tactic has been used and each time authorities have stressed this is not a significant or credible threat. still right now the fbi and nypd are busy contacting
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out, they say, strictly out of an abundance of caution. richard says with the following guidance. >> be aware of who is around you. is anything out of the ordinary? if you feel anything is out of the ordinary, call 191. call the age. the agent -- call 911. or call the agent. >> reporter: richard tells me of the roughly 3000 names on that list, actually about 2000 are real, the rest are duplicate or fake flames. there was also some personal information listed, but at this point, some of those who were contacted say the e-mails that were posted are actually old. for now we are live in lower manhattan, kimberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. a developing story tonight in baltimore. police have the man in custody who showed up at a local tv station believed to have a bomb. the man was wearing a panda suit.
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if his costume concealed a potential bomb. we are told he is alive at the hospital. he did not have a bomb. moments ago we learned he had candy bars wrapped in aluminum foil under his costume. he glanded the tv station -- he demanded the tv station broadcast his message to the public. the station did not comply. prosecutors subpoenaed top aides and advisors in a growing fundraising scandal. the mayor is insisting his administration followed the law. among those subpoenaed, emma wolf, the mayor's director of inner governmental affairs. political reporter dave evans is at city hall with more. >> reporter: liz this is kind of a nightmare for mayor de blasio right now. one government group said it has not seen anything like this in decades. the mayor is facing a reelection fight next year.
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bad day in office. his top advisor, emma wolf, now subpoenaed in a growing investigation. also jonathan rosen the architect of de blasio's 2013 victory, also subpoenaed. >> guys, as i have said many times, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity everything we have done from the beginning is legal and appropriate. >> reporter: the mayor swears he has done nothing wrong and will cooperate fully with the u.s. attorney and manhattan da cy vance. >> >> reporter: investigators are looking at whether the mayor's top team broke campaign contribution limits soliciting huge contributions for state senate democrats and funneling that money to candidates the mayor liked. a memo last week suggested flagrant violations. >> reporter: were you subpoenaed mayor? >> you got that answer. >> reporter: you were not subpoenaed? >> i was not. >> reporter: do you feel the appearance was bad? >> don't push me. everything we've done is legal and appropriate. we are going to fully cooperate.
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anything like this in a very, very long time. >> the group citizens union sees all kind of red flags. >> reporter: when bloomberg was mayor there was not in culture of pay to play. we have seen it unfortunately in city hall. >> reporter: after the mayor quickly left today, his spokeswoman told reporters don't worry, the people's work at city hall is still getting done. >> we are working just like we do every day. >> reporter: this is not a horrible distraction? >> this is not a distraction in terms of getting the work done that we need to do. >> reporter: and the press secretary there, karen hinton for mayor de blasio, taking lots questions today from reporters, such as who will pay the legal fees for emma wolf? exactly what is in the subpoenas? were others subpoenaed besides those we know about? the answers we don't know yet. reporting live at city hall news.
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heart university in connecticut urging students to be careful, now that a mumps outbreak has afflicted the campus. in the last month over a dozen students have become sick. it causes facial swelling and headaches and is spread most often by those living in close quarters. >> there is a 2-day period you are contagious that you are not having symptoms. >> i get so nervous about sharing things. definitely will take precautions. >> it does seem to be going around. several colleges in the northeast now dealing with an outbreak of the mumps. 41 confirmed cases at harvard. amtrak is reassuring riders tonight that the discovery of toxic chemicals at penn station poses no danger. hazardous chemicals were found on portions of the track, 1, and 10. amtrak says the company
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toxic waste use a truck with a large vacuum and hosed down the area last night. tests show the air is safe and the affected area is not accessible to the general public. in new jersey about two dozen people are temporarily out of their homes after a car slammed into their building. police say a driver lost control last night, and the car crashed through the front of a tax services store on the ground floor. structural damage needs to be repaired before it is safe for residents to return. the land lord is paying for throes folks to stay in a hotel. and changes starting tomorrow night for drivers who depend on the tappan zee bridge. construction will close three of the four northbound lanes. closures will take place from 9:00 p.m. friday to 2:00 p.m. saturday, and again from 9:00 p.m. saturday to 2:00 p.m. sunday. all southbound lanes will remain open during the construction. now to vote 2016. he is not afraid to drop the bomb.
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republican presidential candidate donald trump from the quick to anger former basketball coach bobby knight. meanwhile ted cruz getting slammed by former house speaker john boehner, comparing him to the devil. >> what boehner is angry with me for, is standing with the american people, is energizing and encouraging house conservatives to stand with the american people. >> reporter: cruz also saying he and boehner never even worked together. now we have more of knight's endorsement. >> harry truman, with what he did in dropping and having the guts to drop the bomb in 1944, here's a man who would do the same thing. >> quite an endorsement. knight said he feels trump will be quoting now, one of the greatest presidents in the history of the country.
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out about this video involving his wife mary pat. when donald trump said hillary clinton played the woman card twitter blew up, mary pat rolled her eyes. >> being the recipient of more eye rolls from my wife than any human being on earth, that was not an eye roll. christie insisting his wife, mary pat, was just glancing in his direction. bernie sanders expects to do well in the remaining state primaries. he led a campaign rally in springfield, oregon today. he expects more independent voters will support him and plans to stay in the race until the final primary from california. still his campaign has begun laying off hundreds of staffers. taking a quick look at wall street right now, stocks finished the day lower. the dow lost 210 points. the nasdaq down 56 and the s&p 500 lost 19. as we continue with
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this thursday night. an mta bus driver attacked. police finally releasing a picture they hope will catch the attacker. also, a baby girl born just at 25 weeks and she weighed just 9 ounces. wait until you see what she looks like a year later. a big night for football fans so go ahead, grab a draft. the giants and jets making their picks. who they are likely to select. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. most of the area is seeing light rain or drizzle but there is a heavier shower moving into the highlands. putnam, northern rockland and west chester counties as well. it is basically drizzle over new york city, steady rain
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forced to make an emergency landing in cleveland. united airlines experienced engine trouble mid flight to omaha. the boeing 737 landed safely in cleveland at 5:30. nobody was hurt. new at 6:00, a picture, finalry released, of the man who attacked a new york city bus driver back in january. >> the attacker punched the driver in the face several
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>> it happened in upper manhattan. near's rob nelson. >> reporter: these are the newly released exhibits of the man, wanted by -- pictures of the man, wanted by police for a seemingly random attack of an mta bus driver. >> i believe this is really the first time this has happened. >> reporter: the incident took place about three months ago in late january, about 7:15 at night at the intersection of west kingsbridge road and kingsbridge terrace. the 47-year-old driver was helping a handicapped passenger when some kind of altercation began with the suspect. the unidentified suspect, at some point, tried to take the driver's lat. and when the driver tried to get it -- hat. and when the driver tried to get it back the suspect punched the driver in the face. the suspect then got away. the driver stayed behind at the scene but refused medical attention. >> it is kind of scary to know people are just attacking the bus driver for no reason. unnecessarily.
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>> reporter: it is not clear exactly what sparked the dispute between the suspect and the driver or why police are just now releasing the photo. but anyone with information is encouraged to call crime stoppers. rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. well a first birthday celebration for a toddler with a whole lot of things to celebrate. she managed to overcome obstacle after another. she was finally able to go home at 6 months, weighing 7 pounds 12 ounces. her mom and dad say doctors and nurses at the children's hospital in valhalla became a second family to them. >> just had to put my trust in god and put it in his hands and know he was going to bring her out it have. >> happy she is here and we thank all the nurses that did
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>> she is getting her two front teeth there. >> she is named after the poet maya angelou. the hospital said she is the
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try zyrtec . muddle no more . he is just 9 years old but a little leaguer from california compared to a baseball legend. there is will baker, a rare virus left him with little use of his right hand. just enough to switch his glove and to play his favorite game. baseball. his coach compared him to jim abbott, born without a right hand and did the glove switch in the majors for many years. >> determined young man. >> he looks cool. it is gray out there right now. >> reporter: it is gray and damp.
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about the biggest snowstorm in new york city history ever. >> you lobbied for this. more excited than most. but here's the brand new list. >> reporter: a snow team was sent to look at the data from the january blizzard, which initially was a tenth of an inch less than february 2006. they recalibrate, now the biggest snowstorm in new york city lift. it felt like it during the storm. now in terms of lower totals and rainfall, it is about these forecast models as we go through tomorrow morning, just taking sort of an average, very light rainfall amounts. a few places will see even less than that. a few hundredths. there have been sprinkles but it is dry across the span right now. 53. south wind 12 miles per hour, the pressure holding steady and the lie we told you 59. the average high is 66. no rainfall in the rain bucket just yet and there are your sunrise and sunset time. rain and drizzle moving through during the evening hours. tomorrow it is dry much of the
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the day and at flight 50-50 weekend. rain much of the day on sunday our only hope is after 4:00 or 5:00 the rain is moving out. 50 sunset park right now. 49. we have had light rain in oakwood, that is why it is cooler here. light drizzle getting into parts of brooke lynn, queens. 52 in white plains right now. -- brooklyn, queens. 52 in white plains right now. across the five boroughs shows low and middle 50s right now. the theme of the forecast will remain cool. the dry air is starting to get eroded, very dry across the hudson valley. you see how the higher humidity is starting to make progress. that is why i think you have to have a heavier umbrella during the overnight for patchy drizzle at times. a lot of clouds around, maybe even thin spots and much of the day is going to be dry. here's the latest radar, the steadier bands are avoiding new
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we have had rain over staten island. over orange county and monmouth but nothing more than a couple of sprinkles over new york city. more off to the west. dry much of the time as i said tomorrow. high pressure is going to try to build in the better half of the weekend and rain is going to return sunday. looking at a short-term futurecast, there is your rain. very light. a drizzle. tomorrow morning even sunny breaks off to the east and rain moving in at night. steadier rain for your friday evening. off and on rain and drizzle this evening. 47. 58 tomorrow, lots of clouds. brightening to the east. not raining much of the time, but then tomorrow evening have your umbrella for your friday night plans. clouds will break on saturday, the better half of the weekend. unfortunately a rainy day on sunday. hopefully at 11:00 maybe i'll have improving news on sunday. rob is up next with sports. >> reporter: the night is
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football fans treat the nfl draft like christmas day. teams won't have to wait much longer. straight ahead, where will the giants and the jets look for help? we have a couple of ideas. plus so far so good for the islanders in the playoffs as long as you don't really counsel that puck to the coach's nose thing. sports next. (vo) one of only a few hospitals in the u.s. performing surgeries on babies before they're born, we're also there for them as they grow. our children's hospital is ranked by u.s. news as one of the nation's best. all across new york families are coming back to time warner cable. join them, and switch right now. we have trucks standing by, and we can install as early as today. we came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand just as fast as we can watch them. for $89.99 a month you'll get 100 meg ultra-fast internet, popular hd channels
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a lot of young men tonight starting a journey on a yellow bring road. >> big guys in nice suits. you know this draft stuff is far from an exact science. a single pick can dictate a future for years to come. tonight nfl draft round one the giants on the clock relatively early at number 10.
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of areas but the defensive line remains a priority. clemson's slake lawson could help there. ucla's miles jack has potential. leonard floyd could be the pick. the offensive line needs help. notre dame's ronnie stanley or jack conklin figure to be available. whoever it is needs to be able to play right away. >> we'd like to get a starter that could put out the play right away. >> the jets pick at number 20. expectations paxton lynch could be available but do the jets gamble he is their future leader? mississippi tread well. jets need help, taylor decker could still be on the board. but according to draft expert mark dominick the jets will
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>> i could see reggie ragland being a good fit. >> reporter: we shall see. the mets take a breather before they host the giants tomorrow. won another big one at home last night. boosted the winning streak to six straight. neil walker tied the mets franchise record for home runs from the month of april. walker hit three in his last five games, six in his last nine. he is really seeing the ball well right now. mets trail the nationals by just one game. things not so upbeat with the yankees. they lost in texas last night but alex rodriguez seems to be heating up. homerun number 60. three for three. a walk two. the batting average up 30190. the yankees are assured of their first losing april since 2008, they are in boston starting tomorrow.
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play round two saturday in tampa. a 5-3 road win, ta various a goal and assist. playing from the second round for the first time in 23 years, they made it all pay off. the coach took a puck to the face in the third period. came back to the bench before the game ended with his own upper body injury. >> i think at first we thought it was in his eye and we heard it was nose. so i don't think we felt as bad. he is always telling us to block shots, but we are glad to see he is all right. and finally from us, getting ready for another basketball season the new york liberty open sunday against chicago. training camp is underway. season 20. the team made it to the conference finals last year, ready to go further this year. >> we know we stunned everyone. we didn't even know what our potential was. >> we don't want to take a step backwards. we all understand that. i think the tone will set the
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to play this year and be the new york liberty. >> look forward to that this weekend. look forward to the nfl draft tonight. 94th straight year and i will still be waiting to hear my name. cash has a name though. >> great name. >> aren't you glad? >> yeah. >> cool coincidence too. weird. bill, coming up tonight the eyewitness news investigators uncover issues involving new york city restaurants. jim hoffer found places across the city hiding their bad grades. we'll tell you the violations they have. it is an eyewitness news exclusive. plus dogs rescued from south korea headed to our area looking for homes here. coming up tonight at 11:00. that is it for us now. thanks for watching.
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for all of us breaking news tonight. we're on the scene right now. the suspect walking into a tv station, wearing something, telling everyone it was a bomb. the emergency evacuations. the s.w.a.t. team moving in, opening fire. pierre thomas standing by. the other emergency playing out on live television. the families rescued. drivers pulled out of cars under water. and the possible tornadoes and storms now moving in tonight. the takeoff suddenly aborted. at 140 miles per hour. to avoid a collision at a major american airport. the harsh worlds in the race for the white house tonight. the former house speaker unleashing on ted cruz. calling him, quote, lucifer in the flesh, in front of a crowd, and going much further. you will hear the audio right here. and breaking developments tonight in the prince investigation. they are drilling into a vault


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