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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 29, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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>> and the controversial ending, thelma and louise going out in a blaze of glory that still has people talking. >> what do you think about the ending? about going over the cliff? >> that's the first thing i said. after you test this, are you going to change this and they're both going to be at club med. he said i know you'll definitely die. i'm not sure about her. and by the end they kind of -- >> i didn't know about this conversation. right to go over. he said you might push her out at the last minute, but it ended up, we only had one take. >> i think the ending is exactly the way it should be. because we get away. i think that's what -- despite the fact that we kill ourselves, we retain control of our lives to the bitter end, no matter what. once we've tasted being no control, we'd never go back. >> well said.
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wooes kwth premind us of the words, a real friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out. thank you for watching
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new at 11:00 tonight, a scare at donald trump's midtown offices. a suspicious powder discovered
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einiger is on the scene with the breaking details. >> just moments ago police officially issued an all clear here and things are back to normal on 5th avenue. we can show you video from the last 20 minutes or so as d.e.p. hazmat experts came out with their gear, equipment, and samples of this suspicious white powder for further testing from the department of health as they try to figure out exactly what it was and where it came from. the good news is there was nothing overtly dangerous about t. no positive hits for anything immediately concerning. but this was quite a scare at the campaign headquarters for the republican presidential frontrunner, donald trump. on the 5th floor as workers opened up an envelope addressed personally to trump, they encountered a white suspicious substance. that started quite a scare. three people were isolated in those offices as police hazmat experts try to rule out and successfully did rule out
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the investigation now underway in to who sent it and why. donald trump himself was not in the building. he's campaigning thousands of miles away in california. no one injured and life has now resumed. eyewitness news. new tonight, investigators looking at a drug overdose as the possible cause of death for prince. authorities saying they're investigating whether a doctor was prescribing pain killers to the star in the weeks before he died. they also want to know what kind of drugs were at prince's house outside of minneapolis. tonight an eyewitness news exclusive. dramatic and disturbing video of a beat-down in chinatown. >> the owner of a restaurant defending a waitress getting harassed by a man. the owner was attacked. all of it on camera. jim dolan with the latest. >> gomez according to witnesses
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he harassed, yelled, screamed at a waitress inside the restaurant then punched a wall of the restaurant with his bare hands before coming out here. the manager followed him out here on to east broadway. what followed that was brutal. >> reporter: by the time the video starts, the beating is well underway. and it is vicious. remember the man on the ground being assaulted, 50-year-old qang wang was defending a waitress in his restaurant. >> he was harassing one of the female employees. so one of the owner, manager decided to say hey, stop that. that's not appropriate. >> reporter: before 33-year-old gomez left the restaurant he punched a small hole in the wall. it was just the beginning though. still photos show gomez in full windup and throwing violent haymaker flows. surveillance video shows it all in shadows. eventually it spills in to the upper left hand part of the frame. the men in uniform aren't police.
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trained only to call the police when they see a crime. one person in the crowd does try meekly to help but eventually gomez walks away. moments later the police arrive and arrest him. >> all i see is a guy laying down with like bandages on his head and everything. i went over to check, the guy was not responsive. >> qang wang's face bloodied and beaten. he was unconscious for a short while. he's been released from the hospital and is recovering. montrez gomez is charged with assault. jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have new information tonight about a possible terrorist hit list that includes the names of thousands of people from new york. u.s. senator charles schumer says he's learned tonight from the fbi that the list was not made by isis as originally thought but by a group trying to imitate isis. sources also telling us many of the addresses and phone numbers
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the fdny and nypd trying to contact people on the list, telling them according to schumer tonight that they have nothing to worry about. >> this happens every so often. some group, sometimes it's isis, in this case it's not, puts out names to scare people and so far, praise god, there's been no followup on any threat like this. >> list contains about 3600 names but only 2/3rds, authorities say, are real. the rest are duplicates or fake. a scare tonight for passengers onboard a flight that took off from newark. engine failure forces a plane to make an emergency landing. the united flight was headed to omaha, nebraska and because of the failed engine was diverted to cleveland, the closest airport. no word on the cause of the breakdown but the engine is now being inspected. now to trouble on another airline. this one happening onboard an american airlines flight that took off from hartford, connecticut. a beverage cart came loose, injuring three people and shot around the cabin. two passengers and a flight
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landing in charlotte. a warning tonight about a burglary ring operating in both burgen a two-state operation. the target, parked cars. police say a rash of break-ins syndicate. they smash windows to steal purses or wallets typically left in plain sight at gyms or parks where people are off exercising. one car owner who doesn't want to be identified tells us what happened to her in woodcliffe lake, new jersey. shattered. a gentleman came up to us and said i was the second car to be hit that afternoon. and when we looked more closely, we could see that my purse in the front seat had been taken. >> also believed connected to the five cars broken in to recently at the nanuet little league event. two suspects pistol whipped a woman during an apparent robbery in her building. it happened on montauk avenue in east new york.
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in the head with a gun in the lobby of her apartment building. victim is in stable condition tonight at the hospital. a videotaped confession expected to be played in court tomorrow in the trial of a teenager charged with killing a new york city cop in an arson. dockery is accused of setting a mattress on fire that caused the death of officer dennis guerra. surveillance video shows guerra as his partner, rosa rodriguez, in an elevator in a coney island apartment building. rodriguez describing being choked by thick smoke when the elevator doors opened. now to vote 2016. and a bizarre endorsement for donald trump from former basketball coach bobby knight who says trump, quoting now, isn't afraid to drop the bomb. trump tonight at a rally in southern california speaking at the orange county fairgrounds in costa mesa. outside sheriff's deputies on horseback forming a barrier between trump supporters and trump protesters. meanwhile ted cruz defending
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words from former house speaker john boehner who called cruz, quoting now, lucifer in the flesh, and the most miserable person he's ever worked with. cruz responded by saying boehner, who's friends with donald trump, is letting his inner trump come out. hillary clinton's campaign revealing a new video attacking trump. she's focusing on the gop frontrunner, not on bernie sanders. this after her dominating performance in tuesday's five-state primary. but sanders insisting his primary fight is not over. his campaign laid off hundreds of staff members. >> the family was getting ready to celebrate his high school graduation. instead, they're planning his funeral tonight. 17-year-old rondell rush shot and killed outside his home in jersey city tuesday night. cops right now looking for the killer. his family looking for answers. here's eyewitness news reporter carolina leid. >> reporter: family and friends say 17-year-old rondell rush had big plans.
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long and hard hours in to his schoolwork to reach his goals. the dickinson high school senior was an honor roll student. finalizing where he would go to college in the fall. >> if you came across him, if you didn't know him personally but once you got around him, he felt like somebody you thought you always knew. >> reporter: rush was with a group of teens outside his fulton avenue home in jersey city. he was shot in the head around 5:00 tuesday evening. investigators don't know who did it or why. >> all around good kid. you know, sometimes you have to be mindful of the company you keep but it doesn't take away from your character. >> after rondell rush was shot here on fulton avenue, his friends put him in a car and did their very best to get him to a nearby hospital. noel burgess says rush worked for him here. not for the paycheck but for the real world experience. >> very studious, outgoing, definitely had a funny personality. he was the type of person that everyone enjoyed working with.
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is working on funeral is working on funeral arrangements, telling us his mother is broken. not yet ready to talk publically about her son's death. investigators say so far they do not have any suspects so they're urging anyone with information to call the hudson county prosecutor's office at 201-915-1344. in jersey city, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have new details to tell you about tonight. a bizarre security breach in a local television news station in baltimore. a man in a panda suit shot by a police sniper outside a fox affiliate after he claimed to have explosives strapped to his chest. turns out he did not have actual explosives device made to look like a bomb and that was filled with candy. a health alert about a mumps outbreak at a university in connecticut. students and residents who live around sacred heart university
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date. so far eight cases of mumps in students have been confirmed. another nine are suspected. several mumps outbreaks at colleges in the northeast meteorologist lee goldberg says it could be wet as you head out the door tomorrow morning. >> that's right. cool as well. our normal highs keep going up. but our actual highs keep going down. we've only been in the upper 50s, only one 60-degree reading in poughkeepsie. we've got a little light rain, a heavier shower going in to burgen and rocklin. then drizzle over long island. here's your wake-up weather. plan for spotty drizzles. have the umbrella handy. it will be light. only 47 degrees. we'll be timing the weekend rain in the accuweather forecast. that's just a few minutes away. an eyewitness news exclusive. do you really know the health rating for your favorite restaurant? >> this conversation is over. >> you're breaking the law. >> this conversation is over.
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uncovers little secrets you should see. plus, how much does it cost to
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women may soon be required to register for the draft. the armed services committee backed the idea by a closed vote of 32-30. while the draft hasn't been used since 1973, men have also had to register within a month of turning 18. months ago the defense department decided to allow women as part of front line combat units. they'll vote on the draft proposal next month. new information about the missing mother of two from brooklyn. destiny dawson has been found safe and sound in another state. dawson turned up down south where police say she had gone to meet a male friend. her boyfriend and father of one child reported her missing last thursday. it's unclear why she wasn't answering her phone but
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consider herself missing. tonight the dirty little secret for some restaurants in new york city who tried to hide their less than passing health department grade. if you're one of the people who looks for the a grade in the restaurant video, this story is for you. if the sign is not there, it might not be an accident. here's investigative reporter jim hoffer. >> do you know what your latest grade is? >> i think it's an a. >> reporter: you would think with an a grade the chef at this popular west village restaurant would have that a posted in the window. >> you don't have a grade posted. >> either somebody stole it or not being aware of it. i'll make sure it gets put up. >> reporter: it's more likely there's no grade posted here because joseph leonard actually got a c. the well known restaurant had five sanitary violations including food kept at unsafe temperatures and flies. >> is that why it's not posted? >> i can't say why it's not posted. >> but you're an owner. >> i know.
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>> this conversation is over. >> you're breaking the law. it should be posted. >> this conversation is over. >> reporter: we found other restaurants throughout manhattan not posting their grade. >> what's your grade? >> a. >> you got an a? >> yeah. >> reporter: cory tribeca actually got a c in their latest grade inspection. the health department inspector slapped them with the lowest grade after finding nine sanitary violations including presence of live roaches, flies, and food not protected against possible contamination. that c, which by law should be posted in the restaurant's window, is nowhere to be found. >> that's illegal. you're supposed to post your grade in your restaurant. >> reporter: other restaurants also hid their grades. joe's coffee in chelsea had their c placed down low behind a bench. and around wall street at benton cafe, it was like a scavenger hunt trying to find their grade. >> that's it. c grade.
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>> reporter: in many cases the bad grade is masked by grade pending, which restaurants can use to appeal a c grade. but often even when they lose their appeal, they illegally keep the grade pending in the window. >> what was your last grade that you had? >> i believe it was an a. >> reporter: not true. galley italian restaurant in soho lost its appeal of the c grade. they've already been fined twice for not posting their grade. >> negatively impacts your business if you don't have an a. >> we visited 38 restaurants with c grades. the majority of them, 20, either posted no grade, hid their grade, or falsely put up a grade pending. in response to our investigation, a health department spokesman says they have and will find restaurants that do not post their grades. jim hoffer, channel 7 eyewitness news. celebrating a decade of keeping kids off the streets in
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the borough's youth empowerment program held a ceremony tonight to mark the milestone. in attendance, a number of young adults who benefited from the program over the years. the group works with 13 to 21-year-olds giving them guidance on being a productive citizen. its motto, building mind, body, and community. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. we were really cruising a week ago in the middle of an 11-day stretch of above normal temperatures in the 70s to near 80 degrees. now we're in this rut to end the month. normal highs closer to the highs we should have the beginning of the month. empire state building in blue. nypd in the shield conference. 50. south wind at 3. high today, 59. 7 degrees below average. a little trace of rainfall. there are your sunrise and sunset times for a mainly cloudy friday but not all that wet. in fact it's just patchy light rain and drizzle for the morning commute. dry much of the day tomorrow with more rain coming in at night. 50/50 weekend and unfortunately sunday is really looking like an all day rain.
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from 57 to 54 degrees. here's your planner for tomorrow morning. have the umbrella for a little spotty drizzle. it shouldn't be widespread or heavy. the middle of the day through midafternoon, clouds, maybe even a few thin spots east of the city and temperatures in the upper 50s. cool. the rain is coming back especially west of the city during the evening heavier shower near ramapo and wyckoff. it will head to newcastle, hawthorne, greenburg in westchester county over the next hour then in to fairfield. that's the only game in town. just a little bit of drizzle. a lot of the day tomorrow is going to be mainly dry. this area right down tomorrow night in to maybe very wee hours of the morning saturday. after that it should dry out. it's not much going on. couple sprinkles. but we are in the 40s. so you need the coat. the skies try to brighten a little bit especially from the city north and east. already showers may be popping up in western most new jersey and then that coverage will expand as why go in to your friday night.
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the rain coat and umbrella. only in the low 50s. by saturday morning we're clearing out. cool start. temperatures get in to the low 60s in many spots. more sun off to the north and east. theme tomorrow is dry much of the time with a period of rain coming in tomorrow night. saturday is the better half of that weekend. patchy light rain and drizzle to start at 47. only up to 58. but at least it's not too damp. a little drizzle early. then there's more rain coming in later in the day and at night. that will dry out late. then will break up on saturday morning. we'll have sunshine, better half of the weekend. here's your sunday forecast. that's a rainy day. there's rain from the get-go. here's the only saving grace. later in the day, i think the rain is going to get lighter, maybe toward sunset. still drizzly and damp. we'll be in between systems monday. 62 degrees. i think tuesday is going to be dry during the daylight hours. another period of rain coming in late at night in to wednesday. at least temperatures are getting to normal or above. a shot of 70 by next weekend.
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on the rain. up next, so just how much does it cost to protect the ceo of facebook? and talk about an international operation.
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ba da ba ba ba new at 11:00, $4.3 million a year. that's the price of security protection for facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. the company paid all those millions last year to protect its multibillion-dollar co-founder. facebook said the high security include a security detail and private jet. an animal shelter in new jersey is welcoming dogs who were rescued from being served for dinner. more than 120 dogs are arriving in st. hubert's animal welfare center in madison. they were rescued from a dog meat farm in south korea. the pups will be given medical
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up for adoption. the farmer who released these dogs will now be growing mushrooms instead. rob is up next with sports. >> busy nights and busy nights. this is one of the biggest nights on the nfl schedule. nobody played a single game. straight ahead, dreams come true on draft night. the giants, jets join the rest of the league for round number 1. they both bring home a couple buckeyes. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that.
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over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. tonight is the night the jets and have the night. >> football dreams do come true. the start of the nfl draft just around 1:00. the big money pick. it all started with this. >> with the first pick in the 2016 nfl draft, the los angeles rams select jared goff. >> jared goff the rams top pick. the first pick of the draft. the eagles go quarterback as
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dakota state. we knew the qbs would go 1-2, then everybody else. chargers go with joey bossa. cowboys grab ezekiel elliot. jags go with calen ramsey. the giants didn't have to wait long tonight. they held pick number 10. jersey kid too. two-year starter for the buckeyes, young, not even 21. the giants have rogers cromartie but the giants gave up a ton of passing yards. there have been two fellas named eli. the giants have both of them now. >> we worked so hard. to see it pay off like this, it's a celebration now. perfect. >> outstanding young man. best days ahead of him are a player. we're excited to have him. the jets held out until pick
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darron lee the linebacker from ohio state. he was a quarterback in high school. put on weight. went over to defense. then settled at linebacker. two-year starter in college. cover, blitz, good athlete. now a jet. >> hasn't sunk in yet and probably won't but i'm very excited to be part of this organization. >> we're very excited in what he brings in terms of a player. obviously we like him from a character standpoint as well. ryan fitzpatrick would rather not play football than play for what the jets are offering him. that's the report. the jets are said to be in the $7 to $8 million range. fitzpatrick looking for twice that. the jets say fitzpatrick is their guy so we shall see. both the jaenkz -- both the yankees and mets have the night off. tanaka and the yankees are in boston. speaking of boston, nba playoffs. celtics at home against the hawks trying to avoid elimination.
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but the hawks had a balanced attack and take the series in six. 102-94. the cavaliers are waiting. the islanders, lightning played game 2 of their series saturday in tampa. round 2, game 1 for the capitals and penguins. tj oshie, two goals already. minutes ago, probably seconds ago the hat trick, the gang winner in overtime. capitals win it 4-3. heck of a night.


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