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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  April 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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new video as protesters take their anger at donald trump to the streets squaring off with police out west. also new details overnight on the suspicious powder scare at trump tower. find out who had to be briefly quarantined. and good morning, i'm lori stokes >> and i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us. it is friday, april 29th. and you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic, beginning with meteorologist bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> all right. here we go. we have cloudy skies, we're going to have a cool start to your day, 49 degrees going to be your 6:00 a.m. temperature here. so dress warmly. it's a little chilly. 49 hempsted, 46 east hampton. notice those wind profiles coming in off of long island sound and the atlantic, out of the east. that's a cool, damp wind. a couple of showers have been across the northern parts of the suburbs. we'll have a few showers, a little drizzle today, but mostly it's a cloudy day, and the east wind keeps it cool, high 58 this afternoon by 4:00. rain tonight. we talk about the weekend next.
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every seven minutes. what's going on with those train? >>reporter: well, we had an issue with the l train, but that fire department activity between first avenue and bedford avenue cleared away. "l" trains are moving once again, but you can expect some delays. 22 west right near tower road which is in scotch plains we have an overturned vehicle. all lanes are closed down. again this, is westbound where all lanes are closed down. eastbound side you may experience some rubbernecking delays. and then we are also looking at what's happening on 202, 206 south in bridgewater. from route 87 down to 22 we do have that accident. so all lanes are closed down as you go through there. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north, they are all running on or close to schedule. verrazano bridge brooklyn bound upper level disabled tractor- trailer. our street cleaning rules are suspended, but the metered rules remain in effect. lori, over to you. >> all right, heather, thank you. a bizarre and disturbing story in central park. the nypd says a man offered up his 11-year-old son for sex. >> thankfully the man who received that offer called the cops.
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bow bridge. eyewitness news reporter diana rocco is live in the park with the details. diana. >>reporter: ken and lori, good morning. that all happened not too far from here, and this morning police are looking for a man believed to be that boy's father. he's described as about 35-year- olds with dark hair, clean shaven, last seen wearing a dark colored jacket, possibly a black jacket with a fur hood and blue jeans. the 11-year-old boy was wearing a lightweight red or orange jacket. now, police spent the better part of the night searching central park after a tourist walking through the park before midnight says he was approached by the man and an 11-year-old boy. this happened near bow bridge and west 74th street. the man who was believed to be the boy's father offered sex with the boy for $300. the tourist, a 50-year-old man from california quickly declined, left the park and called 911. but police did spend most of the night searching this park. that search turned up empty this morning. they will now be reviewing area surveillance cameras, hoping
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we're live in central park, i'm diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> diana, thank you. 6:03. now to another developing story, this one out of california. chaos breaking out at a donald trump rally. some protesters nearly run over by a driver doing doughnuts, others nearly destroying an abandoned police cruiser. and also we're hearing more this morning about the white powder scare at trump tower. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live now in midtown. dray. >>reporter: good morning, lori and ken. overnight we learned four people, three campaign workers and a police officer had to be quarantined because they were exposed to that white powdery substance here at trump tower. the good news is they're going to be okay. now, it was around 8:00 last night when a campaign worker opened a letter addressed to donald trump. inside trump's campaign offices here on the fifth floor at trump tower. inside the envelope was a white powdery substance. that campaign worker immediately called the police,
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hazmat experts tested the powder and determined it was harmless, and they gave the building the all clear just after 11:00 last night. now, meanwhile donald trump was not here. he was 3,000 miles away campaigning in orange county, california. anti-trump protesters erupted outside the convention center where trump was speaking. police officers tried their best to maintain order, but the protesters blocked intersections, they vandalized some police cars and even at times had fights with trump supporters. the sheriff in orange county says more than 20 people were arrested, but there were no reports of any injuries despite that very large crowd. back here live outside trump tower, this is the third time that someone has sent a mysterious white powder to someone in the trump family. what happened here last night remains under investigation. we're live in midtown, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, dray, thank you. and trump is set to address today's state gop convention
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during last night's rally, trump hammered home his promise to make america great again. he brought on stage people who carry pictures of loved ones illegal immigrants. and once again trump turn on ted cruz and the crowd -- turned on ted cruz and the crowd joined in. cruz. we know lyin' ted, right? [ crowd noise ] >> i mean, nobody likes him. i've never seen a guy like this. in fact, -- [ chanting ] >> lyin' ted. >> trump isn't the only one former house speaker john boehner told texas college students that cruz is, in his words, "lucifer" in the and the most miserable person in the world to work with. 6:05. hillary clinton campaigns today in manhattan. she is the keynote speaker for the eagle academy foundation. it helps an all-boys network of
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bernie sanders, meanwhile, is shifting his focus. his attacks on clinton are giving way to a strategy for changing the democratic party. there's a hearing today on a new class action lawsuit. it says that donald trump's kids and perhaps 3 million other new yorkers should have gotten to vote in last week's primary, but they were blocked by an unconstitutional system. the lawsuit against the state and the city board of elections primary system. 6:06. a wake will be held today for teaneck mayor lizette parker. the 44-year-old died sunday after being rushed to the hospital with respiratory issues. she was the first african- american woman to be elected mayor in a bergen county community. a wake will be held this afternoon at mount olive baptist church. her funeral will be held there tomorrow morning. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic together here on eyewitness news this morning. we look from our camera here at 4 times square, and we're looking south, and we're looking at some cloudy skies,
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asbury park, new jersey. asbury park, new jersey. the flag right there just 206 south from 287 down into 22, that's another accident, so all lanes are closed down. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north, they are doing just fine.
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upper level disabled tractor- trailer. that's still being cleared away. and the l.i.e. going west right near exit 37, we do have an accident reported. but let's take a look at a webcam. i'll show you what the l.i.e. is looking like as you enter into the area of willis avenue. it doesn't look like it's moving too badly in this spot. we do have that accident reported. it could be off on the shoulder. it could have just been cleared away. our street cleaning rules are suspended for today, but the metered rules are in effect. lori, over to you. >> all right, thank you, heather. new video this morning from inside a tv station where a man dressed as a panda threatened to blow himself up. what it revealed before a police sniper took him down. a new jersey teen being remember as a bright kid whose life was simply cut short. his heartbroken family now pleading for help in finding his killer. and the celebration and big
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new video released overnight showing the man who was shot by police outside a baltimore tv station. you see the man unzip an animal costume in the station's lobby, revealing what appears to be an explosive device strapped to his chest. now, police say that he made a complaint about the government and said that he had a bomb. officers followed the man outside where they shot him when he refused to show his hands. the suspect was left in the
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police sent in a robot designed to detect explosives. the man was then taken to the hospital. is not not clear if that vest had any active explosives. the fbi has arrest the brother of one of the san bernardino shooters along with two other family members. but the charges against them stem from a marriage fraud conspiracy, not terrorism. prosecutors say they uncovered the marriage scheme during the investigation into the december shootings that killed 14 people and wounded 22 others. 6:13. police are searching for the gunman who murdered a high school senior in jersey city. 17-year-old rondell rush was shot and killed tuesday night as he stood outside his home with a group of friends. the honor roll student was getting ready to pick a college and shape the life that he had worked so hard for. part of that work included a part-time job at magic tax in jersey city which he took for real-world experience. >> very stewedyious, definitely outgoing, had a funny personality. he was the type of person that
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>> an all-around good kid. i know, sometimes you have to be mindful of the company you keep, but it doesn't take away from your character. >> investigators say they do not know who shot the teen or why as his family plans his funeral. police are working hard to find his killer. a hometown honor today for the gang of funk music ledge gens. part of maple street near pacific avenue in jersey city will be renamed kool an the gang way. the grammy-winning group formed there where brothers ronald and robert bell first moved with their families in 1960. jersey city mayor steven philip will also welcome band members along with local business leaders at this afternoon's ceremony. 6:14. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> let's check in with meteorologist bill evans who's outside. hey. >> those brothers are great, robert and ronald. >> yes. >> i interview them many times when i was back in radio, a young deejay. here's what's going on this morning, it's gorgeous out here, cool, crisp.
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no, i don't have a second. i'm working here. i'm working. i'll be done in a moment. here we go. let's take a look outside. let's do the real thing, and that is the weather. let's look down the jersey shore. here we go. we got cloudy skies, we got a cool morning. we're going to be looking at about, oh, 49 degrees to start your day, 56% the humidity. the winds are east and the pressure is rising, so we're going to be looking at, you know, high pressure over us, but this front is undercutting us and giving us these clouds and making it kind of gloomy and cooler and cloudier today with rain that will be around tonight through tomorrow. a great looking saturday, and then we got sunday it's going did to be rainy. so we are looking at around 51 in the urban areas of new jersey, looking at about 47 out across long island. we're looking at a wind coming in from the northeast about 10, 12 miles per hour and there you see those showers that have been dissipating off to the north. so much of your day is just cloudy and cool, so grab a jacket or a sweater. rain comes in tonight. you see that about 8:00, 9:00, there's a batch of rain going by. after midnight that's gone. and then the sun comes out
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we'll have a beautiful day, and then sunday we got this rain coming back, and there's a lot of things going on around on sunday, mets have a baseball game. but look at that rain, lasting until noon. now, the rain could be out of the way by the time we get to about 3:00 in the afternoon. so that's a day where we're going to have a lot of rain. so one great day, one rainy day. after school today, we're going to be looking at cloudy skies, kids, after school, the temperature about 58 degrees, nearly 10 degrees cooler than normal for this time of the year. we should be around 66, 67 degrees. so dry much of the time today. some showers tonight and tomorrow is our better half of the weekend where we sunshine on saturday. 58 degrees, cloudy and cool today. tonight off and on a little drizzle, a little rain, 45. tomorrow we got a nice day on saturday, 63 degrees and we're going to be looking at a lot of sunshine on saturday. your accuweather seven-day forecast, we're going to be looking at sunshine saturday, 63 and some rain and about 52 degrees as we go into sunday. all right.
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>> arianna. >>reporter: your dad wants to take a picture. come on over, [ laughter ] >> smile, bill. >> smile, arianna. >> you guys have a great weekend. remember, dad, 50 bucks is 50 bucks. >> are you in times square? >> no. pictures. >> >> have a good day, everybody. >> what do we have out there heather? >>reporter: overturned vehicle park west. john del gorno showing us pictures where this car was basically and still is on its roof, so this is right near park avenue, very busy area, a lot of people coming and going from the conel business complex there. you can see that the car is on its roof. we do have the fire department there. they're trying to get this cleared away. looks like he hit a pole this. is a pretty nasty accident right over here, so you'll want to avoid this. this is 22 westbound side right near park avenue where all lanes are closed down. eastbound side is open, but you can see people are absolutely
6:18 am
a lot of people rubbernecking. let's go right over to our maps and talk to you about subway status. l trains fire department activity between first avenue and bedford avenue cleared away. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north running on or close to schedule. 202, 206 in bridgewater closed southbound. 287 getting into 22, that's an accident where all lanes are also closed down. alternate side of the parking rules suspended, but the metered rules almost in effect. lori and ken, over to you >> thank you, heather. new this morning, the obama administration is looking to change the rules and prevent some federal agencies from asking job apply kanlts about their criminal and credit histories. now, the rule change won't apply to many of the positions that deal with national security, intelligence and law enforcement. in connecticut some college students are being asked to check their vaccination records after an outbreak of the mumps. eight cases of have been reported among students at sacred heart university in fairfield.
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suspected. there have also been several mumps outbreaks at colleges in the northeast, including dozens of cases at harvard. 6:19. football season still a ways off, but fans already have reason to be excited. the nfl draft started last night -- the nfl draft started last night. the giants took ohio state cornerback eli apple with the 10th pick in the first round. apple comes to the big apple at just 20 years of age. the giants hope that he can help revitalize a giant's defense. the jets, meanwhile, stuck with the ohio state theme, picking buckeye linebacker darron lee. gang green needed help at that position. lee says that all his dreams are coming true. and still ahead, the mack makeover at one local mcdonald's keeping customers on their toes. also how fans of prince can celebrate the late legend tonight in brooklyn. in today's tech bytes,
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glt new apps are for windows 10 and windows 10 mobile. users now have dedicated facebook and messenger apps for phones. >> there's also a new instagram for 10 mobile >> there is a new way for lexa to help you out in the kitchen. amazon's voice assistant had built into the new portable speaker. >> with the $200 device, you can ask alexa to play music and look up recipes. >> first came hover board, next up hover bikes. the inventor used this hover bikes using a pair of motors and parasailing propellers. >> he spent three months designing the prototype which stays elevated for about a minute. >> guess you can't get too far
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on the money this morning, and wall street suffered broad losses as shares of apple stock continued their two-week slide. the dow jones starts the day 210 points down at 17,830.
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start off 1% lower. futures are pointing to a slightly higher open. apple is soured for carl ikahn. he's dumped his huge position in apple. he explained his concern of apple's ability to navigate the treacherous chinese market. iphone sales there have been disappointing. still the 80-year-old ikahn said he made about $2 billion in profit from apple stock. new figures show that facebook spent more than $4 million last year to protect its billionaire ceo mark zuckerberg. in its annual report and facebook said that zuckerberg's high visibility combined with specific threats warranted the high the measures include a security detail and a private jet. jersey city mcdonald's eating -- speeding up your fast food experience. this new location on 12th street near the holland tunnel features only a walkup window and drivethrough and indoor seating. it is the only mcdonald's like it in the northeast. the fast food chain says the new style caters to customers'
6:25 am
well, we all know the jingle, a sure signal that summer is here. >> this morning we remember an advertising legend who gave us this. >> oh, my gosh. give me tylenol. les was wrote that jingle for mr. softy trucks nationwide. i do love mr. softy, i must say. he released nearly 1,000 catchy tunes for advertisers throughout his career. but the mr. softy song, originally entitled "jingle and chimes" was most famous. he passed away in pennsylvania. he lived a nice long life, though. he lived to be 94. rest in peace, sir. and that will continue, the sound will continue. >> it will haunt you forever that sound. >> it's a good one. closing in on 6:30, a startling story in central park. a young boy offered up for sex overnight and we're just getting new reaction now from the people in the park as the
6:26 am
new this morning a rawkus party in queens ends with more than a dozen people charged. and remember the guy who claims that he was punched because he looks like shyia labeouf? now the real labeouf is standing up in his defense. well, the sun has punched a hole in the sky right there. we got a little break of sunshine this morning. we're going to talk about your weekend as we'll have some sun, we'll have some rain. we got a lot going on, so don't go away. heather is looking at the commute for you right now. how's it going out there? >>reporter: this is the accident in bridgewater. newscopter 7 is moving right along. we have an accident involving a downed pole and this vehicle right here. so 202 and 206 closed on the southbound ride right near route 87. we also have a closure on route 22.
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come seek the royal caribbean. developing in central park, police say a man offered up his own son for sex. new reaction is just coming in this morning. also new video shows a man
6:30 am
of a subway station after a violent robbery. plus violent protests erupt outside a donald trump rally out west. protesters even tried to flip over a police car. we've learned new details about how many people were arrested. good morning. i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us. it is friday, april 29th. >> and we have some breaking news out of new jersey. an suv has slammed into a telephone pole, causing a big road closure in bridgewater. >> john del gorno is over the scene in newscopter 7. john. >>reporter: ken and lori, these are first live pictures here. we're on route 202, route 206 in bridgewater, a very heavily traveled corridor here, and we've got a traffic mess in central new jersey. we spent a little while covering another accident over on route 22 in the watchong scotch plains area. this one a few miles west and this is one is very -- and this one is very serious. you can see that suv traveling southbound at route 22, struck the utility pole. not only did the pole come down, but the wires came down
6:31 am
so right now southbound route 202, 206 completely shut down. this is right at route 22. looks like this will be closed for some time while the vehicle is still out here and then they've got the utility repair to worry about as well. we have a similar situation just a few miles east of here over in scotch plains. heather o'rourke is standing by with more on that situation. heather, tell us about route 22. >>reporter: all right, john. so you are up above 22 a couple of minutes ago. we have 22 westbound side right near park avenue with that overturned vehicle. they are out there, they're trying to get this cleared away. but we do have all lanes closed down on the westbound side. eastbounders, you're going to find some rubbernecking delays, of course, because you can visibly see this overturned vehicle. garden state parkway going southbound side right near exit 136, we do have this accident that is also being cleared away. 10 minutes george washington bridge, 15 at the lincoln and the holland, but i suspect that is really going to start stacking up. subway service is running on or close to schedule. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north, they are
6:32 am
so mass transit is doing very well this morning. verrazano bridge brooklyn bound upper level disabled tractor- trailer has been cleared away, so it looks like the verrazano bridge is a pretty good ride for you now at this point. and then as you go onto the l.i.e. westbound side right near exit 37, that earlier accident has been cleared away. we do have alternate side of the street parking rules suspended today, but those metered rules are in effect for today. bill evans is here now to give us a look at what's going to be happening with the weather today. >> well, as you see, heather, we've got some cloudy skies. folks, grab a jacket. it's a little on the chilly side to start your day on this friday. we're looking at 46 morristown. the meters are not working in haq, but it's -- in hackettstown. 47 long island. couple of sprinkles off to the north. we'll have that today, a sprinkle or two. but mostly your day is cloudy and cool, 56 by 3:00, probably 58 at 4:00. and we got rain coming in for tonight. we'll talk about your weekend
6:33 am
ken, back to you. >> all right, bill, thank you. 6:33. and this morning joggers in central park should be on the lookout for a sexual predator. police say a man tried to entice another man to have sex with a young boy for cash. now, the most disturbing part may it may have been the boy's own father. eyewitness news reporter diana rocco just spoke with people in the park and she's live with new reaction for us. diana. >>reporter: and, ken, good morning. disbelief is the feeling from people here in the park this morning. police are taking this very seriously and now looking for a man believed to be this boy's father. police spent the better part of the night searching central park last night after just before midnight a 50-year-old man from california said he was walking a trail near bow bridge which is near west 74th street. he says a man came up to him with an 11-year-old boy and asked him if he wanted to have sex with the boy for $300. the tourist said no, he declined immediately, went back to his room and called 911. this morning the man police are looking for is described as dark haired, clean shaven,
6:34 am
black jacket with a fur hood and blue jeans. the child was wearing a red or orange lightweight jacket. neighbors say this is so awful, it's hard to believe. >> terrible. >>reporter: what's your experience with the park, have you had a good one? >> always positive. always, 100%. >> i'm usually in the park at 11:00, usually i'm in the park later than 9:00, but it's always been very positive. >>reporter: so a search of the park did turn up empty last night, but police will be reviewing area surveillance cameras this morning. we're live in central park, i'm diana rocco, channel 7 >> diana, thank you. and new this morning, a party in queens ends with 18 people behind bars. officers responded to the rowdy gathering just before midnight last night at a banquet hall in jamaica. 17 people are now charged with disorderly conduct while one obstruction. it's not clear, though, if the party started at the banquet 6:34. donald trump's big california
6:35 am
hundreds of anti-trump protesters who smashed police cars and shut down the streets. police in costa mesa brought out riot gear and horses to break up the crowds. trump supporters were attacked by the protesters, and at least 20 people were arrested. 6:35 now. we've just learned some new details about the white powder scare at trump tower right here in new york. overnight four people, including a police officer were detained and isolated after a white powder came out of an envelope that was mailed to trump's campaign headquarters. the powder prove to be harmless. we've just learned that the protocol for opening letters may not have been followed. mail is normally opened in the basement, and then brought tot fifth floor, but the letter was opened directly on the fifth floor which is a clear violation. more on this story in a live report ahead. new surveillance video out this morning of the man wanted for a knifepoint robbery in the bronx. a subway security camera caught this shot of the man clutching his knife, heading for the street. the police say that he had just robbed a man's wallet on the
6:36 am
injuries to report. but he did get away with the victim's cash. today a brooklyn courtroom will hear videotaped confession from the teenager charged with an arson fire that killed a new york city police officer. darcell dockery or marcell dockery is accused of set ago mattress on fire that caused the death of officer dennis gerurra. video shows gerrary a and his partner, rosa rodriguez in an elevator in a coney island apartment building. rodriguez was injured but survive. mayor de blasio is dodging questions about the latest fundraising scandal. the mayor said subpoenas issued to key members of his staff are not going to be a problem. de blasio says his people have worked with, in his words, the highest level of integrity and that everything they've done is legal and appropriate. mayor de blasio says the city's campaign to help the homeless is paying off. a new survey shows the number of homeless people living on the streets has declined by 12%. that's still about 2,800
6:37 am
it's down from last year, and 36% lower than it was a decade ago. the study also found a 20% decrease in homeless people in the subway system. that is the first decrease we've seen in seven years. well, a possible terrorist hit list naming thousands of people from new york was apparently created by a group trying to imitate isis. senator charles schumer says that he's learned from the fbi that the list was not made by isis as originally thought. sources also say many of the addresses and the phone numbers listed online are outdated. the fbi and the nypd are reaching out to people on the list to tell them they have nothing to worry about. >> this happens every so often, some group, sometimes it's isis, in this case it's not, puts out names to scare people, and so far, praise god, there's been no followup on any threat like this. >> well, the list contains about 3,000 names, but only 2/3 are real.
6:38 am
you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic together here on eyewitness news this morning. we've got cloudy skies, it is cool. we're looking down all the way down to the battery, 1 world trade, statue of liberty, staten island, in the far distance, that's sandy hook, new jersey. couple of sprilsz have been off to our north. we've got cloudy skies, we got cool weather. we're going to have this regime all day long as far as our weather go. back to the west a low swings and through tonight with some showers. today it's mostly a cloudy, cool day. we're 50 by noontime, 58 this afternoon. that's running about 8 degrees cooler than normal for this time of the year. tonight rain comes in, probably right after sunset around 7:45. warm clothes, kiddos, at the bus stop. it's going to be a little bit damp, so i give it a "d." 58 and cloudy after school, kind a cool. weather and traffic every seven minutes. what's going on, heather o'rourke? >>reporter: well, we are looking at your ride, trying to leave queens and going over to manhattan. the queens boulevard approach, it's a little bit of a slow go for you there. we also have newscopter 7 up
6:39 am
this accident in bridgewater. this is the vehicle that hit this pole right here. this is routes 202/206, brought some wires down. this is closed down, and this is right near route 287. now we'll head over to our maps and we'll talk to you about what's going as you travel through scotch plains. 22 going westbound right near park avenue, it's an overturned vehicle. all lanes are closed down. so the eastbound side you're going to be dealing with some rubbernecking delays as a result. garden state parkway south right near exit 136, that is another accident that is being cleared. shoulder. it's not causing a tremendous amount of delays, but you will find some delays nonetheless. 10 minutes inbound george washington bridge, 20 minutes at the lincoln. 20 minutes at the holland tunnel. we have alternate side of the street parking rules suspended for today, but the metered rules are in effect. lori and ken, over to you. >> all right, heather, thank you. it's 6:39. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, an eyewitness news exclusive, a man beaten outside a manhattan restaurant. what led to the violence in chinatown.
6:40 am
prince's "purple rain" is expanding today. and new this morning, a group of high school students escapes in the nick of time before their it seems like a cold at first. you can't concentrate, can't sleep.
6:41 am
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in an eyewitness news exclusive, restaurant owners attacked in broad daylight outside his manhattan restaurant.
6:43 am
man defended a waitress who was being harassed by a customer. now, you can see don wong on the ground outside his chinatown restaurant as he's attacked. police say 33-year-old montrose gomez started the attack after the restaurant owner had asked him to leave for harassing a waitress. gomez punched a hole in the wall. we're hearing exclusive details about what happened next. >> while the wife is on the phone with calling 911, he saw a police vehicle outside. so he said, well, you know, let me go get the police officer to help me out with this stuff. so he went outside the store and as he was walking out, that's when he was attacked from the back. >> well, the men in uniform who were outside the restaurant turned out to be traffic agents. they are trained to call other police officers in the case of an emergency. surveillance video eventually shows officers arriving on the scene. they took gomez into custody. investigators are trying to figure out if prince died from a drug overdose. authorities tell the associated press that they're investigating whether a doctor
6:44 am
the musician in the weeks before he died. meanwhile, a search warrant has been obtained for prince's paisley park estate. law enforcement officials in minnesota have not revealed what they're looking for, but they have requested a seal warrant, so the investigation is not compromised. 6:44. prince fans will get another chance to honor the music icon today as amc expands screenings of "purple rain." more than 200 theaters will show the 1984 cult classic. amc says screenings were sold out at dozens of theaters last weekend following prince's death. prince won an oscar for best original song for the movie's title track. in brooklyn tonight you can take in a screening of "purple rain" at fort green park. it's part of a prince tribute celebration which kicks off at hits. brooklyn borough president eric adams says he hopes the event will give brooklynites a chance to connect as prince fans. and the man punched in the
6:45 am
labeouf has found support from the actor himself. mario lacato says labeouf left him a two-minute long voice mail after the attack on the lower east side on saturday. lacato also said that the actor sai says he was sorry he was attacked because think look alike. the actor then went on to say if he was in new york, he would bring him some soup. >> there you have it. >> chicken noodle soup, cures all. >> there you go. "good morning america" is coming up next. >> let's check in with george at the stephanopoulos live in times square -- george stephanopoulos live in times square. good morning, george. >> i could use some soup now too, that sounds good. a big day including breaking news overnight, that pretty ugly scene at the set of a trump rally in california last night. you can see the protesters jumping on cars. nearly 20 arrests last night. thank goodness no one was injured, as we count down to that all-important primary in indiana on tuesday. we'll have all the latest on that this morning. also scary moment at a baltimore tv station yesterday. i know you've been covering this as well. that man in a panda suit said he had explosives as well, shot
6:46 am
follow their instructions. we're going to get into that this morning as well. and the nfl draft kicked off last night. some controversy there as well. one of the top draft picks ended up with a social media post that could have cost him millions. we're going to get into that this morning. you might here the cheers back there as well. there's the social media post, a little hit that did cost millions of dollars right there. and finally we have a big wedding day here in times square, around the clock, 100 weddings in 24 hours. big finale with boys to men this morning. >> sounds good >> happy easter to you this weekend, sir. >>reporter: thank you. >> all right. let's check in with meteorologist bill evans and your accuweather forecast. >> well, you need coats. it's chilly. i've already been hearing it from folks here on the street already about when is it going to warm up. it is going to warm up, and in july. tonight is a good month for a warmup. it's going to warm up as we go on into the weekend. we got some better weather coming. it is cool and crisp this
6:47 am
cloudy skies outside, we're going to be looking at a nice dry start to the day, even though it is kind of cool and crisp, grab your coats. you'll need that. 49, an east wind. yesterday's high was 59, but our normal is 66. and, boy, we have been running away above that. now we're running below it by nearly 10 degrees. so today we got a little light rain and drizzle that's around. much of the day is going to be dry and cool, so you'll want to dress warmly. sun comes back out tomorrow and it's a great day. we'll have some rain tonight before that. saturday is a good day, sunday is going to be the rainier day, and next week temperatures are back into the upper 60s. so it's 50 around a lot of spots, 45 to 50 kind of the temperature, 47, 46 down the jersey shore, 47 up toward poughkeepsie and long island, coastal connecticut. so we got a little wind that is coming in out of the east/northeast, and with the cloudy sky, that easterly wind is coming in over 54-degree water out in the atlantic and long island sound, so that makes it feel kind of chilly. you see there's some showers back around chicago and the ohio valley. those are going to swing in tonight. so if you're out and about tonight, you need your rain gear.
6:48 am
afternoon, the guidance is showing some sunny breaks, so that will certainly feel good. then you see the showers coming in tonight starting just after sunset. so around 8:00 to midnight we have those showers. then we clear out overnight, and tomorrow we got sunshine. but look at sunday, starting around 4:00, 5:00 a.m., we got rain, rain into midday, into the early part of the afternoon. and then it kind of clears out as we go into sunday night. at the bus stop, kiddos, warm gear, you're gonna need that. about 49 degrees. and after school we're at about 58, the huckleberries will still be there to greet you at the bus stop. well, that warm gear you need because of the cloudy skies, the east wind, it's rather damp. that's why we give it a "d" because even though we also give it a "d" because much of the time the day is dry. tomorrow the better half of the weekend. sunshine on saturday and it will be a very nice day. 58 today and clouds. tonight rain, have your rain gear. tomorrow we've got sunshine, a nice day, 63. still a little bit below our normal high, but it's going to feel great.
6:49 am
seven-day forecast. sunday is a rainy day, you know, as ken was talking to george about, it's greek easter and the mets have a baseball game at 1:00. the baseball game is in jeopardy of being play, but it looks like the rain ends about 3:00. maybe they delay the game. and then next week we warm back into the upper 60s. all right. have yourself a great weekend. >> thank you, bill. you too. over to heather with another look at the commute. >>reporter: talking about the r trains, signal problems at prospect avenue. expect some uptown delays. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north doing just fine. we still have this issue as you go onto 22 west right near park avenue, overturned vehicle. all lanes remain closed down, and we also have an issue west of this problem in bridgewater. we have newscopter 7 up above. we'll check in once again with john. any progress there, john? >>reporter: well, heather, a little bit of progress. you can see that a tow truck has finally pulled up here to the scene. this accident has been out here now for about an hour and a half. we're on southbound route 202, route 206 right at route 22. a lot of people familiar with
6:50 am
he are right outside bridgewater -- we are right outside bridgewater commons. that suv overturned, crashed into a utility pole. the pole and the wires are now down op the roadway and we've got ourselves a traffic mess. once they get that car out of the way, we still have the wires down in the roadway to deal with. so i think this closure is going to be here for quite some time. let me take you through the traffic, though. the southbound side of route 206 extremely heavy. this has the potential to back up onto interstate 287 as well. so we'll keep an eye on that. we're live over bridgewater, john del gorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, john, thank you. 6:50. and runners on long island are getting ready for a weekend filled with events capping off with a marathon. marathon weekend kicks off today at eisenhower park with a sports and fitness expo. the one-mile and 5k races are held tomorrow, and on sunday, the marathon, half marathon an 10k kicks off on charles lindbergh boulevard behind nassau coliseum. you can see a fill list of
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
welcome back. it's 6:53. and this morning we're seeing video of smoke pouring out of a charter bus carrying high school students on a field trip. the bus caught fire on an illinois highway as students headed to chicago. these pictures though the aftermath of the burned out bus. one student said they escaped just moments before the flames broke out. but the bus company says all the students were evacuated well before that fire started.
6:54 am
starting next month and your doctor will be able to check you for the zika virus using a new test kit. >> up until now the only test that was available was from the centers for disease control. the new test can be used on people who show symptoms of zika and who have been in a zika-infected area. the bill to charge new yorkers for using plastic and paper bags goes up for a vote next week. >> and it now has big support in the city council. council speaker melissa marc vivarito announced her support for the charge for customers 5 cents for using plastic or paper bags. she says it's a step toward a cleaner and sustainable city. her support comes after the fee was cut in half from 10 cents. coming up next a hunt for a central park predator accused of trying to sell his own son for sex. and we've also learned new details about that white powder
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:57. developing in central park, police spent several hours overnight searching for a man who was trying to sell a young boy for sex, that after a tourist says he encountered the man and boy near bow bridge late last night. he says the suspect offered him the 11-year-old boy who may $300. police are hoping surveillance cameras in the area can help them in the search for the suspect. and we've also learned new details this morning on the white powder scare at trump tower.
6:58 am
dray clark live in midtown. dray. >>reporter: yeah, good morning. as we've learned that protocol call force any mail that's addressed to donald trump to be opened in the basement of the building. but that envelope containing that white powder substance was opened on the fifth floor, and that would be considered a violation here at trump tower. it was around 8:00 last night when a campaign worker on the fifth floor where trump's offices are opened that envelope and saw the powder and immediately called police. the police arrived and quarantined three campaign workers and the police officer because of their potential exposure to that white powder. luckily they were determined to be okay. that powder was also tested and it was considered harmless. this entire incident remains under investigation. and, by the way, donald trump was not here at the tower. he's in california campaigning. we're live in m, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, dray. >>reporter: so we have this police activity i have toll you about on the gush braij.
6:59 am
causing a lot of delays at this point. something to keep in mind if you use the george washington bridge. newscopter 7 is up over the scene of this accident in bridgewater, new jersey. 202/206, they put that overturned vehicle onto a flatbed, but still closed down as a result. so it's pretty messy all over. >> lovely. yeah. let's take a look at it from our camera in fort lee. right there fort lee side of the george washington bridge. it's stacked and pack. then you look -- stacked and packed. in the upper right that's a rain shower working its way over towards queens. that's going to head out to nassau county. we're looking at 50 degrees and then we're going to be looking at around 50 around the five boroughs here. we're going to be looking at what's a lot of sunshine coming back for tomorrow. we got these clouds and cool weather today, some rain tonight, sunny tomorrow, and rain for sunday. make your plans accordingly. have a great weekend. >> all right, thank you, bill. that is the news for now, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us.
7:00 am
have a fabulous ning. >> have a great friday. good morning, america. violent clashes break out at a donald trump rally overnight. protesters jumping on police car, smash window, cops in riot gear fight battles to lock up the nomination. draft day disaster. a star football player's nightmare after he says a hacker publicly posted this video moments before the nfl draft showing him smoking pot. the social media setup that may have cost him millions of dollars. all-out war inside scientology's ruling family. the father of the church's leader speaks out calling his son ruthless. >> that taste of power, i think, is what changed david. >> with a volatile temper. >> cursing, yelling, screaming at me. >> this morning he opens up about why he left scientology and faces a bitter backlash from the church. the exclusive interview you'll


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