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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  April 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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this is in the east new york section of brooklyn. it's close to the pennsylvania avenue 3 train station, as you can see, a train station that construction. it happened at 10:31 this morning the victim was taken to brookdale hospital where he was pronounced dead. earlier i spoke with a dad who says he has growing concerns about walking his son to school in this area. >> as a dad, i feel for him. a lot of fear, a lot of just nervousness and tension because i don't know whether or not bringing him to school -- you know, if this is something he's going to encounter. i try my best to shield him from a lot of the realities that go on. >>reporter: and right now investigators walking around this area, trying to gauge if anyone may have any piece of information that might help them find the person that they are looking for. live in east new york, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, mallory.
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this time in central new jersey. hillsboro high school placed on modified lockdown. now, we got newscopter 7 over the scene there are police cars, police k- 9s at the scene in a parking lot and school buses are lined up in case the students are released earlier. but at this point we still could not know why the -- we still do not know why the school in in lockdown. we have crews on the way to the scene and, of course, we'll update you as soon as we have any more information. more breaking news, a judge in brooklyn found a new york city police officer guilty of assault for stomping on a man's head during an arrest. officer joel edouard faces up to a year in jail for the misdemeanor charge when he is sentenced in jail. cell phone video captured the incident back in 2014. it shows officer edouard stomping on jamedical cuffy's head while he was handcuffed on the ground. the brooklyn district attorney released a statement saying this police officer stomped on the head of a suspect while he lay on the ground subdued and
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his conduct was simply outrageous. now to a disturbing and chilling offer in central park. police are investigating a report of a man who offered a stranger a young boy for sex. now, this happened late last night near one of the park's famous landmarks, the bow bridge on west 74th street. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson joining us live at the park with the very latest. kemberly. >>reporter: david, detectives from the central park precinct are trying to make sense of what can only be described, if true, as a sickening proposition. proposition, a father trying to sell his son for sex. >> i think it's crazy. >>reporter: a sentiment shared by many about what police say may have happened here near the bow bridge on the west side of central park. this morning we spotted nypd detectives canvassing the area, following up on what a tourist told authorities, the details disturbing enough that police did mobilize last night, gathered at central park west
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according to the unidentified tourist from california, just before mi night he says the suspect and his 11-year-old son approached him. the father then, if true, did the unthinkable, asked if the tourist wanted to have sex with the young boy, even put a price tag on it, $300. everyone we spoke to about the allegations was stunned. >> we're both school teachers, actually, so it hits home. it's absolutely disgusting and appalling. >>reporter: the tourist who was 50 years old says he told the suspect no, left the park and called 911. we didn't see any surveillance cameras in this specific area, but police hope to locate cameras just outside of the park and see if they can find the suspect and that little boy. many wondered how they would react if faced with the same unsettling proposition. >> it scares me to leave the kid in his hands, though, that's the thing for me, is it his son?
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so to me that's what scares me. i mean, maybe talk to him a little bit longer to try an feel it out, and if i was with someone, have someone else call. leaving the kid in his hands is scary to me. >>reporter: now, at this point this report is being treated as credible. that tourist was able to give police a description of both the suspect and that little boy. we've posted all of those details on abc7ny. for now we're live in central park, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kemberly, thank you. a brooklyn courtroom is looking at a videotaped confession today from the teenager charged with an arson that killed a new york city police officer. marcell dockery is accused of setting a mattress on fire that cause the death of officer dennis guerra. surveillance video shows officer guerra and his partner rosa rodriguez in an elevator in a coney island is apartment building. rodriguez survived. just in the past 30 minutes we've learn norwegian
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helicopters from flying after an oil rig chopper crashed off the coast of norway. it hit a small island in hordalland county. rescue crews say they have found 11 bodies so far, but all 13 people who were on board are likely dead. norwegian news outlets reported that most of them worked for stat oil. it's not clear what caused that crash. developing right now, there will be no criminal charges following a u.s. attack on a doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan. however, 16 military personnel will be disciplined. 42 people were killed in the incident, a top general says that a gun ship did not know it was attacking a trauma center last year. human error played a role in the mistake. doctors without borders calls the attack a war crime, however, the u.s. military says it is not because the strike was on a facility and it was unintentional. well, in the race for president, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton here in new york city.
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address at the eagle academy breakfast. morning. fundraisers. meanwhile, while seen in -- wild scene in california as protests erupted outside a rally for republican donald trump. abc's bazi kanani has the details. >>reporter: good afternoon. recent polls show a competitive race between trump and cruz in indiana where john kasich has stepped aside to give cruz a better chance at stopping trump. donald trump's first big rally in california got rowdy. riot police ouz the amp fi theater in coast a mesa worked to keep control of protesters angry about trump's immigration proposals, while inside some 18,000 supporters cheered on trump's hard-line stance. borders. we are going to bill the wall. >>reporter: while trump continues to court california ahead of its june primary,
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on the next contest in indiana this tuesday. it could be his last chance to stop trump from winning the gop nomination outright with a majority of delegates. >> this race is going to be decided, the indiana race is going to be decided by the common sense good judgment, the midwestern common sense of hoosiers. >>reporter: cruz is getting help from his new running mate. >> i call on the people of the hoosier state to stand with us. >>reporter: while fending off stinging criticism ousted house speaker john boehner who told a group of college students what he really thinks. >> he's lucifer in the flesh. >> if you want to see more leaders in the republican party like john boehner, then donald trump is your guy. >>reporter: cruz fires back. now today abc news confirms he'll get a big endorsement from indiana governor mike pence just days ahead of that state's crucial primary. >> i respect governor pence a great deal. i would enthusiastickicly welcome his support. >>reporter: on the democratic
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bernie sanders will rally with protesters outside a carrier plant that's shutting down. hillary clinton will interview with cable news. in washington, bazi kanani, channel 7 eyewitness news. the new york city health department is analyzing the powder from a scare at trump tower in midtown manhattan. the powder, however, is not considered dangerous. a worker opened an envelope with white powder yesterday evening. six workers were exposed and three were evaluated. investigators say that proper mail protocol at trump tower was not followed. the letter should have been basement. vice president joe biden heading back to washington after a quick trip to rome to make an empassioned plea in the global fight against cancer. biden spoke at the vatican, saying cancer is a scourge with no boundaries. the vice president lost his son beau to cancer just last year. today he called on the global community to boost cancer research and to share information about promising
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>> why do you wait? what is your rationale? cancer is a constant emergency. in the united states alone, we lose more than 3,000 people a day to cancer. >> the vice president traveled to rome from iraq where he had just paid a surprise visit yesterday to meet with iraqi leaders. a major commuter alert. we have what you need to know about weekend lane closures on the tappen zee bridge. plus frightening flights. a pair of emergency landings grounds flights at one airport. what happened here? and caught on camera, a man clings to the hood of a car. what set off this dramatic scene. i'm meteorologist bill evans here in the weather center. i'm keeping an eye on the accutrack radar for you because there are a couple of little showers up the hudson river valley, a few little showers around philly and the temperatures are cool here at 52 to 55 degrees, 56 around newark, and we got some east wind out there. makes it kind of cloudy and chilly.
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one home was destroyed and others were evacuated as a massive ball of fire shot into the air from a gas line explosion. it happened in a neighborhood near pittsburgh. flames and black smoke shot into the air this morning, but are starting to die down as the gas burns off. one person suffered minor injuries. the investigation into the death of prince is now focused on whether the musician died from a drug overdose. a law enforcement source tells the associated press that detectives are trying to figure out if a doctor was prescribing painkillers to prince, and if a
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an emergency landing a week before his death. meanwhile, the black and white blazer prince wore in the classic film "purple rain" will be auctioned off on june 29th. there will be a screening of "purple rain" tonight in fort green park in brooklyn. it's part of a prince tribute celebration which kicks off at 5:00 with three hours of prince hits, also amc is expanding screenings of "purple rain" to more than 200 theaters. last weekend the movie was sold out at dozens of theaters. prince won an oscar for best original song for the movie's title track. 10 years for spying. that's the sentence handed down in north korea to an american citizen. the country's supreme court found kim don chul guilty today. last month kim admitted to reporters he was a spy for south korean intelligence, said he was involved in a plot to take down the north's leadership and tried to spread religion. he's the second american to be sentenced to prison in north korea this year. an opposition activist in syria says more than 200 people
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violent weekend in the northern city of alepo, a city that has become a bloody battleleground of a sif war. 15 people died when a bomb was thrown into a government-held area of the city. the u.s. has condemned the syrian government's attacks on civilians. a statewide summit is under way in newark at this hour to discuss new jersey's preparedness for the spread of the zika virus. the summit comes just as the fda has granted approval for the first commercial zika virus test. quest diagnostics says it has received emergency authorization to begin selling the test to doctors next week. before now, the only zika blood test that had emergency use authorization were available through the cdc. well, the duke and dutchess of cambridge, otherwise known as william and kate to many of us are celebrating a marriage milestone today. the prince and kate middleton married on this date five years
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elaborate and highly-publicized wedding fit for royalty. since then the couple has had two children. prince george was born in 2013 and last year the royal couple welcomed their first daughter, charlotte. and if you're curious, the traditional five-year gift, shirleen, you looking to get something special, is wood and the moarpd traditional gift for five years is silverware. you know, just wanted you to get the right thing for them. >> okay. yeah. i'll work on that. >> okay. are you eating at a dirty restaurant? the eyewitness news investigators uncover restaurants hiding bad letter grades. it's a story you'll only see on eyewitness news. and call it nfl draft drama. one of college football player's top players says someone hacked his social media accounts and it may have cost him millions of dollars. and that's not all. take a look outside, shall we?
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we were just saying we got some sun trying to peek through avenue. we're giddy, it's friday. >> i like it. >> what do we have in store? >> you know, it's a day where we're going to start out with the cloudy skies we started out with this morning. now it's going to be cloudy. but we have some brightening of the skies and we're going to be looking at what's going to be temperatures that are cooler the year. so here we go. here. you can see there's a few
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and that's what we're going to have for the afternoon, some of this brightening that i'm talking about, 55 degrees. look at the humidity, so dry that really showers just can't get going. they kind of dry out. we got an east wind at 10 gusting to 17. that makes it feel a little cooler because the water temperature is about 54 degrees, but the pressure is rising. it's at 30.15. now, yesterday's high was 59. today we're going to be in that same neighborhood. 66 is the normal average afternoon high temperature and the sun sets around 7:51. we might see a pretty decent sunset, but patchy light rain and drizzle still possible as we go into the evening commute. it's mostly dry with some breaks of sun as well. the rain really comes in tonight, and we call it a 50/50 weekend in that tomorrow is beautiful and sunday is rainy all day. so 55 in the park to laguardia, 56 in newark. 53 white plains, and 49, 48 down the shore here with that easterly wind coming in here off long island sound and out here in the atlantic, that makes it a little cooler at the shore areas here. and out toward the eastern end of long island. so a couple little sprinkles
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westchester county here, and a few more down here around philly, and it's possible in this flow there could be a few more of that. but this high is fighting it off, you know, that's up here around eastern canada, around the canada maritimes. there's that front draped to our west. so eventually these showers are going to win out this evening. you see it about 6:00, 8:00, 9:00 tonight we've got rain. so you're out and about tonight, take an umbrella, you'll need that. and that will be until about midnight. then tomorrow a great day, sun and clouds, lots of sun dpeuring the day, -- during the day, but sunday prior to sunrise here comes the rain again, and there at 9:00 a good batch of rain over us, and then lasting until about 2:00. mets game is at 1:00 tomorrow, marathon at eisenhower park on long island, it's greek easter on sun, but you got this rainy weather that kind of lets up by the time we get to 4:00, 5:00, and, you know, the met game might be delayed or might be cancel, but as we get toward sunset we start to see these showers still kind of continuing. just a little drizzle and cloudy skies as we go into sunday night.
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got an area of showers that could be popping up for monday. cloudy and cool, a little spotty areas of rain and drizzle, but also some peeks of sun too. off and on rain and drizzle tonight and lasting overnight. and tomorrow a great day on saturday, 63 degrees and sunshine, very nice. still a little cooler than normal, but a nice day. and then there's that rain for sunday. it's a cooler day. we'll have 52 as the high, and we're going to be seeing a couple of showers on monday. we start to warm back up next week with temperatures above normal by the time we get to wednesday, we'll be back into the upper 60s. >> there you go. >> i don't know. i see a few smiles here on the upper west side. >> yeah. it's starting to lighten up right as you speak. >> the sun came here, buddy. i came on, the sun came out. >> see how that works? >> i rest my case. >> that's what i would say. >> amazing. just amazing. >> good job. dramatic video, a man clinging to a speeding car, what led up this wild scene.
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a man clings to a car, daredevils heart-pounding relief and a duck and duckling reunion, some of the stories our attention. we'll begin with a very
12:25 pm
following a road rage incident. take a look. police say two drivers got into a heat argument. this is near the miami-dade kendall campus. one guy got out of the car and stood in front of the white car. the driver of that car hit the gas and knock the man onto the hoo. the heads down, busy street, that man hanging on. at one point the driver even makes a u-turn from the middle lane, cutting off another vehicle. it's not clear how the encounter ended, but reports at the scene say that man left uninjured. it's a competition most seasoned athletes wouldn't even dare to attempt. this week in china daredevil competitors are taking part in the 2016 world low-altitude parachute jump contest. i don't even like the way that sounds. competitors launched themselves off a glass skywalk and performed difficult maneuvers for several seconds before, just in time, deploying their parachute. the low altitude jump allows them no room for mistakes. the final roun of the competition is today. an amazing family reunion
12:26 pm
rescue crews pulled a lost duckling out of a storm drain. the little guy said thanks by happyily chirping as crews brought him to his mother. she was anxiously waiting nearby with all of the duckling's brothers and sisters >> absolutely precious. thank you, david. much more news ahead in our next half hour. why drivers could encounter a traffic nightmare on the tappen zee bridge this weekend. plus graffiti on staten island, police making an arrest. how it's linked to an employee with homeland security. and not one but two scares at philadelphia's airport this morning. why two planes had to make emergency landings. eyewitness news coming right back. but, first, the live
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we continue to follow two breaking stories, a man was shot and killed next to a subway station in east new york brooklyn. the 41-year-old was shot near the pennsylvania avenue 3 station and died at the hospital. police are looking for the gunman who may have been wearing construction clothing. hillsboro high school in new jersey has been placed on modified lockdown. police cars, police k-9s all in the parking lots. school buses are also lined up in case the students are released early. right now, though, it's still not clear why the school is on lockdown, but we're following that story. we'll bring you the very latest as soon as that comes in. hello again, i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm dave novarro. we begin with a commuter alert that will surely be a headache for drivers. construction on the new tappen zee bridge will force lane closures tonight from westchester county into rockland. >> three of four northbound lanes will close an the construction will last most of
12:30 pm
eyewitness news reporter marcus solis is live in south nyack with the commuter alert. marcus. >>reporter: shirleen, dave, the new york state thruway authority has been trying to alert the public for a couple of weeks about this now. and there was a chance that this project was going to be postponed because of rain. but the decision was made this morning that the project will go ahead as planned. there's one lane closed today, but this weekend it'll be a different story on the tappen zee bridge. three lanes will be closed for construction. the new york state thruway authority is warning of heavy delays and urging motorists to avoid the bridge all together. the closures are tied to the construction of the new tappen zee. crews will be working below the existing bridge underneath the roadway at the point where the new span will eventually replace the current decking. the closures will affect the northbound or rockland county- bound lanes. there'll be shut down at 9:00 p.m. tonight until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, then again at 9:00 tomorrow night until 2:00 p.m. sunday afternoon. the work will involve driving
12:31 pm
bed, and that's the other part of the disruption. because some of the noisy work will occur overnight, residents on the south nyack side are being offered hotel rooms. pam horowits is one of those headed out of the area. >> we got an envelope in the mail that explained they're going to be doing work and that it was going to be very noisy and there were going to be vibrations and it was starting at 2:00 in the morning and may go for two hours. >>reporter: so, again, three lanes closed, rockland county bound, but at times all four lanes will be closed, and traffic will be completely stopped. those closures will last for 10 minutes at a time. we're live in south nyack, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> marcus, thank you. new at noon, a civilian employee at the homeland security department is under arrest, accused of vandalizing property on staten island. police say 38-year-old juan riveira is linked to 13 acts of vandalism. the citywide vandals task force says riveira used the same tag
12:32 pm
mailboxes and sidewalks. he's charged with making graffiti and criminal mischief. awake will be held today for teaneck mayor lizette parker. the 44-year-old died sunday after being rushed to the hospital with respiratory issues. she was the first african- american woman to be elected mayor in a bergen county community. a wake will be held this afternoon at mount olive baptist church. her funeral will be held there tomorrow morning as well. new york city leaders are touting new stats showing a drop in the number of homeless people on the street. but some have doubts about how accurate those numbers are. a federal survey shows the homeless population dipped 12%. that's still about 2,800 people living on the streets. mayor de blasio says the count shows progress is possible, however, critics question the count because it happens during the winter when people are more likely to find shelter. and new jersey governor chris christie's popularity at an all-time low. the rutgers/eagleton poll says
12:33 pm
an unfavorable view of christie. that leaves only 26% with a favorable view. his popularity even dropped 3% from february when he bowed out of the presidential race. however, more than half of republicans polled have favorable view of christie. new at noon, two emergencies within minutes of each other at philadelphia's airport. two passenger jets had to make an emergency landing this morning. the faa even issuing a ground stop. katherine scott with our sister station in philadelphia has the story. >>reporter: airport officials say it was coincidence, two emergency landings at philadelphia international within 15 minutes. in the second one, this passenger tweeted he woke up with an oxygen mask hitting him in the face. he had to pop the emergency exit and evacuate. he stressed how great the crew was. 54 people were on board that american eagle flight operated by piedmont. it was headed to philadelphia from richmond when just prior
12:34 pm
the plane landed safely at phl just after 8:15 a.m. minutes before, the faa says republican airlines 4518 also bound for philadelphia landed right after reporting steering problems. an airport spokesperson says the flight landed normally and taxied under its own power. a ground stop was issue. you can see the backup on the runway. no planes going in or out. it was lift shortly after 9:00 a.m., but some delays remained. >> it was just a ground delay at philadelphia. >>reporter: a passenger from dulles heard the announcement over the intercom. >> said there was a problem with the plane that may have had some smoke in the cockpit, and that there was just a delay and nothing was going in or out of philadelphia. >>reporter: of course friday morning, 8:00 a.m., it's a busy time here at the airport. there's a lot of volume. so you still could see some delays, but both of the main runways are now open. at philadelphia international airport, katherine scott for
12:35 pm
now to an nfl draft drama. a player once considered a top prospect nearly saw his professional football dreams dashed after a controversial twitter post hit social media. overnight offensive tackle aaron tonsel once tout as one of the college football sat much of the night undraft. why? well, just minutes before the draft began, video of the all- star athlete smoking out of a bong was posted to his twitter page. tonsill was finally chosen by miami as the 13th draft pick. >> somebody hacked my account. i made that mistake, you know, several years ago and somehow somebody got my photos and hacked my twitter account. apparently someone attacked my instagram account. it's getting crazy. >> after that press conference after the draft, tonsell also admitted taking money from coaches while at ole miss. while he was waiting being drafted his account was also hacked, he says, showing the
12:36 pm
his rent and bills. we want to turn to meteorologist bill evans. he has the after-school forecast. >> we have breaks of sun, and maybe a sprinkle. but it's most likely going to be dry after school at the bus stop. and if there's any sports or outdoor activities, you got a nice, cool, crisp afternoon and evening as we head into tonight. there could be a couple of sprinkles around, but not lasting very long. a beautiful day is coming tomorrow. a rainy day is coming sunday. we'll talk about that next in your accuweather forecast. shirleen, dave, back to you. >> thank you. coming up a restaurant owner attacked. it was caught on cell phone video, and the victim is talking to us about the frightening moments and what led up to the beating. it's an eyewitness news exclusive. plus shocking video, a police officer beating a woman who is in handcuffs. and a quick note for you, the powerball jackpot is up to $314 million. you can watch the live drawing this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green.
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great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my stop & shop. now to an eyewitness news exclusive video showing a dramatic rick attack in chinatown when a restaurant owner tried to defend one of his waitresses. police say cell phone video shows the owner getting punched on the ground by 33-year-old montrose gomez, this after the owner intervened. police say that that owner, canning wang tried to stop gomez from harassing his waitress. gomez allegedly punched a hole in the wall of the restaurant before turning on dong. >> while the wife is on the
12:40 pm
police vehicle outside, so he says, well, you know let me get the police officer to help me out with this stuff, so he went outside the store. when we was walking out, that's when i was attacked on the back >> well, the men in uniform outside the restaurant actually were traffic agents who are trained to call police in the case of an emergency. surveillance video eventually showed the officers arriving on the scene and then taking gomez into custody. a raucous party in queens comes to an abrupt end overnight with the arrest of 18 people. police responded to a banquet hall on jamaica avenue just before midnight and soon after began making arrests. 17 people were charge with disorderly conduct. one person is charged with obstruction. a rookie police officer in florida has lost his job and is now facing a misdemeanor battery charge following an altercation with a handcuffed woman. investigators say myra martinez quit her job on the first day, got drunk and then refused to leave the building.
12:41 pm
surveillance video shows martinez kicking officer akiny boreisade after he pushes her up against a wall. the officer then hits her several times. we have new information in the disappearance of two teenaged boaters near florida. a pilot who was part of the search told investigators he's positive he saw one of the boys floating on debris two days after the boat capsized. last july austin steffenos and perry cohen, both 14 set sail off the coast of florida and never returned. according to a report released this week, the pilot was flying off the georgia coast when he claims he saw one of the boys. the coast guard went to the area and could not find anything. coming up an eyewitness news exclusive, some new york city restaurants with dirty little secrets. >> i can't say why it's like that. >>reporter: but you're an owner. >> i know. >> the investigators jim -- investigator jim hoffer goes
12:42 pm
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we're back now with an eyewitness news investigator's cleuf. are some restaurants trying to hide their health department grade? the grade is supposed to be displayed on the window in front of that restaurant. many people look for the a, b or c rating before picking a restaurant. but sometimes they just can't find t. here's investigative reporter jim hoffer with restaurants exposed. >>reporter: do you know what your latest grade is? >> i think it's an "a." >>reporter: you would think with an "a" grade the chef at this popular west village restaurant would have that "a" posted in the window. you don't have the grade posted. >> somebody stole it or not being aware of t. i'll make sure it gets put up. >>reporter: it's more likely there's no grade posted here because joseph leonard actually got a "c." the well known restaurant had
12:46 pm
including food kept at unsafe temperatures and flies. is that why it's not posted? >> i can't say why it's not posted. >>reporter: but you're an owner. >> i know. >>reporter: you should know whether it's posted or not, right? >> this conversation is over. >>reporter: but you're breaking the law. it should be posted. >> this conversation is over. >>reporter: we found other restaurants throughout manhattan not posting their grade. what's your grade? >> an "a." >>reporter: you got an "a"? >> yeah. >>reporter: cory tribeca actually got an "a," they were slapped with the lowest grade after finding nine sanitary violations, including presence of live roaches, flies and food not protected against possible contamination. that "c" which by law should be post in the restaurant's window is no where to be found. that's illegal. you're supposed to post your grade in your restaurant. other restaurants also hid their grades.
12:47 pm
their "c" placed down lo behind a bench -- down low behind a bench, and at benefitton's cafe, it was like a safn ger hunt trying to find their grade. that's it, a "c" grade, but here's how it works. in many cases the bad grade is masked by grade pending which restaurants can use to appeal a "c" grade but often even when they lose their appeal, they illegally keep the grade pending in the window. what was your last grade that you had? >> i believe it was an "a." >>reporter: not true, gollia italian restaurant in soho lost their "c" grade, that require them to take down the grade pending and put up the "c." they've already been fined twice for not posting the grade. >> it negatively impacts your business. >>reporter: we visit 37 restaurants with "c" grades, 20 either posted no grade, hid their grade or falsely put up a grade pending. in response to our investigation, a health
12:48 pm
have and will fine restaurants that do not post their grades. jim hoffer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> people patronizing those restaurants have no idea. >> i posted the grade in my kitchen. >> yeah? how did you do? >> i got an "a." >> of course you did. >> because i don't use it. >> that's probably why i have a "b." >> cleanest kitchen in the city. >> i use my kitchen. >> you clean it one time an you're done. you want a clean kitchen? >> that's because you're always in the weather center. you don't have time to cook. >> always working. so much good food in new york city, just have them send it over. it is the lunch hour. we should be getting lunch sent over here right now. >> i like your ideas. >> on friday. here we go. we got brightening skies here. we do have -- there were a couple of sprinkles around, but now as we go into the rest of the afternoon on this friday, we're going to have a little sunshine breaking through the clouds, a little east wind at 10 to 17 miles an hour. the temperature is 55, the humidity is dry and the pressure continues to be rising at 30.15. that's really good. the high so far is 55.
12:49 pm
we're still going to be below our normals of 66 and 49. even up the hudson valley valley it's 56 in poughkeepsie and kingston where there's some sun breaking out here. a little bit of sun that's been breaking out in connecticut, 55 out across long island and 50 at montauk. that east wind, though, does make it feel a little chilly. western lield show here, western -- long island sound here, shelter island, gardner's island, out to plum, that east wind makes it feel a little chilly. there were a couple sprinkles here, but it's all mostly back here with this system, kind of glides some showers our way tonight. so this evening the temperatures are going to drop on off and probably we hit 55 to 58 for the high. tonight about 8:00 there are showers around, so you're out and about, you'll have those. and the temperature tomorrow morning going to be around 49, but the sun is breaking out and saturday is going to be a great day, but sunday rain prior to sunrise is and we'll have a rainy day on sunday into the afternoon. next seven hours we actually
12:50 pm
the skies, some holes pop up in there and the wind will still be out of the east which is kind of cool and kind of chilly, but it is dry. now tomorrow another wave of low pressure is going to start to come from the west and that will mean the rain for sunday. but saturday the better half of the weekend with a lot of sunshine. rain and drizzle, just kind of going to be the spotty stuff until we get to tonight and that's when you'll run into a shower. this evening if you're out, clouds break for sunshine tomorrow. saturday is a gorgeous day. here we go. sunday we're looking at rain. it will rain until about 3:00, and then taper off to showers into sunday night. there could be a couple of showers on monday, and then as you see on tuesday we start warming to some more normal numbers, up to 68 by the time we get to wednesday. so that's going to be pretty nice. otherwise, you know, 50/50 weekend we got here. sunshine tomorrow and some rain on sunday. hope you have a great weekend. >> you too, bill. thank you. comedian will ferrell is set to play former president
12:51 pm
critics including reagan's daughter aren't happy about it. the comedy is called "reagan." it's about a white house intern that must convince a dementia- stricken reagan that he's an actor playing the president in a movie. reagan died from complications of alzheimer's. his daughter, patti davis says there's nothing funny about the disease. >> and there's actually some more being posted about this online. i just saw the "new york post' what they're calling an exclusive that he's pulling out of this comedy. of course we're going to work this story on our own and see if we can find out more, especially first after 4:00, we'll bring you the latest. we will be back. but, first, here's what's coming up on "the chew" >> dynamo dinners. clinton is cooking with
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
hi, everybody, i'm diana williams in the newsroom. and here's what's coming up later on eyewitness news: >> i understand that, just turn it off.
12:55 pm
>>reporter: 17 years after 7 on your side first warned you about a midtown jewelry store, we go back to ask the owner about more missing jewelry. we'll tell you how to protect your items. and this week in "neighborhood eats," yes, "neighborhood eats" is finally back, an indian chinese food restaurant in brooklyn with roots dating back 100 years. yay for "neighborhood eats," so exciting. >> don't be surprised if you you see us lingers. >>reporter: we have a lot of lingerers around chowing down. >> thanks a lot. time for the feed. we're going to be dealing with a new zealand mom coming to her son's defense after another mom made the wrong comments at a rugby game. let me show you. this is 10-year-old ellijay. he loves to play rugby, but when another mom talked him down for being too slow and too big to be playing on the team, the boy's mother, who was standing right next to that woman, let the other mother have it, not just in person, but also on facebook, telling her if you're not going to be
12:56 pm
you probably shouldn't be here at all. the post has gotten more than 144,000 likes and 18,000 comments. >> wow! >> way to go, mom. >> parents behaving badly. i'm glad that she set her straight. let's restore everyone's faith in humanity, shall we? a police officer getting a lot of love on social media thanks to a bucket of popcorn. here's the picture. you have to look a little closely to make out what's going on. that's the officer gesturing toward a little boy, who, as you can see, dropped his popcorn all over the floor. this happening during a baseball game in pennsylvania. you know how kids love their popcorn. notice what was tucked in the officer's arm, a new bucket of popcorn, the simple act of kindness, the thing we just kind of love to see here in our feeds. >> this story i love. take your child to work day is a great opportunity. >> oh, yeah, yesterday. >> to give your kids insight into the work world, unless the child accidentally shuts down the operation. no, don't touch that button! npr hosted some junior journalists an according to --
12:57 pm
employee, one of them got too excited and hit a switch that knocked the morning broadcast off the air for the west coast listeners. it took a few minutes to fix the problem. >> i don't know. i think that worker allegedly went, uh, the kid did it. >> right, blame the poor kid. >> it wasn't me. still a great thing to do. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm dave novarro >> i'm shirr sleen allicot. for dave evans and the rest of the team, we'll see you later on this afternoon. if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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medicare doesn't cover everything. and like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, these help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. so don't wait. call now to request your free decision guide. it could help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that works for you. these types of plans have no networks, so you get to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. rates are competitive, and they're the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more.
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. >> announcer: hold on to your hats, because we've got an hour of dynamo dinners that can't be beat. clinton's teaming up with hollywood superstar kate hudson, and they got a delicious dish that's a guaranteed blockbuster. the mario's hanging with mr. cooper -- anderson cooper that is. and they're serving up a springtime spaghetti that's so good, it's newsworthy. plus, we've got an exclusive first look at michael's brand-new barbecue paradise, mabel's. >> these ribs are lip-smacking. >> announcer: the fun starts right now here on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, everybody. welcome to "the chew." thanks, guys. >> whoo!


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