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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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car that they were driving in as you can see how much damage that it suffered as well as the car that they were pursuing this acura that you can see the air bags deployed. that'll show the sheer impact of the collision that occurred just after 3:00 this afternoon. sources say that the man was robbed earlier today and while he was flagging down the nearby officer, his friends followed the suspect's car and they called 911 when officers heard that the description of the suspect's car they attempted to pull over this acura just before the two cars collided. the severity of the impact would cause the air bags and the acura to deploy and witnesses described the impact as sounding like an explosion. we are told that the officers, they have two people in custody and the two officers involved in the accident were taken to harlem hospital to be checked out. they are being checked for neck and back injuries. >> i swear the great car was going down towards downtown. then i saw the police car and the police car that hit behind
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and then i thought i heard a bomb. that's how loud that the air bags were, the collision was. and then i saw the police lying down on the ground. it was very horrible. >> reporter: and police again have two people in custody at this hour that they are not releasing the identity of those two people that they would have in custody those two officers in the hospital. being checked out for neck and back injuries. in the meantime here along the plate, between 139th and 140th this whole stretch this whole block remains blocked off as accident investigators now piece together in detail just what happened here. as we get more information, we will be letting you know first and foremost online as well as throughout the evening newscast. live in harlem i'm a.j. ross channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. now to the eyewitness news, the restaurant owner picking out tonight after being brutally attacked trying to defend one of his waitresses. >> reporter: it happened in china town.
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speaking to eyewitness news about those frightening moments. >> reporter: it happened so fast that he didn't have time to think. he has never been attacked like this before and he's terrified that it could happen before. he was assaulted in the middle of the street in broad daylight with dozens of people watching. a vicious assault caught on tape. watch as this 50-year-old victim lying on east broadway takes blow after blow after blow. this is exclusive video showing moments before the attack. the victim is a restaurant manager. the suspect was a customer who was sexually harassing one of his female employees. he was told to take his money and leave. then the man became aggressive, waving his fist, then pumping the wall leaving this dent. the victim too afraid to show his face. >> like i told you now that i have a chance to look back at the tape it is even scarier. >> reporter: speaking through the interpreter, he followed
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spotted who he thought were three cops that would help them, but they were traffic agents. >> i was expecting the three uniform officers to pull these guys away to protect me and it just didn't happen. >> reporter: instead the victim kept getting pummeled. they did radio for help and moments later cops arrested the suspect. the 33-year-old gomez, the victim was left with bruises on his shin, jaw, chest, black and blue eyes, seven stitches. community leaders say just before the attack last week, gomez grabbed the woman in the arm and asked how much for one night. >> they just want to make a living and to have a way to have a better life for their kids. they should be able to do what they do without being harassed. >> reporter: some say there has been a disturbing trend lately. the concern asian americans are easy targets. >> if you call up a chinese takeout restaurant and you order food and when they
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delivery man is attacked and robbed. is that often, why aren't you calling the pizza parlor? because the chinese delivery man knows that they have a language difficulty. now you're targeting asians. >> reporter: the minute after seeing our report last night on this story is now stepping up to assist. coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00, we'll tell you what that is. reporting live in china town, stefan kim eyewitness news. >> thank you. there is a massive protest right now outside a hyatt hotel in california where donald trump is addressing the state gop convention. at one point a trump reporter dressed like the candidate walked through the crowd. one protester tried to take a swing at the guy. trump dodging the crowds outside, managing to get inside without incident. with more on today's campaigning, rob nelson is here. rob? >> reporter: diana, of course trump protests are nothing new, but officials fear this is the kind of scene we will see much
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increasingly likely to be the republican nominee. he'll face another big test on tuesday as the candidates gear up for what could be a mathematically critical primary in indiana. >> and i'm not against anybody, but i will be voting for ted cruz. >> reporter: with those words, indiana governor mike pence jumped directly into the political drama. the news welcomed by the cruz campaign as they battle for the state's 50 delegates. they now have everything riding on indiana. >> and this race is going to be decided. the indiana race will be decided by the common sense good judgment. >> reporter: during the endorsement, the governor was very careful being careful not to bad mouth donald trump who continued to campaign for the nation's delegate prize california. it's been a rough 24 hours for the front runner. last night a suspicious white powder was found inside a letter in his campaign office in trump tower. and in california police arrested about 20 residence on
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violent protest near the trump rally. just this afternoon they gathered it outside in california. and i was crossing the side when i got here. and the election showdown with trump. >> we have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way that they would behave and
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i'm not going to deal with their temper tantrums or their bullying or efforts trying to provoke me. the same bizarre way in by foot and through the grass in the back of the building. >> okay, thank you, rob. a man who just got out of prison two months ago gunned down near the subway station in brooklyn that happened around 10:30 this morning near the intersection of pennsylvania and livonia avenue. that is near the pennsylvania avenue train station. the 41-year-old charles jones was shot in the head and back. he died at the hospital.
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the subway station is currently closed for construction. >> we've got a live picture right now of central park. a police investigation is underway there right now and it will turn your stomach. police are looking for a man who allegedly tried to sell a young boy for sex. eyewitness news reporter kimberly richardson is live for us tonight with more. kimberly? >> well that taurus from california said that they were propped right down there. if true it was a sleazy move and one that struck a nerve with everyone here. >> reporter: it's a popular spot for them here in the central park. the bridge on the left side. also where the unthinkable may have happened. if true, an unsettled proposition -- unsettling proposition involving a father trying to sell his son for sex.
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would do that, there's no way. at about 11:50 last night. so disturbing that police did mobilize it central park west and 72nd street. according to the taurus, the suspect and his 11-year-old son approached him. the father asked the unidentified man from san diego if he wanted to have sex with the young boy said the suspect even naming a price, $300. >> it makes you want to cry actually, it hits home. appalling. they left the park and called 911. and they wonder why they walked
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>> until they would get here. >> to keep them in my side, yeah, to make sure they will boil okay. >> reporter: it will scare me to leave the kid, that is the thing for me, is it his son? you don't even know. >> reporter: now so far they have not been able to find any surveillance video of the suspect or the the child. and now we are live in central park, kimberly richardson channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, kimberly. we are just hours away from the bridge construction work. and they will shut down several northbound lanes heading towards rockland county. lanes towards westchester will remain open. here is what to expect as they will be closed. beginning tonight at 9:00 p.m. that will be until 2:00 p.m. on saturday and they will
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then they will close again at 9:00 on saturday night. still ahead a teenager on trial in the death of an nypd officer. today, new evidence that will be showing in court that teen's video taped confession. see why he did it. plus, the trespassers that would call a lockdown. tonight, they described that wizard behavior. and the fight over the sidewalks in the bronx. why is he forced to make expensive repairs when it looks no different than others. >> some are getting wet this evening, the fourth straight day. the temperatures are running way below average, only in the upper 50s in many spots. the light rain and drizzle, if you need your umbrellas. we will get out of the 40s by
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ll anthony johnson has more. >> reporter: strangers interrupted the school day, they apparently walked in unnoticed wearing dark glasses and jackets with their head covered. at the same time everyone else
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it is definitely when they came in. they started acting in a weird manner, making howling noises, playing soccer inside the building. >> they were doing hand motion and that type of stuff. the school took action saying that they were on a modified lock down. at noon all classes and afterschool activities were canceled. parents were concerned. >> i'm just happy that they do these lockdowns and they take those precautionary measures, that it will make me feel like they are staying on top of anything that could go wrong. >> reporter: there are cameras inside and outside the school as they are now looking through the video to see if they could
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got in to the school. new information about yesterday's bomb scare at the tv station in baltimore as the suspect is the 25-year-old who is facing multiple felony charges for pretending to have a bomb. he was dressed in a panda suit. wrapped in aluminum foil shot by police after refusing to obey their orders now in stable condition at the hospital. the flames are out from a massive fire ball. this is from a gas line explosion outside pittsburgh. other nearby homes were damaged. a quarter of the mile where they were evacuated. >> we got lazier with the weather. i brought my own umbrella today. >> just over the hours. they will have it through 10:00 to 11:00.
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looking relatively good. and the humidity is 49% and the year is still fairly dry. the barometer is now on the fall and the high today managed to be updated at 58. still we're in the 8 degrees below average. there is your sunrise and sunset times. gaining two minutes of sunlight today. mostly sunny skies and about 78 degrees. this type of weather on the consistent basis is still a couple of weeks away, still struggling until then. most areas are struggling through the south and west and they did not see much. so you will have that light rain and drizzle in the evening hours with one time where the rain could blossom a little bit. and then it will start to taper after midnight to drizzle, have some breaks of the sun by dawn and it is chilly and a partly
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areas that will be remaining mostly cloudy. the showers are moving over to the manner, the parts of the southern county as well. they are not all moving through the heights b they will try to get to new york city over the next hour or so and then on to long island. there is not a lot off to the west, but you see the cluster of showers here with some indication that they might pivot to a little bit on the south allowing for the steadier periods of rain for the middle of the evening, reporting for things to quiet down again. it's this system that will get us wet on sunday, right now, that there will be a tornado warning just south of oklahoma city. and severe weather right there. the worse of it is just going south of the city, but pretty nasty couple of cells moving eastward. we will keep you posted on that. we're looking at a cool overall rain instead. look at the future cast what i was indicating.
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look at how they dive in around the area. then quickly pivot away from long island. and then that'll end. tomorrow some breaks of sun with the patchy clouds. and we will be fighting back and forth with clouds of sunshine tomorrow. more sunshine along the coast. more clouds inland. so the better half of their weekend by far tomorrow. rain, really first thing on sunday and in fact the steadiest will start to tape nor the evening hours. cool and damp. more breaks to the east with the high in the lower 60s, clouding up with some rain moving through. remember your sunday washout. the question is if we will be stuck there with a raw breeze. below normal maybe until tuesday. and how about during the week from now?
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nor'easter before they slip. >> thank you, they are recalling millions of vehicles. many of which are the company's newest and most popular models. 3.5 million cars are being recalled, including the nissan altima and path finders. the issue is with the sensors on the passenger side air bags. they know of at least three incidents where they did not work properly. a surprised guest took to the podium today. from the tv show west wing. >> and i was going to tell you to be seated, but we are seeing that you're seated. >> she joked with reporters. the white house press secretary and the real reason that she was there. 10 people were at the white house today to receive the awards for their efforts to combat that problem. coming up, shocking video
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punched over and over by the cop. tonight, the fall out for their rookie officer. plus, the eyewitness news investigator's exclusive. some new york city restaurants that are hiding their dirty secrets. why you're not seeing their health grade. this is the kung pao chicken served up at the chinese club in williamsburg. i'm lauren glassberg. this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices.
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great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices.
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tonight an eyewitness news investigators exclusive difference. some restaurants try to hide their less than perfect rating issued by the health department. the grade is suppose to be displayed in the window, but jim hoffer exposes dozens which are not. >> do you know what your latest grade is? >> i think it's an a. >> reporter: you would think with the a grade that the chef at this popular west village restaurant would have that a posted in the window. >> you don't have a grade posted. >> either somebody stole it or the staff is not being aware of it. i'll make sure it's up. >> reporter: it is likely that there is no grade here because joseph leonard got a c. he had five sanitary violations
5:25 pm
temperatures and flies. >> is that why it is not posted? >> this conversation is over. >> you're breaking the law that it should be over. >> we would find other restaurants that throughout manhattan is not posting their grade. >> yeah. >> reporter: they would get a c in their latest grade inspection. after finding nine violations including the live roaches, flies, food, not protected against possible contamination. other restaurants also hid their grades.
5:26 pm
their c placed down low behind the bench. around wall street at the cafe it was like a scavenger hunt trying to find their grade. >> that's it. a c grade, but hire is -- here is how it works. >> reporter: the bad grade is massed by the grade pending which they could use to appeal a c grade. even when they lose their appeal they keep the grade pending in the window. >> i believe it was an a. >> not true. the italian restaurant in soho lost their appeal of their c grade, which required them to take down the grade pending and post the c. they have already been fined twice for not posting their grade. >> negatively impacts your business if you don't have an a. >> reporter: we visited 38 restaurants with c grades. the majority of them 20. or they falsely put up a grade pending. in response to our investigation of the health department spokesperson that
5:27 pm
find restaurants that do not post their grades. still ahead an elderly woman fighting with the city all new at 5:00, any sidewalk in the bronx. why are they asking the woman to repair it? >> i'm over it. >> playing with fire.
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news chopper 7 over the scene. so they could stop it. new at 5:00, it looks like any other sidewalk in the city is a potential hazard. the responsibility of the 74- year-old woman. and with more. >> this is how it all walks down. that they would call 301 to complain available at it. as a result that this homeowner received the violation. it is really hard to see why, but either way that she is going to have to pay up to fix it. good sidewalks and what is a bad sidewalk. >> according to the assemblyman that this is not a bad sidewalk. that it is better than most.
5:31 pm
carriage and wheel that down. it'll go smoothly for the baby inside, they wouldn't even wake them up. >> they are wondering why they need to shell out thousands after they sent her a violation notice. >> for somebody to explain my things. >> you would see those cracks, yet the city where they should have done their cuts and the ramps all this time. >> reporter: only got more violations. >> the city is judging the jury. it is to pay up or else. >> reporter: we asked them what they thought. >> what do you think of the sidewalk? >> it is okay. >> reporter: for the frame of reference, walked around the
5:32 pm
>> what you have here is a good middle class lady. that she probably doesn't have. >> reporter: she's not the only one. they say no matter what it is up to the homeowner to fix it. channel 7 eyewitness news. shirleen, thank you. stunning testimony of the of the accused arsonist. they are charged with sparking the fire inside a koany island high-rise. they are in downtown brooklyn, mall'? >> they were 16 years old in the video that you are about to see that they maintain they thought they had put that fire
5:33 pm
they also say that they started setting fires at a young age. >> reporter: he started the mattress fire that lead to the death of the police officer because he was bored. he goes on to say that they do not mean for it to get out of control. and i started burning the edge of the mattress. to do anything wrong and that i was just bored. >> reporter: the confession played in court suggests that they were waiting for them to come to the door when they spotted that mattress. >> just for a second. because i was bored. >> to the coney island
5:34 pm
they called for help. the firefighters found the pair. and that they say after thinking that they put that fire out, he went to knock on his cousin's door once again. and i started knocking on the door to turn around. the whole mattress was on fire. >> and now you do see it? >> yeah, i got scared. if convicted he could face up to a life behind bars. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> and there is an effort to the county that appears to be working. announcing today the arrest of five men. four of them that were seen here right now. all of them are connected to the different drug bust in huntington station. the commissioner says it is a
5:35 pm
the tipline 852-narc that lead to a lot of these busts and others as well. >> we have executed the arrest of the 149 people. they face charges for drugs, paraphernalia, cash, weapons. >> they met the recipient for the first time in brooklyn. donating the life saving bone marrow to a pennsylvania mother who battled leukemia. and the firefighters met their recipient of the kentucky fire diagnosed with a rare blood disorder in high school. >> and then when i found out if i was a match that there was no second thought about it or anything. that i would be glad to help.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: today the ceremony recognized at several doe no, sir over the past 24 they have become the single largest group. still ahead major dramas in the nfl draft. claiming that the social media would get hacked. costing them millions of dollars. also on the wrong side of the law, the rookie police officer captured on camera.
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tunsil was suppose to be a top draft pick, but the twitter account was hacked. someone posted an old video of him smoking out of a bong. then another twist after he was
5:40 pm
dolphins. the text messages were posted on the instagram account, alleging that he took money from the coaches to pay for rent. today, he only wanted to talk about football. >> i don't know nothing about that. i'm here to talk about the dolphins. it's a blessing to be here, man, to be in the nfl a part of their organization. i'm here to talk about the miami dolphins. >> well, he admitted that the video was of him and the text messages were him in the middle of the legal battle with the stepfather. today, his stepfather's attorney said that the client has no connection to the social media hacks. a rookie officer in florida has been fired, now faces those charges. surveillance video shows that officer cuffing a woman against the wall and repeatedly punching her. the victim had just quit her job at the local strip club and drunk and refused to leave. she was arrested. the officials say that the officer's actions, they were
5:41 pm
and it is a glass of wine and a common weed killer that has been found in tests of the wine. the moms across america had a lap test. for the preference of the chemocatch the and that the world health organization, they would consider it a probable carcinogen. well the epa says it is safe to consume at low levels, but some scientists say no level is safe. the manufacturer questioned the lab's testing methods. still to comet jeweler accused of taking watches and jewelry never pays up. celebrating good times for the legendary band from new jersey. >> i'm lauren glassberg for this week's neighborhood eats we're in brooklyn at the
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jersey city has something to celebrate. they will now be known as that here. >> yeah. and joining community leaders and neighbors to welcome the grammy award-winning group as they were formed in 1964 by the brothers. and their friends. >> so this is kind of where they would start. my family and i and all the other members. my most precious memories are here in jersey city. >> oh yeah, you know their song, celebration, get down on it. [ laughter ] >> i love that.
5:46 pm
lee is up next with the weather. >> all right, tomorrow will be that day as we have been keeping you posted in the middle of the country with a tornado warning. it looks like it is weakening. south as well. nearly 200 lightning strikes weakening. as you notice they might sound there in 2013. 54 here, still a couple of those are coming up because of those sprinkles approaching new york city on radar with a sprinkle on the west side over here and then back through new jersey. and that is headed towards new york city right now that it will not be anything heavy. over on the county here as well, the heavier area of rain. a lot of this will pivot through the hudson valley with a little bit that seems to be expanding a little bit.
5:47 pm
is a heavier period of rain, maybe 7:00 to 8:00 and that middle part of the evening to get steadier. that is why the problem with their giants game, is that they may have some delays to try to play through that rain for the most part and 51 degrees is not a proette city scene. dropping through the 50s with off and on rain and drizzle and the first part of the night to exit after midnight. it is chilly and a few places to remain mostly cloudy, you will see that on the future cast, giving them the lower 60s with the sunshine. so you see the breaks early, but look at how they will kind of ark through the area. to get into the atlantic, the first part of the evening. if you're heading out of town, delays through the midwest with a lot of warmth through the east coast, but not the northeast just yet.
5:48 pm
the front range, only 40 in denver snowing there today. it will be at a 7:00 to update that tomorrow and that pollen count will be moderate to high. clearly the better half of your weekend for saturday. the only saving grace for sunday from the get go. maybe even the 40s in some spots, is rain a good part? later on in the day they will taper off and end as we would head into the early evening hours. late in the day not too bad. on monday you're looking at lot of clouds. a couple of showers around. right after the first week of may is when everything clicks and we'll start to go to more consistent warmth in the 70s. >> sounds good. okay, ready to eat? >> of course. >> so are we.
5:49 pm
restaurant or chinese restaurant. have you ever been to one serving cuisines of both countries? not side by side, but together. >> no. >> well then you will. >> but lauren glassberg has and it is in this week's neighborhood eats. >> the woman is chinese, the man is indian, the food they are creating has their roots in india where a large community of chinese immigrants lived a century ago. their restaurant is called the chinese club located at 208 grand street in williamsburg. >> the chinese club was established in 1914 by my great grandfather. >> reporter: a club for chinese living in india, fast forward 100 years and you'll find the chinese club in williamsburg. >> i want to bring all the memories of the chinese club back. >> reporter: stacy is bringing back the original tiles and food memories. traditional chinese dishes given an indian twist.
5:50 pm
and reinterprets those dishes. >> something new and unique and it is our way kind of helping people understand indian chinese food. >> reporter: which is an infusion, but a reworking of recipes like the tandoori kung pao chicken. he forgoes the yogurt and uses spices like chili, cumin, masala, and wine. >> it will not go well with a chinese sauce, we have tried it, trust me when i tell you that. it took us a while to maintain the balance. >> reporter: it is sauteed. the main ingredients are chili paste, vinegar, and chili oil and it is topped with peanuts. >> i think that it was a marriage waiting to happen. >> reporter: customers are thrilled to experience it. >> we have taken a lot of old dishes and actually modernized them. given a twist to them. and so it is like a discovery
5:51 pm
very modern in your food outlook. >> everybody talks about soul food. i think this is our kind of soul food for you guys. >> the recipe for the tandoori kung pao chicken is online. i expect that it will be easier to order at the restaurant than make it because it is a complicated dish. winner is all where she to say. for you. some interesting mushrooms that they have. >> the mushrooms, they look so great. >> this is great. >> so good. >> okay, love it, enjoy. >> you're welcome. >> indian chinese food. great. coming up next. >> 7 on your side will take on a familiar face. >> do not touch this. >> i understand it. >> don't touch my property. >> he is the most complained about jeweler in seven on your side history. nina pineda confronts them. coming up at 6:00, a reporter on the way to that oil spill in the hudson river at the engelwood boat basin.
5:52 pm
coming up on this breaking news. and the fundraising probe, involving the top aides insisting that he did what former mayor bloomburg and others have -- bloomberg has done, but is there a difference? we take a closer look. a bittersweet ceremony today. a special graduation for one student so his father who is
5:53 pm
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he is no stranger to 7 on your side 17 years ago when our consumer unit first went after the jeweler in midtown accusing them of taking their watches and jewelry on consignment, never paying up. nina pineda is here with tips. >> and the problems will span nearly two decades. their frustration is the same
5:56 pm
>> he is a familiar face. >> hi, i'm nina pineda with channel 7. >> reporter: she has been on the radar if a record four times. throw back to 1999, when she confronted them. she was back in 2001 and again in 2004. >> talk to me. >> reporter: he coughed that up each time for the jewelry that went in over the repairs, then disappeared. >> you owe her the money. >> don't touch my property. >> i was really mad and sad at the same time. she is looking for her gold watch like this.
5:57 pm
for both of them. i never see a penny. the money never materialized. he claims that her stuff was stolen, it wasn't locked up with no insurance. >> the problem is this that if you have it had type of store, you shouldn't have insurance. >> but it is your responsibility. >> reporter: during the visit he offered to pay her $8,000 for the missing items, a far cry from the $20,000 she said she is owed. >> i don't have the funds to do it now. >> reporter: now he has even dropped his offer from $8,000 to $6,000, but the big takeaway, you need to have your jewelry appraised by the independent jeweler before you take it anywhere. and also take some pictures and make sure that you, you know, show the condition of your jewelry.
5:58 pm
worth and get the terms of the consignment in writing. also a good idea to maybe insure your jewelry. she is now suing lee rosenbloom claiming that she hasn't called him back. >> it is a mess indeed. good tips there. thanks. the longest bridge in all of new york, about to have the longest delays. >> a commuter alert, eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. new at 6:00 new york mayor de blasio under investigation for his fundraising. he didn't do anything that former mayor bloomberg didn't do, is that true? we'll take a closer look. >> an eyewitness news exclusive
5:59 pm
visually beaten on the street by a harassing customer. tonight he's speaking to us about the attack and how no one came to his rescue. >> reporter: good evening to you at 6:00 i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. more on those stories in a moment. but first we are following breaking news. the u.s. coast on their way to an oil spill in engelwood cliffs at the engelwood boat basin. >> he's there with the very latest. toni? >> reporter: yes, indeed that we just arrived to the scene a little while ago as you can see out behind me on the hudson river with not a lot of activity going on. if you were out here, you could see a little bit of the oil spill on the water as they telling us at this point. that they spilled out there for sure, but they don't believe that oil is gushing anywhere. that it is not active, but we would see a sheen of oil on the water at this point.
6:00 pm
this, the park service out here also looking into it. and i think that one of the main questions that they will have right now is where this oil is coming from because right now we at least from where we are standing, we do not see the source of it that we do again see that sheen on the water. so as soon as we find out more information about what they have learned about the oil spill that we'll bring it to you. for now we're live in engelwood channel 7 eyewitness news. back to you. >> keep us posted, toe n. thank you very much. now the exclusive of the vicious beating that is caught on video that only was given to eyewitness news. >> yes, the victim said that they were coming to the defense of one of their employees, a woman who a customer was harassing. >> and tonight eyewitness news exclusive. stefan kim is in china town. well, they are so terrified that it could happen again, asking us not to show their face. all they could think about as they were being hit on east broadway last week with the


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