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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  April 30, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e-mail: developing at 6:00, a car in new jersey veered off the road, crashed, and burst into flames with several people inside. "eyewitness news" is live with what we know about injuries. >> new video just into the newsroom. police are looking for several men wanted for attacking a man in queens. what police say the group screamed out while beating the victim and why it's now being investigated as a bias attack. good morning, it's saturday, april 30th. thanks for making time. >> indeed.
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>> just fine with us. >> as it always does. happy saturday, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm michelle charlesworth. meteorologist amy freeze is live and in the wild in the bronx this morning. >> you and your fellow animals where the 2016wcs run will kick off. she has the first look at weather. how's life out there in the boogie-down? >> reporter: good morning to you guys. it is great. gonna get wild here at the bronx zoo. we can't wait. expecting over 4,000 runners. run. i have the start line all to myself to get going. what a morning to run. we'll look for the clouds overhead to break for the sunshine.
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is coming up with beautiful colors decorating the back drop. we've got a cool spot up in monticello. everybody else in the middle to upper 40s. we look at the satellite and radar picture and you'll see that we're breaking for clear skies this afternoon. there is a mess bringing lots of severe weather across the central plains and even down through tornado alley living up to its name yesterday. it's not necessarily severe but capable of producing showers and thunderstorms. the planning forecast for today, the race is on.
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the runners. just because i start first doesn't necessarily mean i'll finish first. i will not run today but i will be cheering everybody on. we'll have much more coming up in a few minutes. >> those words out of her mouth, i'm not going to run today. >> this is breaking news. >> reporter: i'd love to, but i have to work, too. >> pay the bills. thanks, amy. several people have been hurt after a car ran off the road, crashed and exploded into flames. marcus? >> reporter: michelle, emergency cruise are still on the scene here after the fiery crash. we'll show you video of the scene where you can see the vehicle just barely visible in a wooded area just off of color road here in clifton. it happened around 3:0 with a
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people taken to two area hospitals. it is unclear what caused the car to go off the road, whether speed was a factor. this is an area residents say is notorious for drag racing. there is a bit of a blind curve as well. the condition of the occupants are unknown. there are also pse and g crews here. some of the power lanes were taken down. they are work working to restore power as that power pole was taken down. marcus solis, channel 7 "eyewitness news." police in queens are looking for three teens after they allegedly attacked a man and yelled racial slurs at him. on wednesday, the three approached a 19-year-old man on 10th street. one called him an arab and then punched him in the face twice.
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holding a pipe yelling isis. the third suspect had a baseball bat. anyone with information is asked to please call police. a new aid in the biggest missing child case. searches have not turned up anything in the search for 7- year-old patrick alfred who went missing in 2010 from his east new york foster home. now bbdo advertising are hoping mannequins can help you find what he would look like today. >> it's not that they don't care but people forget. so we needed to put his case in the spotlight in a different way in the minds of people and debt the attention of people that are just, you know, passing by.
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the advertising company is hoping other stores will sponsor mannequins to draw attention to other missing persons. looking for details now on the fool spill in the hudson river. the sheen turned up yesterday in new jersey. crews immediately got to work to contain it, but the plume was unstoppable. so where did it come from? officials think a vessel somehow dumped it and took off. two nypd officers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries after their cruiser collided with a get away vehicle they were chasing at the time. when police caught up to them, the force was hard enough to deploy air bags in both cars.
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that worker says he and his partner knocked on a tenant's door in the moores houses in
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this morning, we learned that seven people have died and more than 120 others were hurt
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collapsed. we have video of a baby being pulled out of the rubble. you can see the baby whisked to safety. many others are still believed to be trapped under so much debris. the six-story residential building collapsed amid heavy rain and flooding. now we turn to the latest in the investigation into convince's death. -- prince's death. over the last three years, four calls have been made for emergencies from paisley park. the last one was on the day he was found dead last week. investigators are awaiting coxcology and autopsy results to figure out the precise cause of death. [music] >> of course, for many fans, the focus still on prince's legacy is now the cause of death.
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variety. a community hosting a tribute to the late artist. hundreds of people sang along to his hits holding up cell phones in honor of the late superstar. the movie purple rain itself was then shown and of course everyone sang along to that as well. what a wild scene at a republican gathering in northern california. protesters blocked donald trump from going in the front door, so the billionaire candidate took a complicated route to get inside across the grass and then in a back door in true trump fashion, he crowd he felt like someone trying to get into the u.s. illegally. >> my wife called and said there are helicopters following you. then we went under a fence and threw a fence oh, boy, it felt like i was crossing the border,
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>> trump left in exactly the same bizarre way. ted cruz will speak today. >> he is king of the sound bites. straight ahead on "eyewitness news" saturday morning, celebrating good times. you know that lyric from cool and the gang returning home with the very cool story.
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the wcs run for the wild 5k race is today. >> woo! >> reporter: wow. be wild, people, be wild. it's going to be really fantastic for the runners, you guys. here at the bronx zoo, they've got it all set up. 5400 runners will be a part of the race this morning. since the race started, more than 40,000 runners will be a part of it. it's not just a three-mile race through the zoo, which sounds fantastic on its own, but it is also an opportunity to help wildlife conservation. all of the people coming out are here for the animals. that's where the wild name comes from. temperatures this morning could not be more rootive. we've got upper 40s right now that will be a great feel for the runners this morning. we've also got a few clouds lingering and breaking for
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there are some really nice colors peeking through as daylight begins, and it looks just fabulous. look for the sunshine to break through as far as the temperatures start, we had a few 30s north and west. monticello in the upper 30s. all of the air warming up nicely into the low 60s. temperatures will be a bit limited because of the northeast today, so we aren't going to see any extreme warmth, but instead, making it past the 60 degree mark in a lot of locations. as far as the skies go, we are breaking for the sunshine this afternoon, but there are more showers to come for the weekend. we're not completely free and clear and instead, we're going to watch for the showers to develop in the early morning hours tomorrow. there could be a few light showers late tonight but real rain begins tomorrow between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. so we've got some time there. looking at the futurecast as we
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intense storms making their way across the midwest. that's edging the frontal system in our direction producing showers for us. not until the second half of the weekend. temperatures are easy to take, very spring-like late april, almost may forecast in front of us. temperatures will be in the 60s late this afternoon, and then we've got the rain to contend with tomorrow. as far as the showers, it looks like the heaviest rain will be coming in, in the afternoon on sunday. it does begin early. then we clear things out and get ready for the weekend. here is a look at the accuweather forecast for the rest of today, we're looking ahead for that chance of the clouds to break for sunshine and a high of 63 degrees. for tonight, plenty of clouds, the little rain towards dawn. it's not going to be raining completely across the area. then during the day tomorrow, we've had occasional rain off and on. turns out to be a nice so good
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afternoon, especially with that chance for the moderate rainfall cannot only feel raw and uncomfortable. temperatures dropping off to 51 degrees. by monday, we're back in the low 60s. wednesday 64. thursday, we're at 68. that's the warmest day of the stretch, but showers again expected friday with a chance of rain at 63. the accuweather seven-day forecast showing this weekend is half and half. today we've got low 60s. there will be a cooling off for the second half of the weekend and a chance for the rain. here's a look at what the race will be like. a lot of people coming out. 5400 runners registered for the 5k today. not just the individual runners but they also have a wonderful event with a fun run through the park. after the race, everybody's invited to come in through the bronx zoo. check it out, have a wonderful time with the animals and all of the beautiful vegetation
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blooming and trees in full bloom. everything looks fantastic here at the zoo. they have a gorgeous water fall. this is super cat saturday, so you would have to check out the siberian tiger and all of the fantastic cats at the bronx zoo. we'll tweet out the animals today. we can't wait for the first runners to show up. we expect them within the next 10, 15 minutes. i wish i was going to be pounding the pavement instead, i will be here to wish everybody luck. >> amy, i think there was a woman in a full gorilla soot running. i'll have to look at that video again. >> from last year. >> reporter: oh, really? oh, okay. >> i like that. >> with the backpack. >> reporter: i hope she runs again. that was not me. >> whatever works.
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>> be wild. >> you've inspired a community remax, amy. stay tuned for that. >> let's do it. >> highlight of your morningp glenn. >> this is a cool story. jersey city has something really cool to celebrate. a stretch of maple street near pacific avenue will also be known as cool and the gangway, named, of course, after the r&b legend. the mayor joined community leaders to welcome members of the winning group. the band was formed here in 1964 by brothers ronald and robert bell and their friends. >> this whole little area here is kind of where we started, you snow? my family, brother and i. >> my most precious memories are here. >> they had big hits like "celebration" which you've
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ever been to and also "get down on it," "ladies night." the group has sold more than 70 million albums certainly deserving of a street where all of that music was made. >> i used to go skatein' and those were my songs. >> did you do the crossover? >> i did the crossover with the feet. >> you could do that? >> oh, yeah. going backwards to vanderbilt song. >> oh, that was a powerful stroll down memory lane. >> i could never roller skate. i'm embarrassed. i was just against the rail. >> you could do the crossover? at stop & shop, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood?
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again, just getting started. later, bases loaded for cespedes. grand slam! six rbi for him in one inning. overall, the biggest inning in met history. the mets win it 13-1. >> a couple of days ago they battled boston last night. there would be no better place to get back on track than boston. alex rodriguez is coming around. he takes one and clobbers this. then watch. he'll leave the bat for a little kid. isn't that nice? ortiz one-ups him. it was another rough night. now to the nfl draft that continues last night, rounds
6:27 am
giants with a couple of picks. number 40 overall and grabbed sterling shepherd. quick, fast, scouts love him. robin's not around anymore. darrian thompson is a four-year starter. now to the jets, the can be can be situation takes another turn. second round overall pick number 51. mixed reviews but showing the sign of it's your move. then in the third round, jordan jenkins four-year letterman at georgia. explosive, athletic and now a jet. we've got more coming up later today. laramie was bizarre and didn't get better says his
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hacked just minutes before round one started. tunsil's stock tumbled. yesterday, the dolphins said tunsil wasn't going to talk. then an hour and a half later, he showed up. >> like i said, i'm blessed just to be here. this is a great opportunity. >> that was it. later on told, the isles try to go up 2-0. the lakers reached a agreement last might with luke walton to be their new coach. pacers facing elimination indianapolis. 101-83 indiana. final game tomorrow in toronto. the charlotte hornets with the chance to advance past the huh-uh. game 7 tomorrow. that'll be exciting. whatever happens this weekend,
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i'm rob powers. i'll see you back here on monday. much more ahead including a live look at today's top stories. >> four people injured in a fiery car crash in clifton, new jersey. i'm marcus solis. details coming up in a live report. also ahead, a colorado woman learned just how long she will spend behind bars after
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i remember when time warner cable was just on tv. now i can watch it live anywhere. if time warner cable can change, then so can i. changing for good. time warner cable. . >> welcome back. taking a live look at central park on this saturday morning, april 30th. good morning, everybody. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> i'm rob nelson. thanks for being with us. last day of the month. >> can you believe it? >> get that rent check. [ laughter ] >> another month gone, that's right.
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>> it's may so it's good weather and spring. >> all good things. we'll have to wait a little while according to what amy freeze is telling us. meteorologist amy freeze is live living the wildlife up in the boogie-down, in the bronx. >> reporter: that's right. >> you tell them what's going on. >> we have a delay. go ahead. >> reporter: it's a run for the wild. rub for the wild. it's the bronx zoo, you guys. you are exactly right, their eighth year. since the race started, more than 40,000 rubbers have come and done this 5k, and it's all wildlife conservation. so we're waiting here at the start line anxiously anticipating awe of the runners
6:33 am
about 5400 this year. what a morning to run. temperatures are up this morning. with the expectation of the clouds breaking or seeing the clouds break for sunshine. the first half of the shower is dry. getting ready between 5:00 and 7:00. if you are like the long island marathon, it looks like a wet start and occasional rain and planning for this day, though, temperatures in the low 60s with the high of 63 in new york city. just a few minutes from now, we'll have the accuweather seven-day forecast and more on the race here in the bronx. back inside to you guys. >> all right, miss freeze, have fun. to the news now, and developing in new jersey, several people are injured after a car ran off the road, crashed then exploded. marcus solis is joining us live
6:34 am
good morning, marcus. >> good morning, rob. the occupants of that vehicle hospitalized. the investigation continues. we can show you that accident reconstruction team out there on coaler road as they tray to get information and what led up to the crash that took place around 3:30. we'll show you some video of the vehicle that an off the road. it is barely visible there in a wooded area. it appears that car could not negotiate a slight bend in the road. it's unclear whether speed is a factor, but the car did go off the road into a wooded area and explode into flames. four of course pant, two males, two females taken to two area hospitals. their condition unknown. as we said, the investigation continues. there's also a bit of cleanup. you can see a was damaged. pse and g crews hear as well as
6:35 am
after the fiery crash continues. marcus solis, channel 7 "eyewitness news." a woman will spend the rest of her life in prison after cutting a baby from a stranger's womb. diane lane is convicted of luring michelle wilkins to her home with an ad for maternity clothes and attacking her with two kitchen lives. lane showed little emotion in court when wilkins spoke. lane's mother apologized to the victim and read a letter from her husband and her expressing the same sentiment. the son of former baltimore raven ray lewis is facing serious charges. two women say he sexually assaulted them. but sexual battery of one woman under the influence of drugs
6:36 am
the warrant said she could have been physically incapacitated at the time. a new legal battle over an iphone belonging to one of the two 14-year-olds who vanished while fishing off of florida last summer. their bodies were never found month. the phone was given to the parents of the teen who owned it. the other teen filed a lawsuit to ensure an impartial third party would examine it. they want to send the phone to apple to analyze it for evidence. on long island, police say a thief is using an old trick to get into someone's garage. a man is checking to see if the vehicles in the driveway are, in fact, open. investigators say the suspect gets into an unlocked car then uses the garage door remote control inside the car, which of course allows access into the house.
6:37 am
been broken into. >> we were a little complacent and forgot to lock one of the cars that night, and this is what could happen. so i guess we all have to be a little more vigilant. >> yep. police are echoing what she said. they didn't find anything missing. lock the door between the garage and what leads into the home. he was the easter bunny who started brawling at a local mall. who could forget that one? the charges have been downgraded. aggravate add salt charges have now been downgraded to simple assault. the video that went viral says he attacked charles after his
6:38 am
lap. >> do you hope to enter may with a few extra million some. >> who wouldn't? >> since no one matched all of the numbers, the estimated jackpot today is $314 million. the cash value, a paltry $204.7 million. you can watch tonight's powerball drawing live here on channel 7 right before "eyewitness news" at 11:00. let the lottery frenzy begin. >> right, right? turn it up! coming up on "eyewitness news" saturday morning, after backlash from the family of ronald reagan, actor will ferrell may be having second thoughts in playing him in an upcoming comedy.
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welcome back. we get back to amy freeze who's at the run for the wild 5k race. amy? >> hello. >> reporter: hey! >> the wild this morning, you guys. what's happening here at the bronx zoo? hey! they've got the runners coming out. 5400 runners are going to run a 5k race. this is a fund-raiser for animals and wildlife conservation. we're going to talk about that, but all in all, you cannot beat a morning like this to get out in the bronx and run your three miles to warm up on a saturday morning. as far as the skies go, the clouds have been hanging a little low. we had some patchy fog early on. we're going to see good improvements with the sky. we'll say clouds breaking for sunshine, how's that?
6:42 am
40s into the 60s later today. we'll see the clouds slowly give way to the sunshine. we'll look for the temperatures to warm up only into the low 60s in and around the boroughs. looking at the overall pattern, we have storms that have affected the midwest. those are coming through the central plains. a piece of that front makes for a second half of the weekend that's wet, dreary, raw, not comfortable. that's tomorrow. temperatures will fall off about 10 degrees. tomorrow it more of a movie day. stay in if you can. temperatures are only part of the story. the wet weather moves in between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. so really pre-dawn hours you see the showers moving west to east. we get occasional rain throughout the day.
6:43 am
rainfall you would say in the early to mid-after nan tomorrow. then it all clears out and we'll see what we can do with the workweek ahead. temperatures improve as we go into may. overall, this is a cool, spring week. nothing too extreme. it is the most uncomfortable down the stretch. we also have wet weather to deal with getting into the later part of the week. temperatures are looking better. we've got 60s thoughing up. no 70s, which i wish i could report warmer weather. in fact, we'll stay near the normal for this time of year. the worst of it comes in tomorrow with the mid-60s returning by wednesday. thursday is the chance for upper 60s. then we'll get the rain coming back in. let me introduce to you this guy. did we have the accuweather seven-day forecast? i hope so. >> really excited about the run
6:44 am
the bronx zoo, what's the latest? >> first of all, welcome to the bronx. welcome to the bronx zoo. it's earth month. >> reporter: any birds or new animals to talk about? i like to know when the babies come. >> it's been a busy winter. two births we want to talk about is we have baby lemurs. i think the real exciting part is we're hopping today our wild asia exhibit. we're going to be able to take the monorail and a trip to asia without leaving the bronx. >> i love that. this is the first day for the monorail, >> in a few minutes, we'll have over 5,000 runners today. it's all part of earth month
6:45 am
because the bronx zoo is part of the wildlife conservation society. we work in 60 countries around the world. what we're trying to do is help save wildlife and our planet. >> reporter: there was exciting information that came down about the bison, the buffalo. tell people with that news, what does it mean? take us back to when the buffalo roamed, then they didn't, and how they've come back. >> as a new yorker, the first thing you should take away is new york city and the bronx saved the buffalo. there were 30 million buffalo or bison. there were 21 left in the wild and about a thousand animals left. what ended up happening is we here at the bronx zoo bred them and shipped them off. so the congress literally
6:46 am
bison our national symbol and national mammal. so it's really exciting because finally the bison's getting its due. >> reporter: i know it will be a busy morning for earth day. we've got tons of festivities from the rock-climbing wall to the silent disco. it will be fun, right? >> nd adon't forget the beer garden for the -- and don't forget the beer garden for the adults. >> that's right. we'll have much more for you in the 7:00 hour. this is something to bring the kids out to, michelle. rob could watch the kids while we have fun. he takes them around to see the new lemurs. >> i love it! that story about the bison was crazy. >> you lost me at beer. >> beer garden. >> can i share a random thought? >> yeah. >> remember when jessica
6:47 am
and they said jessica, do you want some buffalo wings? she said oh, i don't eat buffalo. let's take a look at channel 7's community calendar. >> reporter: hear's what's happening. stop by the javits center for the free diabetes expo. cooking with access to entertainment and experts. the eighth annual westhampton beach earth day celebration includes live animal presentations, face painting and live music. >> disney holds the eighth annual street games featuring classic activities for all ages including double dutch, hula hoops, soap box derby and more. museum educators enjoy nature with a hike-a-thon. let's move dance in staten island highlighting the
6:48 am
the museum of the city of new york celebrates international jazz day with the ultrarare theatrical documentary satchmo the great. to submit an event that may look at 'em! they're lovin' their vegetables.
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it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting.
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welcome back, everybody. actor will ferrell's rep says he will not pursue a role in a comedy about former president ronald reagan after backlash about how he was expected to portray the late president. reagan's children are not happy about it because it makes light of reagan's dementia. he died years ago from complications with alzheimer's. the children say the disease is not a joke. farrell's rep says he never signed off on doing the project. we both love this story. high marks for a college prep program where 100% of the students are headed to college?
6:51 am
financial aid and some are going to the top schools. toni yates has the story behind the success. >> reporter: it's going to be one heck of a fall semester at -- >> holy cross in massachusetts. smith in massachusetts area wheaton college. >> reporter: these two dynamos have one thick in college, new jersey leep academy. >> reporter: the after school program also stands for students to college-ready classes. they latch on and take yearsp. >> we're a program that uses law to teach transferable college readiness exiles. everything we do -- readiness skills. everything we do is what our students need in order to succeed at top colleges and
6:52 am
>> unlike most of my peers, i'm unwilling to do more work so i'm not as easily intimidated. >> they help me with my math skills and writing skills. >> new jersey leep has 30 seniors this year. all of them are expected to go to college. some with four-year scholarships. part of the success of this program is that they make this a family affair. >> we push our kids hard and we're honest with them. i think at the end of the day, every, single one of them knows that it's because we believe in them and their potential. for us not to support them and dig as deep within their selves as they can would be the most disrespectful thing we could. >> be ready to work with the winners. tony yates yates, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> a lot of hard work from those kids. >> yeah. i love every part of that story. >> right. >> all you need is the
6:53 am
makes recalling of the difference in the world. >> somebody believes in you, vice presidents you, has a plan for you and says, you know what? , you can do that. >> all going to college. when we come back, sandy kenyon's weekend review. >> an american classic has been reinvented but has the new version of the crucible, which i remember reading in high school, give new life look, i know you're a cow and all.
6:54 am
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rate now on broadway, a pair of oscar nominees are putting a fresh spin on a classic tale. >> that's right, he is among the stars giving the "crucible" a new interpretation. the kenyon sat down with the cast. >> reporter: hamilton has shown having a diverse cast in a musical and showing how a
6:56 am
power in the same way. >> it's a story that the audience can build a heart and you can go through the journey and that's what it's about. kind of what color you are and where you are from is not so important. >> reporter: sophie and ben play husband and wife accused of witchcraft by their former servant. the play is set in the 17th century, and was written as a commentary on the political witch hunts of the 1950s. this new production is done on modern clothes on a stripped down set. >> i think that allows you to. >> that was for both of us, the big excitement. >> the excitement was even more intense. >> it was like learning it all for the first time. it was all new and fresh. to get to do that in a city
6:57 am
very comfortable and like it was really being supportive. >> being born in the bronx, this is nice that it's from the bronx. >> unmistakable, that's a bronx accent. >> oh, absolutely. i was like, that girl's from boogie-down. >> i like when they remix the plays. >> i like when they remix the classics. >> i didn't know you liked remixes. just kidding. following developing news out of new jersey as a car bursts into flames after veering off the road. we're live in clifton. for people were pulled from the wreckage there. >> also, a commuter alert. that will be a big headache for drivers. details on construction on the
6:58 am
lane closures now in effect. >> and meteorologist amy freeze is back with the weekend forecast and the accuweather report. she's live at the i don't worry, i know. i'm doing it for me, and my insurance covers it.
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: developing now past 7:00 a.m., four people hurt when their car swerved off the road and caused a fiery crash. we're live in clifton, new jersey, with details on the survivors. new this morning, a young man says he was followed and attacked in queens. a video police want you to see as they search for the people that attacked him. >> plus, your weekend ride along the tappan zee could be a
7:01 am
right now and when you can dodge the inevitable. good morning, taking a live look at the george washington bridge from fort lee looking at the city of washington heights, the bronx, and the sun coming up on this saturday, april 30th. hopefully, you have a pot of coffee on. hey, bev, thank you for saying nice things about our show. tunisia, your daughter, said she is a fan of yours. >> who's bev? >> a person i talked to on the subway. >> during the workweek. >> you know, hanging out. >> good morning, bev! >> anyway, thank you. she's up with her coffee, you know, hanging out with us. so thank you, cheers. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> i'm rob nelson. speaking of the bronx, guess who's out there this morning.
7:02 am
with the run for the wild 5k run and walk will kickoff. i'm justed just saying that. >> great lace to be. >> that's rate. you -- great place to be. >> that's right. >> reporter: you know, it's all about the animals this morning, wildlife conservation. expecting 5400 runners. as you mentioned, this is an event that we've had for almost a decade here in an effort to support animals. the bronx zoo is a place that does that like none other. the race starts at 8:00 a.m. we're starting to see the runners trickle in. weekend for sure. we check in first with the official reporting station at central park currently in the upper 40s. we'll see the overcast skies break for sunshine later on. so it's not going to be dark
7:03 am
instead, we'll look for sun to break through and temperatures eventually to make it into the low 60s. across the area right now in the boroughs in the upper 30s and hard to see the temperatures come into the low 40s. so gradually starting to see mild air across the entire region. the clouds that do give way to the sunshine will temporarily give us a beautiful afternoon before the rain arrives the second half of the weekend. so for planning this day, expect temperatures to make it to 63. tomorrow, dropping off more than ten degrees and rain arriving by this time tomorrow. those running the long island marathon tomorrow will not be as lucky as those who showed up in the bronx. the earth day festivities that you have here in the bronx. it's going to be a beautiful
7:04 am
camel rides it is a party in the bronxp michelle, rob, back to you. developing this morning, a car veered off the road and plowed into a wooded area in jersey and burst into flames. four people from that car were pulled from the fiery wreckage. "eyewitness news" reporter marcus solis joins us now live from clifton. good morning, marcus. >> good morning, michelle. those four victims hospitalized. mane time here at the scene, the investigation continues. an accident reconstruction team on the scene here. you might be able to see some officers there in the woods. that is where the car ended up in that wooded area just off of coaler road where the car could not negotiation a slight bend in the road. accident happened around 3:30 this morning. we'll show you videotape and you can barely see the car in the woods there. it is unknown whether speed played a factor here. this is the script where
7:05 am
drag racing. either way, the car ended up in the woods. four occupants pulled from the vehicle, which burst into flames after it left the roadway and take ton two -- taken to two area hospitals. the conditions are unknown at this time. meantime, the investigation continues here at the scene and in addition topless officials there were crews from pse and g. a utility pole is damaged and power lines are down on the road. the investigation and cleanup continues. live in clifton, live in clifton, channel 7 "eyewitness news." new this morning, police in queens are looking for three teens after they allegedly attacked a man. on wednesday, the three approached a 19-year-old man on tenth street. one called him an arab and punched him in the face twice.
7:06 am
holding a pipe yelling "isis." the third suspect had a baseball bat. anyone with information is urged to call police. also, a worker attacked by two pit bulls. that worker says he and his partner knocked on a tenant's door to recover unpaid rent when two dogs reportedly ran past the child who opened the door. the dogs bit him in the thigh, the face as you are about to see and also in the backside. >> i thought i would not survive it. the intention was to really just to completely kill me. >> pit bulls are actually banned in those buildings. the two have been rae moved, and action against that tenant is now pending.
7:07 am
held for t neck mayor lysette parker. the 44-year-old died sunday after being rushed to the hospital with respiratory issues. she was the first african- american woman to be elected mayor in a bergen county community. her funeral will be held this morning at mount olive baptist church. expect a traffic mess this weekend while crossing the tappan zee bridge. three out of four northbound lanes are now closed for some repairs. work started at 9:00 last night and continues until 2:00 this afternoon. work will resume tonight at 9:00 p.m. and will continue into tomorrow. right now, kruk crews are driving piles into the river bed for the new bridge. you can find full details on our web site. just check out happening today, new
7:08 am
warrants will be able to wipe the slate clean without fear of arrest for nonviolent offenses including disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana money the event will be held at 10:30 this morning at the manhattan family justice center. coming up, an amazing new way police officers will now search for a missing boy. >> also ahead, prince's purple rain is getting a box office boost. how many theaters will show the film as a tribute to the music legend? . >> i'm meteorologist amy freeze. we are live at the wrong zoo for a run for the wild wildlife
7:09 am
behind the run since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision
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striking verizon workers are set to lose their health benefits today. federal regulations require them to stop service today, april 30th. they are urging striking workers to now seek coverage under cobra. the union accuses the company of using health care to try to break the ongoing strike. workers did walk off the job april 19th. a new aid in the search to solve the biggest missing child case in new york city at this point. surveillance video, dna, and
7:12 am
up anything in the search for patrick alfred. alfred went missing in 2010 from his east new york foster home. now the nypd and a company called bbdo advertising are hoping mannequins will help find the boy. it is a life sized sculpture of what alfred would look like today. >> it's been six years. a lot of people don't remember. it's not that they don't but people forget. so we need to get the attention of people that are just, you know, passing by. >> time has passed. alfred would now be 12 years old. they are hoping other stores will spanser mannequins. new details on a fuel spill in the hudson river as
7:13 am
the sheen came from. they worked to contain it but the plume was pretty much unstoppable opinion the area is being monitored for the environmental impact opinion officials say perhaps it came from a vessel that then simly took off. now we turn to the investigation of the death into musician prince. we're learning over the past three careers, four calls for emergency assistance were call to his seem. the after the home. they are awaiting results of the toxicology to find out the cause of death. meantime, tributes keep pouring in from everywhere. this is "rain" falling on
7:14 am
rain of the purple variety little bit. hundreds sang along to his hits holding up their cell phones in honor of the late superstar. the movie, his big hit "purple rain" was shown and everybody sang along to the movie as well. sticking with the movie theme, prince fans get another chance to honer him. more than 200 theaters will show the cult classic money it was sold out in dozens of theaters last weekend and he won an oscar for >> i caught it one night with purple rain at the end and the whole "darling nicky" brought '84, though.
7:15 am
rain"? so still, it holds up. >> you can still see it at the movies. a circus staple is being pulled after years of protest. >> coming up in sports, the
7:16 am
7:17 am
7:18 am
welcome back, everybody. we go back to amy freeze who is at the run for the wild 5k race. i love the name of that. amy, have you ever seen the movie wild? >> run for the wild! >> there you go. >> reporter: i knew you would bring that song up this morning. wild thing. i found a wild thing. donna, come on over. here she is from queens. this is donna. this is your first time doing the race? >> it is my first time doing the race. it's my first time running, too. >> reporter: i'm excited for you. you have your face painted down where the carnival's sort of beginning. explain to me what's going to happen. you go into the zoo to run the 5k, right? >> yes. and apparently we get to run around the zoo after that, too.
7:19 am
pants, so i'm excited. >> congratulations. good luck to you. check it out. i hope you can boogie down as you go through. >> i will boogie down. >> reporter: have a good race. it's a lot of fun. 5400 runners expected for this year, the eighth annual run. over the course of this race, almost a decade now, we've had 40,000 people come out and be a part of this run all for wildlife conservation, so supporting the animals and so much history and effort happens in the bronx that we should be proud of. join in on the cause that's so wonderful and close in proximity and close what we want to be about. let's get started on this morning's forecast. today is the better day of the weekend. we are waiting for the sun. breaks of sunshine are expected later today and a nice warm-up as well. light north east wind is happening.
7:20 am
here, you need a light jack. it does feel a little cool. i think it's perfect for the runners. we'll enjoy the weather we've got in front of us today. we'll ease that the 50s and top out with temperatures in the low 60s. as far as storms go, the second half will hold off. ape lot of storms affecting the central plains and northwest. huge hail with those storms. the frontal boundary will produce a little bit of rain for us on sunday morning about 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. the rain begins west to east. there is a big race going on tomorrow morning for long island. in that race, i think they start wet and 26.2 miles. that one's going to be a wet one.
7:21 am
finish across crossing the finish line. along with the rain, you will notice the transition that we'll have for the second half of the weekend. you'll have to battle with the showers and this rainy raw feel that you are expecting to come in as well. the forecast itself, accuweather seven-day. last weekend of april easing that may and it looks like we'll get showers in here at least mid-week, maybe pushing the upper 60s as we head into thursday. so i know extremely warm days instead. a little bit of rain activity and mild conditions as you continue to see the blooms happening. guys, just behind me, this is the start lane. a lot of the runners are going down the ramp here so they can get a few snacks before they run and take off andic that make their way to the zoo right along this route. 8:00 a.m. is the 5k race.
7:22 am
you can come out for earth day. they've got a lot of stuff happening and the first day for the monorail, which takes you into asia. come to the bronx and you under asia automatically. rob michelle, awesome friday, right? >> awesome. >> so awesome. thank so you much money i love the woman with the elephant on her head. >> that looked professionally done. looking good. elephants have been part of the ringling brothers for 45 years but they are retiring them because communities are banning the equipment you assed to guide them during the show. after the final bow, they will head to the elephant
7:23 am
>> back to live look at 'em! they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy.
7:24 am
7:25 am
time now for all of the morning sports headlines. >> here is rob powers. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. let's start with baseball. you know, the mets have boosted the record by beating the teams they are supposed to beat. starting last night, a giant test. san francisco giant and a good test at home or so we thought. cespedes third inning drives in two runs. he was just getting started. so were the mets as cabrera drives in two more runs. all six runs in the third inning again, just getting started. later, bases loaded for cespedes. and another grand slam. sixth rbi for him in one inning. overall, the biggest inning in met history. the mets led 12-0. all good and the mets win it, 13-1 they passed the test.
7:26 am
off day in ten days a couple of days ago and battled boston. no better place than to get back on track. alex rod regress is coming around. he takes one, clobbers this and watch. he'll leave his bat for a little kid. isn't that nice? eighth inning david ortiz and there goes the game. then ortiz one-ups rodriguez. he goes and hugs him. >> now to the nfl draft. both the jets and giants with a couple of picks. the receiver is in need. darren thompson is a ball hog and a four-year starter.
7:27 am
quarterback situation takes at turn. second round overall, the jets take penn state quarterback christian hackenburg. big kid three-year starter, mixed reviews with another strong-arm in camp. ryan fitzpatrick, it's your move. in the third round, linebacker jordan jenkins letterman georgia. you've got more drafts coming up later today. >> laramie tunsil's bizarre round one doesn't get much better yesterday. he said his social media was hacked just minutes before it started. the dolphins took in at 13. yesterday the dolphins said tunsil wasn't going to talk. then an hour and a half later, he showed up. >> like i said, i'm blessed just to be here. this is a great opportunity.
7:28 am
tray to go up 2-zip. pacers forcing the game 7. indiana time game tomorrow in front toe. the charlotte hornets with the chance to advance past the miami heat, but game 7 tomorrow. that will be exciting. whatever happens this weekend, i'm rob powers. i'll see you right back hear on monday. >> thank you, rob. much more ahead on "eyewitness news" including a look at today's top stories.
7:29 am
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welcome back. this is michelle's favorite spot. >> down the shore, check it out. i can see ocean grove right there with asbury park in the foreground. i can see cape may. >> wait a minute! yes indeed. oh, the last day of april, how about that? it's saturday, april 30th. state of mind. good morning, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm michelle charlesworth. we have a weekend ahead of us. the meteorologist said, you know what? i'm going to the zoo. >> how close are you out there, miss freeze? >> reporter: we're getting wild this morning. it's run for the wild at the bronx zoo. look if he runners starting to get here and get ready to roll.
7:32 am
for the wild. it's about the animals, you guys, helping out the zoo, helping out wildlife, not just here in our own backyard but across the globe. we do important work here right in our community. the people showing up today want to be a part of it, and that's pretty exciting. they will run a 5k through the park then spend the whole day at the zoo. they have a nice festival set up for the whole family. even if you are not running in the race, you can be a part of the earth day festivities. it is a lot of fun, not just the typical things at the zoo from camel ride today the monorail. the full day, let me get you up to speed. this is the better day of the weekend to get you the and about. well take temperatures from the 40s into the low 60s for the afternoon highs. now, we did start off cool in some spots. 30s northwest new jersey up in monticello. we're climbing slowly into the low to mid-40s.
7:33 am
breakout sunshine to warm us up. storms, showers, they all hold off until the pre-dawn hours tomorrow. we're looking at 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. for the clouds to move west to east. sunday is a rainy, raw uncomfortable day. moving day. today's the day to get out and about. you'll need your rain gear tomorrow. i'll have your accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes, you guys. planning the receipt of this day is the high of 63 in new york city. they will get ready. 8:00 a.m. is the start time. more about the runners coming up here live in the bronx. back inside to you. >> thank you, amy. to the news now, we're following a developing story out of new jersey where a car burst into flames after veering off the road. we're hearing four people had to be pulled from the wreckage. marcus solis joins us live from the scene in clifton with detail. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: good morning, rob. we are on koller road where
7:34 am
police on scene as well cleanup crews after the fiery crash that took place after 3:30 this morning. we'll show you some video of the accident scene. you can barely see in the woods a vehicle that went off the road and ended up in the woods. it exploded into flames. as we said, four people inside of that car, it is unclear what led to that accident. there is a slight bend in the road. it's unclear whether speed was involved. it is an industrial part of clifton where drag racing often occurs. emergency crews pull those for occupants out of the car. it is unclear their condition. meantime, the investigation continues. police are still here on the scene. looking live, you can see crews from pse and g. they are repairing some of the downed wires that occurred.
7:35 am
that needs to be replaced and koller road remains closed. we're live in clifton, marcus solis, "eyewitness news." a thief is using an old trick to target certain homes. watch as surveillance video from a home in hop. he opens the garage door after checking to see if the cars in the driveway were unlike. >> we got complacent and forgot to lock the doors last night. this is what can happen. we have to be more vigilant. anything missing. people in the area should lock the door as well between the garage to the home and also lock their cars. he was the easter bunny who suddenly started brawling in a local mall.
7:36 am
though, have now been downgraded. aggravated assault charges against kasim charles, aka, the easter bunny, downgraded to simple assault. the video that went viral shows him duking it out with wonga rare row in jersey city. jimenez-guerrero attacked charles after his toddler slipped off the bunny's lap. this is marathon weekend on long island. today one mile and 5k races are being mild and tomorrow there is a marathon, half marathon and 10k race. those will start behind the nassau coliseum. you can see a full list of events and maps of the race courses at the man who was punched in the face because he looks like shia labeouf has found support from the real actor. mario says labeouf left him a two-minute long voice mail after the attack on the lower
7:37 am
he says the actor said sorry that he was attacked because the two do look-alike. labeouf also told him if he was in new york, he would bring him some soup. >> wow. >> what a weird attack but kind of cool that the real actor reached out to him. >> i'm so sorry. so bizarre. coming up next, the powerball jackpot surged past the $300 million mark. details and you can catch the drawing. >> spring in full bloom. folks who suffer allergies, though, they are not having the best of time. strategies, though, to help you
7:38 am
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7:40 am
. >> getting back out there with amy freeze who's going buck wild. >> starts in 20 minutes. hey you? >> it's called run for the wild. that's the name of it. he says we're going wild or
7:41 am
>> wilder than usual. >> what's he saying? >> well, it's the eighth annual run for the wild at the bronx zoo. the weather could not be better. it's absolutely gorgeous. all of the runners are gathering at the start line. 5500 runners will run the 5k through the zoo and can spend blast. let's get you up to speed for what's happening. for your saturday, which is better weather than sunday, if you want to get outside, temperatures are starting off in the 40s. mid-40s in spots. we're starting with most places at least in the low to mid-40s right now pushing to near 50 degrees. getting into the upper 40s on long island. we've got low to mid-40s. skies are getting off with overconditions. we're cloudy in most areas. the sun is going to break through and make the transition.
7:42 am
warm up and we'll look for the low 60s. the overall pattern is dry and cool today, but tomorrow, the rain moves in. there's a front coming across the central plains that's created showers, thunderstorms, and severe weather. we had baseball, softball sized hail yesterday in parts of the tornado alley, oklahoma. then there were tornadoes that touched down in parts of texas just outside of dallas. so it's wild weather. we get the north end of that front bringing us showers. they move west to east starting in the pre-dawn hours. it will keep the temperatures very cool. so tomorrow during the day, we're in the low 50s. while we start with that rain just before dawn, it can be occasional rain off and on throughout the entire day with a moderate shower in the middle to late afternoon. we finally clear out the rain and showers to monday. there we kick off may. the forecast here over the next 48 hours. we know saturday is much better
7:43 am
goes and a dry factor getting able to get out and about and enjoy the weekend weather. if you've got to do something outdoors tomorrow, be prepared for rain that includes all of you at the long island half and full marathons and all of the races going on. the accuweather seven-day forecast gives us another shot at showers about thursday. that's when the next chance of rain comes in. it's very active here this morning. wear at the start line. first of all, what's the latest at the bronx zoo. what's happening and all of these people showing up to support wildlife conservation. >> you see in life the latest zoo. this is the eighth year, the run for the wild. great day for the run. great weather day for runners. after that, everybody is free to come here and enjoy the zoo, see all of our exhibits, learn about the animals and hopefully be inspired by nature. the great thing about our exhibit is not only did they inspire people but hopefully they give people information
7:44 am
wildlife is facing in the wild around the globe. information about they are working in the great species in the wild. >> there are so many great stories about the battle. are there any specific examples you are having in your own backyard where it's been a victory? >> yeah there's plenty. certainly, the bison is the first grade example of wcs and the bronx zoo is involved as early as 1907. >> reporter: what you mean by that is we help bring the bison back in the bronx. >> the first director of the bronx zoo assemble the bison herd and send some of the animals back to the western plains in 1907. >> it's really incredible. >> when they are only visible here, the toledo zoo and the gorge, theyrd first amphibian that was extinct in the wild
7:45 am
original area. >> reporter: that's really incredible. congratulations on all of the work you do. the bronx, you guys, really creating a legacy for wildlife conservation that expands the own tire planet. so it's happening rate here. come out and support them. the monorail opens today. wabc here supporting you guys. wear proud to be a part of it. >> thanks for being a part of it. >> reporter: michelle and rob, a lot of folks out here. not only do they have the t- shirts on, they raised money for conservation but they've got their face painted. when rob says people are going wild, michelle, they are going wild. >> i love it. >> back inside to you. >> all right. it starts in about 15 minutes. i love the story about the bison going back to 1907 keeping the buffalo alive. all right. someone could be $300 million richer tonight. it surges into triple digits. nobody matched into wednesday
7:46 am
so the pot grew for the $314 million. the cash value is $204.7 million you can watch tonight's powerball drawing live here on channel 7 before "eyewitness news" at coming up on "eyewitness news" saturday morning, spring flowers, of course, a clear sign of warmer temperatures, but yeah, allergy season as well. how people who want to enjoy the great outdoors can do so with all of that sniffling and sneezing. before you go to break, though, let's look at today's channel 7 community calendar. >> featuring a remix dedicated to the big race out there that amy's covering. yes, a song, very famous. >> pretend, a joke. >> it's real. very real. >> it is not gonna play. [ laughter ] >> right here, originally released 1966, april of 1966. of course, the most famous version of this song, this is
7:47 am
>> reporter: here's what's happening. stop by the javits center in manhattan for the free diabetes expo. entertainment, exercise tips and access to diabetes experts. on long island, the eighth annual westhampton earth did i celebration. face painting and live music. nyc parks and disney holds the eighth annual street games including double dutch, hula hoops, soap box derby and more. plus you can enjoy nature with the hike-a-thon. let's move dance with the african di dance-a-thon. and the ultrarare theatrical
7:48 am
for more information about these events and submit an
7:49 am
7:50 am
to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day. may now on the horizon. allergy sufferers already know the drill. pollen is swirling and triggering an onslaught. [ laughter ] >> my co-anchor snots mcgee. if that had landed on me, michelle, we would have had a moment up here. [ laughter ] >> you know what, i was really blowing my nose before. kristin thorne shows us ways to cope. you need a hazmat suit. >> where's my purell? >> reporter: have you noticed
7:51 am
if you have allergies, you definitely have, and so have a lot of people. we had a mild winter. >> the warmer it is, the earlier the pollination will be and therefore it will look like they have a longer spring season. >> reporter: the doctor heads- up the allergy department at winthrop university hospital. she says if you have been suffering this season, make shauer to watch pollen-ridden clothes, clean your face thoroughly, focusing on your eyes and eye lashes. make sure to close your car and home windows to keep the pollen out. >> know what you are allergic to. >> reporter: because the allergy season is starting earlier, doctors say people who don't say they have allergies may realize they actually do. >> when you symptoms of allergies, depends on how long you've been exposed and how heavy the exposure is. >> reporter: doctors say symptoms of allergies could seem like a cold, but a cold only lasts for five to seven days.
7:52 am
typically last more than two weeks. kristin thorn, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> good advice. >> sorry.
7:53 am
7:54 am
ba da ba ba ba coming up in just a few minutes. the weekend edition of gma. >> good morning to you. >> hey, michelle, hey, rob. coming up, the chaos in california as protesters swarm
7:55 am
look at this, clashing with supporters and police, storming the doors of the hotel where the billionaire was about to speak. he had to use a back door to get in. this as we're t-minus three days away from a pivotal last stance tore trump's republican rivals. new developments and videos in the vision into the sudden death of prince. emergency vehicles awaiting his private plane made an emergency landing days before he died. was there actual little a doctor on board, and what role could the doctor have played in the pop star's final days? timely here, the controversy and humiliation at the nfl draft. the top prospect plameing a hacker for posting a shocking video on social media. the fallout costing him millions and what the nfl is saying this morning coming up on gma. we'll see you guys very soon. >> wow. that's good video, as we like to say on tv. >> yeah, vivid. >> thanks a lot.
7:56 am
let's go to the bronx. meteorologist amy freeze is live and living the wildlife this morning up the in boogie- down. >> reporter: get ready, you guys, for race time. lined up behind me, 5400 runners getting ready to make their way, aa 5k three-mile run with open access to the zoo today. they can check out all of the wide life. it's just a wonderful morning to support such an important cause. the work they do makes a difference across the world. now, l. weather today will be better than tomorrow. so be prepared for cool conditions this morning, now we are going for sun breaks. the accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow. sun moves in, pre-dawn hours. i mean, showers move in, pre- dawn hours with no sun tomorrow. if you have outdoor activities, tomorrow could be sort of a
7:57 am
a lot of folks will be out for the long island marathon. it will be one of those race days where you have to bundle up and be ready for the showers. we're just a few minutes away from race time. we'll capture all of it with you and share with you coming up. you guys, it is a great looking crowd, though. we're just a few minutes away from take off time. a lot of folks have raised lots of money. >> we see you. >> one fan is waving. >> oh, my goodness. >> hello. >> how long y'all been dating? >> oh, that's so nice. that's awesome. >> reporter: i told you that's not me in the costume. >> there they are in the same place. >> time now 7:57. our top stories chilling news out of clifton, new jersey, a car veered off the road through ad wood area and burst into flames. four people had to be pulled from the wreckage. >> marcus solis is live with the latest. marcus? >> reporter: rob and michelle,
7:58 am
in the meantime pse&g crews working to replace one of the utility poles damaged in that crash. we'll show you some of the video from this morning. this crash around 3:30 on koller road in clifton. the car ended up in the woods couldn't negotiate a slight bend in the road there. it burst into flames and the four victims had to be pulled from the car. two women, two men taken to two area hospitals. the cause of the crash unknown. unknown whether or not speed was a factor. again, some damage here as a result. that is being cleaned up. the police investigation continuing. the cleanup expected to last several hours as a result, koller road in clifton remains closed. live in clifton, marcus solis, channel 7 "eyewitness happening today, new yorkers with outstanding warrants will be able to start anew. authorities will clear warrants for nonviolent offenders.
7:59 am
qualifying warrants include disorderly conduct, public consumption of alcohol. expect a traffic mess this weekend while attacked the tappan zee bridge. that he out of four northbound lanes are now closed for some repairs. work started and will continue until 2:00 this afternoon. the work will resume tonight at 9:00 and will continue into sunday. right now, construction crews are driving piles into the river bed for a new bridge. drivers are being told to take another route or to at least expect some delays. you can find full details on our web site at that is going to do it for us on this saturday morning. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> i'm rob nelson. for the entire team at "eyewitness news," thanks so much for spending part of your weekend with us. >> stick around for "good morning america" coming up next followed by just before 9:00, we're back with another check on "eyewitness news." >> have a great saturday.
8:00 am
run for the wild run good morning, america. right now, targeting trump. protesters push past barricades and clash with police at this republican rally. the chaos forcing the presidential candidate to ditch his motorcade and slip in through a side door. >> it felt like i was crossing the border. >> this as all eyes are on indiana. can ted cruz make a comeback? breaking overnight, deadly carnival accident. two teens ejected from the sizzler. one of them killed. the thrill ride a popular attraction, so what went wrong? the investigation this morning. severe spring storms, tornadoes tearing through the southern plains. stores and homes ripped apart. >> our house is destroyed. >> hail the size of baseballs and flash floods. what's ahead in the forecast?


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