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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it started taking on water. nypd's aviation unit responded to a 911 call about a man, sinking in a kayak. after spotting the 33-year-old in distress, two divers entered the water. they were able to help him into the nypd harbor unit boat. the man had hooked a sizable fish and was focusing on reeling it in when he began to drift. >> he definitely had a little look of panic and was absolutely exhausted. >> we were able to assist the divers in getting the victim on our boat. he seemed shaken but was otherwise okay. he was thankful we picked him up. >> reporter: again that kayaker is okay. we are told he actually did have a cell phone on him at the time. before things got too dangers he was able to take out his phone, phone a friend and it was that friend who made the 911 call.
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a man and a woman forced to jump into the water after their boat caught fire in the great neck canal. they swam about 20 feet to shore, were not hurt. their boat drifted and hit some docks which were slightly damaged. the fire department helped extinguish the fire. the cause is under investigation. a fight over a subway seat turns bloody, two men got into an argument on a northbound number 4 train around 12:30 this afternoon. as the train pulled into the 125th street station the fight spilled out on to a platform. that is when one man stabbed another. both were arrested. an apparent hate crime in queens. >> reporter: police are looking for three men, caught on camera, accused of attacking a teenager with a bat and pipe while spewing slurs as they assaulted him.
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with the details, stephen? >> reporter: the victim with sa very quiet person. according to police he was beat by three men as one yelled isis at him. it happened right in broad daylight around 1:30 in the afternoon on wednesday. the 19-year-old victim was walking down the street here, when he noticed he was being followed of the police have released surveillance video of the three suspects. they are about 18 years old, range not guilty height from 5'6" to 5'9". take a close look. police say one -- ranging in height from 5'6" to 5'9". police say one had a baseball bat. the victim had minor injuries and refused medical attention. neighbors are surprised something like this happened in their neighborhood. >> very quiet kid. very decent. >> reporter: you feel bad for him? >> really? you know.
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if it is like he mentioned to the police, like racial slur that you know, they said to him. but you know, this never happened again, i'm saying this you know? a very quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: the nypd hate crime's task force is investigating this incident. coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00, we'll hear from the victim's father. stefan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. a developing story in kenya, where at least a dozen people are dead following a that 6-story residential building came down in a heavy rain in nairobi. a chaotic scene as rescuers pulled survivors from the rubble. at least 134 people were hurt. the government now says that building did not have an occupancy permit. police have ordered the owner to come in for questioning. in iraq today, protesters
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building. the move came after months of sit-ins outside the so-called green zone where government buildings are located. the prime minister now says that situation is under control. the u.s. attorney's office wants to know if improper bidding was involved in an initiative to bring technology development to buffalo. the federal probe is also look into the whether some of the people involved were being paid by companies wanting to be a part of the initiative. governor cuomo has also hired a former prosecutor to do an interrible investigation. -- internal investigation. former california governor and u.s. senator pete wilson threw his support behind ted cruz. cruz and competitor john kasich, who also held town halls in california addressed
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bay area. in his remarks just a short while ago cruz took an indirect jab at donald trump. >> you need someone with good judgment that is sober and stable and level head and not likely to make rash and hot headed decisions. not likely to explode at the latest twitter storm. >> no campaign appearances for front runner donald trump. his appearance yesterday sparked protests. we turn now to the democrats. bernie sanders's campaign dropped a lawsuit against the democratic national committee. it claimed the committee risked access to a voter database. the dnc said four sanders staffers exploited a software error to improperly review data from the clinton campaign. access was restricted. the four staffers in question
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the dnc restored the database access. meanwhile hillary clinton's family doing the heavy lifting so far this weekend. daughter chelsea was at the opening of her mother's kentucky office and former president bill clinton was in indiana ahead of the state's tuesday primary. new york congressman charles rangel threw his support behind assemblyman keith wright. rangel is retiring after 45 years in congress. wright, meanwhile, is asking a judge to throw another democrat off the ballot. he is accusing adam clayton powell of submitting fraudulent signatures. members of one union voted not contract. the brotherhood of engineers and train men did not disclose the tally.
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eight unions have ratified their deals, while two others voted today. a driver slams into a house on long island, then disappears. coming up on eyewitness news, police look for the driver who left behind a big mess. attacking the zika virus. government leaders in new jersey outline a battle plan. ahead. and i hope you enjoyed the weather today. we have much needed rainfall on all across new york families are coming back to time warner cable. join them, and switch right now. we have trucks standing by, and we can install as early as today. we came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed.
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police on long island are looking for the driver and passenger of a car that slammed into a house no north amityville. -- in north amityville. no one in the house was injured. despite the damage inspectors deemed the house as structurally okay. a chance to wipe the slate clean of outstanding warrants today. dozens in the five burrows took part in the program. it allows those who have low level warrants like public consumption of alcohol and an unleashed dog a chance to clean their records. warrants will be dismissed if defendants stay out of trouble for six months. it is all part of an effort to clear some of the 1 million backlogged warrants. congressional leaders left washington on a week-long
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the zika virus. the fda did grant approval for the zika virus test. new jersey is taking up the fight before zika is able to take hold in the u.s. >> reporter: senator bob menendez and corey booker the head of the cdc and u.s. health and human services director who just returned from puerto rico, which she called the epicenter of the threat. as the infected mosquitoes will likely travel north as the weather warms. she told a group of experts, lawmakers and doctors gathered there are 550 zika cases in puerto rico. 40 are pregnant women, pregnant will being their main concern since the virus causes micro zealous -- microcephaly in babies.
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prevention are needed here to stem the potential for major problems. the senators supporting president obama's request for nearly $1.9 billion to put preventative measures in place, and to put up a fight against zika causing a major crisis here in the u.s. please understand we in new jersey, this very diverse state, we are a traveling state. have a very busy airport and that makes the potential for the spread of zika all the more of a reality. we know it is not a question of if we are going to have to deal with the threat in our cities, but really to what extent and how we are going to deal with it. it. at this point, the primary
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to prevent infection in pregnant women. >> tony yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. severe weather turns deadly and spawns one tornado in east texas. the town of lynn dale, east of dallas, was hit there were no serious injuries. further south in the town of palestine, a grandmother and her four children died in a flash flood and another man is missing after he was swept off a highway. >> really bad weather in that part of the country today. nothing like that around here, but tomorrow we are struggling to reach the 50- degree mark with rain much of the time. we head outside right now, and we take a look at people enjoying today. i feel like every weekend we see more and more people out in metal.
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the south wind coming in around 6 miles per hour. pressurize frog 30.23. 65 was your high, about normal for this time of the year. the record was 91 back in 194- 267-8961 newark. 59 at laguardia. islip and montauk low 50s. mid-50s down the shore at bell mar. 60s in new burglary. the radar satellite not showing a whole lot. we cleared out nicely during the afternoon. now fair weather clouds areas popping up north and west of the city. you see these clouds stretching in from the south and west. our next weather maker causing rainfall over the ohio valley. this extends all the way back toward minneapolis and omaha,
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rainfall to get through. that is why it is going to be an extended period of unsettled weather, but we need the rain. not even a third of normal rainfall since march 1 in new york city and some of these values are repeated. less than half of normal rainfall in all bon that and in washington d.c. we definitely need the rain. futurecast overnight tonight, showing temperatures falling down to about 50 by midnight. clouds gradually lowering and thickening. it really gets going midday, into the afternoon hours, occasionally moderate rain out there. tomorrow night we get a little bit of a break, just kind of cloudy and damp maybe areas of drizzle. and during the day monday it warms up quite a bit, but the atmosphere is unstable enough where there could be a shower, perhaps even a thunderstorm around. but look at temperatures in the upper 60s. could be a cup of breaks of sun in the afternoon, one of those
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accu-weather forecast, plenty of clouds, a little bit of rain toward dawn. 47 tomorrow brisk and just cold. rain much of the time. just a raw, nasty day for your sunday. the high 516789 we are down to 48 degrees. as we check out your accu- weather 7-day forecast, monday still a shower or two around, but also breaks of sun that will warm things up into the upper 60s. a few breaks of sun tuesday. clouds win out though. mainly cloudy wednesday we may have to watch a coastal storm w that could be heavier rain in thursday. we have to get through tomorrow before we start looking into that. not a great day tomorrow and break out the rain gear. today though beautiful day. the designers of field 8 at
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special needs. nassau county officials say the state of the art synthetic turf allows its use by children and adults with autism, down's syndrome and other conditions. kind. there is no other field that is basically out here in the nation that is a multi-purpose. so we'll be able to play baseball on this field, play soccer and lacrosse and again it is handicapped accessible. >> that is fantastic. fans who until now have only watched others play, now will get their chance at bat. laura is next with sports. >> reporter: the stanley cup playoffs continuing in afternoon and lightning in game two. and we all know the mets' pitching is impressive.
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chatting at the baggage claim all day. geico . fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. another good day for a parade, a hit parade. >> it is only then of a first month of a long baseball season but the mets right where they want to be.
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east league. the mets going for an eighth straight win. bottom of the first walker up with the bases loaded. brings in two with that single. very next inning mets threatening. michael with his red hot start to the season. jacob struggling though. though the islanders's quest to rule florida upset today. then took care of business against the lightning wednesday in tampa for a 1-0 series lead in round two. a chance to make it 2-0. but it is 3-1 right now at the start of the third period. the 3-day extravaganza that
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with rounds 4 cxfing -l 4-7. in the fifth round paul perkins out of ucla. finally in round 6th. doral adams. in the fourth round justin burruss and brandon hell? round 5. no sixth rounders. they have two in the seventh, which are still to come. but while the draft has moved on, the nfl still buzzing with what happened on thursday night in round one as a top player fell thanks to a social media fire storm. all before laramie opportunity sell ever received a call from miami. >> reporter: he received his official dolphins jersey. >> it is a great opportunity. i don't know nothing about that. like i said i'm blessed just to be here. >> reporter: for the alleged
5:23 pm
>> reporter: homes before there thursday's draft, this picture appeared, tweeted out. the number one pick in the draft allegedly wearing a gas mask and smoking some sort of substance. a few minutes later he tumbled to number 13 and then this screen shot of a supposed conversation the offensesive tackle had with the university of mississippi athletic department, arranging payment of his mother's utility bill. on thursday, when asked if he ever received money from his college coach on the dean sanders show, he fessed up. >> i had to say yeah. nfl commissioner roger goodell was more forth coming. >> hopefully he is going to turn out to be a great young player. >> reporter: leaving the dolphins brass to troy to explain their choice of draft pick.
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all the research we had done we are very comfortable with his character. we will have a complete draft round up plus hear from both the giants and the jets and full highlights of the islanders and lightning in game two of the second round series. joe and sandra, we'll see new a little bit. thank you laura. a new york lottery win is a family affair. will ium shaver jr. helped out his sister with her kids in danville, just south of rochester. to show her gratitude she bought him a lot tow scratch off ticket. the thank you paid off a million times over. >> i called my sister and said hey let's go to the store i think we might have won a million dollars. she is like yeah right. i'm like let me come grab you. we went to the 7-eleven down the street and she is like did you just win a million dollars?
5:25 pm
>> he is going to use part of the jackpot to help his family and invest the rest. consider playing this weekend's powerball jackpot. no one matched all the numbers in wednesday night's drawing. so the estimated jackpot today is $314 million. the cash value $104.7 million. you can watch tonight's powerball drawing here on channel 7 right before eyewitness news at 11:00. a scratch off would work for me no. still ahead, four people pulled from a fiery wreck in new jersey. there is new information coming in right now. and eyewitness news, does your favorite restaurant make the grade? you will be surprised what some new york city restaurant owners do, to heated their sanitary inspection results.
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get screened for colon cancer. here's a look at tonight's top stories. the coast guard came to the rescue of a kayaker in trouble off coney island. flames forced two people to jump off a boat. and police in queens searched for three men accused
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bat apparently because of his rage. i'm joe torres. and i'm sandra bookman. aj ross at the scene of a crash with details. >> reporter: police are trying to determine if speed or alcohol could have been factors in this horrific crash that senator young people to the hospital. you can see the tread marks from the tires of this car that veered off the road and crashed into there wooded area before bursting into flames and people who live nearby say it sounded like an explosion. they are grateful those inside are expected to make it. >> i was sleeping and awoke by the sound it was like a loud crash. it is one time and then a second. >> reporter: the impact of the collision sent a chilling echo
5:30 pm
neighborhood and startled juana santana from her sleep. she found fire and ems converged on this road. a car suddenly lost control around 3:30 a.m. and slammed into a wooded area shortly before it caught on fire. trapped inside were two young men in the front and two girls in the front ages 1-24. >> i heard somebody yelling call the police. it was chilling. it was really chilling. it went like right through me. >> reporter: first responders managed to quickly pull all four to safety and three were rushed to st. joseph's medical center. what caused the horrific accident is under investigation but juana has been praying for throes involved to pull through. >> i prayed hard for whatever it was. if it was an accident, everybody would be okay.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: now the speed limit here along color road is 30 miles per hour. several people say this stretch of road used to be known for drag racing, although there incidents. news. syria, the subject of urgent talks this weekend, secretary of state john kerry is headed to swits happened tomorrow for throes discussions. this follows dozens being killed over the past week in the syrian city, including an attack on a pediatric hospital. kerry and others will review truce agreements in the region and broaden humanitarian aid. he will try to restart peace discussions between the syrian government and opposition groups. protesters in germany breakthrough a barricade today
5:32 pm
in stuttgart -- in the area. the party has an anti refugee and anti-islam platform. some restaurants may be trying to hide their less than passing health department grades. here's investigative reporter jim hoffer with his exclusive report. >> reporter: you would think with an a grade the chef at this popular west village restaurant would have the grade posted in the window. >> either somebody stole it or just not being aware of it. >> reporter: it is more likely there is no grade posted here
5:33 pm
got a c. the well-known restaurant had vie violations. >> you are breaking the law. >> we found other restaurants not posting their grade. >> you got an a? >> their latest grade inspection, the health department inspector slapped them with the lowest grade, after finding nine sanitary violations, including presence of life roachs, flies and food not protected against possible contamination. that c, which by law should be posted in the restaurant's window, is nowhere to be found. >> that is illegal. you are supposed to post a grade of your restaurant. >> reporter: other restaurants also hid their grades. joe's coffee in chelsea had their c, placed down low, behind a bench.
5:34 pm
benton cafe, it was like a san franciscoier hunt, trying to find their grade. >> that is it. -- a scavenger hunt, trying to find their grade. >> reporter: in many cases grade pending can be used to appeal a c grade. but often they illegally keep the grade pending in the window. >> reporter: what was your last grade you had? >> i believe an a. >> reporter: not true. they lost their appeal of their c. that required them to take down the grade pending and post the c. they have already been fined twice for not posting their grade. >> negativetively affects business. >> reporter: we visited 38 restaurants with cs. the majority, 20, either posted no grade, hid their grade, or falsely put up a grade pending. in response to our investigation a health department spokesman says they have and will find restaurants that do not post their grades.
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159 people on board, sickened by the norovirus left britain on april 16th with more than 1400 passengers and crew. the cdc plans too meet it at the next -- to meet it at the next stop in baltimore to evaluate the situation there. what if getting a vaccine were as simple as putting on a bandage? researchers on long island are making that a reality. kristen thorn has the story. >> reporter: no one likes getting needles. >> what if all vaccines were as simple as stick omega healthcare a band aid?
5:39 pm
behind research at stonybrook university. how the immunomatrix patch works. >> up top, you have our patch. the red, large balls are supposed to represent vaccine molecules. the moisture is going to travel up into the patch and it is going to start to dissolve it away. when the moisture moves up, as you can see, the skin begins to detract, because it gets dehydrated and now you have a lot of moisture sitting on top of dehydrated skin. >> reporter: the brie servetive- free patch can be applied anywhere on the skin and works within 24 hours. unlike conventional vaccines, the patch can be unrefrigerated for up to 10 weeks. that could revolutionize not only the way we receive vaccines here, but around the world, particularly in third world countries. >> what if a drone could fly in and deliver a band aid? everyone could is it stick it on.
5:40 pm
another 10 years until the patch is commercially available because there is still a lot of research to do, including human trials, which hopefully would start in the next four years. >> reporter: the results that we have been able to gather, so far, are incredibly, incredibly exciting. >> reporter: the patch has already proved effective in studies of vaccines for the flu, anthrax and whooping cough. a nationwide effort to prevent prescription drug abuse today. the drug enforcement agency held its drug take back day around the u.s., including our area. agency workers accepted medicines with no questions asked. the dea says prescription drug abuse can be a gateway for other drugs. >> we are 5% of the world's population. we consume 99% of the world's hydrocodone and 80% of the world's oxycodone and we know
5:41 pm
opioid abuse to heroin abuse. >> the dea expects around 47,000 people will die nationwide from a drug overdose this year. that is more than car accidents and firearm related deaths. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00, a man rewarded for returning a wallet to its rightful owner with a huge chunk of change still inside. and this ride certainly isn't for anyone with a fear of heights. but leaders in one south american country have tall expectations for it. you ought to lower your expectations for the weather
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carolyn and rachael lloyd went out for a hike in new zealand only to get disoriented and lost in the forest outside wellington. for days they huddled together for warmth and rationed what supplies they had. a search helicopter spotted them this morning after seeing two help signs they had made. >> they stayed together, they stayed warm and rationed their resources out. understandably, a little bit worse for wear, now dehydrated and exhausted. >> the two were checked out at the hospital and are okay. rachael is studying abroad right now in new zealand, and her mother is there, visiting from north carolina. the world's highest cable car is up and running again. it goes, ready for this? more than 15,000 feet up a mountain in venezuela. and in the philippines,
5:46 pm
held a wooden scooter race. no wipe outs anywhere in sight. the race is part of a local festival that showcases tribal unity and heritage. the annual festival is a big draw for tourists. i love that. wooden scooters. that is great. there. isn't that what is involved in predicting the weather? >> or is it more like witchcraft? >> reporter: you know i think the latter might be more accurate. it has been a beauty of a day out there. i hope you enjoyed it. tomorrow? not so much. a live look toward the empire state building. 61 degrees, wind coming in from the south around 6 miles per hour. next 7 hours looking like this, temperatures gradually falling down through the 50s. 51 by midnight.
5:47 pm
arrive until just before dawn tomorrow, ahead of this area of low pressure the warm -- and the warm front. the rising air causing your rainfall. eventually we get a taste of the warmth during the day on monday with temperatures raising back up into the upper 60s. right now 61 at central park. also at morristown. closer to the water, cooler as is usually the case. 53 in islip. here's our rainfall right now, just entering say western pennsylvania, extreme western prepared and spreading off to the east. if we time it for you we are expecting the leading edge of the steadier rain to reach the poconos and catskills around 3:00 in the morning.
5:48 pm
to move into the five boroughs of new york city, up the hudson river valley and it may take until 9:00 a.m. to reach until the east end of long island. lower 40s in the suburbs. morris down to 41. not much of a recovery during the day tomorrow. we have the rain out there, the cloud cover, the wind coming off the water. it only gets up to 51 if we are lucky. much of the day gets up to the 40s. weather wellness looking like this. the only thing about this rainfall is we need the rain, we are well below normal. but it also gets rid of pollen, it is low to moderate instead of high. the u jindex not high at all. accu-weather, more rain developing toward dawn. brisk and cold. it is rain much of the day tomorrow.
5:49 pm
i can't emphasize it enough. 51 for a high if we are lucky. occasional drizzle tomorrow night leading more toward drizzle, then monday a few breaks of sunshine. that warms things up into the upper 60s. that can destabilize the atmosphere. perhaps a rumble of thunder. the best chance of a shower or two is actually in the morning. tuesday is mainly cloudy. we have to watch a wave of low pressure off to our south. 64, a break on wednesday. 64 but still mainly cloudy. more rain late in the weekend, that could be with a coastal storm and that could mean rain in here thursday into friday. we need the rain, and when it rains, it pours in this accu-
5:50 pm
>> well we need it. >> a big reward for a good deed. earlier this week a man in portland, oregon found a wallet with $1000 inside and he returned it. one viewer felt touched by the good deed and offered a spectacular and unexpected reward, two tickets to a seattle seahawks game. >> it really, really touched me. in fact i'm shaking now a little bit on the thing, i was so moved by it. we don't see enough of that. >> that is the main statement i got from everybody. it is just really nice to see something good. >> and, depending on the game, seahawks tickets can fetch up to $1000 apiece. >> there you go. well, getting your morning coffee and donut fix could soon be a little easier. dunkin' donuts is expected to roll-out on the go ordering within the next few weeks. customers will be able to
5:51 pm
24 hours in advance. orders can also be saved. the company is also planning to experiment with app-based curb side delivery later this year. rumor has it everyone has a doppelganger, would you like it meet yours? >> a new website aims to connect identical strangers
5:52 pm
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new york city has new ambassadors and they are green. the big apple says cow bunge ga -- says hello to tourists. they will star in ads that encourage families to come to new york. the timing couldn't be better for the guys, their newest movie is scheduled for release from june. a new website may help you find something familiar. your look alike. it is called twin the site was started by a woman
5:55 pm
her meet up went viral with more than 8 million views. users can believe their eyes when they meet their twins. >> it was the first time i had ever seen anyone that even looked remotely similar to me. >> the top half of the face started load and go i actually thought it was a picture of me and it was insane. >> they really look alike. >> the women were given dna tests that shows they are absolutely not related. they may look alike because their families are originally from the same parts of the world. >> one joe torres is scary enough. you can have your wedding in a new spot in the magic kingdom. couples can now get married in the park's new east park garden with a view of cinderella's garden. previously the only place to get hitched was the train station. disney owns disneyworld and abc 7.
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ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus. the elephants will perform their last show this weekend. they have been part of the show for 145 years. they are retiring the animals mainly because communities are banning the equipment used to guide them during the show. after the final bow, the elephants will be taken to the center for elephant conservation in florida. a new life, thousands of miles away for circus lions in south america. after two nations banned the use of circus animals, these big cats are being sent to south africa, retiring to a nature preserve. prince fans will get another chance to honor the music icon as amc expands screenings of purple rain. more than 200 theaters will show the 1984 movie. they were sold out last weekend following prince's death. prince won an oscar for the
5:57 pm
smoke and fire on the water. coming up on eyewitness news, a boat ablaze in a long island creek. carnival tragedy. two teenagers thrown from a popular thrill ride. what went wrong. and swept away, brand new video of an entire section of road just floating away. all that and much more, coming
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so s. divers save a man from a sinking kayak, just in time. and a hate crime attack. a manhunt underway right now for the trio that beat another man with a bat and a pipe while yelling isis. good evening everyone i'm sandra bookman. >> and i'm joe torres. a kayaker drifted miles offshore, fighting strong currents and waves off brooklyn


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