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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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so s. divers save a man from a sinking kayak, just in time. and a hate crime attack. a manhunt underway right now for the trio that beat another man with a bat and a pipe while yelling isis. good evening everyone i'm sandra bookman. >> and i'm joe torres. a kayaker drifted miles offshore, fighting strong currents and waves off brooklyn
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once divers pin pointed his location, that is when the daring rescue got underway. mallory? >> reporter: the water was about 50 degrees when that rescue took place. i want to show you here, you can see in these photos, two divers are preparing to enter the water from a helicopter above. nypd's aviation unit responded to a 911 call about a man, sinking in a kayak about 2 miles off coney island beach. >> as we got closer we were able to see it was in fact the kayaker we were looking for. >> reporter: after spotting the 33-year-old, divers were able to make contact with the fisherman in distress. >> he definitely had a look of a little bit of panic and was absolutely exhausted. >> reporter: they were able to help him onto the harbor unit boat. >> he seemed shaken but he was otherwise okay. and he was very thankful that we picked him up.
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a sizable fish and was focusing on reeling it in. >> he had a notation device. he also had foul weather gear. he got out, he was all right. that is what we train for and lives for another day to go fishing on his kayak hopefully. >> we are told that kayaker is doing just fine tonight. still no word on exactly why the kayak took on water to begin with. mallory huff, channel 7 eyewitness news. in suffolk county another water mishap. a man and woman were forced to jump into the water after their boat caught fire in the great neck canal. they swam to shore and weren't hurt. they ltheir -- their boat hit some docks. a search underway for a trio of teenagers who savagely
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of them yelled isis. the attack happened wednesday as the victim walked on 10th street near 33rd road in astoria. >> reporter: the victim was chased by three men. he was sucker punched over there. there was a neighbor who lives in that building who came outside and scared those men away. >> he is kind of traumatized. because you know, a guy punching him and another guy running with a bat and a pipe, screaming out racist you know, words and stuff toward him. you know he is traumatized. he is thinking they will hit him with the pipe. >> reporter: the father furious at the three men who allegedly assaulted his 19-year-old son earlier this week. his father calls his son a good kid, a quiet person.
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them called him an arab. >> they flocked his glasses. it happened so fast. he was walking faster away, and he heard people running. >> reporter: this is surveillance video of the suspects, released by police. it happened in blood daylight around 1:00 -- in broad daylight, around 1:30, and police say one of them punched him twice in the face. the one yelling isis had a pipe and the third suspect had a baseball bat. the victim noticed he was being followed so he took off running. his father grateful, because it could have been so much worse. >> his next move was to run into the house. by the time he would have got his keys and everything he would have got really injured. >> reporter: again, it was that neighbor who lives across the street the father credits for stopping this attack. the victim had minor injuries and refused medical attention.
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unit is investigating this incident. stefan kim channel 7 eyewitness news. a fight over a subway seat turns bloody. two men got into an argument on a northbound train around 12:30 this afternoon. as the train pulled into the 125th street station the fight spilled out onto the platform. that is when one man pulled out a knife and stabbed the other. both were taken to the hospital and both arrested. police released surveillance video after an attack in the bronx. detectives want to talk to this man about the incident. the man approached a 15-year- old woman from behind in white plains, and put his hands on her neck and choked her, before running off. police arrested two men
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the bridge -- the brooklyn bridge earlier this morning. the nypd has been left red- faced numerous times as climbers reached the top of the span. this man, david was arrested after posting this selfie last august. the u.s. attorney's office wants to know if improper bidding was involved in an initiative to bring technology development to buffalo. the federal probe is also looking into whether some involved were being paid by companies looking to be part of the initiative. governor cuomo has hired a former prosecutor to do an internal investigation. ted cruz and john kasich are trying to chip away at donald trump's support. devin dwyer reports from indianapolis. >> reporter: hoping to stop donald trump in indiana, ted
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>> i know that he needs someone exactly like carley to help him change this country. >> reporter: cruz's wife heidi and carley fiorina spending the day in the hoosier state, slamming donald trump. >> reporter: is this your last chance to stop donald trump? >> no it is a really important state. >> reporter: cruz and john kasich stopping in california. >> i can come in here and tell you everybody is ripped off, everybody is horrible, we are nothing but a big bunch of losers. or i can tell you these are serious problems. but they can be fixed. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump are flip sides of the same coin. >> reporter: trump confident enough to take the day off the campaign trail. thousands of liberal activists blocking the arrival outside the republican convention.
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barricades and clashing with police. trump forced to detour his motorcade. >> it felt like i was crossing the border actually. >> reporter: vote not guilty california is still more -- voting in california is still more than a week away. indiana a key piece of the puzzle, 57 delegates at stake tuesday. that can't test also important for democrats. hillary clinton now pulling ahead of bernie sanders in indiana, hoping a win will further solidify her status. bill clinton stumping for his wife. she and sanders also take a day off the campaign trail. denver dwyer, greenfield, indiana. protesters got through security and stormed the parliament building. the move came after months of sit-ins outside the so-called green zone. the prime minister now says the
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no deaths or injuries were reported. today kenya's president set fire to 105 tons of elephant ivory and more than one opportunity of rhinohorn. it is a dramatic demonstration against the ivory trade. a chance for new yorkers with warrants to wipe the slate clean. today legal aid, on the lower east side, helped people with low level offenses. a judge was dismissing offenses like disorderly conduct or offering to dismiss them if a defendant stays out of trouble for six months. this is an effort to clear 1 million outstanding warrants from new york city's system. tragedy at a carnival. two teenagers thrown from a popular thrill ride. new information from the investigation that is still underway. history in the making. one of the country's top military academies is set to get its first female dean more
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opened its doors. and new video of the powerful storm that swept away an entire section of road. and nothing that dramatic around here.
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teens are thrown from a ride, that incident in texas killed one girl, and another is seriously hurt.
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from a spinning ride, called the saysler last night. a third, terrified girl, was able to hold onto the safety bar. police are investigating the operators of that ride. >> there are inspections that are required. whether or not this vendor is up to par with that, it hasn't been determined. >> all three of those girls went to the same high school. they were the only people on the ride when the accident happened. new video, take a look, shows the aftermath of drenching rain in texas. a camera rolled as rushing water pushed a pipe through a road. the man who took the video said he started filming as he felt the ground move under his truck. police on long island are looking for the driver and passenger of a car that slammed into a house in north amityville. it happened this morning just after 1:00. witnesses say they saw at least
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no one in the house was injured, and despite the damage, inspectors deemed the house as structurally okay. west point may get its first female dean. president obama nominated colonel cindy jet to be the head of the board. she has a long history at west point. she is a 1982 graduate. would you like to enter the month of may with extra millions in the bank? who wouldn't? since no one matched all the winning numbers in wednesday night's drawing, tonight's jack spot stands at $214 million. the cash value, in case you are wondering, 204.7. you can watch the powerball drawing live right before eyewitness news at 11:00. we had a lucky break in the weather department today.
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east harlem looked a whole lot like the new york of old today. kids traded controllers for classic street gameful the park department and disney -- games.
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hosted the games. eyewitness anchor rob nelson helped to inspire kids to get out of the house and be active. >> it was the perfect day for that right? because tomorrow they are going to have to sit inside and watch tv and play video games. >> which is fun. but tomorrow on long island is the long island marathon and half marathon. >> oh boy. >> looking shaky. we have a lot of rain coming up during the day tomorrow. on long island it might take until say between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. to move on in. here's a live look right now at a beautiful evening. the shadows lengthening right now over central park. 57 right now the temperature has gone down a few degrees from our afternoon lie of 65, courtesy of the south wind coming in around 9 punishment the normal high 66. we were just about up to that during the day today. the record 91 back in 1942. all the way down to 30 in 1875.
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much cooler along the coast. 53 at jfk. 49 at montauk. you get farther away from the ocean and you are 64 right now. so enjoying a nice late afternoon slash early evening in the hudson valley. our next weather make soldier rain over the ohio valley, the leading edge moving into western pennsylvania, western maryland, and making steady progress off to the eat. but guess what? we need the rainfall. we are not even up to a third of our normal rainfall since march 1st. and up and down the east coast it is a similar story. under half of the normal rainfall in albany and half in washington d.c. we could use the few inches of rain in between now and next weekend, we could get a few inches of rain before it is all said and done. clouds lower and go thickening overnight. 51 by midnight. 40s north and he is with. heading into tomorrow, here
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rainfall, into the five boroughs by 8:00 tomorrow morning. and during the course of the day, it is just rain on and off, waves of moderate rain moving through the area right into early tomorrow evening. we get a break overnight tomorrow night and then on monday, the sun tries to actually come out during the afternoon. but that could cause a couple more showers or maybe even a thunderstorm to develop as we warm temperatures up to 68 by 4:00 p.m. so here is your accu-weather forecast. a little bit of rain developing toward dawn. down to 47. it is brisk, it is cold tomorrow. rain much of the day, raw and nasty. if we are lucky we get up to 51, but much of the day will be spent in the 40s with the cloud cover and the rainfall and wind coming in off the atlantic. occasional drizzle tomorrow night, down to 48. still a shower or two monday but also breaks of sun during the afternoon and that gets our temperature into the upper
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there may be another storm system heading up the coast and with that a period of rain. mostly cloudy wednesday, 64. another coastal storm, a more significant one could develop late in the week and that could mean heavier rain potentially into the first half of last weekend. days. the nhl is making us wait on this playoff series. it's been awhile since game 1 of the islanders and lightning round second series. today new york hoping it would all be worth the wait.
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florida a nice place to be this time of year. >> you don't exactly think liking though. >> the islanders won their first playoff series? 23 years. today they had a chance to take complete control. a lead on the lightning game two in tampa but the bolts came out with much more urgency.
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the islanders cut the lead 2-1. but tampa would get that back in the second. they add an empty netter 4-1 the lightning do indeed tie this series up. the mets have an extremely talented pitching staff. but it is their lineup that has stolen the spotlight. the latest outburst a 12-run- inning against the giants. the mets trying to make it 8 wins in a row. bottom of the first, walker up, bases loaded brings in two with the single. next inning the mets again threatening. the double, that scores two more. after the giants would cut the lead to one, the offensive answer, again this time the solo homerun, his fourth of the year. right now the mets 6-3 in the seventh. tonight it will be the yankees turn to take the
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the pinstripes last night got a homerun from alex rodriguez. david ortiz in the 8th inning. off season workouts, they are on in the fif. l -- in the nfl. the jets do not know who will be under center next season. new york went out and selected a quarterback in round two last night. where the penn state product fits in is anyone's guess but the team likes the pick. >> chrisian has a great football iq. we are eager to have him in the building. this had nothing to do with ryan fitzpatrick at all. we like ryan, we want him back. >> as for today, last day of
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justin burruss added from nc state. no sixth rounders but two in the seventh. selecting peak from clemson. meanwhile the giants wrapped up their draft today with a bit of a surprise. for the first time big blue did not draft an offensive or defensive lineman but they added sterling shepherd with the ninth pick of the round last night. the 4-year player at oklahoma a play maker throughout his college career ask will look to bring that to new york. >> highest player on our board. easy pick for us. we had a couple of names we liked as well, but there was too much value for us to pass this guy up. >> as for their final selections today in the fourth round the giants went defense selecting b. j. goodson and in
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and then adams a tight end from south carolina. the conference semifinals, spurs and thunder meet in the west. two games tomorrow as the heat and hornets battle to advance. the warriors and trail blaze ners game one on abc and the watch abc app they are going without steph curry. you can see it all here. that is the news for now. thanks for joining us.
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welcome to "world news tonight." a flash flood tragedy in texas. the grandmother and her grandchildren killed. their cries for help, but the rescue too late. five tornadoes tearing across the plains. and the severe weather not over yet. the carnival ride that turned deadly. two girls thrown from their seats. tonight, investigators on the scene. donald trump on the attack. his target now? the protesters who forced him to take the side door. while ted cruz takes aim at one of trump's endorsements. another crucial vote just days away. the teen accused of hitting 100 miles per hour so she could share it on snapchat. the crash that came next, and the lawsuit. so, is the app to blame? and, five days deep in the wilderness. a mom and daughter safe tonight.


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