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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  June 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> this is new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. with joe torres and sandra bookman, laura behnke with sports. and jeff smith with the exclusive accu-weather forecast. now, eyewitness news at 6:00. crowds descend on new york city march takes on a different tone in the wake of the orlando nightclub massacre. but first, breaking news in new jersey where police say a six- year-old boy accidentally shot his little brother with his mother's gun. hello everyone, i'm joe torres. >> i'm lauren glassberg in for sandra bookman tonight. police responded to the shooting at the home in east orange this morning.
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has the latest. >> reporter: the they are horrified and saddened and confused how a six-year-old boy got his hands on a gun in the first place. >> this is crazy. they should have a safe place. that has been going on in the news over and over when you hear about these incidents going on. people should not have a gun around four-year-old and six- year-olds. >> reporter: her little girl what happened a few houses down. inside will house a six-year- old boy accidentally shot his four-year-old brother in the head while playing with his brother's gun. >> i feel about the situation. i feel sad that it had to happen. >> that is very bad. >> reporter: it is unclear how the child got his hands on the gun or if their mother was home when it happened.
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is not even something they could imagine happening to them. >> no. no. we don't have the gun. no. no. we don't. no. that will not happen in my house. >> reporter: the names of the mothers an her sons have not been released. the victim is undergoing emergency surgery and is listed in serious condition. sefan, eyewitness news. both sides announced agreements after marathon negotiations. the unions representing engineers and conductors voted down an agreement reached in march. specifics on when members will vote on this deal have not yet been announced. tomorrow, more than a million people are expected to take part in new york's pride march.
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festivities to celebrate gay pride. mallory hoff is at the stonewall inn tonight to explain the events underway in the city. mallory? >> reporter: lauren, this could be new york city's largest pride parade yet. those participating will march down the street and pass what is now a national monument. but so many who will be here tomorrow are in harlem today. harlem pride. the event at jackie robinson park >> it is representing who you really are. >> reporter: many in attendance said they are getting ready for what is expected to be the biggest new york city pride parade in the history of the event. >> we are celebrating our heritage in the flights we have had for rights since stonewall which i was at, at the age of 13. >> reporter: at the stonewall inn, we met amy and jamie. after the massacre, they decided to move up their wedding date.
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the fall. and then, when orlando happened, we decided that life is short and we didn't want to wait. >> reporter: now, they will enjoy new york city pride as a married couple. >> tomorrow's parade will be awesome. [ laughter ] >> reporter: they were two of many who stopped by the national monument today observing a memorial that continues to grow in the wake of the shooting. this as preparation are underway for tomorrow's parade. >> we as americans need to come and unite. show love and compassion. >> reporter: and people will come from near and far to be here in new york city tomorrow. the parade will begin at noon. live outside of the stonewall inn, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you mallory. a special tribute to stonewall is in time square. president obama used pride weekend to designate the site of the stonewall uprising as a national monument. it is the first official
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of lgbt americans. the marquee in times square also wishes everyone a happy pride. and for more about this weekend's pride events including a map of tomorrow's march route, go to or you can find it on our free news app. police are investigating a deadly hit an run in new jersey. a 21-year-old was killed at an intersection in hobokin overnight. police released these blurry surveillance pictures of the suv they believe may have hit ross is there tonight. she spoke with people who live nearby. >> reporter: that's right. the hunt continues for the black suv with new york plates that fled the scene of the fatal accident at willow and sixth stealing the life of a 21- year-old and leaving a family heartbroken as they wrestle with so many unanswered questions. >> to think a family gets a phone call in the middle of the night. that their son is gone like
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21 years old, zachary simmons's life came to an end when a driver struck him in the middle of this hobokin intersection. >> it is terrible. you have children, you have brothers. grandchildren. >> it is horrible man. it makes me emotional. it is horriblement why do people drive like that? >> reporter: nearby surveillance cameras captured this black suv traveling southbound on willow avenue and sixth street. around 3:30 saturday morning just simmons and sent him flying into a nearby parked car. this business owner spoke with another eyewitness shortly after the horrific collision. >> he witnessed the whole situation. when he got over to the victim, the victim was absolutely horribly gasping for air. but he was actually walking
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was at the police department, extremely upset. shaken. >> reporter: simmons was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital, but many who live and work nearby say speeding is a common problem and they would like to see a stop sign placed at the busy intersection. >> it is all you hear all the time is screeching on the corner here. >> i almost got hit by a car twice a week. people need to slow down. >> something like that is a little beyond our circumstances because of the nature of the age of the victim. >> reporter: just heartbreaking. if you have any information on that black suv, please give authorities a call. call hobokin police. live in hobokin, i'm a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you a.j. ross. bill cunningham has died. cunningham was hospitalized after suffering a stroke just a few days ago. he spent decades documenting new york city fashion trends by just snapping pictures of everyday people on city
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never even sought. and a 2011 documentary. he was 87 years old. the mets decision to sign shortstop jose reyes to a minor league contract does not sit well with many players. he was with colorado. they cut him. after serving a two month suspension for violating the major league's domestic violence policy. the rockies still have to pay th contract amount of $39 million minus more than a half million dollars the mets will pay. new york city council speaker melissa released a statement saying enough. it is outrageous how little women's lives seem to matter when someone can throw a baseball really hard, wins super bowls or has a good jump shot. domestic violence kills
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seriously. new fall-out. the emergency meetings called today and donald trump weighs in on the global impact it is causing. >> plus, a deadly disaster. the help is government is sending to neighborhoods in west virginia. >> meteorologist amy freeze here in the accu-weather center. what a beautiful evening after a hot day. we are in for a warm night, but humidity remains low. coming up, we will talk what chances do we have for ?? the ford freedom sales event is on! with our best offers of the year! ? i'm free to do what i want...? and 0% financing is back!
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>> the fallout from the u.k.'s decision to leave the european union triggered emergency meetings and an economic impact that was felt across the globe. market upheavals have wiped out $2 trillion. the average american's 401k lost $3,000 all from friday's market losses alone. presumptive republican nominee donaldru a visit to scotland said he supports the decision to leave the eu and is down playing its impact on the u.s. >> the united states has real, real problems and, brexit is not that problem. >> scotland is now planning another vote on independence as it scrambles to stay in the eu. all over the u.k., more than 2 million supporters already
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were killed in a deadly crash on the garden state parkway in south jersey. the car flew off the highway and into a marsh north of atlantic city. the driver and one passenger were killed. two others suffered nonlife threatening injuries. the cause is under investigation. president obama has signed the president spoke with w windchill's governor by phone assuring him he will with the recovery resources he needs. torrential rain and rising water destroyed 100 homes, washed out roads and bridges and knocked out electricity to tens of thousands of people. national guard members are working around the clock to rescue people stranded from their homes. one man was rescued from his rooftop after staying behind to help a stranger who was panicking. >> i was making may way through
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a young lady screaming. by the time she got out of her house, she couldn't make it through the waters sand i tried to talk her spite but she was panicking. needless to say, i just couldn't leave her behind. >> the pga tour canceled the greenbriar classic because the host course suffered extensive flooding and america's tallest ferris wheel is coming to today be a major attraction.
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>> a giant ferris wheel is a step closer to reality. workers today finished pouring concrete to complete the foundation of the new york wheel which will be america's tallest ferris wheel at 630 feet. and, they added a hidden surprise to the foundation time capsule containing staten island related artifacts with instructions to open it in 630 years of the it included items of today's newspaper, a letter from james otto and a jar of organic honey. it is slated to open late next year. watch out for the bees. >> i don't want to presume, but perhaps the organic honey has some scientific relevance to
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and the climate and it is revealed in the honey. >> that is smart. >> i don't know if it is true. it is a guess. >> it sounds great. >> why else would they put honey in it? >> anyway, what a beautiful day we had. you know. perfect ten if you will in the first official weekend of summer. hard to beat 85 degrees with low humidity looking over the east river. it is a fantastic night. you should get really good shots of the sunset tonight. now. we had 77 degrees after a high of 85. that goes down in the record books but we actually have had some temperatures that are slightly hotter than that to the north. we ended the day 88. we are cooling it off in the boroughs. 76 in garrison. for long island, 74. 75 bellmar. 82 in rice town. holding onto the 88. hot day up north.
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is inland for inland new jersey. on the accu-weather track, hard to even scare up a cloud on the radar in satellite pictures. there are no showers ton east coast. things are dry. high pressure is in control. it is a nice pattern to keep all the way through the end of the weekend. temperatures were barely dropping into the 60s . we are right back in business with the 70s and the 80s tomorrow. so even as early as 10:00 a.m., we could be approaching 80 maybe an isolated shower late sunday night. well to the north. just kind of across the state line if you will. but that is about it. i think maybe north jersey into parts of monticello getting an isolated shower. not a big deal. by monday, it is clouds coming in with a weak front and tuesday is our next chance for rain. so we have a little stretch here. this front that comes in on
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air. just doesn't keep its energy and instability. by tuesday early morning, this front does bring showers to parts of the area north and west. by tuesday afternoon, that energy is back including for parts of the city, an isolated shower popping up. so the air quality is moderate. uv index is at an 8. so, from your wellness forecast, to, in your own backyard up into the catskills, jersey shore, any of the beaches, the forecast looks really good. so just prepare for being in the sun. and hot temperat just fine. the humidity is not back until monday afternoon. here is the accu-weather seven day forecast. temperatures are hottest tomorrow. 84 on monday. 83 on tuesday. wednesday, we are in the low to mid 80s through the middle of the week. tuesday, i think is an active day. thursday is an active day for rain that will be isolated showers wednesday afternoon. friday and saturday, temperatures low to mid 80s . there you go. feels like summer. >> it is an active forecast. before we get to anthony, a
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some people from the tristate area who helped those less fortunate. michelle charlesworth and rob most above and beyond at 7:00 right here on channel 7 and the watch abc app. don't miss it. >> wow. laura behnke has the night off. anthony johnson is up next with sports. >> knicks fans hold onto your seats, your vision of greatness could be closer than you think. coming up in sports, the best big man in basketball is his new home. is kevin durant a possibility? plus, the mets make a move today that comes with if you want to soar along the highest, longest and fastest zipline in north america, there's only one place to do it. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state.
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>> try to im average for regular season. knicks fans, it is time to dream big. dream like a big man. fresh off signing derek. durant is ready to listen to a knicks offer. he will become a free agent and july 1 and the knicks are one of his choices.
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titles and led the thunder to the western conference final. madison square garden could become fun once again. what was once old is new again. the mets have resigned jose reyes. he will play for the cyclones for the mets and could be back in the big leagues in two weeks. he left new york after winning the batting title in 2011. signed with the marlins in 2012. was part of a great duo with david wright. has gone way off track. last year, he faced a domestic violence accusation. the commissioner put him on administrative leave before spring training suspended until may 21. colorado released him and he is a new york met once again. sandy alderson spoke about bringing him back to the fold even with lingering ugly allegations of domestic
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organization will be held to a standard going forward that recognizes the seriousness of domestic abuse and commitment to stand against it. >> one other note for the mets, michael conforto has been demoted to the minors. he is being sent to triple a las vegas. he was hitting just 119 this month. hard and you know, i know i can play here. i know i have had success. and just got to find it again. and, i will work hard and hopefully be back here sewerage we had an afternoon game as the yankees took on minnesota. looks like they are getting it in gear. the yankees were going for
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baseball. michael paneza struck out eight and went six innings and gave up one run. that was a big blast from brian dozier. it was only the twins only run of the game. the yankee got on board in the bottom of the 5th inning. carlos beltran with the single. now, bottom of the 8th inning, starling castro hits a grounder to the shortstop. it is chapman put the final touches on this one. the yankees have won six of eight games and go for the sweep tomorrow. and, the guys in pinstripes welcome back mark tashere. it was his first day back in the lineup since june 3 when he went down with a cartilage tear. he walked and went 0-3. >> good news for the yankees. >> good news for the knicks. >> great news for the knicks. >> from ock to nyc? let's start dreaming.
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and buying tickets. >> that is the news for now. we thank you for joining us. stay tuned for abc world news. i'm toni yates. >> joe torres. >> reporter: i'm lauren glassberg. by the way, we are coming back at 11:00 and we hope you join us then.
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welcome to "world news tonight." states of emergency from coast to coast. in the east, historic floods washing parts of west virginia away. the death toll rising. and in the west, monster wildfires overwhelming firefighters. destroying entire neighborhoods and the warning tonight, the worst is yet to come. donald trump defends his tr touring his properties in scotland. saying if you can fix a golf course, you can fix a country. >> it's not so different. just a lot bigger. >> and is he close to choosing a vp? she taught fighter pilots in the movie "top gun." now actress kelly mcgillis in a real-life fight, with an intruder in her own home. >> what's your address? >> please help me! and the class action suit that has millions of music fans outraged. they thought they were getting free tickets to see stars like


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