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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  June 25, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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deadly gunplay. a young boy playing with his mother's gun shoots and kills his brother inside their home. celebration and security. police on patrol ahead of tomorrow's massive gay pride march. good evening.
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begin with heightened security ahead of the largest pride march. more police officers than ever before will patrol, two weeks after a shooting rampage in orlando at a gay bar that left 49 patrons >> their march begins tomorrow at noon on 36th street. it will head to street then ended greenwich street. >> before the march a special tribute after president obama a special monument. eyewitness news reporter cefaan kim is there. >> reporter: last year's march happened just days after the supreme court's landmark ruling legalizing same-sex marriage.
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record. in the wake of orlando, it will take on an entirely different meaning. tonight is the calm before the storm. by tomorrow, the stonewall inn will be pouring with pride. the historic site the end point where the tears of joy, cries of pain, and defiant solidarity will come together in one place just weeks after the worst mass shooting in our nation's history at a gay nightclub orlando. but tonight this to reflect on how far the lgbt movement has become. >> tonight is a pilgrimage. complete pilgrimage to the past. many people whom i have lost through aids, let alone the unfortunate thing with orlando. >> people need to understand who we are, also to know that there's a lot of misconceptions, a lot of hate
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police officials, meanwhile, say for the first time for obvious reasons there will be a focus on terrorism. this year they say the city has an obligation to the nation to show what pride and inclusion looks like, and there will be thousands of officers assigned to the route to make sure that happens. >> those are officers that you will see. there will also be police officers that you will not be able to see. those are officers that will be attired in civilian clothes. they will be mixing in with the crowds suspicious behavior or activity. >> reporter: the stonewall inn designated by president barack obama yesterday as the first national monument to gay rights. some we spoke to here tonight say that alone will go a long way in teaching younger generations in how to combat hate. live at the stonewall inn, cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> for more information about this weekend's pride events including a map of tomorrow's
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can find it at our free news app. new details tonight about a child fatallally shot. his own young brother in new jersey, the victim's mother now faces charge. police say the six-year-old shot the four-year-old in the head this morning in east orange. investigators say the gun belonged to the mother. she is charged with a weapons vi the six-year-old was apparently playing with the gun when the shooting happened. new information in a deadly hit-and-run in hoboken. surveillance cameras captured images of the black colored suv with new york plates that's believed to have been involved. 21-year-old zachary simmons of ramsey was crossing willow and sixth around 3:30 this morning when he was struck. people in the neighborhood tell eyewitness news they have been call for a stop sign at that correspond for years. >> for years they've been
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and never got it. that's all you hear all the time is screeching on the corner here. >> i almost get hit by a car like twice a week. people need to slow down. >> the tragedy is a sad turn for the simmons family. the victim's cousin is ben simmons who was the number one pick by the 76ers in the nba draft on friday. new clues tonight that could crack the case of a teen murdered while visiting his sick grandfather in the bronx. the 17-year-old was walking with an unnamed 21-year-old man last weekend. investigators say one of the men seen in the surveillance video pulled a gun and shot them. the 21-year-old remains in critical condition. new at 11:00, and we want to warn you, the video is graphic. it was released by the bridgeport police. it shows a scooter crash that critically injured a man. a report says the police chief wanted this video released because it illustrates the
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happened on wednesday. the man is expected to make a full recovery. a tentative deal is reached between new jersey transit and its two holdout unions. both sides announced the agreement this morning after marathon negotiations to avoid a january 30th strike. the unions representing engineers and conductors voted down an agreement reached with the rail line's other unions back in march. specifics on this new deal or when members will vote on it announced. states of emergency from coast to coast tonight because of dangerous and deadly weather. nearly two dozen people are confirmed dead after flooding slammed the east coast. many more missing. and out west two people have died as wildfires force evacuations and destroy towns. coast to coast millions of americans are dealing with dangerous weather. >> it come fast, real fast. >> it's the worst i've ever seen. >> reporter: in west vat's a race to rescue people from
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businesses, crews launching boats and waterlogged streets trying to find people missing for up to two days now. families forced to walk, climb, and float to safety. views from the air reveal how much area is still underwater. from the ground you can see how devastating the surge was. roads washed away, cars swept up, homes smashed apart. the people who lived there left picking up the pieces. >> i lost about everything i had. >> reporter: while so many others are anything is left. >> it was crazy down there. the whole thing is like underwater. >> reporter: from flooding in the east to fairs in the west. >> two tankers and an air tank just lifted off. >> reporter: strong winds are creating what fire officials are calling very ugly conditions as firefighters try to beat back a wildfire. >> we have a monster out there that might be not as bad as it
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potential is there. >> reporter: evacuation orders remain in place as the flames head east but this is what's left behind. communities reduced to ash and rubble. and with the flames raging out of control, survivors hope it will be days, not weeks, before they can go home and see what remains. >> when you hear people say it sounds like a freight train, it sounds like a freight train. >> reporter: evacuated residents are concerned they may not have any home to go to, but if their ho that they're being robbed. authorities do hope to have people back home within days, not the u.k.'s decision to leave the european union triggered an angry backlash from those who voted to remain. >> shame on you! >> boris johnson, one of the men who led the country's charge to leave, and who could become the next prime minister,
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have signed a petition for a do- over vote. >> all right, let's go. >> it's something i feel uncomfortable about. >> do you regret the fact that you voted to leave the union? >> i'm not regretting it at the moment. possibly, but only time will tell. >> top eu leaders urged the u.k. to start the process of getting out immediately in order to minimize the turmoil caused by its exit. meanwhile the "brexit" decision is the latest topic being argued in the u.s. presidential campaign. hillary clinton's campaign tonight released an ad ridiculing donald trump's reaction to the "brexit" decision during his weekend trip to scotland. >> we've taken the lighthouse, which is a very, very important building in florida -- i mean, in scotland.
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golf course. he praised the "brexit" decision and accused clinton of hiding from the media because she opposed it. >> she should go on camera. she called "brexit" 100% wrong, and she doesn't want to good on camera because she's embarrassed. >> while in scotland trump seemed to evolve is on his proposed ban on muslim immigrants. he said he would open the door to foreign muslims as long as they're vetted, but his campaign says not those from countries with a history of terrorism. trends with his camera's lens. "new york times" fashion photographer bill cunningham has died. cunningham was hospitalized after covering stroke just a few days ago. his snapshots of city streets, people, everyday people, were captivating and telling. he won never awards he never even sought. in 2011 a documentary was made about him which he be grudgingly agreed to be a part
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decision to sign shortstop jose reyes isn't sitting well with yorkers. reyes who played with the mets for several years before moving on was cut after cask two-month sues is suspension for violating a major league domestic violence policy. the rockies still to have pay the remaining contract amount of about $39 million, minus more than a half million dollars that the mets will pay. >> more reaction on the reyes move. a councilman relea statement saying, enough, it's outrageous how little women's lives seem to matter when someone can throw a baseball really hard, win super bowl, or has a good jump shot. domestic violence kills thousands of women every year and it's time professional sports actually takes it seriously. the mets should be ashamed. we need to be better. news about what will happen to prince's estate will be hard to come by. the media gets shut out of a hearing that focuses on the
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deadly turn. the rare bacteria lurking in the water at a major attraction that killed a teenage girl. and super-sized container ships are expected to pass through the newly expanded panama canal. find out why the east coast's busiest ports won't be ready for those boats. some of the nicest weather on the east coast has been
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the media is being shut out of hearings about prince's estate. a judge denied a request monday in minneapolis. they wanted to ensure the public and press would have access to state proceedings and records. the court hearing could get into claims about possible heirs to prince's estate. an 18-year-old went on a day trip to a white water center in north carolina. days later she was dead. the cause seems to be a deadly amoeba. >> the water gets driven up into my nose. now the amoeba are there, and they get stuck up against my mucus membranes and are able to work their way into my brain. >> the center has closed off
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local and federal officials investigate. final test results are expected next week. new tonight a colorado man arrested on long island after police say he had inappropriate contact with a teenager. investigators say he traveled to nassau county three times to meet a 16-year-old girl he had met on-line. he is accused of touching the girl inappropriately. he was arrested when the two were spotted together friday. he is facing charges of endangering a child and sexual abuse. in nassau county a man convicted of dog fighting for the fourth time. anthony redick could spend up to four years in prison. at least one dog died. as part of his sentence he is barred from contact with animals for 15 years. in 2014 a fire at his freeport home uncovered the dog fighting training facility.
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at the panama canal will open the unveiling comes in spite of a downturn for the international ship market. the expansion cost $5.25 billion. it was built to accommodate ships that were previously too big to cross. the expansion already has 162 reservations for large ship voyages. about one third of the canal's traffic is between u.s. east and asia. but as panama prepares, the busiest ports in our area will not be ready for them. a project to raise the bayonne bridge was delayed until the end of next year because of miscalculations and weather problems. until it is complete, the largest container ships cannot head to the ports of new york, new jersey, and elizabeth. a movie star known for her role in "top gun" becomes the victim of a crime.
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thirst for the extraordinary. aah! perrier. new at 11:00 a big surprise
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concert at a tribute band show. the band dedicated to him. [ music ] so cool. the piano man sat in for three songs with the band that goes by the name big shot. he sang one of the songs before adding some beatles and rolling stones. fans, needless to say, recognized him instantly. by the way, was in on it. they're made up of members of his touring unit. >> that rendition sounded really good. >> authentic. [ laughter ] >> well, i would say the weather is really good as well. >> spectacular saturday followed by stupendous sunday. how's that for you? >> i like that. >> the rest of the weekend is absolutely perfect. we head outside now.
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is calm. humidity at 58%, and it stays fairly low through the day tomorrow. it got up to 86 today. i think we will tack on another degree or two tomorrow. the average high 82. the record 99, and the sun is setting this year at 8:31 p.m. right at the coast there will be a sea breeze out there like there was today. that will keep the beaches in the upper 80 degrees. dry daylight on monday. a little bit more humid, too. thunder does threaten by monday night. in the meantime, 70 at newark and teterboro. farther outside of the city where the wind has calmed down, the clear skies cool you down quickly. upper 50s on the east end at montauk. there is an air quality alert during the day sunday from
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to 11:00 p.m. five boroughs of new york city. that means the air quality is not that great. you are going to want to avoid strenuous exercise outdoors during the day tomorrow. a big bubble of clear air over the northeastern corridor of the country. there is a front slicing through the midwest moving very slowly. this will get in monday night, into the day on tuesday with that chance of getting a shower or thunderstorm. lows tonight getting down to 65 in the park. the near and the outer suburbs. highs tomorrow get a degree or two warmer than today. 87 in the park. but right along the coast you get that cooling influence of the waters. 79 at belmar. only 74 at the east end of the island. if you're looking for natural air conditioning, just head south and east of new york city. north and west, a different story. 91 at poughkeepsie. overnight we're clear, down to
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in the morning. temperatures in the upper 60s, mostly sunny. low levels of humidity continuing tomorrow. for tomorrow night, we're mainly clear, down to about 67. here is your accuweather seven- day forecast. clouds and sun on monday, 84. now, by day's end there could be a spotty shower or thunderstorm in areas west of new york city. there's a better shot everywhere monday night, and especially into the day on tuesday. monday a lit than tomorrow. 80 on tuesday. a shower or thunderstorm possible at any point during the day. just a spotty storm possible. on wednesday 82, then we're back to beautiful thursday, friday, saturday, highs in the mid-80s, lows at night in the 60s. we need the rainfall, though. we'll talk about how part of the region is actually in a moderate drought now in the next hour. anthony johnson sitting in
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on a seven-game losing streak so a win tonight could move the mets only two games behind the nats in the national league east. we head down to turner field in atlanta, the scene of so much mets pain over the years. the teams were honoring the negro leagues tonight. degrom went eight innings. he struck out six. the mets did not score is any the 11th. former brave kelly johnson pinch-hitting for the mets took it deep for the first run of the game in the bottom of the 11th. a bouncer back to jeurys familia. mets win. the east is now getting tight. let's hope this one is only temporary but one of the
11:29 pm
the team. michael conforto. he was just hitting .119 in the month of june. starting on sunday fans of the brooklyn cyclones will get to see a very familiar face, jose reyes. if things work out he could rejoin the mets in two weeks. the combination of is reyes and david wright led the team to the playoffs in 2006, but he was with the blue jays and rockies and last year faced a domestic violence accusation involving his wife. the commissioner put him on administrative leave and he was suspended. colorado no longer wanted to deal with him, and now he's a new york met again. the mets know all eyes will be watching, and they know everyone is not too happy.
11:30 pm
person and baseball. >> he can do a lot of things to help us. we're just excited to get him back out there, and obviously, you know, hopefully he brings a lot to the table for us, because we can use that dynamic. the yankees are starting to make a move. they have won six of eight and go for a sweep sunday against the twins. the weather, jeff, was perfect as the fans were enjoying the summer pass time. eight. he only gave up one run. it came in the bottom 2nd when brian dozier launched this hit. carlos beltran drives in jacoby ellsbury. that tied the game at 1. to the bottom of the 8th. the shortstop boots the ball. escobar comes around to score. chapman strikes out dozier. that ends the game.
11:31 pm
.500 on sunday. in order for the yankees to get back in the race they need some big bats in the lineup. the pinstripes welcomed back mark teixeira. it was his first day back on the field since he went down on june 3rd. is much more ahead in sports. the knicks' tickets could become as popular as seats for
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well, this could end up being the biggest two weeks in the history of the knicks. first derrick rose joined the team. now there is talk kevin durant is taking new york seriously. free agent. according to reports the knicks are one of his favorite destinations. if that were to happen you could pencil in the knicks for a playoff run next season. a team of durant, anthony rose, and porzingis would definitely compete. after looking down right outmatched versus number one argentina the men's u.s. soccer team was looking to rebound
11:35 pm
america. tim howell would not be enough to stop the americans. this one headed back across the goal. tapped in. 1-0 colombia. the u.s. had several opportunities to get things tied up. the team's last gasp landing safely in the hands of the colombian goalkeeper. certainly disappointing for the americans. is on to mls pl the red bulls jockeying for position. nycfc taking on the seattle sounders. lambert finds the back of the net. nyc up 1-0. in the second half, nyfc getting the shutout, putting them ahead of the red bulls. the pressure was on for the red bulls in columbus. they would respond. bradley wright phillips with the diving header to put the
11:36 pm
would not be decided inregular time, the crew taking this one to the wire, tapping it across, tieing the game in the 93rd minute keeping the red bulls one point behind nycfc in and that's it for sports. >> a lot of soccer tonight. >> a lot of soccer. >> thank you anthony. a 21-year-old killed in a deadly hit-and-run. the best lead police have tonight to find the driver. plus, a tragic end to the search for a father and his children who disappeared while and a waterfront ferris
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here's a look at tonight's top stories. a mother faces charges for a deadly shooting inside her home. police say her six-year-old son shot her four-year-old son in the head this morning orange. investigators say the gun belonged to the mother. she is charged with a weapons violation. more police officers than ever before will patrol tomorrow's pride march in manhattan two weeks after a shooting rampage in orlando at a gay bar that left 49 patrons dead. and tomorrow more than a million people are expected to take part in that march. it is the main event in a weekend full of festivities to celebrate gay pride.
11:40 pm
a look at some of the events. >> reporter: harlem pride. the event at jackie robinson park was celebration. >> all the pride is representing who we really truly are. >> reporter: many told us they're getting ready for what's expected to be the biggest new york city pride parade in the history of the event. >> we're celebrating our heritage and the plights that we've had since stonewall, which i was at, at the age of 13. now a national monument, we met amy and judy. >> we were going to get married in the park, and then when orlando happened, we decided that life is short, and we didn't want to wait. >> reporter: now they will enjoy new york city pride as a married couple. >> tomorrow's parade is going to be awesome. >> reporter: they were two of many who stopped by the national monument today
11:41 pm
in the wake of the shooting, this as preparations are underway for tomorrow's parade. >> we as americans need to come together and just show strength and unite and show love and compassion. >> reporter: people will come from near and far to be here tomorrow. the parade will start at noon. outside of the stonewall inn, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run in new jersey. a 21-year-old was killed at an intersection in hoboken surveillance pictures of the suv they believe may have hit him. tonight we learn the victim, zachary simmons, the cousin to ben simmons, who was the number one pick in the nba draft on friday. eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross spoke with people who live near the victim. >> to think a family getting a phone call in the middle of the night that their son is gone
11:42 pm
to a tragic end when a reckless and careless driver struck him in the middle of this hoboken intersection. >> terrible. chills. anybody would feel that way. you have children, you have brothers, grandchildren. >> it's horrible, man. it makes me emotional. it's horrible. why do people drive like that? >> reporter: nearby surveillance cameras captured this black suv traveling southbound on willow avenue 3:30 saturday morning just before it violently struck him flying into a nearby parked car. this business owner says he spoke with another eyewitness shortly after the collision. >> he kind of witnessed the whole situation, and when he got over to the victim, the victim was absolutely horribly gasping for air, but he was actually walking with another
11:43 pm
upset and shaken. >> reporter: simmons was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital but many who live and work nearby say speeding is a common problem, and they would like to see a stop sign placed at the busy intersection. >> that's all you hear all the time is screeching on the corner here. >> i almost get hit by a car like twice a week. like people need to slow down. >> something like that is a little beyond the circumstances because of the nature of the accident and the age of th information on that black suv, please give hoboken police a call. in hobo ken, i'm a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. the search for the remaining members of a family that disappeared while sailing is now over, the coast guard suspending efforts today. officials now confirm that two bodies recovered off the western florida coast this week are the father and his teenage daughter but the coast guard says there's no more hope that the other two children will be found alive.
11:44 pm
do it lightly. we consider a large number of factors that go into this, and those may include how much area we've searched, the amount of resources we have, how long it's been, the weather, many other factors. >> the family disappeared last week. they lived on their boat. a giant ferris wheel on staten island's waterfront is a step closer to becoming a reality. workers today finied to complete the foundation of the new york wheel which will be america's tallest ferris wheel at 630 feet. and they added a hidden surprise to the foundation, a time capsule containing staten island related artifacts which is buried in the concrete to open it in 630 years from now. it includes items like a copy
11:45 pm
bottle of honey. >> it's a symbolic step saying we have finished a major milestone. the wheel should last 630 years because we're building an iconic attraction. the jumbo mega millions jackpot is on the rise. no one matched all the winning numbers in last night's drawing. that means the jackpot is now an estimated $390 million. it is one of the largest jack pots in the game's history. drawing tuesday night just before eyewitness news at 11:00, right here on channel 7. caught on camera, a thief swipes a woman's purse while she's boarding a bus. the driver's quick move to stop the man who snatched it. plus, an actress attacked inside her home. the calculated crime that add star from "top gun" scared for
11:46 pm
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11:48 pm
caught on camera, a bus driver in philadelphia flies out of his seat to chase down a purse snatcher. the thief struck as the victim was about to board the driver, chart artebury saw what was happening and sprung into action. he pinned him down long enough for police to arrive. authorities commend him for going above and beyond the call of duty. you will remember her from her role in "top gun" gun. she played a flight instructor and was tom cruise's love interest. well, tonight an unfortunate
11:49 pm
by a stranger in her north carolina home. abc has the details. >> reporter: tonight chilling new details about the alleged attack on actress kelly mcgillis inside her north carolina home. the "top gun" star saying this woman hid in her house and when mcgillis walked in, ran at her, punching and scratching, the two struggling as mcgillis called 911. >> what's your address? >> actress managing to escape, police quickly arresting a suspect, the sheriff's department now telling abc news she flew to north carolina from chicago and possibly took a cab directly to mcgillis' home. >> she said she had been stalking me and she knew exactly who i was.
11:50 pm
mcgillis left bruised, scratched, and unsettled, says she is most upset that her alleged attacker wasn't alone. >> shed a six-year-old girl with her who had to be a part of all of that. it's horrible. >> reporter: that child was put in protective custody. dorn is now free on $60,000 bond and is due in court this week. marci gonzalez, channel 7 news. joan jett escaped from a zoo today. she was on the run for about 15 minutes. the zoo was put on lockdown until workers could trap her in a building and sedate her. >> the zoo trains for situation ises like this. in this case the bear was secured, and she's back in her
11:51 pm
>> she loves rock 'n' roll. seven-month-old joan is one of two rescued cubs that was brought to the zoo from the
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
hundreds of cub scouts were in new york city for an annual racing event.
11:54 pm
derby world championship. scouts 7 to 10 years old raced their cars on a custom track. some of those cars can reach speeds up of to 20 miles per hour. the first pine wood derby, 1953. >> so cute. >> many moons ago i made one. >> you remember? >> i remember. >> by the way, it wasn't in 1953. no, no. >> i don't remember winning anything, so i probably didn't. >> but we had a winning day today. >> it's a winning forecast for the rest of the weekend. things do change next week but we need some rainfall. we are heading into a moderate drought over parts of the area. barely half the amount of rain that we typically get during the month of june is what we've sod far in new york city. here is a look over toward lower manhattan from brooklyn. mostly clear skies. calm winds out there.
11:55 pm
86, four degrees above the normal for this time of year. only got up to 79 down the shore in belmar. only up to 75 at montauk. this is a very typical temperature pattern. coastal areas staying quite a bit cooler with those afternoon sea breezes but getting up close to the 90-degree mark at poughkeepsie. we'll repeat that during the day tomorrow, even adding a degree or two. 9 by 4:00. middle and upper 80s. we're back down to 78 by 7:00 p.m. a moderate drought now. the u.s. drought monitor updating this recently for new york city, long island, much of northern new jersey. so we can definitely use the rain. we will get a little bit of beneficial rain next week. temperatures now across long island mainly in the 60 except upper 50s on the very east end of montauk. 69 in newark, 66 at lakehurst. here's our futurecast tomorrow.
11:56 pm
by 2:00 p.m., 84 in the city but staying in the 70s along the beaches. some good natural air conditioning out there with those sea breezes. monday starts off sunny. some clouds increase by late in the day. you can't rule out a shower or thunderstorm very late in the day well west of new york city. here's your sea and sand forecast. waves two to three feet, water temperatures ranging from 62 on the east end of the island to 69 at the new york city beaches, and also down the jersey shore. the rip current risk is low. day forecast. mostly sunny and warm tomorrow. 84 monday, thunderstorms on tuesday, 8 2, maybe a spotty storm wednesday. we clear out and back to beautiful weather thursday, friday, and saturday. amy freeze back with more in the morning. >> take a look. it's a face, and pretty much everything else that only a parent could love. >> the annual ugliest dog
11:57 pm
that will in -- in california. the event is meant to encourage people to adopt from animal shelters. so ugly, it's adorable. it makes me want to get one. >> loved. >> very well loved. >> that is our news. thanks so much for staying up with us.
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! that's the guy who killed her! that's him on the tv! previously on "scandal"... is it a date? who is he? you wouldn't know him. i don't even know if i know him. you were involved! i know you were involved! what the hell do you want me to tell you?! tell me you stole the white house. i stole the white house! so it's done? it's done. and the police believe it's a suicide? and now everyone thinks that osborne is the mole. (camera shutters clicking) today i can confirm that former c.i.a. director grayden osborne onsible for a leak of confidential information to our foreign adversaries. we believe he was a mole working in the united states government. (fitz) it's unfortunate for me to say that a man i appointed, a man i trusted, was secretly and actively working against this country in hopes of destroying it.


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