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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  July 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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spreading in the u.s. stacy sager is at laguardia with details. stacy. >>reporter: here's what's signis the first time that zika was transmitted locally in the united states, in florida that is. but here's what's encouraging. officials at the cdc says this appears to be a small and contained outbreak. those health officials at the cdc say it involves a very small area north where one woman and three men in a jay isn't work places were infected. health officials believe they were bitten by one mosquito who had previously bitten 1 person with travel-related zika. still some people traveling to florida are obviously concerned today and so is florida's governor. >> now that florida is the first state to have a local tran mission likely through a mosquito, we'll put every
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spread of zika in our spread. it's clear -- if it becomes clear, more research is need, we will not hesitate. >> i'm a little concerned b you i committed to my friends 50th birthday party so i'm going no matter what. >> now, keep this in mind, this is no surprise to health officials. they knew that the type of mosquito that can carry the zika virus is found in florida. they know it can't travel very far in its lifetime. now, that mosquito does have a cousin with is found here in new york which theoretically can but so far hasn't. just how concerned are officials here in new york? they say this is not alarming. it certainly -- it's sobering. we're going to have more from them at 5:00. live outside laguardia airport, i'm stacy sager, eyewitness news 7.
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a 21-year-old mother has been sentenced to life in prison. taylor was convicted of first-degree murder for good. good's body was december covered by police in the woods in memford in the woods. taylor's bloody hand print was found in her car. >> we wish and prayers are that some time -- he can go onto live better lives. conviction of murder >> taylor was convicted of attempted rape of good. his attorney argued taylor consensual sex with good, but someone else attacked her. he plans to appeal. after heavy rain and flooding, we're getting a bit of a break, but that wasn't the case this morning in the section of brooklyn, 9th street under 2 feet of water near the gawana bridge. one driver stalled. lee goldberg has a look at what's happening now in the
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of it's not how you start, but how you finish. we have a good finish with deep blue skies. you can feel humidity in the area. look at the rainfall amounts. we have an inch of rain in the park and an an inch in belmar and an inch in islip and less to the north. in terms of locally looking at queens over an inch. across the southern westchester and the bronx, over an inch and the highest i can find is a doppler northwest of neptune new jersey and monmouth. we have scattered clouds around, but you can see feel the humidity. the temperatures were spotted nicely in the hudson valley where you were dryer. you're pushing 90 in newburgh and poughkeepsie. another humid afternoon. there's the heavy rains pivoting off shores. the storms will move through orange county sullivan and
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they'll be an early showers and it may be isolated and it could get to new york city in the next couple of hours. don't need the umbrella. partly cloudy and 78 degrees. you'll need the umbrella this weekend, but it's not a washout. we'll time that out in a few minutes. a developing story out of new jersey. a woman was stabbed in her home in front of her grandson who then was forced to run out and try and get help. this police say her husband was the attacker. a standoff that followed ended just minutes ago in new york. eyewitness news reporter anthony johnson is at the scene with the latest. >>reporter: liz, we've been here most of the afternoon. officers are behind us on dillard court. it began around 11:30 this morning. police negotiators have been here since that time. time to bring a peaceful end to this standoff.
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situation. a 59-year-old woman had been stabbed and police got to the scene very quickly, and they tried the best that they could to negotiate a very peaceful end to this. now, the victim, or rather the suspect was brought out of the home just a few minutes ago around 3:39. they brought him out of here, took him into an ambulance. police like i said, took a long time to go ahead and talk to him and they tried so persuade him to come out of the home. door for most of the afternoon talking to those police officers. quite often we could see him putting his head outside of the door, and waiving at the police officers while they tried to hoax him to come out. he had a knife pointing at his throat and neck. the 65-year-old man came out of the town house at 812.
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standoff. the suspect started stabbing his wife. the grandchild came out running for help. neighbors were just outside and jumped into action to rescue the woman who had been stabbed several times. her wounds were critical. >> we got her out of there. we saved her. >> he was still stabbing her. >> yeah. im >> yes. so we just pulled her as fast as we can and put her on the grass until the ambulance arrived. >> the female was transported to rubbing ger's university hospital. she remains in critical condition. >> there's no word on what led up to this horror domestic situation. neighbors described the couple as being quiet, being friendly, helping a lot of people that lived out here in the neighborhood. so there's no word on what touched this whole situation off this morning out here on dillard court.
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new york, anthony. >> thank you anthony. the candidates are in their final -- clinton in philadelphia. she has another one scheduled tonight and trump expected to speak any minute in colorado springs. both are calling this an important election with two very different choices. abc kenneth moten has more. >>reporter: for the first time since accepting their nomi and tim kaine rallied together at temple university, celebrated their convention and teamed up to attack donald trump. hillary and clinic tim kaine -- and tim kaine -- >> what better place to kickoff this campaign than where it started here 240 years ago.
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a historic night in american politics. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> philadelphia really showed off this week. [cheers and applause] >> the celebrations went into the early morning hours after the dnc. clinton mingles with donors and supporters, but the party is over. that general election match up against donald trump is 100 days away. >> his speech, his whole convention seemed more about insulting me inste the american people. >> trump released a tweet storm claiming his campaign is hearing from more and more sander supporters and they'll never support hooked hillary supporters. >> he had this dnc speech. >> behind the glitter lies this truth. in clinton's america, things get worse. >> trump is swinging through colorado, clinton and kaine are
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race to the white house. kenneth moten, eyewitness those. video shows one of the two suspects wanted for an armed robbery in brooklyn that injured two people. police say the man in this video appears to be wearing a uniform. he broke into -- he and an accomplice pistol whipped the owner and tied up a teenage assistant. we tried to open the door and it was locked and we opened the door and the guy was bleeding. >> police say the suspects got away with $1,000 in cash. the business owner had to get stitches to close a head wound and the assistant was treated for trauma. there's details of a story in queens. this sketch of a
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his car -- he told her he was driving her to school. all while her grandfather watched in all -- he watched in horror. he dropped her off and the girl not injured. the senate budget committee approved a proposal to hike the gas tax to pay infrastructure improvement like road and bridgework. the assembly is tax by $0.22. lawmakers are trying to make it veto proof majority. an appeal to toss out the corruption case against new jersey senator bob was rejected. the decision from a federal appeals court, mendez team argues the case should be thrown out because of a constitutional
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other legislatures -- prosecutors say gifts and donations were exchanged for political influence. years after the sandy hook massacre, we're looking inside the newly built elementary school. plus a girl dies after a police officer refuse to perform cpr. and now her family is dealing with another tragedy. a rescue off the coast of new jersey. video shows the r after his jet i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual. he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b.
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it's 4:13 time to che
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this is the long island express way. traffic on the left side of your screen as you can see moving east and getting congested. look at the hudson river crossing. 40 minutes both ways at the lincoln tunnel. 9-hour delays at the outbound holland and 20 minutes on the outbound george washington bridge. we're learning about the police officer shot and killed during a traffic stop in california. jonathan is a 16-year veteran of the san diego police f overnight, he and another officer were shot. that officer went through surgery and is expected to survive. one suspect was shot, and is in critical condition. police are searching for an accomplice. during a somber visit to poland, pope francis expressing his -- survivors and rescuers were at his side during his trip to two former death camps. the pontiff's public comment was an
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for so many cruelty. so many memories and signs of hope today with a public open house at the newly built sandy hook elementary school in new town connecticut today. the building replaces the old school which was torn down after the shooting rampage back in december of 2012. 20 children and 6 assaults were killed. the new $50 million facility was designed to keep the students safe. it also made -- it was made to help them along with the communy home. >> the events of december 14th, 2012, ripped the heart out of 26 families and damaged all who are apart of this sandy hook school district and the community at large. but our focusare apart of this sandy hook school district and the community at large. but our focus was always, always to bring our student and teachers home to our community. >> a new school was built. the state of the art security precautions. it has impacted resistant windows and state of the art video monitoring.
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making it harder to break into. a new video this afternoon of a rescue of a man who fell off his jet ski in new jersey. the 21-year-old was off kingsburg beach when he got tossed off the water craft. he was wearing a -- he called 911. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> hello. >> hello. 911. >> hello. >> i just lost my jet ski. i'm barely holding on. i jet ski capsized. i'm in a [indiscernible] right now. >> he's lucky he had raise phone. at one point the man told the operator the waves were so rough he thought he would lose his phone. he guided the helicopter to his location. look at this. they dispatched dive driver to safety.
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he's in good shape. >> thankfully wearing a life preserver. lee, it's nice to see what a lovely afternoon it has turned into considering the morning we have had. >> because it's not nice to see me all the time. >> it's nice to see you all the time. it's nice to see the sun shining. how is that? >> you went right in between the lines. >> i'm too sensitive. >> it's friday. >> it is. it's friday, we're aching for the weekend and we're trying to get the weather correct for the weekend, and it's you feel the humidity and because there's lingering humidity, there's a shower threat during the weekend, so let's get into it. a nice look at midtown south end of central park, we're at 82 and we've recovered from our morning drenching. 82 is the high. evening is going to be pleasant. average high, 84. over an inch of rain. we're above normal for the month, but for the year, we're in moderate drought.
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left of the east. but hampton bays are doing well in the mid-to upper 80. they have gotten hot over the hudson valley with the sun coming out and there's a tenth of an inch in poughkeepsie. there could be a passing shower to the north. by midnight, just patchy clouds, a little patchy fog tomorrow morning. 75. we'll get the sunshine out and look for clouds to increase during the afternoon, and it might be a scattered shower and thunderstorm in our western there's the showers getting to blewburg. maybe lightning approaching dingman so you have to watch out for an isolated thundershower and that can roll through the city during the early evening hours and it may fall apart before that. there's a front around the area and that's our issue through the weekend because along the front, there's low pressure. the low pressure -- that's why i say over cat scales, you might have
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the early evening, showers and storms can across the area during overnight. have your umbrellas for your saturday night plans. not a washout on sunday. this is good news because earlier in the week, it looked like it could rain on sunday. it looks like showers are for the morning hours. we're not seeing a lot of sunshine. a lot of clouds and stray showers around. temperatures struggle to be around 80. watch this future cast, very isolated showers. best chance would be off to the north and west. otherwise, partly cloudy skies. tomorrow, a great start to the day. sunshine through t of the day. watch how storms get in parts of western new jersey and get close to staten island by late in the day and early evening hours. -- have your umbrella. we could have thunderstorms and that should leave mid-day and having a quiet afternoon. it could be a lot of clouds around, but at least the whole day isn't a washout. that's not -- i have to change that forecast. tonight, we have
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partly cloudy skies and patchy fog. 82 and 72 tomorrow night and scattered showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow night, we could have heavy downpours into early supposed morning. coming up at 4:30, get the weekend timing and our monday map, august arrives. how about some afternoon storms to start our first day in august. we'll deal with that. that first board i showed for 7:00 a.m., that was this morning. we do n in the morning. i didn't want to scare those golf -- >> i love the conversation you're having, like, i have to change that graphic. >> i was nervous. >> it's all good. >> thanks, lee. we have a crack down on counterfeit goods to tell you about. the raid and round up that happened in the tri-state area. coming up, chilling video of a man as he breaks into a home and watches a couple sleep. it's just crazy. we're hear
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and how they found out the intruder was in their home. plus jason bourne is back, matt damon returning to take on -- he made famous on the first screen. sandy kenyan review. the powerball jackpot is
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more than $50,000 worst of county fit material was seized by officials in rock land county, new york today. the 277 pieces of clothing, handbag, jewelry and sun glasses containing fake labels were rounded up from raids on three locations. the crack down was a multi-agency operation that included the department of homeland security, immigrations and customs e for terrorism. they'll sell the fake items in america and it will go back to those countries. >> people were charged with counterfeiting and one accused of illegally selling fireworks. matt damon is back as jason bourne. many of his fans couldn't be happy en -- couldn't
4:25 pm
and sandy kenyon with his review. >>reporter: great review about the margs. i like matt damon and i like him as jason bourne. matt made the movie in part because so many fans in airports and alike kept asking him when he was going to make another bourne film. he retained with paul green grass and going to see the result, it never felt like work to me. >> the first half hour left me breathless. jason bourne isn't quite as exciting, well it is still a lot better than most of the movies this summer, if not quite up to the very high bar set by the born ultimatum 9 years ago. the series about a killer with amnesia helped die fine matt damon and became associated with the character and an attempt to cast jeremy fell flat.
4:26 pm
the grid until he's contacted by the character played by julia style. >> we got to move. >> the world's most effective an assassin has a beef with bourne and they chase each other around the world. but they're driving duel in las vegas while impressive in the scope of its destruction was too over the top for me. a car guy who loves a good car chase. tommy lee jones costars as a hand of the cia. >> do you remember me. >> alicia has a central role as his proet shay. >> i know you're looking for something. let me help you find it. >> the idea is for us to find out more about bourne's past as he does. >> i've volunteered because of a lie. >> the chance to watch a star at
4:27 pm
his soul was enough to make me recommend jason bourne. >> a young film critic who accompanied me to this film is not as enthusiastic. thomas zizo who just graduated from high school says too much of jason bourne was recycled from the ultimate testimony. was disappointed. i lowed with laughter add bad mom is. i warn you dave and liz, we don't tell you the best jokes in that raunchy comedy. >> exactly. i appreciate the more negative review, but i would think i'm a huge fan of
4:28 pm
>> i couldn't agree more, and i really liked it. >> i can't wait. >> yeah, me too. thank you, sandy. >> thanks, sandy. coming up on eyewitness news first at 4:00, a family sues police after an officer wouldn't perform cpr on their daughter. the little girl died and the family is dealt another blow. also a man lurking in a home. do you see him?
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all new this half hour, more heart break for the family of a brooklyn girl who died during an dismissed the family's lawsuit and the officer after it was revealed that the officer didn't perform cpr. >> the family is speaking publicly. mallory hoff has the story. >>reporter: this is the area the mother was pulled over in back in 2010. she says what happened next that day, she will never understand. and now she wants nypd requirements to change.
4:32 pm
her mother was attempting to rush her from a carol garden's play ground to the hospital when she was stopped for driving the wrong way on a one-way street. at that time, she says nypd mendez did not provide cpr. >> said i don't do cpr and i don't know cpr. at that moment it was, like, so what do you know? he told me to call 911. i mean, you are 9 -- 91 # 1. you're stopping me from getting to a hospital. >> he drove behind her to a hospital. 6 years later, a lou suit filed against the city and the officer has been dismissed and the father's attorney says that decision by a brooklyn judge was based on the fact that there is no not an nypd -- >> they will continue their
4:33 pm
our city require all officers to perform cpr when necessary. >> as a mom and dad remember their daughter, they hope their story will bring about change. >> 11-year-old baby, how could you not give that child life or try to. >> every second counts when it comes to something like this. every second counts. >> and that officer did say in a deposition, i did not putting my hand on someone without knowing what i was doing. we're hearing from the nypd in this case. they say all members are trained on cpr while in the police academy. and year to date, over 5,000 members of the nypd -- it does include cpr, but again that 11-year-old's mother saying that's not enough.
4:34 pm
heist. police say these are the men who robbed a jewelry store. they burst into the crescent jewelers head. they made off with pieces of jewelry worth tens of thousands of dollars. the nypd is releasing video of two women in an attack. police say the women were on a started screaming profanities at a 29-year-old woman. they pushed her to the floor and punched her in the head while making anti-aging statements. they got off on morning site parkway. 15 years -- the sean leery case is in the spotlight. we're learning from the lawyer of one of the original suspects
4:35 pm
marche gonzalez has the details. >>reporter: authorities ask, if not this man, who killed sandra. police dropping charges against -- convicted of murdering the 24-year-old intern in a park in 2001. >> i wish the right person who ever did, but they did to my daughter, we get answers. >> an undocumented immigrant from el salvador was convicted was scheduled for this fall as prosecutors said they withheld information that raised questions about their main witnesses. prosecutors say charges should be dropped due to unforeseen developments over the past week. >> it sounds like now these us. attorneys have lost more faith in this same witness who was their key witness. >> his attorney's raised new allegations into her married
4:36 pm
gone wrong led to levy's death >> did you kill sandra levy? >> i did not. >> the failure of authorities to bring former closure to this tragedy after 15 years is very disappointing. but in no way alters the fact $15 years is very disappointing. but in no way alters the fact that mr. condant was was exonerated by authority in connection with mrs. levy's death. the death and he's not a suspect now. marcey, eyewitness news. the three baltimore officers cleared of the death of freddie gray is on duty. all of the officers now face an internal review that could result in them
4:37 pm
injury in the back of a police van in 2015. a man says he won't step aside while considering charges in the death of cass tea yo. john troy says he was elected to uphold the law and plans to do so. he will incorporate a special prosecutor in the case, but he won't take a backseat to one. the 32 castillo was killed streamed by his girlfriend on facebook live. chicago homeowners spot an intruder lurk nothing their home. the hooded man is staring down in a living room for 15 minutes or so. and what you don't see are the two homeowners asleep on the couch. the intruder is watching them sleep and even watching what is on the tv at the time.
4:38 pm
homes is never something you need to be doing, but on top of that, watching people and everything else is strange. >> there the whole time. the only reason the couple knew about the intruder because woman couldn't find her purse, so they looked at their surveillance tape and when they looked and saw, wait a minute. there was an intruder in here and realized their purse had been stolen. they put the two and two together and they got a creeper story to tell in the process. >> that's terribly disturbing. still to com parent and children. coming up, the report raising concerns about sex offenders who end up close to children playing the pokemon go game. a family of doctors, the baby delivery this week that took the family's special bond to a new level. and meteorologist lee goldberg, it looks nicer than yesterday. we're at 82 degrees and we're tracking showers and thoerps going through orange
4:39 pm
county. an isolated shower. and rain chances goes up over
4:40 pm
when we became teachers, the state made a commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a
4:41 pm
from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it. on sunday, but that's not all day. we'll have the accuweather forecast a few minutes away on first at 4:00.
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man in new york stabbed his wife and then barricaded himself inside their home. the couple's grandson fled that home looking for help. a man convicted of killing sarah good has been sentence today life if prison without patrol. dante taylor convicted of first-degree murder. she was stabbed more than 40 times. health officials think that mosquitos in florida. people have contracted it in the area. this is the first sign of zika in the u.s. both clinton and trump are back on the democratic train. trump scheduled to speak in colorado springs and here's a live look. those are facing criminal charges over the flint water crisis. the attorney general charged the workers with
4:43 pm
and crime stemming from the water crisis. water was pulled from the flint river which was not treated for corrosion. employees are other queues of hiding information and manipulating reports that would have indicated led levels were unsafe. it's all in the family for two sets of families on long island. father and daughter, doctors delivered a family's third generation of babies. doctor stephen sherman delivered a woman 30 years ago and his father d 50s and that -- did you get that. >> we're very, very proud. and i think it's something that's never been done before 3 generations of doctors have delivered 3 generations of a patient's family and hopefully we'll be around for the fourth generation. >> awe. >> the family was gathered at university hospital to celebrate
4:44 pm
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a lawmakers are worried sex offenders could use pokemon go to lure unsuspected children. they say the game gives predators to lure children into
4:47 pm
characters generated by the game show up near the real homes of registered sex offenders. further more, the game allows people, even sex offenders to place pokemons near where they live. >> i have a niece and nephew and they're controlled by this and they're following it everywhere they go and that scares the hell out of me and it should scare the hell out of all of us. >> the senator wants to add restrictions from sex offenders and preventing them playing pokemon go. they want to put game makers to block pokemon and putting pokemon near sex -- fenders homes. prize in the tap water competition. who knew. one up against the water from westchester, nassau, sufficient i can -- the water goes state competition and that competition is in september.
4:48 pm
>> better practice really hard. >> reservoir baby. that's so good. we got a little help in the recognize -- we got help in the reservoir. you'll be waiting on that stat, but i'll get to it. >> they like the flowers at the botanical garden. >> we know how excited you are about the sting flower. >> i thought maybe it wouldn't make an appearance in today, but it did. and ready for the weekend forecast. we have a bit of a shaky weekend for the final weekend of july. the heaviest rain is almost like it was today in the wee hours ever sunday morning over the weekend. george washington is slow. a lot of traffic across the george washington bridge. manying looking -- not looking bad. here's your weekend getaway. the theme for saturday is the best part of the
4:49 pm
time we get into the mid-afternoon, clouds are gathering especially north and west. and there could be a shower or thunderstorm in the cat scales. jersey shore, if there's a storm, it's late in the day, early evening. i think we get through the day dry in the hamptons. on sunday, a lot of clouds around. there's probably some pretty big downpours early on and a gusty thunderstorm and after that, the afternoon is just mostly cloudy with a stray shower. after we get passed the morning like today, the afternoon isn't as bad and not as bright. probably as we go through a plan planning forecast, clearing overnight. patchy fog tomorrow morning. 80s and there's the late day storm threats from the new york city area west. i would think mostly new jersey tomorrow afternoon. if we got a shower, it would be staten island. mets playing the rockies at city field. 81 degrees and winds at 5. there's a pretty big downpour moving near
4:50 pm
sedgwick county. it's parts through the hudson valley and the cat scales. we'll go through the shower threat and it will be wildly scattered and better chance to the north and west. patchy clouds. patchy fog tomorrow morning. sunshine comes out nicely. if you're looking for the sunny part of the day at the beach, get there early and take advantage of it early afternoon before the clouds come in. and long island at 4:00 is doing well, but a shower can get to the jersey afternoon. a couple of thunderstorms tomorrow night. best chances north. look at the downpours. it's a similar radar than what we saw this morning and further to the north with the showers. two front waves and watch out for storms in the afternoon hours. rip current is low. be careful on the jetties. sunday, that's your morning rain, mostly cloudy, just a stray shower in the afternoon. so it's not a
4:51 pm
of august, late day thunderstorms. a thunderstorm tuesday and the first week of august is looking great. an update later on. i think it's trend time, dave. >> i -- we like that. we're going to start with a spontaneous performance of a choir. it stunned other airline passengers. >>[singing] >> ? glory hallelujah. ? ? >> you're looking to the iowa ambassador of key armor after they learned an army private was escorted. 120 thousand -- 120,000 people viewed it on facebook. check out jessica and lewis popping up to florida. mom shows off her stomach and so is
4:52 pm
insecure about our weight. it has been retreated. the couple has a baby named madison who they welcomed into the world. >> when is he due? >> awe. >> nice shot. nice shot. and then there's this photo from stock home trending. an officer wearing a bikini makes an arrest of a thief. she was sun bathing in a park when the suspects went passed her. the officer is famous. she competed she didn't need to have her baton to make an arrest. >> he had no chance. >> wow. >> somebody put together a video that's perfect for a flashback friday. we're taking you back to 1991 courtesy of big bird and his friends. >> ? just a bit of a break from the north, just a little something to break from monotony of all that hard core dance that's gotten out of control and cool to dance ? ? >> ? what about a grove ? ??
4:53 pm
that. >> 1991, dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince. a little redo sesame street style. check out and use the hashtag thetrend. >> they killed it. still to come, rescued at sea. a family described the frightening moments when they got lost in the middle of ocean. and here's a check on the crossing. 40 minutes of the inbound lincoln tunnel. 1 hour at the outbound holland tunnel.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
a day out on the water turned into a scary rescue mission for a family in florida. >> they thought they were going fishing but ended up far from where they were started. >> i don't think i have ever felt so relieved in my life. >> reporter: david thompson describes the moment a coast card plane spotted him after setting out with his 28-year- old son-in-law and 11 and 15- year-old sons. >> thank god we didn't have to paddle no more. to break down. >> reporter: the group of four set out for a day of fishing on tuesday. four hours into the trip around 1:00 in the afternoon, the battery on their boat suddenly shorted out. >> we went to start the batteries and heard a clicking noise. >> our feeling is we're here, they knew we were coming back. they knew once we weren't coming back, there was something wrong. >> reporter: as night fell, storms moved in with swells 13 feet high. the boats anchor was badly
4:57 pm
drift. >> we made homemade paddles, we started to paddle. yesterday i think we paddled 13 miles. it was rough. so much stuff was going through my head. i could only imagine what my wife was going through. >> reporter: as the sun broke the next day after a night of not knowing if they would survive, they were rescued after a massive search by air and sea. their boat was spotted 44 nautical miles off the coast of key west florida. was so mother-in-lawly, -- emotionally, you know, it was great to see them. >> brought us food, water, made sure we were okay. >> reporter: hours later, they arrived at the coast guard base in key west, and greeted with hugs. >> i broke down in tears. that was the emotional thing i have ever had to deal with in my life. >> how great were those hugs. >> incredible, still more news
4:58 pm
>> now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. convicted of raping and murdering. a young mother, a former marine on long island now sentenced to life in prison. and an alarming development in the war against zika, mosquitoes transmitting the virus could now be here in the continental u.s. good evening, everyone. i'm rob nelson,. >> and i'm shirlene allicot. we begin with a former marine the rape and murder of a young mom on long island. last month, daunte taylor was convicted of stabbing sarah good more than 40 times in june 2014. he learned his fate and heard passionate statements from good's family. >> the victim's sister called
4:59 pm
them on television. the prosecution and family demanded the maximum sentence and that's exactly what he got today, life in prison without parole. >> stand up. >> reporter: daunte taylor was asked whether he had anything he wanted to say. and the courtroom went quiet. what would he say about the death of sarah good, a murder so brutal, so gruesome, even veteran prosecutors were at a comprehends it. her body was found by a volunteer search party after a week long search in 2014. she had been raped and stabbed over 40 times. >> he set upon her with such brutality that he broke the tip of the cutting instrument off and embedded in her skull. >> sarah was 21 years old, a medical technician and the single mother of a 4-year-old child. she met daunte taylor at a party, and he killed sarah in a
5:00 pm
when she rejected his sexual advances. given the chance to speak, taylor said nothing. and the judge laced into him while handing down the maximum sentence. >> you may make chalk marks on the cell block and the walls in the cage in which youly, and they will have no significance. you may circle dates on the calendar, but they will mean nothing because there is no date for you to get out. for you. >> reporter: for sarah's family and her 8 brothers and sisters, bitterness mixed with sadness and relief. >> i hope sarah's face haunts him for the rest of his life. those last few second of her life, and he was to her, i hope he sits in that cell with his chalk and he's thinking about it. and he drives himself crazy for


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