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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 5, 2016 1:05am-1:36am EDT

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there but updated by andy blankenbueller. >> you did "hamilton." now you're doing "cats." >> "cats" is very similar to "hamilton" in that music never stops and "cats" was a revolutionary show when it opened and it really changed how people viewed theater. so in that regard i think the projects are a little parallel. >> reporter: the set is part junkyard, part playground. >> it is really like a tire. >> yeah. it's pretty slippery here. >> reporter: in this theater to be a cat y you have to dance like one. >> it's as if that moon hits you in a crazy way and just paralyzes you. >> we're going to go ahead and speed up that half hour it took to learn the routine. >> i can't just dance like a cat. i have to look like a cat. >> reporter: a mere one hour later -- >> i'm feeling so much more feline. rah. >> five, six, seven, eight. >> reporter: and then no pressure, but the full cast
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i dance. i prance. i strut. i hold my own. for fans of this iconic musical their days in the sun are still going strong. >> that ginger zee moves like a cat. thanks to our chief meteorologist for that. and dancer. "cats" is now on broadway. check it out. thanks for watching abc news. join us for "good morning america" tomorrow. and as always, we'renl and our "nightline" facebook
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now new york's number 1
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about the jogger savagely raped and killed while running alone in queens. >> of course elections will not be rigged. what does that mean? >> president obama talking tough about the republican nominee. we begin with the search for the killer who murdered a young jogger in queens she was beaten and raped before being strangled. >> tonight they announced a $10,000 reward for information in the investigation. >> reporter: yesterday we saw the reward was $2500 when they posted this yesterday evening. as you mentioned, it's up to $10,000 as police search for the killer. but so far no leads and no suspects. >> in a desperate search for a
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she was raped and strangled during an evening jog blocks away from her home. she was a writer and an artist. >> the short film based solely on her work. >> she never acted before on film and this was her first time. and she did a great job. >> reporter: he based his film on one of her poems called the paradox. the two people battling within themselves -- bad and good. >> she was just over the moon. she was already trying to grasp the idea that people were interested in reading her words, let alone filming it. >> friends mourn her death. investigators have canvassed the neighborhood and still
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a severe community threat. we believe it's random. >> police say they have received a handful of useable tips but nothing has truly panned out. again, they are putting up these fliers, trying to get the public to help out and catch her killer. reporting live, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 11:00, 31 people crammed inside an illegally divided homeless. the department of buildings ordered everyone out of the two story home because of what they call life safety violations. 18 adults and 13 children were living there. the red cross is helping them
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and 120th street. the motive is unknown. and so far no arrests. a woman shot inside her home in new jersey when without warning bullets came flying through the front door. the victim who is in her 50s was shot in the leg. the injury is not considered life-threatening. it's believed whoever shot through the door was involved in two robberies. intruders who broke into a home in the bronx and terrorized an elderly couple. police say they broke into the home at 3 a.m. brandishing guns and they used duct tape to bind them and cover their eyes. the search tonight for more victims at a house explosion in connecticut. new details about the blast
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people. phone calls flooded 911 just after the blast at 4:00. firefighters arrived and rescued four people from the house. the cause is not known. we are learning more about the american woman killed in a stabbing attack in london. she was set to return to u.s. today. darlene horton was with her husband who was spending the summer in britain, teachi. 19-year-old attacker had mental health issues. president obama called him unfit for the office. he's warning donald trump about his handling of national security briefings saying they must be kept secret. and trump attending a private cocktail party. a lagging war chest is not the
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>> donald trump has taken a waiting -- beating in the polls. he said if he loses in november, it's not his fault. the system he said the rigged and he seemed to imply nationwide voter fraud. the president seemed to think the whole idea going to be rigged. >> if mr. trump is suggesting that there's a conspiracy theory that is -- being propagatedded, across the country, that's ridiculous. that doesn't make any sense. ? [ music ] ?? >> the new york businessman trailing a bit in the polls after a week in which he seemed to stumble repeatedly.
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points on election day and ends up losing, then maybe he can raise some questions, that doesn't seem to be the case at the moment. >> hillary clinton had some hecklers today, animal rights activists giving her the opportunity to point out the hunting past time of the trump family. >> apparently, these people are have killed a lot of animals. so thank you for making that point. >> reporter: her opponent's campaign -- some republicans are voicing frustration with it. >> he has had a strange run since the convention. you would think we'd be focusing on all of hillary
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that's not what we're talking about. >> reporter: mr. trump's poll numbers dropping against -- and many republicans barely hiding their disdain for the their own candidate. he appears to be looking for an explanation for his loss before a single vote is cast. a prominent real estate executive will cll this is not a tale of two cities. this is the greatest city and diversity is our strength. i'm lee goldberg. what a beautiful day again. low to middle 80s. upper 70s at the beaches. and temperature check at 11:00, the numbers have been in the low 70s and the humidity has
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of 70 degrees. the problem comes on saturday with thunderstorms over a few hours. the rest of the weekend accuweather forecast is just a few minutes away. pesticide spraying is underway in new york city to combat a type of mosquito that could potentially carry the zika virus. health officials say so far no tested positive for zika. and an encouraging development in the battle against zika. three experimental vaccines have been shown to protect monkeys against infection. a frightening discovery on
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booby traps designed to injure and maim. there were wooden planks with nails sticking out of them. hikers are warned to be on the lookout. call it modern day hot wiring. new at 11:00, thieves going high-tech to hack into cars and speed away. tonight we talk about what you need to know. >> and he opened his mouth and in the face. what george zimmerman said at a restaurant what george zimmerman said at a fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet.
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12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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new at 11:00, hot wiring cars have come a long way. now laptops are used to hack into vehicles and rip off
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area including his beloved wrangler. >> walked out and my pride and joy was stolen. >> reporter: cops had no idea what was going on until a theft was caught on surveillance video. >> in the video you see a guy walk up to the car carrying a laptop computer. and using the laptop and within six minutes backs the jeep out of the driveway. >> reporter: a pair of crooks stole 30 jeeps and mexico. how did they do it. >> cars still have an engine but they are rolling computers. >> reporter: it's hardly a surprise these days. keyless entry and start and linked to the cloud. the smartest car thieves are hackers, able to get in without a key. and there's nothing you can do about it. >> i'm not sure how we can get
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and stay ahead of the hackers. fiat chrysler recalled a million and a half cars after hackers proved they could get into the entertainment systems. in new york, the nypd has had no reports of this type of crime. at least not yet. >> new tonight. the shooting death of trayvon martin says he was punched in the face at a restaurant. the man also threatened to kill him. he accused him of bragging about shooting trayvon martin. a crackdown on organized crime in five states has federal prosecutors charge dozens of suspected.
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jersey, connecticut, massachusetts, and florida. in all, 46 people accused of extortion, loan sharking, credit card fraud and healthcare fraud. and police arrested the grandson of the late mob boss john gotti. police found oxycodone pills in where his grandfather once lived. law enforcement had never been able to execute a search warrant for the house until now. investigators are looking at the link between a -- the apartment belonging to ken walker and his family went up in flames yesterday.
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he resign. >> police have made an but he says he will not be bullied. >> he's touched by the outpouring of community support. and people coming to his home to donate food, money, and clothing. >> reporter: more subway countdown clocks. the new lcd displays are eight stations. the agency is beginning a 90 day test of a new computer system that uses wireless technology. new video tonight of severe weather in new orleans. funnel clouds caught on camera. the national confirming what many suspected, a tornado hit the city this
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the treme rain and strong wind. in total, at least six buildings were damaged or destroyed. >> the wind kicked up to 60 or 70 and started bending over all off the trees. >> two people were taken to the hospital but the injuries were not life-threatening. around 3:30 in the afternoon. orleans. a couple injuries and you heard about the damage. they're starting to get the power back. >> the empire state building -- our temperature is 71 right now. a south wind at 8:00. and a beautiful evening after a high of 81. closer to normal tomorrow. the humidity still going to be
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the different feel. the humidity spikes and by late morning a shower or thunderstorm goes through mid- afternoon. and beautiful on sunday. a three to five hour window we have to dodge showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow is all about sunshine and you'll notice the breeze picking up in the afternoon hours. that will back the beaches off to the 70s. an satellite is mainly clear right now. there's the front that we're looking at for saturday. we've seen several reports. that's a feisty front and we could have at least some strong storms. tomorrow morning, low 60s in the suburbs. a couple of patchy high clouds later in the day.
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area. i would say the real window is 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning. right now this computer model is not as bullish. >> but we'll be dealing with storms. and saturday evening turns out beautiful. saturday is the up settled skills. and when about the beaches, mid-afternoon. 75 to 82 on sunday. earl is still a tropical storm. a lot of wind damage near belize. a couple degrees warmer and the clouds come in tomorrow night.
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late morning to early afternoon. it's more middle of the day and the middle afternoon. early next week, low and. >> nice stretch starting sunday. up next, the new numbers that show we are losing the battle of the bulge. first let's check
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in health alert, new statistics show the average american is more overweight than ever before. >> the average body mass index has jumped over the past two decades in men, women, and children. the average mesh man and woman is considered over. of mexicoed a tractor-trailer in oakland, new jersey. all the southbound lanes were closed. it's believed the driver hit the center divider, veered right, and crashed. the driver is set to be okay. he's okay. let's turn it to sports.
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if the yankees would have won. only the we're just looking for a little revenge. saving his first hit as a mets
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they traded winds and words and nearly traded gloves. as they say, all good things must come to an end. they wrapped up at the stadium. bar doe low trying to become the first to win for the mets and the kelly johnson, line drive shot clearing for the solo home run. there's bruce looking for his first hit as a met. 300s. he gets devoured in the lane.
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brewing for -- the potential problem he was banged up and played a round of golf yesterday before the game. is the latest injury connected to the trip around the links. >> don't go there. it has nothing to do with it. this is a baseball player. >> i deal with reality. he was okay to play last night. >> we got to tomorrow night. >> a week from today it's go town for the gels. and while you never see the starters for very long. you're-- matt forte has not practiced because of the a pulled hamstring. >> i'm not a doctor and say
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the hair has been stalled. today ryan fitzpatrick telling wsan radio why he cut his hair calling the old do just stupid. first guy to intersect him. burris shaves the locks in front of the team that day. the giants got even deeper. leon hall -- reportedly a one- year deal. the latest new face and they -- much of the early part of training camp is simply getting
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a lot of -- everyone


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