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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  August 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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they can find. as this murder investigation moves today three, the grieving process for friends and family is only beginning. her wake is this afternoon. her neighbors here in howard beach now trying anyway they can to let her family know how much they care. >> we put this balloon up just to, you know, show sympathy for the family. and just to give the killer is caught. >> reporter: and the search has produced few lead, police hoping the answers lie in the thick marsh on this federal property known as spring creek park. investigators trimming weeds with machetes as opposed to machinery so they don't destroy even a shred of evidence that possibly remains. the direction of the investigation moving further
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community threat. right now, we know it's random. we don't believe it's anybody in her life that created this. >> reporter: and a closer look at who she was and where she was in life. she had just gotten her master degree, had been part of a short film. it was called "a pair orthodox" and it was -- it was called "a paradox" and it was based on her work. >> she did a great job. >> reporter: and so much of the focus has been on who killed her. the search for her killer, helping this neighborhood feel secure. well, this afternoon at 3:00, it will be her wake and tomorrow, her funeral. expect her friends and family to focus on her more, who she was, what were he goals and -- were her goals and and how they were cut short. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. police in staten island are
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teenage suspects following a pair of armed robberies. investigators say they first tried to hold-up the clerk this morning. they ran off empty handed when they weren't able to access the motel's office. two hours later, they got away with $700 from a hotel in willow brook. no one was hurt in either incident. we have new information about the male model who danced around naked in times square. have his charges dismissed. he broke his arm when he jumped from the booth in june after badgering police. prosecutors determined he was going through a manic episode. he will have to stay out of trouble for six months and continue treatment. if you haven't noticed, it is a gorgeous day. this is a live look at the park. but if you are beach-bound, we will see some storms this weekend. meteorologist amy freeze is in the weather center with our
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>> wow, that's a great shot at the beach. and what a beach day it will turn out to be. it looks great over manhattan. blue sky and sunshine. we will see some of the clouds filter through the late afternoon. 80degrees on the button. going for a high of 84 in new york city. no threat of showers today. in fact, really beautiful conditions right through the evening. and in the boroughs, murray hill at 80 degrees. 82 for white stone. and on long island, near 80 for islip right now. across the sound in bridgeport, already got it. on the accutrack, you can see we aren't having showers but there's a surge out of parts of eastern pennsylvania and really that's going to be the trends through the evening hour, just an increase in the light clouds. as far as showers go, they hold
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it looks like the middle part of the day and they'll clear the area by about 5:00, 6:00. so during the day tomorrow, we have a spotty shot at showers and thunderstorms. not going to last all day. not everybody gets wet. we will talk about the drier half of the weekend and what is in store for the work week. we will have it in the exclusive accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. police are looking for the gunman behind a triple shooting in harlem. someone opened fire on 1st aven all three got themselves to the hospital. none of the injuries are life- threatening. the shooting may have started over a dispute about young women. and police hope new video will lead them to the sexual predator who struck early saturday morning in greenwich village. investigators say he attacked and tried to rape a 20-year-old woman. it happened just after 4:00 a.m. at 10th avenue and 5th -- 5th avenue rather and 10th street.
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he saw on tv was a hostage plane, not a plane carrying cash for iran. and a poll shows hillary rodham clinton up by 15 points. we have the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon. yesterday, trump's advisers disagreed on whether or not there would be a campaign shake- up. but today we're already seeing a shift. donald trump is course correcting. >> paul ryan is a good guy actually. what appears to be a factable correction tweeting, the plane i saw on television was a hostage plane in switzerland, not the plane going to iran carrying $400 million in cash. even after his own campaign tried to set the record straight, trump told supporters a different story. >> i woke up yesterday and i saw $400 million being flown to iran. >> reporter: poll numbers have been in fall after gaffes on ukraine, iran, sexual
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family of a fallen soldier and members of his own party. the latest poll showing hillary rodham clinton up by 15 points. >> thank you. >> i've met people who were destroyed by donald trump. so take a look at what he has done, what he says. >> reporter: and her vice president pick doubting trump's judgment on cbs. >> i think he's confused. >> reporter: all leaving republicans to do what they say is a first, going on the record hillary rodham clinton. the latest, a member of president reagan's administration writing, trump is unfit to be president of the united states and just the thought of him having access to nuclear codes is unnerving. for the first time in my life, i am voting for a democrat for president. trump announced his economic advisers today. an all-male group. when asked about females in the cabinet, he suggested his
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statute. channel 7 eyewitness news. we are following some breaking news. and a disturbing story out of westchester county. the body of a 13-month-old child was found inside a home. the body was discovered around 5:30 a.m. this morning at a home in mount vernon. we are told that an arrest is imminent. we do have a crew on the way to the scene. as soon as we get any new information, we will bring it right to you. at noon, a hiring boom in july shows the u.s. economy remains strong, despite britain's decision to leave the european union. 255,000 jobs were added last month, keeping the unemployment rate at 4.9%. labor department says more americans started job searches and almost all found work. as for the reaction on the wall street, here is a live look at
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an olympic boxer is behind bars in brazil accused of sexually assaulting two women. police say he is accused of attack two waitresses in the olympic village in rio. he will be held for 15 days while a rape investigation is done. he will miss his first olympic bout, the light heavy weight was supposed to compete tomorrow. meanwhile, rio is set to game tonight. in all, 4800 volunteers will be involved inside the stadium. a shocking hit-and-run caught on camera. a man standing next to his van at a supermarket, run down by a pick-up truck. we are live with the search for the driver. plus, dramatic video of the aftermath of a frightening house explosion in connecticut. what we've learned about the
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the grandson of the late mob boss is being held without bail. he, his girlfriend and five others were picked up on drug charges. police say they found 500 pills in his home. his grandfather once lived. law enforcement was not able to enter the home before securing a search warrant. and an investigators in connecticut say it was a miracle that no one was killed when a home exploded, four of the victims were trapped in rubble when emergency crews arrived yesterday. the force of the explosion so strong that it sent the front door across the street into a neighbor's yard. three children remain in the
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be life- threatening. a search is under way in arizona where police say a serial shooter is responsible for at least seven murders. police say this is the suspect. they say the gunman shot at a man and a 4-year-old boy who were sitting in a car last month. it is the latest in a series of nine shootings that have killed seven people and terrified the city of phoenix since march. >> he obviously doesn't care who is in the car. the randomness of the attack, cal area is presenting -- geographical area is even more challenging for us. >> the fbi is now involved in the investigation and reward has increased to the father of young twins is charged with their deaths after they were found in a hot car. police say the two 15-month- olds were in the back of an suv in georgia yesterday when good samaritans found them. they tried to cool them down before first responders showed up but the twins later died at
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father is now facing involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct charges. a cargo plane overshot the runway and ended up on a highway in italy. a dhl cargo jet from paris skidded off the runway at the airport. the boeing 737 broke through a fence and came to a stop on a road along side the airport. the pilot and first officer were not hurt. the cause of the crash is under investigation. stranger caught on camera, creeping through a home as a family sleeps. and dumpster pool parties. yes, they are a thing. well, we will show you where they've become a real safety concern. and take a live look outside, it is nice now.
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call today to request your free [decision guide], and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. the summer streets is coming back. it's being sponsored by city bike. tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. park avenue will be closed from the brooklyn bridge to central park. the seven mile stretch will be packed with activity, a zip line, a giant slide, a dog park and of course, plenty of treats for humans. it will run tomorrow and for the next two saturdays after that. >> never gone to that but
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what's the forecast like? >> well, saturday, there could be showers, rain. but sunday is going to be terrific. don't forget, two weeks in a row. so if you don't make it this weekend, you can go next weekend. it's shut down, don't have to worry about anything, an open road. right now, what a beautiful day. we really have a lot of blue sky, sunshine, a few fair weather clouds decorating the backdrop. and we can look to lower manhattan and the battery and off to the weekend. unfortunately, we have showers for tomorrow. so if you have outdoor plan, let us see if we can help you with those to nail down the best timing or the best day. we havefor methodist hospital sell low. 78 for supermarkets international space station right now. 83 in toms river. it's been a quick warm-up. and people don't have trouble getting to the low to mid-50s. gentle breeze as well.
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feel overnight. and tomorrow, sticky and steamy. and temperatures in the upper 80s tomorrow. and we are tracking thunderstorms to move through parts of the area. we will be back to beautiful by sunday. so that's the better half of the weekend. now here is a combined picture of satellite and radar, wall to wall sunshine but the clouds are creeping out and heading our direction. so northwestern new jersey, you will probably see filtered sunshine by the late afternoon, but all in all, a fine finish as the high pressure slides to could see mostly cloudy conditions and the predawn hour, could be a sprinkle or rain here or there before the actual showers come in. before noon, we could see action north and west. and yellows and orange, even some reds indicating the thunder threat and the heavier downpours so it could put out a good deal of rain, maybe .50 inches.
12:19 pm
5:00, we've got more areas, including the 95 corridor, out to long island and back through central new jersey, there's the line and that will clear our area by about 6:00 p.m. according to the models, we could get a part of the day early on and then the evening as well. but sandwiched in between will be the threat of showers and thunderstorms. sunday looks great at this point. no risk of rain. and temperatures pretty easy to take as well. jersey shore and hamptons, tomorrow, all the spots have a risk of a showers and thunderstorms. doesn't mean a rain-out all day, just a risk, so heads up. sunday, beautiful, man, 75 in the catskills, going to be fantastic into the weekend in. and the forecast, break things down with the number, 84 in the city today. beautiful and breezy. and tonight, down to 72. and more muggy, the humidity will increase.
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the high. more cloudy too than today. the exclusive accuweather forecast starts us off on sunday with 86. and then, monday we're at 83 degrees. tuesday, we're at 84. wednesday, 82. really nice stretch there. could be interrupted with showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon on wednesday. that's when we keep our eye on. but all in all, typical august forecast in front of us. and we've got our eye on what is left of earl. and i'll talk more about the beach and some boating weather coming up in a few minutes. stick aroundor second half hour, and aisle have that for you. >> we like that talk, the beach and boating. >> the warmest buoy reading in the area. >> thank you. take a look at this. a comet barreling towards the sun at mind-blowing speeds. earlier this week, nasa says it was traveling at an astonishing 1.3 million miles per hour. despite what it looked like the
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vaporized by the sun's heat. amazing image nonetheless. forget the doctor's office, now you can get an eye exam and prescription online but is it accurate or safe? we put to it the test.
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shocking video of a trooper's brush with disaster. a burglar creeps through a home. some of the stories that were caught on camera and caught our attention. we begin with terrifying moments for an ohio state trooper after he pulled someone over. his dash cam captures the moment another car comes barreling down the road, hitting him. the department posted the video on facebook. suv and roll off. police are using the video to urge drivers to be cautious around patrol cars and police. the sergeant is expected to be okay. eight members of an oregon family found their home ransack when had they woke up. and home surveillance video gives a chilling explanation of how it happened. a woman wearing face paint broke in during the night. she made herself food, rummaged through drawers and closets and even tried on clothing.
12:25 pm
pair of police officers made a surprise splash at a bible camp in new jersey. the princeton alliance church was hosting an event when two officers from the police department pulled up and sprinted toward the slip and slide. in full uniform. there they go. they later joined the crowd of kids on an inflatable water slide. and don't worry, they had permission from their supervisors to get in on the fun. >> that is awesome. >> cute. a slip and slide i didn't love. >> yeah. the kids won't forget that. >> they were channeling their inner kid. >> the best way to cool off. thank you. it is the end of an era. the yankee's star will retire at the end of this season. this according to espn. he has been with the yankees since 2009. meanwhile, the 2016 subway series is in books. last night, the mets came up
12:26 pm
one from newly acquired jay bruce. and add in the performance and the series teams winning two games. not bad. caught on camera, a truck slams into a man standing outside his van in bronx. details on the hunt for the driver. car thieves doubling as hackers. how they are stealing cars using the vehicle's technology. and it looks like a regular meal at mcdonald's but the story behind this random act of kindness now going viral. great story. these are live picture nows from news copter 7 heading to breaking news in westchester county. the body of a child found
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hello again. >> we begin this half hour with a stunning hit-and-run at a supermarket in the bronx. >> video shows a red pick-up truck plow into a man standing outside his van. fortunately, the victim survived. >> we are live with the latest on the search for the driver. tim-- >> reporter: and this all happened here in this parking lot. this narrow driveway here, right over there next to the
12:30 pm
victim remains in serious condition. and police want to you look at video of this hit-and-run. the victim, identified as a 38- year-old is barely seen in this security camera video. standing beside his white van. from the left, you can see this red pick-up truck swing around, then veer right into the side of the van where he strikes the man and drives away without even stopping. >> oh, god. can you imagine that? oh, my god. >> reporter: i showed that the heart of town. he's not surprised the driver didn't stop. >> that's terrible. that's all i can say. how many times i've done that same thing, just got out of the car. and somebody just, you know, got too close. >> reporter: the shopping center is very busy area residents say. there was at least one witness including that man seen in the video standing at the back of the van. but police are hoping someone
12:31 pm
with that cover over the bed. no doubt, the truck also has damage to the right-front portion of the truck. >> he knows he hit somebody clearly. >> yes. tough look at for yourself and for them also. you have to be very careful. >> reporter: and others believe drivers don't use enough caution coming through the busy parking lot. >> it's crazy. a lot of people speed through the parking lot all the time. >> reporter: take a good look, maybe you know someone with a truck like this one. police want your information if you have it. and you can take another look at the video on our website at abc7ny. >> thank you. we now know the name of the 28-year-old man who was shot in an autozone parking not brooklyn. police say the dollar van driver got into an argument with another man outside of the
12:32 pm
flat bush around 8:00 last night. things escalated and he was shot once in the chest. he then drove himself to the 63rd police station and later died at the hospital. detectives are interviewing the store security guard and examining surveillance video. a woman in new jersey got the surprise of her life when bullets came flying through her front door. it happened at a home in union. the victim who is in her 50s was shot in the leg. threatening. police suspect whoever shot through the door involved in two robbery, one in union where shots were also fired. dramatic video out of new orleans. a powerful storm spawned at least one tornado, collapsing home, toppling trees and power lines. we see the trail of destruction. >> i'm freaking out. i'm calling my mom. oh, my god. >> reporter: severe storms and tornadoes decimating parts of the southeast. >> oh, my god.
12:33 pm
twister spins towards new orleans. >> we had a tornado touched down. >> reporter: the national weather service confirming a tornado touched down. that tornado reaching speeds of 80 miles per hour. >> the wind was just strong, so strong, it was picking us up. >> reporter: this live stream video capturing the moments of good samaritans rescuing a man trapped underneath a home. this home, one of three, completely demolished. the new orleans mayor says the down in several locations. >> looks like we have four spots, you know, where it touched down. so you know, we have teams at the different locations. >> reporter: bourbon street turned into a river. water cascading down the big easy's most famous thoroughfare. >> and there's a tornado. >> reporter: and a stronger twister causing havoc in northern florida, tossing trailer, cars and semi-trucks. >> just total chaos.
12:34 pm
weather service confirming wind speeds approaching 100 miles per hour in the area. >> power lines across the road, trees were down. trees were on top of mobile home, fences were down. >> reporter: the clean-up process is already underway. power has been restored to 30,000 customers in new orleans. meanwhile, flash flood watches will continue from florida to the carolinas through saturday. channel 7 eyewitness news. we want to turn now to meteorologist amy freeze with forecast. >> good afternoon. looks really good right now. but we are expecting some rain. the futurecast model has been printing out a variety of numbers, anywhere from .25 for philadelphia for just a few hundredths for new york city. but mixed in between, there's yellow, oranges and reds mixed in indicating there could be some thunderstorm activity. if you're making plans to get away for the weekend, the catskills, higher elevations
12:35 pm
afternoon. jersey story, same story. scattered showers and thunderstorms. and temperatures in the mid-80s and a southerly wind most of the day. the hampton, good for keeping cool but storms for part of the day on saturday. sunday is looking good with temperatures in the middle 70s to low 80s. the seven-day forecast and we will look at earl in a few minutes in the full forecast. >> all right. thank you. it can make driving convenient but it could put your safety at risk. we will show you the high-tech fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet.
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we want to update a breaking news story that we brought you earlier in the newscast. news copter 7 live over the scene of a deadly discovery. the body of a 13-month-old child found this morning inside a home on washington street in mount vernon. sources now telling us that the body was found in a freezer. we are told that an arrest is imminent. as soon as we get information, a weekend commuter alert to tell you about. the fdr drive will be closed in both directions in the overnight hours starting tonight. the department of transportation says it will be closed from 61st street to 96th street. the closures will allow the rockefeller university construction to continue above the roadway. the drive will be shut down from 1:00 to 6:00 in the morning tomorrow and there will be closures on sunday and monday during those overnight
12:39 pm
famer could soon face felony charges in a crash on the highway in california. police say he was driving an suv the wrong way in santa anna last month when another driver swerved to avoid a head-on collision and struck the divider. after a brief conversation, rodman left without exchanging information. technology is changing the way thieves operate. two crooks in houston managed to steal more than 100 cars and mexico. the whole process taking just mere minutes. they just open a laptop, hack into the car's gps and keyless entry systems and once that happen, they can hop in the car and drive away. now that thieves have become hackers, investigators will have to find a way to stay ahead of the high-tech thefts. the mta is adding more subway count down clocks but for now, it's an extended trial of the system. the new lcd displays will go in along eight stations.
12:40 pm
day test of new computer systems that uses wireless technology to update train arrival times. the system will rely on blue tooth receivers, on trains and in the stations. >> doesn't make the trains come faster but it's nice to know when the train is finally getting there. >> yeah. now you can get a prescription for glasses without stepping foot in a doctor's office. but is the exam safe? we compare the results to a
12:41 pm
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12:43 pm
?slow, building african-style m? it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventions. the world's coolest indoor waterparks. explore now at getting a prescription for glasses or contact lenses usually means a trip to the eye doctor but now you may be able to get one with a laptop, a smart phone and 20 minutes. but is it safe? we investigate. >> let's take a look. >> reporter: this is how most americans get their eyed checked. >> number one or number two?
12:44 pm
now one company -- >> welcome to your online eye exam. >> reporter: says adults 18 to 50 can do it themselves. the company says its online test is reviewed by doctors who send prescriptions by email in 24 hours or less. >> i came across a patient that asked, why can't we do this at home? >> reporter: er the doctor created it. >> when people are thinking about eye exams, they're thinking about those machines. you know, to look through and switch up. looks very, very complicated but somehow you have created a simple system. how does that work? >> the computer is like a digital eye chart. and the smart phone is remote control. >> reporter: but the concept has ignited a firestorm among optometrist. >> it's foolhardy and dangerous. >> reporter: she is the
12:45 pm
association. >> it would be like taking a picture of your teeth and having someone mail you a filling. you're doing one small fraction with the potential of missing things. >> reporter: laws that limit the medicine have blocked it in 11 states. >> as long as you follow the direction, you will get an accurate prescription. >> reporter: "gma" investigates put that claim to the test, recuting eight people to take the exam. and then made appoint. board certified doctors to compare the two. out of our eight volunteer, three were exact matches to the current prescriptions. three were slightly different but not significant according to dr. park. and two didn't get a prescription. instead, they were encouraged to see an eye doctor. >> the people who got the prescriptions, they were relatively good ones. and anybody who has a risk factor for disease should be screened and probably not be
12:46 pm
our volunteers. his prescription was an exact match. >> open real wide. >> reporter: but something about the eyes concerned the doctor. >> i'm telling you that you have glaucoma but it's something to keep on your radar. >> reporter: it's important to identify it early because patients may not know they have the disease until they begin to experience vision loss. >> examining the eyes and maybing sure there's no disease is a very -- the eyes they have no disease is a very important thing. >> for some people who are fighting against this technology, they're really trying to block access and block invasion. >> increasedded access to inferrier care is not a better thing -- inferior -- increased access to inferior care is not a good thing. >> makes me want to go to the
12:47 pm
absolutely. and it's absolutely beautiful outside. a lot of people enjoying lunch outdoors right now. and through the afternoon and evening, you might want to call ahead and make sure you have the outdoor seating ready to go. we have some clouds increasing over manhattan. and we can see down to one world trade and different skies showing up across the area. instead of bright blue, we are seeing beautiful clouds, fair weather clouds if you will decorating the sky. looks good. temperatures will be easy to take, right through the afternoon. planning forecast. takes us through mid-afternoon and low to mid-80s can be expected. into sunset time, we will be in the mid-70s. so a real nice even. the change from last night to tonight will be an increase if mugginess. we have a southerly wind and that is bringing in the increase in humidity. so be prepared later tonight, sticky and steamy tomorrow. that's the first sign. clouds trying to push in from the west. and we are tracking in fact a front for tomorrow. and until it gets here,
12:48 pm
wave height, anywhere from 2 to 3 feet waves. along with that, the water temperatures are really nice. and the warmest reading just off the north shore, 78 degrees. that's nice and mild. and just a very light wind under 5 miles per hour. so for the most part, it's going to be a beautiful day. make sure to check with your lifeguards for rip current risks because those are moderate. 3-foot waves are possible. and the winds easy going but if you get on the water, about 15 top speed. futurecast, what's happening tomorrow during the mid-morning hour, spotty shower activity around the area. but there will be the possibility of showers and thunderstorms north and west of the area that could pack a punch and dropping a drenching downpour. and then this line which becomes broken as it passes over the tri-state, offers up the chance for a shower or thunderstorm. so the threat is around. by 4:00, 5:00, all pushing to the south and east and turns out to be a decent evening tomorrow. and sunday looks great.
12:49 pm
sunday that's dry. so that's how things work their way out for the weekend. all in all, decent weekend. put up with hot and steamy and sticky on saturday. and you get the pleasant res on sunday. -- pleasant on sunday. and here is the latest on earl, curving off the ocean there but a lot of damage. tropical depression saturday morning. that's been one to watch. just incredible pictures and flooding damage out of that particular storm. this friday, air quality is moderate. uv index is moderate at 9. all right, the exclusive accuweather forecast. the hot day tomorrow, the hot sticky stormy one. and then sunday, looking good, 86. that's the better half of the weekend. but monday, tuesday, looking good. low 80s a nice stretch of weather from sunday into
12:50 pm
on wednesday. 28 and sunshine and showers that day. and thursday, partly sunny conditions. nice. throughout the afternoon, we will begin to continue to watch the models. but meteorologist lee goldberg will be around for the 4:00 news and have timing on tomorrow. if you got a big tent of people, crowded in the backyard -- >> barbecue. >> yeah, thank you. this is a nice story. six servers at a restaurant in utah were shocked to learn th big tip from a group of rowdy strangers. it was a normal night on saturday until a loud group of people came in. so when they payed the bill and signed it with a $5,000 tip with the #tipforjesus, they thought it was a joke. one server paid for a stranger's meal on the way home. tips for jesus started three years ago and spread across the country through instagram. >> love that. >> wow.
12:51 pm
is coming to a campus in ohio. students at the university in cincinnati will soon be able to get pizza directly from an atm. the school has partnered with a french company to install the first pizza atm in north america. yes, customers can use a touch screen to pick one of the $10 pizza which will be heated for several minutes, placed in a card board box and ejected through a slot. >> you need pizza at >> it's going to be popular. >> i'm sure. we will be right back but first, a look at what's coming up next on the chew. hey guys, we're about to have the summer blast-off. i'm making mouth watering chili- rubbed short ribs and we are
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about a random act of kindness for a homeless man in ireland. he snapped this picture inside a mcdonald's in dublin. in the post, he says he was in the car after work when a homeless man named nathan walked up to him and tapped on the window. he asked for change to buy food but he said he didn't give any because he assumed that he was a junkie looking for a fix. but when he apologized, walk toward the mcdonald's and he realized he was wrong. he cgh and offered to buy him anything on the menu and then shared details life over a big mac. he says he posted the photos to raise awareness about homelessness. >> that is awesome. well, kanye west is known for making off the wall statements. and unabashed requests. you know him. this time he is saying he wants to work with ikea and ikea has responded in a facebook post.
12:56 pm
create. accompanied with that, this easy bed. a reference to his famous music video where he is seen sleeping in a giant bed with several other celebrities. check this out. oh, yeah, fish sticks, if you want them crispy or how about famous? $2 for fish sticks. >> crispy or famous? which would you choose? >> crispy. staying away from the famous. >> you guys, it's getting hot. and everybody does whatever it take to be philadelphia went diving deep in dumpsters to do it. to stay cool. this say real thing. city officials told them to stop it. like seriously. no more dumpster pools. it became a thing after a rented trash bin was filled with water at a block party. they power washed the dumpster, lined the bottom with plywood. but cleanliness wasn't the issue, it was filling it with
12:57 pm
i imagine it lowered the water pressures and they were worried about safety for the rest of the neighborhood. >> wow, dumpster pools. >> i wonder how many were set up? >> i don't know. >> it became a thing, if you will. >> i don't know, would that happen here in new york? >> are we down with that? >> our trash is too smelly. >> yeah, i don't think so. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. >> we thank you for joining us.
12:58 pm
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