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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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one news, channel 7 eyewitness news with joe torres and sandra bookman, laura behnke with sports, and jeff smith with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6:00. >> a writer, artist, avid runner. today family and friends came together to remember the young woman killed during her evening jog. first, new developments in the death of a toddler in westchester county. girl's mother. good evening, everyone. i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. police say the mother will be charged with manslaughter in the death of the 15 month old. the toddler was found dead early yesterday morning. mallory hoff is in mount vernon now with new details about the police investigation. mallory. >> reporter: sandra and joe, an investigator tells me this woman's story simply did not
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they know. right now a make shift memorial continues to grow as a mother is accused of doing the unthinkable. mount vernon police say the 26- year-old mom has been arrested. >> from what we understand, the story continued to change and the information and based on the information available to our officers led to the decision to charge her with manslaughter in the first degree. >> reporter: one neighbor believes that investigators have it wrong. >> as far as i know, the mother was a good mother. she didn't let them go astray. she always had the baby in her hands. >> reporter: police responded to a 911 call at 5:30 yesterday morning. that call made by the child's aunt. when they arrived, they found the 15 month old unresponsive. >> everything is so unjustifiable where that is concerned. and it's really, really, really heart breaking. >> reporter: an initial investigation indicates the toddler was dead for at least several hours. the cause of death still
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trauma to the toddler. and based on the coroner, the symptoms, the injuries appears as if they are stomach was squeezed. so there are things that just don't add up. >> reporter: detectives say the temperature of the body was extremely cold. >> the temperature of the toddler was very unusual. the matter of whether she was put in the freezer is still under investigation. >> reporter: and police tell us this mother also has two other children, a 6-year-old and a 9- year-old in the custody of child protective services. live in mount vernon, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a man who attacked two police officers with a machete was shot and killed. the man took the machete from a bag at a security point in front of a police station south of brussels. he was shouting god is great in arabic. the prime minister says first
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both officers are recovering. but one suffered severe cuts to her face. we had storms move through parts of our area this afternoon. take a look. this was the scene object the west side of -- on the west side of manhattan. the rain sent people running for cover. can we expect more for tonight? let's check in with lee goldberg, who is in for jeff smith tonight. >> kind of a best case scenario. usually a steamy day like this, a code front is coming. interruption. brief lightning and gusty wind. partly cloudy in new york city, still humid. that is the dark skies off to the south. it feels like 100 in tom's river. 90 in poughkeepsie. that's where we haven't seen as many storms. you can see the line north and east of new york city. jersey shore as well. that cell is going to tremble right now. showers are weak especiallying over sufficient -- we can ening over suffolk. clear in new york city now. no problem there. the focus will be the storms
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over central new jersey and i-95. middlesex, parts of somerset over the next couple hours. we had an inch of rain over suffolk. you can see over the next hour, it's 195 and the east end of long island. things are quieting down in the evening hours. if you're headed out, early thunderstorms. partly cloudy to clear for the rest of us. humid early. we will dry out late. much more comfortable in just a you for now. >> thank you, r., lee. an emotional day for a community in queens as they said good-bye to a young woman murdered while out on a run. they remember katrina as a woman who loved life. as they play tribute, they are desperate for police to track down her killer. diana rocco is in howard beach this evening. diana.
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family remembered karina in services early today, they described her as a bright light with an energy and presence that would fill a room. they are remembering her life and police are searching for whoever is responsible for her death. >> everyone is going to be thinking of her and, you know, it's -- it's -- it's just sad. >> reporter: the church bells toll as the casket of the 30- friends remember the woman raised in howard beach with a zeal for life. >> as many of you know, karina was a woman of many words. she had a blog that she described as a collection of conversations, contradictions and poetic conflicts. >> reporter: even those who didn't know her gathered to listen and pray. the priest described her as
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and through her blog encouraged those around her to love. >> pay my respects even though i didn't know her. living in such a tight knit community, you feel like you did. it's just horrible. >> i felt like she was my sister in a way. and my deepest sympathy and respect go out to her family. >> reporter: karina was killed tuesday while out for a jog in howard beach. when she didn't return home, her father called police and went looking for her. should he was found later that night trail, face down, strangled and possibly sexually assaulted. a vigil was held earlier in the week and hundreds paid their respects. her killer has not been caught and her story has dominated national headlines, sending shock waves through a queens community where so many felt so safe. >> heart breaking. awful. you know, especially in this neighborhood. something like this just
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beautiful girl. young. i didn't know her. but it's sad. >> reporter: so this has certainly been a very difficult day for this howard beach community as the investigation here continues, police are now reviewing possible dna evidence recovered from the scene, hoping that will lead to her killer. live in howard beach, diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. in newark a s.w.a.t. team used pepper spray to end a four at a housing complex this morning. no one was hurt. an assault rifle, handgun and ammunition were found. police say 32-year-old rogers held five people against their will inside an apartment. they believe it stemmed from a domestic dispute. police are searching for the suspect in an assault by a stranger at a subway station in brooklyn. it happened on thursday afternoon at the l stop in brownsville.
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of her head with a wooden stick all on the stairs leading to the manhattan-bound platform. he then ran away. the victim was treated for a bruise to her head. investigators say a propane gas leak apparently caused an explosion that destroyed a home in connecticut. the gas line fueled a drier in the vernon. it's not clear what ignited the gas. thursday's blast left 7 people hurt, four children. in critical condition. and a 23-year-old man is in intensive care. as donald trump and hillary clinton run for president, both are now eligible to receive classified intelligence briefings. president obama has said trump isn't fit to lead the country. but the white house says as the republican nominee, he will be briefed by the office of the director of national intelligence. so far neither candidate has gotten that traditional
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in chicago and into the officers' previous experience with body cameras.
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>> new details this evening in the fatal shooting of a black teenager by police in chicago. officials say the district had just received body cameras right before this incident.
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paul o'neil. they show officers firing repeatedly at a stolen car as it drives away from them and then a foot chase after which they handcuffed the fatally wounded driver. the police superintendent says he was concerned about some of the things that he saw on the videos so he stripped three police officers of their police powers. new at 6:00, a bizarre rescue in manhattan this morning. firefighters pull a man out of a chimney. and it wasn't jolly old saint he climbed in from the roof but of course the question so many people are asking tonight, what was he doing there in the first place? >> reporter: joe, it happened around 7:30 this morning on top of that building here on the corner. now, it's a 7-story building that appears to have both offices and apartments in it. sources say the man lived in the building. he went up to the
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only way out. he made it down the chimney about 13 feet before getting stuck. firefighters had to extend the ladder to the roof, climb up there and then throw a rope down the chimney to pull the man up to safety. luckily right next to this building is a fire house. an fdny spokesperson says someone ran to the fire house for help. unclear who that person was. more questions here than answers. we don't know if the man was alone, who long he was stuck up there for. that man suffered minor injuries but is expected to be okay. reporting live in china town, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what was he smoking? i think that's the big question tonight. thank you very much. drivers lined up for free gas in brooklyn this morning. a church in crown heights paid for the gas and organized the give-away. the miracle center international planned to fill
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simply trying to spread love in these stressful times. >> very nice. pop-up storms this afternoon. but will it continue through the weekend? meteorologis [ bell rings ] oh, hey, jamie, can you hang back a sec? ?? you wanna tell me about the boy in this painting? i dunno...maybe nobody understands him. well, if he were here, i'd say that being different is what makes him special. just like our discounts -- each one is unique, but together, they help save our customers a lot of money. okay. pop quiz, who's my favorite student? gwen? yeah! it's gwen.
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>> from the brooklyn bridge to central park, la fayette street and park avenue closed today to cars. it was the return of the summer
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today. an obstacle course tore dogs was one of the special activities. he is just checking out the course there, making sure that things are good. summer streets returns next saturday and the saturday after that. and we're going to head over to the west side of manhattan where people took in a great view while listening to soul music. people didn't let the few clouds stop them from checking out the hudson river stage at pier97. it featured some of the best soul man william bell and brooklyn's own taran. the vendors certainly did business today. it was a perfect afternoon to enjoy all of that outside. >> good soul food, soul music. >> yeah. we have to showing you something before we get to lee goldberg. take a look at the newest edition of the eyewitness news family. that would be jordan smith, the son of jeff smith and his wife
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little boy. look at that. >> gorgeous. >> that is great. >> jeff's life changed forever. >> yes, incompetent deed. >> no more golfing, no more sleeping. >> don't even tell him that. >> he could be playing nine right now. we don't know that. >> i don't think so. >> that is going to be one smart child. he is already doing calculus, i bet. >> he probably has a good golf >> we will see if my kids drive me crazy. outside it is a beautiful afternoon. very little evidence of the downpour we got a couple hours ago. sunshine over lower manhattan. many of you may be asking are we done for the night. in many places we are. just a few showers left over in a few places. the high today was 86. light rainfall amounts in manhattan.
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threat the next two or three hours. eastern long island, jersey shore more than eastern long island. humidity is on hold for the next three days. then the dog days of summer will develop in the middle of the week. if you want the heat and humidity back, you get it by wednesday. we're down to 81 in long branch. tom's river, some showers are approaching you now. but it's still near 90 degrees. bouncing back on the lower the low 80. 87 in poughkeepsie. showers not far away. dew points are in the mid-70s. it feels tropical. off to the north and west, much drier air works in overnight. the best of both worlds. we get the drier air but not the cooling with the cold front. the humidity just way down. upper 70s to low 80s this
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night breeze develops during the afternoon. you have showers leaving connecticut. those may dive towards eastern long island. that will be over the next couple of hours. the showers over nassau falling apart over suffolk. neptune is going to rain. strongest shores going towards 195 in new jersey. you will have to deal with there is the cold fronted coming there and the cyst to the northwest with the winds. we're going to be clearing out. comfortable tomorrow morning. upper 60s to lower 70s. during the afternoon hours, mid to upper 80s. maybe a sprinkle in the catskills. breezy and beautiful tomorrow afternoon. mostly sunny. 87. high and dry on monday. the low humidity continues. northwest wind boaters tomorrow. here is your accuweather
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south and east. clearing humidity. lots of sup be. a great sunday night. 69. 7-day accuweather forecast. basically the next three days are spectacular. sunshine and low humidity levels for august. than we pump up the humidity then thunderstorm threats wednesday through saturday. but it's mid and upper 80s and just nice august weather. enjoy. >> we will take it. >> thank you. >> anthony johnson up next with a look at sports. >> absolutely. both baseball teams in action today. trying to beat cleveland twice in a row. the balls are flying out of yankee stadium this afternoon. and the mets have good news
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>> they're great! maybe not. >> the yankees are hoping that sabathia can get it going. hoping to take two from the indians. it was a great day for the ball game to carry out of the stadium up in the bronx. which team would get the ball to fly. gary sanchez called up to the majors this week and did his part in the 2nd. that gave the yankees an early 1-0 lead.
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to left field. that blast gave the tribe a 4-2 lead. corey was masterful striking out sanchez in the 8th. and finally our former yankee and former closer andrew miller strikes out in the 9th. the yankees lose 4-2. the mets will have logan on night's loss, many are asking about noah syndergaard. he is having problems putting batters away. you know that, joe. he is dealing with the bone spur in his elbow. his record is now 9-6. manager terry colins not overly concerned. >> to be honest even though it's tough, it's good for him. if you have to learn how to pitch at this level, you have to pitch through tough times. right now he is going through
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help may be on the way. zach willow will make his first start since march of 20156789 he had tommy john surgery and had set backs but the team believes he is ready tonight to toss at least two innings. football. what we have seen so far, everybody is playing hard in practice. the coach says players on the second and third string teams are mixing it up well he has hard decisions to make in his first season. >> trying to keep the reps as even as we can right now with the first, we have guys working in different groups. we're just doing the best that we can to keep things even right now. >> the jets had an uneventful day in practice. they're getting ready for the first preseason game in
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scuffle involving brandon marshall and rivas. >> when you see two of the better players compete and go after each other, it raises all the competition around the field. >> and summer olympics officially underway in rio. the first gold medal went to gina thrasher of team usa shooting. and the soccer team wins against france. that's their first match-up. the best story of the from the syrian refugee team. heat one of the women's 100 meter butterfly. just over a year ago, she and her sister saved the lives of 20 people after jumping off their sinking boat into the sea and pushing their boat to land. what a great story. >> wow. >> it is a fabulous story. you kind of forget the olympics. there are so many of those stories. >> not just the people and the medals. >> good stuff, anthony. that is the news for now.
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next. i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman.
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. welcome to "world news tonight." let the medal count begin. the first gold in rio and it belongs to team usa. an opening day hitch. lines so long people waiting for hours. tonight security on high alert as olympic dreams are made and dashed. the police video sparking new protests, a teen in the stolen car killed. tonight what police say officers may have done wrong in this very moment. concert chaos. two of raps biggest stars on stage. a barricade breaks and fans plunging several feet collapsing on to the concrete below. dozens hurt. inside the nation of north korea, a bird's eye view and a heavily guarded border. they say they are ready for war


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