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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  August 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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walk while visiting family in massachusetts. she was reported missing and police say they have found her body. >> eyewitness news reporter sandra bookman is live in chelsea. sandra. >>reporter: shaday and bill, she worked in chelsea as a health care account manager. she went to massachusetts to visit her mother. she was apparently murdered there. now, detectives say vanessa left her mother's house in princeton, massachusetts yesterday around 1:00 in the afternoon. hours later when she hadn't returned, her family reported her missing around 8:20 last night and dogs found her body in a wooded area a half mile from her mother's home. >> i must stress that we do not know if this -- we do not know if this was a random act. we're asking the residents of
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caution. >> now, police are asking anyone in that area, if they saw something, somewhat suspicious to let them know. they're being tight lit about what they found. an autopsy is underway. they won't say how -- they won't say how they believe that young woman died. it's similar to a case in queens where karin dead last week. apparently strangled, but detectives in massachusetts are saying at this point, that there appears to be no connection between the 2 stories. between the 2 cases. we'll have much more coming up next on eyewitness news at 5:00. live in chelsea, i'm sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. more on -- jim doland is headed to princeton, massachusetts as reports begin on eyewitness news.
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jim gets there on our eyewitness news app. the public meeting is getting underway in queens to discuss the investigation into the murder of a 30-year old jogger a week ago. the nypd, community officials will meet at saint ellen's catholic church in myrtle beach. residents had been on edge since vitranoo's battered body was found last week. vitranoo's demanding justice and having a strong message for her killer. >> it's the whole entire world against you, my daughter fer was a big believer of karma, and i guarantee you, you will pay. >> she's mourning and trying to take her grief into action, clearly. a 10,000ed reward offered to information leading
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a murder charged -- a mother charged with the murder of her 15-month-old. darja punched the baby fracturing the baby's spine and causing internal bleeding. we're live in mount vernon with tim. >>reporter: knocking details coming out, being revealed in court today as this non hurting murder faces charges in her enter the courtroom, family members shouted, we love and you we're here for you. an assistant district attorney described a painful and horrible death as to how her daughter death. >> may god be with her. >> baty family is upset over the
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was charged with manslaughter, in her daughter's death, court papers reveal she struck her 15-month-old baby in her back six to seven times with a closed fist to stop the baby from crying. causing a lumbar fracture and internal bleeding and causing the death. over the weekend, her sister spoke to reporters. >> we're mourning. we have to bury a child. it's nothing that anyone would ever expect to do. a public defender described her as excellent mother with two other children and that she's devastated and heart broken. >> i wasn't there in the house, but like i said, i love my niece and i'm praying for her. and i know she loves her children. >> my friend is innocent. they loves her kid. she wouldn't do anything like that. >> prosecutors say the family is known to child protective services. she's ordered to stay away from her other daughters 6 and 9-year old.
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sure they were fed. she's a wonderful mother. she's innocent until proven guilty. >> the prosecutor first asked the judge for $1 million bail. he lowered it to $50 thousand nu. tim fleischer, eyewitness news. >> thank you, tim. the headline, the biggest cut in modern us history for taxes. estimated by the y $10 trillion to the u.s. definite over the next decade. the latest university poll shows clinton with a 13% lead over trump. karen trevors with the latest in washington. karen. >>reporter: it's no surprise thp wants to change the narrative. last week was one controversy after another. the last round of polls is brutal for him.
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a discipline donald trump shifting gears. >> i want to jump start america. >> the republican nominee unveiling his economic vision in detroit. mostly focusing on tax cuts. >> this will offer the largest -- since the reagan tax reform. >> his speech interrupted a dozen times but protestors. >> he stuck to script. >> the next generation of roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, and sea ports and airports. >> there were few details of how he would do that. and no mention of spending cuts. hillary clinton campaigning in battleground, florida. her post convention bounds continues. she's on 8 points in the latest abc news washington post poll, and her support monday women is at its highest yet. 2/3 of americans say trump has the
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president. as many say he's unqualified and untrustworthy. that adds up to a renewed bush by republicans to get another candidate. a 40-year old former cia agent and congressional staffer a nounsed he's running as an independent third-party candidate. another sign of re-- those who worked in the bush administration sayin president. they say he would put this nation's security at-risk. live in washington, karen, channel 7 eyewitness news. an island on staten -- the artist says the new t-shape statue would be better.
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safety than the politics. wondering why someone would put lives at stake by starting the fire next to his how's. >> i have two trump signs by the bushes. they were stolen the night before. you know, so this is just a whole level of cowardness, cowardliness that we have never expected. >> the artist says the next tee the situation, will be, his words, huge. >> how gorge was it today. you can expect showers. aimee freeze is in for lee goldberg. it was a nice gentle breeze, sunshine. what's up now. >> spectacular. the showers are coming in mid-week. today is going to be the -- the rest of this afternoon, fantastic. temperatures are going to be
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us. humidity remains low across the area. clouds decorating the skies. i think we're going to top ought at 87 in the park. we're down to 86. clouds cooling us off. today's high is 87 for new york and summerville, 85. cool 79 for belmar. and great at the beaches today. spectacular. as far as the temperatures go through the evening hour, we'll drop off into the 60s and 70s and we'll see 50s in the coolest spots with clear skies. getting outside the door tig o enjoy the evening hours, expect temperatures to be in the 70s and cooling to the 60s overnight. i'll have details on that coming up. we're tracking the chances for rain this week. wednesday, looks like a transition day. it's a return of heat and humidity in a big way. i'll have more on that in the forecast. i'll see you then. >> thank you. stocks on wall street kicking the trading week off.
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took a hit. but energy stocks got a boost after energy stocks took off. the dow closed at 18,529. withdrawing money from an atm can draw unwanted attention. coming up first at 4:00, scammers ripping off bank customers online. delta had to cancel hundreds of flights leaving thousands of passengers in --
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time to
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this monday evening. looking at the george washington bridge. looking good both ways. no major issues at the hudson river crossings to report right now. it is definitely a summer monday in august. look at that. 5 minutes to the lincoln. 5 minutes to the holland. on time as we saw at the george. >> nice. a car and a dump truck got into an accident on westchester county as drivers swerved to avoid a vehicle going the wrong way. itap westbound in the eastbound lane after suffering a medical emergency. no one was injured in the accident involving the dump truck. an apology from the head of delta airline. the airline tries to rebound from computer problems this morning. huge computer problems. here's the latest numbers. more than 400 flights cancelled and 1,000 flights delayed. the airline
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flights were fine, but planes on the ground weren't going anywhere. delta posted a video fiorina its ceo. >> we have delta teams working around the clock to restore our system capabilities. i'm sure you can appreciate it. i apologize for the challenges this has created for you with your travel experience. >> delta is flying again, but there' d unclear when the airline will operate back to normal. a break way fraction of the taliban claimed responsibility -- 67 people mostly lawyers were killed when someone blew up a hospital this morning. more than 100 lawyers had gathered there to mourn a prominent attorney who was shot and killed
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on his way to practice. the deadly hot air balloon in texas revealed the pilot likely didn't see the power lines because he was trying to quickly descend through a break-in the clouds. the ntsb has video shot by the 16 people who died in the crash. the balloon was floating above a bank of clouds. pilots are told not to go through clouds and they're required to have a mile visibility around them. clock to school filed a civil right's lawsuit. the lawsuit was filed on behalf of ibtihyj. he says he brought the homemade clock to school to show his teacher. the charge was later dropped, but he was suspended.
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price was soaring for the last game. prices for friday's game against tampa bay, his last spiked more than 500%. according to a listing service, tickets selling for 76 bucks. that's the lowest price. the average price is $456. the most expensive ticket is going for $17,000. >> really. $17,000. >> he's been benched because he hasn't bn but friday i expect they'll put him in. his last game. >> we'll see. we have aimee freeze outside for us. how is it looking? it looks cloudy. >>reporter: te clouds are collecting. it feels good and it's a quiet afternoon feel in manhattan. a lovely evening in front of us. temperatures pretty ease to take. it got hot, but we don't have the humidity, so it's easy to take. let's get up to speed on what's
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the numbers are 82 degrees. 47% humidity. winds calm and pressure falling and top temperature at 86. the boroughs, 82. howard beach 81. white stone at 83 and river dale at 87. we're holding onto heat. we got inland, new jersey temperature near 90. they cooled down. monticello 77. 788 all the way to monday temperatures will slide back into the 60s and 70s. we have the coolest spots especially north and west dropping into the 50s overnight because we'll see clear skies. humidity remains on hold. that's the best factor in comfort for us. the windows will be opened tonight. but the hazy hot and humid by the middle of the week and we shift or pattern back in the direction of the sticky and muggy. the dog days of the summer is going and we get thunderstorm threats starting on wednesday.
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picture, accuweather showing high, thin clouds. we're talking about seeing these skies collect with clouds and you get a burst of blue. we'll see the clouds push to the south and east. think of things as high and dry. high pressure protecting the northeast creating a dry flow of air and a lot of comfort for the rest of this evening and into tomorrow. now, the forecast does change up by the middle of the week. tomorrow, we have mostly sunny skies. night into wednesday, we're going to see showers creep in because the humidity will increase after midnight tomorrow. and then by middle of the day on wednesday, we're seeing soaking rains across the area. more showers and thunderstorms wednesday afternoon. and on thursday and friday, it will be more hit or miss. a pop up type showers and thunderstorms, but a lot more familiar for august afternoons. so there you see it on the future cast. the pattern that will be under, but a significant increase in humidity.
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talk about a typical air mass, very nice and comfortable. we'll be in the 70s with the die points -- 70s with the dew points. overnight low, 61. 50s north and west. mostly sunny tomorrow. temperatures at 88. again, it's very warm in the bright sunshine. that what spikes our temperatures and get the heat close to the ground, feels comfortable. storms are possible thursday and friday afternoon. we can't take them out of the forecast over the weekend. saturday and sunday, they'll be a threat of a shower or thunderstorm as well. notice we've popped the temperatures also. 88 thursday, friday, 90. saturday, 90 degrees. those are conservative numbers. we'll have to see what the timing of the storms are. it could be hotter or feeling hotter because of the humidity levels. i'll come back in a few minutes and we'll take a look at weather wellness on these days.
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the heat is on barable, the -- the smoke from a massive wild fire. that fire, more than 200 miles in california. flames erupting shortly after noon yesterday in the san bernardino mountains. it tripled in sizemore than 7 square miles. 40 firefighters are working on the blaze. more had been ordered in. new york city. violent crimes on the rise in city parks. we'll break down the numbers. and lindsay lohan, remember her, she opens up for the first time about a physical confrontation with her finan
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police in california right now investigating the deadly shooting of a college student. he was shot and killed while playing pokemon go at a popular tourist attraction. shot a 20-year old riley. he was shot in the chest saturday night in the park along the water front area. he was there with a friend playing pokemon go. police believes there's witnesses because it happened at a busy fisherman warf area. lindsay lohan is opening up after a physical confrontation with her boyfriend. we have the story. >>reporter: a headline making
4:24 pm
lindsay lohan and her russian finance'. the photos capturing the couple in a fight on a beach in greece. the mean girl's star who turned 30 at the beginning of july was vacationing in nikinos when the scene was caught on camera. >> she accused egor of taking her mobile phone because she couldn't find her mobile home in handbag. she tried to make a grab at his and ended up throwing his. it landed in the sand or the sea. and he went for her. nickel spoke with the former child star in italy. lohan saying there had been so many lies printed about me recently. i've kept quiet for so long, but i'm scared of what egor might do to me and himself. she discussed -- she says it's not the first time, that's the problem. but this time, someone saw. >> they've been in a nice house
4:25 pm
they're the only ones that knew what happened. >> [indiscernible]. >> police eventually responded to the london incident. no one was arrested. lohan who shot to fame after starring in the "parent trap" moved to london to live a quieter life after rehab and jail. he wanted to get married and settle down. i've always wanted four kids and egor >> she's become a strong women and she didn't want to let her fans down. >> and that was abc paula reporting. during the interview, lohan was wearing her engagement ring and -- there was a multiple dollar settlement with hogan. it comes a week before a court auction
4:26 pm
business. he filed for bankruptcy and similar discussions have been discussed. but it has led nowhere. gawky was accused of -- hogan was awarded $140 million. the warning brother viewers opened with $135 million and on thursday, it set a record for an august report -- audiences dropped off on the weekend. straight ahead on first at 4:00, an eyewitness news reporter. a warning about scammers targeting atm users. what happened to dozens on long island and the lesson we can learn from it. tragedy at a popular water slide. the death of a 10-year old boy killed on
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an eyewitness news exclusive. atm skimmers at it again. a bank ripped off. 90 victims in all with their bank accounts drained. now a warning for anyone who uses atm's, is your account getting -- lauren is outside one of the branchs. >>reporter: sade and bill, we spoke in wata in franklin square. a lot of people told us they had hundreds of dollars taken out of their accounts over the weekend. anywhere from $400 to $700. a spokesman for the national -- nassau educator federal credit union says skimming devices were placed on atm's at their locations including new high park, franklin spark. the skimmers says was put on for a
4:31 pm
it was used for fraudulent -- the bank is in the process of refunding people's money. we spoke with 1 man who says he had $1200 stolen from his account. >> you think that you're going to be -- your money is safe and the amt where you bank is going to be safe. i'm sketchy, you know, it's sketchy sometimes when you inform to other atm's that are -- that you think you can use, but you wouldn't think of a problem at your own bank. >> a spokesman for nescu says they're working with local law enforcement to insure their member's banking safety and they're taking action to stop further fraud. live in won tong, kristin thornton. a showdown between a city and a park expanding in
4:32 pm
police source close to the investigation telling our boston affiliate wcb that vanessa, the woman who works at goggle, we told you about who was murdered after she was out for a walk outside her parent's home in boston, she was found 400 yards from the street. her clothes were removed and there were burn marks to her hands and feet. body has been burned. or at on her. that's according to wcbc. we're headed up to boston. his reports will begin as soon as he gets there later tonight. now, we return to first at 4:00, a showdown between the city and the new york city and a developer over plans to expand a water front park in brooklyn. the location of the -- this is on the border of williamburg and
4:33 pm
it for $100 million. protestors called on the mayor to use ' em nant domain to acquire that -- >> it's going to be a fabulous place to live and be apart of the city for years and years. >> the law has been listed for sale at $325 million. right now the new york city health department is spraying in full boroughs to prevent the mo nile virus. low flying helicopters began the treatment in non resident areas of staten island. the bronx, brooklyn and queens. it started at 6:00 this morning. this will continue through 7:00 and the process repeated. this is the 6th time the city has sprayed mosquitos. there's an investigation in palm beach. governor rick scott
4:34 pm
figure out how the person became infected. the department has gone door to door reaching out to resident and spraying and taking samples in a one-square mile in dade county. that's where all the active transmissions occurred. governor scott insists the state is safe. the family of oscar pistorius is denying reports that the one-time olympian tried to commit suicide. he was treated for minor wrist and returned to prison. media reports in south africa suggested he tried to kill himself. on twitter his brother said the reports are untrue and sensational. the story -- his serving a 6-year sentence for killing his girlfriend. a shut eye without side effects. another solution to cure -- temperatures are cooling off a bit. we went from 86 to 82 right now in central park.
4:35 pm
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a health alert today about the alarming and dangerous results of drowsy driving. according to new report, drowsy driving causes thousands of deaths every year and crashes. and $100 billion in damage. it continues to be a directed problem. teen driver -- diagnosing the problem is more difficult. lots of but still not many answer in that water slide accident that killed a young boy in kansas city. the 10-year old riding what's known as the world's tallest water slide. the park issuing a statement this afternoon saying its deeply and intensely saddened for the family. the park remains closed. here's abc elizabeth herd. >> park officials aren't releasing details about how this happened other to confirm they're investigating.
4:39 pm
>>reporter: a popular water park in kansas city evacuated after a 10-year old boy dies after riding the world's -- the father telling abc news in a statement ks since the day caleb was born he brought -- we'll see him another day. >> what it sounded like to us was that the harness in the front of the car >> for now, park officials are not answering any questions about what could have gone wrong. but explained all rides at the park are inspected daily. >> our rides are inexpected by an outside party at the -- our rides are inspected by an outside party.
4:40 pm
is the first for the ride. 2 years ago the ride was delayed three times after early safety checks showing dummies flying off prompting for safety knitting. when the ride opened, the riders had to be 14-year old. that has changes. >> the question is, is the ride safe. i'm sure this park willing looking closely at changes. >> we're now learning has decided to keep this ride closed indefinitely pending a full investigation. i'm elizabeth herd for channel 7 eyewitness news. walmart is shelling out big bucks to -- the company announced today it will pay $3 billion in cash and another $300 million in stocks to buy the site launched with a bang last year when it announced its intention to
4:41 pm
walmart's online business has been slow recently. even as its making big investments in new distribution centers. a teenager in new hampshire getting a new suit of armor. he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. he had two surgeries to treat the tumor. the make-a-wish-foundation is suiting him up as a star wars storm trooper. >>t' has been hard to make it through all of this. but i have all my friends through the school year who have helped me, and all these people that have come here. >> you go, cole. that's just great. the mayor reports -- august 6th is cole's day. cole is set to have his last radiation treatment this week. that's a great foundation. >> yeah, it is. >> it really. >> awesome. a young girl's determination to help homeless people. coming
4:42 pm
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popping a pill to sleep, many people do it but the drugs can come with side effects. consumer reports analysis found that the drugs don't work that well. and new research points to a better solution for insomnia. we have the story.
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stress that comes with insomnia. >> i wasn't able to sleep. it builds up and it wears on your body and wears on your mind and relationships. >> in your doctor ruled out medical problems -- you can work with a therapist for insomnia. >> therapy has shown to improve the amount of sleep you get as well as how often you're awake at night and the quality of your sleep. works. you'll be asked to keep a sleep diary and rating your sleep the next day. the therapist reviews that and suggested strategy to improve the quality of sleep you're getting. >> you started off taking an average of 40 minutes to fall asleep and it went to 10. >> therapist will help you change your daily routine to set
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now is the time to be awake, now is the time to be asleep. >> professionals cbt insomnia treatment requires 2 months of weekly sessions and it is covered by insurance. to bridgette, the time and effort were worth it. >> to go through insomnia cbt and to have it work is like my joy. it's renewed. i feel like myself again. >> shr , channel 7 news. you can see the shadows all over the place. it was just perfect tonight. >> it really, really was. it's great. we've had clouds come and go through the afternoon. it kept our temperatures around 86 in the park. we had new jerseys up against the 93 mark and the heat is plentiful. we have another hot day on tap for tomorrow. you can see clouds that we're talking about. they don't last long.
4:47 pm
out tomorrow. what's miss issing the humidity. and that's what makes all the difference -- owe what's missing is the humidity. pressure is falling and there it is, top temperatures so far. it's at 86 degrees. we'll safely do a repeat of that and a few degrees better tomorrow. in the boroughs, you have 82. sunset park, 83. a wider picture, it has been cool to the middle to upper 70s. islip at 71. bridgeport at 81. we'll be going down to the 50s to monticello and poughkeepsie. here's the due point numbers. here's what the humidity is doing. most of the dew points are in the upper 50s and 50-degree range. there's a scale we can share with you.
4:48 pm
near 660s. we're -- near 60s. we're going to remain in the pleasant zone until wednesday and we're going to change and we go back to the oppressive zone where dew points are at 70 degrees. we have this evening and tomorrow and tomorrow night, we'll see the humidity increase. here's the clouds we see in the skies. it will push to the south and east. later this evening, clear skies and it's another night where you can take the windows and let going with temperatures in the 50s and 60s overnight. for the future cast, tomorrow during the day, again, sunshine. it feels hot. i'll have the humidity, but reay -- it really does have some power behind it. late on tuesday night to wednesday, we're back into the showers and it will be more humidity around here. i think much of the day we've got the threat of rain on wednesday. so we got showers coming our way for the second half of the week. thursday and friday, also the
4:49 pm
for showers and thunderstorms both. a reminder once we gets the heat and humidity back, the index will increase and it will feel like low to mid-90s by the -- here we go, air quality is g. the wellness forecast through tomorrow, uv index at 8. very hot. high pollen count with grasses the main concern. tonight it's clear. 60s in the suburbs and tomorrow, 88 degrees. warm again and beating today's high temperature or two. here's your accuweather forecast. storms beginning on wednesday. i think wednesday is the real soaker and then thursday and friday are most of the pop up afternoon showers and thunderstorms that are pretty familiar this time of year when it's hazy, hot and humid. heating can trigger the afternoon storms. over the weekend, same thing, hot, humid and stormy at times. so a familiar august 4th if you will. >> it is august. >> it is august after all.
4:50 pm
he proposed to and married during a flight to greece. natalie are in route -- he pulled off the plan. it included a gown -- a violinist and natalie's family walking her down the aisle. the crew celebrating. natalie didn't expect her vacation to turn into a honey moon. so cool. ? [ music ] ? ? out. he had the dj pretend he and his wife lexie were playing the newly wed game. seconds later, music came on and hunter and his grooms men busted out in dance. video showing the men twirling and serenading lexie. lexie just seems to take it all in stride. she accepted a rose from her husband at the end of
4:51 pm
his 10th birthday. he gave away nearly 600 pairs of new shoes to needy children. this is robinson. he decided instead of getting gifts for him receive, he wanted to help others. he came up with an idea for gunner's runners. it has grown. there's a collection drive and donation boxes across town. >> i always got a huge -- new school, and nice boots for school, and i want other kids to get it too. >> that's great. all the shoes will be distributed to kids just in time to begin the new school year. three good news stories. talk about a heart of gold. a 12-year old girl dedicating her life to helping homeless people. she has raised thousands of dollars and done it with a lemonade stand. cheers.
4:52 pm
lemonade stand. she opened it 6 years ago when she was 6-year old after seeing a homeless man on the street in orange county. >> i thought it wasn't fair, some people have to live that way. >> i said he doesn't have a place to go. and that bothered her so much. >> j.j.'s lemonade stand took in $300 from selling cookie and lemonade that year and donated it to a homeless prevention center in her community. >> that need, it's absolutely amazing. she's a wonderful little girl. >> thank you. >> that began an annual tradition. she's raised more than $16,000 and she has a big goal for this year. >> this year my goal is $10,000. the growth is big and amazing and i'm fortunate. >> now the community has gotten involved too with local
4:53 pm
her cause and city officials buying lemonade as well. >> she's raising money through a go fund me paige. >> it's not about publicity, but knowing you did something good in why you are heart. >> her heart is helping people and making her parents proud. >> she just -- she just has a special heart. really special heart. >> lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news. thanks lauren. an increase in city parks. where's the most dangerous park in new york city. coming up on eyewitness news. here's a check on the hudson river. 25 minutes impound at the lincoln. 25 minutes outbound at the i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual.
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parks throughout new york city. >> a 23% increase in crimes in city parks in the past nine months. tonight police are trying to figure out how to stop it. >> mallory hoff at one of the most violent parks in new york, she's in queens at the flushing meadows corona park. >> this can be a very dangerous place to be and a lot of park goers just hearing about these numbers say they are in fact on edge. out today a lot of people remember in the summertime, this is a free activity. >> reporter: new york city park advocates say violent crime has increased 23% in the last nine months compared to the previous nine months. >> obviously the world is changing. it's not like we used to know it. anything can happen. >> reporter: in the last nine months at city park, six people were murdered. 14 were raped. 254 were robbed.
4:57 pm
felony assaults. >> the only dedicated full-time park police are the park patrol. >> reporter: president of nyc park advocates says increased safety measures are necessary. >> for years we've been calling on the mayor and city council to dramatically increase our park place and unfortunately we've been told over and over again that protecting parks and the people in parks is simply not a priority. and that's absolutely shameful. >> reporter: the mor released a statement saying crime across the city is at an all time low and crimes in parks remain rare. just like they do on the streets, nypd is focusing resources on trouble spots using a model of precision policing. croft says crime stats suggest some of the most dangerous parks are -- >> flushing meadows, claremont park, riverside park has a lot
4:58 pm
has some telling us a picnic in the park shouldn't come with a side of fear. >> i think it's just enjoyable to go out with your family, especially when you don't have school. >> those numbers we should point out do not include central park. that's because central park does in fact have its own precinct. so many people here today say this won't keep them from coming to the parks but they'll spend more time in groups. mallory eyewitness news. all new at 5:00, the rapper who calls himself troy ave tonight back in the place where he was shot. now he's suing the concert venue and the promoters even though he's the only one seen on video firing a gun. first a young woman living in new york disappears while she's out for a walk in a boston
4:59 pm
discovered hours later. >> this case is eerily similar to a murder in queens. katrina vetrano murdered less than a week ago on her run. now a google employee the victim of a homicide. >> right now it's unclear if this is a random attack or not. sandra bookman with more details about the marcotte investigation. >> investigators in massachusetts are being extremely tightlipped about this case but sources close to that abc boston affiliate wcbd tonight that when vanessa marcotte was found, she there were burns to her head, her feet, and her hands. >> reporter: what began as an afternoon jog along rural massachusetts road turned briefly in to a missing persons case then tragically in to an apparent case of murder. >> a preliminary review of the body has led the detectives to believe this is a homicide investigation. >> reporter: last night state
5:00 pm
of 27-year-old vanessa marcotte in a wooded area about a half mile from her mother's princeton, massachusetts home. marcotte worked as an account manager for google here in new york city and was visiting family in the area. she went for a walk around 1 p.m. sunday and vanished. >> the investigation has focused on a timeframe when vanessa went out for a walk on brooke station road and when her body was found. that timeframe is between the >> reporter: police so far won't say how marcotte died. an autopsy is underway. they also don't know if the crime is random. so they are warning people who live in the area to be cautious and vigilant. >> if you've seen anything in the past 24 hours that appeared suspicious or out of the ordinary, please contact us. >> tonight this statement from


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