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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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but it's what they didn't say that is now making headlines. a source close to the investigation telling abc boston affiliate wcbd the woman was found wearing no clothes, burns to her head, hands, and feet. >> we do not know if this was a random act. >> reporter: marcotte was visiting family in princeton, massachusetts when she went for a walk sunday afternoon and never returned. state police k-9 units found her hours later. the 27-year-old worked as an account manager at google. this statement from the company a short time ago: vanessa marcotte was a much loved member of the google team, working in our new york office for the last year and a half and known for her ubiquitous smile, passion for volunteer work, and love of boston sports. police in massachusetts now warning residents to be cautious. >> we do believe this is a homicide. we cannot tell whether or not it
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asking the residents of princeton and surrounding areas to be vigilant. >> it is important to note this evening that investigators in massachusetts acknowledge that there are some similarities in this case, in the vetrano case in queens. last week the young woman killed in howard beach. they say at this point in time there is no reason and nothing to suggest that the two cases are connected. in chelsea, sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we'll have more on that howard beach murder in a second. want to tell you that eyewitness news reporter jim dolan right now headed to princeton, massachusetts. his reports there begin on eyewitness news tonight at 11:00. we'll also have any updates immediately on our social media sites and our website, abc7ny. now to the howard beach crime. in less than an hour, the nypd, community leaders, and elected officials will meet with residents in the queens
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was found murdered. karina vetrano's parents meeting with detectives at a police command post today. tonight the cops will discuss the investigation in to vetrano's murder. they'll also try to restore a sense of security in the worried neighborhood. >> there's more police presence here now than ever and they should not be concerned. they should be alert. they should not be concerned that the neighborhood is going to hell in a hand basket. >> residents have been asking for additional police patrol since the murder. they also want officials to get grass where vetrano's body was found. they are tree lined refuges for people who live in an elevated concrete jungle. but tonight disturbing statistics. crime in the parks up 23% over the last nine months. but not included in this study, the crown jewel. central park. mallory hoff at one of the most
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the story. >> these numbers speak specifically to violent crimes. a lot of people we've spoken with say this is a situation that makes them very nervous. they say they won't stop going to the park but they'll be on the look-out. >> to be aware is to be alive. you have to watch out. >> reporter: new york city park advocates say violent crime has increased 23% in the last nine months compared to the previous nine months. >> you're providing the public them. >> reporter: the most dangerous -- >> flushing meadows, claremont park, riverside park has a lot of crime. >> reporter: the watchdog says 14 were raped, 254 robbed, and 143 people were victims of felony assaults. >> in your opinion, are people safe in city parks? >> unfortunately people are not
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president of the union that represents parks enforcement officers. >> there's a lot more people utilizing our parks, beaches, and pools. we asked earlier in the year in anticipation of this, we asked city council for more patrol officers. unfortunately it fell on deaf ears. they said it wasn't a priority. >> reporter: the mayor's office released a statement saying crime across the city is at an all time low and crimes in parks remain rare. just like they do on the streets, nypd is focusing resources on trouble using a model of precision policing that has made our city the safest big city in america. park goers tell us they'll try to be more aware of their surroundings. >> got to travel in packs, stay together, especially if you're leaving late at night and everything. >> these violent crime numbers boil down to 417 victims. again, that's just in the last nine months. live in queens, mallory hoff,
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this hour to rebound from a complete computer system meltdown earlier today. delta says it canceled 451 flights. a flight tracking service counted more than 2,000 delayed flights. delta's ceo forced to post a message on the airline's website. >> i'm speaking to you today from our operations and customer center where we've got delta teams working around the clock. i apologize for the challenges this has created for you with your travel experience. >> the computer shutdown began with the power failure of the things went so wrong so quickly, that remains under investigation. new at 6:00, the brooklyn borough president under scrutiny by new york city's department of education. eric adams telling eyewitness news they're looking in to the one brooklyn fund. but adams insists he's done nothing wrong and says he's cooperating. n.j. burkett with the story. he's at brooklyn borough hall for us. >> that's right, borough hall is
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question tonight is this. did the borough president use rent collected from this building to fund his non-profit foundation? tonight the borough president in an eyewitness news interview says the answer is simple. >> our records are very clear and it shows the two separate accounts and shows every dollar that came in and how each dollar was spent. >> reporter: eric adams says the answer is no. the rent money paid for office space in brooklyn borough hall go to his nonprofit foundation but the borough president confirms tonight agents with the department of investigation are pouring over business records from his one brooklyn fund. the foundation established by adams to help pay for community programs for kids and seniors. at issue, whether money for his foundation comes at least in part from rent collected for office space and borough hall, where the borough
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collects the rent. money adams admits is strictly intended to pay for administration and building maintenance. >> when the checks are written to the non-profit, it doesn't go in to our account. it goes in to a separate account that only deals with building funds. when people want to contribute to our initiatives, it goes in to an account that only deals with those initiatives. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for the department of investigation refused to comment on the case. the investigation is believed to scope, but not unlike the sweeping corruption probe in to mayor de blasio's fundraising. and his own use of a nonprofit foundation, not subject to campaign finance laws. tonight adams tells eyewitness news there was nothing illegal or unethical about conduct at borough hall. >> when you pay the rent at borough hall, it only goes to the utilization of borough hall.
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fully in the d.o.i.'s investigation. tonight a spokesman for the u.s. attorney's office refused to confirm a published report that there's in fact an investigation going on and mr. adams says he's not been contacted by any federal investigators. n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to vote 2016. donald trump proposing the biggest tax cut in u.s. history. it comes during his first ever economic policy speech. mr. trump promising to reduce the top tax from 39% to 33% and give parents a tax break on childcare. corporate taxes would get a huge cut, down to 15% from a high of 39. >> this is what i want to do for our country. i want to jump start america. and it can be done. and it won't even be that hard. >> however the tax policy center says trump's cuts will add nearly $10 trillion to the
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responding during a campaign swing through st. petersburg, florida saying trump's plan would benefit rich corporations and the wealthiest americans all at the expense of the working class. >> we are not interested in economic plans that only help the top 1%. it's time we helped everybody else in america get ahead and stay ahead. >> secretary clinton, quoting now, don't let a f trump. stocks finished the day a little lower. dow lost 14 points. s&p 500 down almost 2. and the nasdaq down nearly 8 points. an impossible demand. coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00 for this monday night, insurance companies say they'll cover invitro fertilization but only after a couple tries to conceive on their own for two years. a local same-sex couple says that's unfair. and drivers fuming about a lot
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in the bqe. >> how much would you alex rodriguez riddled with scandal play his last game at yankee stadium? >> we've got soaring temperatures here in the accuweather center. it's going to be hot again tomorrow. right now we've got 82. beautiful evening in front of us. we'll return to temperatures very similar that we saw today. maybe adding a few degrees. as far as the humidity goes, that's just around the corner too. dry heat for one
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new at 6:00, a same-sex couple in new jersey has been trying to have a baby for a long time. now they're saying their insurance company is refusing to cover the invitro fertilization cost. the problem? a state mandate says younger couples have to try to have sex for two infertility before they qualify. the contradiction here is obvious. here's eyewitness news reporter joe torres. >> reporter: they just want to have a baby. >> i don't think you can put in to words how much we want to expand our family. >> reporter: after $50,000 in fertility treatments, a half dozen miscarriages, their five-year quest for motherhood now involves legal action. they filed a lawsuit against the state of new jersey.
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state law allows insurance coverage for fertility treatments for heterosexual couples but not lesbian couples. >> right away we were told without having sexual intercourse we would not be covered. >> we have a medical diagnosis of infertility and we were denied the medical treatments any heterosexual couple would have if they walked in to a fertility clinic. >> reporter: dr. jane miller says their case is not unique. she agrees with them and says change. >> it's completely discriminatory. it gets us furious because good people come in and simply want to have a family and get on with our lives. what do we have to do? >> reporter: the lawsuit targets the state's department of banking and insurance. we contacted the commissioner's office for his side of the story. the response we got was this. the department does not comment on pending litigation. in montclair, new jersey, joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. an overturned beer truck
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commute on the bqe. authorities say the tractor-trailer hauling budweiser was near the hamilton avenue exit when it tipped over and spilled its cargo. also a fuel spill involved. one southbound lane shut down during the cleanup. truck driver now in stable condition in the hospital. call it a menu makeover. one large chain restaurant known for its burgers will soon be offering something different. >> and a nice comfortable summer day but warmer
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forget putting up a wall along the border. burger king expanding its border flavor menus, soon giving its popular sandwich tex mex flare. it will introduce the whopper-ito, a combination of
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monday. >> i so invented that at my house. >> did you already do that? that's the story? >> yes, exactly. >> you copyright infringement? >> hamburger inside a burrito. it was beautiful today. how long can we keep it going? >> i think we've got another day. tomorrow a repeat. temperatures just as warm. could possibly add a degree or two to the temperatures we saw today. limited our temperatures in to the middle to upper 80s. love this shot looking over manhattan. way down to one world trade. the clouds are decorating the sky in spots. all in all tonight looks like a beautiful evening where the clouds will give way to clear skies overnight so our temperatures that are currently in the low 80s drop off easily in to the low 70s. 60s in the suburbs. i wouldn't be surprised to see some areas north and west of the area going down to the 50s overnight. cool night ahead after daytime highs more up close to 90 in
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it a little closer. we'll cool off dramatically. and this heat, which has been a dry heat, continues. so the humidity remains on holdment it's -- remains on hold. it's a night where you can open your windows. then the pattern changes. middle of the week, we'll add showers and thunderstorms as well. that's a pattern that's real familiar. the dog days of summer. we repeat the forecast over and over. that begins on wednesday. it's going to take us through the weekend. clouds sho south and east tonight. high pressure in control. it creates the sinking air that allows a little bit of a northerly breeze overnight. that's a dry air mass without clouds. and that's how we start tomorrow. we'll finish monday and even in to the afternoon on tuesday, this next 12 to 24-hour period looking really comfortable. and then the clouds creep back in from the south. we see humidity taking over tuesday night in to early wednesday. we could have a shower before dawn on wednesday morning.
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the area throughout the afternoon on wednesday. thursday and friday it's more garden variety afternoon and thunderstorms. definitely chances to get wet through the end of the week. if you're waiting for moisture, here it comes. the futurecast as well as the heat index change is coming in by wednesday morning and will be with us throughout the entire day. temperatures will be feeling warmer than the thermometer readings. we could hit a high of 83 on wednesday but it will feel more like the 90s. you get the picture there that in play. 88 tomorrow. a little warmer than today's temperatures. we sort of cool it off on wednesday with the numbers at 83. but like i said, that's going to feel like the 90s. hot and humid down the stretch, all the way through the weekend. we get those warm temperatures and really did go conservative on the numbers here with the 90s showing up on friday and saturday. actual temperature readings could be low 90s. feels-like temperatures will be in to the mid 90s.
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today. the alex rodriguez farewell tour will resume tomorrow in boston. while ticket prices for his final game friday in the bronx are soaring. according to tickiq, the average price over $400. as for that announcement, yesterday morning a-rod saying he will play his final game as a yankee this friday. he'll then be released and next season join the yankees as a special advisor and instructor. >> i asked for an opportunity to play one more game in front of our fans, my mother, my daughters, the folks at the boys and girls club. there will be a lot of people flying from all over the country to get here. i'm thankful for that opportunity to play and get a few more at-bats. after avoiding a series sweep at the hands of the tiger in detroit yesterday, today the mets rest. tomorrow they'll look to win back-to-back games for the first time in over a month as they return home to host the
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this morning. david wright meeting with the kids, handed out some high fives. had a lot of fun in general, enjoying his time with the kids. >> i love it. i enjoy coming out and sharing stories with the kids. >> i had a great time meeting him. it was the best experience of my life. he's really inspirational to a lot of people and he's really awesome. >> as for baseball, wright of course is out for the season after do much at this point besides walk but he's hoping to begin more physical activities after meeting with doctors in september. all this is a slow recovery but he does continue to make progress. >> feel much better. seems like each week there's more and more mobility. now it's just a matter of getting back to as close to 100% as possible. we're now 10 days in to training camp and already it's game week for the jets and giants. big blue opens the exhibition
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at the meadowland. it will be finally be time to hit someone not on your team. with the new guys, everybody fighting for roster spots, all getting a chance to show what they can do when the intensity increases. >> nothing like the real thing. everybody just wait for the real thing. i'm anxious to see the young guys play. >> as for the jets, they play thursday night. while ryan fitzpatrick is getting back in to the football swing of things a quarterback missed all the offseason. fitz is feeling good. >> my arm surprisingly, at least it's been surprising to me, my arm has felt great the whole time. no residual soreness. the americans beating spain today by 40. while in the pool, michael phelps is moving on in his first
6:29 pm
for last night, vintage phelps who swam the second leg of the 4 by 100 relay. winning his record 19th olympic gold medal. 23rd olympic gold medal overall. the women's gymnastics team shined as well, dominating the qualifying round led by simone biles. 10 points higher than second place china. in the world. a full plate of stories already for eyewitness news at 11:00. sade is here with a preview. >> full plate indeed. new tonight, 19 people sickened at a party. we'll tell you what had been added to some candy which sent party goers to the hospital. a store clerk takes things in to her own hands and starts shooting when thieves try to steal from her. we'll tell you what more drivers in our area are doing behind the wheel. there's a warning tonight. it's new on eyewitness news at
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>> that's it for us for now. thanks for watching tonight. i'm bill ritter. world news tonight with david muir is tonight, the travel chaos. the computer meltdown leaving thousands of passengers strabded. delta canceling hundreds of flights. also tonight, what we have now learned about the tragedy at the water park. after a 10-year-old boy was killed on the world's tallest water slide, right here in the u.s. the new poll out tonight, tax plan. and this evening, the new letter. 50 republican officials now warning that donald trump would be, in their words, the most reckless president in american history. the jogger discovered dead, the second young woman in less than a week, and tonight, the new warning. and the american athletes take the lead in rio. michael phelps winning gold. tears from his teammate. the stunner for the williams


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