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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  August 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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is being detained and questions over the incident. reporter tim fleischer has the latest. >>reporter: city line was filled. they came to pray and remember this special imam and his associate. hundreds upon hundreds stood shoulder to shoulder in the afternoon heat to denounce the violence that has taken beloved imam akomjee and uddin. they were shot by a loan gunman as they walked from their mosque. as police question a person in interest, those from brooklyn and queens calls for unity. mayor de blasio says their pain is shared by all in the city. >> [foreign language]
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they were examples of goodness and righteousness and examples of peace and understanding. we will take their example and build upon it. >> we do not know if it was a [indiscernible] crime, but this was not an act of compassion or an act of love. >> currently there's a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of an individual at this hour as we point out though. a person of interest is being questioned by the nypd. tim fleischer, eyewitness news. >> we have new information on the scare, jfk. there's flight delays. a celebration of the post olympic victory was behind it. last night, passengers flooded into the street as heavily armed police officers flooded the street after a 911 call reported shots fired. people who didn't make it out
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-- outside found any place to hide. >> i put my backpack in front of me because i didn't want to get shot in the head. >> when it started happening, i had an image in my mind with someone coming with guns. >> in the end, the port authority and the nypd says no gun or evidence of shots fired were found. police are trying to figure out who made the 911 call. in the meantime, hundreds waiting to be rebooked on flights. lucy yang at jfk and she has an update eyewitness news at 5:00 new details of a -- a man injured his two sons before killing himself. he was a retired nypd officer. it happened at the family's home in bell port. 61-year old noke got into an argument with welders during a party.
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police say noke got a gun from his bedroom and shot his sons before turning that gun on himself. neighbors say that earlier in the evening, there was no sign the party might end in bloodshed. >> there was no commotion. it was peaceful and everyone was directing nicely and there was nice music going on. >> noke's son 30-year old ervin noke are in critical condition. there's a fire. firefighters rescued six people. all trapped on upper floors. the fire broke out this morning on the third floor of a 5 story building in yonkers and many residents able to escape on their own, but six people including three children were led to safety by fire escapes. >> they found heavy fire. fire did extend to four and five and
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scenarios that we try to avoid, but then it can spread horizontally >> today, with 90 degrees temperatures, the fire was challenging for firefighters. the red cross now offering assistance to more than 50 people. talking about the weather, let's check in right now. temperatures above 90 degrees. we have meteorologist jeff smith tracking it. he's outside our studios with the accuweather forecast. jeff. >>reporter: any other time, we would talk about today being a hot and humid day. after what taken the edge off the heat and the humidity as we head into today. as you said, temperatures still above the 90-degree mark. sitting at 91 in central park. we continue that heat wave for a 5th consecutive day. 93 at new york. but we have areas struggling to get to 90 down the jersey shore, onto long island and south western parts of connecticut. the heat advisory last until 8:00 p.m. this
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because index values will still get into the 90s during your day on tuesday as its humidity tends to come back up again after a dip during its day today. the satellite and radar also showing some interesting happenings over central pennsylvania. some showers and thunderstorms moving off to the east, and the east. severe storm prediction center has us in a slight risk of severe thunderstorms. during the day tomorrow, these could contain strong gusty wind and heavy downpours and in addition to that, the heat index values out there tomorrow. getting up to 95 tomorrow. feeling like 95 although temperatures get into the upper 80s. it's about the humidity as we head into your tuesday. eventually we have to get relief from this. we'll talk about when that happens in your 7-day forecast coming up. sandra. >> jeff, thank you. and a race for the white house. trump is laying out his plan for fighting isis and claiming his opponent clinton doesn't have what it fight the terror group.
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hits the campaign trail in defense of clinton's credentials. abc kenneth modon is tracking the latest from washington. >>reporter: sandra, clinton will use vice president biden in the battle ground states like ohio where today trump said a new approach is needed to fight terrorism. >> hillary clinton welcomes that vp help from the campaign trail in pennsylvania. clinton and vice president joe biden in full display to reach tho clinton's father and biden were born in this blue collar community. >> the story of the biden's isn't unique. what's unique is the country where those stories were written. >> clinton and biden dealing up to take on donald trump. >> he's trying to tell us he cares about the middle-class. give me a break and to repeat myself, it's a bunch of that larky. >> trump, trump.
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policy realism. a speech focused on destroying isis. but trump dropped another proposal. a task for immigrants to figure out their stances on issues like religious freedom, gender equality and gay rights. >> those who do not believe in our constitution or who support big tree and hatred will not be admitted for immigration into our country. >> the republican who recve it can'ting fully vetted. >> i call it extreme, extreme vetting. our country has enough problems. we don't need more. >> as president trump would almost certainly face legal challenges for targeting a religion, the constitutional lawyers say and they tell us and
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come to banning certain people from certain regions. kenneth, eyewitness news. stocks on wall street kicking off with gains. investors were encouraged by earning a rise in the price of u.s. oil. that held give energy stocks a boost. here's a live look at the big board. the dow up 66 they start flooding in the southeast turns deadly. thousands of people rescued from the high waters. first responders still pulling people we'll have an update just ahead. and an eyewitness news exclusive.
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it is 4:10. time for a check on your commute home. this is atlantic avenue and it's moving good for this time of day. for now, no complaints.
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the outbound lincoln. 20 at the outbound holland. there's trouble on the george washington bridge. police want to find the -- he took advantage of two new jersey couples looking for a place to live. they paid rent for an apartment in linden. it turns out the person who took their rent money didn't own the apartment and they're no way to be found. new jersey reporter johnson has the details. >>reporter: well, david, this story is still growing. as we were standing here 5 minutes ago, another couple walked up to the house. they had given the person the tip. they were the people who owned this house, $1100. they were coming today to give another $1100 only to find out this whole thing is a scam. we did get a chance to talk to one couple. they did not want to show us their face. the couple gave up $2200 as a
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see that hard earned money again. they originally saw the house on craigslist and contacted the person, the number on craigslist, and then came to see the property. the couple even went inside to check it out. saw the conditions inside. the person who said they were renting the house called himself marcus. he told the couple that the so-called property manager would show them the house and they did get inside. once they gave an okay, the money was exchanged for the down payment. they made that happen at the they know, that another couple had put down $2600 on the same property. the two couples arrived here yesterday to move in and that's when police and the embarrassed couples realize they had been a victim of a scam. the couple uncomfortable with showing their faces says the keys to open the door didn't work. >> we did our homework. so it's scary to the point that even when you're doing your homework and you do your research and everything is looking
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>> now, this couple says they did their research. they checked the tax records. they checked the utilities and everything appear to be legitimate. police are on this case. they're trying to find, they believe two people, a male and a female involved in this scam. coming up at 5:30, we're going to tell you ways that police suggest you can avoid being a victim of this type of scam. from linden, anthony john johnson. he was -- his boat was recovered. he left the beach friday night headed for winden hearst but never got from there. they pulled his body from the water in the is -- in is the way. a a going many employee
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murdered. she was visiting her mother last week when killed out on a jog of the her funeral tomorrow morning. investigators have received hundreds of tips in the case, but so far have not announced any arrests. a wind swept fire has wiped out a northern california town, lower lake is about 90 miles north of san francisco. yesterday, flames tore through that small city, destroying about 100 homes and businesses. and forcing people to literat run for their lives. a town of laura lake was barely despaired from destruction when another fire was close to it last september. >> we went through this and we had the valley fire which was devastating to a lot of people in this area, and seeing this again, it just brings up a lot mixed emotions. >> this fire called a clayton fire is one of 11 burning across california. it has already destroyed more than 3,000 acres.
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of louisiana to help the national guard rescue people caught in flood. state officials say 20,000 had to be rescued in badly funded areas and 10,000 more are staying at shelters. about 3 quarters of the people effected don't have flood insurance either. even with the help, rescue crews have their hands full. >> it has been a busy 48 hours and rivers rise and we're reacting to that. we have search and rescue operations. we have rescued, 300, 400 people. 300 by air. mentioned, the lack of flood insurance causing problems and added to the hardship they're dealing with in that area. a lot of players and -- >> a long cleanup. meteorologist jeff smith in for lee goldberg. our weather story is different. >> the circulation around that system over louisiana has opened the flood gates for moisture to come -- that is why we've been
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couple of days. we're getting a break right now in the shade, a little bit of a breeze, a little less humidity. it doesn't feel nearly as bad as it felt over the weekend when we had heat index values of 110 to 115 degrees in some areas. let's head up a few hundred feet right now and look over towards central park, and it's not a terrible afternoon. temperature, 91 and humidity at 41%. dew points have lowered and wins coming from the northwest at 3 miles-an-hour and the high is your current low of 77. normal high this time of year, around 83 degrees. there's your record, 97 setback in the hot summer of 1988 and the sun going done at 7:53. there's a heat advisory from noon through 10:00 p.m. because heat index values tomorrow will be high. still in the mid-90s and you don't want to be exerting yourself outdoors. with the humidity returning
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those could be maybe strong gusty winds and some very heavy downpours and then dew points drop a little bit. humidity drops as we head into the day on wednesday. 93 right now in new york and la guardia. 85 at jfk with the wind coming off the water cooling you off. same deal at islip and montauk. 88 down the shore. dew points in the mid-60s. we haven't seen this temperatures in its 60s near islip. dew point measures the -- it was well above 70 and above the oppressive category. we have impressed. by wednesday, it will go down more. again, that heat advisory reissued for tomorrow from noon to 10:00 p.m. on tuesday. here's your satellite and radar picture showing much in the tri-state area, but we zoom things out and there are some thunderstorms over central pennsylvania down to virginia.
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reach the radars overnight tonight and into the we hours of tomorrow morning to see if a couple make it into the area. maybe one batch around midnight and a couple developing already right around day break tomorrow. i think tomorrow is going to be an active day where it could be a shower or thunderstorm. lows tomorrow, 77. 69 in morristown. 68 at sussex. still a muggy, sticky night out there. highs tomorrow, getting back up to 88 wave, but it will feel every bit as hot as today because the humidity will be increasing and there could be a shower or thunderstorm at any point during the afternoon that could be on the strong side. accuweather forecast for tonight, partly cloudy and warm and sticky. we have to watch the radar tonight for spotty shower activity. down to 77. warm and humid tomorrow. clouds and sun. a few showers and thunderstorms, any of which during the afternoon and early evening hours could prove to be gusty
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high of 88. tomorrow night, it could be an evening shower or storm and it remains partly cloudy and humid. we're down to 76. i think on wednesday, it's still warm. it's breezy though. the breeze is coming if from the northwest and that will help to drop -- it's coming in from the northwest and that will drop the humidity. we'll have your 7 accuweather forecast in a bit. i'll join you inside although it's not that bad outside. >> compared to saturday and unbelievable. i've never felt it like that in new york city. >> jeff, don't jinx. a mountain lion tracking a little girl away from her family. the amazing story of survival coming up. an inside look of covering celebrities.
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down the washington monument from more than a day have been repaired. it remains closed but back to operating. the park service the closure was a result of a tripped breaker caused by a voltage drop of incoming power to the monument. the monument was closed for a week in july because of elevator issues as well.
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this morning. the character actor famous for his work in theater had plenty of film in television roles, but his most memory is fiddler on the roof. his son announced his passing this morning saying his father had suffered heart problems for months. he was 93-year old. singer adele says she has turned down an offer to perform at next year's superbowl half time show at a concert in los angeles last night. she explained that decision saying about music and she can't dance. she says maybe she'll consider doing it in the future because she's planning for her next album to be a dance album. when it comes to celebrities she's about met them all. the executive magazine editor at people's -- sandy has more. >>reporter: it's dave, her name is kate coin and she's based here in the city, but in hollywood, her cloud is
4:24 pm
your biggest fan" which is what many people say when they meet a celebrity. the front cover says it's about awkward encounters and assorted miss adventures in celebrity journalist. keith coin is a student of stardom. >> god was extra generous when creating george clooney. heeds patient >> melissa mcarthy writes thank you notes and amy schume down to earth when celebrating her emmy win. >> i asked her, you know, if she planned on starting out with shots or wine, like, what was she going to be drinking first and she looked at me and said shots of course. >> but fame -- it's not for the faint of heart. >> everything can be dissected on social media and anybody can take a picture of you at starbucks when you're having a bad heyday.
4:25 pm
people's magazine. >> that's one hot dress right now. >> kate calls herself a fan girl. >> you buy people magazine, if you watch the bachelorette, if you are obsessed with who is going to wear what to the oscars, i'm with you. i am 100% with you. >> the goal is to gain a good insight into what makes a star glow. >> somebody who seemingly pulls all the focus of the towards them. >> she says former president bill clinton has more star power than anyone else, but he's tied with tom cruise. >> if he's there to talk to you, yuz the only person who exists, and it is an intoxicating feeling. >> trust me, she's right. finally a word of advice from the author, if you meet a
4:26 pm
fan. she simply heard that line too many times. try to explain briefly and specifically what that star's work has meant to you. you see them everywhere, dave and sandra, good advice. >> another one is, hey, you're not so bad. give them a little attitude. >> my favorite is wait, wait, don't tell me your name. wait. >> all right. >> thank you , sandy. >> thank you, sandy. still to come on eyewitness news, protests tur armed man was killed by police, and now officials there are putting a curfew in place. a dog starves to death long island.
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a city of milwaukee will be enforcing its curfew for teenagers tonight as it tries to prevent another night of unrest. city leaders spoke out blaming those outside the city for insighting confrontations. >> elizabeth herd has more. >> this is the police. leave the area.
4:30 pm
between police and protestors boiling over. angry crowds protesting the police shooting of an allegedly armed black man during a traffic stop. >> shots fired. injured officers here. >> the chaos so far destroying this patrol car, burning businesses, and flying bullets injuring at least one teenager. it started saturday afternoon after the 23-year old suspect seen in this facebook picture and now identified ads smith was o was also black. according to authorities, the suspect was armed. the officer ordered him to drop his weapon, but when the suspect did not comply, the officer opened fire. the confrontation caught on the officer's body camera. >> it certainly appears to me at the time he made that decision, it was a credible and legally protected decision. >> we're going to make sure there's peace and order restored to this neighborhood. >> an individual you will last
4:31 pm
but also pleaded with the public to protest peacefully. >> you all burning down gas stations. tell his mom you're sorry for her loss. >> as for the video from the officer's body camera, officials plan to release that as soon as possible. the officer involved, we're told was not injured, and is right now on administrative duty. elizabeth herd, abc news, eyewitness news. to continue in milwaukee with our sister station. liz. >> liz, what are you seeing on the ground at this point. >>reporter: sandra and david, one thing we saw a little while ago was officers with the atf. they were in the back alley behind that burned out vp station collecting bullet casings. those are believed to be bullet casings left behind from the shootings that happened last night. police officers here in milwaukee say there were
4:32 pm
hours starting at 10:30 last night. during that time, they say 7 officers were injured by having things thrown by protestors and they made 14 arrests. all of them were adults. all of them people from here in milwaukee. now to try and calm that down tonight, they're enforcing a curfew strictly for teenagers asking them to be in their home by 10:00 p.m. they believe most is caused by outsiders. people co places other than milwaukee trying to capitalize on this tension specifically in this sherman section of milwaukee. officers are trying to take control and hope tonight doesn't get out of hand like it did last night. reporting live, liz necky, eyewitness news. >> thank you for this. we're going to turn investigation of animal abuse that is so severe, it took the
4:33 pm
wood. the da wants to talk to its owners. >> reporter kristin thorn live with details all new at 4:00. >>reporter: dave and sandra, the dog was found in this gated area of 5 town's animal hospital. we can't show you the pictures of the dog because they are just far too upsetting. what we can show you is this surveillance video which shows what is most owner abandoning this dog severely emash ated. it happened around 3:00 in the afternoon. the female terrier pit bull mix was transported to a specialty vet in farmingdale, but she died from regional and kidney failure. those at the hand mall hospital said she could do little. >> we could put cold water in her mouth to keep her hydrated,
4:34 pm
only thing -- the only movement she -- the only movement she made was switching her eye. >> there's a 5,000 reward for anyone who can lead them to the suspect and if that results in an arrest and conviction. live in endwood, i'm kristin thornton. charges pending against a man who police say hit someone with a car and fired several shots and drove to westchester he was taken to harrison. police say a gun was found inside the vehicle. the man was taken to the hospital with a leg injury and the hit-and-run victim suffered non life-threatening injuries. a college student who was prepared to start his junior year at st. johns university here in new york was killed after being shot in chicago. 19-year old dennis iii flew home to surprise his mother who is sick before the start of the
4:35 pm
opened fire on chicago's south side. police say it appears the shooting was a case of mistaken identity. >> i just heard screaming across the street. >> a couple of minutes later, we saw at least 25, 26 police officers, the ambulance. >> we saw the boy's body on the ground. >> dennis's father is a chicago police officer. shocked viewers, police arrested a suspect in an attack on a 74-year old man push north dakota the bronx. investigators say 45-year old angel followed the victim inside his building last thursday and pushed him down the stairs. investigators say he kicked the man and then went through his pockets. the victim was treated and released from minor injuries. a mountain lion. coming up, how that little girl was able to getaway with just scrapes and
4:36 pm
babies. the new report that's bringing awareness to how parent was putting their little ones to sleep. here we go. it's day 5 of the heat wave. unlike the weekend we don't have thunderstorms in the area thus far. later tonight, there be a couple of storms moving west of the new york city. during the evening hours, temperatures falling through the 80s. it becomes muggier later on today. we'll have partly cloudy skies out there.
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4 stories we're following at 4:00 right now. close to a thousand people have gathered at the funeral for an imam and the imam's associate. the two were to death in queens over the weekend. new information on the scare that triggered evacuations and flight delays at jfk last night. sources telling abc news it appears a celebration of bolts olympic victory was so loud, some people called the chaos into police. that call was a report somehow of shots fired. actually no shooting took place. on the campaign trail, donald trump is attacking his
4:40 pm
not a quick to combat terrorism. vice president joe biden joined -- defending clinton at a rally in pennsylvania today. authorities in new jersey looking for a pair of scam artist wanted for stealing rent money from two couples who were looking to rent an apartment. the con artist took the rent money for homes they did not own. researchers who set out to study one thing discovered something else. they say it was alarming. they found despite docto advice, nine out of ten parent was putting their babies to sleep with cribs with hazardous items like pillows or loose bedding that could suffocate them. also some infants were being put to sleep on their sides or parents were taking their babies to bed with them, referred to co-sleeping. both increase the risk ever death. now to an incredible story of survival for a little girl in ohio.
4:41 pm
mountain lion. her mother stepped in just in time. we have our story. >>reporter: a child verses wild. >> we didn't think we were in danger. >> we thought it was passing through, but now we know it was stalking the kids because they come up for dinner. >> 4-year old kelcey was camping with her family near green canyon hot springs ohio when her mother put her down for a nap. >> it was after dinner that i took her and her cousin to the tent because they were playing together. >> but kelcey wandered o that's when her mother says the giant mountain lion pounced clutching kelcey in its mouth trying to carry her off. her mom jumping in immediately. >> if just grabbed her with its teeth and flipped her over and grabbed her again and we were there. i ran to her screaming running at the lion. i ran up to her and scooped her and she's clinging to me and the first thing i do is i look at her body and look her over, and see if i can see anything wrong. i'm expecting blood everywhere. something.
4:42 pm
on her ribs, and then i know she's okay, and i had this overwhelming peace come over me. >> the cougar dropping her before running away leaving her scratched and bruised, but alive. and with a new nickname, her family now calling her princess puma. rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> at least they can laugh a little about it. ohio fish and game says cougar attacks are a rare sightings and don't attack, but when they do, the children targets. the grandmother said that kelcey asked questions all night and said why didn't you video it, and the mom responded i was busy saving your life. thank goodness it ended all right. >> she's a lucky little girl. a historic win for puerto rico. you're going to hear from the first gold olympic winner. what the heck is this. strollers for adults. we'll explain what's behind this bazaar scene. the trend is
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in 2014 and consider it their defactor capital in iraq. pope francis is focus on women and children forced into sex work or other forms of slavery. in remarks today in st. peters's square, the pope urged people to think about the women who he calls slaves of the arrogance of the powerful. as well as children forced to do inhumane work. last week, the pontiff comforted several women house after they were freed from human traffickers who had forced them into prostitution. my porta rican relative was celebrates. she beat -- she beat angelica. people say wepa. it was a shot because she was ranked number two in the world.
4:47 pm
and won the australian opener earlier. >> it's unbelievable. coming into this week, i had no idea that i would be here at this moment with the olympic gold medal around my neck. but i went on -- i saw it as a possibility and i just started believing it. >> did i say wepa, wepa. so much pride. pre-exhaust to the unceded woman to claim the gold medal since tennis returned in -- >> she's a great athlete. >> a lot of pride behind it. >> congratulations to her. >> yeah. i wish i could give you a gold metal for the weather. >> they didn't have anything over our temperatures over the weekend. it was stifling. the humidity goes back down on wednesday. a roller coaster ride in the humidity department.
4:48 pm
thunderstorms during its day tomorrow. we outside right now. you don't see this too often . the bridge not looking too bad. the traffic not looking too bad coming over the george washington bridge. the temperature 91. mostly sunny skies outs there. ha wind coming from the north -- that wind coming from the northwest at 3 miles-an-hour. we extended our heat wave by 1 day. we're up to 5 consecutive days. if you're headed up to the bronx tonight, blue jays facing its wind at 6 miles-an-hour. thinking shower or thunderstorm activity will wait until late and be west of new york city. 93 in new york right now. 85 at jfk. a cooling sea breeze there. same deal on the island. mid-80s from ice live to montauk and upper 80, belmar and tom's river. mid-to upper # 80s for the hudson -- 80s for hudson valley. we have a warning issued from
4:49 pm
p.m. probably not reaching 90s with more clouds and showers, but the humidity will be higher. it will drive heat index values into the mid-90s. central and southern new jersey under that heat advisory into the day tomorrow as well. heat advisory, not quite as significant as excessive heat warning like we had over the weekend. be careful and surprise to avoid strenuous activity. satellite and radar, not showing much in the tri-state region, but there's thunderstorms firing up over c down to virginia. that weather system swifts to the east, the prediction system has us under a risk of severe thunderstorms during the day tomorrow from new york city and points north and west and by severe, i'm talking strong gusty winds and definitely heavy downpours and potentially a lot of lightning with these storms. future cast overnight tonight, showing late tonight and early tomorrow morning, there could be waves and thunderstorms. tomorrow is
4:50 pm
late morning into the early afternoon and maybe another batch comes from the west later on in the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow, getting up in the upper 80s, but heat index value in the mid-90s. weather wellness, air quality is moderate. uv index is 9. we'll have breaks in the cloud cloud and the potten method poll -- and pollen mind pollen mild. we have lightning and some strong gusty winds as we head into tomorrow night, partly cloudy and humid. it could be an early shower or storm around. 76. here's your 7-day forecast, bred warm on wednesday, but a little less humid. 89, partly sunny thursday. 86. humidity comes back as we head into next weekend and sunday into monday, maybe thunderstorms running. after that round of thunderstorms, there could be real relief.
4:51 pm
open your windows at night type of relief. over to you david. >> that sounds great. >> let's go to the trend. jeff smith's trend because he's a new dad. congratulations. we'll tell you what else is trending on august 15th, monday. comedian kevin hart married his long time girlfriend and those who couldn't make the event in southern california, his bribe the bride wore vera hoang. his son, his best friend. how cool is that. and the loveable dick van dike is trending after he and a group he performs with surprised customers at a denny's in california with an impromptu chiti chiti bang bang. >> how school is that.
4:52 pm
bananas pancake, forget it. i'm done at the denny's. thank you very much. wait, that's not the only famous person performs. level the promoted a music pro jest -- levett promoted a music pro jest. >> too clean for new york, that subway. >> that's right. >> he's a drummer. his subway submit a recording of themselves for why do babies have all the fun. what if strollers were for adults too. check this out. >> you like this, huh. this could catch on. the cold craft baby stroller company made an adult sized one to give parents a better idea of what their children experience and giving us a good laugh in the process. how cool is that.
4:53 pm
suck on a bottle and wear a diaper while in the stroller, i'm okay. >> my son jordan will be inconsolable, but when we put him in the stroller, the bumpier the ride, the better. >> you're learning the tricks, jeff. i'm proud of you. >> check out the trend online , abc7ny and send your trend ideas using the #thetrend. >> thank you, dave. if you have a case of the -- relaxation day. according to national day, the day was founded in 1985 by believe it or not, a fourth grader. sean noler suggested that people not do anything of real value today, like cleaning or hard labor. . i agree with sean. he says lie in the sun or do yoga or get a
4:54 pm
here. coming up on eyewitness news, an exclusive construction continues on the -- we're looking at the progress fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. e this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone.
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4:56 pm
it is the first port authority bridge span to be built in 80 years. >> the new structure will cost $1.5 billion. anthony johnson got an exclusive look at the progress. >> reporter: the cable state design is one of the first in the region. we got a firsthand look of the progress of the up and coming
4:57 pm
frills here. this is like getting what you want in what engineers call a matter of elegance. >> reporter: it opened in 1928 without a center divider and at a time when traffic was light. now it's functionally obsolete. the lanes are only 10 feet wide. the new structure is made to increase the traffic flow. >> this is going to 12-foot lanes in each direction, a 12-foot shoulder, a smaller shoulder in the inside. >> i guess it's time for the >> reporter: up the scaffolding stairs 14 stories to the top. gazing out over the active waterway, you wonder how will engineers make both sides meet in the middle? >> as you build it, they've built these intolerances. when they get to the middle, they should be very close. there's a certain amount of movement that can be allowed to make that match-up occur. >> reporter: currently we're standing about 142 feet above
4:58 pm
the end of this year. some workers are in these big boxes called bird cages building the towers insulated from weather so the work keeps going. once complete, the new bridge will also have a bike and pedestrian crossing. plans are to open in late 2017. after coming back to the ground we found out the new one can be adapted to meet future transportation needs. >> the new structure can the center to support up to and including light rail in the middle. >> reporter: in elizabeth, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a lot of big plans. there's still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. >> it wasn't gunfire but olympic euphoria. new information about what
4:59 pm
out on to the streets at the funeral for imam and his associate gunned down in broad daylight in queens. good evening. i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm diana williams. right now police are questioning someone who is in custody but so far no charges in those deaths and no answers for a community that is in mourning. >> about a thousand people turned out in the intense heat today for funeral services in brooklyn. eyewitness news reporter cefaan are working the case. >> sources say that man being questioned is being held here at the 107 precinct. the 35-year-old was taken in to custody late last night after a hit-and-run incident over the weekend. a massive gathering today in brooklyn to denounce this evil act. >> we ask all of you to remember them and their families in your prayers. >> reporter: nearly a thousand people in brooklyn gathering for
5:00 pm
and his associate. a gunman ran up behind imam maulama akonjee and thara uddin. mayor de blasio standing shoulder to shoulder with mourners, saying this city grieves with them. >> when we see two innocent men, two good men, two men of the clot such a violent manner, it pulls at all our hearts, all our souls. and we too are focused on justice. >> reporter: this is a sketch of that man police had been looking for since saturday. seen leaving the scene of the double murder in a chevy trailblazer. it may be the same man who allegedly struck a bicyclist near the scene of the shooting and fled. that bike cls -- bicyclist


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