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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  August 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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little ferry are with that 5-year-old girl and her grandmother. both are in critical condition at two area hospitals, following the fire that broke out at this home at 11:30 last night here in little ferry. and if not for the quick actions of police officers, firefighters and one neighbor in particular, the number of seriously injured could have been much higher. >> cell phone video captured the harrowing scene late last night, as flames poured out of a t hree-story home on in little ferry. >> couldn't get out because of all the smoke. and nobody could be there or see anything. they went to the bathroom and jumped out the window. >> reporter: firefighters rushed to the top floor to save a grandmother and her 5-year- old granddaughter. both are in critical condition. the grandmother in st. barnab us in livingston. and the young girl at hackensack university medical center. her mother is there as well. she jumped out of a third-floor
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back. and her face was completely full of blood. she landed on her face. she was in really bad shape. i dragged her out. i said, listen. you need to get up off the f loor. >> it was a police officer on patrol, who heard a loud pop at the home before the fire broke out. he immediately called for fire and first first aid assistance. moments later, they were helping with the rescue. >> one father was actually officer was trying to hold him and break him as best he could. >> here are the pictures that the three officers that the chief was just talking about. the officers helping out with that rescue, lieutenant christopher bowl, patrolman, and patrolman dominic verde. the red cross also on hand, helping six people from two families, all of them displaced by this fire. an investigation, as you can imagine, is now under way.
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live in little ferry, i'm joe torres, eyewitness news. the coast guard rescuing hundreds of people from a ferry boat that caught on fire off the coast of puerto rico. we have smoke pouring off the vessel. a coast guard spokesperson says the fire broke out in the engine room and spread to the rest of the ship. the spokesperson says passengers slid down onto rescue rafts to escape several dozen people. they had to be carried aw stretchers. most were being treated for dehydration and shock. the family of a missing mother is heartbroken this afternoon. the body of 41-year-old teritta julia of linton, was found in long branch yesterday. she had been missing since m arch. right now, two people are in custody. eyewitness news reporter diana rocco is in long branch with details. diana? >> sandra, after five months of
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family is simply devastating. her body was found here in this home late last night. as crime scene investigators continued to look for evidence. they said they knew jennifer sweeney, one of the two people now charged with murder. she's been to their house before and knew tirita from motorcycle club. >> how could i you hate someone so much that you take them from their loved ones like this? >> reporter: investigators searched the backyard oline avenue in longbranch. last night, the body of 4 2- year-old tirita julius was found behind the home. julius had been missing for more than five months. now, under arrest, 33-year-old jennifer sweeney and 32-year- old andre harris, a one-time resident of the long branch h ome. julius was last seen on march 8 th. when a friend dropped her off at the long branch train station. the mother of two from lynden,
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eight times back in november. parked in front of her lynden home, with her daughter inside the car. that shooter was never found. while the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and murder are still not clear, her family had been holding out hope she would return. >> i just want to know why. it just can't be no stupid reason. you have to have a reason why. >> neighbors startled by this been sold and was being refinished by the new owner. >> i don't know what to say. the world is getting crazy. that's all there is to it. you know? there's shootings around the block. shooting around -- just crazy. just crazy. that's all i can tell you. >> reporter: and an autopsy conducted later today is e xpected to determine the exact cause of death. harris and sweeney, are now charged with murder, desecration of human remains
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they will be in court this afternoon. we're live in long branch, new jersey, this noon. i'm diana rocco, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you, diana. an off-duty new york police officer has been placed on modified duty, after his gun was used to shoot a man in the leg, during an attempted robbery in brooklyn. 27-year-old khalif alcot, they were approached by two men. one of the suspects grabbed the 34-year-old augusta clay was struck in the leg. clay was arrested. the other man ran off. a 16-inch water main break in hoboken has been repaired. but neighbors may still experience low water pressure. news chopper 7 over the scene as the water gushed in over there. harrison had to be shut down for a short time. but traffic is now back to
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way for president. donald trump making big changes again. as controversy swirls around one ofs his -- one of his top s taffers. the fbi has hand over its interview notes to members of congress. abc's kenneth moten in washington with the latest. >> sandra, donald trump will receive his first classified briefing in new york this afternoon. but it's that shakeup, making headlines today. i can report with those lagging poll numb trump campaign sources telling abc news, you can't run a conventional campaign with an unconventional candidate. >> reporter: today, the t ough- talking gop nominee, who says he is not changing his campaign style -- >> i am who i am. i don't want to change me. >> reporter: -- is instead changing his manager. trump said in a statement, they are extremely capable, h ighly-
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campaign chairman, paul manevort is still on the job. the latest, the associated press reports manefort secretly r erouted $2 million to lobbying firms. it was to influence u.s. policy, a possible federal felony. the trump campaign came hours after he made his direct appeal to black voters am. african american citizen, struggling in our country today, who wants a different and much better future. >> reporter: trump who has declined to speak at naacp and urban league events, made his me in front of a nearly all white crowd in west bend, wince wince -- wisconsin, stark contrast to hillary clinton who
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the fbi also recovered thousands of deleted e-mails. the work-related e-mails will now be made public. and we should get a possible release date next week. kenneth moten, channel 7, eyewitness news. a community in queens, refusing to give up their search for answers after the murder of karina vitrano. vitrano was strangled and s exually assaulted during an evening run on august 2nd. ma saying the family and the community will not rest until the kill ser caught. >> -- killer is caught. >> if you have any idea or thoughts who it might be, you are equally as guilty of harboring him. >> vitrano's parents are hoping the $100,000 reward will persuade witnesses to come forward. are we getting a break from the recent heat and humidity?
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got wind out there today. out of the northwest, that is giving us that break. it is getting warm and going to get humid as we head toward the weekend. it is august. it's 82 degrees now. we have a little west wind out there that feels pretty nice. and temperatures have been in the low and some spots, mid- 80s. 90-degree weather returns. and so does the humidity. i'll tell you when in your accuweather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> thank you, bill. and several children shocked in an amusement park ri
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olympic swimmer, ryan lochte is back in the united
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to keep him in the south american country because of an investigation. the judge ordered lochte and james fegan's passports to be held. the swimmers, along with two other teammates, say their taxi was robbed over gunpoint over the weekend. investigators say they found discrepancies in the s wimmerseps' stories and -- swimmers' stories and wanted to investigate. but lochte's dad confirms he >> a deadly police-involved shooting in milwaukee. an atf response team is looking for evidence that can be used to track down the people who t orched businesses in sherman park. including a gas station, auto parks store -- parts store and a bank. meanwhile, the justice department says it is not ready to release body cam video. new at noon, uber has filed
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requiring drivers to speak english from taking effect in london. the regulation would force drivers from nonenglish- speaking countries to pass a language exam to get a private, higher permit. the city claims that this will ensure drivers can discuss fare and safety issues with p assengers. uber thinks sitting for a t wo- hour exam is unnecessary. more than 1,000 red cross volunteers from all 50 states are mobilizing to louisiana, following historic and deadly now up to 11 people. the governor says some parishes are now under curfew because of reports of looting. but at least 40,000 homes are damaged. and residents are trying to come to grips loss. search teams now going door to door to find survivors more than 30,000 people have been rescued. taylor swift, using her star power to help those devastated by the flooding in louisiana.
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swift says she's heartbroken out of those who have been force out of their home and is so grateful for the fans who helped her kick off her world tour. lady gaga also says she is donating to the relief efforts. meteorologist bill evans, up next with your exclusive accuweather forecast. plus, caught on camera. cement tanker, overturns right onto an suv. and we see strollers all over the street of new york c over the street of new york c if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row.
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new at noon. if you thought last month was really hot, you were right. nasa says july was the hottest month in the earth's recorded history. and that's since science started keeping track in 1880. scientists say it was 1.5 d egrees w average. from 1950 to 1980. it was also higher than the top temperatures set in july 2015. nasa scientists say a combo of el nino and man made climate change are to blame. >> they do more than rockets? >> they're very busy in nasa. >> they took over the national weather service. >> you know, when i woke up this morning, it was markedly difference than the past few d ays. >> we had a little front move through.
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northwest. it's kind of a dryer wind. you know, the air mass is warm. when it's dry and the winds blow around, feels pretty good. look at the flag here, the convention center. it's almost straight out from the west. that's nearly a 20-mile-an-hour wind when it's like that. you can always look at the flags as it's kind of a light u nfurling. that's about a 5 to a 10. lots of folks at the beach. that's considered a land breeze. what i like about a west wind you boogie b oard, it's perfect. because at high tide, it holds up the wave and you get a longer ride. 82. humidity dry. 51%. there's there wind we're talk -- that wind we're talking about. pressure rising a little bit. and we've seen an 83 so far as a high. and that's normal for this time of year. sun sets at 7:50. big breeze today, makes it feel more comfortable today. we got lower humidity. but it is still warm for the afternoon. and we're a few days away.
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week away from some real break in the heat and the humidity. 76 here to hackenstown. 79 around howell, and to montclair. 82, poughkeepsie. the west wind that is blowing across here right now. it's 50 to teterboro. 16 down the jersey shore. there's your flag wind right there. gusts have been to 25 at la guardia. good old wind out there. 23, monticello. these are the wind gusts profiles out of the northwest. swinging around to the west heading east. tonight, there's going to be thunderstorms over southern new jersey. there's the slight risk, m arginal risk. national storms prediction center, of the national weather service. because these thunderstorms that are here around ohio, will keep sliding south and cut across southern new jersey tonight. that might wake you up overnight tonight. this afternoon, we're looking
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and here comes that batch of thunderstorms. 1:00 a.m., from morris county, down to warren county. and you see even down here to southern new jersey. that line will keep sliding e astward. as it does, it hits the jersey shore really quick. rumbles of thunder, quick heavy downpour of rain. and tomorrow afternoon, we're looking at mid-80s. there's a possibility in this unstable cooler air aloft here. there might be a passing shower tomorrow. before it is back to the sticky, steamy stuff as we go breezy, warm. but less humid. we're looking at tonight as a cloudy night of showers and central and southern jersey as i was showing you. then tomorrow, 88. passing shower is possible. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. back to hot and humid. and reality august for the weekend. 90 on friday. 89 saturday. you'll feel like the mid-90s. warm and humid sunday, 86.
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cobra comes through. low humidity. sunny. good conditions. >> so we're living for next week now. >> well, the weekend. >> what's different? always live for the weekend. >> thank you. big game backlash. a 12-year-old girl sparks fierce debate after posting photos of herself, smiling next
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a police officer caught on camera, pinning a young woman against a cruiser in washington, d.c. is now under investigation. but take a close look at this. you can see this lady's feet are hanging above the ground, as the officer holds her face against the car. we're going to get that video to you in just a moment. now, in the story, he her until a female officer comes over. now, we're moving to this next story. these people dangling, dangling from a wall in cincinnati. they were hundreds of feet in the air, while working at a s kyscraper. rescuers were able to make their way up to the men. onlookers watched, as the scaffolding was secured. it was moved to the roof of a lower part of the building. and that's where the workers climbed to safety finally.
12:25 pm
also seeing an incredible crash caught on camera in china. a cement tanker overturned right on to an suv. remarkably, the two people in that suv survived. surveillance video shows the car at an intersection where that tanker swerved and rolled, c rashing the car. eyewitnesses were able to pull one of the victims out of the car. the other was rescued by firefighters. well, on the money, u nivision will acquire the financially troubled gawker media, after the news gossip sites declared bankruptcy. they purchased gawker media and its seven websites, including deadspin and jezebel for $135 million. the deal still needs to be approved by a bankruptcy judge in a hearing scheduled for tomorrow. and ford is revealing plans of self-driving cars. by 2021, ford aim toss -- aims to mass produce. the vehicles will long be part
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with that plan in mind, ford will create the vehicles without pedals or steering wheel. and select travels will soon be able to fly overseas like rock stars. delta plans to offer an a ll- suite business class on international flights. passengers will have their own spaceout fitted with a flat bed, 18-inch entertainment system. the delta one suite will be available on the a350 fleet in the fall of 2017. add it to its boeing 777s, by 2020. people say a gross, d isgusting home on long island is beyond their belief. what is inside that has some neighbors who live nearby f earful to come out of their own
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my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are.
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trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba.
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we're going to begin this about a property on long island. >> yeah, residents say the property in levitttown is an eye sore that is full of lice and i nsects. and we found out that that property is owned by the l.i.r .r. long island reporter kristen in leventown upon. >> reporter: well, dave, this is it. a two-mile stretch of weeded property.
12:30 pm
l.i.r .r. to clean up the property for years. and nothing has been done. people who live long this t wo- mile stretch say because of this, their backyards are filled with rodents and insects. the property was used in 1871 into the 1930s as a rail track for the l.i.r.r. here in r ailtown. that town in hempstead says they are able to -- unable to clean up the property because they say it's not their property. it is the l.i.r.r.'s property. once in a blue moon, the l.i.r .r.'s crews come to clean but only when they're flooded with phone calls. >> it's the height of arrogance that the long island railroad feel its can ignore this problem and be a terrible neighbor. >> we, of course, reached out to the l.i.r.r. they say that they are looking into it: we're live in l evittown, kristen thorren, eyewitness news.
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three firefighters were hurt. one of them hospitalized, after battling first at the pacha shore marina. the flames damaged several b oats. firefighters actually responded twice because the fire rekindled in one of the boats. fortunately, nobody was hurt. funeral services began a little more than an hour ago for the staten island teenager who tragically took his own life, after allegedly being bullied. 13-year-old daniel fitzpatrick committed sude in his home last week -- suicide in his ho his family found a note that read, "i give up." a week was held for him last week. his family says he was bullied for years at the holy angels congratulate academy. the archdiocese denies that he was ignored. being held on first-degree murder charges. police say a gun found in
12:32 pm
to kill imam melamma icongi and his friend. he rode his bike at pine street and picken avenue. the driver first yelled curses at him. and he believes he was targeted. >> when i saw his face, just a couple of seconds, but i realized, this person, he's totally abnormal. totally lost his control. >> police have still not determined a motive behind new york's attorney general is targeting internet sales. they filed a lawsuit against the online company, legal herbal b the lawsuit says undercover agents ordered k2 from that website and found it was misbranded while being a dvertised with names and images to attract young buyers. turning now to the f ast- moving wildfires out west.
12:33 pm
the largest burning in california with the governor there declaring a state of emergency for part of the state. abc's drrks a -- adrien banqueter is here. >> check out -- adrian b anqueter -- >> leaving some residents suddenly homeless. more than 30,000 acres b urned. homes reduced to rubble. bernardino county, forcing more than 82,000 people to evacuate. some narrowly escaping with their lives, watching everything they own, burn. >> they flew like 25, 30 feet in the air. and literally, across the yard, almost knocked me out. >> the firemen are doing a wonderful job. thank you. please save us. >> the fire growing nine times its size in just 12 hours. blazing as triple digit
12:34 pm
hirlwinds spark explosive f lames and firenadoes. >> this is a monster of a fire that is moving faster than any fire i've seen in a very, very long time. >> we kept retreating about every five minutes. that's how fast this was moving and how much heat was in it. the fire taking -- fire o vertaking a historic heat. the fire claiming 175 homes and businesses. and 4,000 acres. arson investigators, blaming thisan 40-year-old anthony shashillk. >> part -- pashillk. >> part of the job is to get inside the mind of the alleged arsonist. >> the alleged arsonist, due in court today. >> we know two of the 750 firefighters, battling this fire were injured, when flames o verran their truck. we know that crews will face
12:35 pm
adrien ban kert, eyewitness n ews. we're going to turn now to meteorologist bill evans. >> we have a northwest wind. lets you know, it looks really good here. 82 degrees. and we'll be looking at temperatures getting into the upper 80s here over the next few hours. but the humidities will remain low. and wind will remain out of the west. another good day and h the weekend. tell you all about that next week in your accuweather forecast. david, back to you. >> all right. thank you. a treasure search under way
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and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. what started as two good samaritans coming to the aid of he flipped his car after flipping his seat behind the wheel on saturday morning. after they grabbed his hand, they grabbed his belongings and ran off. >> i couldn't see anything. i don't have my glasses. i'm like, what is going on? am i alive? what's going on? am i here? the man in front of me saying, you know what? run? i was like, no, i'm not going
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>> the student said the men took his laptop, jewelry, cell phone, all worth about $2,000. he said he is upset but he is happy to be alive. we're learning more about a brazen kidnapping in new york. the son of a suspected drug l ord, el chapo, is one of the alleged gang members arrested. several of the men who were kidnapped had false identities, complicating the effort to identify them. it's believed the the late gay rights activist and politician, harvey milk is being honored in a special way by the u.s. navy. the usns milk was unveiled in a naming ceremony in sacramento yesterday. the tanker will be part of the new fleet being built in california. milk was elected as one of the first openly-gay politicians in that sate in 1977. he was assassinated a year l
12:40 pm
milk hid his sexual orientation, in order to enlist in the navy. explorers in southeastern poland are digging up local lure in the search for buried treasure. a new dig is under way to find a nazi train, said to be loaded with treasure and armaments that disappeared alt -- at the end of world war world war ii. explorers claim to have spotted it, hidden in a secret tunnel. the research team was given 10 days to find that tunnel. you can add a backlash to a menu at a restaurant, after it put up a billboard, making light of a plan to put up a wall. hacienda. it reads, the best mexican food this side of the wall. apparently in reference to republican nominee donald t rump's proposal to build a wall at the u.s.-mexican border.
12:41 pm
humorous. >> we don't intend to upset anybody. but we do use humor. and when you use humor, there will be groups that are particularly sensitive to certain things. >> this isn't the first time they've had public outcry over different types of ads that they run. part of what make its worse is that track record that they h ave. >> as a result of this current criticism, the restaurant company says it is taking down the billboard. a health alert. first of its kind study looks and carriers in the u.s. the findings, published in academic pediatrics, say many were treated in the hospital between 1990 and 1910. it says the amount of injuries has decreased, though, over the 20 years. the most common jurisdiction were to the head and the face. a scary scene in c onnecticut, children getting an electric shock on a carnival right.
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we're back now with a scare at an amusement park in connect connect. six children getting a shock on a ride. it happened in london. one of the children even s uffered a minor burn. here's abc's gio benitez. >> six children shocked by scram bler ride. >> -- on scram bler ride. >> we have a report of a small child. electrocuted on a ride. he is conscious and alert. >> we have six to seven victims, all minor. >> emergency services t ransported several children to the hospital, all who received some type of electrical shock. the most serious had small
12:46 pm
the railing getting off the ride. >> officials believe the wiring from underneath the ride may have been a factor. >> see the rides behind us. they're trying to see where the electric surge is coming from. >> the park issuing the statement. the safety of our guests is always our number 1 priority. we will continue to work closely to find out the answer. >> there are risks in every ark musement rides. the majority are human error. >> reporter: this incident, string of summer amusement park accidents. a 3-year-old boy, rushed to the hospital last week. after falling from this wooden roller coaster ride in pennsylvania. >> i got 30 kids that fell from the ferris wheel. >> and three kids with the ferris wheel jump -- dumped t
12:47 pm
and one child died. investigators are trying to figure out how he fell out of his restraints. photos from last night's lightning storms are creating quite the buzz. photographer, anthony quintano snapped these. man, just take a look at those. gorgeous. >> you've been tracking a lot of these pictures, right? great to see. >> i can't stop watching. one thing we've had a chance to see here in the northeast in the summer. to see. that's down lightning. that's 1 billion volts of e nergy. and that bolt of lightning, by the way, is just the size of your pen. >> it's just that wide. >> looks like there's a massive column. >> but this year, we've got a chance to see a lot of heat lightning. you see that racing across the sky, from cloud to cloud. really pretty. it's a result of the heating today. we had a lot of heating, a lot of humidity.
12:48 pm
when t hings are cool. here we go. we won't have that tonight. there will be maybe some rumbles of thunder in new jersey i want to talk about. we lived across in central park here. all the way to long island. high, thin, cirrus clouds here. about a thimble full of moisture in the atmosphere. >> big spread there. big breeze, makes it feel comfortable this afternoon. less humid this afternoon. but still warm. and we're going to see tuesday week. bringing some big-time relief in lower humidity and cooler temperatures. it's 83 now. in norwalk. brook haven, 84. tomas peek wa -- to massapequa. and here, 50-mile-an-hour wind at teterboro. and gusts have been around 25. that's this evidence of new high pressure coming in behind
12:49 pm
we're back to our west. in an area of showers and thunderstorms. going to cut across southern jersey tonight. and it will be late. so you're out and about tonight. a great evening. muggy tonight. here come these thunderstorms, 1 :00, 2:00 in the morning. 3:00, see they're out off the shore. maybe even a sprinkle around the five boroughs. but the heaviest would be jersey shore here. and they're gone tomorrow morning. and we're looking at a warm day. mid- to upper 80s tomorrow. nice summer's day. and we're back for the hot stuff before the end of the weekend. breezy and less humid. 89. mostly cloudy. showers in central jersey, 75. tomorrow, sun and clouds. there might be a sprinkle passing by tomorrow afternoon in that air mass that is a little unstable and often cooler. we're at 90. and back to hot and humid f riday. and 89 saturday. and 86 sunday. monday, we got a cold front.
12:50 pm
ooler, dryer air on tuesday. where the high is 81. but all in all, a great weekend. this weekend coming up. you like the sound of weather? this is for you. >> okay. i'm in. >> enjoy it. >> thank you, bill. all right. usually, people run from lava. but a rare sight has thousands of people flapping to hawaii to get a glimpse of molten rock. up to 5,000 people each day, in fact. have been filing into hawaii's volcanos, national parks, to eruption of the kilauea volcano. the lava no traveled downslope and spill into the ocean, c reating a spectacular site. >> it's awesome. amazing. the lava fields are really neat. and just being able to experience the lava flow down into the water. >> now, hawaiian authorities say that there are has hazards that come along with that lava
12:51 pm
explode. and they want folks to be warned not to touch anything that they're seeing. people may go a little b ananas after this next story. that's because the popular yellow fruit could be extimpts. within the -- extinct. within the next 10 years. researchers say bananas are under threat from a new and d eadly fungi. they have already reduced the global banana yield by 40%. i love bananas. and this, a result of what could kill all bananas within the next decade. i'm going to start stocking up on my bananas. >> gotta figure out how to fight that fungus. >> i'm a fun guy. [ laughter ] coming up what's next on the chew. summer is here. we're hitting the sand and serving up easy beach bites. clinton has got tips to making your beach day fabulous. mario is in the kitchen with
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?slow, building african-style m? it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. ntions the world's coolest indoor wate.
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i'm diana williams in the newsroom. here's what what's coming up later on eyewitness news. a lot of people have seen the video. a subway rider, taking down another after she says she caught him in the midst of a lewd act. that woman is talking to us. you're going to find out what she says was really going on. plus, healthy fare from a fast food restaurant? the unusual item being offered with and more, being on eyewitness news, first at 4:00. >> you got us buzzing in here, diana. >> why? >> we'll be there. we'll know. we'll know. >> thanks, diane. >> i already know. >> stuff i see on the subway, i can't wait. >> time for the feed. >> yes. controversy is growing over a young hunter's photos. and we want to warn you, some of you may find the images d isturbing. a 12-year-old girl from utah, posted photos on facebook, of
12:56 pm
and zebra caucuses. the images were snapped while she was hunting with her dad in africa. some are calling the young girl sick and she's even had her life threatened. she said that while she loves animals, she also loves hunting, and she should not have to apologize for that. four good powers were tested boy a mom important -- by a mom. the utah mom had to track down a specific pink beloved one. her 10-year-old daughter's last one was all worn out. but no matter where she s earched, mom came up empty. so she turned to facebook. as of yesterday, boy, it worked. she received 13530s promised to her or they were going to give it to her. the exact brand she was looking for. mom just overwhelmed by the o utpouring of support. >> every mom understands that.
12:57 pm
simple experiment, using skitles. a stay at home dad came up with this. just need a plate, schizes -- skittles and warm water. the colors run into the plate, creating a colorful colorful pattern. here's the skittles, the plate, the colors. >> that's beautiful. >> pretty cool. >> more than 31 million views on care eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans
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? >> carla: grab your shades. we're hitting the sand with easy delicious beach bites. i've got a fresh spin on a make-ahead summer salad perfect for seaside snaking. then, michael's showing you how to have a family clambake cleveland style. plus, mario's in the kitchen with the fabulous blake lively, an italian favorite you can sink your teeth into. it's all about catching waves and delicious flaves, right now, on "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] hey, dudes and dudettes, welcome to "the chew." during the summer there is nothing radder than packing up my trusty swim trunks for a day at the beach. but it just isn't complete without something to snack on. so all hour long we're showing


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