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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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dooley and landon his brother back at the other house 16:42 - cameron, come out with your hands up. people love you and care about you. they can help you through this. but in the end there was not helping cameron. his last act was he took his own life-it was over. of moving parts to this story. the time. when did the murders take place? the last time they were seen was monday. they were supposed to be at school and work and they were not there. sometime between then and last night, this horrific act took place. jason marks has been talking with the people and has more of our coverage.
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same words i did all day long, devastating, shocking, and imaginable people who knew the family are shocked. >> i don't recall a time when i ever saw her mad. and if she was mad, she was smiling about it. quick she wore the smile everywhere she went, most of the times wearing a cheerleading outfit on the sidelines at her high school. quick she was a great person. things happen for a reason. there is a reason why she is gone right now. >> brooks body was found inside her grandmother's home. >> we are all in complete shock. we don't really know.
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>> he worked three decades as a police officer. he retired a couple of months ago. >> a cupn all around great guy, churchgoing, family man. >> his mother was also killed. >> i just can't imagine. i can't imagine. >> all of the losses leave the community with so many questions. >> and the community will continue to wonder why this happened. as we mentioned, there is a prayer service that just started a little while ago at this parking lot. you can see a lot of members of the community are gathering here. we will have much more on the service coming up tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. nicole: the awful news spread
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enforcement community still trying to wrap their heads around losing one of their own in this way. >> he was a great officer, well respected among his peers, known as a rock solid friend when you needed one. >> they both worked for the chesapeake police department, but not at the same time. >> i served in 11 years and he came on shortly after that. i knew him socially through the fraternal order of police the last time i talked to him was about a month ago. he's retirement. >> it came as a shock to him and other members of the law enforcement community that dooley's own son had killed him. on social media, friends and colleagues have shared photos.
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can only imagine what the police community in chesapeake is going through right now, the sadness, the loss, the brutal reality of this. it's so sad. >> todd dooley was also an active member of a charity that helps children of police killed in the line of duty. we are told he always had a big smile on his face and always worked tirelessly to help everybody. nicole: as jason reported, a prayer vigil is going on right now. the auditorium will be open until 10:00 tonight and on saturday, a candlelight vigil is set to start at 5:00 in the church parking lot. >> we also have a timeline of events and more from friends remembering the victims.
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we are tracking rain headed into the area. don slater is in the weather center with a look at the radar. don: here is what we have going on. a look at scattered rain just trying to make it into virginia, not being very successful at all. just a sprinkle or two. you can see the bulk of the area is rain free at the moment. we have seen rain across north carolina. one strand of rain is reaching up along i-95 southward. we could still get a little bit of rain, but not much at all. 44 degrees right now. we will see temperatures warm up to 45 degrees in hampton after starting the day at 33 degrees. of few places did hit 50 during the afternoon.
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right now, 46 degrees. take a look at what we have had so far this weekend. monday, tuesday, wednesday, yesterday we had a high temperature of only 41. again, a lot colder during the afternoon hours. that was at midnight when we saw 56. a lot better than what we have been doing lately over the past several days. friday, a few degrees warmer and a little on the breezy side. in the afternoon, may be a sprinkle. saturday is warmer still. wait until sunday. i have that coming up in a few minutes. >> new information for you in a 2015 homicide in gaines county. after six months oven best a geisha and, deputies have a writ -- after six months of an investigation, deputies have
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today, the sheriff's office said it searched the gates county creek for two weapons used in aaron holland was previously arrested. nicole: and another developing story. police are investigating a body found in a home after a fire. the person who owns the home said a 70-year-old woman lives there but police have yet to identify the person found. the fire started around noon. it. >> it is a battle gaining national attention. should you have the right not to vaccinate your kids? the bill will have to wait until next year.
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nicole: new details in the public corruption case. prosecutors agreed to pull potential jurors by
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potential publicity surrounding the case. also, a deputy treasurer or someone else from the office must speak with them. he is currently out on bond. his trial is expected to start in may. tom: looking ahead to tomorrow, a reversal for terry mcauliffe. he is expected to announce a major deal on gun legislation. he says it is a compromise between republicans and democrats that strengthens some measures while relaxing others. among other points, concealed carry permits across the country would be honored in virginia. in exchange, people with protective orders against them would not be able to have a gun.
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>> from the station on your side, you are watching wavy news 10 at 6:00. >> over the last two years, we have seen several outbreaks of long dormant diseases such as mumps and med measles. now a vaccination battle is brewing. nicole: local parents say they won't stop fighting for their right to not vaccinate. matt gregory has the story. matt: the parents i spoke to are outraged at the state wanting to limit what they call their rights. lawmakers say they are looking out for the health of the many. the first showdown went down today and the parents feel they have won. >>on a playground in virginia beach, angel jones spends time with her son.
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a year ago she thought would not happen. four months after he was born, she took him to get his first vaccinations. >> within 24 hours, he was suffering from a fever and symptoms of the vaccination. it's one of the side effects. matt: she says from then on she delayed his vaccinations. >> he may be a candidate for medical exemption. matt: this month, delegates brought a bill forward that would remove some of those exemptions. the country. this is the highest number of confirmed cases in 20 years. matt: she says it takes control from parents. >> saying that religiously you cannot make a choice for your
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matt: today, parents took their concerns to the state house where legislatures decided the bill needs more. >> i asked to strike the bill as long as it can be sent to the joint commission on health care to be discussed and studied further. matt: the battle, for now, is on hold. the delegate i spoke to told me medical professionals from her district asked her to look into this. they said they have concerns about the future of health in virginia. matt gregory, 10 on your side. >> now, your super doppler forecast with don slater. don: we have rainfall trying to make its way to the area. it hasn't been very successful. here is the latest shot of range eyeing to make it through. you might see a sprinkle -- latest shot of rain trying to make it through.
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nothing real big as far as our chances of rain overnight. on to the rest of the story, a slight or not -- slight warm-up coming up, that's really good news. we could see a little more of that. i just refreshed the forecast model to give you an idea of what's going on overnight. you can see a stray shower or two could sneak north of the state line. but that's about it during the evening hours, and then we are done, with temperatures dropping down into the 30's in the overnight hours. through the day tomorrow, a little cloud cover, rain in the area. this pop of wind is moving through in the afternoon hours. now we move on into saturday, looking a little warmer.
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cell -- by around saturday evening. longer-range, it is going to warm up nicely sunday, monday into tuesday, and even wednesday. wednesday at the noon hour we will start to see some rainfall. at the end of the day, we might even see a rumble or two of thunder. this is what most of us have been looking at. appearance on the horizon. we are looking at temperatures on the cool side for right now. the current temperature readings, 41, 42, 48 in chesapeake. we will drop in to the low 30's in the overnight hours, chile, but then we will see
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as i showed you, the breeze will pick up in the afternoon hours. the average high is 48 degrees. we will see temperatures around 49 or 50, a degree or two above normal. the average low is around 33. we will see the wind pick up again in the afternoon hours tomorrow. we could see a few clouds, maybe a shower in the early afternoon. i showed you the cloud cover rolling through with the northwesterly wind. we will see highs of 45, 40 eight, maybe 49 degrees for the day tomorrow. that's what's going on. we will warm up a few degrees tomorrow. saturday. sunday, we are pushing 60 degrees, so again, really warm weekend. saturday, 51. 63 coming up on sunday. 64 by monday, and that warmer
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and i we cool off a little on indications i showed you. we will update everything for you and have brand-new forecast models and a brand-new look at things at 10:00 and 11:00. has a plan. i will tell you what that is. and talk about double duty.
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norfolk state's men's, and >> they may have made the playoffs, but the redskins general manager says he is not content with the team as it is and he wants to stay with a plan. a smart draft, and stay away from high-priced free agents. with almost $13 million and chances to free up more, the redskins general manager is already evaluating talent for next year. a big part of that $13 million will be offered to this guy, the unrestricted free agent who they would like to sign to a long-term contracts. that doesn't leave a lot of money to go after big name free agent's. he doesn't mind.
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he believes high character young players obtained in the draft is the best bet for the redskins long-term success. old dominion hopes to even its record tonight when the monarch's visit florida and a team that has won three of the last four games. old dominion can't seem to get over the hump in some of these close games lately. it is something the coach realizes he has to do to live up to preseason potential. >> i hope our guys understand that we are not playing badly. but we have to play better. if we are stinking it up, that would because for concern. but we have to make adjustments, make improvements, and hopefully get an opportunity to do that again on thursday night. >> we are going to do what we have to do, go down there and
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>> after tonight's game, the team travels to boca to. the spartans assistant men's basketball coach is not only dealing with his day job, he is also now the head coach of the spartans women's team after coach deborah clark was reassigned last week. the athletic director had to make a change after his women's team last 17 games in a row, dating back to last years tournament semi final. so, he did, and he asked the former player to pull double duty. >> it was about two weeks ago, mr. miller walked past me and
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-- could i coach women. i laughed at first. i did not think he was serious. then i jumped on it. >> just going with the flow. there is a lot more to this story and i will have it for you tonight at 10:45 p.m. i will see you back here at 11:00. nicole: thank you. don: we could see us pringle during the evening hours and then we warm up slightly for tomorrow -- could see a sprinkled her new evening hours and then we warm up slightly for tomorrow.
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evening hours and then tonight it's war. donald trump's big gamble that could steal the spotlight from fox and the gp debate holding its own
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