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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 5, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>>kevin's hanging with all the stars infrancisco. cold play's halftime show. our exclusive the scenes as they build the stage. and beyonce's big secret, what only we heard inside her rehearsal. >> i will tell you there's a surprise coming. >> she's pregnant? and megan kelly's out with her hothusband. her new big money book deal, what does she have i and what does she have in store for trump's next ethe bait. and the musical about the passion ofchrist. with triciayearwood. >> did garth chuckle a bit when you said, guess what? i'm going to play mary, the mother of jesus? the reality tv face-off. can lindsay's parents finally play nice? >> cut, done. >> michael.
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now for february 5, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." everybody, thank you for joining us, cameron mathison with here with us. >> and that is because kevin is in the middle of all the craz in san francisco super bowl 50. >> reporter: i'm here on radio road, it's mind-blowing. everybody is coming through and everybody is talking about the super bowl halftime and also they're getting amped up the big game. there's a lot of parties here, you're having a party tonight, what time do you expect that party to end? >> we're not going end, we're going to all the way up to halftime of the super bowl. >> it's one of the couple of times in my life that i go to the game. >> sources here in san francisco have given you some name of
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there on sunday, ryan reynolds. tom brady, it's going to be a live celebrity gift this year. blue ivey is going to be here, cheering on her mom. the beckham boys, it's going to be next beyonce and coldplay. backstage press. >> we're trying to bring everybody together. coldplay, beyonce, bruno mars. this is kmemcommemorative, 50 years don't forget that. >> there's a surprise s has for everyone. >> is she going to tell that she's pregnant again like sh did on the tv video awards? she's part of the presuper bowl show herself on radio row with something to promote. for instance, the cast of independence day resir
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>> there's so about jerry maguire when i come through this room, i just want to see him running through the room somewhere. >> go team, go team. jenny mccarthy and generaljenny wahlburg streszed. and nicholas shea is part of a cooking competition. adriana lima, she's sporting victoria's secret digital. >> who are you rooting for? >> next the post super bowl event. elton john's car pool karaoke. don't let the sun go down on me >> elton with all his tips. losing everything is like the
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>> well, right befo john, meg kelley will be with steven colbert. and big netoday, megan's face-off with trump on the way. and she just became fox news's reported multimillion dollar woman. megan had a big reason to smile last night. seen out in a red cocktail dress with her husband. and she just signed a book deal that some have in so million exploring her fast rise, becoming one of tv's superstars. it will be kelly's first book, and it comes out in the fall, right before the election. no word on whether her dust with donald in august will be explored. that is megan last night on the tonight show with jimmy fallon wearing the same black dress she was seen in a taping.
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that kelley will co-moderate fox's next develop debate on november was only after this interview with gma this morning that trump committed to thedebate. nonetheless, at the time she was hoping he would. >> we'll move our trump questions from the last debate over to this debate and i'll get a chance to ask him. >> can you share a question? >> no. >> she told us in january, it was her husband douglas. >> it's harder for him than it is for me. doug is a very together guy, he is human, but he's my top defender. justin bieber always keeps us guessing about his love life. but justin making it very clear whom his heart belongs at home.
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phil, h adorable laboratory 3u7 puppy. the booebs is trying not to make his older dog jealous of the baby. those eyes would make anybody melt. up next, michelle turner co-hosted an episode of the 4r7th annual awards. >> the na is important to the kinds of things that are going on in this country. >> aed and in tv news, shaun da rimes was out with her "grey's anatomy" tv family. >> this affects everybody in terms of the gray's family and rally together. and on scandal, the president and olivia are kaput. >> we are hurting. i think just very, very lon and experiencing life for the
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>> maria shriver co-hosted the architects of change discussion. >> it was a play and it was musical and there' dance, but at the and of the day, it stands tall for human rights. >> debby also stars on kbrai"grey's anatomy." remember the two-time oscar winner started his career as a tv buff on elsewhere. it will be here february 28th on abc, ifthere's one thing you got to get right after calling out all the correct names of the winners, there's the food. and they have the master chef in control. we have the first look at what he's got cooking up for the oscar's most exclusive party, the governor's ball. >> we have the lem meringue pie. >> you have to be very careful. >> it's not a toy for kids,
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>> 600 lemon merin pies, 1,000 lobsters, cooked b 300 of wolfgang's best chef ss. leo, when he comes to spago, he always eats like a tasting menu. he says i don't want to eat one thing. >> 30 pounds of caviar and $30,000 worth of french black truffles. 10,000 as in flowers, that's how many co-owner of mark's garden has ordered for governor's ball, and all in one color. >> it occurred to us, we have never done white. oscars so white is perhaps the cadacademy's biggest concern, it's just a coincidence.
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about six months before the we have lilac, these amazing, amazing flowers grown for us in japan. these wonderful gardenias for fragrance fragrance, it's just going to be amazing in the room. >> they are doing mixed arrangements g will be alone as well as the lilacs. tricia yearwood on the pressures of playing mother of jesus. >> this is really your first big acting job. >> yes, i'm freaking out no and kelly after her split. we go inside the big bang star's bachelorette pad, find out which kardashian sold her this single girl ho and our black friday with tiffany theisen.
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r ouprenesidayts de salis ap hpe nningow. cfromiclassco to pontemryra, ve haysrt. head.
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monday on "e.t teresa's first post prison sit can down. >> (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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it's been more than 20 years since "saved by the bell" left the air and thos old friends at bayside high get together for a series reboot. a lot of fans are hoping the answer is yes. we put the question to tiffany theisen, who's gone from 90s it girl to cooking queen. >> t been so many reboots, "saved by the bell? >> i don't know if they'll be able to get al all of us. >> our whole then of making fun of jimmy fallon, in a really fun, smart way was the way we wanted to do it. i'm pregnant.
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kissed. >> i totalled the new ferrari. >> oh, you poor you're too upset to talk right now. >> one of your earliest "e.t" >> oh, gosh. >> who handles your family? >> my family, actually my mom and i the do. my bangs have really calmed down. back to can kelly fans, they will reunite o dinner at tough any's, a cooking show in its second season. >> the most anticipated -- >> tiffany is now 42 and a mom to two, during our sit down at the hollywood kitchen, asked her
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>> i tend do amazing dishes and he does the dishes. >> still ahe tonight, lindsay lohan's parents take their problems to real thank youity tv. is therapy on television really a good idea? andkly coup woe coe's single girl model. wait until you hear what this wallpaper cost. and tricia yearwood's live tv musical, the last hours of jesu reenacted with a whitney houston song.
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>> that's next. yeah i ride.
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take at kelly's remod until. >> she's an equestrran, and loves horses and all animals. she was like oh, my god, i love it, where putting it? >> that will cost you though, it retails for $345 perroll. the guy behind it? jeff andrews who worked for kloe kardashian. >> the reality show kloe and lamar was shot here. and you can see the old
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kitchen. >> we ended up redoing the entire house. >> we have wine, we always have wean. it's exciting over here. even find wallpaper on the ceiling, when katy recently skyped i for live. >> wallpaper on t ceiling is a great way to pull room together. she's so fearless and so hysterical, that we have incorporated all those things into her house to make it a home. >> he has helped out all kardashians as well as ryan seacrest and america ferrera. now for the latest entry into the nothing is personal rality tv. five parents including lindsay lohan's parents are airing their dirty laundry for all to see. is this all for ratings? or can this show really help these fractured families?
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>> when there's no cameras around, you can't get to there and when you're in treatment, you're veryreactionary. >> it's raw and intense. one house, no phones, no tv, and the cameras roll 24/7. >> i do this ontelevision. >> just close the door on t past, bring awareness to domestic abu move forward. >> the lohans have plenty to work through, as do the rest of the house makes and teen mom and her sisterbritney, the new vh1 series wit jan is sometimes out of control. >> it was a real big slap in the face, i tell you, man. >> but is having a national
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it is, according to dr. j en mann, the show's therapist. >> i can say look at how you talked to him, look at how you talked toher. i have tools here that i ca do therapy on such a deep and profound level that it's hard for people to understand. have resources here you could never have in privatepractice. the very fact that we have cameras here, we have security here, have multiple therapists here, they're having this experience around the clock, makes it possible for them to do theory. >> the families all three weeks of therapy to see if they can rebuild the relationship or see if it's time to c ties. >> life musicals are the hottest thing on tv right now, "grease
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the next tv musical is a faith based musical about jesus. >> did garth chuckle a little when you said, hey, gwhat? i'm going to play mary, the mother of jesus? >> he's been a great suppor because these sessions have not been ease saw. and it's been a little challenging. i'll get home at night and i'll say, i donknow, if i can do this and he'll say you've got this. >> are you able to do any of your songs? >> none of my songs fit. >> are you also singing whitney's songs? >> i am. that's the first song i sing in the show, which is, i should have said no, i said you want m to sing a whitney houston song? i tried to say thi about me trying the to do the whitney lips, because i could not off wanted to, it's about putting myself in that moment and try to relay the message to the people.
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passion live is, it's an $11 million production, set in the streets of new orleans. two hours long on fox on easter sunday, christ will even seen in an orange prison jump suit after his arrest. katy perry will narrat play. >> a lot of the d is direct from tricia and the songs are so well fit the story. for instance, after jesus is on the cross, mary sings a song called broken. i am broken, this is breaking my house and it makes sense in the moment. >> this is a secret. those are very narrow, you have to be very careful. >> tricia took michelle down the passageway to the recordi studio where she's preparing the& five songs.
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song? >> yes. >> any other songs. >> we'll >> they'll have krystle daltrey sanging amazing -- >> i think really, whatever your religion, whatever your faith, whatever you believe in, the to me the message of jesus is love one another. is that's what the take away is. >> you're going to love this, tricia has another exciting project in the works and fans have been waiti long time for this including me. she and garth are making their first duet album. it's a christmas that's going to be about out at the pd of the year. which star got their official from a famous
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>> the answer is coming up next.
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tanya can't get formore vicious of her new man. >> that was what happened, happened. and the uber pool of sky. how stars fly private for less and you can too. it's all on in tonight's "e.t" birthdays, which star got their professional name from a famous friend of thfamily? >> jason row barts is a friend of the family, a brilliant actor and i liked t way it sounded.
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>> i do like payton manning, but tom cruise. do we think he has had any work done? >> absolutely! >> well, how much more is cuba
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former co-star?
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