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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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all that just ahead -- but first we're starting with the changing weather. the chance for snow is in the forecast yet again -- don slater joins us now. don -- the weather keeps on taking shots at us with the temps and precipitation. what's next? tonight: light evening rain showers. small light snow chance after midnight. lows in the lower 30s. wind: wsw 5-10mph. wednesday: light snow possible before 8am. otherwise, mainly cloudy. highs in the lower 40s. wind: wsw 5-15mph. thursday: mainly sunny and cold. highs in the mid 30s. breezy...
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the city of norfolk is moving forward to bring a big business to downtown. tonight - city council approved incentives for a-d-p to relocate to norfolk. the ordinance will allow the economic development authority to use five million dollars toward the data processing company's move. the fortune 500 company is expected to bring thousands of jobs to the area. which is good news to those invested downtown. c24 4:44:28 - norfolk's
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long term vision implemented through strong planning principles and strategic investment. adp's interest in norfolk reinforces that this thoughtful approach supports our collective goal of being the most dynamic and authentic urban waterfront in the united states. :46 a city spokeswoman says this isn't a done deal yet. a-d-p still needs to announce whether it will move to the mermaid city. and there's no timetable for when that could happen. determining what went wrong-- from a city level. that's what a norfolk city councilman hopes will come out of an upcoming audit. the audit has to do with the federal charges city treasurer anthony burfoot is facing. 10 on your side's liz palka was at tonight's council meeting-- where the topic came up. liz? nicole - this audit came up during the council work session. councilman andy protogyrou said he went through the entire indictment. and he's pointed out where the city auditor needs to order to figure out where policies failed and how they can be fixed.
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protogyrou discussed an upcoming audit of city procedures and policies. all related to the federal indictment involving city treasurer, and former vice mayor, anthony burfoot. he's facing public corruption and perjury charges dating back to his time on council. protogyrou has sent this detailed memo to city auditor john sanderlin. highlighting 17 paragraphs within the indictment. c23 4:40:07 - questions that legitimately need to be examined with regard to our council's policies and procedures. and also the culture that was in city hall and nrha at the time. one example: paragraph 21. related to the broad creek renaissance steering committee. protogyrou said, we need names of everyone on the committee at the time. why was burfoot the only council representative? the memo also calls for council transcripts. and who was involved in specific negotiations. c23 4:40:20 - there were 17 that stood out that just posed question upon question. and going through and setting those questions out. and asking
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auditor to begin the examination. protogyrou saying this is just a springboard for sanderlin. he fully expects there to be more questions that come out of this audit. c23 4:42:05 - and in turn if he finds other issues then he needs to raise those to us and we need to be honest and accepting what his findings are. protogyrou says in this memo all this will lead to a thorough review of council procedure. there's no deadline for when the audit will be complete. i'm liz palka, 10 on your side. thousands of people turned out for the new hampshire presidential primary -- in some places -- reporters say people were lined up a mile to get into the polls. after all that -- republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders are the big winners. exit polls say sanders appealed to independents -- men -- women and voters under 45. hillary clinton is in second; she appealed to voters over 65 or those who make more than 200-thousand dollars a year. those same polls say
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from voters looking for an outsider -- and those who made up their minds a while ago. ohio governor john kasich came in second-- followed by jeb bush. by the way -- former virginia governor jim gilmore is still in the republican race. he received point-one percent of vote. a big update from the supreme court -- it will stop enforcing president barack obama's climate change plan until quote "legal challenges are resolved." the move is a blow to the white house and a gain to the mostly republican and industry opponents. the plan aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions at existing power plants by 20-30. arguments start june 2nd. parts of n-c 12 will be closed until at least tomorrow morning -- because of remnants of the weekend storm. crews will be blocking off parts of the highway in ocracoke and kitty hawk as they clean up the overwash. they say there's still some high water on the road. new tonight -- millions of federal dollars will go towards environmental projects on the outer banks. the army corps of
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award extra money for dredging in the oregon and hatteras inlets. congressman walter jones says he sent the corps a letter requesting additional funds. we've told you about boats running aground before -- especially in the oregon inlet. all together -- the projects will get four million dollars more than expected in the original 20-16 budget. chesapeake city council is dicussing the cost of putting a field house in the western branch area. it's part of next year's capital improvement plan. in a proposal tonight, councilman roland davis suggested the facility would likely cost about seven million dollars. he says it would would cost a million and a half more to buy furniture, fixtures and equipment. like a similar facility in virginia beach -- davis believes it would attract thousands of visitors-- and could also serve as a hurricane shelter. the presentation did not say exactly where the fieldhouse might go. an update to reported car break- ins in chesapeake -- police have confirmed surveillance video shows suspects in the las gaviotas neighborhood. officers say one vehicle was stolen and they're looking for at least three
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one may be driving a pickup during the raids. police are investigating whether the break-ins are connected to similar reports in the gale avenue area -- where someone stole a gun from a vehicle. state police say a fire on the eastern shore - was no accident. they also believe someone killed a woman found inside. the fire happened on occo-hannock neck road in exmore, two weeks ago. today, neighbors told us: 70-year-old shirley onley had no enemies. she used to be a substitute teacher -- and was active in her church. her neighbor and friend now worries for her own safety. shirley johnson/neighbor c0053 20:59:13 you don't know what to think. and when you think somebody killed a person who didnt know anything about her. butted 21:01:11 was there a reason why they did this to her? if not, i should be frightened we asked state police what evidence made them believe the situation was suspicious. they declined to comment on
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deputies say they have no suspects -- after finding donald raiford and 59-year- old vanessa raiford. police were called to home outside courtland yesterday for a call of gunshot victim. but the medical examiner has not released a cause of death yet. a judge has found a virginia beach woman guilty of murdering her friend -- in september 20-14, 41-year-old sarah flanders ran down richard pentz in the parking lot of plaza middle school. family members told us, they were in an on-and-off relationship. after the crash, police found her vehicle and linked d-n-a evidence to flanders. they charged her with murder and hit and run. she could face 50 years in prison when she's sentenced in june. new information about a deadly shooting on the eastern shore. accomack county deputies are looking for 24-year-old tavone cropper and 20-year-old jahad triggs. both are wanted for first degree murder, in the death of
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baytops-- who was shot at a home in horntown last week. new tonight -- a federal judge has sentenced a courtland woman to 28 months in prison-- and she may have to pay more than 176- thousand dollars in restitution. 49-year-old marian lewis pleaded guilty to five counts of mail fraud last year. prosecutors say the bookkeeper stole money from a retirement community in franklin -- where she worked. they say she also used community credit cards to pay for home improvements and electronics. the virginia senate has passed a bill -- requiring a judge to approve some teenage marriages. it would apply to 16 and 17 year olds. current law sets the minimum marriage age at 16 -- with the consent of a parent or guardian. supporters say the bill will help prevent young women from being taken advantage of. opponents say parents know their children's relationships better than a judge could. two people face charges for drug bust at an animal hospital on the outer banks. police say 64-year-old barrett welch and
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sold opium and heroin out of the facility they own in nags head. search warrants say dr. welch was diverting drugs for his own personal and family use. one former worker tells us -- she was suspended for confronting him about some missing pills. (39;29 15) ((i noticed the controlled substance logs which i also took care of were off more and more and more)) runs:10 (40:32 15) ((i have actually seem with my own two eyes dr. welch open the cabinet takes the bottle didn't even count poured into another bottle put the top on and put in his's like are you going to log that? like where is it going )) runs: 12 2 years ago, the d-e-a investigated dr. welch and found incorrect prescription records-- as well as missing medication. he was fined $20-thousand-dollars in civil penalties leaders from across the region introduced a new plan to fight the heroin epidemic. attorney general mark herring, says in 2014 nearly 730 virginians
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drug overdoses. he's assigned a prosecutor to work with u.s. attorney's office to focus on high priority heroin cases. he says the new plan also includes education, prevention, and prosecution. mark herring - attorney general - (d) virginia deadly, all it takes is a few bad actors to create a real public health crisis. 2712 before the announcement-- gregory hatt of virginia beach admitted in a hearing that he gave heroin to a woman who later died from an overdose in 2014. changes could be coming for the school calendar in virginia beach -- the update to a story we've been following. what it may mean for your kids. and-- a big retailer is closing another local store.
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all new tonight -- a group of virginia beach parents is uniting against potential grading changes. we've been following the story since november -- when the superintendent said : a committee was reviewing grading policies at certain schools. in some locations -- students can turn in work late, re-take tests, and teachers are discouraged from giving out zeros. 10 on you side's liz kilmer went to the parent's forum tonight. liz, parents have a lot questions over how their kids may be graded. nothing here is set in stone. tom & nicole - the public school division is preparing to revamp its grading procedures at the secondary level -- no recommendations have been made yet -- but some parents have strong
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what those may end up being. parents, school board members and others in virginia beach filled these stands -- hearing from speakers on the subject of student success and accountability. both are at the forefront of the public school division's plans to modify its grading methods -- and develop a more uniform procedure. c2 01:02:00 "we really want parents to be heard and we want the administration to open the door for parents to speak out and to be heard about this." vicky manning is a concerned parent -- part of an administration- formed committee now reviewing - and ultimately, recommending, new policies. but she worries about the progress being made -- and so she formed her own parent-driven group. c11 01:08:50 "we as parents and i think the teachers along with us are the best advocates for our students." currently, present policy allows certain schools to let students turn in work late and retake tests. teachers are discouraged from giving a zero.
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manning and some others don't want to see going forward. on the schools' website -- it states grades should "not be a competition or a reward or punishment system" and that "zeros are counterproductive to motivation" still, administrators stress: c64 01:40:52 "i just want to be very clear -- there are absolutely no recommendations that have been made" two community input meetings are scheduled in march - more on that on wavy-dot-com any recommendations will ultimately be voted on by the school board -- changes will be implemented next voted on by the school board -- changes will be implemented next school year. virginia beach schools may change the calendar -- tonight, the school board held an unofficial vote to remove some teaching days from the school year -- and the motion passed. we've been telling you about the plans for a few weeks -- as a committee and the board have gone back and forth with the options. the school board plans to vote on the calendar
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students will spend one or two fewer days in class, and teachers may get more time for professional development. breaking news from the peninsula -- police are investigating an armed robbery in newport news. around nine, dispatchers say someone hit the a-t-and-t on jefferson avenue -- across from patrick henry mall. they say employees were in the building at the time. we'll let you know as soon as we have an update. tonight: light evening rain showers. small light snow chance after midnight. lows in the lower 30s. wind: wsw 5-10mph. wednesday: light snow possible before 8am. otherwise, mainly cloudy. highs in the lower 40s. wind: wsw 5-15mph. thursday: mainly sunny and cold. highs in the mid 30s. breezy... wind: wnw 15-20mph. tonight: light evening rain showers. small light snow chance after midnight. lows in the lower 30s. wind: wsw 5-10mph. wednesday:
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before 8am. otherwise, mainly cloudy. highs in the lower 40s. wind: wsw 5-15mph. thursday: mainly sunny and cold. highs in the mid 30s. breezy... wind: wnw 15-20mph. tonight: light evening rain showers. small light snow chance after midnight. lows in the lower 30s. wind: wsw 5-10mph. wednesday: light snow possible before 8am. otherwise, mainly cloudy. highs in the lower 40s. wind: wsw 5-15mph. thursday: mainly sunny and cold. highs in the mid 30s. breezy... wind: wnw 15-20mph. tonight: light evening rain showers. small light snow chance after midnight. lows in the lower 30s. wind: wsw 5-10mph. wednesday: light snow possible before 8am. otherwise, mainly cloudy. highs in the lower 40s. wind: wsw 5-15mph. thursday: mainly sunny and cold. highs in the mid 30s. breezy...
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poor holiday sales for a major retailer are finally taking a hit -- on a local business. where k-mart plans to close yet another location. we're on your side with the latest news, weather, and traffic as you get ready to head out the door every morning. tune into wavy news 10 today - beginning at 4:30. and we're on the
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about,
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mmmm, yoplait. atnow er havfutys itrnur e,it ur's oua annprl estsiden y h whics mean'sit t he pe t rfectime to re cate e thecperfmet ho. thnow h rouguafebr 1ry5th, ytever ihingoun r e storn is
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inontt eresncfinaing. icomedan tor y fobeour st ic prf es oyethe ar. wither hav ytys,hoour me becan fe perct. evheen wfen li't isn. x: sfck knoing. e we'ry!earl prthe enesidayts dal se. fr laom c tssiccoo ntraempory, rthaveys. at least one local k-mart may close its doors this spring -- it's because parent company sears has been struggling. it plans to close at least 50 of what it calls "unprofitable" stores. the retailer says slow holiday sales forced them to speed up the closings. our n-b-c affiliate in roanoke says: it spoke to a company representative. that person says a k-mart in virginia beach will be shutting down in april. according to the store locators-- there are two remaining in virginia beach- at pembroke and kemps river. the company has closed hundreds of sears and k-marts over the last five years -- including the k-mart in hilltop.
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the tables on virginia tech. and trey freeman is having a career season at old dominion and is being compared to some of the greats. the sportswrap
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back in early january, nationally ranked virginia was upset by virginia tech. tonight, riding a six game win streak, the cavaliers were not about to let it happen again. i'm bruce rader, virginia, number 7 in the
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week--actually one of the hottest teams in the nation, taking no prisoners in charlottsville tonight. good sight if you're a hokie---chris clarke out of cape henry in virginia beach---missed most of the season with a fractured foot, off the steal chris slams it home, 11 points for clark in his return for tech. how bout another former cape henry star, virginia's devon hall--off the ally-oop, these were his only points of the night, but it gave the cavs a nice lead. and the hoo's hold on for a 67 to 49 win staying in second place behind carolina in the acc. old dominion's trey freeman, is so good he's being compared to other great virginia players including his own coach. nathan epstien joins us from norfolk with his story. trey is in what they call a zone. you don't mess with him, you don't talk to him, you don't try to change anything, you just want him to continue to play
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level- and trey freeman has been just that----out of this world---- over the last 8 games---the redshirt senior has averaged 29 and a half points a game--- has scored career highs of 37 and 38---- and right now---his streak of games with at least 24 points is the longest in all of college basketball---- my main focus is just winning and i'm just trying to give it everything i have. and with too many clutch baskets to count----he's also the first player ever voted conference usa'a player of the week 3 consecutive weeks---- head coach jeff jones says----freeman's starting to remind him of a certain former teammate---now his assistant---and still the all-time leading scorer of the university
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certainly praise that freeman doesn't take lightly--- sith calls freeman a throwback-----the best player who's also the hardest worker on the team--- every
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