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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  April 5, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> good afternoon. i'm tony pann. most of this activity will dissipate, but we will have a 20% chance that you can run into a light rain shower or sprinkle this afternoon and this evening. really no big deal. take a look at the temperatures, way above average. 73 at the airport, 72 downtown. 69 degrees in randallstown. a slight chance for a rain shower, high temperatures in the upper 70's. we will take a look at the seven-day forecast. it will get even warmer. back over to sarah. >> thanks, tony. people on the west coast are
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still shaken up from yesterday's earthquake as they continue to experience aftershocks today. most of the damage on the california mexican border. the earthquake pulled apart buildings, and roads. there are a no reports of a u.s. deaths, but at least two people died in mexico. tiger officially returned to the golf world to this week in the masters. today he will face the media for the first time since the sex scandal. >> it was the nominee had been waiting for. tiger woods, back on the team and in front of the fans. it was likely just what tiger was hoping for as well,
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augusta's traditionally light crowds were just that. the star responded to collapse with a smile. he seemed relaxed on his first practice round in front of fans, but on this day, how tiger is swinging the club almost seems secondary to how hard he will be hit with questions this afternoon. the fallen star will face his first press conference in the late night car crash ignited the scandal that imploded in a mass of tabloid headlines. >> he will be asked a lot questions about thanksgiving night that he will not answer. he will be asked about the "vanity fair" piece, saying that nobody inside his circle knew what was going on, and they had no. >> he will also face questions about a treatment by a doctor accused of giving performance enhancing drugs to other stars.
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>> i would like to know if he has talked to in federal investigators about it. >> is about to face what could be his toughest opponent -- a roomful of reporters. today in those two five-minute interviews, tiger deflected some questions, saying that some things will remain private. he is expected to do the same today, though that might be tougher in a room of 100 reporters. >> woods is expected to address the media at 2:00 today. you can see it streaming live on our website, we continue to cover the nation's disturbing easter in alabama. a girl apparently almost abducted right in front of her church. plus, nasa launches its last shuttle at the space center. what this means to t
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>> covering the nation this afternoon, a man is caught on tape reportedly trying to stanch a young girl in front of her church on easter sunday. the video shows the man pulled up in front of the church, starting to talk to two kids. moments later, you see him try to grab the 10-year-old girl enforcer in the back of his suv.
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luckily she was able to get away. police are still searching for the suspect. this morning the space shuttle discovery lifted off of the last time from can the space center in florida. the shuttle will spend almost two weeks in space, delivering spare parts and supplies to the international space station. this is the last scheduled nighttime launch as nasa retires tired shuttle fleet this fall. after spending more than a decade with the philadelphia eagles, quarterback don of the matter is heading down i-95 to suit up for one of their down i-95 -- quarterback donovan nabb is heading down i-95 to suit up for the redskins. still to come, if you are afraid of visiting the dentist, you may
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be put at ease. house dentists -- how dentists have revamped their offices. >> weather-wise, things are pretty quiet right now. a few sprinkles showing up on radar. we assure you that in a few minutes. here is a look outside. 73 degrees at bwi. 73 degrees at bwi.
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>> in this afternoon's medical alert, a new study shows that breast-feeding could save the lives of nearly 1000 babies each year as well as billions of dollars. researchers looked at 10 common childhood illnesses and what it cost to treat them, then compare those numbers to other studies that looked at whether breast- feeding prevented those illnesses. antibodies in the milk have been proven to fight infection, some cancers.
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about $13 million in health-care costs could be saved. middle school children who regularly eat full lunches may be at an increased risk of obesity and other health problems. this according to a new study that follows almost 1,306th graders for three years, looking - 1300 sixth8-130 graders. teens have the wrap of making questionable decisions from dangerous driving to unsafe sex and drug use, but why? apparently they are programmed that way. this refers observed mails from -- teenagers took the most respect of any age, especially 14-year-old spirit experts say unlike younger kids, teens are good at weighing the pros and cons of their decisions but tend to take risks because
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they love the thrill. for some, the dentist chair brings a feeling of dread, but thanks to some high-tech advantages, being in the chair can take less time and less discovered. >> that novocain numbness your dentist gives you can be so annoying. dr. stephen marshes using a new solution that reverses the novocain effect -- dr. stephen marsh is using a new solution that reverses the novocain effect. it is important for the professor to speak clearly to his students. >> to go back to the college classroom, to be able to teach. >> eric is getting a crown. the 3 d digital impressions take less than five minutes and is much cleaner than the old way. >> instead of putting the group in, it is taken with a laser. it is a digital compression.
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>> it makes a more accurate images and a mold. >> is a much more pleasant experience. >> his implant will be made at a lab. the computer also helps dr. marsh talk to the labs and see the impression is making for his patients before they arrive. >> i can put my patient in front of the camera, and the lab can visualize the patient. >> one more way to make that visit to the dentist a lot more comfortable. >> that was monica robins reporting. ask your dentist if any of these options are available. the h1n1 swine flu virus is back on the rise. that makes this week's schedule flu clinics for national public health we even more fortuitous. while maryland's flu cases dropped, the number of cases is increasing as the weather warms up. just last week, state health officials reported their 45th death from the disease.
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>> certain parts of the nation in the southeast, particularly, are seeing an uptick for reasons that are not understood is not clear whether this could possibly be a return, a third wave. it is not easy to predict this virus. >> health officials say unlike last winter, there will be plenty of vaccine available for those who want to get immunized. you can find where clinics will be held around the area by dialing 211. weatheryou'r 11r insta- plus forecast with sandra shaw. >> center is off today. i am here. as i said earlier, if you have outdoor plans, i do not think you have to worry about it. you can see stuff coming out of the mountains here, and most of it is dissipating now. you could run into a spring or something like that this afternoon. most of you will get some sunshine or a mixture of sunshine and clouds. we are already jumping into the mid to low 70's, so we should
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ride out -- wind up close to 80 degrees. do not look for a thick overcast. you will see a mixture of sunshine and clouds as we head through the afternoon. this is all being triggered by an area of low pressure traveling through the great lakes. it is very weak. after this passes by, the area of high pressure will be the dominating factor in our weather story over the next couple of days, meaning dry conditions and warm temperatures through the middle portion of the week. it is kind of warm now, but not as warm as it is going to get. 73 at the airport, 69 in randallstown. we will top out in the mid to upper 70's. a good 15 degrees up the seasonal norm -- up from the seasonal norm of 61. a 20% to 30% chance of re rain shower. a slight chance of a rain shower
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early tonight, low temperatures dropping into the 50's. as we head through the middle portion of the week, a interesting set up. a big ridge in the jet stream on the east coast. a lot of cold air with a big trough. where the two air masses collide, we will see thunderstorms developing. we will be in the collision zone on thursday night into friday. temperatures will be in the 80's. the normal high is 61. 82 on tuesday, 84 wednesday. i do not think we will bring any records. the record highs are around 90 degrees, but still pretty good for this time of year. late thursday and friday, showers and thunderstorms. high temperatures will fall back into the 60's as we head to the beginning of the weekend. if you're heading to the orioles game friday, it looks like most of the rain will be in the morning. we will have to keep an eye on that. beautiful weather coming up the next few days. get out and enjoy it. sarah?
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>> thank you, tony. consumer alert. it will be a smoother ride for southwest airlines passengers. all the engine revving at the end of the fight will go away because the airline is changing out the cockpit software and to leet.-- in 2/3 of its fee the new software will save fuel and reduce delays. local officials continue efforts to get residents to complete this year's census, but residents are still expressing concern over confidentiality yest. >> the census is very safe. we cannot share information among agencies. as a matter of fact, it is sealed for 72 years. individuals cannot find out anything about you, and if you do not fill out the census form, i cannot stress how much money
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the state will be losing. more important, baltimore city will be losing. >> to see the complete interview, and check out the census return rate, go to our website, as the door to his political future reopens, the door on former governor bob ehrlich's broadcasting career is poised to close. he told reporters he would be throwing his hat back into the ring with a rematch with governor o'malley, he said that he would be ending his saturday morning radio show in july. that is when he will officially file his candidacy papers. critics say the former governor should sign off now since this program provides him with a forum to promote his campaign. coming up next, maryland lottery midday pick 3 and pick 4
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>> the pad -- the president was weak meet -- brings a mix of fun and work, starting with the annual easter egg roll. shortly after, he will toss the first pitch at the washington nationals opening game. then it is time to work as new data shows employers are hiring, but a high jobless rate is not budging. on wednesday, mr. obama leaves for prague to sign a new deal with russia. many are finding the key to lose weight, but could be in your dna? find out on today's "dr. oz." it begins at 2:00 here on wbal- tv 11. coming up today on "oprah," a
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stand up and cheer weight-loss moment. but what happened when one oprah show guest went home? plus, check up on some of the most memorable guests. now you're maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. >> good afternoon to you. i am angela jackson from wbal radio. here are your pick 3 numbers. first number is four. moving down the line, here is this number. it is a one great final number for the pick 3 is a six, printed on the ball. 416. pick 4 is up next, but first -- it is coming. you still have a plan to put -- you still had a chance to play racetrack. today, marylanders track promotion ends on it -- -- the
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maryland race track promotion ends on april 11. two is your first number. next number after that is a one. then we have this number for you. it is a zero. the final number for the pick 4, it is a two on. 2102. >> summer weather jumping right into june, how about that? 78 degrees today. there is a 20% chance of a rain shower this afternoon and this evening, no big deal. 82 degrees tomorrow, 84 degrees wednesday. the temperatures will get back up into the upper 50 pots and lower 60's by friday. in the short term, go outside and play. >> thank you, tony. thank you for joining us for "11 news at noon." >> have a great day.
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