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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  April 6, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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holding out much hope. >> 25 died in yesterday's explosion. presumably, it is methane gas. the mine has a history of violations for not properly venting methane gas. president obama was at a prayer breakfast this morning. >> we prayed for the safe return of the missing, the men and women who put their lives on the line to save them. >> one of those that was known to be killed was a 62-year-old who was set to retire next week. he had a cruise boat. -- a cruise booked. now it is fitting that might save his buddies. bowring rolls down 1,000 feet to check the air in the mine and to check the safety chambers
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recently set in place. >> we cannot say it did not work yet. >> the chambers have enough air for at least three days. officials said they can board a ship -- a safe shaft into the mind -- they can bore a safe shaft into the mine before then. >> we will continue to follow the west virginia mining disaster on our website. we have posted the latest updates, video of rescue workers and a timeline of other disasters. go to and you will find the link on the homepage. >> and other cities like new york, los angeles and chicago are seeing a spike in violent crime, but baltimore is seeing a decline. in fact, it is the lowest rate of violent crime in more than a decade.
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>> watching the homicide numbers over the years, of course, there has been tremendous concern as they have increased. now police are saying they're at in a 33-year -- they are at a 33-year low. >> we are far from winning the race, but we're on the right track. >> from january to the beginning of april, they investigated for the murders. the latest was at the end of march when a man was shot multiple times in the head. police found his body in the lincoln park area of west baltimore. they compared these 40 murders to the 60 that they had at the same time last year. they claim that homicides are at a 33-year low. >> the homicide rate is at a 33- year low. it is also a 33% lower than in 2009. we're not claiming victory here. >> they attributed the lower
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numbers to aggressive enforcement our strategy of targeting offenders seems to be working -- too aggressive enforcement. >> our strategy of targeting offenders seems to be working it looks like we are on back to having a successful year. >> but what about the weather, from major snowstorms to be warm breezes we feel right now? does any of that play a factor? >> people say it is the snow or the sun. it is just not true. if you look at history, whether test as -- the weather does not play a role. we have to attribute it to these guys out on the streets. the >> baltimore -- >> baltimore city police and other city agencies face a possible budget cuts. >> in annapolis today, the house passed landmark legislation giving more jail time to
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criminals convicted of a felony. but opponents argue that -- begins locking up gang members who do not commit crimes. >> the legislation is designed to make it easier to prosecute gang members and keep them in jail longer. >> a legislative do over, the house passed the maryland game prosecution act -- gang prosecution act with the same language used in 2007. this new version clarifies the definition of a gain, what constitutes membership, and most importantly as prosecutors are concerned, significantly more jail time for gang members that are convicted of crimes. >> where are seven steps in
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total that a prosecutor must move beyond a reasonable doubt in addition to the crime they have committed. >> although no one obviously support criminal gang activity, some are protesting. some call it overreaching. others cite concerns that they could use it as a profiling tactic. and there was a great deal of discussion over the unintended consequences. >> this could bring innocent people under our criminal justice system, which i do not think we want to do. >> support across party lines. >experts estimate that there are more than 600 active gainngs maryland with thousands of members. most conditions include misdemeanor assault -- first and
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second-degree assault or misdemeanor extortion. >> a senate committee is expected to vote on similar legislation this evening. >> david, thank you. before you go, a quick question. there was a controversial bill introduced earlier this session allowing doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to certain patients. what is the status of that? >> it has widespread bipartisan support. what we learned today was that the marijuana medical bill is on life support. we will have more at 6:00 p.m. >> thank you. >> it feels like summertime around the mid-atlantic region. temperatures of around the 90- degree mark in many places. another hot day tomorrow before a cold front roles in and changes things for the end of the week. downtown baltimore checking in
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at 92 degrees. 91 at frederick. colder near the pennsylvania border. annapolis, though, at 90 degrees. ocean city at 88 earlier, but now down to 77. 48 around milwaukee, 45 in northern michigan. there is a cold front of their and that is triggering showers and storms. in the sec wet weather, maybe thunderstorms here on thursday as the -- it looks like a wet weather, maybe thunderstorms here on thursday as the cold front moves this way. >> the obama administration laid out a new nuclear policy today to get rid of all of the world's atomic weapons. >> it makes clear what the u.s. will and will not do. >> we believe this represents the best interest for the united states.
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>> creigh obama team promises not to use nuclear weapons against countries -- the obama team promises not to use nuclear weapons against countries that comply with the international treaties not to use them, but that excludes iran and north korea. >> if you're not going to play by the rules, that all options are on the table in terms of how we deal with you. >> it means no new warheads, no nuclear testing, but the door is open for the u.s. too tight -- strike first. and to beef up our arsenal and nuclear deterrence. >> and neglected infrastructure only invite any news behavior. >> president obama cause a eighth significant step with russia -- called it a signal in step with russia. the strategy will likely focus on iran. >> it is very important for us to get russia and china to agree with us that iran is an
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outlaw and to join in strong, debilitating sanctions at the un. i think this document helps facilitate that. >> president obama will meet one-on-one with the chinese president next week. >> if the country were to significantly expand its biological or chemical weapons, this policy would still allow the u.s. to consider using nuclear weapons against them. >> and former governor bob ehrlich will have at least one challenger in the republican primary. brian murphy entered the race for governor today. the former conservation energy employee brought on the eastern shore. he is married with three children and is expecting a fourth child any day now. the former governor bob ehrlich is expected to formally announce his candidacy tomorrow. >> new research shows that pill popping is killing more people.
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>> and many people are working to get that perfect summer body. we are so far away. but researchers say it requires more than a workout. in tonight's medical alert, the psychology of weight gain. >> it has been 11 years since the international custody battle over than five year-old -- 5- year-old indian gonzales. let's see what the 16-year-old is up to now.
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>> the maryland division of corrections this morning presented the red cross with a 2200 double check for relief efforts a day of -- a day after schools reopen in haiti. five cities contributed to the donation. johns hopkins hospital with a big supporter of health care reform. >> to put in place something that makes common sense, that helps people get through their day -- i mean, when you look at some of the insurance reports, these are basic, common sense things. >> the comment -- the congressman also spoke to hopkins to get their perspective on the new law.
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>> in tonight's medical alert, it is shocking to think, but prescription drug abuse is becoming one of the leading killers in the u.s. and the problem has gone way beyond hollywood. the number of cases went up 65% from 1999 to 2006. unintentional overdoses of these drugs, which include sedatives and tranquilizers, went up 37%. intentional overdoses were three times higher. the largest increase was methadone abuse, the drug normally used to help heroin addicts. it shows how prescription drug abuse is a common, lethal problem in the u.s. that merits serious attention. and one prescription drug that is often used recreational lee and illegally, of kecoughtaaqsa,
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is under fire because it is difficult to keep track of. we talk with a reporter tonight about what it takes to keep weight off. >> sandra just dropped six dress sizes. she is still losing. how she became obese, she says, may be all about her personality. this is sandra in college on the right. she said she packed on the pound in nursing school. >> you talk about the freshman 10, 15. mine was more like the freshman 30. >> she said work was stressful and then she had two girls. over time, she packed pounds on. >> having children and the stress of being a nurse, no, it is a natural thing to want to nurture your children.
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>> there is a dedicated psychologist solely to the geriatric monitoring program -- geriatric sbariatric monnat trag program. >> there peacemakers, you can do about them like that. you do not like to argue very often. handle a situation assertively. that is often not their strong suit. they're given in every which way, but not taking care of themselves. >> so many people are depressed and do not realize it, he also says. general psychiatry found that depression increases the risk of obesity by 50%. sandra, four months after bariatric surgery said she is
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working on the mental side of keeping it off. her family helps her to eat healthy and she is using the goal in her kitchen. >> i never thought about giving my kids a gift by showing them about being mature and giving them -- about how giving nothing back yourself is not a gift for them. >> the doctor tells his patients to take 30 minutes out of each day to completely relax, which can help manage their stress. doctors in london have developed it -- an implant that can be adjusted after an eye operation. implants are quite common these days, but adjustable ones are not. >> you do not know what is going on. you know something is wrong with your eyes, but it does not hurt.
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>> surgeons say using these new lenses represent a real advance in the industry. and a new study this week says the people around you influence how much you drink more than you are -- then you might know. researchers looked at patterns of alcohol in large social networks and found that someone is 50% more likely to drink heavily of someone directly connected to them does. the importance of social context will help doctors look at problem drinking. in maine be helpful to look at social networks to find -- it may be helpful to look at social networks to fight obstacles to abstaining. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the pollen count is soaring into the high range, the tree pollen in it -- is in the 700 count. you have a high pollen count of 717.
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if you're suffering from your allergies this spring, it is because this warm weather is causing everything to grow. and it has been a warm one. 89 has been the hourly high- temperature at the airport. we will have to wait a few more minutes for the official climate report to come out, but 90 is the record high. that would have to be gauged at b.w.i. marshall. so far, 89. getting -- it is the second day in a row of getting to a record high temperature. 92 right now in downtown baltimore, but again, that is no longer the official measurement for the entire baltimore region. 90 in westminster, 86 in ellicott -- elkton. 77 on the beach at ocean city. that seabreeze is really kicking in. we do have -- did have a warm front come through this morning with a few scattered showers.
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the sunshine is returning and it looks like clouds -- skies will stay mostly cool this evening. southwest winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. sunset at 7:35 p.m. a storm out over the middle part of the country. this will track east and continue to pump in that hot, dry weather. tomorrow looks like a repeat of today. but on thursday, the trailing edge of this front comes through and behind it is cold enough for snow up and the rockies. -- in the rockies. still holding on to some wintry conditions to the north and west of the front. that boundary will work its way through our region. you can see that on insta- weather plus futurecast, just a few scattered clouds and
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unseasonably warm tomorrow. the cold front making its way into the mounds by midday thursday. if pushes east of the mountains by thursday evening -- it pushes east of the month by thursday evening and cold enough for snow to our east and west by friday. big changes coming as the front rolls through. we will approach record high levels tomorrow with southwest winds tend to 15. 81 and lots of sunshine near deep creek tomorrow. 91 degrees around the day tomorrow and ocean city will likely hit mid to upper 80's before the seabreeze tactics in for the afternoon. -- kicks in for the afternoon. seven-day forecast, one more day of sunshine, 91 tomorrow, and then a chance for showers and thunderstorms thursday. if we have some rain on friday, likely in the morning. clearing out in the afternoon,
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and cooler. friday's high only 57. saturday and sunday, upper 50's. >> a reception from -- tiger's reception from fans yesterday blew him away, but how is his comeback handled by the critics? >> kids are getting more than an education. they are getting a hair cut. >> and the debate is underway in annapolis to make maryland the 15th state to legalize medical marijuana. we have to report new tonight at 6:00 p.m.
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if we don't know how big our community is, how do we know how big our hospitals need to be? the census helps us know exactly what we need, so everyone can get their fair share of funding.
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we can't move forward until you mail it back. 2010 census.
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>> he's done the press conference, faced thousands of fans on practice rounds, has said his wife will not be on the masters -- at the masters. pick'n tiger woods get back to golf? -- >> can tiger woods get back to golf? >> with his first round down and the press in the bag, it was a more relaxed tiger woods at the tee. he was smiling, laughing, and acknowledging the gallery,
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something the creigh scandal woods was really known -- the pre-scandal woods was rarely known to do. >> i think you is much more humble, making himself more available -- i think he is much more humble, making itself more available to his fans, signing autographs. aquino's he has to be friendlier and more acceptable -- he knows he has to be friendlier and more acceptable. >> basically, we have discussed it. it is a teachable moment. nobody is perfect. we're all human. >> but others worry that his comeback is still as carefully cultivated as the azaleas that agusta is done so well known for. -- is so well known for. other players seemed genuinely pleased that the focus has turned back to golf. >> we will see what he does on
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the golf course. >> as for what he is doing on the course, marco mayor was with him during his practice round. >> he is ready. >> will he be ready? we will find out when he tees off at 1:42 p.m. on thursday afternoon. >> he will be paired with two other golfers on thursday. they called it cool to be playing with him, but hope that people do not bring what happened off the court here to the masters. >> and those other two golfers know that everyone is willing to be watching them because they are with target -- with tiger. >> up next, an entire ordeal that is really odd. it involves sex in the wrong house. >> and still ahead, bullying classmates to the point of suicide. but tonight, see how the
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teenagers managed to dodge the national spotlight.
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>> new at 5:03 p.m., it has been a telling time for -- it has been telling time in baltimore for nearly a century. but recently it has not had a tough time taking. one side could not keep up with the other three sites that team to be working fine. but it will no longer be an issue. >> it was three works -- three weeks ago when workers remove that hands on the face of this clock. today, they were reinstalled. the clock hands on the other side have been working properly
5:30 pm
since 1911. it was this outfacing clock ran into problems and stopped working in 2007 -- beats outfacing clock that ran into problems -- the south facing clock that ran into problems and stop working in 2007. this morning after three weeks of milling and restoration work the hands were ready to go back up, which you can imagine is not a simple job. >> not quite what we expected, but nothing ever is. >> people on utah street seemed very interested in the process. >> pretty impressive, actually. >> very interesting. it was built in 1911, i believe, right? pretty impressive. >> i think it is a great part of baltimore history. >> after some pushing and shoving, the hour hand was back on the clock.
5:31 pm
the clock will be keeping correct time again. >> it is a greagreat to have thk being back again after only been three-quarters functional. -- been three-quarters functional. >> it will take some time to synchronize all sides of the clock. by tomorrow, it should be keeping perfect time on all four sides. >> it is just a mechanical piece. it is a matter of taking it apart and putting it back together. it is pretty simple, but there is a lot to do to get it restored, that is for sure. >> here is a look at other top stories at this hour. >> i want to send my deepest condolences, our thoughts and prayers to the families and friends of the workers who lost their lives after the explosion took place in the west virginia mine yesterday. >> president obama and sending condolences to the loved ones of
5:32 pm
the 25 killed in charleston, west virginia. four miners are still missing tonight. the mine has a history of safety violations and has racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines in the past three years. this raises questions about why inspectors failed to detect the potential of an explosion at the mine. baltimore city police city homicide rate is the lowest since the 1970's. as of a brief -- april 1, 40 people have been killed in the city this year. that is down 33% from last year. it is too early to declare victory, but they are encouraged by the numbers. there will be more on this at 6:00 p.m. officials are still looking into the cause of a fire at a house last night around 1:30 p.m. this afternoon. when firefighters arrived on the scene, flames coming from the basement to them about 20 minutes -- took them about 20
5:33 pm
minutes to get it under control. there were no injuries. >> today, attorneys appear in court on behalf of their teenaged clients accused of bowing -- bullying the girl who committed suicide in january. the charges include statutory rape and harassment. >> none of the teenagers are rain on felony criminal and civil rights charges appeared in court -- are trained on felony -- arraigned on felony criminal and civil rights charges appear in court. instead, their lawyers appeared on their behalf. prosecutors say unrelenting verbal abuse and physical threats against 15-year-old south had the high school freshman steve prince led her to commit suicide in january. -- stevie prince led her to
5:34 pm
commit suicide in january january. friends said the group became jealous of her, who had recently moved from arlin and reportedly but -- reportedly dated both -- had recently moved from ireland and reportedly dated both suspects. the 10-week investigation included recorded and written statements. prosecutors say that for three months and on the day that she hanged herself she was taunted at school and on line. school leaders say teachers did take action once learning about the bullying. >> the teachers that did over hear the conversations and heard things going on reported them immediately. >> the outcome of this case could be a tough lesson not only for the accused teenagers, but for students and schools nationwide. >> the defendants are not in police custody, but they must stay away from members of the
5:35 pm
victim's family. >> a new proposed beverage tax for baltimore city. how much and how far would it go? >> and his entire ordeal ignited a custody battle of international proportions 11 years ago. and up next, a glimpse of how the now a teenager is doing in cuba. -- the now teenager is doing in cuba. cuba. >> i filled out my census for me and my husband.
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during the spring event, qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on this new malibu ls for around $199 a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at chevy dealer dot com. >> the connecticut man is behind bars after responding to a sex act on greg list. it turns out it was all a hoax. 29-year-old richard veigh first let himself into the wrong house and in an 18-year-old woman led him into the correct house. >> at that point, the people from the correct house come out and start writing down his license plate.
5:39 pm
the girl tells him that they were doing so and he took off. >> he now faces fourth degree sexual assault and trespassing charges. >> small tremors continue to shake buildings -- continued to shake buildings throughout the day on the california mexico border on monday. sunday's quake was centered in the light the populated area. >> and you will no doubt remember his name, elian gonzales. now we're seeing photos of the little boy who is now a teenager. he is now 16 and showed a very stern face with fellow youths at a meeting in nevada last weekend. and he is now a member of cuba's young communist union. 11 years ago, gonzales was found
5:40 pm
floating off the coast of florida in an interview after his mother drowned trying to reach the u.s. and relatives here in the u.s. would not give him up. federal agents raided the home and he was sent back to cuba with his father. >> summer days are just about here, but how about those hot summer deals? >> we are talking about airline tickets. there is a strategy to save. we will share it next in consumer alerts. >> record temperatures today. could we do it again tomorrow? right now, it feels like summertime in baltimore. 92 at downtown baltimore. 92 at downtown baltimore.
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>> here's a look at what we are working on for 11 news at 6:00 p.m. new details on how stephanie rawlings-blake plans to close a one of the $20 million budget
5:42 pm
deficit. and an emotional legislation is on life support at the state house. 6:00 p.m., the latest on the bill allowing doctors to write prescriptions -- new at 6:00 p.m.
5:43 pm
>> the transportation department seems to be using toyota to drive home a point to automakers. >> not notifying the government quickly enough about defective gas pedals is the issue. we have the story from washington. >> in it -- in the middle of an advertising blitz aimed at shifting public opinion, toyota gets slapped with a $16.4 million fine, the maximum possible and the largest ever for waiting too long to alert authorities and drivers that the
5:44 pm
sticky gas pedal could be a problem >> our goal is to make sure that -- could be a problem. >> our goal is to make sure that we do not have a problem. >> toyota's president tried to explain what led to the dangers of defect in some vehicles. >> i fear the pace with which we have grown may have been too quick. >> but the fine is all about being too slow in eight -- to slow. in a statement, ravenwood says the government has proved that -- ray lahood says the government has proved that toyota knowingly failed to live up to expectations. for months, they did not take action to protect millions of drivers and their families. in a statement of their own, toyota did not indicate if they would be testifying, but have said that they have already taken steps to improve
5:45 pm
communications with customers and regulators as part of the overall commitment to quality assurance. >> and the $16 million is the maximum allowed under the federal fed act. general motors was the last company to face a hefty fine when it failed to issue a recall in 2002 and 2003 for effective when shall bikers. it was forced to pay $1 million. -- windshield wipers. it was forced to pay $1 million. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> nearly 30 degrees warmer than normal today. b.w.i. marshall ashleigh tied -- actually tied the record. we had 90 today, tying the record originally set in 1990. it tomorrows record high is 93.
5:46 pm
it will be a bit tougher to get theire. hagerstown, a hot summer in '94. -- a hot, summary 9summery 94. out in western sections of maryland and west virginia, temperatures are at summer-like levels. it will be unseasonably mild tonight as skies remain mostly clear cut, winds are out of the southwest and temperatures probably will not get down to what is even typical for a high- temperature this time of year. tonight, 61. this is likely to continue until the cold front out of the rocky mountains can get here on thursday. high pressure off the coast.
5:47 pm
a storm over iowa. in between, dry, warm, hot air. behind the front, it is still wintertime. there is more snow up in a colorado rockies and parts of wyoming. the front is triggering showers and storms and a bit of snow in the higher elevations. these thunderstorms will likely come through our region as the front makes its way through. that is scheduled to happen thursday evening. tamara, partly cloudy skies and record-setting warmth possible again. -- tomorrow, " partly cloudy skies and a record-setting warmth possible again. living off because as we head into friday morning -- this front will move in on thursday and then moving off the coast as we head into friday morning. there's a big temperature change coming when you see the summer heat giving way to flurries answer showers.
5:48 pm
tamara, sunrise at 642 a and even western maryland will crack the 80 degree mark tomorrow -- tomorrow, sunrise at 642 a m and even western maryland will crack the 80 degree mark tomorrow. bayh water temperatures upper 50's to near 60. 91 tomorrow with showers and storms in the evening on thursday. showers possible in the morning on friday and in breezy and much cooler. highs in the fifties this weekend. >> airfare deals are about to get harder to find. and we have some good news for at&t customers. >> at&t is making a $1 billion upgrade designed to enhance company services. the communications giant says it is broadening its network with
5:49 pm
its latest investment. it will focus on data and video, moving away from voice communications. since 2006, at&t has spent about $4 billion on network improvement. if you are flying this summer, it will cost you more than last year. we will show you some strategies to help you find a better deal. >> time to pack a bag. summer is almost here and a dream trip is waiting. >> i would love to go to tahiti, bora bora. >> belgium, they have the best food in the world. >> wherever you are headed ticket prices are climbing. much higher than last summer. >> last year we had such great pricing last year. >> we had an airport -- airfare expert to look at pricing on two of the most popular routes from dsw airport. let's say on march 21 used --
5:50 pm
you bought a nonstop ticket to las vegas in june. an average of two wondered $40 last summer, $390 this -- $240 last summer, $390 this summer. >> last year was a fire sale. >> airlines have cut back on flights. more travelers are starting to fill a smaller number of seats, pushing prices up. >> on top of the higher prices, add in the baggage fees. two years ago when he bought a ticket in spring when he did not have to pay to check your first back. today, all airlines charge except for southwest. >> a couple of weeks before your trip you think you're going to get a good deal. forget about it this year. >> also consider taking a flight with a connection.
5:51 pm
while the nonstop ticket to orlando costs $275, a flight with the connection is $180. that is only a 6% increase over last year when that same ticket was $170. and you may find the best deal when you shop for tickets on tuesdays. >> airlines are having these sales every week that end -- that starts tuesday morning and end thursday. >> we will see what happens. it might be a road trip rather than flying. >> also, airlines are adding more surcharges of $10 to $20 on busy travel days. for a list of options, go to our website and click on " the azine -- click on "as seen on."
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and if you're one of those that has an ipad, 92% of those people who already have one also have an iphone. the company has sent an invitation to the media for its thursday event. analysts believe its new operating system may include multitasking, which could allow ipad users to run more than one application at once. apple has sold more than 30 million iphone since they launched them in 2007. >> we have a follow-up story to a story we told you about yesterday. three months into service and the charm city circulators have already carried 300,000 passengers. tonight we know who that passenger is. he won a gift bag today. he works downtown and lives just that -- just outside of the downtown area.
5:53 pm
>> it really helped us out, you know, the working man. >> free is good. the more than 100,000 riders in three months' time far exceeded initial projections for that service. >> and two years after former candidate john edwards admitted to having an affair with her, his mistress sat down with oprah for her first televised interview harpole productions has not said when that interview will -- first televised interview. harpo productions has not said when that interview will be televised. >> still ahead, baltimore is facing a $120 million budget deficit. the i-team breaks down the mayor's two biggest targets coming of new at 6:00 p.m.
5:54 pm
>> it is a new program that more and more kids are taking the advantage of. come to school to get an come to school to get an because your census answers are more than just answers. they're the first step toward a happier, healthier community. we can't move forward until you mail it back. 2010 census.
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>> self-esteem can be a fragile thing for kids and young adults. oftentimes, how good they feel is directly tied to how would they think they look. >> a nonprofit program in baltimore city schools is helping kids one hair cut at a time. >> this boy in getting his
5:57 pm
weekly hair cut not at a barbershop, but at school. it is a unique program that allows kids in need to get their hair done at school for free. >> i installed barbers -- barbershops and these salons in homeless shelters, but i always wanted to see if this program would work. and it is working out just fine. >> as a parent, you are trying to maintain bills and sometimes you ms. hair cut appointments. -- you miss hair cut appointments. now he does not have to worry about me taking into the barber shop. >> they do not get much done chemically, but they do get free products and help learning how to style their hair. >> what i'd do is, i get a mirror and i have a mirror in the back so i can see.
5:58 pm
>> when i get older i want to know how to do my own hair. >> it is extremely important that they look nice and take care of themselves. right now, that means everything to them. >> in addition, students get instruction on basic hygiene. it serves about 20 students and the program is growing. >> we go way back. >> i knew every time i commend i get big smiles and big thank yous. >> i know i am more confident. the cuts with a great program. >> -- >> what a great program. >> if you missed any of this newscast, we will rebroadcast at 7:00 p.m. on wbal plus. >> medical marijuana legislation is on my support at
5:59 pm
the statehouse. >> ion jayne miller, -- i in a jayne miller, new details tonight on what the new baltimore mayor is likely to propose in taxes. >> what could have been done to prevent a deadly explosion at a west virginia mine? we will take a look. >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. in hd. >> medical marijuana legislation is said to be on my support at the statehouse. that is our big story tonight at 6:00 p.m. despite widespread bipartisan support in each chamber, a bill allowing doctors to prescribe medical marijuana appears all but dead at the statehouse. >> david collins is falling -- following this emotional issues. -- this emotional issue. >> the senate passed a bill >> the senate passed a bill


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