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tv   11 News Today  NBC  April 23, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> wall street reform, the fight is on. that story coming up. >> the nfl draft is underway. the ravens make a surprise move. >> clear skies right now. the forecast is coming up. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. tgif. >> i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. good morning, everybody. >> the forecast is looking good. a few sprinkles still linger on the eastern shore. very light. a few clouds, as well. the sun will takeover across the board. low 50's down at the airport. 55 downtown. mostly sunny skies.
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72 degrees. a great day to wrap up the work week. we have a big weather system that will affect us this weekend and into the first part of next week. >> we have no incidents or accidents to speak of. we are looking good. 77, 63 j.f.x.. no delays to report. we're up to speak and be on up to speed. we will give you some live drive times. on the west side, 12 minutes. 895, northbound on the north side, seven minutes. we are looking very nice. we will give you a live look outside. the west side of the beltway is looking empty at this time of the day. the harrisburg expressway, you
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can see we are looking at no problems or delays to report. that is great news. back over to you. >> two teenagers are behind bars. >> they are accused of gunning down charles bowman. jennifer franciotti is live with the details. >> charles bowman was just trying to get takeout at a chinese restaurant when police say he was gunned down. he was on his way to work. it was two. teenagers that killed him for quick money. police were led to michael hunter and troy taylor. the community was upset about the murder. police are increasing patrols to prevent more violence. >> people have no love.
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>> i know it is bad. it is getting worse. >> police believe the teenagers may be involved in other crimes. if you have information, you are asked to call baltimore city police. >> anne arundel -- authorities say officers shot a man around 10:20 p.m. last night. police are not commenting on what led to the incident. we're told the officer was not injured. there were multiple assaults in southeast baltimore. five women suffered cut wounds. the victims are not cooperating. at least one person claims to have been attacked by an unknown
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male. >> a post office supervisor is being charged with stealing gift cards. andrew's is accused of opening mail. authorities said pay linked him after he used one of the stolen gift cards. police believe he stole from more than 1000 people. >> it is insane. it is a criminal offense. he is supposed to be a supervisor. >> i do not even want the money back. >> walsh faces up to five years in prison. you are asked to call the postal parkway if you think you are a victim. >> four carroll county families are settled a lawsuit. there was a leak from a local
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gas station. the spill was traced to the gas station. that leak was coming from mike nearby junkyard. the families were awarded a total of $400,000. residents who live nearby are still concerned about how the neighborhood was affected. >> people who live closest to the gas station or angry about it. the people living a little further are just sort of curious, about how it will affect us. it has been a whole range of emotions. i am not sure how you put a value on that. >> one resident testified he has been using bottled water. >> the archbishop of baltimore will be laid to rest today.
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archbishop william borders died of cancer earlier this week. he led the diocese until 1989. his funeral is set for 1:00 p.m. today. 11 news will bring you live coverage when it begins. we will rebroadcast the funeral service this saturday and sunday at 3:00 p.m. >> you could see a drop in your electric bill. bge rates are expected to drop this summer. customers could save around $161 a year. the rates are at the lowest level since the rate hike in 2006. there is reaction to president obama's crack down on wall street. unions are marching. tracie potts has details from
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washington. >> i urge you to join us. >> president obama is taking wall street head on. the president denies republican claims his financial reforms will leave taxpayers holding the bill. >> 8 vote for reform is a vote to put a stop to the taxpayer- funded bailout. >> as the senate prepares for monday's debate, the biggest union plans to march down wall street on monday, saying banks took millions of jobs from their workers. >> people in wall street continue to get rich. >> the top republicans are being accused of soliciting campaigns from wall street.
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president obama says a battalion of lobbyists have descended on washington, ready for the fight. democrats are hoping to get something on the president's desk by memorial day. >> more than 100,000 schoolteachers could lose their jobs by summer. it is a different story in maryland. maryland plans to hire 700 teachers this year. >> we do not anticipate changes in class size. the budget may impact some of the supplies and materials. it will be a maintenance budget. we are not expecting drastic changes. >> if you're interested in a teaching opportunity, there will be a job fair next tuesday. more information is on our
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website. >> time to talk football. the ravens opted to trade out of their first-round pick. the nfl draft got under way last night. ozzie newsome decided to go against history and entertain trade offers. the broncos came calling. they selected tim tebow with that paper. that brings us to our water cooler question of the e-mail your reponse to day. it will be interesting to see what happens. 6:09. coming up, the mornings financial news. crack the latest in the search for workers who went missing after will rick explosion. >> a fungus is spreading. >> the rhetoric is not picking
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up a lot of activity. >> not a lot activity on the roadways this morning.
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>> a very good morning. the sun is almost officially up. it is 55 degrees outside. we will see a mostly sunny friday. it will be beautiful. it will be around 70 degrees. we were at 74 at the airport.
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54 at bwi marshall. a nice 55 downtown prick it looks like we are sitting in the mid 50's at the eastern shore. -- in the mounds, lovely conditions, partly cloudy skies. -- in the mountains, lovely conditions. a high of 72 degrees today. the wind will be light, five to 10 miles per hour. 70 down and the lower eastern shore and around ocean city. the wind will be light at the chesapeake. water temperatures are slowly inching upward. 67 is our normal high temperature for this time of the year. we will be in the mid to upper 40's tonight. 94 degrees was set back in 1960
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as the record high. 31 is the record low back in 1982. none of those threatened today. we will be in the mid to upper 40's by. we will see an increase in cloud cover tonight. we will start to lift number word and it will affect us this weekend. high pressure is in control. the big story is the long line of showers and storms in texas and southern plains. we could see some tornadoes as the cold air moves out ahead of it. the scenario looks wet and unsettled. this storm front will stall out and low pressure will develop and we will see a good chance of showers late tomorrow. light rain into the early evening hours.
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look at what will be happening in the ohio valley. that will affect us on saturday. you cannot track things online a chance of showers in the forecast until next wednesday. by next thursday, we try out again. >> we are looking at a nice friday morning commute. there are no delays at all. 11 minutes on the outer loop all the way across. 12 minutes on the west side of the beltway. six minutes northbound on 95. the speed sensors confirm that things are up to speak and moving just fine. we will give you a live look outside at wilkins avenue.
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traffic is very light as you head out this morning. things are moving just fine in and out of the tunnel. >> taking a look at our top stories, the search for 11 missing workers continues. the will -- exploded tuesday night. officials have informed families it is unlikely they will find the missing workers. no word on what caused the blast. gas or oil may have forced its way up a pipe. a federal air marshal is the focus of an alleged rape case. he is accused of hiring a woman to dance for her and then raping her. it happened last friday. the victim alleges that he attacked her and demanded his money back.
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they expect the best of their employees and they are cooperating. a new form of fungus causes several deaths in oregon. researchers are concerned about the fund is because it is affecting healthy people. the fungus can be treated but it is not preventable. symptoms include sharp chest plains, headache, and weight loss. scientists are looking to find the source. they believe may be harboring in the soil. >> a lower credit card delinquency rate could be a sign of improvement. the rate fell at most major lenders. analysts look at delinquency as a gauge of future performance. the credit situation might start
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looking if this continues. spirit airlines received two new aircraft with seats that the not leaned back. this makes more seats available to sell. jane king has more in the bloomberg business report. >> it looks like united airlines would rather fly with continental. they are setting a stock for stock merger that would create the world's largest carrier. continental would run the combined company. would be theident chairman. this leaves u.s. airways writing for takeoff. it looks like united is more interested in continental. in vessels are still buying --
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theestors are still pileyeing debt situation in greece. the hotel chain is out with profit that beat analysts' estimates. marriott has been reducing investment spending amid a slump in travel demand. mary it may be hoping the slump is over. the lodging industry is showing signs of life. i'm jane king reporting for wbal tv 11 news. >> 6:19, 50 degrees. >> a new chapter in a controversial story of a baltimore judge. >> e-mail your answer to our water cooler question of the day. e-mail your reponse to
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>> here is bill look at last night's winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> good morning. i have a check on your friday morning commute. we're all in the green. we are up to speed in all areas
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of the major roadways. 95, the j.f.x. are looking good. 83 is looking good as well. we have some live drive times for you. 11 minutes on the inner loop topside. 11 minutes on 95 southbound between the beltway and 32. this is a live look at and you can see the topside, very light. it is great news if you are heading out. 895, things are looking just fine in and around the tunnel. >> partly cloudy skies this morning will yield some sun by this afternoon. temperatures will range from 682 72. 58 downtown -- temperatures or range from 68 to 72. we will warm up nicely across
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the board this afternoon. the wind will be light. the forecast tonight, mid to upper 40's per increasing clouds after midnight. tomorrow, mostly cloudy. tried for the most part. it looks like by the evening, we will see showers developing and very active weather-wise on sunday. >> thank you. new questions surrounding the judge who was reassigned after marrying a couple in the midst of a domestic violence case. >> the judge is also an author. jayne miller broke the story about the judge last month and has the details. bookudge darrell russell's includes some advice. the book is called "chronicles from court: in my own write."
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it was written in 2004. russell was removed from court room work last month for his handling of a case involving allegations of domestic violence. the judge went along with that and married the man so he could avoid prosecution. he recalls handling a variety of domestic cases. he told a woman, you do not have to wait to get hurt. "kerr shorts were so tight she appeared to be suffering from loss of circulation." he calls this the love court docket and it has the ever- present court watcher. they'd wait your every word and report back to the citizens committee on judges that screw up.
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they are reviewing a formal complaint that has been filed against him. it is not the first. he tells of the advice he tells a woman. she told the judge she refused to sleep with the husband. the judge said, maybe if you sleep with him, he will stop wacking you. the judge disclosed it earned him a scarlet letter which concluded he had advocated a rape in marriage. >> 6:26, 50 degrees. there is more to come. >> two teenagers have been arrested in the murder of a man. details are next. >> health care reform threatens to end a popular and successful program in howard county. >> no delays and no accidents.
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a very nice friday morning commute. >> sunny and mild conditions today.
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>> this is wbal tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning. welcome back. >> i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. good morning, everybody. center shaw has a quick look at the forecast. >> -- sandra shaw has a quick look at the forecast. 55 downtown. 68 degrees today. a little bit above normal yet again. the weekend is looking at different with showers and thunderstorms. >> baltimore city police may two arrest in the murder of a 72-year-old man. >> residents are still concerned about violence. jennifer franciotti is live at city police headquarters with details. >> two murders happened just
6:30 am
blocks apart. the extra patrols are announced to help curb the violence. two men were gunned down in separate shootings at different restaurants. charles bowman was murdered when it stopped in for lunch. detectives say two teenagers killed him for quick cash. michael hunter and troy taylor have been arrested. >> there are a lot of upset people that this 72-year-old man who everybody liked was senselessly murdered. >> police are increasing patrols to help flush out the gunmen that killed another man in the middle of the day. >> it appears to be an ongoing dispute between some different men that finally blew up on that afternoon. >> these people are disheartened to see the.
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deteriorating. >> they have no love for life. >> it is getting worse. we just deal with it. >> homeowners are encouraged to hear the police are increasing patrols. >> i think police -- i think and increased police presence would be good. >> there are families here and there are working people and we follow rules and we expect them to permit if we have to have the police, i think it is a good thing. kraft police believe the teenagers arrested may be involved in other crimes. you were asked to call baltimore city police if you have any information. >> parents of one school are looking to gain from the closure of one catholic school.
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the elementary only goes to fifth grade, forcing the middle school students to attend another school. they are exploring the options and there would like to see the school continue to be used for education. all requests for proposals leave the building are due by the end of the above. reform willare will for bring an end to a popular program in howard county. it connects howard county residents to affordable services. the new law requires all americans be insured and it would mean an end to the howard county program. officials are looking to make changes.gram >> healthy howard will be in
6:33 am
existence for the next three or four years. those eligible should still apply. we will cease to exist as it operates now, at which point we are hopeful that it will be central maryland wide. >> they are only looking into the feasibility of doing this coopt. healthy howard will be run for a few years. >> there is a new campaign. barbara mikulski is kicking off her new campaign this morning in baltimore city. she will be joined by mayor stephanie rawlings-blake in fells point to make her announcement. we will be there and we will have complete coverage today. >> good morning.
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we heard just getting our first incident of the morning. it is in baltimore county. hunter mill road. we are checking on that. reports indicate it involves an overturned vehicle. we are looking pretty good. drive time 11 minutes on the outer loop west side. 60 minutes so no delays to report, looking very nice -- 16 minutes. very light in the absolute and on 95 , things are moving just fine as you move in and out of the city. >> good news today. before casque calls for a high of 68 and 72 degree -- the forecast calls for a high of 68 and 72 degrees. the clouds will thicken up. we will see mostly cloudy skies throughout saturday.
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much of the day it will be dry. a chance of showers later tomorrow night. 62 degrees. cooler tomorrow. back on the warm side of things on sunday. we will be unstable. a chance for some thunderstorms. dig out the umbrella after today. >> thank you. 50 degrees. a missouri man hits it really big in the lottery. >> check out this german shepherd. he is on a mission. he is a hero. kraft is financial reform starting to move ahead? >> we are still taking your responses to our water cooler question of the day. e-mail your reponse to e-mail your reponse to watercoole
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>> a huge jackpot for one missouri man. he won the powerball jackpot in wednesday night's drawing. he said the money will ensure a bright future for him and his kids. >> it will be great to be able to see my kids do stuff i could not do. it will be a great thing. >> he is amazingly subdued. the store receives $50,000 for selling the ticket. >> a german shepherd is a hero after he leads a police
6:39 am
officer to a burning property. he leads the trooper down several blocks. he looks back to make sure the tripper is still falling. they came to the property which was engulfed in flames. the owner was working on his home at the time when a heater ignited some chemicals and burned part of his body. he was presented with an award for his actions. a bone a day for the rest of his life. >> we will check the morning headlines. >> we have some debris on the inner loop of the beltway. >> look at the nationwide scope of things. all of the active whether it is and the southern plains. temperatures, 51 at the airport. 55 downtown. 55 downtown.
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>> welcome back. anne arundel county police are investigating a shooting in glen bernie. officers shot a man around 10:20 last night. there is no comment on what led up to the incident. the officer was not injured. 13th archbishop will be laid to rest today. people are remembering
6:43 am
archbishop william borders. he died of cancer earlier this week. his funeral is set for 1:00 p.m. today. we will broadcast the funeral live and rebroadcast the funeral service on saturday and sunday at 3:00 p.m. the ravens opted to trade out of the first round pick. the draft got underway last night. ozzie newsome decided to entertain trade offers. the broncos selected florida quarterback tim tebow. that brings us to your answers of our water cooler question of the day. >> karen says, "ozzie seems to be a wizard. who am i to second-guess him?
6:44 am
>> another viewer disagrees, saying i think the decision was stupid. now we have to face these great players on the field. >> another says that we trust in ozzie. >> it is the kind of high stakes gamble that investors are getting scolded for. they are betting the gop will get on board. kate amara has the details from our washington bureau. >> we are looking at a senate showdown next week. democrats believe the odds are in their favor. deal or no deal. democrats are rolling the dice. there will be a vote on financial reform. >> i am not asking everybody approved the bill as it is
6:45 am
written. >> republicans say it is too soon to move forward. >> i think americans expect us to take the time to do it right. >> a compromise is unlikely. >> we continue to negotiate in good faith, trying to reach a common goal. >> president obama is working to get the american public on board. >> a vote for reform is a vote to put a stop to bailout. that is the truth. end of story. nobody should be fooled. >> president obama moves from wall street to main street with visits planned to iowa, missouri, and illinois. kate amara. >> good morning. we are checking on your morning
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commute. we have a few more incidents to commute. on the inner loop of the beltway, there is a report of some debris. it is a deer carcass. you might want to pay attention. the topside of the beltway is moving just fine, over 55 miles per hour. an accident in howard county at washington boulevard involves a tractor trailer. watch out for that in howard county. in baltimore county, hunter mill road, the report of an accident there. we will give you a live look outside at the pretty road. the outer loop is moving well. 95, north and southbound, no problems getting in or out of the city. but the sun came up this
6:47 am
morning at 6:18. it is in mix of sun and clouds right now. high pressure pushes to our north and it will stabilize things. a weak front moved in yesterday. things are clear this morning. 51 out at the airport. 40's at the state line. low 50's over on the eastern shore this morning. it will be quiet and calm from the mountains to the heart of central maryland, around baltimore. 72 degrees today. the wind will be light out of the northwest. over at the beach, but looks like we will be 70 degrees. a good beach day. no worries on the bay. light winds. waves only about 1 foot brick
6:48 am
water temperatures are in the upper 50's. -- let's talk numbers straight 94 is the record high for this date. it is secured today. below freezing record low set back in 1982. normal is 67. 44 is our average low. it looks like we will be some more in the mid to upper 40's. more clouds will rowland. we start clear. a warm front will start to lift -- more clouds will roll in. stable conditions thanks to high pressure. mild conditions. the real story will be in texas and around the southern plains. things are very unstable. there is the potential for tornadoes down there were some
6:49 am
severe thunderstorms. i mention this because part of the warm front will lift in our direction and it will stall out. we will see an increase in the cloud cover, light shower activity developing late tomorrow afternoon. we have some potential strong thunderstorms. sunday is very unsettled. the potential for some thunderstorm the route the day. and then it does not go away. we will remain unsettled. the best chances for showers will be sunday and monday. we are not getting the try again until next thursday. two > two are rests. jennifer franciotti joins us live with that story. >> charles bowman was just
6:50 am
trying to get taken out at a chinese restaurant when police say he was gunned down. police did make an arrest this week. police say a number of tips led them to michael hunter and troy taylor. the community was very upset about this murder and a murdered just days later in that same area. police are increasing patrols. they do believe the teenagers are involved in other crimes. jennifer franciotti wbal tv 11 news11. >> coming up, melissa etheridge opens up about the split from her life. the queen of jordan sits down to talk. an exclusive look at the movie "eclipse." >> good morning.
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severe storms on tap from taxes to kentucky. as many as 50 tornadoes on thursday. the latest on the burning oil rig that sank off the coast of parisienne and is leaking crude into the gulf of mexico. the search for missing ohio mom has ended. it turns out she ran away when she told police why she left her family and went to miami. a hero dog that led police to a raging fire. >> i think that is rintintin. 50 degrees. >> we will look at weather and traffic together.
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>> we were great all morning long. >> we were looking really good point we just picked up a few things, and nothing too major to worry about. at providence road, we have some degree there. you can see by the speech centers we're looking ok as far as the traffic -- you can see by the speed sensors we're looking ok. we will see if there any delays. some traffic lights are out in
6:55 am
the city at charles street and sharp street. in whitehall, the report of an accident at hunter mill road permit a live look at white marsh. southbound is looking good. the west side at the betty wrote this looking good. >> the weekend looks iffy. what we will remain dry creek light precipitation -- we will remain dry. light precipitation. sunday is a good chance for some thunderstorms. after today, we are in a wet so until next wednesday. >> it is still spring. >> these are the april showers. >> thank you for joining us today. >
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>> this is an editorial. >> we join the country in morning three people who dedicated their lives. benjamin hooks was a judge, a pastor, and the first african- american appointed to the communications commission's. he served from 1977 until 1972 and oversaw the move of the corporate headquarters to
6:57 am
baltimore. he was often called a line of law. dorothy height led the national council of negro women for 40 years. she continued her fight to make the nation and inclusive place for everyone. her passing -- her passion span presidencies to barack obama. one of few archbishops to see it live, back, archbishop william borders was known for his compassion while serving as the 13th archbishop of baltimore. he arrived in baltimore amid two crisis and the extended a plea for peace. he instituted changes and established council spurred he was known for applying leadership lessons as a
6:58 am
decorated chaplain while guiding baltimore catholics for 50 years. he died at age 96. we will miss each of them and appreciate the legacies they have left for all of us. [house] wow! i feel like a new house
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thanks to this quick home energy check-up from bge. feels like i'm at a day spa. [ announcer] learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at


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