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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  April 27, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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before a crowd of 700 -- several hundred supporters set up a likely rematch withwith former governor bob ehrlich. >> take maryland back, back to what? back to the days when in each year * maryland was falling behind? back to the days of the biggest proposed spending increases of any modern governor in maryland history? >> baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake was at the fed doesn't a elected officials in the crowd before she gave her support. >> they are absolutely
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fantastic. >> lt. gov. anthony brown opened his remarks with his own. greg take out your phone and text omb to 77007. >> o'malley use the opportunity to tout his administration's record, citing a freeze on college tuition, a record investment in public education and cleaning up the chesapeake bay. but frequently coming back to the refrain of in maryland, we do not go back, but we move forward. >> that is what this battle is really about. in the larger sense this battle is not about the next election. it is about the next generation. >> a protester and now malys a portier -- and an o'malley supporter almost got into a fight. we have it on tape at 6:00 p.m. >> former governor bob ehrlich
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issued a statement welcoming governor o'malley to the campaign. he said, "the citizens of maryland, particularly the to under 30,000 marylanders who are unable to four -- 230,000 marylanders who are unable to find work deserve an opportunity to express their vote. you can look back at coverage with bob ehrlich through his half of the gubernatorial race at >> ford is profiting from a sudden surge in american consumer confidence. they posted a more than $2 billion profit in the first quarter. economists are still underwhelmed by the overall numbers. >> a huge first quarter for ford
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is encouraging news for the economy. america is putting their money where their confidence is. >> clearly, we're on a trajectory for profitable growth. >> big business wants to capitalize. gm has put nearly $900 million into five plants to ensure 1600 jobs. but not all the signs are positive. home prices in 20 big u.s. cities are up, modestly, but still 30% below their 2006 peak. >> the economy is up if we're really lucky, 3%, but it will still take a very long time to make up for all the jobs we lost in the downturn. >> president obama sounded upbeat. it corrects our economy is finally growing again. our markets are climbing, our businesses are beginning to
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create jobs again. >> but with job growth is still sputtering, he acknowledged there is a lot more work ahead. >> a new list of business surveys suggest employers are feeling better about the economy. many are ready to start hiring again. >> when it comes to the economy and education, most school systems are not hiring teachers, but today, baltimore county opened the doors to hundreds of new teaching jobs. >> every year, baltimore county schools holds this jobs fair and looks to hire about 700 or 800 new teachers, but this year, 3000 applicants have shown up. and that is just so far today. >> when the doors opened at 3:00 p.m., it is safe to say there was a crush of people looking to get noticed by the reporters here.
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foremost, a job is much more important than what job. -- for most, a job is much more prone than what job. but the competition is stiff. some our comp -- coming from places where there is more ground to cover on the job front. >> i am coming from new york and my school is not hiring for next year. i'm coming to get a job here in baltimore county. >> organizers say the applicant pool is different now. >> there are quite a few career changers, people who have gone back to school. now they're going into teaching. i did have a vast array of people come, more now than before. >> the career changers vary in age, from very experienced to people still in school. >> i was in advertising and now i'm back.
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and hoping for baltimore county. >> coming up at 6:00 p.m., who else is hiring. we will check into the workforce development office as this job fair continues until 6:30 p.m. tonight. >> not a bad looking afternoon with some sunshine breaking out and the winds kicking in with cooler, drier air. the showers of the last couple of days to the south and east now. this last gasp of the system moves out over the region. temperatures are cool, many areas in the 50's around baltimore. in western maryland, only in the 40 qazi. there could -- only in the 40's. there could be some cool stuff
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this evening. there is a frost advisory south of baltimore city. after this show there is a big- time warm-up coming. that is coming up in a few minutes. >> tonight, the search continues for two more suspects accused of breaking into a house where several university students live. one of the suspects is a 27- year-old neal traylor, with several identifying characteristics, including a start tattoo on his back. paul shaffer and dillon maurice frederick said are already behind bars. four men held students at night. while they made up for it -- made off with the -- held the students at knife. while they made off with computers and other things. >> [unintelligible] >> if you have any information
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on neil traylor's whereabouts, you're asked to call baltimore county police. >> maryland's second high school throughout the conviction against andrew to will after he and his attorneys claimed there was a note sent by the jury to the judge. prosecutors alleged he shot a man to get in his cell phone back. -- to get a friend's cellphone back. many of us know bret michaels as the front man for the rock group poison. he has been in the hospital with a brain hemorrhage for the last few days. ruble have an update. -- we will have an update. >> and not too many words from a blogger rule had a lot to say last week in an online scoop revealing a prototype of the
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cruises from baltimore and new jersey. visit today. >> students have joined together to join a living clothesline. the project that began more than 10 years ago is an effort to raise awareness about violence against women and girls. the t-shirts they work had powerful images and messages, created by women.
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>> they have symbolized the things that women have gone through. i think it is important that everyone knows that this touches everyone. >> the living close line will be on display on the baltimore campus until april 29. >> in tonight's medical alert, how many bad habits do you have , and are they the kind that can actually shorten your life? british researchers found that people who smoke, exercise more than -- fewer than two hours a week and do not get their badges everyday have a significantly increased -- their vegetables every day have a significant increased risk of premature death. pure maple syrup is delicious absolutely. but is it a health food?
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one researcher found more than two dozen compounds in maple syrup that promotes good health. there is an amazing array of anti accidents, more than two dozen. >> -- anti- oxidants, more than two dozen. >> it is amazing that the maple tree has been around for more than 200 years. if you think about what it is exposed to, the antioxidants in the jury ultimately end up in syrup. >> keep in mind, this is pure maple syrup. most serbs uc sold in supermarkets are just -- most syrups you see sold in supermarkets are just maple flavored. researchers put a group of adults in front of the television and half of them watched a comedy and the other watched a sad movie. the one with laughter had the same effect as a moderate workout. just last year, this new -- just
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last year, breast cancer killed 40,000 women in the u.s. but researchers have come up with a method for detecting it earlier than ever before. >> when she's on her first digital mammogram, they were eye opening. >> it is like a picture. it is really amazing. i am not scared. i'm very confident that everything is very taking care of. >> kristie had her first mammogram in her late 20s in part because of a family history of breast cancer. but she never worried until doctors found a lump appeared that mass, about the size of a gum by at -- gumball is being watched closely by her doctor. this job is made easier by digital mammogram. she made -- she said the transition from traditional to digital is like going from a
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model t ford to a sports car. >> this is the newer way of doing things. this is the digital image. it is chris. it is clear. -- it is crisp. it is clear. >> it is smaller than a centimeter, about the size of this piece of candy. but the odds of survival go up about 95% the smaller it is found. >> i can change the contrast of it so i can have things come out a bit better. >> dr. jacobs says beyond vigil mammograms, automated breast ultrasound will be available -- beyond digital mammograms, automated rest of ultrasound will be available as well. >> we can see into the rest of it better to find abnormalitie''
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each year. >> high risk patients will also have access to a much more sensitive cancer screen this summer. >> if found early enough it is very treatable. >> for kristie, the results have been very reassuring. >> i have a friend who passed away in her 40's. it was such a shock because she was so young. to me, i was even more important that i reject. >> her checkups continue to show her mass is not changing and it is not cancer. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> a bit of rain on the lower eastern shore around ocean city and on southern delaware moving off the coast. once it gets off the coast and statewide, we will be in a dry
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weather pattern. light showers across parts of pennsylvania. there is some snow falling over parts of new england and to new york state into new hampshire. it is still kind of chili up that way. our temperatures are running below normal as well, but we will be in for a dry, milder weather pattern as beginning to the second half of this work week. grass pollen only one, a total pollen count only 13. normal high, and for 60's, but this afternoon, low to mid 50's. slowes 60's down in the far southern part of the state. -- gloede 60's down in the far southern part of the state. -- low 60's downin of our southern part of the state. frost advisories are out for parts of the harford and
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northern parts of baltimore and carroll counties and howard and montgomery counties. if you have planned out, protect them or bring them in. there was actually -- if you have plants out, protect them or bring them in. there is actually freeze warning in some areas. 35 in the colder northwest suburbs tonight. 35 at the inner harbor. if it keeps enough of a breeze blowing, that keeps the frost from forming. but it is still going to be chilly. high pressure in our skies coming through tomorrow. we may see some scattered showers tomorrow, but generally drier weather. it will stay chili tomorrow and then a decent warm up -- it will stay cooler tomorrow and then a decent warm up. temperatures start to feel like summer around here for friday, saturday and sunday. 6265 tomorrow, northwest wind 15
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to 20. -- 60 oto 65 tomorrow, northwest winds and 15 to 20. below 80's by friday as the weather really kicks in. i would not be surprised if some places post 90 degrees or close. the next weather system approaches sunday afternoon into monday. >> still ahead, an interesting topic before congress about the marean captured -- and the marine life in captivity. >> and speaking of marine life, there is a potential environmental disaster happening to the south. tonight, the latest effort to capture thousands of gallons of oil leaking into the gulf of mexico before it reaches the coast. >
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>> the sister -- the baltimore city solicitor rules the sister of councilman jack young and should repay part of the hormone. >> the council president -- she has been living in the house that the council president now claims as his home.
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>> it is the claim of living there without his sister that is the problem, according to the solicitor. >> the house in question is on central avenue in east baltimore. it was purchased by jack young's sister in 2001, part of the cash she got from being relocated from a house being torn down. and partly on a federal loan from the city. cynthia a. young agreed to live in the house for 10 years. the one-hour stories raised questions about the residency of jack young, he claimed he lived in the house, not his sister. it that led to a review of the transaction by the city solicitor and this afternoon he issued a ruling saying young sisters -- lun's sister should repay part of the loan. -- saying young the's sisters should repay part of the loan.
5:24 pm
repayment of $12,180. a spokesman for jack young says he would cover the obligation for his sister as though it -- as soon as he was told to to write the check to. the city found no illegal activity in these transactions, but did conclude that housing officials could demand from jack young's sister full repayment of the loan. she transferred the deep just three weeks after she settled in the house in 2001. that might cause a two additional violations of the terms. -- constitute additional violations of the terms. >> and executives strongly denied accusations that the -- that goldman sachs cashed in by betting on loans whil.
5:25 pm
>> four top goldman sachs aide figures went to the hot seat and denied wrongdoing. >> you have no regrets? you ought to have plenty of regrets. >> the government is suing goldman for selling mortgage securities while secretly padding the housing market would crash, betting right and making millions. and an alleged scam run by a the ceo who denied fraud. senators of both parties launched attacks, quoting profanity laced goldman e-mails. >> a goldman executive celebrating the collapse of the housing market. >> is written the bankers have warned their clients the bubble was bursting? -- shouldn't the bankers have warned their clients the bubble was bursting? >> you have a responsibility to tell them what your positions are? >> no, i do not think we did
5:26 pm
anything wrong. >> you think it is so complicated and you think you're so smart. you're playing in the market and mucking it up. >> lawmakers say the system has not changed. >> goldman said they were in the market to promote their plan for handling the market. >> there's good reason we have not heard much from george w. bush since he left office more than a year ago. >> that is right. he has been pending his memoir -- penning his memoir. >> and see what the state is doing about a business that claims to be a nursing school. >> we are down to grapple now, but in just a little while, they will start rolling out the new carpet, literally.
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>> it's been a month since that killer whales killed his treanor down in florida. today, leaders in washington had a meeting about dolphins in captivity. lawmakers want to note two things, is there enough oversight of theme parks and aquariums, and is the educational value worth holding them captive? >> nearly two months after the death of the sea world trainer, emotions are still raw. >> we're trying to get to the point where we can come out with
5:29 pm
recommendations. and regrets she was one of beef -- several people testifying -- >> she was one of several people testifying on capitol hill. the >> this highlights the potential hazards of working with marine animals. >> a house subcommittee is ticking an-- is taking a look at whether they should be held at world aquariums. >> it is spectacular, but not natural. >> they come to that parks and their inspired by what they see. >> critics say federal laws have not been updated more than a decade. -- in more than a decade. >> we have standards in place to protect our staff, the treanor
5:30 pm
staff, to protect the animals and the public. >> lawmakers will continue to evaluate the issue. >> there is a race along the gulf of mexico trying to cap the source of two oil leaks tonight. crews are trying to stop the leak before it reaches the short, but 32,000 gallons are spilling each day. it will impact because finding some way. it could also mean economic and environmental setbacks. >> the more we lose the more we lose the feed supply and the fisheries. >> crews are using robotics the marines to try to cap the leak. if that does not work they will drill a relief well. but that could take months.
5:31 pm
>> here's a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. baltimore county has for the two photos in the hopes of catching a serial bank robber. a black male between 5 foot five and 5 foot eight. he has been accused of robbing five banks since last year. and the follow-up tonight from an i-team investigation from a company that claims to be a legitimate nursing school. the attorney general's office has charged the school and its owners with unfair and deceptive trade practices. the associated national medical academy is not recognized by the maryland education commission or the state board of maryland.
5:32 pm
they have been ordered to cease and desist, but in an undercover operation last september, the i-team found they were still accepting applications. >gov. martin o'malley kicked off his campaign for reelection by saying melanie's to move forward, not backward. -- maryland needs to move forward, not backward. >> during the blast bush administration, if you've ever wondered what the president thinks about the decisions he made, you will find out in the next few months. his autobiography will contain his controversial decisions over iraq and afghanistan -- iraq, afghanistan and katrina. it will also speak of his decision to quit drinking.
5:33 pm
this is not a simple process at the stadium. greg how many truckloads does it take to make a football field. a jennifer franciotti has kreegel. -- jennifer franciotti has the details. >> not so different from a carper delivery at your house, right? but it is coming from a little town in georgia called dalton. >> [unintelligible] >> the director of the ground says advance and has been made in technology over the years and this is expected to be long dirt -- to last blogger and hold up better in the sun. -- to last longer and hold up better in the sun. something you can watch online courtesy of the web cam and the
5:34 pm
ravens crow's-nest. >> you can do men and to mount. it has a view of 60 -- 360 degrees. >> the idea is to keep it more generic like for the army-navy game or lacrosse. that means it will have to be repainted before each home game. >> it needs to be repainted just about every week. >> the first time that newfield will be used will be for the memorial day weekend -- the new field will be used will be for the memorial day weekend. >> kind of an amazing thing to watch. still ahead, many of you watched him on sunday night's episode of the apprentice. >> bret michaels is not looking good. but we will get an update of the
5:35 pm
rockers condition. >> and caught on tape, have two people were able to walk into a hotel and walk out with an atm machine. gecko: uh, you wanted to see me sir?
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>> a california teenager is recovering after a dramatic rescue. the 19-year-old's truck went over a cliff. he was trapped in the wreckage for two days. his stepfather and brother finally discovered him. he is expected to make a full recovery. and in the hospital in critical condition ter suffering a brain hemorrhage. the 46-year-old rocker was rushed to the hospital six days ago after bleeding at the base of his brain was discovered. doctors have been unable to discover the source.
5:39 pm
>> but until they find where the blood is coming from in his brain, they just have to wait and see for that until we can determine how well he will recover. >> just last week he underwent an emergency appendectomy. the surgery likely had nothing to do with his brain hemorrhage. >> the two suspects got away with stealing an atm. take a look at this. they entered the hotel from a lead service kitchen door. they walked in with a hand dolly, unplug the atm and simply rolled it out the same way they came in. police say there was $15,000 inside the machine. >> did you check the paper today? $32 million in there and some of that could be yours. the crux -- >> and this investigation is just heating up. and now the feds are involved.
5:40 pm
>> the governor makes it clear his -- the race is on. >> right now, some sunshine in baltimore. temperatures are in the 50's. winds are gusting at 22 miles per hour.
5:41 pm
le what's yours a look at what we're working on for 11 news at 6:00 p.m. the baltimore city solicitor has decided whether jack young will have to pay back money for a home he says he lives in. and governor o'malley announces his plans to keep his job. his plans to keep his job.
5:42 pm
>> some breaking news right now. we will send it out to captain
5:43 pm
roy taylor. >> on north avenue, in baltimore to the accident at this location. rehr getting preliminary reports that a fire vehicle was also involved in this accident. we do see an edge in this proximity. baltimore city police has shut down the entire intersection while they deal with this rescue. >> tonight, a judge has ordered former panamanian dictator manuel noriega that to be joined in france for a new trial on money-laundering charges. he has spent the last 20 years in prison on mike -- near miami purity was extradited to france from the u.s. today and could -- near miami and was extradited to france from the u.s. today and could face more charges. >> last week, arizona's governor
5:44 pm
signed a bill requiring police officers to stop and question suspected illegal immigrants. there is concern of a state boycott. >> it is the unknowns out there that are very concerning to a lot of folks. a lot of people are saying, i just do not know about arizona, so i will pick a different destination. >> president obama calls it misguided. and mexico's president said it could strain relations with the border state. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> high temperatures only the low 60's today and we had about 63 -- and the normal high is about 63 degrees today -- high
5:45 pm
temperatures only in below 60's today and we have a normal high of 68. the record low for the day, 35 degrees back in 2001. showers are moving off the mid- atlantic coast. all of that moving away from us and there's a lot of driver the state moving to the rest of us. 53 in baltimore this morning. 41 in pittsburgh, 37 in detroit. freezing to below freezing at to get up near the canadian border and international falls, minnesota. that is where that cool air is coming from. temperatures in the 40's and kind of chili out west. -- chilly out west.
5:46 pm
clearing and maybe a touch of frost in the suburbs. it is going to be cool tomorrow morning. 30's in the chilliest suburbs, 40's downtown. the sun goes down tonight at just four minutes before 8:00. dry weather north and west of these bubbles where some showers will pop up. it will start of breezy and chile tomorrow. some of those cloud that pass by tomorrow afternoon might kick up a spike that is measurable. a significant warm front is moving throughout with partly cloudy skies on friday. by saturday will be on the warm side of that significant front, which means summer-like levels
5:47 pm
of temperatures for the weekend. northwest winds 15 to 20, making it feel even chillier tonight. sunrise at 6:12 a.m. the bay water temperatures have been holding steady for the past week or so in the upper 50's. seven-day forecast, 62 mar and breezy, making it feel colder and 34 in the morning. back down into the 30's thursday morning. some sunshine gets into the low 80's friday. 87 to 90 on saturday with partly cloudy skies. a chance of thunderstorms and the afternoon into monday. -- sunday afternoon into monday. >> we want to get an update on that breaking news out of west baltimore. >> fire crews have been able to extricate the pick up that was
5:48 pm
in this feeble here. -- this vehicle here. it was a civilian vehicle and a fire engine. we know right now there are no injuries as far as the fire department is concerned. none of the firefighters were injured. they are ok. but they still have the entire area shutdown east and west of baltimore. >> new details on the league of the new iphone prototype. dcould you be on it? >> grab your nearest paper, you could be. you could be one of thousands of mayor lenders that could claim unclaimed cash. -- of marylanders that could claim unclaimed cash.
5:49 pm
>> it is fun. people say, if i'm not on it, maybe my family member or neighbor is on it. the crux of the ad will appear in newspapers throughout may 12, but you can claim the money any time. the list has the name of the money honor, but not the money available. if you find your name on that list, go to the consumer other page of our website for more information. this morning, police raided the house of an editor of the website responsible for publishing details on the new phone. michelle franzen has the latest on that investigation. >> when a blogger revealed details of what appeared to be apple's latest iphone on a website, he quickly upset the apple cart aof the computer giat
5:50 pm
and quickly than in the middle of a criminal investigation. over the weekend, police obtained felony search warrants and raided his home. they seized computer hard drives, a digital cameras, cell phones, and american express bill and copies of checks, possible evidence, police say, to determine if he broke the law. >> i have no comment. >> he and the website say apple's prototype by phone was accidentally left at this bar about 10 miles from apple's headquarters. >> everything i've published is accurate on our website. >> steve jobs is to -- some experts say apple has some of the toughest confidentiality agreements and they want to find out if this newest product was
5:51 pm
accidentally lost or sold illegally. >> apple is probably fuming that this happened. you cannot imagine a seal that is more of that -- of said -- a ceo that is more upset that this can out. -- this came out. >> have been bumped from a flight recently? you are certainly not alone. the government has find an airline $200,000 for bumping passengers on flights. most bumped passengers are entitled up to $800 in cash. if you're thinking about taking a european vacation, european air fares dropped by as much as two-thirds in january. the airlines underestimated american demand may make prices lower even more.
5:52 pm
>> in tonight's 3 the project report, american idled jordan sparks brought her star power to capitol hill today. to bring awareness about the dangers of texting handwriting. secretary ray the hood the asking parents to bring their teens to encourage them not to text behind the wheel. she says she shares with and the reason she stops texting handwriting. >> -- she stopped texting and driving. >> [unintelligible] i cannot do it anymore. >> and in 2008, near the 6000 drivers are believed to have died from distracted by writing and talking and texting on cell phones. -- distracted driving and talking and acting on telephones.
5:53 pm
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with a two-year agreement -- a price guaranteed for two years! don't wait. call 1-877-4fiostv. that's 1-877-4fiostv. this is beyond cable. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities this is fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> missed any words of woodbury turns 103 today.
5:56 pm
-- ms. nannie woods of woodbury turns 103 today. when she was not performing, she says she served as pastor of morning star baptist church here in baltimore. we would like to wish you a very happy birthday. she wears it well. >> she really does. >> there are a number of trips you can take out to the near harbor tuesday fort mchenry and others. >> there is a new buzs and this one is quite an innate -- quite a bit different than others. >> it is called c-dog 3 and it is the harbors newest attraction. >> if you would like to take a look at the inner arbor and a speedboat ride at the same time, this is for you. it is equipped with two turbocharged engines and will not only show you the sites, but will give you a thrill ride as
5:57 pm
well. >> it is for something different in baltimore, natalie for tourists, but for residents who usually do the same old -- not only for tourists, but for residents who you should do the same old thing. >> for the passengers, it was a pleasant sightseeing tour out to fort mchenry. >> [unintelligible] >> we've got all kinds of historic sites that we can see. >> what you do when she is going at 32 knots? >> hold on tight. >> and where this beat limits? and where the speed boat part starts. -- it is hard to know where the speed limit stops and where the speedboat part starts.
5:58 pm
>> at over 30 knots, it was quite a ride. and when they turn into the wind it got windy and wet. >> what did you think? >> oh, my god, it is awesome. >> you got wet. >> the whole crew lasted about an hour. -- the whole crew's lasted about an hour. they will be available on weekends until memorial day when tours will be available seven days a week. >> that looks like a blast. >> if you missed any of this newscast, we will rebroadcast it for you at 7:00 p.m. on wbal +. >> and here is what is coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> a protester and a supporter of the governor nearly get into
5:59 pm
a fight, caught on tape right here at 6:00 p.m. >> and a job fair for baltimore county teachers draws more than three cows and people for only 700 jobs. so, who else is hiring? -- 3000 people for only 700 jobs. so, who else is hiring? >> governor o'malley decided to launch his candidacy for governor today. >> the official announcement sets the stage for a likely rematch between the governor and republican bob ehrlich. gov. martin o'malley chose the waterfront to kick off his reelection campaign. the city claims -- the city where his mayor turned ou


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