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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  December 15, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the classification of and centenary means there was human involvement. >> after weekend have long investigation the joint effort between the atf and baltimore city fire department has revealed that the fire on the black back on december 6 was intentionally set rigid back on the block on december 6 was intentionally set. -- the block on december 6 was intentionally set. and at this point investigators are still trying to figure automotive and right now there are no suspects. >> the conclusion for today was conclusion of the fire. this investigation is still ongoing. and we will continue to very
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aggressively alongside our partners and from the baltimore city police department -- the maryland state fire department office will continue this investigation. and >> as far as putting a monetary damages from the fire, it is at $3 million. the number is expected to climb s. one final note, the atf is looking for more information. they are asking with anyone with more information to come forward. >> a homeless man is being treated for burns after he caught fire outside a grocery store. the victims' possessions were left outside the grocery store
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after the fire. witnesses were horrified when the saw what was happening. body andn's birding bodburning shivering. people were bringing bottles of outside and was throwing in on him. >> it is really cold outside. the wind and making it so much worse today. now there is worth as noted be on the way for tomorrow. -- now there is word that snow may be on the way for tomorrow. >> a fast-living system will track through here tomorrow. the national weather service put out a weather advisories for most of virginia. those areas will probably pick up a few inches of snow to our afternoon going into tomorrow evening. a couple of inches possible around here.
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the farther north, the less snow expected. the winds will be diminishing as we head through the evening. this storm system is coming across the plains states. it is expected to attract just to ourselves. and on that track, southern maryland will get hit harder. we could see an inch of snow around here tomorrow. more details on the track of this one and perhaps another one coming our way for the weekend with a 7-forecast in a couple of minutes. >> investigators have released the names of people that were killed when they overcame carbon monoxide. they were found in the basement of a home on colby road. this morning the carbon -- the carbon monoxide call came in to 911 but the outcome was much different. making sure your home is it can mean the difference between life and death. >> when you have extremely cold
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weather like this, people are trying to stay warm. have you stay warm could be dangerous. >> this morning in baltimore county firefighters responded to a call about carbon monoxide in this house. luckily the family had working carbon monoxide detectors. >> we found excessively high levels. at this point we had occupants checked out. we found there were fine. since then we have eliminated the source within the dwelling. >> tragically two people died on sunday because of carbon monoxide in this home. >> rebound carbon monoxide levels close to 400 parts per million. the threshold we're concerned with 10 parts per million. >> you need to clean inside the chimney. >> carl smith, a retired firefighter who is now in the keating business, choses one of
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the main carbon monoxide problems in the home, the chimney. >> what is happening is unless a technician comes or when they come out to service the furnace, they have to take a small pipe out from the chimney so they can be able to see whether or not the chimney is open. and >> carl says every year homeowners need to have their furnace and chimney checked by as an asia certified technician. >> today it was baltimore man was taken into custody after he helped police. police were called to the agent hundred block of wahlberg avenue for an armed person. when they arrive the man was inside, but when the swat team got there he walked out. there were no reports of any injuries and they say
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they did not find any weapon. maryland transportation authority officer was rear ended by another driver. that officer was taken to hospital with minor injuries. >> the justice department is suing bp and eight other companies in the gulf oil spill disaster. the lawsuit also seeks several penalties under the clean water act. the explosion killed 11 workers last april. by a wide margin of the senate passed the present obama tax-cut deal with republicans. 11 news reporter steve handles man has the latest. >> with the senate set to vote on his tax cap price, president
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obama across pennsylvania avenue to urge corporate ceos to put more americans to work. -- president obama crossed pennsylvania avenue to urge corporate ceos to put more americans to work. it took something ceos want, they say they need to know what tax rates will be. the senate move to set those rates for two years in a bipartisan vote. >> of the yeas are 81, the nays are 19. >> there will be no tax hikes on individuals. 13 nation's unemployed months more of benefits. that is the deal the president made with republicans, knowing some on both sides would object. >> we worked hard to negotiate an agreement that is when for middle-class families in win for the economy. we cannot afford to let it fall
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victim to either delay or defeat. >> in today's nbc news poll, 59% approve of the obama tax deal. want touse democrats 1 defea delay. >> the house vote could be close. president obama still urging members of his own party to back his tax bill. >> house democratic leaders say they day of -- they do not know what will happen or when. >> police in florida now say the suicidal gunmen who opened fire on the school board meeting in panama city last night had evidently been planning that attack for a long time. no one else was hurt and your deal that was all caught on tape, including the suicide. the video leading up to the point is intense. >> the teradyne school board
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members who were the targets of their rampage in florida were grateful wednesday for having survived. >> there are also holds all over the place. duke yed duke -- lcaclay ordered everyone but male members out of the meeting. he began about rich people and the firing of his wife by the school system. >> i am the one that signed the paper. ok. i do not remember. but let them go. >> add another point, ga. littleton who was allowed to leave tried to intervene. >> a gingginger, no. >> nothing was going through my mind except for the fact they were sitting ducks. the video is the most intense.
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then duke opened fire. board members dove for cover and remarkably none were hit. that is when the security guard burst into the room and exchanged fire with him before he turned the gun on himself. >> obviously he came here with a purpose with extra magazines and rounds to carry out this plan he set in place. by mike jones being able to engage him immediately and for all that to come to a conclusion we saved lives. >> investigators now have evidence that he had been planning for some time to do this. >> horrifying to watch. take a very intense. coming up, a woman is suing mcdonald's over the tories in the happy meals. >> researchers saying it translate could offer hope for an hiv-positive -- researcher saying a transplant could offer hope to hiv patients.
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>> i am live in the 11 newsroom. coming up, i will tell you what the district is doing. for itchy dry skin.
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try cortizone 10 intensive healing. the strongest itch relief medicine now has three vitamins and seven moisturizers. feel the heal. >> dannon will pay up to $21
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million to maryland and others to claims they made it about the product. they claimed added back. cahow -- added bacteria helps to regulate irregularities. the case represents the largest consumer protection multistate settlement ever reached with the food producer. a sacramento mother is suing mcdonald's. the lawsuit alleges mcdonnell using toys as bait to lure the kids. she filed the suit along with the center for the science of public interest. she said advertising tories with deceptive.d is
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mcdonald's issued a statement saying that we are confident that the parents understand and appreciate that have e-mails our country with quality, right- sized food choices for their children that can fit into a balanced diet. >> in tonight's medical alert, type 1 diabetes may one day be treated with cells from their testicles. researchers at georgetown university found the type of stem cells retracted from testicular tissue could more into cells found in the pancreas. well the effect was brief, researchers said that numerous studies have shown it can last substantially longer. a remarkable transfer this story out of germany offers new hope for parish @ -- patients in the u.s.
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a sandlin cysco company is trying to duplicate the procedure. -- a san francis company is trying to duplicate the procedure. >> he has been living with hiv since 1988. researchers say a patient in germany is proof that it is possible. >> a patient with aids develops leukemia and undergoes a bone marrow principate from a very special donor. it turned out receptor is the key doorway for hiv to get inside the cell. >> four years later with no other treatment, the patient is hiv free. the goal now is to replicate what happens in berlin. it is happening at qwest research in san francisco. they are replicating these cells
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and then putting them back. >> open the bill relating -- they're manipulating them and in using them, that is doable. >> visas without the virus -- he says , but they cannot infect new cells. >> i have exhausted all of my possibilities for drug treatment. >> three months into the trial, his numbers are improving. >> from the experiment so far, my cells have doubled and my percentage numbers have gone up. everything is going in the right direction. >> only time will tell if the new treatment can cure patients. >> we're keeping our fingers crossed. >> so far quest research is treating 10 patients with what experts are calling encouraging results. they're looking for new patients to try it. >> experts are wondering what is the best age to have children?
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researchers say 26 for women. if you have put putting children on hold, it could mean more stress on the road. and >> work and career demands are little more intense in the 30's and 40's than we are in march 20. hen we are in our 20's. >> researchers looked at employed mothers and found 44% of them said they have too little time with their youngest child. did you get your beauty sleep last night? researchers photographed 23 people on two different days. once after they got a full night's sleep and once after being sleep deprived. they undergo a similar grooming before each rotorcraft.
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-- before each photograph. they determine the sleep deprived were not as attractive as those with a full night's sleep. >> the cold weather will stick around for awhile. a couple of storm systems will move through with cold air. it could bring us some light snow to our region. we will see what happens tomorrow afternoon. pretty good chance for some snow. it has -- the cold has been locked in place. 30 today at the airport. the record is 70 back in 1971. not quite record-setting cold. you can see the rachael like we did on the radar image there will be a break in the action -- you can see on the radar there will be a break in the action.
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this system is just now approaching. in between the clouds are breaking up a little bit. there is a weak area of high pressure that will director tonight with clearing skies. tonight there will be lighter winds. we will not have to factor that in, but was clear skies the actual air temperature will drop so the overall result is that it will build just as cool tonight as last night without the wind. 10 degrees at oakland. tonight with those mostly clear skies, light breeze coming down to under 10 miles per hour, look for the overnight loans to range from 12 to 19. there is a winter weather advisory. this is in southern sections of the state. this one instead of coming up from the south end of the coast, it is expected to go from west to east.
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down here in st. mary's and parts of dorchester, they have the potential to get a 5 inch snowfall. north of where we are, maybe an inch or two. you can see the clear sky right now. big storm coming off of the pacific. the first piece of energy is starting to organize in western oklahoma. this has a chance for a light snowfall tomorrow. a larger part of this no system off to the west might come our way for the weekend. these systems are what we are watching. the first one goes to our south tomorrow. no problems anticipated tomorrow. we might even see a little sun earlier in the day. after that the clouds around d.c. rapidly spread to our direction sometime between noon and 1.
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we're talking mid-day morning when the light snow starts to develop. it looks like there will be snow in the area tomorrow. this may complicate travel tomorrow afternoon and evening with heavier amounts possible down in the lower eastern shore. morrow 28 to 33.8 t yesterday there was a 40% chance. the storm looks like it will east.for their ease out turther sunshine friday. cloudy on saturday. late saturday night another chance for snow, especially to the south and east. followed by more cold and windy
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weather in the northeast. >> after monday's game in texas, the ravens are getting ready for the next game. >> how police are able to keep a better watch or the bay to keep you in wildlife safe.
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>> you may want to label this in the "what did he say department ?" >> this will allow drivers to skip a test normally required. officials said the korean licensing process is consistent with maryland's process. maryland has a similar agreement with france. >> you might be getting ready for your great holiday escape. and we're tracking holiday travel from washington. >> in spite of the deep freeze around the country, it seems americans are warming up to the idea of holiday travel again. >> i have to see my family.
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>> aaa predicts 92.3 million will travel 50 miles or for more for the holiday spirit and the fifth straight holiday seeing an increase of the year before. >> some americans were feeling a little more confident about their financial situation when compared to a year ago. >> more than nine out of 10 planned to drive while 2.7 5 million will take off in the air. -- more than 2.75 million. >> it is not just a number of travelers of this year, hotels will cost more and gas prices have skyrocketed in recent weeks. the national average now at $2.98. of almost 40 cents from this time last year. -- up almost 40 cents from this time last year.
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>> it seems high prices cannot bring down the holiday spirit. >> there was a second thought, but family is more important. >> people also say they will travel further than they did last year. more than 1,000 miles on average total. >> we will take a look at today's top stories still ahead. >> invited back to the classroom in baltimore county. the story just ahead.
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>> live, local, late breaking coming you are watching wbal td- 11 news in hd. -- tv-11 new in hd. >> new tonight at 5:00 dirty, and less than a month lawmakers will head back to annapolis for a new session of the general assembly, but not before making at least one stops along the way. there is a lot on the agenda education.onomy to b >> that education reporter is live in the newsroom with that story. >> dollars will be hard to come by in the upcoming session, that is why the superintendent is trying to push his short list of priorities. >> derosa to annapolis starts in
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baltimore county and for some lawmakers, chesapeake high school, home of the district's new virtual classroom, which is focused on nafta and science. -- which is focused on math and science. >> the fight for funding will go beyond technology. >> there are needs that we have. we talk a lot about that air- conditioning and new construction. that is all in front of us. we know what we have to do when we get to annapolis. >> they got a crash course for the super bridgette from the superintendent. -- they got a crash course from the superintendent. a message that is sure to cross party lines. >> this was an eye opener. sometimes we do not always see every facet of what they have to deal with and the money concerns that they need in order to
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accomplish having us have the good schools we do have in baltimore county. >> in many ways they are at the mercy of the team of lawmakers' letter sent to return to annapolis. >> a lot of people do not realize that the school board controls the budget. it is important to get those stakeholders in the box with you and understand what you're dealing with on a day-to-day basis. >> that explains why lobbying is not just limited to the state house. >> live in the 11 newsroom, 10 student, wbal t b 11 news. >> the red cross is continuing to help those affected by the fire that took two people's lives. >> they were pretty and beautiful children.
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to see people die in a fire around the holidays, it is just overwhelming for me. to go there red cross is providing food, clothing, shelter to those affected by the fire. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> fire officials say the five- alarm fire in baltimore at the adult entertainment district was intentionally set, but not necessarily arson. and the fire shut down most of the city during rush hour last monday. no one was injured. telling the truth. jew was hired last year to teach students with special needs but let go in february. her husband held the school board at gunpoint yesterday and was shot and wounded by a security guard before taking his own life. >> maryland natural resources
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police have a lot of water to cover. the nrp is often the primary responder when bad things happen in the bay. now thanks to a $2.5 million grant, officers will have a lot of hell on patrol. take of this will be an incredible advantage in knowing whether something is wrong it gives lots of options to officers. -- this will give lots of options to the officers. officers cannot see radar wall water.broadhile on the this news surveillance system promises to quickly identify
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vessels, find out where they're going. the nrp is able to help the coast guard and the port of baltimore keep a close watch on boats they deem suspicious or do not recognize. preventing terrorism is not the only goal of the new system. police think it will be a big help in conservation issues. officials plan to map out oyster sanctuaries. the radar will alert officers right away of boats thatre not supposed to be there. >> what does this mean for the average voteboater? >> it will have that much more ability to respond to their needs. more cameras and better radar coverage may happen soon if or when the state gets the additional federal money it has already requested. >> coming up, a high school basketball player is suspended after a fight during the game. the fight was not with another
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player. >> and the illinois -- an illinois bus driver is out of a incident with a
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>> florida high-school basketball player suspended after he throws a refereed to the ground and it was caught on tape. it happened monday night during a match up between to sort high school. he could potentially face criminal charges. the athletic association plans to administer their own punishment. in illinois bus driver is out of a job after the showed up on youtube. after mass transit officials saw the video, the bus driver resigned. there is no word out the snowman got onto the street. >> of mail man arrested for delivering the mail naked. the bizarre crime happened during the -- near biloxi,
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wisconsin. -- near milwaukee, cause wisconsin. police did not see the humor. a postal worker was ticketed for lewd behavior. he is on unpaid leave from the post office. i do not know what he thought people would think that is funny. >> who knows? still to come, if you are getting last-minute shopping done, we have all morning that will save you money, especially if you're in the market for electronics. >> they actually have set a franchise mark. straight ahead. >> the cold air will hang around for a couple of days. we love a couple of storms moving in. that has the possibility of a couple of storms. 30 degrees
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ishere's a look at what coming up to 6:00. new evidence showing why the state's economy is slowly rebounding. we continue to follow the news we broke at noon. the massive fire on the plot was no accident. much more on that when y
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>> we have breaking news right now. >> outer loop of the beltway between baltimore national pride and frederick rd., maryland state police on the site of a four-car crash. traffic is backed up almost
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all the way to i-70. >> the ravens had a really close call against the houston texans. now they have a big challenge ahead, in getting ready for the saints. >> pete gilbert is here with more on that. >> all season long they have made their fans sweat it out. they also blew a couple of leads that led to losses. nothing has come easy. they are 9-4. they can clinch a playoff state if they win this weekend. how many other times has this happened in team history? none. i know they bring a lot of drama upon themselves, with the ability for defense to get off
5:45 pm
the fields, they made enough good place to have a lead in the first place. i will now leave my soapbox. >> we have some good players. what you try to do with players is find a way to put them in a position where they can help. we do not want to of guys on the team whore not contributing. there are things we can do better on every part of the team, including the defensive line. >> coming up new a 6:00, are ravens reappearance national praise, even earned an award. -- a ravens rookie earns national praise, even earned an award. >> we want to find the biggest ravens fans. >> now your 11th insta weather
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forecast with tom tassel memeye. >> the deep freeze continues for a number of days now. they have had those in the third pause along the gold coast and as far south as miami. miami 21. jacksonville 23. that is not quite as cold as it was yesterday, but still pretty chilly way down to the south. yesterday international falls was 27 below zero. this morning 13 veloz 0. -- below 0. this has triggered a late-in enhanced snowfall for the past couple of days. the heavy snow bands are still showing up. notice how the clouds are breaking across southwest ohio and western virginia. as high pressure settles in, we will see less and less of this
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note shower activity to our north and west. the winds will even diminish as the high pressure moves across the region tonight. 10 in oakland. 29 at ocean city. temperatures are in the 20's of new england. -- in new england. around our region, mostly clear. 12 to 19 degrees. while the winds will not factor in as much tonight, at actual air temperature will plummet because of the mostly clear skies and light breeze. storm system tracking to our south likely to bring place note to the region. closer to the center of the storm, which i think will move across southern virginia right here moving to our south. those areas to the south have a better chance for a few more inches of snow. another part of the system might
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impact as over the upcoming weekend. here is where future cast times it out. if you get up early tomorrow, and you might get a quick peek at the sun. any time from 11:00 to 2:00 we snow.hould see light the fact that it will be here for the evening rush hour will likely complicate things a little bit tomorrow as the system moves through. for the baltimore metro, one to 2 inches. 28 to 33 degrees tomorrow and southwest winds averaging up 5 to 10 miles per hour. the next former purging of the weekend. -- the next storm approaching over the weekend. this note chances will lock
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until late evening. -- the snow chance will hold off until late evening. the track is swinging a little further offshore. there is less of a chance and baltimore of a significant snow. the threat is still there. we will see where the system goes. it will be windy and cold next week. >>, cribs can no longer be made or sold in stores now that the government has mandated a rigorous new safety standards. credit suisse sides that moves up and down and were designed to help lift babies easily out of bed. -- cribs that mohave sides that move up and down were originally designed to help lift babies
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easily out of bed. they say malfunctioning hardware can cause the real to detach and cause adapt. that is where babies canvasback and suffocate. 32 babies have died that way during the past decade. also electronics usually taught most holiday list, but you will need a little more cash of the pc is on york list. prices for pcs are rising for the first time in several years. the average price of the pc is $615, 6% higher as of last year. companies are constantly promoting their higher-end models, which are flying off of their shelves. there have been 17 security patches and the microsoft program. the recommend two of the new patches. those patches would protect users from possible criminal attacks on windows and internet
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explorer. and a warning if you're shopping for one of those high-end pcs, be aware of restocking fees, especially for electronics. >> electronic gadgets like cameras, computers, in gps device is always make good gifts, but if you need to return or exchange an item, be warned the some stores charge a restocking fee. retailers say it costs money to have technicians make sure an item fully works. there is concern about trying to resell the item. >> the store is claiming that a lot of things are not going to be a boss to be sold as new said
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it will have to take a discount on it. >> i personally do not agree with it. if item is in good condition, you should be able to return it. >> at best buy the restocking fee is 15%. say you need to return this camcorder, it would add up to almost $100. for that amount of money you could have bought all of this. the fees vary. at apple it is 10%. target charges 15%. if item is defective, the fee does not apply. these doors do not charge the fees at all. walmart, costco, home depot, lows, radioshack, and staples. >> make sure you get them the right item. if you're not sure, you might
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consider a gift card so they can pick out their own. >> if you have not been a short holiday shopping yet, the holiday guide can help. check out the holiday section on that is your consumer alert. >> "time" magazine is naming facebook founder and ceo mark as per cent of theerg year. he is the youngest person to win this award since 1927. and one in 10 people around the world have an account. the managing editor made the announcement on "the today show." >> money does not make two influential. it certainly does not hurt.
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coming up, more signs that maryland's economy is slowly starting to make a comeback. we're live in annapolis as state officials continue to crunch numbers. >> local students will get to lead the call for [ female announcer ] pillsbury holiday cookies. in just three ingredients. start with cookie dough. add sugar. then hershey's kisses milk chocolates. [ son giggles ] [ female announcer ] fun. easy. [ child ] wow. [ female announcer ] at
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>> some annapolis middle school student set their sights on much warmer weather in miami. they will get to go to the orange bowl. >> i knew that we would have
5:57 pm
commitments such as possible performances in spring concert and things like that, but i have no idea that i was going to take my students to a bowl game h. >> that is where the defense team will join other performers for a seven-minute routine. -- is where the dance team will join other performers for a seven-minute routine. the excitement has been hard to contrain. >> we're going to do everything we can. >> it is awesome. >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. >> is our first year in dance company and to be picked on the first year means we have really accomplished a lot. >> what practice does not make perfect, it does add up to improvements. >> it is really important to
5:58 pm
practice. >> practice is very important at this stage. we want to make sure we can try and do our best. when we get there, we will have smiles on our base. >> it is evident that what kendrick smith is doing here is deeper than dancing. >> i wanted to give back for what has been so graciously given me through public education. >> i am not nervous at this point yet i am a lot more excited. >> orange bowl. >> at annapolis middle school, to be 11 is. >> of those girls will have a fabulous time. it will leave for florida on december 31, and return on jan. 4th. >> that is all for us at 5:00. here's a look a what is coming
5:59 pm
up at 6:00. >> last week's fire has now turned into a "who done it case?" that story coming up. >> a chance for snow coming up. there is an uptick in maryland's economy, but not enough to offset state budget cuts. details straight ahead. >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal td-11 news and at 6:00 in hd. >> the massive fire their risk through a building on the block was set by s human. it is our big story tonight. officials have confirmed that we first reported earlier today, that fire was intentionally set. >> it was last monday when flames began to shoot out of the building on baltimore streets. this is smoke caused much of baltimore that afternoon and hundreds had to be a back to witted from nearby businesses. witted from nearby businesses.


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