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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  January 2, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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man: goturbotax.c. >> bob: flyers lead it 2-1 after the second period. >> mike m.: the first goal broke things wide open. the second goal shows how talented this kid can be. watch giroux. keep an eye at the top of your screen. number 28 here. watch the zig-zag through the
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neutral zone to present himself at precise ly the right time. finishes with a great backhand. that subtle move to the neutral zone to slow things down and make sure he was ready at the rite moment put him at the top of the scoring. >> bob: 30 seconds later mike rupp scored for the rangers to make things interesting at 2-1. from philadelphia hockey to philadelphia music. here i am, over here. performing live, the grammy award winning recording artist from south philly and jimmy fallon's house band, here are the roots. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ the flyers ♪ ♪
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♪ >> bob: the roots performing in their hometown. up next a flyers' legend, hall of famer bobby clarke will join us to revisit the summer series of 1972 which remains one of the sports' defining moments. >> if we don't win the last
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three games, we are going to be known as losers the rest of our lives. >> score! >> we're not going to lose. we are not going to lose this game.
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>> bob: back now at citizens bank park, the discover intermission report. flyers lead the rangers -1. after a flurry of goals in the second period. 40 years ago in the midst of the cold war, what was supposed to be a friendly exhibition series was held between canada and the soviet union. canadians were heavily favored, but the soviets turned out to be far more formidable than
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expected. today after the winter classic, the nbc sports network will premiere a 90-minute documentary on that emotionally charged series. here is a preview. >> score! >> canada always has pressure as it is. definitely a goal you always dream of scoring. >> hockey was the fate canada wished the world. >> it is part of our nature. >> score! >> it was supposed to be a cakewalk for canada. >> they aren't good enough to beat the soviets. >> they wouldn't know their names. >> the cold war. us against them attitude was exactly what this turned out to be. >> on that ice it's sheer war. >> they were challenging us as a people, and certainly as a hockey empire. >> they're commies now, not just russia, they are comeies.
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>> everybody knew it's a war. >> i would have killed those sons of bitches to win. >> bobby clarke had two goals, four assists in that summit series in 1972, and another play that didn't show up in official statistics, mike. >> mike m.: the series was on the line. one of their best players was given the canadian pit. my friend here, mr. clarke, how hard did you tap the guy? was it your own idea? looks like a pretty good two-hander to me, bob. >> i think he probably deserved it. i hit him hard. i know you're not supposed to do that stuff in sports. kids shouldn't see that stuff, but it was in russia. >> mike m.: i bet it really felt good. no regrets? >> not at all. >> mike m.: what was the thing that surprised you?
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you talked about it wasn't a cakewalk and it was supposed to be. what surprised everybody about that russian team? >> they were as good as us. we were totally unprepared for it. we hadn't worked hard in training camp. when the series started, they were playing as good as us. it took two weeks for us to get going. once we got it going, the canadian style of playing hockey was better than the russian style and eventually the russians had to change it. >> mike m.: great stuff. i'm looking forward to it. >> bob: we'll see it in its entirety, 90-minute documentary on the nbc sports network after the conclusion of this one here in philadelphia. when we come back, mike and edzo will rejoin us for period number three. 2-1 flyers after two. here for prime card's not working. common problem. look...i'm in a cab... a boston cab.
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>> mike e.: the snow continues to fall in philadelphia. bridgestone winter classic continues. bridgestone, our passion. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with greasy fast food, what're you really getting? instead, try a subway turkey blt or a fresh fit turkey melt, merely 7 grams of fat each. subway. eat fresh. ♪ subway. eat fresh. nhl rivalries have existed for a long time.
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>> mike e.: no carryover penalties nor power plays as the third period begins in this one-goal game. you got a chance to see your old teammate jaromir jagr. >> eddie: with our great vantage points, 20 feet from the flier bench. i grabbed jagr quick as he was about to skate off the ice. i asked how he was doing after having only two shifts in that
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second period. he looked at me and didn't say anything, but that look on his face of not good. will be interested to see if he gets ice time here in the third period. just him being on the bench in this situation. jaromir jagr, a couple of real good shifts in that first period. here when it was the live shift of the first period. talking to the medical staff of the philadelphia flyers. leaving before the end of the first period. coming back only having two shifts. still on the bench here majority of the second period. now starting the third period. >> mike e.: we won't guess, but there seemed to be a little pointing going on as jagr left to signal to the bench. we don't know if that was the general area of the problem. >> eddie: the bench he is sitting on is very warm. you had a chance to sit on one during the intermission.
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might be the best place in the building for jamromir jagr if h is body sore anyone to keep that heat on him. those benches are keeping the players nice and warm when they are on the bench. >> pierre: we saw the rangers finish the second period with boyle, dubinsky and callahan. richards has had a tough afternoon. it's an opportunity for him to play. >> eddie: not a lot going on for richards. he doesn't need much to get involved and create more chance. >> mike e.: block aside by lundquist. shots in the game 26-17 for the flyers. two goals have been for the flyers and one for the rangers here in the third. lifted along by kimmo timonen and played back by jakub voracek.
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>> eddie: since the game has gone on, the puck has been bouncing a lot more than earlier in the game. >> mike e.: schenn with the shot deflected out of play. >> eddie: on the foul pole. it's 329 from home plate here. >> mike e.: which way did it go? was it a good one or not? >> eddie: it was fair. >> pierre: what an atmosphere. it's spectacular here. >> mike e.: not far from where a couple of long ones near ashburn alley were sent by ryan howard. >> mike e.: saturday don't miss the wild card double-header. bengals take on the texans. in primetime lions take on drew brees and the saints. bob costas hosts "football night in america" live from new orleans at 4:00 eastern, 1:00
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pacific. darren pang. >> darren: thanks very much. i was told from the new york rangers' locker room at the end of the second period when scott hartnell went up to mike rupp at center ice, took him aside and he said to him, show some respect. jaromir jagr is a hall of famer. i found that pretty interesting. that should heat things up here in this period and see if hartnell gets an opportunity to take a piece of mike rupp. i think mike rupp was having a little bit of fun with it. i was telling one of the new york rangers, interesting a nongoal-scoring player was actually able to have the calmness to take off the gloves and actually do that. >> eddie: he scored a stanley cup-winning goal. >> mike e.: conversation between hartnell and fedotenko.
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this is rattled along for fedotenko. hoping for hagelin. no lug there. it ricocheted back. he has to retreat further. off the stick of giroux. crosses and backhands one. it's fought off. the rebound stop by bryzgalov, as well. >> eddie: good play by boyle. >> mike e.: and van riemsdyk. giroux. battled back behind. van riemsdyk the surrogate jagr. sees this go loose off girardi. coming by with a vengeance was hartnell. no icing on this. play will continue. we had a little bit of snow. i don't notice any just now. it's great cosmetic snow courtesy of jim cantore and god.
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meanwhile, this is back on now to be played further by bourdon. and across for the carry back up. first-year player rolled it in. couturier run in by del zotto. moving in was carle. ripped one and fought off by lundquist. in the skirmish, rangers able to emerge and play it back on. to mitchell. rupp with it. rupp with a shot. he scores! >> pierre: now he's got it here in the winter classic. two goals for mike rupp. little burst of speed. >> eddie: nice pass by brandon
5:24 pm
prust on the backhand. i thought mike rupp had a chance to shoot the puck right away. we have a perfect vantage point. good goal to give up by bobrovsky. mike rupp waited and the puck finds in between the arm and the hip of sergei bobrovsky. down, but not down early enough. not a good goal, but a good opportunity there for rupp to get the puck to the net. >> mike e.: dubinsky led it ahead. callahan popped it loose. off timonen. worked along by hartnell. hoping to get a three-on-two. van riemsdyk will face down. mcdonagh closed it off. over for hartnell. now giroux. giroux fed it back. fires and that one grabbed and held by lundquist. does he still have it? whistle is blown. doesn't matter.
5:25 pm
>> eddie: pushed behind by ryan mcdonagh. there is van riemsdyk in front of the net. a push-off. almost like in a game of basketball. subtle little push-off. shot goes up into the rim. nice job by van riemsdyk. good shop. >> pierre: van riemsdyk and giroux, we saw them in the stanley cup finals in chicago. does such a great job. jagr came here and van riemsdyk. >> eddie: a lot of different looks. jagr still on the bench not playing hardly at all in that second period. you see a lot of different looks. you mentioned the change with john tortorella in that second period. once you get that feel of what's going on, trying to get the right combinations out. >> mike e.: simmonds with a heavy hit coming from del zotto.
5:26 pm
a throw to the front by simmonds would not work. read. along to carle. deflected behind. matt read. now simmonds. hard work on the boards. del zotto able to lead across. fired off the stick of gaborik. gaborik has that one lost in traffic. staal arrives. on to stepan. anisimov to bobrovsky. to giroux. the big man up the wing. hartnell to the outside. blocked down low. hard to the corner board.
5:27 pm
drops down on goal, no icing. it's simmonds to mcdonagh. rangers get it back to center. dropped back in by dubinsky. ilya. back down. in time there will be an icing. inside the glass. pierre. >> pierre: story of this winter classic. we had a point last year in the winter classic. fighting john irskind in heinz field. goal from rupp and we are tied up. >> mike e.: assists on both
5:28 pm
goals. mike rupp. rebound -- score! richards has broken the tie! >> pierre: i've got to tell you, john tortorella has been waiting. >> eddie: callahan with great pass behind the net. girardi with the play down low. callahan with the no-look. beautiful play by dubinsky to get the puck off to the side where brad richards is standing. in between no-man's land. no chance by bobrovsky.
5:29 pm
>> mike m.: look at the reaction . >> eddie: calling a time-out, trying to stop the momentum of the rangers. >> pierre: what a great coaching battle. phenomenal coaching, both of them. >> mike e.: back in. stralman rattles it around. the guys who got the first two goals for the rangers are out there right now. mitchell and prust and rupp. ahead with it comes max talbot. talbot chased down and del
5:30 pm
zotto. run into by prust. guided ahead. mitchell able to nudge it to center. rupp came by to get that one. could not finesse it through. carried it and offside. goal by richards, two by mike rupp. one with a salute, one with none. >> pierre: what would you do if you were peter laviolette right now? >> eddie: i think you short your bench. get your big guys on the ice a little bit more. giroux, hartnell. i think wayne simmonds had a strong game. i like that line of talbot, giroux and hartnell. continue to get the defense on the ball. offensively with. puck down there. jumping into the middle of the ice. lots of time for the flyers. i like the time-out there.
5:31 pm
>> mike e.: marc staal able to chop it along. eventually a stoppage of play. mike rupp with two. brad richards celebrates the tie-breaker right now.
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how are you? we're going to head on into the interview. john, jacobson... what's it like driving the fusion hybrid? you can read every system that is operating by pushing a button. it's like driving a computer. what would be the hardest thing for you to give up? the miles per gallon, the fuel. when you're used to filling your car up once a week, then suddenly once every three weeks, believe me it'll be a big difference going back. >> mike e.: well behind home plate. let's look at the ford update of this game. braden schenn first career goal.
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>> eddie: congratulations. mike rupp one coming in. only played 14 games to this point. he's got his second and third. the goal by brad richards gave the rangers a 3-2 lead. 13:30 to go in the third period. >> mike e.: focus shifts to center where rangers are able to control the faceoff. shifts from defense to offense with a path that escapes all the way down. and icing. the faceoff to come back near bobrovsky. >> mike e.: the gravity of the drama to the players, do they know how dramatic the game is while they're in the midst of it? >> eddie: not when you're in the midst of it, but when you're sitting on the bench and there
5:34 pm
is a tv time-out. your mind wanders. it's hard not to. especially in the venue. once you hop over those boards, focus is one thing. now you'll see when you go out to play with your friends on the ice. as it goes later, intensity goes straight up. >> mike e.: wayne simmonds has been good intensity for his team. >> eddie: he just did on the boards there. >> mike e.: looks for coburn. reaches in couturier. coburn has it. it is stralman. flunk into by danny briere. to coburn a shot. that one out of the glove of lundquist. back across it comes yet again for timonen. battles behind briere there. no luck. goes down on the play. back up and battles long.
5:35 pm
scrappy play off simmonds. rolled it back down. >> eddie: first one in a long time. not a lot going on. they won a lot of battles along the boards. able to hold on to that puck and create some offense. now it looks like john tortorella is going to use his time-out. each team gets one time-out per game. a long, long shift for the guys on the ice. john tortorella decides it's time to give the guys a little bit of a breather. >> mike e.: rangers with a pair by mike rupp. >> eddie: a little bit of a salute. mike rupp, short side on sergei bobrovsky to tie it up at 2-2. richards off the play from callahan.
5:36 pm
the rangers a one-goal lead here in the third. >> pierre: what is interesting here, stepan usually uses a right-hand shot. they are going to use anisimov to get the puck back to the corner. >> eddie: giroux will try to get the puck behind him. nice job there. >> mike e.: reaching in, hartnell. punch back on gaborik. kept alive by coburn. and del zotto for the rangers. anisimov reached in yet again. taken to the outside. ripped back out to timonen. pass so strong he must play center. giroux again. that one is blocked. right back on by gaborik. dropped off to dubinsky. landed on the cross, drive.
5:37 pm
timonen shaken up on the play. over to the bench. is replaced by meszaros. the defensive tandem changed for the flyers here. mcdonagh shot. that forced off on the rebound by carle. another drive -- oh, off bobrovsky and just wide. >> eddie: similar to the shot rupp caught. he got lucky with the shot by girardi. >> mike e.: that one was from callahan a scare for the flyers and their fans here as this go backwards. girardi is after. a check in traffic. they got out of the way of some of the hit coming. >> eddie: he was going to make the hit on girardi. looked like girardi lost an edge. he went in dangerously into the boards. >> mike e.: taken by rupp. ilya going to get it.
5:38 pm
no icing this time. rattled around again. talbot given a good one that time by girardi. ilya turns with it now. rupp and mitchell back out for the rangers. lobbed ahead now. in the corner with simmonds. simmonds again turning with it. that time it was simmonds by prust. led to the back. ilya shot and covered by lundquist. >> eddie: we talked about the physical play between the flyers and rangers this afternoon. mr. is brandon prust with wayne simmonds. center of the back. no chance for simmonds to stay on his feet. there is the icing call going in on dan girardi. >> pierre: just goes airborne. he tries to explode into girardi. any time you drop a game plan to
5:39 pm
play the rangers, to play like danny girardi does, usual ly that's his target. >> eddie: another ice delay just inside the blue line of the new york rangers. there is a difference between you've got to work smart, you've got to hit smart. you can run out of position. just make those big hits because it takes you out of position and you give up opportunity. >> mike e.: the resumption of the game in a moment. it's your social network. all mixed together. with galaxy nexus by samsung, now you can organize your contacts into circles, like you do in real life. so you can choose what people see and what they don't. and with the speed of verizon 4g lte, you can chat as a group in a googleplus hangout
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[ male announcer ] it's the sure sign of a good time. the just right taste of bud light. here we go. the landscapers are here. nice. >> mike e.: welcome back to the bridgestone nhl winter classic from philadelphia. rangers fans here believe their team has come from 2-0 down to lead 3-2, but still 10:01 to go in the third. >> eddie: after the time-out by peter laviolette, started to hold the play in front of lundquist. a couple of good chances, not
5:42 pm
outstanding chances. picked up their game since the time-out. >> pierre: john tortorella told everyone of his players up and down the bench, every single guy here block shots. nobody take short cuts. >> mike e.: hagelin shot held by bobrovsky. >> pierre: he's coached a difficult game this afternoon. they didn't get off to a great start. when he started to reel it in, you could see starting to give the right guy the right amount of ice time. >> eddie: he shortened his bench. >> mike e.: bobrovsky with a catch. both coaches raised in new england. both played outside. john tortorella near where the concord bridge is in massachusetts.
5:43 pm
peter laviolette out till 10:00 then his grandfather shut off the lights. he had a convenience store next door. he had to sleep and be at work in the morning. played back along to derek stepan. able to pivot back. kimmo timonen was injured by that shot earlier. you're not going to keep him off the ice. ripped back down. can be played by mcdonagh. sailed back down to timonen. stepan. bobrovsky plugs it ahead. stripped away from hartnell. van riemsdyk looks for help. stoppage of play. ruslan fedotenko says i grew up in a big city in russia. we never played outdoors unless we were going to switzerland. every game we had in switzerland was outdoors. 26 in white you saw there as we
5:44 pm
look at this rink on a chilly evening in philadelphia. the 2nd of january. >> eddie: wishing a wonderful holiday season for you. what a way to cap it off. >> mike e.: two teams that played each other for 45 years. into the third period with 8:50 to go, another icing. >> eddie: if you're the rangers, you have the lead. you want to make sure the blue line -- the blue line is so important. puck has to get out of the defensive zone and get in deep so you don't give up oddman situations. >> mike e.: darren pang. >> darren: the one concern would be the shadows at this pick point. i talked to marty biron. he said it's not unlike madison square garden that has the most shadows in the nhl. he said it's been no problem and talked about that. >> eddie: now the backup had a terrific year as the backup
5:45 pm
goaltender for henrik lundquist. a fantastic teammate. >> mike e.: here is dubinsky. there is van riemsdyk. some would argue madison square garden has its own, too. cranked back in off the glass. back up the boards. it is mitchell punching one behind. rupp going in after that. coburn prevailing. getting it back up to hartnell. flies one back across. couldn't come up with that. circling back is rupp. he pitched it back in past coburn to the corner. the two big men go. no icing here as lundquist stops. 7:40 to go third period. 31 shots to 29 in favor of the flyers. it's 3-2 thanks to the goal of brad richards.
5:46 pm
braden schenn brings it on. he got the first one of the afternoon. it was right out then. bobrovsky out to hagelin. del zotto back across. stralman to fedotenko. again, bobrovsky. fed out in front on hagelin. drive by guardy. bobrovsky was able to make the play. hagelin rips one. that ricocheted off bobrovsky. another shot. rebound goes to the corner. all rangers right now. turning with it. to the outside. angles it back to girardi. that save by bobrovsky again. >> eddie: girardi had four shots on this shift directed for sergei bobrovsky.
5:47 pm
outstanding shift for the rangers. >> mike e.: directed by hagelin. change of line for the rangers. flyers doing the same thing. danny briere is trying to get it to him. drifts back in. >> eddie: big collision at the blue line. marian gaborik trying to contain briere. >> mike e.: one of the marquise guys with a hit. del zotto. third period shots are 15-5 in favor of the rangers. laid on back again. bourdon trying to work ahead. up with it now is simmonds. play by danny briere. sent back down. bobrovsky. that one by read. pack up by stralman. wanted to shake his way by. puck went first.
5:48 pm
off bourdon's stick. charges up after this one. stralman able to get there defensively on him. van riemsdyk reverses it along. ricocheted back. further by timonen. giroux trying to bank one in front. a stoppage of play and a penalty is coming up. rangers are steamed about this. it will be a flares' power play when we come back. [ sam elliott ] like the ponderosa pines,
5:49 pm
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>> eddie: here is ryan mcdonagh. puck behind him. van riemsdyk will push ryan mcdonagh into the net. not allowing him to go and get to claude giroux. they called a delay of game penalty against ryan mcdonagh. not the right call in that situation. no doubt van riemsdyk is the reason the net came off. >> mike e.: timonen worked it further. giroux with it there. roughed up on the board. along to rupp and scaled back out. girardi and rupp together on that penalty kill with the short-handed rangers.
5:51 pm
the last 4:50 of regulation time. if tied, overtime, if tied after 5:00 of sudden death it will be a shootout. if it remains the same in the last minute, you'll notice the flyers goalie with the attacker. fires one. blocked by boyle. held by giroux. saw defending there on hartnell. timonen tries to connect with giroux. second effort, giroux able to rip one across. gloved down in front by girardi. >> eddie: big-time play by girardi. >> mike e.: timonen filledered it back. carried ahead to matt carle for the last 48 seconds of the penalty kill for the rangers. closed off with read.
5:52 pm
read able to get that one, but then that quickly taken on by dubinsky. moving up there with ryan callahan, forced it back in. saw that one cycle back defensively and worked for meszaros. no shots on this power play yet. 3:35 to go in the third period. briere fires it back in hard. rattled on around. carle thrown in after it. thrown around and grabbed by briere. he's got meszaros at the point. what do they do? the shot deflected. it rattled around off the post. into the outside. again, we get a whistle and stoppage of play. you cannot tell in the skirm ir. perhaps the net was dislodged. >> eddie: right there off the side of the post by matt read. the redirect, the puck is clearly free.
5:53 pm
>> pierre: the officials see the left post by henrik lundquist. he comes in and loses sight of that puck. >> mike e.: a philadelphia native ian walsh with the opportunity for matt read. you see the waving of the arms by the official. the puck clearly free. great break for the rangers battling for the flyers. it is at this point that he does not feel any longer the decision s go their way. it is a fact the puck is frozen. >> pierre: second time for a penalty kill. >> eddie: tough play there by brian doyle. so important. critical faceoff. >> mike e.: rangers killed it off.
5:54 pm
we are down to the last three minutes of regulation time. >> eddie: both teams used their time-outs. >> mike e.: defended by girardi who poked it along, but into some traffic. continues the work. rangers get it out to center. moving all over it is gaborik. he got a shortside shot off by bobrovsky. he still got a shot away. >> eddie: look at this speed. acceleration of gaborik. timonen comes over the left hand side. it was the right skate that got that opportunity. puck ends up in the back of the net. i don't think there was any doubt there was no goal. >> pierre: surprising penalty against timonen? >> eddie: right at the end.
5:55 pm
>> mike e.: on to giroux. across to voracek. stepping up with meszaros. ryan callahan. fed out in front. unable to get a shot away. turnaround shot by meszaros connects off the glass. what a way to finish, if this is the finish. or the prelude to continuation to the last 2:10. it is carle. carle drew one. struck away by lundquist and play is stopped. >> eddie: looks like giroux has gone on the ice. >> pierre: giroux is down. hartnell stepped in. >> mike e.: we always ask you about the conversation down at the ice. you heard a number of languages today, foreign and domestic. >> pierre: there's been a lot of
5:56 pm
animosity between the teams physically and verbally. there is the shot. giroux goes down. >> eddie: if you're the rangers, you've got to be aware of the defense jumping into play. if you're a winger, you better have a cool understanding where the defenseman are for the flyers. you get to this juncture in a game, look for them to try to create some more offense. cheat in more from the blue line. >> mike e.: at one point does the goalie come in? >> eddie: i would think once you get into that 1:05 range, if you're peter laviolette and the flyers, you get that extra attacker out there.
5:57 pm
>> mike e.: from the tie-up, carried back along by fedotenko and backhanded out. coburn able to drum it ahead. played by the rangers' defense. mcdonagh back up the boards. up for grabs, but taken by the rangers. lobbed back along by stralman. quickly, timonen. mcdonagh. back in. bobrovsky will let this go to coburn. under 90 to go third period. jabbed it free. back up the boards. can be played as far assenter. now for hartnell. coming to the bench, bobrovsky for the extra attacker. girardi. flyers trying to tie it up here. giroux, but a block there. the net is empty. brian callahan trickles it back down. taken out of the play was callahan. >> eddie: you get callahan and timonen.
5:58 pm
callahan for embellishment and timonen for the hook. ian walsh makes the call. >> mike e.: with the net empty, both teams lose a man. >> eddie: here comes kimmo timonen. he gets the stick up around the arm of ryan callahan. you see the legs gout out. right away, ian walsh points at both players. >> mike e.: it's a stick hold on callahan. >> eddie: pretty defensive ian walsh. philadelphia native. played for the little philadelphia flyers. penalty finish. holder for that amateur program. >> mike e.: presumably knows fouls when he sees them. 1:06 to go. brian boyle won that cleanly.
5:59 pm
it was so clean they ruled it unfair. >> eddie: this could play to the advantage of the flyers. it's four-on-four hockey here. soon as the flyers get control, peter laviolette will get bobrovsky off the ice. it will become five-on-four. i almost like that better than six-on-five. there are so many more bodies on the ice. obviously, advantage flyers. >> mike e.: bobrovsky started toward the bench again. extra attacker is out. puck is loose. diving play. it's out to giroux. got it on to briere. back to voracek. in front of the net. clears that down the ice. taking it toward the end line. danger is carle. 38 to go. through the traffic. brought back in by danny brie. briere into the corner, went right after it. girardi able to outman him there. held by carle. fed back t


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