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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  January 5, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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police fingerprint powder can still be detected on the door of the victims bolton hill home. residents did not hear about this crime until the victim himself warned his neighbors through e-mail. given the communities close relationship with authorities, they were surprised police did not warn them. >> it has cost a lot of our rich and it will be hearing about it. >> back on december 30 at 6:40 5:00 p.m., two suspects whose images are captured approached an interior designer. the individuals, one whose nickname is jemome "bootsy" said hello to the victim while they displayed a handgun. the ask for his phone and money. he said his money was in the house. he was marched from to room looking for cash and other valuables. the suspects even tried to pry his tv mounted on a wall. they took clothing and an apple
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ipad tablet, but that was not enough. it ordered the victim back into his charcoal infinity suv and drove around for our stopping an atm machines to withdraw money from the account. some of the withdrawal attempts failed. they took turns holding a gun to the victim. according to a the suspects, they said they had killed people previously. >> it takes time for do it -- and permission to travel from department to department. >> the holiday weekend did not stop city hall from telling a significant decline in the number of murders. >> this particularly jarring the crime went on and noticed. >> what does it went unnoticed. it was in the communication pipeline. >> the neighbors at the mount royal improvement meeting which is our larger neighborhood
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association were shocked that our representative from the police department to appeared at this meeting was not aware of this crime at all. he got a lot of heat. >> we also want to put the photographs -- the atm captured pictures of both of these suspects. bolton hill plans to press police at -- about this issue at their next meeting. the association is taking steps to arm residents with additional street lighting, and a grant to install a new crime camera that will be linked to three security offices. reporting live, david collins. >> thank you. the prosecution has rested in a trial of a man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl at a skating rink. it focused largely on dna
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evidence. barry simms is live with more on the developments. >> will tell you about the evidence and an interesting twist that happened with it today. first, we want to tell you what happened with the charges. charges of second-degree rape, sex offense, assault, and perverted practice. the judge tossed out 11 other charges to date. the state's attorney decided not to prosecute 12 others. prosecutors presented a key part of the investigation into the sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl. they also offered an explanation why the case did not include any dna evidence against 26-year-old dave. he is charged with the rape at a skating rink and whatnot. -- in woodlawn. they claim they dragged her into
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a storage room and forced her to perform sexual acts on them. she found the dna of the co- defendants on the victim and on the victim's clothes. there was no dna match for dave. och it is a small piece of the puzzle. they climb scientifically the main reason dna is not found in the sexual assault include the use of a condom, the person cannot produce sperm or had a vasectomy. attorney rollin brown as high as much of his defense of the lack of dna. the answer, correct. tomorrow the defense presents its case and gave it could take
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the witness stand and testify on his own behalf. >> we continue to follow that two alarm fire that brought you breaking news during the 5:00 hour. crews are on the scene. it took more than 50 firefighters to bring the fire under control. three people had to be taken to the hospital. we will have an update for you tonight on 11 news tonight. >> baltimore city's first identify has claimed the life of a principle. investigators believe mary hines died of smoke inhalation. we are told fire crews were met with heavy smoke when they arrived at the scene at 9:00 this morning. it is unclear if they had a working smoke detectors and no word on what sparked the blaze. fire crews were busy fighting a fire in the kingsville. that happened on the 700 block
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of sunshine avenue. the house was a total loss. that fire remains under investigation. >> a political veteran in the annapolis is making a bid for washington. nancy jacobs announced today she will challenge him for his seat in november. lowel mesler what is with more. >> this really did not come as too big of a surprise when she said she had begun an exploratory committee to see if running was a good idea. the state senator told her supporters she is ready for the challenge of running and feels she can beat the longtime congressman. >> today i am announcing that i am running for congress. [applause] >> in front of a packed crowd, and nancy jacobs began her race to washington. she also offered a sneak peak of
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her new political ad which will run on the line. >> i am senator nancy jacobs, and i am running for congress. >> senator jacob promised that if elected, she would work for the people and not "become washington." >> i work with people and not alienating the other side. that is what i plan to do in washington. >> senator jacob shall be challenging a well-known fifth term congressman representing maryland's second district. she has experience and dealing with the congressman when they were both of local government together. she was a senate freshmen when they butted heads over a developmental bill. >> i was told to sit down and shut up. i was told that this is local courtesy.
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to selleople's property to developers in baltimore county is not local courtesy. >> the congressman was not available for comment as he was attending a convention on the eastern shore. he works across the political aisle on the issues that matter the most by creating jobs, saving homes, reducing government waste and protecting our nation. we look forward to a fair campaign with all of the candidates. >> senator jacob says she looks forward to the fair fight. it is still up in the air who might else to go in there had in the ring. >> mitt romney is heavily favored to win the new hampshire primary. some conservative leaders say it
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is time to rally behind a single canada to prevent romney from winning the nomination. sally kid joins us from washington. >> with the new hampshire primary days away, candidates are campaigning hard for votes. >> mitt romney hit the campaign trail in south carolina where she is running behind in the polls. earlier today he made the rounds and new hampshire focusing his criticism i am convinced the president will do anything to save his job. >> ron paul is taking a break from campaigning before heading to the granite state on friday. after a second place finish in iowa, for santorum is looking to build on his momentum. he is hoping to exceed expectations in new hampshire but expects to fare better in south carolina. >> i do not think americans
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share the vision president obama is saying. that is why he is not succeeding. >> newt gingrich blasted mitt romney. >> he certainly will not the fee barack obama. >> newt gingrich continued the criticism and stop to the granite state. >> as governor he raised taxes. >> jon huntsman who is pinning his hopes on new hampshire is predicting a come-from-behind finish. >> underdogs can rise up and the defeat them from time to time. that is the political tradition in new hampshire. >> the republican candidates will be facing off in a prime- time debate and manchester, new hampshire. >> take a look back at some of cnn caucus night bloopers from iowa. watch the videos on >> there is much more ahead. >> including were 700 jobs will
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be available in maryland. >> one of the soft-spoken baltimore ravens continues to have an impact with the loud as personality on the team. >> warmer weather moving into the region. the insta-weather forecast is coming up. 44 degrees in downtown baltimore.
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>> the 145,000 square foot super
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market with two lower parking garage will open and made a june of this year. they range from entry level management customer service to culinary positions. if you would like to uplight you need an online appointment. click on passing on -- click on as seen on wbal. >> use it to you in reps and there are vowing to mobilize members to push to go through. supporters hope the announcement will give their fight some additional muscle. >> the equal pay act that is now
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the law of the land would not have passed without a growing support of organized labor. >> if past supporters believe the opposition will push for a referendum on the november ballot. the bill to legalize same-sex marriage cleared the senate but it stopped in the house of delegates. >> after two straight days with temperatures staying below freezing, temperatures soared today. we talk to the freezing point at 9:00 a.m. breaking a string of hours below freezing and made it to 46 degrees today. complete turnaround as the arctic air retreated quickly. 69 as the record high. not quite that one today. i will tell you some spots could see 60 degrees tomorrow. the skies cleared out and winds shifted the northwest.
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it looks like temperatures will stay above normal throughout the upcoming weekend. complete reversal in the weather pattern. a few scattered clouds trekking through the state right now. insta-weather futurecast computer model data taking us into the day tomorrow shares partly cloudy skies down to the lower eastern shore is to. we should get a good deal of sunshine in the morning. the temperatures will chill tonight. just barely below freezing in the mountains and is still holding into the 40's in downtown baltimore. it will be chilly, but about what you would expect from january. 34 downtown with light winds. tomorrow theeal what starts to march and. the unseasonably mild springlike weather pushing into western ohio and much of the area south and west of this front way above normal. even now temperatures are still
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in the 60's throughout the plant. you can see the warmth ready to spread east over the next 24-36 hours. southwest winds and son will do the trick as far as warming things up. rain and snow showers will be brought into the mountains and a rise in two baltimore saturday evening. maybe a sprinkle but that is really about it. 54-59 tomorrow. that is a conservative outlook with a southwest breeze. some spots could talk about in the low 60's tomorrow afternoon. the water temperatures range from the upper 30's to low 40's. scattered flurries or snow showers as the front slide to 3 on saturday with highs in the 30. temperatures will be cold enough at night to keep some snow on the slopes for the ski resorts throughout the weekend. partly cloudy on the eastern
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shore and partly cloudy with a risk of a sprinkle on saturday. lower eastern shore around salzburg with those locations with the potential to climb into the 60's tomorrow. 67 around baltimore tomorrow at 53 on saturday. it will be in the 40's on sunday but that is still a little above normal. temperatures climb right back to near 50 with a good chance for rain on wednesday. >> part of the reason the ravens find themselves playing a home game comeback to tough decisions the teammate in july. none tougher than letting him go and turning the tide and position over to second year players. it turned into the right move. they have combined for 91 receptions, almost 1,000 yards. ravens linebacker -- linebacker terrell slugs has become the
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biggest promoter. like so many other things on the team, it just works. >> here you have a blue-collar guy that is not really flamboyant. he is just a guy that shows up to work. you throw the ball up to them and he catches it. he is one of those guys you want on your team. >> i do not know or that came from but it is always nice to have some supporters and guys in your corner. suggs and i have had fun with it. he is a great teammate and leader. hopefully people will what he says. >> at the chicago bears to the list of teams that want to talk with him about their general manager job. multiple sources already asked for their permission to talk with him. it remains unclear if he will interview for all or any of the jobs. he has also seen other
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colleagues. do not think interest automatically means exit for decosta. >> today fisher interviewed for the st. louis rams job. if fisher were to take the ram'' job, it would have a touch of irony cents it would hire him hoping he could lead them to the super bowl. they beat his titans in the 2000 super bowl with a goal line tackle to save the wind. soccer may not have as high a profile in the u.s. as the rest of the world, but tim howard playing for the squad in the english premier league can only the fourth goalie in the league history to do this, score a goal. he bounced and 80 yard kick over the oppose the project opposing
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goalies had. the celebration did not last long. he gave up two goals and his team lost. congratulations to south carroll high school kicker who are all stayed on as. you may recognize the last name. he is the son of of sports a videographer. congratulations to the forner family.
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>> we continue to follow the two alarm fire that sent three people to the hospital. this man is accused of setting fire to his girlfriend. what led up to the bizarre incident and what he admitted to authorities. a major announcement from netflix and how it will impact baltimore's of economy.
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>> big temperature change. >> it is warm in the 40's. >> 57 degrees, some spots low 60's tomorrow. local often little going into the weekend but still stay above the normal for this time a year. of such varied as whether through the weekend. a chance of rain south of us staying in the 50's 30 middle of next week. we will start work -- worrying about the football forecast. >> it was a shock walking out today. >>
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