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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  January 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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say he set his girlfriend on fire. tonight we have new details on the suspect and the incident. live from baltimore county. she has the latest for us. >> investigators say joseph miller intentionally set his girlfriend on fire. rescue crews rushed to the home and not on the night of november 22. they were responding to reports of a man and woman on fire. witnesses heard screams and tried desperately to help their neighbors. >> she ran out the back door, and i was calling 911 when i heard her screaming. she was on fire. >> according to investigators, her boyfriend intentionally set her on fire. >> by putting a flammable liquid on her and igniting it.
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she was injured when the flames ignited, and he caught fire as well. police found the victim in the backyard with multiple burns. she told investigators miller left home company and not " corrupt and started beating her. after that he threw paint thinner on her and set her on fire. he told investigators, i know what i did is wrong, and she is in worse shape than me. neighbors said they heard them argue often. >> i hope she survived. i do not know about his outcome. i feel bad about his family because they have to deal with a whole situation, too. >> miller's account was that a boy and was sitting next to him when he doused himself -- that owens was sitting next to him when he doused himself and set
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himself on fire. >> the man is in custody after a shooting. the 28-year-old faces several charges including attempted second-degree murder. investigators say clark shot a man outside of home on a party on christmas eve. now the victim survived the shooting. there is no word on what led to the violence. the first deadly fire has claimed the life of a school principal. mary died of smoke inhalation. the fire broke out in the 2600 block. we are told the crews met with heavy smoke when they arrived around 9:00 this morning. it is unclear whether the home had a working smoke detectors. no word on what sparked the blaze. fire crews were busy fighting the fire in kings fell around 9:30 this morning. we are told everyone made it out
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safely but the house was a total loss. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. some families are looking for a new home after a fire broke out this morning. and we have the latest. >> investigators think the fire may have been sparked by an unintende -- unattended cigarette. there has been damaged and several people do not have a place to sleep tonight. >> the fact of we have smoke damage in our apartment through someone's negligence is serious. it does aggravate us a little bit. >> he and his small children are scrambling to find a place to stay because they cannot bear the stench of smoke in their apartment. >> i cannot live there. the smell makes me want to vomit.
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>> when firefighters arrived, they saw smoke coming from the first and third floors of the abuilding. a neighbor said he went over to check on a friend who lives in the building. >> a whole ceiling was an adult. the wall was torn apart. she told me her grandmother was on fire. >> we have transported a female in the apartment with serious burns and two other patients in the building of the time of the fire. >> the extent of their injuries is unknown, but firefighters say they are minor. they think it may have been sparked by an unattended cigarette. it caused $15,000 worth of damage. strikes i really hope they are ok. -- >> i really hope they are ok. >> firefighters are encouraging everyone to double check fire alarms to make sure they are still good.
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but for people are recovering after a carbon monoxide and -- four people are recovering after a carbon monoxide leak. two people were taken to the hospital, suffering symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. two others were sickened and when they were treated at the scene. fire officials do not yet know what causes the carbon monoxide leak. jury deliberation could begin as soon as tomorrow and a charge of demand now charged with raping a 12-year-old -- of the man charged with raping a 12-year- old girl. there was no dna match. the defense has argued the lack of dna evidence in the attack proved his client's innocence.
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police are investigating of home invasion and armed robbery and kidnapping. it happened on december 30, but authorities did not ask for help in locating the suspects. >> fingerprint powder can still be detected on the door of stockholm. residents did not hear about the crime until the victim himself and warned his neighbors through an e-mail. the association president is surprise that police in not warn them. >> it has caused a lot of outrage, and they will be hearing about it. >> according to police and two suspects approached a self- employed interior designer. the individual cordially said hello to the victims as they displayed a silver handgun, demanding, where is your home, where is your money.
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the victim explain his wallet was in the house. he was marched room from room, looking for valuables. the suspect tried to pry his tv from the wall. he could jewelry and now an apple ipad tablet, but that was not enough. they took him to his s.u.v. and drove him around for hours to withdraw money from his account. some of the attempts failed. they took turns holding a gun to the victim. the suspects mention they had killed people previously but were not going to kill the victim as long as he cooperated. >> given the holiday, it takes time to have information travel from department to department. >> here is footage of a man attacking a city officer as the police attempted to make an arrest. >> this particular crime and
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went unnoticed. >> i would not say it went unnoticed. i would say it was in the pipeline. >> the neighbors at the larger neighborhood association meeting and were shocked that our representatives from the police department who appeared at this meeting was not aware of this crime at all, and he got a lot of heat. >> still plans to press to police about this issue at their meeting. in the meantime, the attempts include more street lighting, and they recently got a grant to install new crime cameras to as many as three locations. wexner romney now has to win big here. -- >> ann romney now has to win
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big here. >> we have of a report that nancy jacobs and will challenge in november. this is unrelated video. it happened before packed crowds in essex. the senator plans to work for the people. the incumbent says he looks forward to a fair campaign with all candidates. it is time to rally behind a single candidate. mitt romney is winning the polls with 40% and is heavily favored to win the primary, but as the candidates are up for a debate on tuesday, many republicans say they are ready to rally against the candidate who can win next week and also in november. >> my choice would be huntsman, but i do not think he stands a chance, so i will vote for mitt
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romney. >> huntsman is stuck at 7% in the polls, but rick santorum .ame from the far behind while stumping for mitt romney common -- for mitt romney, john mccain mistakenly expressed confidence in barack obama. >> i believe barack obama will turn this country around. excuse me. president romney. >> 70-33 in the orange bowl last night. john mccain was not the only one to slip up. cnn had late night coverage on tuesday. you can watch the entire video on our website at be sure to click on politics.
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coming up, hundreds of jobs are coming to maryland. we will tell you where they are and how you can apply, plus netflix making of a splash. how the video rental giant is expected to pump millions of dollars into the local economy. >> the world must know the united states is going to maintain military superiority. >> some say the president is putting the superiority at risk with billions of dollars in cuts to defense. also attain the -- casey anthony spot in. you will see her new luck. >> 60's and 70's for high temperatures around the planes. the in the weather forecast w
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iraq's of a public memorial service for ron smith has been -- >> of public memorial service for ron smith has been announced. that will be tuesday, january 17, at 11:00 a.m. the service will be broadcast live on today the same-sex marriage debate. now they are backing efforts to pass legislation that will allow committed gay and lesbian couples to marry. union reps say they are going to mobilize members to push the motion through. >> the equal pay act would not have passed without the broad support of organized labor. >> supporters believe the
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opposition will post a referendum on the ballot. 700 new jobs are coming to the stage as they gear up to open a new store. the 145,000 square foot supermarket will open in june. 250 positions are full-time and range from entry-level management to: mary end restaurant as an -- to: gary positions. -- to cullinary positions. there is a link on our web site. a new netflix series that will start filming in baltimore this spring is expected to have a
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great impact on the area. officials expect it to pump about $75 million into the economy. the new series is an american remake of the drama "house of cards,"and it stars kevin spacey. president obama and rolled out a new strategy for cutting the military budget by hundreds of billions of dollars. the president announced the u.s. defense budget will be cut by at least $480 billion over the next decade. he was joined by leon panetta, who says everything is on the table, including health plans for retirees. some experts say the cuts could prove risky. >> any time you cut the force, particularly the army, which is going to shrink in size, any time you reduce the size of the force, you are taking risks.
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>> the president is expected to release details of his budget some time next month. tonight casey anthony's parents say they are concerned that a video of their daughter circulating on line could put her in harm's way. she was speaking for the first time since accused of killing her daughter. she describes it as her first video diary. anthony acerbic a year on probation in florida on a check fraud charge in -- is serving a year on probation in florida on a check fraud charge. authorities are looking into how the video is posted on line. >> now your weather forecast. >> 4,500 feet above ground level, the temperature has warm 13 degrees in the last few days.
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at the surface, it is going to be an unseasonably mild friday, and a warm-up got under way today. we went from a couple of degrees below freezing and with a record low of 1 in 1887, but we are talking more visa and -- these next few days. cool to below freezing in the suburbs. head to the eastern shore, temperatures running just about at the freezing point now. it is going to be cold in the morning, but after that, of warm-up will occur. norm air already spreading to the mountains, so they are -- and warm air spreading to the mountains, and what we see out west is coming our way. but a little bit of cloud cover across region is developing as a
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warm front moves our direction. we will start the day with chile temperatures, but a rapid warm- up expected as the warm front heads of two new england. all of the mild weather over the plains states will move over the atlantic. 73 in rapid city. 65 in denver. we will see temperatures well above normal. a fund will slide into the state saturday evening. it does not look -- affront will slide into the state saturday evening. a partly cloudy weekend is coming our way. i would not be surprised if some spots to reach the low 60's tomorrow with southwest winds at 10 to 12 miles per hour. if you are near the shore of the bay, cool water will have an impact on air temperature. 45 in the mountains and some
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flurries on saturday. away from the bay, 57. 53 with the possibility of an eastern sprinkle on saturday. 57 around baltimore tomorrow, 53 saturday. below normal.ayn it will cool on sunday. a better chance for rain on wednesday. >> do not be surprised if you see raven's stance sporting a new look. a group of fans came up with the idea of her fall moustaches to imitate the quarterbacks look. one of the creators is absolutely blown away by its success. >> this fanstache thing has been
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the most awesome experience. we have gone from cutting moustaches to having them package in about 30 locations. >> how come yours is not purple hamas it sells for $5 and -- howe of yours is not purple? it sells for $5 with $1 being donated. we want to see if yours is good. here is a look of some of the 11 news this morning fanstaches. show us your new look. just tgo to >> this is going to get out of control as the ravens make their way to the playoffs. the choice in penn state could have a big impact on the playoffs. we will tell you why next in sports.
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>> now, by week end of home field advantage, the ravens want to put it to use. the ravens players think the
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approach will give them the maximum advantage. >> a hallmark for their consistency. the only team in the nfl to reach the playoffs this season. how will they handle it? this week is back to normal. different from five years ago. >> five years ago i was a young man, so i definitely shout out to the west coast. we went to vegas. i cannot remember. >> five years ago he gave his team an entire week off. it is hard to question the method, but the raven's offense was out of focus. john hardball has done things differently since the moment he arrived and subscribes to the belief you may vacation when the season ends.
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>> is that the reason we lost? probably not spirit of i like what we are doing out here. -- probably not. i like what we are doing out here, and then we get a break. >> we would all enjoy a break after the first week in february. gun >> sounds good. and efforts to move past the scandal appeared to have settled on the new england patriots. several reports that they will announce the hiring of o'brien on saturday. the patriots have a bye week. he will reportedly stay with new england before making a move full time. a major honor for rob, who won the award. the tigers put together a 9 and
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3 record this season and became the first school in the country covered soon and -- ever to play football in division 2, 3, and one. and the next stop in his career, and jones took the stage to good use. the second half of tonight's action, jones takes it to the house. pick six, and jones announced he will make the next trip to tuscaloosa when play next season for alabama. wes brown announced he will play for maryland. the turks did not figure on his plans until a couple of weeks ago -- terps did not figure of his plans until a couple of weeks ago. when you talk about the greyhounds' facing the jaspers' it means only one annual
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matchup. the greyhound off to a strong start this season. loyola of three. manhattan is not buckling. a one-point game. loyal it is struggling at times -- will loughner -- loyola is struggling at times. the greyhounds have the last push of offense. 61-60, and greyhounds over the jaspers'. stick around. we have the seven-day forecast we have the seven-day forecast straight a
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five warmer weather is on the way. >> temperatures tomorrow is way above normal. some places could get in the 60's with sunshine. a sprinkle saturday evening. not a dramatic front. temperatures in the low 40's next week. >> i remember the 60's. great time. that is
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