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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  January 7, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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last year when i talked about snow, the anchors turned around and did not smile. this year, it is the winning side. the fair weather side. >> keep it up, john. keep up the good work. >> it is beautiful this morning. we have chill down to 38 degrees here on tv hill this morning. i'm goose bumps. and it is clear out there. a few little clouds. here the satellite radar combination. a few clouds have passed over head. nothing of significance. that's a cold front. that will be coming in that will take us back to reality. details coming up. >> public enemy number one.
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that's what authorities are calling this man. that's our big story this morning. police say nelson clifford, the man police are calling a serial rapist was identified. here's kai reed with details. >> nelson clifford has been number enemy number one for our sex offenders forea number of years. >> they say d.n.a. evidence has link aid 33-year-old man to three rains in baltimore city over the past three months. the first was on greenmont avenue. he threatened to hurt her and her children if she didn't do what he wanted. two days later, on the 700 block of lenox strithe street a woman said she was rained at knife point as a rapist tried to slash
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her fathe face. >> we were confident that nelson clifford was the person responsible for these events. >> clifford was already in the d.n.a. data base after a previous sexual assault conviction. he has a record dating back to the 1990's. police arrested him on december 8. as he sat in jail, forensic experts said d.n.a. recovered from a vodka bottle linked him to a third rain. delivered's m.o. was to break into the home in the early morning hours while the victims were sleeping. they think there could be more victims out there. >> he catches them unaware. he typically blindfolts them with clothing, rains and sexually asaults them. >> kai reed, reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> clifford's lengthy criminal record goes back to 1997 when he was sentenced to 10 years for sexual offense. he's also charged with failing to register as a sex offender.
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>> a man arrested for raining a 12-year-old girl. jurors in the devon perry rain trial said they were deadlocked. the victim identified 26-year-old perry and two teenagers as her attackers. the defense has amaintained there is no d.n.a. etched linking their client to the crime. >> meanwhile, the 16-year-old victim told investigators she was walking along hunter street on november 17 when an unknown individual sexually assaulted her. if you know who this man is, you are asked to call the baltimore city police department. >> a baltimore county man learns his fate after being convicted in the murder of a 16-year-old girl whose body was never found. jason gross was sentenced to 30 years for the murder of michelle battle in 2009.
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prosecutors say the two met online before arranging to meet. friends of the gross family expressed anger outside of the court house after sentencing. >> how do they this girl is dead? they don't have a body or d.n.a. i think it circumstantial. >> gross was also sentenced to 10 years for sexual assault. >> a fire investigation has now become a homicide investigation. police confirm 84-year-old mary he nifment -- heins had been stabbed to death before her home burned down thursday morning. sho david collins has -- wbal-tv 11 news' david collins has the story. >> news of the stabbing death of mary hines brought condemnation from friends, neighbors, and even strangers. >> she was a sweet woman.
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it shouldn't happed happen. >> she didn't sound like she had an enemy in the world. >> she didn't. >> the murder of mismary -- miss mary is a surprise. her body was found on the first floor between the first and middle rooms. fire sfrals say her smoke alarm worked but she moved slowly with a cane. according to neighbors, gas and electric was shut off. >> she say the lady was stab multiple times. it is a sad thing. i hope something will be done about it. >> now the home is a major crime scene. agents with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms has teamed up with detectives. mary hines was a fixture in the
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neighborhood for decades. residents say she held court with young people on her front porch to keep them out of trouble. city officials say she retired in 1981 as a school principal. many in the neighborhood believe miss mary recognized or simply opened her door. >> they could have just left. that's the kind of world we're living in now. >> investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire. >> state police investigating a two-car crash that had drivers at a stand still for hours. that crash sent one person to shock trauma. it happened on interstate 83 in baltimore county. >> i left at 5:07. what is it? almost 9:00? not nice. >> that's how hundreds of motorists started their monday
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morning. traffic backed up for miles. the accident happened around :30 during the morning rush how, shutting down all southbound lanes for three hours. >> the accident on my left was very bad. a flipped car. >> a chevy van was hit when the driver of another car flipped. two occupyants were ejected after being belted in. >> stop and go, stop and go. a lot of congestion. i didn't see anything. it is frustrating. i hope the girl is ok. that's my biggest concern. >> smath samantha frankel was late to work because of the back-up. >> definitely was -- sam was late this morning. we have customers coming in
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getting on at the maryland line. it took them an hour and 45 minutes to get here' timonium exit. >> at nearby 100 west studio, the day was off to a slow start as stylists were not in on time because of the back-up on 83 which spilled over on to york road. >> we had a call from stylists that live in pennsylvania who have a hard time coming in because of traffic. >> as por the crash, state police say the at fault driver was not injured, and there is no evidence alcohol or drugs were involved. >> people recovering after a building collapsed. sky team 11 was over the block around 10:30 friday morning. people suffered minor injuries. no word on what caused the shelfing to claps. >> historic news for the catholic church in baltimore this morning. archbishop edwin o'brien will
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receive a blessing that has only been bestowed on three bishops in baltimore since 1789. >> the announcement dame came -- the announcement came from the vatican thursday morning. pope pope announced his -- pope benedict announced his intention to -- he's already in rome for the aappointment of a new bishop. >> i will be traveling a lot with the order of holy seplicur to rev up support for holy places in the holy land and more people conscious of the plight of christians there.
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>> we knew this would happen eventually. unfortunately the archbishop will leave us to serve the mune wall church to serve christians in the holy land. >> those in attendance were elated to hear the news. one person who knows how he kneels is bip bishop cardinal keel. >> i think he is thrilled. he spoke to me yesterday to say that he was thrilled. >> one of the most important functions of a cardinal is to select a pope when the time comes. >> he was among the selection of
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cardinals. >> it was not just catholics praying for us, but protestants, jews, and muslims. >> the ceremony for archbishop o'brien. the only other cardinal to be elevate the ad this time is the archbishop of new york, timothy dolan. you can see this full story on >> the time now is 6:11. 37 degrees on tv hill. coming up, a consumer alert for parents. your child's helmet may be one of many recalled this morning. >> a west point graduate's home
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burglarized. >> first you are taking a live look outside. john collins has your spring-like forecast coming up after the breck. donet go away.
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>> nice morning this morning. we're still riding on that wave that has been relatively mild. a few readings in the 30's. we have clear skies. still on the warm side of a weather system out in the west. you can see a band of clouds moving out of the great lakes in indiana and ohio. that's relate today a cool front coming in. there is even snow up in the state of maine. they are cold, but the warm air is up in new york state and places like that. typical low this time of year,
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we will not drop to freezing. we still have a southwest wind at 3. that will be the dominant freeze. let's look at one, the moon. sunrise comes in at 7:27. the days getting longer. a minute apiece each day. the sunset is a minute later each day. we're making progress minute by minute. we'll stay above that it looks like for the next three days. we will cool down to something closer to narmal during the week coming up. we won't keep these spectacular
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kms for long. annapolis is 40. 42 camebridge. elkton 37. parkton down to nea near freezing. in the 40's in the mountains, to the west of us right now, and here's the weather system up in the great lakes. the bulk of it, the bulk of the moisture is up to the north of us. it is not a lot of moisture really. that will be coming in later today. the flow of air ahead of that front is nice and mild. what you saw yesterday you are essentially going to get today with partly cloudy skies, unseasonably mild. as the front comes through, somebody could get a sprinkle. it looks like it will be a dry front p a nice day. west and northwest winds around 5 to 15. a range of upper 50's to low 60's. craft advisories out. winds from the west could gust. the front comes through, limited
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activity as far as moisture. maybe a little snow in the mountains out west. come monday, there will be a system it looks like bass passing to our south. it looks like, at the moment, the rain will stay south of us 60 today, only 47 tomorrow. monday 45 p a lot closer to narmal. 41 or 42 is a typical high. even these reedings will be a little above the average for the season. generally dry weather here until we get to wednesday and thursday. a much larger storm comes in for that. temperatures in the 40's and 50's, it will be warm newspaper enough for rain, not snow. >> big weekend g.o.p. candidates as they prepare for the first primaries in new hampshire. republican conservatives are throwing their support behind. >> just released, the lowest unemployment numbers in years. we'll see what that means for the economy when we come back. >> he served our country in afghanistan only to come back to have his most prize h
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>> we begin with a recall for 30,000 triple-eight helmets. they come in four colors and sport a little tricky logo. it also covers triple-eight inspector in sizes small, medium, and various colors. the medical mets do not meet safety standards for impact resistance. >> a bufrlt of hiring drove the nation's jobless rate down. as brian mooar tells us, it is the lowest level in almost three years. . >> the u.s. economy picked up another 200,000 jobs last month. >> it is important for the american people to recognize we have now added 3.2 million new private sector jobs over the
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last 22 months. yearly two million new jobs last year alone. >> it is good news for president obama, and he's having the middle class tax cut. >> we are creating jobs on a consistent basis. >> unemployment averaged 8.9% down from 9.6% in 2010. four years after the recession began, though, the nation has six million fewer jobs. >> 200,000 is good, but not good enough. >> those who have given up on finding a job are stuck in part-time jobs, the under-employment rate is above 15%. and labor statistics show a correlation between education and employment. the college graduates, the unemployment rate averages 4.1%.
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13.8% for workers with a college diploma. >> after dropping four straight months, unemployment is at its lowest level since february 2009. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> don't go away. more news coming up. first a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> a west point graduate has been burglarized and lost his ring. >> i come back to the states and i see someone has disrespected my stuff and my roommate's belongings. >> the burglar came in and stole around $5,000 of his belongings. the thief stole his ring from west point. >> did struck a cold. there is not much value to that except the sentimentality of it.
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>> he played soccer at the military academy and said he had to earn his class ring during a grueling four-year process. >> a lot of memories i made with that ring. the sacrifices my family made supporting me are in that ring. >> he said he can replace it, but it will cost him $1,500. in addition he said the burglars also stole his watches and computers. i have pictures from missions i went on, friends i made, international allies. they are all gone. >> he just wants his west point ring on his hand. >> i'm not seeking justice.
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i care if anyone gets prosecuted. as long as it turns up, i'll be help. >> i hope he gets it back. >> 6:28. 38 degrees on tv hill. coming up, a look at our top story. >> a look athe the first homicide in anne arundel county this year. john? >> a cool front on the way. spectacular weather won't last forever. the frussfruss just ahead.
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>> welcome back to is the sat. thank -- welcome back to "11 news saturday morning". thank you for joining us. >> if you had a water cooler story, if tr is -- if there is one on saturday, we will extend that one more day. 36 right now. if you consider the normal lows
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is 27, we're doing well. we spent most of the night in the 40's. so the 36 is the reading now at the airport. reading is down a little bit. 42 at the science center e by the end of next week, a big storm will be coming in. following that storm, it will drag in cold air. next weekend will be a different story. football game looks like it will be winter cold conditions. >> taking a look at our top stories. police looking for a suspect after a shooting in east baltimore. investigators found the man shot near ashlandland avenue. no word on his condition, and police have not released a motive in the case. state police are looking for
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this man after a robbery at a convenience store. a warrant out for the arrest of daryl webb junior charging him with armed robbery, depirs degree assault, and theft. w ofmente bb report -- webb reportedly beat the clerk with a baseball bat before running off with an undetermined amount of maryland lottery scratch-off tickities. >> the 72-year-old will serve as an advisor to the pope. o'brien told us he was humbled by the news. >> anne arundel county police are investigating their first murder of the year. investigators tell us the victim, 38-year-old gregory sears was hot on his own
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driveway in laurel. rob roblin has the latest. >> it happened here behind this townhouse after the report of a shooting. >> he was parnltely in his driveway when he was approached by two unknown males that ultimately shot the victim and fled the scene. we're trying to gather information at this point, fock for potential witnesses. gather evidence. a resident here said she heard what she thought was a gun shot. >> i heard a gun shot. footsteps. that's all i heard.
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i figured something bad happened. >> we are seeking the public's assistance. the motive is under investigation. we have early information to go off, but we're trying to gather more faks facts. >> police say this is normally a quiet neighborhood, and the shooting has residents here concerned. >> it has to be frightening. >> it is skiry. especially if they haven't caught, you know, the people that have done this. that's scary. >> rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news, 11 news. >> the rice for the white house makes a detour. >> and a driver loses control of a semi truck loaded with goods from target. how they escape when we come back. >> it was a nice day yesterday. not terribly cold this morning. ahead of the front, more warm air. the insta-weather plus forecast just aus
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>> you know, 1,000 words cannot do this video justice. the s -- this semi"truck was stuck in a creek in minnesota. it crossed two lanes of freeway traffic before landing in this frozen creek. the 35-year-old driver escaped the cab and crawled across the ice to get to safety. >> now your insta-weather plus forecast with meetist john collins. >> at least he broke open a big hole for the ice fishermen. that's good news for some, but not for target. clouds moving overhead, but nothing significant.
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a couple sprinkses down in west virginia, kentucky, tennessee, and sprinkles and showers in the great lakes as well. this front is pretty dry along the front. so it doesn't look like it will be a big deal. the big deal is ahead of the front. the southwest demrow of air is bringing it nice, mild, temperatures. on the boardwalk, you can see the waves and the ocean and the first hint of dawn. the lithe there in the sky. there are clouds out over the ocean right now. some of those high, thin clouds. and the temperature at the boardwalk is 30. here in baltimore at the airport, officially 36 degrees. we spent most of the night in the 40's. still 42 at the inner harbor. these are close to where the lows will be for this time of year. 2 .81 the bare motor rick pressure. that's the key. southwest wind. back in 1996, it wasn't so hot p we had a big storm move through.
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second biggest snowstorm in the history of baltimore. at least in recorded history. at b.w.i. marshall in the period the 7th through the 9th, three days at the b.w.i. marshall, 26.6 inches of snow. at miller's, 32.2 and 33.3 at owings mills. big storm. there was more after that for several days. totally different story this time of around. we have mild air. in the 40's out in western maryland right now. here's the front approaching to the west. there is not much at all.
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in kentucky and alabama moving ahead of the front. a front to atlanta. did not ver snow in their forecast. partly cloudy skies. unseasonably mild weather. as the front comes through, maybe a sprinkle. 50's expected for two days in a row. a system passes to our south. 45 on sunday. back floo the 1950's.
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well enough for rain, though. the first in the nation primaries available. an effort to deprive mit romney the nomination and an effort for his competitors to deprive obama from his jobs numbers credit. >> mit romney was campaigning 1.7 million jobs have been lost under ment obama. >> he failed to put americans back to work. >> today's unemployment numbers are a good indication that we are a long way from being a healthy economy.
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>> gingrich's number in new hampshire is number one, paul in second, and santorum after that. >> it is still a dominant lead for romney, but santorum has the buzz. he said u.s. employment may be up because of the g.o.p. presidential campaign. >> i think there might be optimism that maybe republicans will take the white house. maybe that's spurring people to take risks. i'll take that as a reason. >> later, pressed, he backed off. >> are you really taking partial credit for the new jobs numbers? >> i was joking. i was talking tongue and cheek. >> but santorum is coming across as serious and informed to many
6:43 am
new hampshire voters. >> pretty darn impressive. i'll go home and make my decision later, but i was impressed. >> trying to throw support to santorum. >> the facebook presidential debate will air on "meet the press." this will be the final debate before tuesday's new hampshire primary. bob ehrlich will be our guest tomorrow morning on sunday sunday. -- "11 news sunday morning." e-mail us at sundayquestions @
6:44 am >> martin luther king jr. iii returned to the campus to honor his father. he served yesterday as the keynote speaker of hopkins 30th anniversary of commemorating and celebrating his father's life. >> my father delivered that incredible speech where he talked about his dream for our nation. that dream, i must say, has not yet totally come to fruition. elements of it have. but you know what, we're going to need everyone's help. >> eight employees of hopkins were awarded with annual martin luther king jr. awards. and you can see local events commen commemorating martin luther king junior's life and leg say at >> more coming up. first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> welcome back. it is time for "11 fitness." candace joins us with the total body workout. >> if i was training a client, they would be wrapped with gloves on and i would let them bang and hit me. i don't want to do it too hard,
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because lisa could get hurt. >> i don't mean i would get hurt, i just mean i could snag you. you can do that and reelly get after it. right now on our web site we have a 15 a-minute full body cardiowork. i did it in kick boxing. it is the one cardioactivity. and i'm a marathoner, but here i'm getting certain muscles for miles. whether you kick box, you get a million lunges in, a million punches in before you kick. by the time you get done, my lats are sore, by abs are hit, my legs are hit, and i have my cardiovascular work done at the same time. if you have never tried it. you can download this video. it is $3.99. do a 15-minute express workout. it is a 30-minute workout then. it is one of the best ways to get your entire body toned while
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your cardiovascular work is being done. let me give you an example why it would look like that, ok? i promise i won't kick you. if you have the idea, can you kick box, i have athletic knees, they are getting bad. you don't go as low. what i do is a sidekick. then we have a shin block. what is that? owe bleeks? and this leg here is getting nailed because i'm using it for stability. again, it is a sidekick out, shin block, shin block, punch, hook, hook, upper cut. move to the other side. sidekick. this is going to hit here over and over. again, shin block, shin block, here, here. all right. there are other moves. jab, jab cross-jab, up, down. now baltimore is required for a double round house kick.
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knee, roundhouse. if you have never done it, you don't need any equipment. stand in your living room, watch the video. you can see i'm out of breath in just a couple seconds. have you ever done it? >> i have never taken a class but now i might have to do it. >> you so should. you get done and you are so nice to your family and people -- you get your aggressions out. you would be surprised what happens to women when you hold the mits up and they start. you have to yell stop because they won't. something going on in a woman's head. >> all right. if you want to get in touch with candace, make sure you have on some kind of mit when you call her, because you never know. stay with us. john has a look at you are
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weekend forecast when -- john has a look at the weekend forecast when we come back. >> coming up, we will head to new hampshire where the republican candidates are making the final push three days before the utah primary. meanwhile, as police in maine continue to search for missing 20-month-old ayla reynolds, her dad is seen handing out fliers for the first time since she disappeared. >> also, casey anthony. she's been out of the public eye since a jury found her not guilty for the death of her child back in july. now a new video with casey anthony surfaced, but was this new video stolen or did she want to get it out? plus, take a cute babe baby and famous movie scenes, and what does it make? a movie -- and striking gold on
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and off the screen.
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>> the ravens this weekend enjoying themselves. just a nice couple days off. it was like it was a couple years ago. john harbaugh had them in
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practice, but after the weekend, back to work on monday. bolton plenty of rest. it's amazing. he looks good at practice. out there went through his work. impressive considering what he's gone through. this was not the season everyone envisioned from bolton because of the skills he hads. as the world's number one receiver, he has been good, but not great. there has been a good reason that the knee injury is worse than he let on. my knee started catching. i felt it necessary to get it taken care of. >> fifth ranked maryland women
6:56 am
against va tech found themselves down. within one. she had 24 points. rallies back to win it by a final of 77-74. takes it to 15-0 on the season. that's a look at sports. i'm pete gilbert. i'll see you back here tonight at 6:00. >> and a lovely day. >> a beautiful day today again. >> look forward to enjoying it. "the today show" is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with a live update.
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>> it is a record year for baltimore city and this year it is one that has residents and city leaders optimistic that better days are ahead. baltimore reported 126 homicides last year. its lowest murder rate in 30 years. nonfatal shootings recorded a drop by 9%. juvenile arrests declined by 25%, and overall crime in baltimore city dropped by 6% in 2011. an i-team analysis of population trends in 11 east baltimore neighborhoods may provide one clue to the reduction in crime. there has been a 42% population decline since 1990. regardless, city residents are feeling better about the city they call hosm -- home. they believe police revital zation efforts are making a
6:58 am
difference. there is still a lot to be done. property crimes increased slightly up 4%. the mayor and the police commissioner have their sleeves rolled up ready to reach the goal of growing the city by 10,000 families over the next 10 years. while that's a great goal, we also bleeven its residents have to offer up the same sort of involvement that makes city neighborhoods great. get involved. join a neighborhood block group or an organization that prosmodse motors green initiatives around the city. let your city council representatives know what needs to be done in your community. the stricks for 2011 are proof that baltimore is moving in the right direction. now it is about getting everyone moving in the same direction.
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