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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  January 10, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. it is election day in new hampshire. even though mitt romney looks certain to win, another candidate surge overnight and could deliver a surprise. we get the latest from tracie potts in new hampshire. >> this is new hampshire's largest polling place. >> at the key was pretty clear who is the up front candidate. >> it is mitt romney, slipping, but stronger than yesterday.
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>> i have a strong faith and feeling that he will turn this country around. >> he is double digits as head of ron paul, but moving up overnight, jon huntsman. he has doubled support in new hampshire in jest four days, focusing on romney and trust. >> whoever is our party's nominee must be able to carry the banner of trust going into the election in november. >> i vote for the kennedy who i hope has that in mind. >> rick santorum is not discouraged by polls placing him fourth. >> we have not spent any on broadcast television and we are right in the mix. >> newt gingrich is spending plenty, but polls just ahead of rick perry, who did not campaign here this week at all. perry is in south carolina, where all of these candidates are headed once new hampshire voters choose a winner.
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tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> harford county sheriff's deputies confirmed they are investigating a murder. a 16-year-old has admitted to killing his father. police responded to moores mill road in bel air. apparently a relative had made the call that he had shot the father paid the boy was brought into custody. police say he confessed to shooting his father and dumping the body near gilbert road in aberdeen. we have not yet confirmed whether police have found the body. we will have more details tonight on 11 news at 5:00. city police are investigating a shooting monday evening in northeast baltimore d. officers responded to the 2200 block of spicewood avenue with the shooting. a woman was suffering from multiple grazing wounds. she is listed in stable
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condition. she was sitting outside her apartment when multiple bullets came through the door. police do not know whether the shooting was intentional or accidental. we know the identities of two women killed in a house fire in essex. it happened at the 900 block of arncliffe road. 63-year-old carol lynn himmelheber and her daughter stacy were found upstairs. they were transferred to the hospital, but did not make it. baltimore city police officers are going door-to-door in an east baltimore neighborhood in the hopes of finding the killer of a beloved retired school principal. it was originally thought it 84- year old mary hines died from the fire last week at her east biddle street home. an autopsy found she had been stabbed multiple times. police are canvassing the neighborhood, hoping neighbors could shed light on who might have wanted to calm her. >> -- harm her. >> old lady lives by herself,
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somebody has to know something. >> the vital information that you give could put this homicide it down. we cannot stand for this. >> some neighbors say she may have had a troubled relationship with a nephew, but police would not comment on details. a year after the sun was found dead, a mother has been extradited from michigan to maryland to answer charges of child abuse. joaquinia lajeuness is charged with child abuse, assault, and other charges regarding the incident with her 2-year-old son elijah. he was found dead of asphyxiation. a baltimore county injury has acquitted a man in the alleged attack the jury found davon. not guilty of -- davon perry not guilty of rape and statutory rate. the victim identified him as one of the three attackers who
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dragged her into a storage room at state works at a woodlawn in august 2010 and forced her to perform sex acts on them. he denied involvement, a testimony revealed that his dna was not found on the victim or -- or her clost >> good afternoon. we have the sunshine out there. high pressure is in control, begging -- bringing spectacular conditions. winds out of the west, at 20 miles per hour but maybe not spectacular, but is breezy. we will get it down slipping, and that helps to warm the air. expect temperatures in the low- to-mid-50's through the afternoon. skies become more clear by 9:00 p.m. and start to increase tonight with the clouds. that is ahead of our next storm. we will detail that in the seven-day forecast. >> the ravens pick the right
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year to start playoffs with home field advantage. every team with that advantage when in the wild-card round, and one in every home in has become -- in every home game is the signature of this ravens team that it it looks like a lot to go right this sunday for the ravens, too, as they prepare to take on the texans. ravens defensive and it feels the positive aspects of watching football last week and instead of playing at. >> i was talking to some of our coaches, talking about how good i feel. i lost a few pounds, worked real hard, and just really reflecting on myself, watch how i play, things i can change from last into this game. things that i messed up on, how i can correct my footwork, my hands, my eyes and my techniques, so you can come out
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and played much better. >> fan stash fever rages on. teachers show off their playoff look, and boy, do they look good. it has even reached cambodia, believe it or not. keep the good vibes going and show your fan stash at click on u local. new research shows that you really can die from a broken heart. a cave exploring expedition almost end o in tragedy. hoping for snow? you may not after this story. and carrie engel from valley view farms is here to answer your pledge and guard -- your plant and gaou
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>> most people in alaska are used to snow, but a recent snowstorms broke records and has them taking out, literally. cordova has been buried under 18 feet of snow at the last few weeks. army national guard troops are stationed in the town to help residents clear away the heavy
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snow, blamed for damage to three buildings and could cause at least six homes to collapse. the area is under a state of emergency, but it does not look like anyone is going anywhere soon. there is no road access to the fishing town. the only way in or out is by boat or plane. three explores are safe at home after being rescued from a cave where they were stuck for days. they embarked on their exploration trip saturday but did not return sunday night as planned. a search team of cave experts searched the 13-mile cable system and eventually found the man, who say they were starting to think they would never be found. >> seven cockerels around, and we are like, hey, -- 7:00 walz around, and we are like, hey, there is people! i feel like i am still in and the cave. >> had to be a welcome sight. all of the explorers appeared to be uninjured.
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still to come, carrie engel is here to answer your plant and gardening questions. e-mail say it ain't so -- no more twinkies? the hostess company's financial woes. >> i did not even know that was possible, that twinkies could be in jeopardy. temperatures are warming up. we will detail how warm it they get this afternoon and how cold
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it alert,"day's "consumer
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restaurants may see an upswing in business as consumers struggle with high grocery bills. the price of meat and eggs went up 8% in 2011. oil saw a 9% jump in price. the cost of fresh produce rose 4%. you can save money by choosing store brand products, especially less processed products, and don't forget to check for coupons. some of your favorite baked goods could disappear from grocery store shelves. "lost regional" reports that hostess brands, the makers twinkies and wonder bread, that is prepared to file for bankruptcy but it is suffering from rising labor costs an ingredient prices. no word on the fil -- when it will file, but "the wall street journal" reports it could be at this week. starbucks is offering its first flight risk coffee called
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starbucks blonde roast. it will be available in stores nationwide and in packaged coffee. >> good afternoon. notice the temperatures out there? it is warmer than we were yesterday. yesterday we struggle to get into the upper 30's. sunshine and winds up playing a role together to warm things up. 20 in westminster. 20 miles per hour in b.w.i. marshall. the strength of the wind does not matter so much as the direction. they are coming in out of the west. the winds are coming down from the mountains into baltimore, and as we get that sinking air, it allows the air to warm up. that is widely seen temperatures skyrocket at the last few hours.
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45 in westminster. the hot spot is the baltimore metro area. outside of that, mainly in the mid-forties. how warm you are today depends on how what you are going to get. if west winds continued at b.w.i., we could get into the mid-fifties. it really depends on where you are. mostly clear skies into the night. clouds very late on as temperatures drop 2 around 30 in the city and 26 in the suburbs. mostly clear skies. we had some fog early this morning. cried the clout in the sky. we had a brief area of high pressure in control chair comes out next storm system. this is going to be heading our way tomorrow. it will bring a chance for rain and maybe when 3 weather.
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at the onset of the storm by wednesday afternoon, some of this could start as a wintry mix in baltimore. by wednesday, 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., and then we will have the heavy rain. it tapers off early thursday morning. we may see another round of light showers at the tail-end of the storm. if we get the tail end of the storm on friday, that could come as snow showers. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. the best chance for rain will be wednesday afternoon into wednesday night. that ends around sunrise thursday morning. notice that behind the storm is a much cooler trend. upper 30's this weekend. i cannot rule out possibility of snow on sunday. he is not very likely now, but i want to mention it because of the playoffs game. go ravens. >> carrie engel from valley view farms is here to answer your
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plant and gardening questions. you brought to rhenium -- a terranium. >> terrarium. whatever. these plants don't have much of a root system down here at all. they hook on to trees. >> these are good for folks who cannot really grow plants. >> you can have all kinds of fun. >> we will get to some questions. >> it sort of depends. if they have always been outside, and they should have gone right out in your garden. he brought them inside, you want to acclimate them out again. be a little careful.
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he might want to wrap burlap around -- you might want to perhaps some burlap around. the sooner the better, but watch for the tough leather we have coming up. >> is it too late to plant spring balms? >> if onions are nice and hard, don't have the soft spots, and yes, go ahead. you should not lead to that before it is time. it depends on the variety. i would set up within a week, he will get termination out of it. -- you will get termination out of it. if i lose one, and this one and i don't care. one is fine. it depends on what your science
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project is about and what you are watching to see. >> great advice. if you have a plant or gardening question -- in today's "medical other," a study from harvard university shows there may be some truth to a broken heart syndrome. the risks of a heart attack increased by 21 times within a day of the passing of a loved one, and remain elevated for a month after a loved one's death. grieving spouses and i are long- term risks of dying from heart disease because those in morning tend to get less sleep and have hired stress levels.
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the american heart association is encouraging everyone to jump in and began cpr right away if they see someone suffering from cardiac arrest. you don't have to be certified in cpr training, because 911 operators can instruct you over the phone. skidding mouth to mouth does not produce survival rate, because it enables the important test impressions to begin sooner. up next, your maryland lottery numbers, and another check of the in-store that was forecast. -- the insta-weather-plus forecast.
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>> 1 colorado couple has downsized their home -- i mean, significantly. it is a 129-square-foot home. it is a steal at $25,000. it has a composting toilet, plenty of storage, and of course, a bed. tonight at 5:00, we are working to learn more about the investigation into a harford county murder. we will have the latest tonight at 5:00. the governor makes a major announcement for school construction funding in maryland. plus, the countdown is on for a ravens-texans showdown. and now, your maryland lottery
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numbers. >> good afternoon to you, maryland. angela jackson from wbal radio. let's play their lottery. here is your pick three for this tuesday. those are your pick 3 numbers. you want to win ravens season tickets for 2012? plate ravens cash fantasy and check for details. but i'm as ready to play pick four. -- bought diamond is ready to play pick four. the maryland lottery -- let yourself play. >> we have a big game this
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weekend on sunday. ravens and texans -- they beat the texans this year. we have home field advantage. will we have advantage with a bang-wise? >> i think we do. we will invite the texas case the winter baltimore-style. the models are throwing out the possibility of snow on saturday night and sunday great because it is a big day, i want to throw it in there so that people are aware of the possibility. warm today in the mid-fifties. rain tomorrow night into thursday. chance for flurries on friday. this weekend, a real cold snap. come on, texans. >> bring it. thank you for joining us for 11 news at noon. >> be sure to watch tonight at 5:00 with donna hamilton and stan stovall. >> follow breaking news and weather any time at, and stay connected with us on
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