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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  January 10, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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this request comes on the eve of a new session of the general assembly. it is not surprise the governor went down memory lane to make his point. >> this year and the state budget, we will be asking the general assembly to approve a $372 million investment in school construction. >> the governor made his pitch at germantown elementary. that is for students and staff members move into a new building in august. >> my class met -- my classmates are so lucky to have this new school. the new school must mean if we are premier students, we deserve a premier school. >> the governor is convinced spending more will also help boost the local economy. >> not only to improve your education but to improve this learning environment and to create jobs. this investment will support 11,650 jobs of people doing
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important work that everyone in our state needs and quality schools. >> the proposal could run into trouble in a year were the state would be forced to make budget cuts. the governor knows he can count on the speaker of the house to push two construction package. >> we are one of only five states that contributes to school construction in the united states of america. >> since taking office, lawmakers have backed the governor in spending almost $2 billion and school construction. it is money that goes and germantown say has been well spent. >> the new school has meant so much for our families. it means we can accommodate more students. it means our students can use technology to be competitive in middle school, high school, and beyond.
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>> back in 2004 as a commission led by the state treasurer recommended the state spent at least $250 million a year of school construction. >> the 2012 session of the maryland general assembly begins at noon tomorrow. lawmakers have a full legislative plate this session from an increase in taxes to the battle for same-sex marriage. david collins is following the hot topic bonds. >> the budget deficit is once again a top concern. the governor and as the house leaders are considering putting the $1.1 billion hole with tax increases. >> the public perception of the general assembly session is that it will be a tax and fee increase session. some are suggesting had they known that during the election year they may not have voted for you or others. walks at the end of the day we are going to maintain our aaa bond rating. we will expand opportunity and
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we are not calling to do a duck and cover, run and hide from radical tea party time to think taxes are the plate for the famine. >> many want the law to mandate that the money collected be used for transportation prospects. table can't are on the table but there is no consensus on expanding location. but so did nothing we will facilitate a gambling facility in the county where people do not want it. people have made an investment and a facility. they've made their bid understanding with the marketplace would be pure >> we have a site that is 1 mile from virginia and 1 mile from washington, d.c.. >> the state is about $400 billion short and upgrading sewage plants. a commission recommends raising the philosophy from $30 to $90.
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the governor wants to further protect the bay. he wants to split the state into four zones. the governor plans to make another push for windfarms off the coast of ocean city. >> the session is expected to be intense for legislators and an ambitious one for the governor. it will start with a high- profile ethics commission regarding a house and senate member and end with a decision whether to legally recognize same-sex marriage. >> you can see more of his photos on's politics page where you can finally breaking updates. what is your top issue for 2012? you can tell us of his book and it would appear >> decanter photos -- new hampshire voters are casting votes.
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sally kidd is in washington joining us for to the commitment 2012 update. >> this race has tightened over the past few days. overnight polling shows a statistical tie for second place. >> primary day in new hampshire. boaters heading to the polls, volunteers worked the phones. >> the candidates drop by a couple of polling places and navigated media. mitt romney expecting to win big here. >> i hope the people of new hampshire turned out. >> latest polls show a battle for second place between ron paul and john huntsman who is enjoying an 11th-hour shot of momentum here at >> college energy or whatever you want, it is real. >> some of voters placed their
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decision on an overriding concern. >> it is about getting the economy back on track. >> i vote for mitt romney because i believe he is the one who will be barack obama. >> many remain undecided until primary date. >> this was a decision i came to this morning. >> trailing in the polls, newt gingrich and rick santorum were just hoping to do better than expected. both are looking ahead to south carolina. mitt romney is battling and expectations game. is his margin of victory is narrower than expected, it will likely be viewed as a blow to his campaign. >> once the polls close in a couple of hours, the candidates will move on to south carolina and florida. following late breaking 2012 development every step of the way on, be sure to
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click on politics. >> investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the fire that killed and essex woman and her daughter. firefighters were called around 7:30 last night. carol and her daughter stacy were both found upstairs. both were taken to the hospital where they later died. officials say there were dote working smoke detectors in the home. >> a 16-year-old is held without bail after he confessed to killing his father. robert richardson iii was held without bail. >> deputies tell us that there was a handgun used in the border. they also tell us robert richardson is charged with first and second degree murder and also a weapons violation. sheriff's deputies and a crime
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scene investigators remained dry much of tuesday morning as they continued collecting evidence. robert richardson iii is charged with shooting and killing his father and a dumping the body appeared >> he did talk to police and led police know where he disposed of the body pure >> the team confessed to killing his father, robert richardson, jr. a family member had shot their father. deputies arrived and had noticed blood on the ground a pure >> what they found was some evidence outside that looked like a blood. it gave the impression something had happened there. they looked inside the home and saw nobody there. they found some evidence that gave the impression that somebody had been shot inside the home. >> the evidence according to a police report included blood stains in the bedroom.
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around 6:00 on tuesday morning, a state trooper spotted the vehicle he was believed to be driving. the 1990 s 10 a blizzard of on to the church parking lot at land would avenue. a skid marks showed a path as it skidded. >> deputies pursued on foot and were able to apprehend him. >> deputies searched for the father's body after richardson told them he had taken it to an area behind a relative's home in aberdeen. >> at that point he did share with deputies that he had disposed of a body at the 800 block of the gilbert wrote. we were able to respond to that scene and we located the body partially submerged in a pond. >> orchard senate and is being held without bail. he has a bill reduce set for
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tomorrow. --richardson is being held without bail. >> there is much more ahead on wbal news at 6:00. >> painting the town purple, a live report coming up. >> lots of rain in the mid- atlantic region. the seven-day forecast coming up.
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>> just a few days away from the baltimore ravens match up against the human texans. -- houston texas. >> rob roblin is live. >> how are you guys doing? this place will be rocking coming this sunday and the fans, are they getting pumped up. >> i began this morning in westminster painting the baltimore ravens low. i knew they were in the towson doing the same thing. it is part of getting the fans and fired up against houston.
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>> baltimore was coming alive. the change was made and the baltimore ravens know, they are professional players. we are going to the super bowl. i need it tickets. >> i love being out here and supporting the baltimore ravens. >> it is exciting and great. we will win on sunday. black>> this is the year. i am happy to hear >> baltimore ravens cheerleaders were here taking pictures of the fans. >> the son is very bright. it is during the month for sunday. >> i love coming out to the sites because people come out and they get so excited. we had a little girl from westminster who was so excited by the cheerleaders. the best part is seeing how excited the fans are appeared >> these are not the only lobos you
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will be seen around town. the baltimore residents have some big painting plans for tomorrow -- tonight. >> they are smaller stencils that are similar to that. it will be at over 500 locations. you'll have to wake up tomorrow morning and find out where they are. >> all night long the grounds crew will be painting. >> we have some fun going out to do it so we are taking over the area. >> if you are out and about tonight nbc some folks banking, do not worry, they are doing the level. tomorrow morning watch where you step, as you may see one. >> your 11 insta-weather forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> it is normally the coolest part of the year when you look at coldest temperatures, we hit the part of january or a typical hawaii is on the 41 and below is 24. no sign of any of that. it will get chilly as we head
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toward the weekend. this is another one of those days that has been typical of this winter so far. sunshine and westerly breeze is and temperatures way out there. 63 at the airport. 70 is the record high so we are not talking about record-setting warmth, just well above normal conditions. the record low is below zero on this day back in 1875. the most snow that has ever come down on the 10th of january, 5 inches. snow across southern maryland and south of baltimore last night. b w i marshall picked up four tenths of an inch but that was gone by late last night. this day has been dry and sunny and mild. still 50 downtown, above freezing in garret county. cambridge is 41. it will be chilly tonight. for this time of year it is not tackle. spread from the outlying suburbs to the inner harbor, tomorrow this cloud cover south of us
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will spreading quickly in the morning. this is a system that at one time was putting snow down in the higher hills of west texas. midland had a record-setting 10.6 inches of snow yesterday. they have had almost 20 inches of snow this winter. that is what we typically would be talking about. you could see up to the pacific northwest parts of south-central alaska have been pummeled with heavy snow. around here not anything on the ground. a little left over snow in the appalachians to the west. the system coming out of texas is producing thunderstorms. it might bring as heavy rain tomorrow night. outside a chance that as the precipitation begins early afternoon a little pocket of sleet or what weather could mix and with snow. then it will just be range. --rain. we will catch a break and catch a little -- on thursday we will
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catch a little break. this is an architect coming through on friday. much colder air coming in friday afternoon and into the weekend. and what they developing tomorrow. highs in the low 40's. -- this is a wet day developing tomorrow. temperatures will be chilly tomorrow and warm into the 50's before turning much color again for the weekend. scattered rain showers thursday morning. when sebring comes out thursday, ocean city could hit 60. gusty winds on friday with a flurry. temperatures falling during the day. dry and cold saturday. there might be a few flurries in the area. brisk northwest winds and a temperatures on sunday only in the 30's.
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>> with you tonight from the broadcast room and the ravens training facility where the players have the day off. it will be a long night for coaches to put together the game plan for sunday's showing with the houston texas. if you are looking for an indicator, see who scores first. for the baltimore ravens, scoring first has been a good indicator all year. it pretty much works the same way in the playoffs. the britons are 5-0 with a score first in the post season --the ravens are 5-0 when the score first in the postseason. the coach hopes it leads to a strong start against the houston texas. if they do not score first, he wants to make sure the playoff experience helps the team hold the boys. >> to have to get a lead at some point in time so you better get a lead before the end of the game.
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that will be the goal. that is the idea. however it goes is how it goes. my point is, it will not be one in the first five minutes. if we go out to a lead, which will have to still play the next 55 minutes. >> you can hear our interview tonight with chris carr and you can see our interview tonight on the wbal plus at 10:00. we will be talking with press about the challenges of stopping houston pro bowl wide receiver andrew johnson and a whole lot more. derrick mason calling it a career today ending a 15 year run in the nfl as one of the most prolific wide receivers. he retires with 943 receptions, 11th on the all-time receiving less. 471 of those came during his six
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seasons with the baltimore ravens. he leaves as the all-time leading wide receiver for the baltimore ravens. he wants to pursue a career as a broadcaster. event in the post al davis era, from morrow continues to bring the date for the oakland raiders. today they fired first year head coach jackson. last week's oakland hired a new general manager and he cleared house. jackson led to the oakland raiders to end at 8-8 record and has on a year. the oakland raiders will look for their seventh head coach in the last 10 years. one day after rallying lsu -- beating lsu 21-0, they made it official as they did the top spot in the ap poll.
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our champion at weather forecasting tom tasselmyer is up next and he will have your 70 forecast.
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>> coming up tonight, a 16-year- old sits behind bars charged with killing his father. why are baltimore ravens playoff games a win-win for fans and the
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>> seven-day forecast, temperatures will stay above normal. the nets on thursday morning and some snow showers as the cold air comes back. by football sunday it will feel like football weather. >> thank you for joining us.
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