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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  January 12, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. for the fourth year in a row, education week is ranked maryland's public schools number one in the nation. the newspaper did the state high marks for policies, student performance, and graduation rates. our education reporter has more on today's education alert. >> for me, personally, it was like my greatest fear that we would not be number one.
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but i cannot think of a better never to have as long as folks are going to rate states. >> how did you become number one again? >> the number one, we are proud of that. i think it says a lot about the quality of our classroom teachers. it says a lot about the leadership of our superintendent. i will also tell you that it is indicative of the kind of financial support that we have received from governor o'malley, but the legislature in general. >> there is still work to do. there are areas that the state still needs to work on? >> we have a lot to do. we have an achievement gap that we want to be the first and the country to solve. we want to implement very effective teacher evaluation system. >> your title was in from state schools superintendent. what does it mean for the next person to be a number one ranking? >> i do not know if i want to give it away, because it is
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number one. quite frankly, i think it will be a very thoughtful process. and the selection will be about a person that will be a leader to take us to the next step of education. >> wbal-tv 11 news. >> maryland received a grade of b + and. massachusetts, new york, and virginia to get the number 1 ranking. in session 2012 coverage, as lawmakers kicked off the first day of the general assembly, governor o'malley offered an alternative to their proposed 15 cents a gallon increase to the state gas tax. the governor brought up the idea of raising the state sales tax from 6% to 7% during a radio show. he told the host that revenue from the increase could plug the budget deficit and help replenish transportation funding. >> if we were to raise the sales tax by another penny, it would be a broad based thing to do,
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and it would enable us to do a lot of the things that have to get done in the course of this session. >> top aides say the proposal will not be included in the budget the governor plans to submit to lawmakers. the senate president says he doubts the sales tax increase would pass the senate. he favors raising the gas tax. looks like the city council president wants to put the brakes on the baltimore grand prix. he writes that despite backing the race in its inaugural year, he feels it is time for the city to focus its finite resources on programs like rec centers and swimming pools. last year's race came far short of general being the $70 million of revenue it projected and ended up owing the city more than $1 million in back-taxes and fees. they said the council president is welcome the change his opinion on the matter, and they hope he changes it back later. family and friends of the maryland soldier killed in afghanistan gathered to remember him at a funeral in woodsboro.
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the service for the army specialist was held this morning at the word -- at the woodsboro fire company activities building. he was killed this before christmas in an ied attack. a man is in critical but stable condition after being shot inside a carry-out restaurant in northwest baltimore. officers responded to the shooting just before 11:00 p.m. on wednesday night. that is where the found the unidentified victim suffering gunshot wounds. no word on as a suspect or motive, but police are continuing to investigate. >> after a day of rain yesterday, the discussion today turns to temperatures once again. we're warming up, way above average. at the airport right now, temperatures just jumped up to 51 degrees. we have a light southwest wind. humidity, not all that bad. this area of green coming up
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from florida, right to baltimore, that is the mild air we are enjoying today. but look to the west. kansas city is only 16 degrees. 31 in chicago. 11 in minneapolis. very cold air coming out of central canada into the northern plains and moving into the midwest. eventually moving this way. so we will see some changes. that forecast is coming up. >> thank you. the state is getting much-needed funding. the fed said agreed to give maryland state highway administration $7 million in federal funds to repair road damage caused by a drop of star. most of the money will be spent on route 234 in the bridge in charles county, as well as these areas in anne arundel county. ♪ >> the ravens head into the game on sunday as healthy as they
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have been in a long time. they're getting ready for the texans in the first home playoff game in five years. houston has lost three straight before ending the regular season before beating cincinnati. yates did not play when the reagans beat the texans. but the ravens' defense include two future hall of famers. yates knows the difference will try to rattle him early and often. >> definitely a different reaction now were certain guys are all times. you have to know where reed is at all times. ray lewis, and other guys that get your problems as far as the game plan. going into the game, you have to watch as much fell as possible to learn from wide matt did the last time we played up there. >> by the way, a kindergarten students from this date marks school are ready for the game, too.
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are you? here is the, roger and carlos smith. you can join these two by sharing your fan photographs on our website, be sure to click on ulocal. still ahead, we're talking lead to a comedian and host of the golden globe awards on sunday, ricky gervais. first, the gloves are coming off in the gop presidential race. and the doctor from falls road animal hospital is here to answer your pet questions but you can e-mail your questions at you can e-mail your questions at
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relaunching obama's campaign and the democratic party have raised almost $70 million over the past three months to 1.3 million people have made contributions. the average donation is around $55. in 2008, president obama broke all campaign records by raising nearly $750 million. the gop presidential race is getting personal and south carolina could of men romney won iowa and new hampshire, and he is ahead in the polls in south carolina. that has its opponents of attack, questioning his leadership of the private equity firm bain capital and his credentials as a job-creator. >> you need to have more
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venture-capital isn't going on in america and less on vulture capitalism. >> bad enough for barack obama to bling folks in business -- to blame the folks in business for causing problems in the country. it is in the the thing for republicans to join in. >> mitt romney's campaign is getting ready to counterattack critics of his business record. the primary is in nine days. still to come, the host of the golden gloves on sunday, ricky gervais, joins us live to talk about a star-studded even. >> once service pulling out of the area, but there is more to the west, including some cold air. the sun is trying to bleed through the clouds are now, and temperatures are coming up. 51 at the airport. 55, downtown. >> and the doctor from falls road animal hospital is here to answer your pet questions. you can e-mail your questions
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>> now, york 11 insta-weather + forecast. >> let's look at the hd doppler radar. we had all that rain yesterday and last night. it has finally pulled up toward new england. snowing way up north. the sun is helping to warm us up. we have a southerly breeze. but out to the west, you could see more clouds. western maryland, past the ohio river valley. snow into chicago now. down in indiana, even parts of kentucky. there is some cold eric held in the west. that is headed our way. we will see what happens here. right now, things look fine.
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let's look current temperatures to 53, annapolis. 56, salisbury. 46, westminster. only in the 30's and 40's in far western maryland. here is the satellite picture. significant precipitation in parts of new england. our clouds are beginning to break up, at least temporarily. heavier clouds to the west with that rain/snow makes. here is the system pulling away. another one out over the great lakes. one developing near st. louis. there is snow back here, where the air is really cold behind this cold front. that cold front will be coming through later tonight. so we will see some changes with colder temperatures. maybe even a touch of that snow. not the kind they will get in the midwest today. a mix of clouds and son. unseasonably mild because of was
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reared as a 5 to 10 miles per hour. in the bay, southwest wind said 10 knots. tonight, rainshowers possible late as that front comes through. we might have some snow quickly, a snow flurries or a brief snow shower overnight to the west and north of us. 38 to 47, the overnight low. south winds becoming westerly. how much snow? not much here. in the mountains, yes, overnight. maybe a touch of snow, minor accumulations, 1 inch or less out in parts of harold county, on up through pennsylvania. tomorrow, partly cloudy. scattered showers. mile, 55 to 60. that is not a mistake. tomorrow, 30's to around 40 or so for the high. the rain shower activity will go through with this note to the northwest. snow in the mountains. that dissipates. until we hit sunday, there is an
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important football game sunday. during the game on sunday, clouds, son, cold temperatures, maybe a snow flurries. 33 to 38 during the day. 57, today. 47, tomorrow. 38 and 34 on saturday and sunday. cold air comes in. a lot of folks have monday off, 38 is the high temperature. >> thank you. the golden globes take place this sunday. comedian ricky gervais returns as host. he joins us now live. how are you doing? >> hello, baltimore. >> a great to see you. >> hello. >> you got plenty of laughs last year. you did raise a few eyebrows. were you surprised to be invited back this year? >> i did not raise the eyebrows. that is botox. they cannot help it. they're constantly like that. there were laughing inside, but they cannot move because of all
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the injections. >> i love it. have you been given any boundaries or did you agree to with the understanding that there would not be any? >> every time i have accepted the task, i said, you know, they have got to let me do what i want. they invited me. you know, i am going to do it my way. otherwise, they might as well invite someone else. >> you do it so well. can you give us a sneak peek? who do you think deserves to be the brunt of your jokes? >> well, no one deserves to be the brunt of any jokes, really. it is not like i am going out there to hurt people's feelings or destroy careers. they are gags. i do it with affection. i have nothing against anyone in that room. no one in that room has hurt me. i am friends with many of them. but, you know, humor, it sort of gets you through stuff. even if it looks like i am, you
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know, teasing someone for something they did this year or for a mistake, it is would affection videos are not judging anyone. i am doing it for a laugh. it is an industry party. i also made the decision camino, last year, do i do it for the two hundred people in the room or the people at home? it is no contest for a comedian. there is nothing in it for people at home. they're not winning awards. awards shows are boarding -- boring. they're not a spectator sports videos are trying to make them want. >> he definitely will. what other products are you working on? >> hbo running "life's too short," about the lack of a show biz dorff. and of course, "idiot abroad" returns on january 21. that is my day job. i do the golden gloves like some
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people play golf. win, lose some hard-rock, does not affect me. i do it for fun. it is a blast. for three hours, you're the most hated man in hollywood. >> we do not hate you. thank you so much for being with us. it is been a pleasure. >> thank you. >> you can watch the golden gloves right here on wbal-tv 11 news sunday night beginning at 8:00 p.m. >> and the doctor from falls road animal hospital is here to answer your pet questions with april, right? >> this is april. she is a cute dog. >> and what a great temperament. >> she is wonderful, a cattle breed. she is kind of known for herding cattle, those guys on the big ranches, it originally from indiana. >> she is really pretty. we will start with this
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question. my dog will not stop licking one of his feet. he has many allergy issues. i am inclined to think this is related. he already this special dog food. any other ideas to get him to stop chewing his feet? >> allergies are definitely a big thing when they're licking their paws. you conducted your veterinarian about different antihistamines. they are predisposed to different infections on their skin. have them checked out and make sure there is not an infection. given antibiotic or something. >> my dog sometimes throws up after drinking water. why would this be? >> dogs would do this sometime just from drinking water too fast. they already have an upset stomach, they might drink water to try to calm it down. there can be underlying conditions. basically, if it is in intermittent thing, not to worry. if they do persistently, i would have it checked out. >> what could happen to cause a
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cat's kines to fail while under sedation during a teeth cleaning? >> during any anesthetic procedure, the kidneys are one of our biggest concerns. we want to make sure we're doing and and is that a procedure that they're using a monitor for the kidneys. of blood pressure dips too low, their kidneys could fail, a dog or a cat. >> that sounds scary. thank you so much. anything else? >> we were going to talk a little bit about the yorkie, lonnie, that was tossed off the balcony, unfortunately. we treated the dog. people have had questions about- he's doing very well. people had questions about what they do in a situation like that. these people that what you need to do. call the police, dislike for any other type of crime. then they can go through the correct channels. >> ok, we appreciate your time.
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and, thank you, april. coming up next, your maryland lottery midday numbers. we will get another check of the insta-weather + forecast. first, a look at how wall street is performingfo
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>> tonight at 5:00, is set back each down with council president jack young.
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he explains a scathing article urging the mayor to get the bond the grand prix. our investigative reporter recover is how hot tickets like this week's ravens are being sucked up before they go on sale. plus, sports betting it could become illegal in maryland. and now, you're maryland lottery midday pick three and pick four numbers. >> ♪ the maryland lottery, let yourself play ♪ >> we are ready to play your numbers. for starters, we have a 3. in the middle, that is a 9 pit of the last number is a 2. 3, 9, 2. play the million man the match. the new scratch-off from the maryland lottery. you could win up to $1 million. visit your favorite lottery retailer in pick up 8 million money match. we are set and ready to go. we have got a 9.
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followed by a 1. next number is 7. final number, 0. 9, 1, 7, 0. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> experiencing a lot this past week with the weather. what are we in for tonight and tomorrow? >> today, warm. tonight, a shower, maybe a snow fort. today, 50's. tonight will drop into the 30's bid and then into the 40's tomorrow. maybe some showers or snow flurries. the ravens game may take a snow flurry. on monday, still in the 30's by dry weather. starter attempt ed winter, and maybe a few snowflakes. >> thank you for joining us for
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11 news at noon. >> watch tonight at 5:00. have a good day now.
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