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tv   Today  NBC  January 13, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. next target. winter storm warnings in effect from indiana to maine as the powerful system that dumped heavy snow on the midwest makes its way east. it's bringing with it high winds that could delay hundreds of flights today. medical emergency. heather locklear hospitalized after her sister called 911 fearing the actress was in danger. what happened and how is she doing? we're live with details. and the big 6-0. this morning we celebrate a milestone. 60 years of "today." >> good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning.
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>> good morning. >> good morning. >> from the events that pulled together to the stories that ripped us apart. from the tragic to the triumphant, we have been with you through it all. we'll toast six eventful decades with the people you shared them with today, friday, january 13, with the people you shared them with today, friday, january 13, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to a very special edition of "today" on this friday morning. that is new york city's empire state building, lit up, as you can see, in the "today" show colors of red, orange and yellow. it's a spectacular way to kick off a really big morning for us
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as we celebrate 60 years on air. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm ann curry. good morning, everybody. this is the first time in history, by the way, that the empire state pibuilding has bee illuminated on a television program. >> for someone who grew up in new york this is a big deal. after the week we have had celebrating, i feel 60. >> exactly. >> we have a lot more in store. as a matter of fact, look at other great tributes to the north, natural wonder of niagara falls glowing with our colors as well this morning. out on the las vegas strip the bellagio hotel is as well. >> amazing. and in the city of brotherly love they are showing a lot of love for "today" today. the sears center in philadelphia is getting all decked out for the occasion. also, hooray for hollywood, the good year blimp flew over the hollywood sign with a happy birthday message to us.
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we want to thank everyone for the good wishes. >> we'll celebrate all morning long. look who's here to help out. all your favorite an course and personalities from the last six decades. katie is back and meredith. there's jim hartz. i think jim bell -- debra norville put it well. this is mount rushmore of broadcasting. >> we have more anchors than the sixth fleet this morning. there's willard waving at a us. >> and tom brokaw in the foreground. >> we want to begin with the news. we have the winter storm making its way from the the midwest to the northeast. now we'll go to al upstairs with details on the story. hey, al. >> thank you very much, ann. we are talking about a big winter storm that's dumped anywhere from six to 12 inches of snow through the midwest. this is wisconsin where they are digging out. they have the snow shovels
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going. we have more to talk about. let's look at what we have seen as far as snowfall amounts. gaylord, michigan, 9 inches. dupage, illinois, 6.4. downers grove, illinois, 6.4. chicago, five inches. winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories from traverse city, michigan down to bristol and out to caribou, maine. we have a system and a front pushing through. we can see rain in new york city. behind it, snow from chicago, green bay, alpena into pittsburgh. snowfall amounts, real lake effect snowfall amounts. anywhere from 12 to 18 inches of snow buffalo to watertown. cleveland, three to six inches. beckley, 1 to 6. moves out quickly but a lot of
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cold air behind it. matt? >> we'll get your local forecast in a minute. now to presidential politics and the growing calls to end the attack against mitt romney's career as venture capitalist coming from some of the biggest names in the republican party. peter alexander is in columbia, south carolina, with e details on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. what's significant about today is mitt romney will be back in this state again trying to woo the veterans, but it is the conservative voters, the evangelical christians who make up eight of ten of the voters here. they could seal the romney victory if they continue to split between his opposition. mitt romney skipped ahead to south florida thursday. >> gosh, this feels like coming home to old friends. >> reporter: he rallied supporters and raised more cash. and romney is already spending
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including a new ad courting the latino vote. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> meanwhile the super pac supporting newt gingrich hammered away with attack ads targeting romney's time at bane capital. >> they don't care who i am. >> newt gingrich's attacks are called foolish, out of bounds and disgusting. >> gingrich kept stirring the pot. >> are you attacking bane or asking questions? >> asking questions. i'm shocked how defensive they are. >> many conservatives are criticizing newt gingrich for asking the question. donald trump called attacks on free enterprise a mistake. thursday, rick perry changed his tune backing off heated rhetoric he's been using all week against romney. but perry himself has taken more than 7 million dollars from venture capitalists like those at bane since 2000.
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thursday with laura ingram he was on the defensive. >> none of your guys are vultures? only romney's? >> look, romney's running for president and his record sbsh. >> yeah, you're running for president, too, and you have benefitted. >> reporter: and the field might be getting bigger. >> clearly my fellow south carolanics. snrvegs stephen colbert showed him leading new hampshire's third place finisher, jon hunts dn ma'am si am forming a committee to lay the groundwork for my possible candidacy for the president of the united states of south carolina. i'm doing it! [ cheers and applause ] >> drop 'em, jimmy! whoo! >> reporter: during his deliberations stephen colbert said my heart always leads me to me, but the website for the
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secretary of state in south carolina says primary write-ins are not allowed. and i'd like to add my voice to the chorus wishing "today" a happy anniversary. >> let's bring david gregory in. moderator of "meet the press." good morning. >> good morning, matt. >> it seems there is conflict and confusion. some of the candidates aren't sure of the record they want to send out. >> they think it's hurting them. they are hearing the chorus saying, don't do this. it does smack of desperation and something else. there is no alternative to romney. the best they have is an alternative idea which is not a separate narrative from what romney's offering. simply to say he'll have a problem against obama because of this issue. it's become complicated by even gingrich saying, i'm just asking questions. you know, this is part of the
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mix. i'm going to attack him for being a conservative. none of this is helping one alternative to emerge to challenge romney. >> what adds to the confusion is while the candidates may be saying one thing, the super pacs are clearly saying something else. i guess the question is what are the people of south carolina going to believe? >> well, they have to believe both and they have to believe it's all one message, even if you are not supposed to coordinate. if you're newt gingrich you're saying one thing on the stump, backing off the bane bashing for a day. that's going to go on and voters will see it. you see the evidence of what numerous republicans have been talking about. consolidation around romney. establishment support around him. leading conservative figures. jim demint, the senior senator who is all but endorsing him by
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saying he doesn't have a problem with him and some of the attacks are a mistake. >> he did endorse mitt romney in 2008. to this date he has remained neutral. i agree. his defense of mitt romney leads us in that direction. >> no question about it. could he tip the balance? he could help with social conservatives. he did endorse romney in 2008 against john mccain who only won with 33% in 2008. with a splintered field you look to see a potential result along the same rylines if romney doest do better. >> we talked about this. not only do the attacks hurt him in the primaries but if he become it is nominee they could spell trouble in the election. to that end look at the ad or footage released by the dnc. we'll talk about it on the other side.
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>> governor romney enjoys firing people. >> there is a difference between venture capitalism and vulture capitalism. >> is it too soon to tell what sort of gift they have give to barack obama and his campaign? >> it may be a stocking stuffer at this point. we know it will be a line of attack the president will use. i think romney, by the time of the general, will be well prepared if he's the nominee to take the issue on and make it part of a broader question about the economy. there is no question that the president will pick up this baton and run with it. >> who do you have sunday on "meet the press"? >> newt gingrich on his final stand in south carolina. also the majority leader of the senate harry reid to talk about the year we'll see out of washington. i will add my voice, too. happy 6-0, matt. >> we are the second longest running show behind your program. >> thanks, matt. >> now to the medical emergency
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for heather locklear. she's being treated at a southern california hospital after being rushed from her home in an ambulance. kristen dahlgren has details now. good morning to you. >> good morning, ann. a hospital spokesperson tells us heather locklear is resting comfortably after being kept overnight for evaluation. thursday afternoon a 911 call from heather locklear's mansion. the star's sister called in a medical emergency. she was rushed to a nearby hospital where officials won't say what the 50-year-old star is being treated for. >> heather's family wants her fans to know that she is doing well. she's out of harm's way. she's in no danger. they are looking forward to her getting very well again and bringing her home. >> reporter: hospital officials say locklear's parents were at her side but not ava, locklear's
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daughter. in these photos the actress and her companion appear to be flayfully scuffling over a drink. >> i can't stand being hurt. >> reporter: locklear has been in the public eye for decades from "dynasty" to the new "melrose place." she broke off an engagement to costar jack wagner. >> this is a high profile break-up. they said there were family issues, because of their kids but they had dated for so long off and on. >> reporter: in recent years locklear has been no stranger to the tabloids. she was arrested in 2008 on suspicion of dui but pled no contest. >> there was another incident in 2008 where her doctor called 911 reportedly because of a suicide attempt. she did check herself into a
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medical facility to treat anxiety and depression. >> reporter: we reached out to locklear's representatives who had no comment. the hospital said she's medically stable but they won't say when she'll be released. >> thank you so much. >> rhelet us get a check on thep stories with natalie at the news desk. good morning to you. >> good morning. we begin with the fallout from the video of marines desecrating the bodies of taliban militants. jim miklaszewski has the latest on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. military investigators are looking into possible criminal charges against the four marines who appear in the offensive video that sent shock waves around the world. the video, first posted on the x intercept, sent the marine corps into a tail spin. four marines in full gear are seen urinating on dead
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militants. they called it appalling and outrageous. >> that kind of behavior is deplorable. icon democr i condemn it. >> reporter: in kabul president karzai called the marines' action insane and demanded they be severely punished. the pentagon fears like the torture photos from iraq this video could be useded to rally forces. >> events like abu grabe certainly acted as a recruiting tool for al qaeda. certainly we are concerned about any backlash that might occur. >> reporter: how could this happen? military investigators will try to determine if there was a breakdown this the marine command. >> our values are maintained by our rgsergeants at platoon leve.
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these people are in brutal combat. they are young. they turn into animals if you're not careful. >> if court martialed and convicted the four marines could face jail time. >> we are reading reports the u.s. issued a new direct warning to iran that it must not close the strait of hormuz. what can you tell us? >> reporter: one of the fears is the iranians aren't taking warnings seriously and a miscalculation at sea by iranian forces could lead to war. the u.s. is trying to make it abundantly clear if iran tries to close the strait of hormuz, the american military will respond with devastating force. >> jim miklaszewski, thank you. newly released documents revealing that the federal reserve was largely unprepared for the housing crisis. transcripts show as ben bernanke led his first meeting back in 2006 he downplayed seriousness
7:17 am
of plummeting home prices saying the nation would have a soft landing. within a year the collapse of the housing bubble would send the u.s. into the worst recession since the 1930s. orange juice is staying on shelves as the fda said it is still safe to drink despite containing low level of an illegal fung side used on trees in brazil. coca-cola said the residue was present in its own orange juice and that of its competitors. the government has increased testing prompting rising prices. when you empty the pockets for the tsa, make sure to fill them back up. nationwide people left behi hih spare change and the tsa is keeping it. jfk made $47,000 in loose
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change. and there is a new voice joining the twittersphere. the first lady century out her first tweet. she's racked up a quarter million followers and has been welcomed by the twit rer in chief himself which is her husband. she said she's looking forward to staying in touch with everyone and is using the the account already to call for a day of service for martin luther king day on monday. you're up to date now. back to ann, matt and al. when i don't r you joining twitter? >> tom brokaw joined yesterday. sent his first tweet. it may be in my near future. >> tom brokaw's second tweet was about the party we had to celebrate the anniversary. the second tweet was "where's the keg"? >> hasn't changed a bit. mr. roker is here with a look at the weather. >> as we check out what's happening today besides the
7:19 am
lake-effect snow we have air stagnation problems in the northwest. sunshine through california. gorgeous in l.a., 79. sunshine along the coast. lake-effect snow and windy. the front moves through, airport delays boston, new york, newark, washington, d.c. and philadelphia. >> good morning. the storm is pulling out of the area. strong northwest wind and some colder temperatures are moving in. in. and that's your latest weather. >> thanks so much, al. still ahead, our anniversary ex
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tr extrav gan za is about to kick into high gear with anchors of the past. >> remember the ad campaign that called us america's first family? we are honored to have a message from america's real first family. take a look. >> good morning, everyone. happy 60th anniversary to the "today" show. >> so many americans start their day right here watching all of you as they get ready for work and send their kids off to school. >> over generations it's become a place where people tune in to see how their world has changed overnight. we are pleased to help you cell appreciate this remarkable milestone. >> we know you will have many years of success. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> i wanted to say that. >> sorry.
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apparently somehow word got out we're having our 60th anniversary because there is a huge crowd outside. >> there's a big crowd having fun down stairs on the lower level. we have a photo booth where people are getting together and having pictures taken. that's a good group. >> oh, my goodness. >> how many can fit in there? >> any good party has a photo booth. we have a spanking tunnel. all kinds of things lined up for this morning. >> it will be fun. >> great shots already. >> more after your local news. [ woman ] for months, i had this deep pain all over my body.
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new worlds to be explored and hearts to be won. quaker oats. energy to get you going, fiber to help fill you up and help keep your heart healthy. super people eat super grains. >> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. here's a look at one of our top stories. it is plenty cold. city officials have issued a code blue alert today did temperatures will fall below freezing over the next few days. city shelters will extend hours and emergency workers will reach out to th moste vulnerable
7:27 am
residence. find a list of shelters on our website, >> the valley getting reports of the slick conditions in carroll county. if you travel on a liberty road, accident still being cleared there. david avenue and wrights mill road, our latest crash coming in. outer loop approaching stevenson, this crash is off to the side, but still tapping the brakes. the delays on southbound 95, where it is six miles per hour. if you are going to travel north on pretend, for his branch road, watch for an accident. lothian and a front row. this is the pace of things from security down through to edmondson. franklin boulevard, thankfully, no delays to report here. looking like a pretty nice ride towards the beltway. john collins has a look at the
7:28 am
forecast. >> dust-up of snow in carroll and baltimore county. most of the precipitation has moved out of the area. 35 degrees at b.w.i. marshall. right now the winds are gusting to 33 in the west. humidity is 61% to 36 to 42 for the high today. clouds, sunshine, and wind. maybe an afternoon flurry. 36 to 42 for the high. 36 to 42 for the high.
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7:30 now on this friday morning, the 13th of january, 2012. you are looking at the 343, a fire boat from the fdny helping celebrate today at 60 with lady liberty in new york harbor. the boat is part of the marine one division named in honor of the 343 fdny who died on 9/11. right now the crew is putting on a spectacular display. you can see the colors in the distance of "today" show.
7:31 am
>> there's the sta tten island ferry. >> also in the right color. >> exactly. >> how nice that they have done that for us. meanwhile on the plaza i'm ann curry with al roker, matt lauer and natalie morales. >> norgs is onew york city is o home and in many ways it is the fifth cast member at times. we are honored to have the mayor of new york city, michael bloomberg with us this morning. great to see you. you brought a gift? >> this makes "today" show day official. it is the only proclamation i'm giving out today for "today" show. it started in 1952, none of you were born. i was 10. look how far we've come. >> new york city is a fifth character on the show and this is a great tourist destination
7:32 am
which i know you're proud of as well. >> this show set it is standard in television. you should be proud and everyone who worked here. >> i'm excited because our name. >> we might be able to get you an extra copy. >> as long as al has good weather for us. >> we promise. >> michael bloomberg, great to have you here. thank you very much. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> let's look at the long weekend in honor of martin luther king. showers in the pacific northwest tomorrow. windy in the northeast. snowshowers in new england. sunny but cool through the south. sunday, frigid in new england. more rain in the pacific northwest. showers in southern california. showers in the central gulf coast. on monday, martin luther king, jr., day. frigid in new england with more rain. snow in the rockies. rain from the ohio river valley
7:33 am
to the lower mississippi. t >> good morning. the rain and snow are pulling out of the area. we may see a flurry this afternoon. afternoon. most of that's just beautiful. can we lose the super there? i don't mean to direct for joe michaels. there's another one. lose that super! get your weather any time day or night. go to the weather channel on cable or matt? >> thank you very much. now to the most unusual mayoral
7:34 am
race in the country. voters in cheboygan, wisconsin, have to decide whether to throw out their current mayor. john yang is there. >> reporter: they are just four days from making the decision. the trigger for the recall election are a series of events involving the mayor who is an acknowledged alcoholic that residents say has held up the city to national ridicule. mayor bob lyon said he wants to be known for his efforts to r revitalize the city. instead he's gained notoriety for a series of alcohol-related incidents dating back to this cell phone video months after taking office. last july he admits he went on a three-day bender, once pass out in a tavern. he makes no e excuses and
7:35 am
acknowledges his problem. >> i'm a binge drinker. i can go for a week or two without a drink. when i was drinking, i was drinking. >> reporter: he said he's been sober for six months and his drinking never interfered with his officially duties but he's a national punch line. >> here's another one of those stupid men behaving badly stories. >> the mayor of sheboygan, wisconsin, has apologized. >> reporter: last summer council members began efforts to throw him out of office a. a citizens group worked for a recall election in order to preserve the integrity of the mayor's office. >> my problems with alcohol never interfered with my office. i have never misadd day of work. i have never come to the office intoxicated. >> reporter: it's a judgment voters are making. >> ryan is an embarrassment to the city but he's done a good
7:36 am
job. >> there are worse things than someone get drunk. >> if it happened once, okay. but it happened repeatedly. >> reporter: there is a field of challengers including a restaurant busboy and a musician. perhaps the most unusual candidate is asher himerman who is just 18 years old. >> it will be the first time i'm voting. >> reporter: and you will be on the ballot. >> so your first vote will be for yourself. >> yep. >> reporter: with eight names on the ballot it increases nub of them will get the 50% they need. in that case there will be a run-off in february. >> john, thank you very much. up next, what you can learn about gop presidential candidates from their homes. we have an inside look and more of the special celebration as we mark 60 years on air with the return of your favorite an course. first, these messages. [ male announcer ] how about we make a big change
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back now at 7:40 with an unusual look at the gop presidential field. each hopes to move into 1600 pennsylvania avenue but what can you tell about them by their current home. barbara corcoran is here. good morning. >> good morning. we're snooping today. >> this is something you read about in the new york times magazine. what can you learn about theme from their home? >> you can learn a lot. they are all very, very rich. but when you look at the homes they reflect the individual's personality. i think you will get a kick out of seeing how different they are. >> let's start with the man to beat, mitt romney, who's won in iowa and natural and is looking good in south carolina. he's giving you a lot to chew on. he has six homes. first is his lakeside compound which is worth $10 million for
7:42 am
the one home. it has a main house, boat house and guest house. it is the kind of house i can picture the romneys baking apple pie but i doubt they have time. everything about the house says, i have arrived and i'm important and tasteful. >> looks like a great kitchen, big family. >> big family house. >> let's move to ron paul. he has a different home. his home is in lake jackson, texas, outside of houston. it's a four bedroom. he's trying to sell it for $325,000. >> the message is look at me, i'm a regular guy. i it's a typical ranch from the outside but is huge inside. 5,500 square feet but it ain't fancy. four bedrooms, five bathrooms and an in-ground pool. he's trying to sell it online by himself. he mustn't be a good dell gator in my mind. it's over priced because it was
7:43 am
appraised at $282,000. and he ought to clean the place up a little bit. >> you will get a call from him. >> oh, my gosh. >> jon huntsman, the former utah governor who lives in d.c. has a beautiful brownstone. >> a mansion. >> look at it. it's large. it has a lot of art. >> a lot of art, a lot of formality. >> something out of architectural digest. >> this is his parents' compound in deer valley, utah. 12 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms. it's a ski chalet on 63 acres worth $50 million. it's for sale now. what's great is when jon huntsman gets tired of the city he can go chill out on the many couches. >> let's move on to newt gingrich. he lives in virginia.
7:44 am
this house is also near where dick cheneyy lives. you say he's a good real estate investor. >> he is. he bought the house is it years ago for $995,000. right now it's worth so much more because he bought it in the best part of the best town where the power brokers live. that's a house he'll do well with. >> rick santorum has a house also in virginia. he bought it in 2007. it's in great falls. sounds like a nice name for a town. >> it's a nice investment, the most affluent town in america. this guy bought the top of the line. he paid $2 million. it was assessed recently for only $1.4 million. five baths. but the highlight of the house is the amazing gable dormers,
7:45 am
portico and the long, long driveway which says, i am rich. >> last but not least let's talk about rick perry. he lived in the governor's mansion but he had to move during reconstruction. >> he and his wife had to move up the hill. they didn't move spo any old temporary home. they moved into a three and a half acre estate so secluded no one could get a picture of it. $9,900 a month. he will have trouble moving back into the governor's mansion after the rental. more bells and whistles than any house i have seen and he's temporarily living there. >> there are comal tis. >> of course. they are all big, wealthy homes. and they are all traditional. that say, i want to be president. easy for them to move into the white house. >> barbara, thank you so much for a look at the presidential field on the republican side.
7:46 am
just ahead we'll kick our "today" at 60 celebration into high gear with a special reunion over all the anchors you have known and loved through the years. first, these messages. ♪ you signed up weeks ago ♪ sunlight says get up and go ♪ mountain-grown aroma coming through ♪ ♪ a new challenge waits for you ♪ ♪ ♪ jumpin' into something new ♪ you really see all you can do ♪ ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup
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welcome back to a very special friday edition of "today" as we celebrate our 60th anniversary. right now we have come down to a spot in the studio we don't show you often. just outside our control room to an area we are now proud of. >> that's right. this is where a lot of dpeguest enter. this is something just for our anniversary. if we can take it off. there we have a monitor that's going to constantly be playing pictures from days gone by. what's also interesting are the names around it. we have the signatures of virtually everyone who's been an anchor on the show. >> it's our hall of fame. >> it is. we have jane pauley, katie
7:51 am
cour couric, bryant gumbel. >> gene shalit. >> we don't have frank mcgee. if you have one, let us know. >> we got to go to the empire state building yesterday and flip the switch to light it up for all the fabulous "today" show colors. >> that was great. there we go. >> this week has been about this great celebration. we had a party last night and, boy, was it a party. we were there on the red carpet. there's barbara. hugh. >> everybody from the past, present and future. >> we threw down with pitbull. >> and flo rid ara. >> there's pitbull. >> brought down the house. after him, flo rida not only performed, he ripped his shirt off. >> and al ripped his shirt off.
7:52 am
>> and then i ripped my shirt off. >> look at hoda. >> it was a night to remember. >> we had a great time. >> coming up, more of the celebration. we'll gather those former anchors were great memories. first your local news and weather. [ female announcer ] what do you want to gain this year? [ woman ] sass! [ laughs ] [ woman ] passion! courage. that sounds like me! joy! [ female announcer ] special k now has all new personalized plans. you pick the food you want to eat... your goal weight... your timeline... and what you most want to gain. i'd really like to be the person i know i can be. [ female announcer ] all new personalized plans. free at what will you gain when you lose?
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7:56 am
>> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. here is sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> it has been a busy ride. icy conditions in the tower atop the vicinity. if you travel in the city, pedestrian-and off crashed at coldspring and greenspring ave. otherwise, getting back to carroll county, clean mill road and richards lane, accident wrapping up. woodstock and david avenue, wrights mill road.
7:57 am
delays may be in place on southbound 95 past 195 with an accident coming in. vehicle fire at essex. we are seeing some out of the delays on the north side. a couple of other things to get to bid accident southbound 83 past mount carmel. and we're hearing that some horses got loose so there is police activity there. dulaney valley, delays on the outer loop. 83 and now, all, yes, we are seeing delays falling into place due to the accident just passed out carmel. john come over to you. >> our storm system is spinning around the great lakes. the bulk of the precipitation has pulled out of the area. strong northwest winds. 32 at the airport. west winds, 35.
7:58 am
36 to 42, the temperature range today. with the strong winds gusting to 40, it will feel like 20 at times. long-term forecast
7:59 am
8:00 am
this is a new program if you find your tv working instead of a test pattern called "today" from the nbc communications center in radio city, new york, from the rca exhibition hall if you know where that is. we have people on their way to work looking at us through the big glass window. it's that time right now, isn't
8:01 am
it? >> it sounds amazing but it was 60 years ago this week that something revolutionary was happening right here in rockefeller plaza. "today" was changing the way america started their day and who they starteded it with. >> we'd like to introduce you to some of the people you have been sharing your lives with. >> good morning. my name is barbara walters. >> i'm hugh downs. i began anchoring in 1962. at the time barbara was, in effect, my producer. she wrote and produced the segment that welcomed me to the program. >> i like to pretend i made him a star. but the truth is eventually it was hugh who took me from behind the scenes to in front of the camera. i was hired for 15 weeks. i stayed on for 15 years. and when hugh left the program
8:02 am
it wasn't a good experience. he didn't like sharing the chair with a woman as hugh did. he didn't want me to participate in the news interviews. we finally compromised that i can come in and ask the questions. more important to the program in 1974 i became the first female coanchor of "today." i'm proud of that. since then every woman on "today" has been a coanchor and they have been great. >> who are those people. >> i'm jim hartz. i was barbara's first official coanchor. i still feel like somebody reset my biological clock at 4:00. it's nice knowing i don't have to be cute or clever. >> but you are cute and clever. >> i thought i came here to audition for "dancing with the stars." i'm confused. i'm tom brokaw. i became an anchor here at "today" in 1976.
8:03 am
>> i'm jane pauley. i was the first baby boomer on "today" and i was still wearing braces. >> i remember the first time i was "today." with my wife meredith i stood outside as a tourist. i said, watch "today" in omaha with tom brokaw. i was dorky, but it worked out. a little over ten years later viewers watched many e on the big show with my pal jane. >> until i joined you and they were watching my hair or maybe willard. >> i tell you, folks. i'm willard scott and i'm still on the "today" show. [ cheers and applause ] >> am i the only one who didn't make rehearsal? when tom left it was my turn. i'm bryant gumbel. i replaced tom as anchor in 1982. i had the pleasure of sharing the desk with these two --
8:04 am
>> i think we're engaged. >> i shared it with a lot of people and i had the great fortune of being with three wonderful co-hosts. >> i was one of them. hi, i'm deborah norville. the 1990s started with bryant and me on the "today" show. it was an amazing time to do morning news. i left in 1991 when i had my first child. every time i watched i loved to hear our stage manager's laugh. i listen for you every day. >> point well taken. i spent 15 years here interviewing everyone from presidents to pop stars, but i actually miss the guys on the crew. mark, ropes, jimmy, b, all the guys. oh, my goodness. they let you in the building? >> it's a temporary i.d. and it
8:05 am
expires in 15 minutes. anyway, i'm katie couric. i started coanchoring "today" in 1991. i never in a million years imagined i would get a job like this. i used to watch jane and tom when i first got into television. >> ever since you were a baby girl. >> and you as well, bryant. it was 15 wonderful years for me as well. >> let's go now. i'm al roker. i have been telling you what's in your neck of the woods since 1996. sadly they haven't figured out how to get rid of me yet. >> i'm matt lauer. >> they want to talk to you after the show. >> i have been with the show in one way or another for 18 years. >> that's right, matt. i'm ann curry. i became news anchor in 1997. clearly some of us are holding out for a place on the smucker's jar. >> is this where we cue meredith? >> very, very funny, bryant.
8:06 am
i meap, matt. i'm meredith vieira. >> so here is a look at the rest of the team. natalie, hoda, kathie lee. as we widen out, take a look at all of the hosts of this show over the last 60 years. [ applause ] >> we have all loved being a part of your lives. we're just now getting started as we look at everyone. we've got some things coming up. >> we're going to sit down and talk with these folks. that could be perilous. right after this. >> in five minutes. >> way to go, guys. [ applause ] [ female announcer ] therese uses dove. molly, ordinary soap.
8:07 am
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8:09 am
ask your doctor if dulera can help you breathe easier. ♪ back now with more of our special "today at 60" celebration. during the past six decades we have been with you through national tragedy and international celebration. >> in a moment we'll talk with our former anchors. first now a look back at the joy and sorrow witnessed here on "today" since 1952. >> it's like no other television show. it's to fill in the news on the world every morning and to be a friend in the house. >> well, here we are. good morning to you.
8:10 am
the very first good morning of what i hope and expect to be a great many good mornings between you and i. >> this show has been witness to so much of what's shaped our lives over the last 60 years. >> today! >> welcome to "today." the most inspiring people have been on this broadcast. >> it was a great invention of pat weaver to come on and put something on at that hour. >> dave garroway was a master communicator. he was in a sense a showman. the window was his thing. >> we're in a fish bowl. you can look out the window and see the people looking in at us. another hard-working fellow is j. fred muggs. >> he had a chimp. >> do you remember me? well, thank you. >> there was a time on the show where women were viewed as the today girls.
8:11 am
>> back in those days the women were the ones being chased around the desk. then there was barbara sitting at the desk and commanding attention. >> barbara walters here this morning. >> barbara was a true trail blazer. >> did i answer your question? >> you certainly did. >> you're katie couric. i don't want to get in a fight with you. >> women evolved and took a more prominent role in the workplace. we took a more prominent role on "today." >> every woman on the "today" show is now a coanchor. that's my legacy. >> a news and special event program geared to keep people in touch with the world. >> it was the first television interview with any president. >> this is a great country. it deserve it is best of all of us. >> every single major news event in the history of these 60 years has been on this broadcast.
8:12 am
>> the eagle has landed. >> a guy came tearing out of the door with a big long piece of paper and said, they got kennedy. >> the president of the united states is dead. >> this is the honor guard of president kennedy. >> when iinterviewed dr. martin luther king, jr., i realized he wasn't working for the black race. he was working for the human race. >> dr. martin luther king died violently last night. >> it was a turbulent time in america. it was the vietnam war. there were the riots. we probably did more on watergate than any other program. >> his resignation takes effect at noon today. >> people turned on the "today" show to see if the world was still there. we were rea assuring faces. >> i started watching the "today" show in the '70th with jane pauley and tom brokaw.
8:13 am
>> when i was on we had the hostages taken in iran. >> i'm tom brokaw reporting from saint peters square. >> shots were fired and the pope was wounded. john lennon, shot and killed in new york last night. >> john lennon's death affected me greatly. >> really a seminole moment in "today" history. >> u.s. military build-up in saudi arabia. >> we were the first ones there for desert storm. >> i can't believe i will be going into the shuttle. >> the space shuttle tragedy forever in our memory. >> the teacher. the wall in berlin still stands but it is no longer a barrier. >> a morning of terror. that's what we have had. >> on this show we have covered historic moments. so many joyous moments. >> here we go! yeah. that's it. >> so many tragic moments.
8:14 am
>> we want to go live now and show you a picture of the world trade center. >> those planes hit those towers on our air. >> firefighters and police officers -- >> i have never felt so much responsibility in my life. >> it was clearly a turning point in my career. i think it was a turning point in the history of the show. >> we are living through another day of infamy for this country. >> we as journalists set the right tone, telling people what they should consider. >> if i look at 60 years as a major accomplishment, something we'll be able to tell our children about. >> and a very big welcome to all of you. jim hartz, barbara walters, tom brokaw, jane pauley. >> deborah norville, bryant gumbel, katie couric and meredith vieira. >> good morning. you all spent time here and went
8:15 am
on to do other great things in your careers. barbara, what was different about your time at "today"? >> before we start, tom and i have a question of you. tom? >> we want to know whether we are getting paid after a minimum. >> extremely minimum. >> no, we are not and that has not changed. what was your question? >> what was different about your time here? i get that a lot actually. what was different about your time here as compared to other things you have done in your career? >> this is what launched me, i think. and i said early on i'm proud of the fact that during my time and after, every woman on the show was considered a co-host. it's a different atmosphere and we all feel choked up seeing each other. essentially the program has remained the same. you get up to find out is the world still there, is everything okay. it is our responsibility.
8:16 am
we're the people you trust. >> matt, really, the genius of pat weaver is true today. it's the electronic breakfast table, the great national morning newspaper. you connect with an audience in a way i don't in any other part of my career because people wake up, go through your personal experiences, their changes. they are witness to great news events of the time, celebration and tragedy. it goes on for two hours. >> i was uniquely pregnant on this program a couple of times. in 1983 it was the biggest thing in north america. working women was the story and working mothers. i never introduced my children on "today." the connection between the audience and the family on the show is such that people still ask me today, how are the twins?
8:17 am
>> people set their daily routine by the routine we set here on "today." at 7:07 when the first interview is beginning if they haven't gotten the kids up they will be late for school. when local news happens if you don't have the makeup on you're behind. that's ingrained in people's daily lives. >> when jim weaver had the idea, they said, are you nuts? nobody will tune in at 7:00 in the morning. no, if there is no program on. >> i like to think i set the tone for where in the world is matt lauer. in 1976 i went to every state in the union. we had a live show every friday morning. that gave me a real feeling for the people. we can get stuck in new york city and you forget the rest of the country is out there west of the hudson river. that's the sort of thing that always kept in touch with the country. >> uncharacteristically quiet in
8:18 am
the back row. >> exactly. you know, one of the things i'm proudest of, matt and ann, about my participation is not only the people on camera, but behind the scenes we have some of the best producers and bookers. we could cover these stories at breakneck speed. i remember being at a broadway matinee and the executive producer said, you need to go to littleton, colorado, and cover the shooting at columbine high school. barely 12, 18 hours later i was sitting with michael shoals who lost his son and craig scott who lost his sister rachel in the pitch dark freezing colorado morning. the snow was falling in the background. it was so immediate and so raw. it was so profound to see these two people coming together in their grief. i was so proud. i was really just a conduit for
8:19 am
the interview. we were able to get these people to share their stories so immediately after their losses. >> when so many people in america were watching that, they felt a coming together. it was a really important moment. go ahead, meredith. >> the moment i realized how important the show is to everybody out there was virginia tech. we had been to a candlelight vigil during the evening. one of the students came up to me and said, can i just get a hug? he's so connected with us as family and his mom and dad were not there. he was sad because of what happened. i was sort of a surrogate mom or this show was a surrogate mom for him. >> family. >> a member of his family. >> i'm kind of the odd ball here. >> i'll second that. >> when i first came to the program i had never been a regular viewer of morning television. as most people know i came from the world of sports.
8:20 am
>> yeah, you got up at noon. >> and he still does. >> as tom and jane can tell you there was a bit of resentment that a guy from the sports world was coming to sit in the hallowed chair tom had occupied. i would be lying if i said it was a wonderful transition. but we went to the soviet union which we now take for granted that programs come from russia. back then that hadn't happened. it also was the first time they had seen somebody who had been talking to linebackers and quarterbacks talking to the heads of the kremlin. it was a breakthrough time. it's when it dawned on me that maybe this job is something special. >> we did the first satellite broadcast, all that time ago. the first regularly scheduled program. i was in france. you were at buckingham palace. we said, cue the pope. he came in. >> this is a family show. a news show and it shows you the
8:21 am
world. >> i made no secret of the fact that i watched bryant gumbel, tom and everybody else very carefully before i had the job. of the hosts that are here who did you spend the most time watching? >> frank mcgee. he was an old friend of mine from oklahoma. he was on right before i was. >> i grew up with dave garroway. i liveded in a remote part of the country. we didn't get television until 1955. for that to come into the living room we would watch dave garroway whoft was a maestro. it elevated everybody in the country, especially in the heartland. you got to visit cultural sites and go to washington, d.c. on a daily basis over the breakfast table. that's when we began to think, gee, that's a world i would like to be part of. >> i used to watch jane.
8:22 am
i would model my hair styles after jane. she was in many ways my mary tyler moore. she was a role model for me and barbara, of course, who paved the way for all of us. we saw possibilities not just in television but in the working world through these women. >> i don't think any of us watched jane, bryant or tom and thought, one day i would have that job. i don't think any of us would have been so bold. >> tom and i were together in local news in l.a. back in -- and if you would have asked us back then could we wind up here? >> i watched "captain kangaroo." >> hugh, who were you watching?
8:23 am
garroway, of course. he moved to new york in '52. so i watched him. i admired his approach. it was so easy-going and so ad libbed that he was a little bit new then. a lot of people i knew in television at the time had what they would call an air personality. the audience never falls for it. you have to be yourself or you're dead. >> we have more work ahead for you. we'll talk about the fun we have all had, specifically you folks, over the last 60 years. first, these messages. i don't want healthy skin for a day.
8:24 am
i want healthy skin for life. [ female announcer ] don't just moisturize, improve the health of your skin with aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. the natural oatmeal formula goes beyond 24-hour moisture. it's clinically proven to improve your skin's health in one day, with significant improvement in 2 weeks. for healthy, beautiful skin that lasts. i found a moisturizer for life. [ female announcer ] aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. and for healthy, beautiful hair, try nourish plus haircare. only from aveeno. as we gather to celebrate 60 years of "today," there are people we specifically want to mention as members of our family
8:25 am
who are not here this morning. we have joe garagiola who joined "today" with barbara walters and hugh downs. he retired in 1990 as a co-host of "today" with bryant gumbel and deborah norville. we just love joe. he couldn't make it today. >> of course our friend gene shalit. say it, brian. >> green salad. >> he couldn't join us either. as only he could do gene sent pictures of himself with geno, the muppet jim henson made for him years ago. gene added dialogue to express his thoughts on 60 years. gene says, you're no dummy. >> geno says, let's welcome the "today" alumni to the 60th anniversary and gene says, so many friends, i wish we were
8:26 am
there. from g ereno, gene and joe we w you were here with us today. >> much more with the former an course and the funniest moments from "today's" first 60 years after your local news an >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. let's get back on the morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> very busy, particularly for motorists in carroll county. new accident in sykesville. shot down in this out that direction at deer park road. another crash at mount airy near main street, possible delays. westside filling up quickly in the outer loop beyond 7952 it edmondson.
8:27 am
another one involving a pedestrian at coldspring lane and greenspring ave. north side outer the, pulaski highway and ebenezer road, you might find a backup due to an accident in the white marsh area. here is what it looks like at dulaney valley. sun glare coming into play on the outer loop. 95 out of white marsh, backed up towards the 895 split. john has a look at the forecast. >> precipitation we had earlier today is a mixture of rain and snow. very light, although there is an icy situation north of us. temperatures have gotten cold it down to 32 at the airport. winds gusting to 32 miles per hour. we may take 30 to up to 38 for the high today. the wind chill factor will make it feel more like the 20's.
8:28 am
clouds, sunshine, and wind up today. clouds will drift back in. 36 to 42 for the high. not very warm. when it makes it feel colder. >> another update at 8:55.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ celebrate good times ♪ come on ♪ celebrate
8:31 am
>> 8:30 now on this friday morning, the 13th of january 2012. you're looking at the skyliners helping us celebrate 60 years of "today." i don't know if you can see it but they have made a 60 on the ice this morning. we thank them for that. and it's cold out there. anyway, outside on the plaza i'm ann curry alongside the entire "today" show gang. we have matt lauer, al roker. [ cheers and applause ] >> look at them out there freezing their butts off all morning. coming up, we'll talk about the lighter side of "today." our archives are filled with flubs and bloopers and blunders. those are just from the last week. but we have others that e we'll
8:32 am
share with you and talk to our former anchor about those later on. >> thelma and louise. >> we're going to talk about what they miss most about "today." >> and we have a lot more surprises in store for you ahead as well coming up. >> first a check of the weather. it's blowy, blustery and cold for people on the ice. >> absolutely. let's look at the martin luther king, jr., weather weekend. we have lake effect snow. frigid around the great lakes. sunny and cool. sunday, sunny and cool with showers through texas. wet in the pacific northwest. frigid in new england. monday the cold weather stays there. we have rain from ohio down into the lower mississippi river valley. showers in the pacific northwest and mountain show snous through the rockies. >> good morning. the rain and snow are pulling
8:33 am
out of the area. we may see a flurry this afternoon. most of and that's your latest weather. >> we have gotten some e-mails. you may have noticed earlier when ann was in studio she has an unusual but appropriate dress on today. >> let me see if i can flash you a little bit. >> there we go. >> you're wearing the flag. >> i know. it is. >> you didn't just find it off the rack? >> no. i'm showing my love. by may only be able to wear this
8:34 am
once. >> ten years from now, bring it up again. we'll be back with funny moments from our past with the former anchors. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
♪ some of the "today" show staffers in the background there getting in the spirit of 1952 as we welcome you back to this special edition of "today" celebrating 60 years on the air. we pride ourselves on delivering the most important stories of the kay but we also like to have fun. >> it's been constant on "today" right from the start. [ rooster crowing ] ♪ good morning good morning ♪
8:37 am
>> the question i get more than any other is what time do you wake snup. >> what time do you get up? >> holy smoke, look at the time. >> 4:10. >> 3:30. >> i was afraid the alarm wouldn't go off. >> chronic lack of sleep. >> i didn't like getting up before health care in the morning but i did like doing the show. >> a good bit of what television is about is bringing people into houses all over the country. >> "today" show is your window to america. >> welcome to studio 1a. >> i love the part where we go out and talk to folks. >> can we say hello to our children? >> right there, there they are. >> it affords us this incredible variety of subject matter. >> this year vinyl is the most
8:38 am
exciting new fashion fab ruk. we really began this on "today." we would do the secretary of state and then a piece on me being a playboy bunny. >> you make a cute bunny. >> you have to shift hats back and forth. >> i interviewed a dog who would say -- >> she doesn't want to stop saying "i love you". >> i interviewed yas is s ar-- arafat, howard stern and miss piggy in the same week. >> i'll tell you what you do to imitate bette davis. it's simple. >> i think one, two. >> okay.
8:39 am
one, two. >> the funniest single moment i have had on live television was gene's interview with carol channing. >> what's the matter with you? >> do you believe i got to interview george burns? >> you were gorgeous. >> it's my story, jane. i'm going to tell it. >> you want to ask something stupid. >> i had an interview with tom cruise that took on a life of its own. >> matt, you don't even -- you're glib. >> her daughter was wearing this dress. she was about 12. >> that was ridiculous. >> we'll go down the champs elysees. >> we are in mexico. >> pearl harbor. >> romania. >> we took people all over the world. >> our "today" trip to africa which for me was a personal
8:40 am
mission. >> for africa and from africa, peace. >> doing the olympics is really a privilege. >> where in the world is matt lauer? >> this show opened my eyes to the world. . >> on this side, the southern hemisphere. this side, northern. >> for the first time ever we traveled to tends of the earth today. >> we touched down at the south pole. >> yes! >> best thing i like is when j. fred muggs is on. >> you got your own desk. go away. >> hold it, wait a minute. america isn't ready for this. that's a lot of ooh wakawaka wetty wetty. here he comes now. >> i was doing commercials. they were live. i had a good time. >> here's barbara walters with a report on a discotheque.
8:41 am
>> we had time for fun. >> come here, bryant. give me a hug. ♪ for your love >> somehow we ended up on stage with stevie wonder as backup singers. it was the worst thing i have done. >> it was so wrong. >> we started many of the traditions the program has now. one being halloween. >> a long leg came out of the limousi limousine. suddenly, it was matt. >> it was so wrong. he had obviously been in a dress before. >> so many people worked here. >> it was an integral part of the program. >> this dad, so incredibly talented. >> it's one of the things that made the show great over the
8:42 am
years. >> coming up next we'll talk about those fun moments and more with all of "today's" anchors. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
back now at 8:44. more of our coverage of today a as 60 as we catch up with our favorite an course and yours as well. we just saw the fun moments where one day you're interviewing the president, the next day flying on a wire like peter pan across the plaza. jim, you were saying early on you didn't have as much fun when you were having the show. when do we think it shifted that we were allowed to codo that? >> in the '70s we used to get bomb threats. occasionally they would bring in
8:45 am
a dog to sniff around. one morning barbara and i were there and the dog came in. she was reading the paper. she said, what's going on. i said, there was a bomb threat. she said, what time is it supposed to go off? i said, well -- 7:00. judging from the list today it will last until about 9:00. >> something we all go through, even today. because the show is live and there are certain times you have to go to a station break or commercial. i used to say, when i touch your leg you have -- >> don't ever take your hand off my leg. >> when i touch your leg you will know it's time to wrap it up. he said, what are you doing riding up my pants? >> i think my favorite guest we had on in terms of spontaneity was alan arkin.
8:46 am
a very reserved actor. he came in and was scheduled to be on in the first hour. he had little to say. he was ooh great yoga master, was sitting there quietly. we had a segment drop out so they said, get arkin in there now. five, four, three, two, one. they drag him in, sit him down. i begin the interview and he said, wait a minute. 15 seconds ago i was standing at the urinal in the restroom. my hands are still wet. a woman grabbed me out of there and i'm on "today" show. >> oh, my. >> speaking of urinal stories. just real quick the story about the nervous guest. >> oh, you know. we were taking a break and i was in a stall in the men's room. that's okay for a starter. i realized i have to get back
8:47 am
out there. this guy came in. he was going to be on in the 8:00 hour. he was looking in the mirror and said, well, mr. gumbel, i believe -- he said, mr. gumbel, i believe. well, mr. gumbel. he's rehearsing. i thought, if i walk out of the stall he'll never come back. soy can't make my presence known. finally he leaves, i barely made it back to the set. jim said, where have you been? 15 minutes later i asked the guy the question. he goes, well, mr. gumbel -- >> you never knew what was going to happen with the animals. jim fouler would bring them. they were taking your jewelry off. >> going down your shirt. i like that actually. >> we were not there with dave garroway instead of the today girl he had a chimp.
8:48 am
j. fred muggs. >> whenever i'm asked the weirdest thing that happened to me on "today" this pops into my mind. it's a weird story. but we needed a piano for an upcoming musical -- one of the first musical features we had. the piano arrived and two guys came in. they had the bill of lading and everything. they said, bring it in, put it over near the window. the guy said, okay, bring it in. the other guy said, you bring it in. he said, i don't have it. i thought you had it. they lost the piano. >> what do you miss about the show? >> let me say something about the hours if i can. we all get asked about the hours, must be terrible. when i was leaving the "today" show i got a handwritten letter from a woman in pennsylvania who
8:49 am
said, mr. brokaw, i work in a commercial laundry in a hotel laundry from 11:00 at night to 6:00 in the morning. i get home just in time to get my children fed and off to school. the only hour i have to myself is with you and jane from 7:00 to 8:00. those are my hours. i don't get paid as well as you do and i hope you think about that. i passed it along saying, not complaining about the hours anymore. what i liked best was you got up and the most important thing you were going to do all a day long was right away. i came prosecute a hard news background but i got to know authors, broadway stars and people i never otherwise would have met. >> you get to make mistakes. we were often complimented for our authenticity because we were so clueless we'd forget to put mike foeps on or forget the name of the guest we were talking to. i must have made a reference
8:50 am
around thanksgiving to all the fixings, including the turkey droppings. there was a family somewhere in america where it's not thanksgiving until someone says, pass the turkey droppings. >> willard, you haven't said anything. >> what's that? >> you haven't said a word. >> did what to your sister? >> see, you are the connective tissue. that's why you're still on the show. >> i was sitting here thinking, why didn't i take that contract at cbs with katie couric? one of the funniest things was a letter i got one time. this has gotten to be well known. the lady said, i go to bed every night with johnny carson and i wake up with tom brokaw. i used to wear a hairpiece, some of you may remember.
8:51 am
>> really? >> not herpes. >> oh! that thing used to lay on the makeup counter. it was scary pause it's 4:00 in the morning and there's willard's hair. you wanted to whack it with a newspaper. >> can i ask a question here. barbara, what was with the kerchief? >> i don't know. >> she was in "the help." >> oh, wow! >> oh, boy. >> i have had other jobs. there is no better show to work on than a morning show. you leave everyone. you have an education. i think it is the best job on television. >> and you have a lot of creative license.
8:52 am
imagine me asking to get a colonoscopy on "today." i had a mammogram, too, but i draw the line at a pap smear. >> and you missed the time cue which is normal. we have to take a break. more of our walk down memory lane in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
welcome back to "today" at 60, our celebration. our group has grown because we are now joined by some of our former news anchors, john palmer, faith daniels and margaret larson. >> and we have, by the way, some of the first women of today are here as well. the today girls, florence henderson, lee meriweather and estelle parsons. it's great to have you all here. >> great to be here. >> this is an historic group. wonderful to have you all in one place. we love to do toasts and eat on "today." we have a little cake. >> we might have a fire actually. >> we have a special guest bringing the cake in. >> who's that?
8:55 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, a big surprise. meredith vieira is going to pop out of the cake. oh, there she s. >> tom, it's great to have you here. tom has been on the broadcast 22 times. we went back and counted. >> you will get it right sooner or later. >> the only reason i pushed out the cake is the trainer didn't have enough time with j. fred muggs. >> nice of you to do it. >> when you look around the group you must see people you have had moments with. >> when i had the measles, i stayed home and watched you all. >> let us do this. >> when you were a baby. >> let us say this. here on this show every morning of course we wake up and put a show on for our viewers. we try to uphold their standards. but i want you to know all of us here each morning who now occupy the seats we think of you all every morning and we try to pay tribute to the hard work you have put in over the years and we try to honor your legacy.
8:56 am
thank you very much. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> here! >> oh, one more. we can share. >> happy birthday, everyone. >> happy birthday. >> cheers! >> thank you for your legacy. >> we're going to have more of "today" ahead on a friday morning right after these messages and your local news. >> eat the cake! >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 is today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. a maryland soldier killed last month in a roadside bomb in afghanistan will be laid to rest
8:57 am
today. family and friends gathered to say their goodbyes at a service on thursday. he will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery
8:58 am
>> sun is out temperatures in the 30's. rain and snow have gone away. mixture of clouds, sunshine, and wind. winds are gusting
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