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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  January 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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the breaking news we brought to you at 6:00. the maryland fire marshall on the scene in hartford county. i officials found the body of a man on the second floor. david collins live with more on this story. >> passers-by spotted the fire around the 5:00 hour and courageously tried to rescue his neighbor. an off-duty police officer had a gut feeling there was more to the white smoky spot coming from the backyard of his neighbor's home. he raced the door to door to secure more manpower. he was told an elderly man lived at 703 per ed they call 911 while at the same time courageously put their lives on the line to save another. >> when the door was open needed there was white smoke and a fire
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was consuming. it is too dangerous to go in at that point. there was no visible sign of any light. you have to go in there. at that time it was dropping from the ceiling. oxygen was leaving the house. >> the found an elderly man and a second floor better. authorities say he was deceased. the man was john young blood. neighbors described him as a nice guy. kasich he was in the army until the 1950's and worked at the aberdeen crowns. his wife died in 10 years ago. neighbors did not believe the couple had any children. because of the fire is still under investigation. >> we will do our investigation in conjunction with the maryland state police. we will determine the origin and cause of the fire. >> the officer stuck around it
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just sitting in his car watching the activity because around him. >> it is interesting to could not let it go. what was your gut telling you what was going on? >> the house was burning. i was trying to hurry at an act to save a life. >> fire officials say they knew right away the home had a smoke alarms. they were going off when they just entered inside the home. >> we are on the road to indianapolis. dozens of football fans will pack their stadium against the texans. safety is a big concern. we caught up with mayor stephanie rawlings like about how the city is setting up for the crops. >> we have been planning for large events. we saw some of that on the years
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eve the week changed things for crowd control. >> the mayor says the city is always working on how to better manage large event. just as important as the playoff game. this is what hungry fans will be cribbing tomorrow. >> any of the fans who cannot come out here and have a hot dog, and it will be at home watching pizza will be these next best thing. restaurants are gearing up for the anticipated demand. >> you will have 100 orders at one. you are trying to get the pizza out. >> pizza john's is a swamp with ribbons of fans. as they get ready to take on the houston texans in the first playoff game since 2006, they want to make sure there is enough to beat the to meet the demand. >> we bring on extra staff until pickoff.
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he will get more business than. we want to make sure we prepare enough food. we make our own delaware and upgrade our own cheeses. >> while the crew is gearing up for the big rush before and after the game, unlikely friendship as fans prep for the game. >> people here on fantastic. baltimore ravens fans are awesome. it all starts out 0-0. >> traditional a little hospitality before the tears start flowing tomorrow. one more day of happiness for them. >> steve is optimisti things will fare well for him and the baltimore ravens. >> my prediction is the baltimore ravens will win 24-14. >> it feels like the temperature has been dropping. john collins is standing by in the storm center.
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>> i think tomorrow will be very similar to today. you mention temperatures feel like they're falling today. temperatures are falling out into the 20. tomorrow the low will become low 30's 4 hawaii. -- 30's for high temperatures. the wind chill at times was a little bet, it might feel more like 25 or so. if you are heading to the game were doing some tailgating, you have to bundle up. more in the forecast for not only tomorrow but the week ahead in a few minutes. >> baltimore county police are searching for suspects after a man was assaulted and robbed this morning over rick to 95. the attack happened just before 8:30. police say the 39-year-old man was attacked by three men who punched and kicked him and then took cash.
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they have increased patrols. >> we are reminding pedestrians that it is getting darker earlier. we are asking people to use caution in the area. remain alert to their surroundings. if you see anything suspicious contact the police and immediately. >> we are told his injuries are not considered life-threatening. if you have information call metro crime stoppers. the investigation continues into a hit and run involving a pedestrian in east baltimore. baltimore city police a person was struck by a vehicle who fled the scene. the victim was taken to a hospital and remains an decent condition. organizations are marching toward jobs tonight on their way to washington d.c. to honor martin luther king jr.. the marches called the dr. king march for jobs and it just is. they started at union baptist church and marched to the drug store downtown.
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the historic site for civil rights. they are focused on one of message. >> they are marching to underscore the problems of joblessness and baltimore city but also the entire country. -data is why they are taking on the march from baltimore city to washington, d.c. >> the march is raise in age from 12 to 78 years old. a controversial "on the martin luther king, jr. memorial will be changed. it has drawn criticism because it was shortened. some say that changed the meeting. it says, i was a drum major for peace and righteousness. the original words were if you want to say that i was a drum major, say that i was a drum major for justice. say i was a drum major for peace. i was a drum major for righteousness and all of the other shallow things will not matter coming up next -- a
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shocking scene of the picture of the italian post as rescuers searched for survivors still aboard a shipwrecked on an accordion. joe paterno speaking out for the very first time. what he says happened after learning of the
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>> the italian coast guard has launched a formal investigation. so far three people are dead and 40 more are still unaccounted for. the coast guard has completed searching above water. challenging conditions could make it difficult for people searching below water. >> this is a difficult situation. the ship is on 50 meters deep over the sea.
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it could go deeper. >> according to italian media, the captain has been taken to jail. he is under investigation for alleged manslaughter. he caused the wreck. the state department says about 26 americans were on board and are all accounted for. former penn state coach joe paterno is speaking out telling his side of what happened after he learned of child sexual abuse allegations against his former assistant coach. he made his first public comments since being fired a two months ago. >> >> i call on my superiors at a set i think we have a problem. would you look in on it. i have never had to deal with something like that. >> he was fired after decades of a coach but does not face any criminal charges.
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jerry sandusky is accused of abusing 10 boys over a period. travelers left something behind, about $400,000. were that change clothes now. rules are about to change for buying your ticket online. why consumers will see a higher price but a more fair price. >> cold temperatures are setting into the nation, we will talk about the insta-weather forecast for the weekend ended the week ahead. right now some clouds in the area with temperatures dropping down to 29 degrees.
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and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. >> a penny saved is a penny earned. airline passengers left behind in nearly 400,000 trawlers -- $400,000 just in 2010. jfk airport collected the most points. what happens to the unclaimed money? it finances tsa operations. if you buy airline tickets
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online two that after taxes and fees that did not show up can make a great deal. beginning january 26, all airline ticket prices must include any government taxes and fees when the price is made public. that can raise ticket prices 20%. airlines also have to tell you the price up front of checking your luggage. >> total tax, license all air fares. anytime you display any kind of fear. >> customers will have 24 hours after making that reservation to change or cancel without a penalty. >> a nice day today little on the chilly side. a couple of weather features coming in on us. one is a clipper off to the west. there are some scattered flurries in the mountains to the west. parts of kentucky and tennessee
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and west virginia right now. it includes some rain as well as snow. we are beginning to pick up clouds. a little band of snow. flurries of and pennsylvania. it is inconsistent but this is a cool front appeared. that is fighting to the south. this is sliding to the east. it really looks like none of this snow will affect us. i suppose a flurry could occur over night. these are not big storms. once it goes through with the cold front coming from the north we reinforce the cold air. let's take a look at what happened today. the inner harbor was 40. a couple of degrees below the average for the season. it will not be quite this form if you can call it that tomorrow. morning lows this morning were 25. right now is 33 degrees and
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annapolis. the boardwalk is down to 24 degrees. 26 part in. frederick is 28. oakland has been in the teens all that long. here is a satellite radar image. you can see the front to the north. a little clipper and moisture associated with it to the south. it is coming in on us. below is expected to move just to the south and the front will watch out. the cold air will sink to the south. no major storms for a day or so until something develops to the southwest of bus and comes at as early next week. somebody could pick up a couple of snow flakes or something but nothing major. northwest winds 26 the overnight low. tomorrow will be in the mid 30's at best for highs. northwest winds at 27 -- 7 miles
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per hour. it could gust up to 20 knots or so with a two or 3 foot shot. here is a little front to the north and it the clipper to the south. that front is coming through and you can see a hint of clouds. the clipper is moving out as well. tomorrow looks like a dry day. monday will start picking up some clouds. by monday 90 tuesday we pick up some rain. here is the forecast. tamara 35 and monday 424 martin luther king day. rain chance monday night and tuesday. tuesday up around 50 degrees. temperatures back off again for the rest of the week. >> this time tomorrow we will know a lot. >> the baltimore ravens has ended or if it will continue. we will see if john can keep up with jim. there is a whole lot of crying going on in san francisco -- tears of joy.
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the hopes of hosting an afc
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hampionship game,tim tebow's magic's carpet ride ends. it is 45-10 in new england on top of denver. patriots will host the afc title game next sunday. jim trying to march his brother john. he made it to the afc title game in the year one. jim had the same chance today. 13-3 this season, an amazing turnaround in san francisco. alex smith in the first quarter, the former -- it is a two play drive. he goes for the touchdown 7-0. they would lead it 14-0. drew breeze over the metal -- over the middle.
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instead of 220 to play. alex smith on the designed quarterback suite. 28 yards and a touchdown. two minutes left in the game, that is too much time for the saints. under pressure fires to jiommy graham. 66 yards for a touchdown. 32-29. that is not too tall of an order for alex smith. davis over the middle. 47 yards and gets out of bounds. san francisco would not settle for a game-tying field goal. 14 seconds left and alex smith over the metal, touchdown davis. the emotions run wild. the allowed san francisco to quell the new orleans offense.
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>> one shot, that was the message. we only get one shot. we do not take advantage of it we go home. it was a lot of fire. something just hit me. i just had to let it out. >> these efforts is go 40 natters move on. -- the 49'ers move on. >> he is always going to be a problem. he is a great player. we are going to have to do a good job of playing our defense and pressure goes into that. >> the kit is making plays. he is playing like a veteran despite the fact he is a rookie. even though he is a rookie, we are still going to go out and do our thing. we are pretty good against the pass as well.
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i believe we will get pressure. we will have a good day. >> this is a team that has everybody's attention the entire year. houston will not sneak up on anybody we know the quality teams coming in here to play. >> the baltimore ravens and should win this game but in the nfl you never know. >> still ahead, john collins with the seven-day forecast.
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>> get us ready for game 8. >> first we will give you any day forecast. it will be in the mid 30's. if you are in the stance bundle
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up. a little bit of a breeze could make the wind chill a small factor. a little bit warmer on monday. we will pick up some clouds monday night. maybe a snow shower with some raid on saturday. we do warm-up a little bit but nothing crazy. >> john says bring your long johns. >> maybe a couple of pairs. >> thank you for joining us. see you back here tomorrow at 5:00. saturday night live is next. have a great day. >> follow breaking news and whether at any time at and stay connected on facebook and twitter. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. [ applause ] >> hello. hello, i'm mitt romney and i'm


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