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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  January 17, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> and live picture work family, friends, and fans have gathered to remember radio host ron smith. ron smith's memorial is our big story. he passed away after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer. this morning, his family, friends, colleagues, told an
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auditorium at goucher college. gerry sandusky is serving as the master of ceremonies. >> ron left us three wishes. do not pity me. do not pity that i had a terrible fight with cancer. do not mourn me while i'm living, do not mourn me while i'm gone. and do not miss a. i will deliver on the first two today, but i fear we will all fail on that third count forever. >> those memorializing included his friend and dr. bill howard, stan stovall, and radio vice- president and general manager. more on the memorial service coming up on 11 news at 5:00 and 6:00. 3 homes damaged dr. if a fire ripped through zero wings mills. they responded just before midnight. as they say they have trouble finding the address. when they arrived, they found
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the building fully involved in flames. no injuries reported, and no word on what caused the fire. a volunteer firefighter in carroll county at shock trauma after being hit by a car on the tops go road. -- potapsco road. he was attending to the accident victims when he was struck by a vehicle that slid off the road. police are investigating. the search continues for three men involved in a violent home invasion in anne arundel. the victim was back to his glen burnie home when three armed and masked men suddenly forced their way in. the victims as they forced his fiancee and three young children to stay in an upstairs bedroom while the suspects caught him with a hot knife and burned him with a hot iron. he said he was brutally beaten. out of fear, they have asked us
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not to identify him, but they hope telling the story of the bring the suspect to justice. >> i.p.o. let the more this is publicized, the more chance they will get caught and that this will not happen to anyone else. >> anyone with a permission should call metro crime stoppers. occupy protesters arrested at a protest on monday. they gathered on east monument street to denounce plans for the building of a new juvenile detention center. six protesters climbed this cents -- defense to gain entrance. the arrested those demonstrators about 6:00 p.m. last night and charged them with trespassing on state property. they ask them to leave several times before moving in. >> all of us are working together, talking to these individuals wanting this to remain peaceful. we are not here to make a lot of
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arrests, but we want people to abide by the laws. >> we're told the four men and two women were taken to central booking and will face trespass charges. supporters are urging the state to use the $100 million designated for the detention center construction in said. the baltimore county council will be voting on a new contract to expand a number of red light and speed cameras. under the five-year deal, seven would be added over the next months. but an additional 18 carries to be added to the total over the course of the contract. -- an additional 18 cameras could be added. >> a very mild and day out there today, very different than what we normally see this time of year. the rain has been light, less than 0.1 inch. currently, the temperature is 49 degrees.
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the rain is pushing out of the area which could help the temperature to warm up. any breaks of temperatures this afternoon could be helped out by the sun. still a chance for an isolated showers by 6:00 p.m. we will talk about the big changes in the seven-day, including colder conditions. >> with john harbaugh's ravens and jim harbaugh's forty-niners but advancing, it creates a fresh round of headaches for their parents. which game and do they go to? john harbaugh says it the parents can stay home and watch the games from neutral territory. john did not linger long over the victory, clearly moving forward to prepare for the patriots afc championship game. the ravens made it to the championship game four years ago, his first season.
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this time around, winning the title would not leave him feeling content. >> it would mean a lot, but it's not the ultimate goal. you cannot win something like that and just stop, and that's enough. we will be proud of that trophy, just like we're proud of this. we are proud of every accomplishment. we are humbled by every defeat. you try to move on and then move ahead. that's what you do. that's what we always do. >> thanks to our ulocal members reminding everyone to fear the 'fu. the fan stache is gone for all ages, even if you are not exactly human. show us your purple pride by up loading your pictures to the portion of our bedside
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join us live from foxboro, mass., another installment of the road to indianapolis. pete gilbert and jerry sandusky will have all you need to know, and then some about the check digit game with the ravens. paula deen makes a confession on "the today show." zappos customers, listen up. you're an permission to be in the wrong hands. it is cyber attack involving the online retailer. the search for survivors continues after a cruise ship runs aground. from valley view farms come here to answer your plant and a gardening questions. e-mail us your questions. e-mail us your questions.
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only $84.99 for high-speed internet and phone. plus your choice of either no annual contract or a two year price guarantee. call or visit today. hurry -- this offer won't last long. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006 >> rescuers have a found five more victims aboard the shrinking cruise ship off the coast of italy bringing the number of confirmed dead to 11. 20 people are still missing. we have the latest. >> the navy divers have been relentless. they were able to blast another small hole into the hole trying to get 30 feet under water into the first officers' rooms. we just got word that they found
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the bodies of five more victims and pulled them off the ship. while this was going on, the ship's captain has been arraigned on criminal charges, manslaughter, causing direct combat and abandoning ship. he went off course to close to this island it to show the ship off to villagers, many of whom helped save the passengers. in the italian press, they plan to have a leaked transcript from the investigation. supposedly, a phone conversation that happened between the port authorities and the ship's captain three hours after it happened. the port authority said, "this is an order. get back to your ship." there were already casualties. one of the items prosecutors are presenting in the case against the captain is video that shows the captain -- the ship sitting
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for a long time at a safe and gold. why did things that happen more quickly? many passengers said they could deal shipped tilting swiftly. back to you. >> interesting developments there. still to come, known for adding butter to everything, of paula deen makes an announcement on "the today show." how coptic adult protective against diabetes. -- how coffe can protect. >> a live look outdoors with cloud cover. >> kerry is here from valley view farm to answer your plant and gardening questions.
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>> if you are ready to get an early jump on your taxes, today is the person they the irs will accept e-filings. it can be found for free and with less than the $7,000 in annual income. -- $57,000. if you shop on zappos, listen up. hackers may have stolen the personal information of as many as 24 million customers. personal data includes name come emails, billing addresses, and the last four digits of credit cards. the have reset passwords, but
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they are urging passant -- people to change their passwords. downy wants to help by handing out 2012 free samples of the unstoppable product. they claim is adds a boost of freshness. for a chance at a free sample, visit their trees but page. >> your insta-weather + forecast. >> good afternoon. light rain over the baltimore metro area on and off all that long. the good news is things are starting to clear out and the worst of the rain is pushing east. and we have only seen about 0.1 inch in accumulation. areas of light shower over the metro d.c. area to the north which will be pushing back of
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the baltimore as well. we still have a chance at showers of the next couple of hours, but i do think it will diminish later into the night. let's see how the rain is affecting the temperatures. what has affected us from warming up to par, not far from 40 degrees right now. up 50 at the inner harbor, pick the in westminster. 46 in edgewood. now that the rain is becoming less widespread, we will see some sunlight breaking the through which will help the temperature is warm up a. it is not out of the question, especially the further south you are. the most cloud cover may just beat some spotty showers tour about 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., then the action will shift further south. then we will start to talk about our next storm system come approaching on thursday, and that one could bring snow. the forecast for tonight,
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showers earlier on, clearing skies later, breezy tonight wind shifting from southwest to northwest around 10-15 miles per hour overnight. cooler temperatures in the mid 30's, but still well above normal. fast forward and see what will happen for the storm system that will be coming in from the west which will bring a chance for the showers in the southern half of the state tonight and then another storm from canada and later on with colder air and may be snow. a better chance of that will be to arrive late thursday night heading toward the baltimore area friday morning. that could bring issues out on the road for ice. 41, back to normal, in the 30's by thursday, chance of snow thursday night, cloud cover friday, and saturday, maybe another snowstorm.
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>> from valley view farms come here to answer your plant and gardening questions. how are you doing this year? >> this is a nice cactus garden. we just got some of these in. it is a riot. >> there are so many different varieties. >> i have a rubber plant and some of the leaves are turning brown. is that normal? >> it is not. more often than not, it is too much water. you have to be careful not to overdo it. do not let it sit in water, but empty the water out. give it as much a bright light as you can, that's usually all you need. >> what are some trees, shrubs, and perennials? >> this one has a wonderful
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tree-shaped and there are a lot of cool colors. birch always does good in the winter. redwood, dogwood are both perennial. there is a christmas rose, and hellebores. >> i'm looking for plants to help clean the air. what are the best ones? >> nasa did a study years ago tried to keep air in the space station clean, bamboo, spider plants, rubber tree, i guess. there are a lot of good plants. definitely look at palms. >> any other guys you want to pass along that you're hearing a lot of questions about? >> all the vegetable people are in, and they are ready to go. plan your time ahead. do not get things going to early
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because spring is still a ways away. dixon time now to just do some planning. >> thanks, so much. if you have a plant or gardening question, send us pictures, too, and go to our website under "family." you can also send them to -- >> thyroid cancer is on the rise. medical researchers do not know why. according to the national cancer institute, 56,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year. some think better screening is the reason for the increase, but others think something else is going on. they believe obesity, a lack of parts and vegetables, and radiation exposure played a part. the more dental x-rays, the higher the risk.
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women are more than three times more likely to develop than a man. the five-year survival rate is 97%. more details on how coffee could help protect against type two diabetes. there are three compounds to help. it was the least effective in blocking the protein, but they think decaffeinated coffee could be working just as well. she's known as her scrumptious recipes, but television chef paula deen is coming clean about her tight two diabetes. she claims it has nothing to do with her career but because she knew very little about the disease. she's now ready to share and launching a campaign called diabetes in a new life.
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coming up next, your maryland lottery tickets three and four numbers. a look at the forecast again with a bug. here is a look at how wall street is performing this hour. stay with us. stay with us.
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calendar trip, and more. here are the numbers. 6, word and number. 2. 2. and final ball -- drumroll -- 7. 6, 2, 2, 7. maryland lottery. let yourself play. >> a pretty mild day today. >> temperature already near 50 degrees. most of the ring is clearing out. isolated showers, drying out tonight and tomorrow. calder thursday with a slight chance of a snow overnight. saturday, nothing to is a dividend of the forecast. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news at noon. we will see you tonight at 5:00. >> follow breaking news and
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