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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  January 21, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening, everyone. i'm kai reed in for deborah tonight. the countdown is on and there's less than 24 hours until the ravens take on the patriots for the afc championship. we have live team coverage.
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a personal tour, meeting with the players, you guys have been .usy today >> no doubt about it. you had an interesting day this afternoon. the team arrived just about an hour ago and as they came off the bus today, they did so with more focus and i have ever seen for this team. there were no smiles to be found i have been when they get -- to be found. i have been there when they have come off the bus many times. terrell suggs was leading the way, along with ed reed and ray rice. i recently talked to jerry johnson. i said, d want to talk and he said, no, i don't. and this is one of our friends. i did get to talk to terry williams. he is one of the quarterback has
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had a great year. but he knows the challenges ahead as they try to stop the new england patriots and tom brady. >> they're going to throw everything at you but the kitchen sink. we have got to be prepared. we know they're going to make plays and we have to make plays. mrs. -- we know how serious this game is and how bad we want this thing. we will go about it as business as you will. -- business as usual. >> there was a little bit of a smile from terry williams at the end. he said he knows how much of the city wants this win. >> absolutely, we sure do i have never seen them come off the bus before. for me, it was really interesting. there are a few fans sang at the hotel where the ravens are right now.
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-- a few fans staying at the hotel where the ravens are right now. there is plenty to do in providence. just a day before the ravens play in the afc championship and winter hits providence. the snow fell steadily throughout the day, getting the capital city of rhode island its biggest snowfall yet of the season. >> it is very chilly. when the snow comes down its states for quite a bit. >> folks you're still feel pretty sure their team is going to win on sunday. >> it has to be. >> providence is the third largest city in the new england region, and it is known as the creative capital, partly because there are so many colleges and universities, including brown university. it is a pretty town with outstanding views. the providence river runs right through the city, and there's even a federal hill. it is where you'll find some of
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the city's best restaurants. and it is where we found constantino's. >> if you have chicken, the chicken was a live this morning. >> each dish is better than the last. >> we like to think of ourselves as the italian grocery store. we try to bring all the things from italy here. >> and he means it. the owner has brought an entire staff over from italy to make every dish from scratch. from the mozzarella to the costa -- pasta. bianca is from rome, and she makes the austin, including hundreds of raviolis and tortellinis -- she makes the pasta, including hundreds of raviolis and tortellinis a day. >> we love it. >> and so do the customers, who say you will not find anywhere better.
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>> it is the best bang for your buck on the hill. >> absolutely outstanding. a handful of fans have made their way out here. i took a picture with lardarius webb in the lobby. a big day for the purple shamrock. >> guay the ravens fans are celebrating -- the way the fans are celebrating so far, not impressive at all. coming up at 7:00 p.m., an hour- long pregame special right from this spot in providence. >> thanks so much. by the way, we are going to expect from constantino's when you come back. snow and freezing rain fell overnight throughout the region. drivers had to give their windshields a great scraping before taking off.
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there were no reports of any major issues on the road. the snow may be over, but we still have the chilly temperatures out there. here is john collins with the forecast. >> we will hold to status quo on the temperatures. it will not move up very much. they will drop a little bit tonight, and amar will be about the same as today. for the time being, this storm is pushing to the south. but elements of it will come back north tomorrow into monday. we're not done with the storm yet. 32 is the high at the airport. the inner harbor only hit 34. that explains that might wintry mix of presentation. it wound up at the airport officially just under half inch of snow. here on tv hill, 1.5 inches of snow. the record snow for the stay was 2 inches. we were close, at least in some areas. what about for the rest of the
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weekend and next week? it is a mixed bag. we will talk about it coming up. >> thank you. a little snow did not stop reagan stands from stocking up for the big game tomorrow. -- raven's fans from stocking up for the big game tomorrow. >> it was not that bad. there has been a steady flow of people throughout the afternoon stocking up on all of their football favorites for tomorrow's game. judging by the people we talked to and what we saw in people's shopping carts, it looks like chips and it might be the most popular items for this game tomorrow. compared to a normal saturday, there is a bigot -- bigger crowd at this giant on loch raven boulevard and it makes sense, because people want to make sure they have all of their food for tomorrow's game. the bakery is bursting with purple pride with all of their cupcakes, cookies and cakes. they're hoping fans get into a festive mood as they shop for
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their game watch parties. >> caught? and burgers. >> -- hot dogs and burgers. >> little hot dogs and burgers and cupcakes. by all means, and italian bread and cheese. >> definitely ginger ale. soda, chips and salsa. >> typical staples. >> typical staples for the game. >> we would love to see your pictures. just head to our website and click on ulocal. tv 11 news. >> thanks. coming up next, it is decision date for south carolina republicans. the state's primary winner has gone on to become the gop nominee in every presidential contest since 198
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>> it is a battle between mitt romney and newt gingrich as voters head to the south carolina polls today. it could either shake up the race for the gop nomination, or solidify romney cosied up front runner status. front runner status. >> turnout was heavy in polling places like this as primary voters made their picks. >> i voted for mitt romney. i think he is the most electable candidate. >> i may ron paul man. >> new gingrich. but the other night in the debate i was really impressed with his knowledge. >> the former speaker is surging. >> polls are good. boats are better. >> later, gingrich just missed
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romney. >> i thought he was going to stay and have a debate this morning. >> romney had arrived early, apparently to avoid a face-to- face, but they had no working microphone. >> looking forward to see you -- seeing you on the trail. >> a foul-up for the romney campaign, and a symbol. >> he came to south carolina with a big lead in the polls, but learned he lost in iowa, and got hammered about his tax information, leaving him looking like an elitist. and with something to hide. romney told the voters on the phone, south carolina could be close. still, he is committed to fighting on to florida. rick santorum is fourth in pre- vote polls and hopes he can continue. >> this is a wide-open race. it will go on for a long time. >> ron paul mace give florida
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for nevada and minnesota. -- may skip florida for nevada and minnesota. newt gingrich is hoping this will be his ticket to the gop nomination. >> the ravens are officially in new england, a snowy new england. >> the weather there is probably worse. we have a live report coming up in sports. >> the storm we had this morning pulled out of the picture a little bit, but it is coming back north to try it again. we will see it -- what happens at the end of the weekend. right now, breaks in the clouds. you can see stars. it will not last all night, though.
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>> it was a little dicey this morning, but it could have been a lot worse. we could have seen more snow and a longer time of the freezing rain and sleet, and freezing drizzle that we had. i think the storm treated us pretty well, all things considered. 1-3 inches of snow repair -- us know with higher amounts of to the north and east. now the whole thing is pulling out of the picture. still a little bit of drizzle down around ocean city and that is about it. there have been some breaks in the clouds around us.
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that will not last all night. it is an indication that at least for the time being the temperature -- the atmosphere is trying out a little bit. mid to upper 20's and we made it into just below 30's, in some cases not quite breaking the freezing point. right on the edge temperature- wise. they might be getting a little wintry mix down there with what is left of the moisture. out in far western maryland. we will drop a little bit tonight temperature-wise because the air is trying out a little bit and there may be some breaks in the clouds from time to time a storm system is just to our south. it is selling out and will becoming further north overnight tonight and into tomorrow. -- and will be coming further north overnight tonight and into tomorrow. nothing coming in from the west, at least for the immediate return -- immediate future.
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there are some waves moving along the front that will keep this moisture back in our direction. that will be sunday night into monday. but the temperatures will warm up. right now, the mildest temperatures have been suppressed in the south. atlanta, 61. it is only zero and caribou, maine. we are writing between. -- we are right in between. mostly cloudy overnight. there will be some breaks in the clouds. 21-27. there might even be some teams in the suburbs. tomorrow, same temperatures of today, 31-36. a lot of clouds and maybe some breaks of sunshine in the morning. a lot of rain is likely, and there could be some freezing rain in there. north went 6-12. like northeast winds on the bay.
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knots.o-10 no the rain is going away, but then coming back sunday evening. everything dries out by tuesday. of that foxboro, a lot of sunshine tomorrow. some snow on the ground from today's stuff. 29-33 r.t. game time temperatures. -- are the game time temperatures. monday, the high will be about 50. tuesday, dry. rain chances again thursday through saturday. >> this is 11 sports. >> coming to live from providence, rhode island the ravens -- rhode island. the ravens have arrived. right now in providence, 22
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degrees and breezy. after about 5 inches of snow. it is just lovely. if you want cold football up -- cold football weather, that is indeed what the ravens saw when they arrived. they got here about an hour-and- a-half ago they look absolutely focused and ready for some football. the ravens defense, one of the best. the patriots' offense, one of the best. after what we saw a week ago in new england, a tremendous challenge set forth for these guys from baltimore when you see a team that can score 45 points against a pretty good defense. you would think they could be concern, but the ratings are in the role of underdog and they relish that. -- the ravens are in the role of underdog and they relish that. >> we have got to pay -- play within the confines. we know what we are good at. we have got to be good tomorrow at those things.
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we have just got to get those guys off with them. we will try to get in. these days. -- get in tom brady's face. >> much more on tomorrow's matchup coming up for you in just a little more than a half- hour. the road to indianapolis continues. the full hour. that is coming up at 7:00 p.m. right here on tv 11. but go back to the studio. >> stay warm, please. we will see you back here in about half an hour. the 38-7 pummeling that started the terps free fall. hopefully it will not repeat itself. actually, they gave a strong effort today. midway through the first half, disaster. centre alex land leaving the
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game with an ankle injury. he did not return. that means the turks had to rely on their outside, john howard. -- the troops had to rely on their outside, john howard. fernandez putting it in by 11. -- vernand is putting it in and the lead by 11. so glenn, 18 hite 20. but then tebo hit back-to-back three-pointers and never looked back. the second one pushing the lead to 7. up next, a home game wednesday night. in fairfax, va., toes and was facing george maine and the tigers put a good fight in this one. towson was able to cut the lead to 5. unfortunately, they could get no closer in this game.
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george mason ended up defeating towson 72-60. they're losing streak has been extended now to 39 straight games. john is back with the seven-day after this. "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> coming up on 11 news tonight, it is the big day before the game. we will hear from pete gilbert live in providence. and we will get a tour of providence from jennifer franciotti. she will that -- she will show us the treasures she discovered. us the treasures she discovered.
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>> still a little chilly tomorrow, but then we get a warmup. >> but then we get something to get the warmer temperatures, and that is cold rain. tomorrow toward the end of the day, a little bit of rain or freezing rain. rain chances much higher on monday. but at least the temperatures will be around 157030's. >> that is it for the news at 6:00 p.m. captioned by the national captioning institute [captioning made possible by constellation energy group]
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