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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  January 22, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is wbal live in tv 11 news at 6:00. >> get evening. beginning with an insta-weather plus weather alert. most of the areas and draperies advisory until tomorrow morning. >> this is the scene around baltimore yesterday. most of the main streets clear today and some secondary roads still up passengers as of ice. >> we will check in with meteorologist john collins who joins us live from the insta-
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weather plus weather center. >> nothing showing up on the radar right now, but is a little bit of drizzle or missed out there this evening. temperatures are at or just below the temperatures of a freezing right now. it is not very evident right now in the radar to the south of us that as soon as the moisture comes our way, we could see some more significant freezing rain come in for a time. temperatures will warm above freezing, and it looks like we basically have some rain in the forecast. we will tell you more about the details in the full forecast in just a few minutes. >> you can always stay ahead of the winter weather using facebook by searching "maryland insta-weather updates." >> tonight's biggest story, the
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death of penn state coach joe paterno. >> he passed away this morning in state college, pennsylvania. we are live with more on his life and career. >> no code to identify more with the school then joe paterno did. his passing leaves a huge void in the community. he died today from complications of lung cancer at 85. this comes two months after his firing in the fallout from the child sex scandal from gerry sandusky. here's more on the passing of an icon. -- jerry sandusky. >> it has now become a place of mourning and reflection for legendary coach joe paterno. >> it's heartbreaking. >> this is very hard of us. >> for all of us who knew what a good person he is. >> his family released a
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statement saying, "he died as he lived. he fought hard until the end, stayed positive, bought only of others, and constantly reminded everyone of how blessed his life had been." in his final months, they clashed head-on with the child sex allegations against his story assistant, jerry sandusky. there were allegations about what he knew or what he did or did not do, it caused him to lose the job he loved. >> it is so sad that a good man had to go down that way. >> the assistant coach became a key witness and maintained a discreet distance. >> i will respect his family and just remember -- remember him privately. >> penn state football fans of all ages and walks of life made a pilgrimage to say their goodbyes.
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school colors and raw emotions proudly on display. >> he was more than just a coach. >> left behind what he hoped would be his own eulogy. i hope they're right that made can state a better place, not that i was just a gut football coach -- good coach." in state college, pa., and brian moore, wbal-tv 11 news. >> mitchell was coached by return note in the late 1960's and is obviously saddened by the news of his death and he and other alumni will not let the turnout's legacy die. he visited him two weeks ago and was only planning to stop in for a quick conversation but they got to talking for an hour and a half talking about old memories, penn state the ball, and a
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little bit about the sex scandal. the alleged victims will never be forgotten, but he does not want to turn out to only be remembered for this incident but rather all the good that he did. he won 409 games, more than any other coach, two national titles, and has sent to wonder 50 players to the nfl. more on joe paterno coming up in sports -- he sent 250 players to the nfl. >> after a win by gingrich last night in south carolina, the future but now shifts to florida, the biggest and most diverse state on the calendar. steve handles manhattanite commitment to thousand 12 update. -- steve handlesman has tonight's 2012 update. >> at this south carolina
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surprise. newt gingrich wednesday. >> he started his stuff on the sunday morning talk shows. >> it is as close to despicable as anything i can imagine. >> gingrich won over south carolina. "stay tuned," he said. >> his second term of obama will be a disaster, and i am committed to beating him. i could take him on and on do his $1 billion campaign. >> romney's campaign got undone last weekend he is making a step to undo that this week. >> i will release might 2010 return on tuesday. >> we just made a mistake in holding off as long as we did. it was a distraction and we want to get back to the real issues of the campaign.
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>> i have flaws and weaknesses. i've had a long career. what you see is what you get. "santorum is already campaigning in florida. some floridians have already voted, nine days early. wbal-tv 11 news. >> you can follow the race to the white house and keep track of who is in, who is out on the politics page of our website, >> arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords says she will resign from congress this week. she closed and her intent to resign on their facebook page. she said she was to concentrate from the wounds she severed and her rehabilitation during the assassination attempt in tucson. she also said she had more work to do to recover and that it's best for her and she resigned her seat in the house. >> coming up, one baltimore
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priest under fire after he was arrested. >> search effort has resumed of the coast of italy. the latest on the disas i want a baby. a baby?
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>> one archdiocese of baltimore priest has been removed from his duties after being arrested at at an adult bookstore. they were making a routine spot check last monday when investigators say they observed him on a couch under arrest from the waist down. he served as an associate pastor at the church of the immaculate conception in in townsend charged with indecent exposure. several people including howard county police are recovering
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after an accident in mount airy near route 127. investigators say one officer had just apprehended the suspect who had left the scene of a crash and a driver allegedly hit the officer and another person and all three were taken to shock trauma. so far, no charges have been filed. >> much more news ahead. >> the ravens game is over. not a happy ending we were telling -- hoping for. it's such a shame. but themselves in a position to win. >> the game, seemingly, we were able to keep tom brady from scoring a touchdown after touchdown. that was in hand. we came back, we got had come and it came down to repeal the
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goal, well within field-goal range. >> the ravens did almost everything right. the offense scored enough points. the defense played tough against tom brady. allowing 23 points as about as good as you can do. 832-yard field-goal attempt would have sent it into overtime. who knows what happens then? the kicker is usually normally really good. 32 yards is a very easy field- goal to make. he should have made it. a heartbreaker. >> you saw the look on his face. >> every field-goal kicker, when it comes down to this? the great ones make it, and some did not. they can make the clutch field goals in super bowl time, and some guys are never letting down the one they mess and you do not win a super bowl.
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that's what happens with the kicker. you have to make it in these circumstances. it defines your career. exactly. you feel for the guys who never have had a chance to win a super bowl. and they could have had it. >> i think lowell melser is live. you're with the heartbroken fans right now? >> i have someone talking in my ear. can you say that again, donna? >> i'm sure you are with heartbroken fans. >> heartbroken -- here is what it right now. >> we had that. >> watcher language. >> we had that one, man. we really did. >> you heard a collective sigh when he missed that field goal.
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>> people were on their knees. people were crying. this was bad. this was our year. >> back to you and in the studio. >> obviously i guy very upset to has had a few drinks. >> i think that sum
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>> many of us, and like many of you, had are jerseys on standby to celebrate the victory, but it's not to be. >> not ending anyone was expecting because the ravens played a super game. >> i cannot believe how many times we went over how they're going to win. never once did we think they would lose because billy cundiff would miss. no one expected this. credit to flacco. he missed the one bomb that would have been huge, but against the patriots you will not play the perfect game. he did his job. he got them in position. >> and in the last minute of the game, marched them down the deal to get into field-goal position. >> that's what a great quarterback to do. that is what we will measure him
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by. question for franciotti is up in foxboro and i know you were sat with everyone. heartbreaking. >> it's unbelievable that the game ended this way. right now inside the stadium is a celebration that, quite frankly, was meant for us. it's so sad that it's not. the ravens play their hearts out. but you want to the game, you heard them give a big "o" during the national anthem. i think it was said bass last weekend when day one against the texans, there's a right way, there's a wrong way, and there's a ravens way. everyone watching tonight felt sick to their summit. there's not a single ravens and reduce it to their stomach. there's not a single ravens fan watching this that were not on their feet screaming trying to
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will the ravens to win this game, pacing back and forth, going outside to get fresh air, bending over at the knees, stomach in knots. when you watch the last 15 seconds of this game and you saw the past that was in complete and you knew it came down to billy cundiff -- you knew he was going to make it. there was no doubt in your mind. and then he did not? how does that happen. every ravens and asks that question. how does that happen? but it did. our fans were here. they made the trip. they did exactly what they needed to do. the ravens did a good job, and we will get them next year. >> and they were disappointed because you put your heart and soul in all of that. you have to say, even with the disappointing loss as a surprise at the end, it was a great ride this season and it was a great game to watch.
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it was exciting all the way. everybody got their money's worth even though it did not end the way people wanted. >> it's just hard. ray lewis and ed reed are at the heart of this defense and do not know how many more times they will be an opportunity to get in this position. he wants is another one. he wants to leave on top. reid has given it all, arguably the greatest defensive back, a sure-fire hall of famer who would like to have a super bowl ring. this was probably his closest chance, a chance to go into overtime in the afc championship. >> right now, as fans, there will be a morning. . there's a tremendous sense of disappointinment. i had my ed reed jersey. i will proudly wear it in
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defeat, but i would rather have worn it in victory. >> to have to be proud of what they accomplished. it was a great season. >> okay, that looks great. were you profitable last month? how much money is in your checking account? have the browns paid you for their addition yet? your finances are scattered all over the place. mm-hmm. what are your monthly expenses? you keep your receipts in plastic baggies? seriously? [ announcer ] get it done and get it off your mind with quickbooks. organize your small business finances all in one place, even online banking. and now your business can be at your fingertips, anywhere. quickbooks, guaranteed easy or your money back. learn more at
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>> 11 insta-weather + forecast with john collins. >> we will switch gears here just a little bit. we have some results out tonight and temperature is right around freezing point so we could have slippery services. we do have a freezing advisory. nothing is showing up on the radar. these drops are not big enough for the radar to see them. let's see what happened during the day today. 30 at the airport, 33 in our
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harbor, so threatening freezing in most areas. a trace of precipitation earlier today. the record snowfall back in 1987. here are some of the temperatures out there right now. bwi marshall 30, 32 annapolis. on the boardwalk, 43 degrees. westminster 28, in frederick. in the 20's in western maryland. a batch of cold air coming down into our region especially right in here and there is some moisture that will be coming up from the south that will hit the cold air. that is why we have the threat of freezing rain tonight. skies are clear, but these pockets of a cloud where the mist is coming from right now. more moisture on the way and until temperatures get above freezing, around daybreak, we still have the threat. this storm out to the west will
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be here on monday that will eventually come through. we have kind of a dicey 36 hours ahead of us here. let's take a look up the forecast. freezing drizzle tonight changing the showers on daybreak and more precipitation as temperatures will be rising, we hope. 28-32 overnight with light northwind. west of the day, freezing rain advisory into the morning hours. during the day tomorrow cloudy skies, chance of rain, southeast when that two-seven, 47-51 for the high. a considerable warmup relative to what has been happening. here is the futurecast showing this moisture coming up from the south, this winter mix. this may where temperatures may be a little bit colder and will eventually become all rain.
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there may be a few lingering sprinkles behind this on tuesday morning, but it will start to clear out the middle of next week looking fairly dry. here is the seven-day forecast. 49 by tomorrow, a chance of rain. relatively mild, at least here 54 behind. another chance of rain thursday, but mild temperatures into the weekend. and morning mix of precipitation and a chance of rain on saturday. colder with a chance of blurry is next sunday. >> right now, live to sheldon dutes with more heartbroken fans. >> we are set up at a bar here that has definitely cleared out from what it was 30 minutes ago. the people here are not really talking. there's a somber mood in the air. one man was watching the game earlier and can you just described for us what the mood
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was like? >> totally crazy. and when it comes loose, or draw, the ravens are my team and they played a great game. we'll we'll get them next year. >> what was your reaction when it happened? >> total disappointment. to come that far into the game and to lose it at that point was total devastation, but they are a strong team. we are totally behind them. and we will come back next year. >> this bar cleared out pretty quick. there were a lot more people and now they have all just disappeared. >> some of them bursting to watch harbaugh for the forty- niners game. there's a lot of disappointment. you have to move on, and we will. >> thanks. we appreciate it. that wraps up the mood of the
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fans here. a lot of the fans at home that were watching, too. that will do it for us live. back to you in the studio. >> thanks, michelle then. disappointed fans a matter where you go. >> "nightly news" will be on wbal + and we will continue ravens coverage. >> wns
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