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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  January 25, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> live, local, late-breaking - this wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> president obama is giving a whole new set of talking points to the republicans on the campaign trail in florida. >> the state of our union is getting stronger. >> president obama made his case to congress.
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>> when asking a billionaire to pay as much as his secretary and taxes? most americans would call a common sense back he is selling his agenda and directed to the people today, kicking off a three-day tour of five states critical to his reelection bid. in florida, the republicans who want his job pounced on the president's speech. >> i was reminded of his trip to florida just a week or so ago when he spoke in fantasyland. he seemed so extraordinarily detached from reality. >> republicans accused the president of saying one thing and doing another on domestic energy production and streamlining the government and regulation. >> he is for the radical environmentalist who will shut down the keystone pipeline that would create blue-collar jobs in this country. >> the president's call for economic equality fell flat with the gop candidate that not what you saw the president do is lay down a campaign speech which is how he will run this year.
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you will run as a left-wing, populist, class warfare. >> at the republicans' battle for the nomination, obama is warming up for the fight. among his key talking points on this tour, manufacturing, energy, and college affordability. speech issident's strong reaction from every corner of the country including right here in maryland. before the speech, state lawmakers said they wanted president obama to be specific, strong, positive, and bipartisan. we caught up with those lawmakers after the speech and no big surprise, the feedback was divided. along party lines. >> i want this president to be specific and talk about solutions and bring our country together. i thought that he did that. he came up with ideas about republicans and democrats and how they can agree. >> i did not hear anything new today greeted president cannot run on his records and he blamed
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a few people and the drag out some of the same old policies he has had in the past and talked about another stimulus bill and talk about slondra track programs. he even talked about obama care. there was nothing new about we will see how the president's address translate to the campaign trail. >> a burglary suspect is dead. police arrived at the scene of a reported burglary of the 3200 block of vance road and police spotted a vehicle matching the getaway car and tried to pull it over pretty passenger attempted to flee on foot and the driver took off. >> at this point, we pulled back our patrol cars because we don't want the suspect to flee. we don't want to initiate a chase. we do, however, follow the suspect vehicle from the air in one of our police helicopters. >> the suspect lost control of his vehicle and slammed into an
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oncoming truck. the 20-year-old suspect was pronouncedead at shock trauma. four people and other vehicles were not seriously injured pretty suspect was apprehended who fled on foot. >> police have continued to investigate break-ins and the monkton area. in each case, the suspects broken through a rear door window and once inside, they would open the garage door, pulled their car inside and ransacked the home. the suspects were believed to be two african american males about 30 years old british police are also looking for a blue or gray four-door honda sedan great and one is asked to call 911 with a information. >> in cecil county, employees and averted a bank robbery. employees decide mask and carrying what appeared to be a shotgun approach in the bank before 10:00 a.m. yesterday. the employees quickly hit the alarm, locked themselves in, and
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ducked for cover prevented the suspect from entering. the frustrated bandit ran into the woods. a federal jury has resumed deliberations in the civil trial against a former frederick county sheriff's deputy who shot a suspect to death with a stun gun. he was lying down and unresponsive after being shot once and a former corporal shocked him a second time less than 30 seconds later. he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. even if the jury believes the deputy used excessive force, to convict, they must believe he knew or should have known his actions violated the u.s. constitution. ♪ >> its only known and temperatures are above normal. normally it is 41 degrees and is currently 45 degrees at the airport with wins out of the northwest of 5 miles per hour and sunshine and that will add up to more warming in the afternoon.
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we will then see the increasing clouds tonight as a new storm system approaches. temperatures will not drop off to night, but rain is likely to margaret will time out for you when we come back. >> the public viewing continues for legendary former penn state football coach joe paterno. there will be a private funeral this afternoon for the paternal family at state college and will be public service tomorrow. more than 10,000 people filed past his casket at the penn state spiritual center tuesday. the terps will face do for the first time under their new coach. maryland will officially named the court after their former coach. they have a burning desire to beat the blue devils and they will do it tonight. still i had, -- still ahead, you may have no choice in the new
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facebook time line plus, the first lady announces a plan to make school lunches healthier and details are just ahead in a medical alert. a woman gets stuck for five days in her car and survives and what she lived on until she could make it to safety. first, details and the daring rescue of an american being held hostage by somali kidnappers kidnappers
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"and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else."
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"oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> an american hostages on her way home today after a daring rescue by special forces in somalia. >> the earliest indication there had been a raid and rescue came as the commander in chief thanked defense secretary leon panetta on his way into the state of the union address. >> good job tonight. >> the job was a high risk hostage rescue. the same operations group that killed osama bin laden bin crept into and out toward camp to save american jessica buchanan and a danish citizen. there were eight workers that have been held captive since last october. >> it was a remarkable testament to a special operation
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forces. these guys are absolutely incredible. >> as the seal team moved in, a firefighter erupted and nine of the kidnappers were killed. there are no reports of any american casualties. the hostages were rushed to an undisclosed location. president obama called the woman's father and share the information with the rest of the nation, releasing a brief statement last night that said -- thanks to the extraordinary courage and capabilities of our special operations forces, yester day, jessica buchanan was rescued and she is on her way home. a much safer trapped them a mission to set her free. -- a much safer commission then to set her free. >> still to come, outages are coming to your children's school lunches and how the first lady is involved. more facebook changes once again. you don't have a choice. >> the storm is approaching from
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the south korea will time out the rain and how will it will affect temperatures were in a comeback with a forecast for it is in the mid 40's right now with w
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>> a texas woman accidently drove into a waste water pond in idaho and spent nearly five days waiting for help. sheriff's officials call it one of the most bizarre cases they have ever investigated. >> according to the police report, the texas woman was 61- year-old and driving a rental car near here, at 800 west and 500 south in the burley and she became lost looking for her -- her hotel.
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she was given directions by a sheriff's deputy who told her to cross back over the river. the report says the woman saw the dairy drainage pond and believed that is where she needed to go. >> she tried to go around what she thought was a mud puddle or a large body of water and ended up in the field and down to a drainage pond. >> the first night, she flashed her car lights and haunted vaud horn until the battery died but nobody responded. >> she made the comment that she had always been told to stay with your vehicle and not to leave. >> g8 peanut butter m &m's and drank bottled water for five days. waste water was pumped into the pond and the car began filling up. >> she decided that her vehicle is starting to get submerged and decided to walk to a farmhouse. >> she walked to a nearby house
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where they called police and an ambulance. she refused help, just asking for a warm bed and bath. >> i have never seen one like this before but i am glad she is ok and i am glad everything worked out fine call. police, she got were she was going. >> -- hopefully, she got where she was going. >> a record number of families are asking for financial help and it comes to paying for college tuition. more than 21 million families filled out applications for federal student aid for the 2010-2011 school year. that is up nearly 50% from two years before. regulations are tightening but experts say you still have a chance if you pay attention to deadlines. you might complete the forms before getting a tax is done very keep your eyes peeled for private scholarships. facebook users, you have been avoiding the social media site time line features.
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over the next several weeks, facebook will switch over 800 million user pages to the time line layout. users will have one week to preview their profiles and make changes before the new page goes live to facebook friends prayed you confine more information on their page. >> now, your instaweather plus forecast. >> it is shaping up again to be a bit of laughter and but we are keeping our eye on a storm coming from the south that will add some active weather into the talent of the week. it is down to our south and in texas, the heavy rain is switching eastern that will move our way throughout the day. it has been warming up as we see sunshine. we see a few clouds coming in from the west. those clouds will continue to increase as we go into the night and high pressure is in control but eventually the storm will come from the south and increase their range chances for out tomorrow.
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the storm coming in from the south is most likely to bring a mild air rather than cold air force now. this is basically a rain minivans. 46 to gur -- this is basically a rain event. across the area, we are expecting temperatures to get into the upper 40's this afternoon and we will see temperatures dropped into the 30's and 40's overnight. downtown temperatures will stay in the 40's tonight and as you get closer to the airport, upper 30's and north and west, it will be colder, around 32. if we see a couple of showers late tonight, some of that could come in as a bit of sleaze. it is a slim chance and we are not expecting ice accumulation. let's see when we are expecting rain and maybe some sleet. rain is coming in early tomorrow morning before 4:00 a.m. and noticed the green which is
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showing mostly rain. at least northwest of the city there may be some sleet out there before sunrise. we will see a break in the rain midday and more rain pushing into the afternoon and we will see more rain overnight. the heaviest of the rain will come overnight thursday into friday morning. a soaking rain is possible by friday morning and it clears out. daye's a look at a seven- forecast -- we will have clouds today and rain chances tomorrow increasing and maybe some of that sleet north of the city early on. it will be rain into the evening and 54 high on friday and the cold air comes and saturday and 30's on sunday and there may be some snow flurries on sunday but nothing significant. it looks like temperatures will be above freezing for the polar bear plunge. >> first lady michelle obama and
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agricultural secretary tom vilsack will be on hand for the announcement of a new nutrition standards for school lunches today. they will increase student access to produce and whole grains and base it on a child's age. they will offer fat-free or low- fat milk and schools. these of the first major changes to school lunches in 15 years. muffin top and love handles are a battle for many women. how can you get rid of them without surgery? >> in the search for the perfect body, there's a new treatment approved by the fda that promises a trimmer, and less love handles without surgery. >> this is the first device that allows one treatment, one hour, one size down. >> it is called liposonic and it kills fat cells with ultrasound. this doctor is one of the first in los angeles to offer the treatment. >> and a high energy beam that
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will go through this again and started the fat cells -- go through the skin and target the fat cells. how are you? are you excited? >> i am very excited. >> this is a 34-year-old mother who had a c section and says her midsection has never been the same theme i have a little have >> it drives me nuts. >> she considered having liposuction but did not want an invasive procedure. she found dr. colibri online. >> i am excited to know there is no in days of surgery. they're not pulling the fat out with a machine and blood about doctors say the procedure can be done on your lunch hour in the office. they say it takes about one hour and is virtually painless. >> you are a great candidate because there is not a lot but just enough to do it. >> at a cost of three-$5,000 for treatment, you can expect full results within 6-12 week 3 the
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doctor says the procedure is not for everyone. they must have at least 1 inch of excess fat around your midsection. >> i am looking forward to dropping an extra inch in the waistline. and looking forward to feeling the moderately slslim in tummy area. >> don't expect her in a bikini. >> not yet, maybe after the >> second >> she looked fabulous already. up next, your maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers and we will get another check of the forecast. first, i look at how wall street is performing at this hour, stay with us.
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>> and never voted northern kentucky is under siege from thousands of black birds. twice a day since november, these birds have been swarming in a wooded area of alden county. residents have tried to scare them away by using a sound can encourage experts don't -- a sound can then. cannon. the crash last night may be linked to a number of burglaries and an update on the investigation that is unfolding brigid cardinal designate o'brien is back in baltimore and about two -- council designate -- cardinal designate o'brien is
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back in baltimore. those stories and more when you join us for 11 news at 5 and now you're maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. ♪ the maryland lottery, let yourself play ♪ >> hi there, your pick 3 numbers are -- we got 6, in the middlesex a 9 and your last number is an8 making or pick 3 numbers 698. do you want to win 2012 raven's season tickets are $10,000 in cash? you an answer by january 26. bob diamond is ready for your pick 4 numbers. we've got a 3 for starters, followed by 0, the next number on thex as printed ball, and her final number is a 3.
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3063 is your pick 4 numbers. let yourself play. ♪ >> it was nice this morning and nicer than yesterday. >> yes, we had a clear start and more sunshine for the next couple of hours with temperatures in the upper 40's later today. that is above normal but we will have rain tomorrow and that starts late tonight and we will see more rain thursday to friday. saturday is mostly dry, 36. temperatures will be above freezing and but sunday may have some snow flurries. >> how you feel about that? >> i am excited about the polar bear plunge. you >> will be awesome. fax your joining us. be sure to watch tonight at 5:00, have a great day. >> follow breaking news and whether any time at and stay connected with us on facebook and twitter
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