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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  January 28, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> up next, a brutal attack near a high school campus. why medivac had to be called in. >> a house fires sends two to the hospiupl. hoat >> county officials say a new entertainm>> t compl1 towsoad >> clear skies for the 16th annual polar b ar 13unge. "11 7 c>> tarturdaolmornhag" starts now. [capti cohag made llati co e7 crgy group] >> welcome to "11 news satu arc unnghag."1 ã >> and i'm kate amara. ã me y ca again. i love you guys. i wasiboi buth3as thak mwhtl cay not be o it is going to be a great day n3
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a. 13> it will be in the 60's. today won't be all twhtp>hyd t ca+ is te "11 amp suburban areas are down below reezi ha mtw c 30's. we're dry right now. wivwhpy c'suds+ u6 c1noh wiva e calling it partly cloudy. now a little weather syssaym me s tiv ea? e au ces see the snow and rain out in kentucky and parts+ s te ohst% a h a this is a little clipper that will be coming iad m. of us. we do not expect issues with nmck ar pm c6 c1hag mhr ca ne. it will be late in the day today. en tburn tco mppeco,dehoa>> g a saya hy aatures not bad for thi time of year. "13 fspkeagt coming up. >> a big story this morning, a nmeely ar"11keppy ahag coilim11 ã broadneck shool s] nors + pahigh rheldon dutes has more.
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>> it is high school, kidsiuel ayae see something so vie -- violent. see something so vie -- violent. 3 >> am jigt% burny a mtw n.c age+ far >> i was walking home. wearaw% earr1 e% liund him. >> the 18-year-old victim's haday.ent.3 nmedbe airlifted to shock traum. >> yes, those were11 t>> hag htodb . >> that is scary. we never had that happe-idin a ca a 3y aan 13 s nndy weisman lives next door. als t ca neartwar.
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di>> ars+eabad incidents as thi, she said she is not surpro "am. 13 s ty ae% n.%lwcos out over there. >> am i worried of c capie? nmwht' tiuen tedag worry. that's our job, i think. 13 iearsays,iubal-tvsoal p news. >> police say the two teens know ks.eaivstwr% a been filed. this is still an active ã ã >> a bizarre robbery at% das ty a es 7 c% > a cap c carsolck near we're told rodriguez was sta a hag% t%3k ear baskdobaptiibpaan the police say medley was actual mtarsayalhartsun7 cy coie vy sg m's off. if you know3o "iutwn.ab cah
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1-866-7-l6 c13 remain in nd adult sy astig c compg co% burny a% coiine11 ã five people were inside a row 6 c1ca+ we>> y aniutwn11 flames erupted three people ran out of the h cat coiv taken to area hospitals suffering flimp>b -id. epyrsor ptiyiuearr1% iu6 c1es 11 come out. all you could see wag coi cohca 3 fire. >> and sky team 11 was+ pyr mtw r in white marsh. this happened wp>hn. m3 and out of traffic. o ",eiuag% in toburnam moar6 c1xt11
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nmed died. the accid>> t"11em. ã >> a maryland woman will spend the rest+ f3y ame ie ivdick a p>a s 3 "kepmurder. a judge sentenced brittany nspe fppe coisp mtwl cb nor+ fftcoly inepeay. police say norwood attacked d b ed enes.'sud by two masked men. >> johnson was sentenced coisp11 itspe mwh- last month for extorting hundreds+ f m6 c1iges ho+ fn t3 ã accepting assorted gifts.
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3 p>alg unn. c ã keith haynes is sponsoring% 11 el s ttiu came o% ddn.hoa mtw backlog of school repair and renovatst-ictiojkeh 13> htho "% iwey aasse+ f $3211 million or $44 million. which wel% ptiy%p>alg unn. c t%3weivs t n.a+ f predictability on a yearly ayaago "d 3co7 csar. system the city will never catch ippe col cs+h sa war3 >> it was a bit of a scary start pspate. aya ar look at the strong winds. s te3 s tivblound friday morning as hundreds of people were ctind wa hag mo e od uple smaller tents were alo
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knocked down. da+ idmie%g h- ths tivg ca,11 and crews were able to put everything back, eburny a3 sayr,aroiueme 13ncen to that. >> what do you thinkft>> ge -th ped plunge number 15 or 20? >> yeah, sheftigt es dibai a ibai why it is -- >> it is 5:07. nmtw gn.en's "just stay together" got in one week. 13 7 cw mkehn3 ha+ nppeuced by a colombia company. 13> coiinaò me pue e u6 c1nod john has your insta-weather plus n ò pupolpolics t, "11 news saturday morning" is "11 news saturday morning" is just gettingarupa nam. "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> at the airport now 31 years. there are suburban upper 20's now. at the inner harbor closer to the bay and at the urban areas, 74% the humidity, 30.03, the barometer is up. right now high pressure is over us and giving us these nice
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conditions. the winds are calm. at the moment, there are clouds overhead. yesterday the high was an unbelievable 63 at the airport. the record was 62. inner harbor 65. we had rains with strong winds gusting into the 30's and 40's. as the storm went through, there were strong thunderstorm cells, thunder and lightning. we had gusty winds for a while which also gusted in the 30's and 40's. we only had about .11 of an inch of rain here. you had to be under the right storm cell to pick up a considerable amount of rain. at sandy point the temperature is 37 degrees. the skies are clear. there is a light west breeze at 3 miles per hour. no extreme weather for the plungers today. we'll be talking about that later. frederick is 34 degrees.
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upper 20's and low 30's out in far western maryland right now. you can see everybody turned chilly. there was a spike of cold air over us. everyone in the mid-atlantic region is suffering from the same thing. no extreme temperatures here. here is that clipper coming in from the west. again, you can kind of see the trajectory is going to carry a neef northeasterly direction. it will produce a few clouds. somewhere, especially north of us, temperatures will be nice and mild. low 50's for highs today. i mentioned a sprinkle north ever us late in the day. insta-weather futurecast here are generally dry conditions now. as we go toward evening, 6:00 or so, here is that clipper to the north. a few sprinkles getting close to the maryland line. late in the day sunday we do it
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again. another disturbance comes in. this has a little kick to it. we may see a sprinkle or flurry on sunday evening as this pushes through. again, nothing major. most of the day should be fine. monday should be good. we might pick up a few clouds late monday into tuesday. we look at the pole ar bear plunge. temperatures mild in the 40's mid morning, late morning. 1:00 in the afternoon around 50. temperatures back into the 40's again toward the end of the event. seven-day forecast. 53 today. chop a few degrees off. cooler. a flurry in the evening or a sprinkle or so monday and tuesday look dry with temperatures in the 50's and rain chances wednesday and thursday, and snow chances friday. >> cell phones in the nation's prisons have been something authorities have battled. i recently got a cell hound
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technology. here is how it works. >> cell phones in the hands of inmates can create all sorts of security breeches. cell phones were confiscated from inmates nationwide. authorities say they use these to run drugs and intimidate witnesses. >> over the last few years, we have heard stories about people from inside a prison who have been able to make a call outside in terms of, you know, intimidating a witness or some other activity. >> congressman john sarbanes has technology it says can detect cell phones in prisons. >> what they detect is the call as soon as it is made. when it is made, someone in the prison knows when it is made. they can study the habits of people and go interaddict a phone at the time of their
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choosing. >> they say jamming does not work. it confuses signals so calls cannot be made in or out of the prison. also he says turning the cell phone off is not enough. especially with smart phones. they can be used as a camera, as a video recorder, to create e-mails. and then the memory card can be removed and carried out under somebody's tongue and nobody knows they are still communicating. >> after he leaves office, president obama might want to think about a career in music. that's because the president's viral rendition -- president's rendition of the song boosted sales of the song 16,000 times
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last week. >> he has a pretty good voice. >> it is a good song, and he did it justice. not pitchy at all. >> no. >> attorneys for jerry sandusky are asking for lienencey in his house arrest. >> plus making frequent trips to the gym. the new treatment just approved by the f.d.a. >> and it is creating buzz around the towson area. details on the multi
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>> a seemingly endless battle for so many women. there is a device that promises to rid you of all of them in just an hour. >> in the search for the perfect
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body, there is a new treatment just approved by the f.d.a. that promises a trimmer tummy and less love handles without surgery. >> this is the first treatment that allows one treatment. >> it is called liposonic and kills fat cells. this doctor is one of the first in l.a. to offer the treatment. >> high energy beam that will go through the skin and target the fat cells and destroy the fat cells. how are you? >> good. >> are you excited? >> i'm very excited. >> kristin chaney is a 30-year-old mom of one who had a c-section who said her stomach has never been the same. >> she said she considered getting liposuction but did not
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want an invasive procedure. >> i was excited to know there is no invasive surgery and they are not pulling the fat out with a machine and blood. >> doctors say the procedure can be done on your lunch hour here in the office. they say it takes an hour and is virtually painless. >> there is not enough to do it. >> at a cost of $3,000 to $5,000 per treatment, you can expect full results in six to 12 months. doctors say the procedure isn't for everyone. you must have at least one nch inch of excess fat around your mid section. >> i am looking forward to feeling more slim in the tummy area. >> don't expect her in a bikini just yet. >> not yet. maybe with a second treatment. >> we're going to stick with the spanx here. >> stay with us. there is much more ahead on "11
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news saturday morning." first a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> in this morning's "project economy" report the new entertainment multieye million dollar development will bring both to downtown towson.
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>> the family friendly district is expected to open in the fall of 2014. kai reed gauged reaction to the news. >> i think it is a great idea. it will hopefully revitalize the spirit of the town. >> the buzz amid downtown towson was about the new possibilities. >> i think it would be good to have more restaurants. the more the better. >> the 85 million dollar development will be constructed on a 4.2 acre plot of landed. it will feature five well known restaurants and a large parking garage. >> we will put around that compliment ri theaters and restaurants. that's our vision.
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>> hopes? yes, we hope it will work out. fears? i don't know. >> towson commons closed in may of last year. baltimore county executive kevin kamenetz predicts a more positive outcome for the new development. >> we're talking about cinemark bringing in one of the larger facilities, but also something that is from a company that is understands how to imagine properties and deliver a superior product. >> if they have a movie theater bag that's a little more family oriented, i could totally see that working maybe in hunt valley. but over here? >> kai reed reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> the entertainment complex is predicted to generate $2 million a year and $3 million in sales
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to the state. >> 5:26. what's the temperature? what's the temperature on tv hill? >> give me a few seconds. 33. >> that's not mild. >> coming up, a look at our top story. >> also alleged child abusers jerry sandusky could be in public again. what his attorneys asked for. >> and the insta-weather plus forecast just ahead. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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>> welcome to "11 news saturday morning." thank you for joining us. >> our top stories in just a moment. first we must check inside with john about outside because of the thunder. >> it has been going since yesterday. a little stormy weather in the morning, but once that went through, it was probably the warmer day for the plungers they have had. today a little different because the warm front went through, but we will not have anything extreme. not bad. today most temperatures above the freezing point. some areas west of the city and
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bay are down at or below freezing. most readings near the bay are in the upper 30's this morning. we can see a few clouds overhead right now. it is overcast in the city. the clouds are coming from this disturbance to our west. it is a clipper type thing. it has an unusual amount of moisture. i think it will be a cloud maker for us, not a snow or rain maker. we'll detail that forecast coming up in just a moment. >> attorneys for accused former state defensive coordinator jerry sandusky are asking the judge for lienencey in his house arrest. yesterday his attorney asked the judge to allow him to have supervised visits with his 11 grandchildren inside his home. the motion also asked the gudge judge to consider allowing friends to visit jerry sandusky. a hearing is set for february 10.
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>> scores of people attend the the moslem rab radical for etta james -- attended the memorial for etta james. she died of leukemia. she was 73. >> a singer-song writer hospitalized in georgia to be treated for pneumonia and other ailments. while in the hospital, the doctors discovered three stomach ulcers and diverticulitis. despite all that, the country and western hall-of-fame star hopes to resume touring in late february. >> the baltimore city police department went outside to hire two key commanders. both are a result of the problems that surfaced last year in high-profile incidents. jayne miller has the story. >> it was a rough year in 2011
5:32 am
for the baltimore police department. a chaotic scene ended with two men dead, one a city police officer. one shot and killed by friendly fire, william torbitt. then 17 officers nabbed on federal charges in a kickback scheme. new officers are hired to check -- to fix what's been going wrong. >> i can count the number of baltimore police officers on one hand that i actually know and have, you know, socialized with. so i don't have some of the issues or concerns that people have of, you know, well having somebody within the department. >> i thought it was important that we find someone that would have the credibility, that would
5:33 am
have the community credibility to stand alone and immediately win trust based on their credibility. >> john king comes from montgomery county to take over the department's training. the independent report on the torbitt shooting found losses in training. he said he plans to hire a different kind of cop. >> we hire people to be problem solvers. >> the department, he said, is committed to change. as an example, he touted the big drop in arrests. from 100,000 to just -- 100,000 when governor o'malley was in office to just 42,000 last year. >> that is a commitment from the men and women in this department to do things differently. >> john king's new salary as director of training $97,000.
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i'm jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> schools fight for funding in our "education alert." >> and returned 50 years after it went missing. a a -- how a ring brought former high school students together. high school students together. >> our plus plus -- our oh, i see. a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave.
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>> a check of live h.d. doppler radar. nothing precipitation wise going on out here. to our west there is. snow up in ohio, indiana, and michigan. south of the ohio river there is rain mixed in with that. the trajectory is northeasterly.
5:37 am
when it gets a little closer to us, it looks like maybe clouds here. most of that precipitation will stay to our north. basically, it is not a bad forecast today at all. yes we have clouds here this morning. 31 degrees at the airport. at the inner harbor, 39. that's the trend closer to the bay. a little warmer than out in the suburbs where temperatures are closer to the freezing mark. the humidity is down. the barometer is up. at the moment, the winds are calm. a big event down at sandy point today. we look at temperatures there now. 37 degrees. generally clear skies. a light west wind at 3. we take a look at wind around the area. salisbury at freezing. on the boardwalk and chestertown and edgewood. 30 at frostburg, but only 28 at oakland. this is a clipper type thing.
5:38 am
a lot of moisture with it. not an endless supply. so as it moves through, it is going to be mostly a feature that passes to our north. we are picking up a few of those clouds from the city northward. the farther south you go, you pick up clear skies. it will be a near miss. by evening, up in pennsylvania it looks like there might be a few sprinkles. here's what the map will look like with that front coming through the area. most action will be north of us. not extremely cold. there will be a re-enforcing shot of chilly air. we will average it out today, partly cloudy. more clouds at the end of the day. a sprinkle to the end. southwest winds at 10. 50 to 55 for the high. if you are closer to the pay, you may be a little chillier. bay water temperatures are only around 40 degrees or so. you look at our futurecast, and you can see late in the day, 6
5:39 am
clost clock, action to the north. it looks spotty here. any sprippings chances south of the maryland line, pretty slim. even in pennsylvania, it doesn't look all that impressive. sunday, another clipper comes in. this one has a little beef to it. this goes through late in the day sunday. the bulk of the day sunday looks nice. monday another clipper way to the north. all it looks like it will do is bring us cloudiness. a lot of sun today. a clipper here in baltimore at bay water where temperatures are only in the upper 30's or 40's. if there is a breeze, water temperatures only around 40. that's pretty cold. an evening sprinkle this evening. very slim chance for that. a little chance for light mix late in the day on sunday.
5:40 am
50's today, 40's tomorrow. almost 60 on wednesday, but we start picking up rain chances in the middle of the week. >> passengers on a horizon airlines regional flight thursday night had unwant excitement to talk about. a passenger got mobile phone video of one of the plane's two engines shutting down. it happened on a flight from portland to seattle. they heard an explosion. the pilot turned around and landed safely at the airport. >> can you imagine? would you be taking video of it? i don't know what i would do. >> a class ring. it brought former students in st. louis back together. >> it went to its rightful owner 50 years after it went missing. >> our story begins where it ended.
5:41 am
59 years ago orville was a teenager in this gym. while stationed in california, he wanted to see the observe tri. things snowballed into a snowball fight. it was lost forever, he thought, until she called the high school and it was returned to its rightful owner. >> [audio not clear]
5:42 am
>> the two were introduced to each other 50 years ago. not only was it the first time orville had set foot in the high school in 50 years, but his high school was the first graduating class from this high school. >> i was impressed how they made it so special for one man. >> our story has come full circle, just like the ring that got returned to red button. >> still ahead, we'll tell you about a unique museum in baltimore that relies mostly on hand-to-eye coordination. >> and our education alert in a fight to help breathe new life into city schools.
5:43 am
>> first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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5:45 am
>> baltimore city has some of the oldest school buildings in the state, and a number of them are starting to show their age. this time he wants flexibility in how to spend those dollars. tim tooten has the story. >> haliburt elementary school was built in 1955. baltimore county is counting on $23,200 this year -- on $3,200
5:46 am
this year. not enough to take care of this building. they went to the state meeting room to plead their case. >> what do you think needs to be done? >> locker rooms, classrooms. basically the entire school. >> they are asking for state dollars to speed up construction projects. >> the most important thing is flexibility, but we also need predictability. no bank is going to alow us to borrow -- allow us to borrow unless they know what they are going to get from the school district. >> i hope they understand what dr. anlonso wants to do. as we know, it is costly to
5:47 am
build schools. >> now it is something a lot of groups are taking seriously. >> they are competing against students in modern buildings with science labs. we want more than a facelift. we want a total renovation. >> school officials say they are running out of time. >> we need funding for the school system. if that means more money, that's what it has to be. >> tim tells us the city is limited to only a few construction projects each year. they are convinced more spending flexibility would help boost that number. >> there is much more ahead on "11 news saturday morning." >> i'm pete gilbert. coming up in sports, we'll check in on the ravens and what john harbaugh did to shore up his coaching staff. story ahead. >> plus john collins has another look at your weekend forecast. you are watching "11 news
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you are watching "11 news saturday morning."
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oh, i see. a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave. who says
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>> has it been a tough week for the ravens? sure, you go back sunday and suffer one of the most painful defeats in team history. a couple weeks later they use their defensive coordinator to of all places, indianapolis. but they -- here is more on this story. chuck cashed in on his big compans chance this week for the colts. the ravens failed to blink. one day after brigano enjoyed his indianapolis introduction, harbaugh brings out jim, now in charge of the ravens' defense.
5:52 am
>> i couldn't be more excited to do that. they will tell you what a great football coach this man is. >> dean pees knows the drill. >> they have their own style, their own personality, and it is what it is. it is not going to change, and i'm not going to change it. >> what about cam cameron and the offense? one said cameron was already saying good-bye to colleagues. today harbaugh offered unwavering strength. >> you watch what the players and our offense and coaches did, i was excited about it. it was a good year. >> i called ozzie, and i said,
5:53 am
hey, i just flew back. and he says, can't, in our minds, you were never gone. >> whether harbaugh will hire a quarterback coach to join the staff remains under investigation. >> when john harbaugh promoted dean pees it will be the fourth time they have promoted from within, and four times the defensive coordinator has gone on to become a head coach for the nfl. it is one of the most coveted positions in all of professional football. >> baltimore museum encourages people to be hands on. kind of have to be. >> kim dacey takes us to the national pinball museum. >> hundreds of pinballs line the walls of this museum, but this is no arcade. this is the national pinball
5:54 am
museum. >> pinball is not just a game. i have always believed that since i looked at the artwork and thought this was an amazing thing. >> he had just moved to water street in baltimore and opened doors january 14. the first floor hosts antique pinball machines in a history of the game dating back to 1767. all you have to do is swipe a card and you have unlimited play for two hours for $12. >> here they are getting that museum experience and enjoying themselves in a very hands-on way. >> for david the museum is a labor of love. he started playing at 4 years old and now owns 900 pinball machines. >> it was a fascination. partially the coordination of
5:55 am
watching the ball flip. also i was fascinated with the artwork. that's why i say pinball is a timeline of oir own history. because pretty much any important subject that's taken place in our country has been detected on a pinball machine. >> he shares that passion with others in the museum which will eventually have classes and a theater. >> we have parties. we are starting up leagues so that i'm trying to really create a place that is kind of a community center. >> the museum is open friday through sunday. you can find a link at our web site at kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> john collins was down there all day yesterday. >> really? >> yes. >> 33 degrees right now by the way. >> and it is 5:55. here's a look ahead to our next
5:56 am
hour of "11 news saturday morning." >> a fight near a high school campus sends one person to the hospital. >> and as far as the weather is concerned, there is a little rain out there, but i wouldn't be concerned about it. details coming up.
5:57 am
>> an internet video depicting u.s. marines desecrating bodies drew swift action and with good reason. marines are driven by purpose, guarded by values, and train hard to achieve their aspirations to the title of marine. it is no wonder why secretary of state hillary clinton was right to desecrate the bodies of enemy fighters as bringing shame to the united states. marines are trained to plan and mobilize ship-to-shore
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operations. to the thousands of marines who proudly represent all that the united states military stands for, we say thank you. to the millions of men and women that served in the military, we say thank you. secretary panetta has launched a thorough investigation to prosecute the minority of violators
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