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tv   Today  NBC  April 12, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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back now with more of "today" on this tuesday morning, the 12th of april, 2012. man, we have a lot of nice people outside today, on this spring day, rolling right through april. we're really surrounded by a trendous amount of exuberance this morning, so that's a lot of fun. carl quintanilla is in for matt. al and savannah are joining us. we're going to talk about this coming up, and that is go george zimmerman who is now in police custody, accused of second-degree murder for the death of trayvon martin. and he'll be in court a little bit later on today to be
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formally charged with this crime. and so his new attorney has said he will plead not guilty. we'll get details on that. savannah, you'll also talk about this case with "today's professionals." >> they're here. we'll talk about the case, whether he will get a fair trial in florida. then we'll shift gears with the team and talk about a new study that finds there is a nice gene. truly. does anyone on our panel have it? we'll investigate. also, if going to europe has always been your dream vacation but the likelihood is about as good as going to mars, your dream may now be in reach. how to make europe fit into your budget this summer. >> even though prices are up. nilou motamed has great ideas. >> i always love hearing from her. if you want to gussy yourself up, bobbie thomas is here to tell you how not to break the bank. she has must-have accessories. and they are very affordable.
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>> thanks, al. let's go inside and get a check of the morning's top stories. we've got natalie with us. >> good morning, everyone. today george zimmerman makes his first court appearance now that he's being charged with second-degree murder in the death of florida teen trayvon martin. his attorney says he will plead not guilty. zimmerman turned himself in on wednesday. and earlier on "today," trayvon's mother, sybrina fulton, was asked what she wants to hear from zimmerman. >> a person should apologize when they're actually remorseful for what they've done. i believe it was an accident. i believe that it just got out of control. and he couldn't turn the clock back. >> fulton says she is happy, though, that zimmerman has been arrested and that he, in her words, will be held accountable. jury selection is starting today in north carolina in the trial of former presidential candidate john edwards. he's facing six criminal counts. prosecutors say almost $1 million in secret payments made by two campaign donors helped
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edwards hide his pregnant mistress during his 2008 campaign. edwards denies knowing about the payments. police in beverly hills have officially closed their investigation into the death of bh whitney houston after finding no evidence that a crime occurred. the coroner ruled earlier that her drowning death was accidental. the fda wants drug companies to help limit the use of antibiotics routinely mixed with feed given to farm animals. scientists say the practice has contributed to a surge in dangerous drug-resistant bacteria. a new report finds about 23% of babies born in the u.s. are born to unmarried couples living together. that is up from 14% ten years ago. the cdc report did not suggest a reason for the jump. first lady michelle obama was on "the colbert report" last night promoting her joining forces initiative which honors and supports u.s. troops and their families. and joking a little bit about the presidential campaign as well. >> the campaign, the first time you were on my show, you were not the first lady.
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now you are. >> yes. >> that's called the colbert bump. you're welcome. you're welcome. do you ever lord over the president over the fact that you're more popular than he is? do you ever say, like, hey, watch it or i might not campaign for you? >> i might try that when i get home. >> no worries, though. she also officially endorsed her husband. imagine if she didn't. it is now four minutes past the hour. let's go back outside to al with a check of your weather. >> okay, thank you, nat. we've got a nice group here including a young woman, you're a student welder? wow, that's pretty cool. what do you weld? >> just pieces of metal, i guess. >> there you go. that's a good thing to weld. ice cream would be difficult. okay. thanks so much. let's see what's happening as far as your weather. first of all, we've got a risk of severe storms from central texas all the way up to north platte, nebraska. could see some tornadoes developing out of this system on the radar. out west, we've got a lot of wet
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weather. monterey, up into sacramento, heavier rain. interior mountain snows, cascades, we're talking about -- i should say the sierra, anywhere from 1 to maybe even 1 1/2 feet of snow before it's all over. >> good morning. we're waking up to plenty of sunshine and maybe just a few clouds. it is pretty breezy with winds 10 and that's your latest weather. savannah? ♪ and i be taking care of business ♪ ♪ every day al, thank you. now to "today's professionals," our panel of power players weighing in on the hot topics of the day. star jones is an attorney and
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author, donny deutsch is chairman of deutsche incorporated and dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> boy, we have a lot to talk about. let's start with the george zimmerman case. he's now been charged with second-degree murder in the shooting of trayvon martin. star, our lawyer, i'll start with you. do you think the prosecutor got the charge right? was it an overcharge? >> i think that prosecutors like to charge as high as they think that the evidence is that shows them right now. she obviously knows a lot more than the rest of us do. and i think one thing that was extremely impressive is she now focused america's attention on justice and due process. that this process for her was really about taking care of the victims, protecting them, but now it shifts to making sure justice is done. and i was extremely impressed with her. >> which leads me to the next point because i don't think there can be any denying that public pressure is part of the reason that we got to the point where a charge has been filed. but donny, i'll put it to you. do you think public pressure has
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a role going forward? do you think it will affect what happens in a courtroom in florida? >> i think there's politics and there's law and there's the politics of law. and clearly, this had to go to trial. we don't know the details here. none of us know the details. clearly this is a case that needs a brighter light, and we're going to get it now. it's that simple. >> i'm hoping that as this goes forward, and hearing you talk about the skewed legal lens, i'm not surprised by what's happened. i hope it allows us as a nation to talk about guns, the law that was enacted in 2005, the stand your ground law, where homicide cases have tripled since that law, i hope it allows this country to reexamine that. >> it really and truly has been taxed in the states that have stand your ground laws. i think one of the things we need to do is reject the premise of the question of whether or not the public pressure is going to impact on the justice system. public pressure simply made a light bulb go off in this case. that's what it did.
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>> which is obviously race is a huge part of it. does this heal or does this divide? and i always wonder -- obviously, this has got to happen now. >> and let me pick up on that because if ultimately -- you would acknowledge, this is a tough case for any prosecutor to bring, though. if you end up with an acquittal or coming back on a charge that the martin family doesn't feel is sufficient, do you worry about this tinderbox in sanford, florida? >> there is never going to be sufficiency for the martin family. this is the one thing as a prosecutor i'd like to impart to people. they lost their child. you're never going to make that right. what makes it right for them is that the person responsible for his death stands before a court of law. >> let's say -- i want to go back to the divide thing. let's say it comes out in the trial that this young man was initiating things. >> yes. >> and this was -- well, then it cuts in another direction. then you get white people angry. and so either way, what's so upsetting about this -- >> and it underscores the fact that we don't talk about race
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enough in this country and that race does matter. >> unfortunately, it's always about this. >> we find out the truth about it. and when they're in this trial, if we get to that point, what you should remember, first of all, is as long as the facts and the truth come out, then justice actually is done. >> and people will see, florida has expansive sunshine laws likely to be a camera in that courtroom. let's move on to a lighter topic. jennifer love hewitt, breast reduction. here's a change of pace. she took pictures for publicity for her new show. she apparently in the first images had rather large breasts. they were then later reduced digitally. donny, it is a racy show. she plays a high-class escort. what do you think about this? >> i think, first of all, whatever they do, it's fine. it's entertainment. i guess because it's lifetime and obviously it's a huge woman audience. they probably figured a less voluptuous woman might not be as, you know, pushing away the audience, for lack of a better word. i have a feeli ining if this wa
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spike -- >> it's really about making sure that when it appeared in a magazine in certain areas, it didn't offend people. this is the way she's going to look. >> sometimes it's sexier to cover up. >> no, it's not. >> yes, it is. >> no, it's not! misconception number 17. >> you're wrong. you're like the porcupine from the previous segment. >> exactly. >> once and for all, men like boobs, okay? can we just deal with that, understand it, embrace it. >> and i just wanted to throw out something else, too, there's something to be said for aging gracefully and not showing everything to everyone. she's not 22, folks. >> but the premise of the show is, she's a slut. let her look like a slut. >> let's move on to a really interesting topic, the nice person gene. apparently there's a new study that suggests there may actually
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be a genetic aspect to human kindness. we have to start with our doctor. do you buy it? >> there is science behind it. we know there are also hormones, when a mother breast-feeds her baby, there's a chemical called oxytocin. you feel warmer and wonderful. but the reality is, there is probably something to it, and there is a nature versus nurture in how you raise a child. but the nice gene -- >> you raise a point i was going to. >> you've got it. >> who knows? it may be nature, but it's also a function of your upbringing, circumstances and surroundings. >> you have to be trained to be kind and say thank you, you know how your mom immediately turns to you and says, "say thank you for the present." and if you're the kind of kid that, you know, sort of kicked the neighbor, you didn't have the nice gene. >> clearly you can teach, but as somebody who has little kids, you talk to any of my friends, they come out hardwired. there are certain kids who come out softer and sweeter and more aggressive. and then it's what you do with it. >> who has the nice gene? >> i would have to say knowing
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us as well as i do, all four of us have it. >> oh, good. all right. we won't make it a question on the website. >> the most self-serving guy i have ever heard. >> i can say that these three are very, very nice. i will say that. >> okay. our next topic -- i can't believe we're doing it. >> go ahead. >> the he-wax. apparently more and more men are waxing their nether region. wait a minute. no personal anecdotes, please. >> oh, okay. >> but do you think that guys are doing this more? waxing? >> i have to answer it personally or not? >> i know men have been waxing backs and chests for a long time. >> that's not what we're talking about. >> let him in. >> do you want the doctor first? >> it's not a doctor issue. >> sure it is. >> okay. >> when did the war on pubic hair start? >> new set of words. by the way, it's a new reality show. it's an interesting thing. >> i don't get it. i don't get it.
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>> i will explain. would you like me to? >> yes. >> oh, god, where do i go from here? >> you started it. >> i don't know if my mother's watching. when did it start? i think most people would say a more manicured thing is probably -- don't -- can we go to break -- there's nothing more appealing. i think there's a difference. i think men who wax, that's a little creepy. waxing, i think, is for women. >> what's the difference? >> i'm out. >> one is go to someplace and they rip it off. the other is you just do a little grooming. do you guys wax? >> none of your business. >> just because you do doesn't make it right. >> do you know there's a new show on tv, this magic city show like about miami back in the day? they had to cast ak prectresses are not modernized with the war on pubic hair as nancy would say. because most women do it nowadays no matter what. they're shaved bare.
9:14 am
>> studies that i've heard from men, not me, of course, an overwhelming majority of women are on the against side on the war on pubic hair. this is just a clinical story that i hear from other men. >> it's very western. it's not something that the rest of the world thinks about, okay? >> next topic. this makes me uncomfortable. >> it makes you want to itch. >> star jones, donny deutsch, dr. nancy, boy. >> we do not have the nice gene. back with harsh words for those who criticized ashley judd for the way she looks. she gave us an exclusive interview. next, making a european vacation affordable. some travel tips after these messages. dry mouth definitely affected my self confidence. it's debilitating when you try to talk, when you're trying to eat, when you're trying to sleep. i'm constantly licking my lips. water would address the symptoms for just a few minutes. the hygienist recommended biotene. it's clean and refreshing, i feel like i have plenty of fluid in my mouth. i brush with the biotene toothpaste
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[ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. ♪ what's in your wallet? ♪ what's in your...your... "today's travel" is brought to you by sleep inn. dream better here. >> this morning on "today's travel," making europe affordable. if you thought a trip to france or italy is out of reach, hey, you may be in for a surprise. nil nilou motamed has creative way to keep prices down. >> bonjour. >> i was just reading talking about how prices are up, but you found some bargains. >> the dollar is doing better compared to the euro. i have six amazing tips from "travel & leisure." >> you say stay off the beaten path.
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>> tuscany is beautiful but puglia is where you'll find value especially at a place called suite 68. for $120 a night you can stay at this amazing hotel. if you don't know puglia, this is 500 beautiful miles of coastline. and you'll get beautiful weather. it's incredibly charming and for only $120. >> you say thinking about a european hotel chain. >> a european hotel chain. in fact, if you don't know the european hotel chains, in the current issue, we have a whole list of them. one of my favorites is a chain across the uk. it's a french name in the uk chain. and i love the ones they have in edinboro, scotland. edinburgh is home to two of my favorite things, whiskey and men in kilts. >> you combine the two and you've got a party. >> especially where you're getting rooms for under $250 a night. and they have a beautiful wine cellar and even a chandelier.
9:19 am
you are right in the medieval heart of edinboro. there are many sites. >> looking for a small boutique hotel. >> i love a boutique hotel because it feels like you're close to the ground. in paris, there's nothing better than staying at a charming property. and this hotel, you are a stone's throw away -- >> i love your accent today. >> you're a stone's throw away from the champs elysees. and one of the most expensive areas in paris. but you're also very close to all the department stores. i'm not trying to say a lot of french words. we're talking about paris. >> i know, i get it! >> what's great is in june they have their annual sale. if you want to save up to 70% on french fashions, this is the time to do it. and the hotel we're talking about has a beautiful garden that i love having breakfast in. and under $150, under $135 a night. >> very cool. and another way to save is air fare. and you've got a great tip. and i've got some friends who
9:20 am
have done this. >> you love iceland. i know you were there a few years ago. iceland air is a great value option if you're trying to fly to europe. for $600 round trip, i found recent flights going to iceland from the u.s. what's great is then you can fly to continental europe from there. i would say don't go anywhere but to there. there are glaciers. there's a blue saga hotel. and for $150 a night, you can stay right in the heart of the city once again. but i think it's absolutely necessary to go out to the blue lagoon like you did. >> yes. >> and to have a day trip there. >> you're talking about some other cities that are less expensive. you like lisbon. >> i love lisbon. it's a beautiful city. and actually, the second largest growth industry is tourism. if you're looking for value, go to lisbon. amazing food, a beautiful port city. southern europe gets quite hot
9:21 am
in the summertime. this, because of their location on the river and on the atlantic, they have incredible breezes. you're going to be cool and where you'll be extra cool is the sofitel lisbon. and you'll stay there for $222 a night. a gorgeous location once again. we picked all great hotels. >> if you want to skip the hotels altogether, you say rent a hotel -- an apartment. >> rent an apartment. you know, we've all got olympic fever these days. everyone wants to go to london. renting an apartment on a website at either windu or i found an amazing charming flat in notting hill in the center of it all. the great thing, the owner says if you want recommendations, i'll give you recommendations so you get a personal touch. >> fantastic. thanks so much. i'll talk to you later on to get some more accents. coming up, the hottest accessories for spring that aren't going to break the bank. first these messages. to a ligh♪
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coming up, ashley judd fires back at her critics. >> plus a gourmet italian feast you can make at home. >> after your local news and weather. paul fabry, and i grow oranges in florida for tropicana. my grandpa taught me that there's no orange like a florida orange. they're grown in just the right soil... with the perfect amount of sunshine. see, that's how you get that beautiful colour and ripeness. tropicana pure premium is made with 100% florida oranges. because the best oranges make the best juice. ♪ in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> good morning. we are expecting plenty of sunshine today could you still may want to check. with breezy wins, temperatures near 59 in baltimore. same thing along the eastern shore. winds out of the northwest at 10 to 20
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♪ ♪ he knows i'm going to stay ♪ california dreamin' ♪ california dreamin' ♪ on such a winter's day that is the singing group wilson phillips. and later on "today," we'll be hear them singing the song that got a huge boost in the hit film "bridesmaids." coming up, ashley judd, the actress was criticized for having a puffy face recently, like a lot of public figures, people accusing her of having plastic surgery, well, she is
9:31 am
fighting back. we'll have an exclusive interview coming up. >> good for her. >> good for her. she's not taking it sitting down. >> ashley, go! you don't have to buy a whole new wardrobe to get the hottest styles. we'll show you key accessories from shoes to sunglasses. they'll dress up any outfit. and let's go beyond spaghetti and meatballs. we want to show you how to create an italian feast featuring ricotto dumplings, eggplant parmesan and more. >> spaghetti and meatballs good, too. >> nothing wrong with that. let's have a look at our weather. >> starting tomorrow, if you're lucky enough to get a quick start, risk of strong storms from north texas on into iowa. wet weather along the west coast with mountain snows. on saturday, we've got sunny and mild conditions along the eastern seaboard. some showers along the florida coast. risk of storms from texas on into wisconsin. sunny and cool in the pacific northwest with showers in the southwest. sunday, sunday! looking at rain in new england.
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we're expecting sunshine in the pacific northwest. risk of strong storms texas into southern iowa with wet weather into the southern great lakes. that's what's going on around the >> mostly sunny skies today. it is look cool and breezy. we expect wind about 10 to 20 miles per hour. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, thank you, al. coming up next, ashley judd fires back at the rumors about her appearance. she'll set the record straight right after these messages. ♪ [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... ♪ [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] you may be an allergy muddler.
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♪ there's no hidin' ♪ the look of love, love [ female announcer ] women who eat breakfast, like the special k breakfast, actually weigh less. a closet that feels like a candy store begins with special k. ♪ what will you gain when you lose? well, ashley judd has been in the news this week with what's come to be known as the puffy case controversy. she's really fighting back in a scathing essay in "the daily beast." >> that's right. she's also speaking out in an exclusive interview with nbc news. >> that's right. this is ashley judd's first television interview since it all began.
9:37 am
she didn't hold back, denying accusations she's had plastic surgery and taking her critics to task. >> reporter: ashley judd's certainly no stranger to the spotlight. >> you're going to call me, you might as well say something. >> reporter: she's enjoyed a thriving career in film and tv spanning two decades. but now the star is dealing with some unwanted headlines. >> i don't think that being a public figure makes it legitimate to criticize people the way they are currently criticized in this cultural climate. >> reporter: judd who turns 44 next week is fighting back against critics who recently called her face "puffy" while she made the rounds promoting her new tv series. >> if i didn't try acting as a younger woman, i never would. there was an incredibly nasty vitriolic and gloating tone about it. >> reporter: some concluded she's had work done like facial injections or even plastic surgery. >> so i look bad. i've had work.
9:38 am
i look too good. i've had work. it hurt me. it really hurt -- it hurt my feelings. >> reporter: there's been absolutely no plastic surgery, the actress fires back. the puffiness was a result of prescription steroids taken when she was sick for more than a month with a sinus infection. >> i think that it's hatred of women that invites the criticism. i think it's the objectification of girls and women in this hypersexualization in our society that invites the criticism. it doesn't have anything to do with me really and how i look. >> reporter: the star who's married to race car champion dario franchitti says society unfairly scrutinizes a woman's appearance. >> we're taught not to admit how much it hurts. just, you know, go buy more hair spray, get back to the gym or buy another butt-clencher exercise dvd. that's how to undo the hurt when in fact, that's just contributing to the pain. >> reporter: a misogynistic culture objectifying women.
9:39 am
says judd. >> my puffy-face moment is another person's big-butt moment. i think what happened to me is very common. it might look a little different in other people's lives because they may not be public figures. but we all go through it. >> and she goes on to say every battles a puffy-face moment. it's not just women fighting these unfair appearance expectations but that men are also bombarded with unrealistic masculine stereotypes. judd hopes that this sparks a larger conversation about body image which i think we would all like. go, go, go. >> a conversation worth having for sure. >> absolutely. good for her for speaking out. coming up next from bold belts to statement earrings, bobbie thomas is sheer, and she's got spring's sexiest accessories. but first, these messages. ♪ every little thing has meaning ♪ ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪ [ female announcer ] we've added a touch of philadelphia cream cheese to our kraft natural cheese to make it creamier. so whatever you make isn't just good, it's amazing.
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this morning on "bobbie's style buzz," easy and affordable ways to update your look from head to toe. "today" style editor and's bobbie thomas has four of the biggest season accessory trends. bob bobbie, good morning. >> good morning. >> the first one is the cap toe which we saw all over the runway. >> yeah, celebrities have gone gaga for these. they've been wearing them everywhere. it's a shiny-towed tip. you think it's a small detail, but it can make a really big difference on your whole outfit. >> look at your outfit today. i love your shoes. >> i'm in sort of a plain dress. >> come over here. >> i'm wearing a plain dress. these are stuart weitzman. a little detail can add flair. it's almost like jewelry on your feet. so the cap toe is a smart way -- it's actually a big secret if you have jeans on or a casual
9:44 am
legging on the weekend and you want to feel more dressed up, you can go to the cap toe. >> a little bling. >> you have them everywhere in every style. >> lots of price points. >> this is from zara, $89, bloomingdale's, calvin klein, michael kors has great options for work that look really smart. $24.99 at target, really comfortable. i love the metal toe cap. >> and the leather cap. >> these are great. these are the espadrilles. this is something new coming out next month from target. they'll be collaborating with local shops across the country. this is the webster from miami. >> i love that. so cute. >> they start at $7.99. fantastic. and some other flats that look really great. nine west and vince camuto. fantastic. >> now used to be the statement necklace was all the rage. but now it's all about the statement earring. these are popular on the runways, tee. >> yeah, designers instead of going for the big chunky necklace, you know, oscar de la renta, you see the model -- i think it's the viewer's right
9:45 am
which is the marnie earring and then the pucci. you don't have to have the heavy hardware. in warm weather, that's great. i love that you're picking those up. >> they almost look sort of marniesque. >> these are $2. >> $2? >> $ so you can really make a statement for just $2. i really love this. i think if you want just something at the office, you might not want to go as dramatic as, say, mine. >> some people may find it to be overwhelming, having a big earring. >> you can go for something a little more demure. you can also go for a stud that's oversized. but i do think that, you know, when you maybe five years ago if we talked about statement necklaces, women might have been, like, i'm not sure. but now everybody's into them. >> right. >> an earring is just an earring. you can choose the size you want. chico's has really great sophisticated organic options. jc penney, fantastic exotic ones in the gold. the metal category. and
9:46 am
i love these. they're very fashion forward and colorful. great fashion jewelry, so inexpensive whether you're a teenager or if you want to get in on your teen's jewelry collection. >> and i guess if you're making a big statement with your jewelry, keep everything else minimalist. >> i love this for summer. you don't want a heavy necklace. you want to put your hair up. that dresses up shorts or a maxi dress. >> overing over to the wide belt, also making big statements, right? >> yes. you know, belts have been around, but bigger is better on the runway. >> cinch it. cinch it. >> you see balmain and gaultier and burberry. some women are, like, i don't know if i should do a belt because of my body shape. one of the trends that can work in your favor would be a corset style which is something like this that can kind of cheat the waist. that's something you can look for if you're afraid of a horizontal line. >> you have some really colorful
9:47 am
ones, too. >> look at these from switch. they come in all different colors. the buckles are interchangeable. it's an inexpensive way to get in on the colorblocking trend. accessories in a store seem last on your list. you go for the clothing. but really, this is the best way to sort of stretch your wardrobe. go for something that's $20, you know, some of these are 10. this is $13, this really great belt that looks very -- >> totally changes the look of your wardrobe. >> totally changes a dress. hardware, bcb bchlbcbg. if you invest in a couple of belts, it will really change so many things you have in your closet. >> it's different every time. >> great for work, great for going out. i love that. >> next category, you call it the funny sunnis. it seems like anything is a go now with sunglasses, right? >> again, on the runway, editors really helped to tag this term funny sunnis. you see here, giles. these are really exaggerated,
9:48 am
very lady gaga. >> very cat lady, yeah. >> i want to urge everybody at home, you don't have to have the basic pairs. those are robert verde sunglasses for less than $25. the pop of green. it's like having makeup or a scarf near your face. i love this cat eye trend that some people may be intimidated if you see in the store. >> they look great on you. wow! >> what's so good about this, it's an instant face-lift. it really lifts the cheekbone. you can get something that's a little more specific. or even if you go for your basic oversize that you like in black, what i like so much about these is that this translucent edge, we saw a lot of translucent on the runway, it's just kind of here on the side and looks soft, but it still has the black in the front. >> they look great. >> unexpected detail. >> here we have some great little neons. that neon trend. >> yeah. it's a good tip. pick something up classic and then go for trend in the color. try not to do both, the new shape and the color. and those are some of my
9:49 am
favorite fashion eyewear from all of $21.95. and really great. you can feel the weight. it's heavy, it's fun, and it can really be the grab and go accessory. no makeup needed. you're out the door. >> i like them a lot. bobbie thomas as i try to read this. find more on bobbie's style buzz at up next, cooking.
9:50 am
9:51 am
♪ hey, this morning in "today's kitchen step-by-step," cooking up an italian feast with jonathan benno here in new york city's lincoln center. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> you probably are the only restaurant with a grass roof. >> we have a new york city park on the roof. >> cool. we're making a really
9:52 am
interesting dish. it's nudie with a broccoli rabe pesto. >> it's a naked ravioli. it's a ravioli filling with no pasta. >> oh, cool! all right. broccoli rabe as a pesto. that's kind of interesting. >> right. we take the hearts or the florets of the broccoli and separate them from the leaves. the leaves we blanch. and then make a traditional pesto substituting the blanched leaves what you would normally use basil for. so it's the blanched broccoli rabe leaves. >> right. >> roasted garlic puree. >> mmm. that looks pretty tasty. >> and then we use a little bit of salt. a little bit of pepperoncino or chili, pepper. >> and did you pan roast the pine nuts? >> yeah, we just toast them in the oven. a little bit of pine nut.
9:53 am
and then enough olive oil to get it running in the cuisinart. >> whatever your food processor of choice is. and it's something that looks a little like this? >> right. this is the finished product. >> mm-hmm. now, the nudie, how do you make this? >> it's a mixture of two different types of ricotta, sheep's milk and cow's milk. grated parmesan cheese, salt and nutmeg. all that goes into the kitchenaid to mix it. and then it goes into a piping bag. and then you pipe these -- i don't know, they're about the size of a hershey kiss, these dumplings, into flour. >> wheat flour? regular flour? >> this is 00 flour which is a very fine flour that we use for pasta. so you pipe the dumplings in. and then cover them in the
9:54 am
flour. and they sit in here for two days. >> two days. in the refrigerator? >> in the refrigerator. and thenfter two days, this is the -- this is the finished product. >> this is not something you're going to whip up on the spur of the moment. >> no, you can make it in advance. >> uh-huh. could you freeze those? >> the good news -- at this point, they can go into the freezer. then you would just take them out a day before you want to serve them. >> cool. so you've got your nudies. >> so the flour forms a shell on the dumpling. and then you want to dust off the flour. they get dropped into simmering water. >> now, how do you know when they're done? >> well, you'll see, they'll bob to the top after about 30 to 45 seconds. and then they're done. >> that's it. >> that's it. >> so you don't want to overcook your nudie. >> don't overcook your nudie. >> never do that. once you do that, now you've got it in a pan here. >> yep. this is the pesto. these are the poached dumplings. and then we go onto the plate.
9:55 am
and at the restaurant -- can you pass me the florets? so this is a very, very popular dish at the restaurant. >> that is fantastic. and what else did you bring, chef? >> we brought three other items for the restaurant. you're just going for it, huh? >> that looks delicious. >> and the last step is the garlic tips. >> yummy. >> mushrooms over there. >> roasted mushrooms, eggplant parmesan and our focaccia. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. coming up, "ambush makeovers" for some lucky ladies in our crowd. >> after your local news and weather. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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