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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  May 7, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we got an in depth, close look at the preparations before he arrived. >> there is a sort of calm hanging over pimlico. folks were preparing for the derby winner, i'll have another. >> it generates excitement out here and there today. anything that can be done to promote racing and the progress is well received. >> typically there is a week of down time before the horses start to arrive. everyone has to be on their eighth game earlier. >> we used to have a dead week between races. hopefully more horses will come in. we will be working this week instead of normally would be a quiet week for us. >> the owners have opted to keep
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him away from the preakness aren't out of the limelight, taking the same strategy as they did for the kentucky derby. arriving first and early to get a good feel for the track. >> we will have a ready before he gets here. >> the director of stable says his crew is ready putting the finishing touches on the pathways to the bar, making sure y and theplenty of hat mulch around the trees is ready. >> there is a lot we had to get ready for the derby horse for today. everything will be ready. >> no worries. >> not all. >> everyone is on top of their game here one week earlier. i talked to a couple of folks who were with the entourage and they tell me the horse will not start trading right away. he will go through a series of .alke throughs
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>> i loved your picture of i'll have another in his little barn. is your home for the princess. live team coverage before and after the big race. new trees are being planted in baltimore city to replace the ones the city cut down last year in preparation for the grand prix. taxpayers are footing the bill for 200 trees. that was supposed to be completed months ago and funded by the baltimore racing development. the city has a contract with another group. >> the o's have the best
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record. the fans are loving the return of orioles magic. >> that they are. after yesterday's big victory in boston, fans are saying i will have another. >> the first ball hitting the there is number one and that is a grand slam. >> yesterday's game lasted 17 innings. the lead went back and forth as they battle it out. but finally, with first baseman designated hitter chris davis on the mound. won.1 -- o's ." >> chris davis is the winning pitcher. >> they're on top and that has fans excited. >> they will win all the way. it is time. >> before it was to go for fun.
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now you go and expect to win. >> they are doing great. 17 innings yesterday, excellent. keep it up, guys. >> their plan well. some good pitching, finally hitting and they found a new relief pitcher. >> there was a line waiting to buy tickets. a nice change of pace. >> it is great to have something to get excited about this time of year. there has not been excitement around here in years. >> it is nice to have winning baseball back in baltimore. >> it is. >> like before in the olden days. >> everyone is excited about the o's, even these young fans. all you guys orioles fans? >> yeah! >> you are looking at a live
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picture of fans buying tickets. they are rolling in for tonight's game which is against the texas rangers. they rolled in and ready for some baseball. the game starts at 7:05 p.m. >> gently place your hands on the tv set and tell me, do you feel the oral magic? -- orioles magic? your photos. click on ulocal. >> family members say they meted out thanks to the oldest, a 15- year-old boy. we have more on the rescue and the investigation. >> we are about a few blocks away from that fire scene. this is the fire station that
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serves in this area. this is blocks away. we're told the children remain in serious condition at shock trauma. bland's carry the sentiments of neighbors. nailed to the front door of this house. not much evidence of what happened but the devastation is seen on the second and third floors. >> [inaudible] tyreeka dodd was not home but she was worried about their siblings. she said her mother was at home a run outside to get help. >> she woke up to the smoke. she could not make it out there, that is how thickly smoke was. >> two of them were in the
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closet. >> when kids are confronted with a crisis such as this, very intense fire and heavy smoke conditions. it scares the life out of them. that is another reason why it is important for everyone in the household to develop a home evacuation plan and make certain you have working smoke detectors on each level. >> one found a way out but was determined not to leave the others. >> because the fire is still under investigation, firefighters are not sure where it started, it is difficult to say exactly. there's a lot of heavy damage from the fire on the second floor. a lot of touring and smoke damage. >> as investigators search for clues, a firefighter's union is voicing concerns about the plans to close or move three fire companies to save money. this is blocks from the fire scene. he faces an uncertain future.
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the fire department claims as it analyzes coverage levels, distances, and time lines, it will work to maintain the service citizens expect. the fire department also says it meets national standards of responding to emergencies within eight minutes and on this day on sunday when that fire happened, the first engine arrived within two minutes. >> there has been an arrest in a string of arsons reported in colombia since mid-april including one that should down the sears mall. video from the fire on may 3 helped them track down richard mohica. we are told the incident's cause significant smoke and water damage to several stores. >> police have identified the victim of a deadly train accident. robert was struck by a train.
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he was walking southbound when he was hit. >> the man accused of using robocalls to suppress the black vote return to the stand. he testified about a proposal of getting voters to vote for erlich. a special session to rework the state budget begins today. the house speaker is calling small groups of legislators to his office to make sure they stay focused. david collins joins us from the newsroom. what are they talking about at these meetings? >> legislators feel cheated. the budget debacle killed scores of bills that would have been one vote away from passage. leftover business may include
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more than the budget next week. the house speaker is in the process of calling groups of legislators to his office. he is reminding them of what the special session is supposed to be about. budget andthe state as i nothing else. >> they do not want to see as here for an extended time. the quicker you can come down here and do the people's business and leave will be beneficial. >> this includes an income tax increase for more it -- those making more than 1000 -- $100,000. >> the battle over a budget compromise took up so much time, it killed scores of other bills. legislation being favorable by committees. measures agreed to by each chamber in conference committee. proposed laws a third reader away from reaching the governor's desk. some feel cheated and want to use the special session to
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resurrect bills that never made it. like a medical marijuana compromise bill or a measure to establish a work group to examine cancer clusters. nor legislation requiring insurance to cover more than pricier preventive dental care. other bills include special handicapped parking registration plaplates. a mechanism designed to help local governments and for hiring teens for summer jobs was also left undone and so was a bill creating a hybrid elected school board. bills will be introduced but their fate is of to the presiding officers. >> here is the timetable. the legislators will be called to his office. it will hold a news conference to determine the scope of the
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special session. it begins on monday and is expected to last at least 3 days. >> they were cheated out of thousands of dollars by a man they trusted to do some work inside their apartment. >> more on the local couple who've contacted the iteam to investigate. >> they returned home with a piece of history. more of that in sports. >> we will see of showers had four cameras
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>> a local couple says they were cheated out of thousands by men they trusted to do some work inside their apartment. >> when he did not deliver and took their money, they contacted the iteam. >> the couple thought they had done everything right but after they paid their deposits, the contractor disappeared. they hired the contractor to install wooden floors. >> i gave them $2,500 and that was in march of last year. i have not heard from them since. >> the contractor was not licensed even though he had an mhic number. >> that number was not assigned to him or his company. >> we found that company. what the contractor had to say
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when we caught up with him. other complaints against charles terrell and what you need to know before you hire a contractor. >> now, your 11 insta- weatherplus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> lots of clout cover today. not a lot of rain coming from those clouds today. a better chance for showers around. we had a few sprinkles in spots but not a lot. a trace at the airport. it will stay dry for the next several hours. we're keeping an eye on thunderstorms moving toward western maryland. wv and coming out of coming toward garrett county. some may ease off toward the east. a potential for a sprinkle after midnight. a cloudy and mild night. a better shot at getting fed needed rain east of the mountains tomorrow. the pollen count in the high range. if we do not get rain, it cranks
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up tree and grass pollen. temperatures pretty normal. 69 to 70 degrees. the record is in the mid-90's. the record low come almost freezing. a trace of presentation at bwi marshall. we have had showers off at dawn, not a bunch of cigna to get rain in the past couple of weeks. 63 in shrewsbury. 59 on the coast at ocean city with a cool sea breeze. into the mountains, there in the warmer air. almost 70 in oakland. there will deal with off and on showers. sprinkle or two north and west of the city as we go through the overnight hours but mostly cloudy and dry weather. temperatures not cooling off because of the clouds and the northeast wind. sunset at 8:06 p.m. this
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evening. we have been dealing with cloudy skies and an occasional passing shower. low pressure heading east and that increases our rain chances as it drags this front through the area. the big storms in the ohio valley will weekend into the morning and crossing the mountains. we should catch a few showers out of this. it does not look like a bunch of rain. showers are crossing through, maybe some rain. on wednesday, showers will generate as unstable air lingers. we will see some sign on thursday. we might see a sprinkle on thursday as well. temperature is normal again and went out of the south. the skies are cloudy. a 50-50 chance that an afternoon shower pops up. small craft advisory on the bay for gusts to 25 knots and 65 in the mountains. and 80% chance, hit and miss showers and much cooler.
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eastern shore locations, it is a late afternoon arrival. you might be able to get in some warning activities. it lingers into wednesday. ocean city in salisbury, low 70's for a couple of days. tomorrow night into wednesday is when you get a chance of rain. 73 on wednesday. cooler weather thursday and friday. the weekend starts with sunshine but might finish up with more rain shower sunday afternoon. >> the orioles return home to open up and nine came homestead. they have got some serious talent to take the month at the yard. they close out against the yankees. they have to vote this homestead shapes up as positively as the road trip they came off. a couple of roster moves trying to freshen up their arms.
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they brought up jason berkin and steve pomerantz. chris davis had to come out and pitch the 16th and 17th inning. hard to see what his teammates were more amazed at. that they got the win or throwing the ball at 91 miles an hour. >> chris can really throw. a lot of times that does not play on the mound. i have seen guys with big arms that do not throw well. i've seen guys that gather themselves and get down hill. i was more interested in the reaction at the dugout. everybody's eyes went right there. i heard something, it must have been decent. i said, ok. >> you have to go back to the 2005 season to find a picture of this promising.
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the best record in major league baseball. a shade in front of the tampa rays.aise yankees and boston in fourth and fifth place. buck showalter has him back in the lineup. that is where he hopes to play the entire game. he did pitched the 16th and 17th innings getting two strikeouts against the red sox and the wind. he becomes the first pitcher to get the 0-8. that is something davis says was nowhere on his radar screen when he woke up in boston yesterday. >> it was fun. we really enjoy ourselves, we enjoy playing together and going out there and competing as a team. we pick each other of all year
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and we will continue to do that. it was a good flight home. everyone was happy. relieved that game was over and we got this week. >> he will pick up his american league championship ring from the texas rangers. the team will play again tonight. it happens tonight at the yard. we will see you tonight at [ male announcer ] new unisom natural nights. soothes you to sleep with ingredients like melatonin. it's safe with no side effects, so you wake up... ready to go. [ male announcer ] unisom natural nights.
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near bathrooms at local colleges and spying on women. we have an update and reaction. we will have the latest on the al qaeda kidnapping of a maryland man. inside analysis on how officials handled these tense moments. handled these tense moments. all those and much
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