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tv   Today  NBC  May 16, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're back now with more of "today" on a wednesday morning. the 15th day of may, 2012. and al says these people would be crazy to even bring an umbrella with them today. >> that's right. >> because all of the rain has moved out of our area, we're in for a nice stretch of beautiful weather. going to take us right through the end of the week, and our usher concert on friday morning and right into the weekend. we're looking forward to that. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie. savannah is here because ann is in the south of france. we'll tell you more about that in just a second. al roker and tamron hall joining us, as well. and, ms. curry is hobnobbing today, as the cannes film festival gets under way.
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good morning, ann. >> good morning to you, guys. you know, it's so nice to be on an overseas assignment that doesn't require a flak jacket or a sleeping bag. but also not to make you more jealous about our being in cannes this morning i want to tell you that cannes has six miles of beautiful beaches, and everywhere you look, guys, there are stunningly beautiful people. when the 65th annual cannes film festival opens up tonight, the star gazing won't be just heavenward it will be on the red carpet, and guess who gets to interview ben stiller, chris rock, jada pinkett smith and also sean penn coming up? that's going to be me. we're going to have all of that all coming up this week, including our interview with alec baldwin and chris pines, as well, matt. >> listen. have fun. already looks like a good time. we'll see you very, very soon, ann. >> and they lifted the restraining order against her from brad pitt. that's great. >> let's get -- >> anyway. i don't know where we're going there. meanwhile coming up from here, we've got our money 911 crew
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ready to dispense some much-needed financial advice. everything from rolling over your 401(k) to saving for a down payment versus paying off those student loans. >> and the newly crowned winner of nbc's "fashion star" is here with us. she went, i love this, she went into the show a former school teacher, and now her life, to say the least, is completely changed forever. she'll show off her winning design. worth $6 million. >> that's terrific. >> all for a former teacher. >> she looked a little -- >> very pretty. >> she's very happy to see one member of our staff wearing her designs. >> yes, natalie wearing very well. also bobby flay is here and he's going to teach us how to make the perfect fish dish every time. and he says it's easy, too. that's coming up. >> let's go inside, natalie is standing by at the news desk. got a check of all the headlines. >> good morning to you guys once again. good morning, everyone. police in tucson have expanded their search for new clues in the disappearance of 6-year-old
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isabel celis. the girl's father reported remember missing almost a month ago. on tuesday, officials scoured the nearby desert. so far, police say they have no suspects. high winds and dry conditions are making it tough for firefighters as they try 20 contain wildfires in arizona. one fire has burned more than 12,000 acres. another here the historic mining town of crown king has earned about 2,000 acres. new labels designed to explain exactly how much your sunscreen provides will not be ready this summer as originally planned. the fda is giving sunscreen makers another six months to prevent a possible sunscreen shortage this summer. the new labels are aimed at distinguishing which brands protect against both uva and uvb rays. despite high gas prices, aaa expects more people to be on the roads this memorial day. the group says about 35 million americans will travel at least 50 miles from home over the long holiday weekend. that's up just over 1% from last year. white house documents
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released on tuesday show that president obama and first lady michelle hold assets worth between $2.6 and $8.3 million. the disclosure forms also show the president holds up to $1 million in a jpmorgan chase checking account. for his part, mitt romney has reported assets between $190 million and $250 million. a california judge has thrown out nadya suleman's bankruptcy claim after the so-called octomom failed to file the proper paperwork. she estimated she was as much as $1 million in debt that she could not repay. the judge's decision means creditors can try to collect what she owes. tom cruise is turning 50 in july, and he is turning heads. this photo shoot for "w" magazine proves it's no mission impossible for cruise to transform himself into the musician he portrays in this summer's film adaptation of the broadway show "rock of ages." the smu women's rowing team is out with its own video cover of carly ray's song.
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they hope to have a leg up on a similar video from harvard's baseball team. and they say diamond's are a girl's best friend. this one probably has lots of friends. a pear shaped 35 karat rose cut diamond sold at auction in switzerland tuesday for $9.7 million to an anonymous buyer. it also has a sparkling history. over the last 400 years, it has been owned by royal families in prussia, france and britain. and thank heavens for little girls. this one is touching hearts around the world on the internet. her dad was deeply disappointed this weekend when his soccer team had to settle for a tie. but a hug from his daughter, right there, reminded him that he already has what's most important in life. aw! comforting her dad. it is now five minutes past the hour. let's turn it over to al roker with another check of your weather. >> thanks. >> and as we show you what we've got coming up for your weather today, we're looking at some
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showers and thunderstorms down through florida. the wet weather moving off the northeast and new england coastlines. that's good news. a few showers making their way through upstate new york, and we have a slight risk of strong storms. beautiful weather in the pacific northwest. sunny and 68 in seattle today. 104 in phoenix. gorgeous day in chicago and detroit with sunshine, temperatures in the mid 60s. >> good morning. it will be a relatively quiet day today. there's a chance we could see a shower or thunderstorm.
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time now for "today's money 911." that's where we tackle financial issues. from getting a discount on your cell phone to rolling over a 401(k) our experts are here. jean chatzky "today's" financial editor and the author of "money rules." david bach the founder of and the author of "debt free for life" and sharon epperson is cnbc's personal finance correspondent. good to see you guys. >> good morning. >> let's get started. go to an e-mail first off. this one from sharon from lowell, massachusetts. she writes, jean mentioned that verizon wireless had a loyalty bonus program for longtime customers. i just called. they told me that they do not. jean, who's lying? >> it's a matter of semantics. and sharon, i'm really, really sorry if i confused you. here's the deal, they may not have a quote/unquote loyalty bonus, but they frequently give bonuses to their customers for being loyal. and i know this because i've been the recipient of many of them as a longtime verizon
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customer, as well as getting them for other people. the deal is that their discounts vary depending on where you live, depending on what sort of competition is available in your area, and they change all the time. so you got to call. and you got to call often. >> is there some kind of language she should use? >> yes, yes. >> call up and cancel the account. and they go, wait we'll give you a better deal, don't leave us. >> you've got to go to the retention department. that's one key thing. but you also just have to be friendly to the person on the other end of the phone, and say, what can you do for me? and i did this again just a couple of weeks ago, they said, look, here's what we can give you right now, it's $50 a month. it will only last for two months but you're a good customer we want to keep you, call us back again we're always happy to talk to you. >> do they charge you when you call? >> no, they do not. if you dial that number 611 it's a free call. >> all right, david. >> that's what we're here for. >> it works. >> yes, all right. now we're going to go to skype. this is lydia from lockly,
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alabama. good morning, oh, what a cutie. what's his name? >> his name is ryan. >> what's your question, please? >> my husband and i recently paid off all of our $10,000 credit card debt, and we're trying to save money for a down payment on a home. currently the only debt we have is my husband's $11,000 student loan. i'm wondering would it be better to take the $300 a month we're saving from the old credit card payment and put it towards our house? or put it towards paying off the student loan? >> what do you think, shash? >> well, she is in such great shape already planning for what she's going to do with her son. but i think that what you need to do is really think about whether you're living within your means. if you think you are at this particular time? >> yes. that's the only debt. we have no car payments. we are debt free. >> that's excellent. and their credit scores are pretty good, 720 or higher? >> not really. we're working on that. >> you need to work on your credit score. but i think you probably might be in a good position to start thinking about buying that home.
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what you need to do is the $300 a month that you're saving, ideally you'd want a 20% down payment for a home. in your area, maybe $125,000 home. but you can possibly qualify for an fha loan and only 3.5% down. so if you save $300 a month for 15 months you'll get there. you'll be able to make that down payment of a little under $4400. what i'd like you to still do, though, is try to find if there's anywhere else that you can cut your expenses so you can start to roll down that student loan and call and see if you can get an automatic payment program, which you're not already doing. also when you do that you can get a lower interest rate. so that's something that you really want to look at, too. and definitely hit those private loans first, and then start paying down the federal loans. >> all right. lydia. that's a cutie. thanks, appreciate it. now to the phone lines. head to burnsville, minnesota. john is on the line. good morning, john. >> good morning. >> what's your question? >> well, thank you for fielding my question this morning. we, my wife and i, have done a
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pretty good job there saving for retirement. when we have -- we will have four sources of income on reaching retirement, a company-provided pension, as well as a 401(k), i.r.a.s, and of course social security benefits. also, we don't plan on filing for social security benefits prior to reaching full retirement age of 66. here's my question. when it comes time to start collecting benefits and withdrawing funds, are there any methods or strategies to help keep the income tax consequences to a minimum? based on some recent publications i've read, it appears likely that income taxes may increase in the future, and we'd like to keep the tax bite on retirement income to a minimum. >> yeah. >> all right. >> absolutely, you and everybody else. we want to pay as little in taxes as possible. but the deal is, you want to just keep the money in those tax advantaged accounts as long as possible. you do have to start withdrawing at age 70 1/2. but the longer you can allow that money to grow tax deferred, the better off you're going to be. it's really that simple.
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>> all right. let's go to our e-mail now. we've got rebecca writing in from portland, maine. she writes, i'm married with two young children, my husband is a stay at home dad. two credit cards were maxed out years ago. cards have been sold off, the collection agencies are calling me nonstop. should i keep ignoring their calls, file or bankruptcy? do i need a lawyer? >> first of all, let's just jump to the core issue here. your credit card debt has been charged off. which means already they sold that debt. an investor came in and bought it, probably bought it for ten cents on the dollar. they'll negotiate with you. i've seen people literally see that $10,000 in debt, you might be able to negotiate and pay that off for $500. here's what you should know. they can't harass you legally. go to put in debt collection. it will show you all your rights. the government has an entire package on what your rights are. they can't call you before 8:00, they can't call you after 9:00 and here's the other thing, you may not have to actually pay
9:13 am
that debt. i'm not trying to say don't pay the debt, you've had it but it's going to eventually become time bar debt. where you live in six years they can't legally collect that debt. the fact that it's actually been charged off at this point, you're not going to be able to improve your credit score by paying that debt off. >> people think it will help their score. >> but it stays there. >> don't ignore it. >> don't ignore it. >> all right. jean chatzky, david bach, sharon epperson, thanks so much. and up next, the country's newest fashion star. a former school teacher turned designer. meet the winner. and later, fun family festivals worth the trip. [ sneezes ] ♪ got it all. here. have a good day, honey. i love you, ok. bye, mom. [ female announcer ] sam's mom is muddling through her allergies. with guidance and information to help her make informed choices for her allergy needs.
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after whittling down 14 talent designers, the fashion forward have spoken collecting former schoolteacher, kara as the first "fashion star" and as the winner of the nbc hit design competition, she got $6 million in orders from macy's, h&m and saks fifth avenue. she's with us to show off her creations. >> thank you. >> i know this has to be huge about you. how are you feeling about winning "fashion star" and now having $6 million in orders from retailers? >> it's unreal. it's absolutely unreal. i haven't even had a chance yet to go in to each store to see them today. today feels like just cloud nine. true. you were a fourth grade teacher for ten years. you always taught your students to be true to themselves. what made you finally take your own advice and how did you make that transition to fashion? >> i loved my former career as an educator. i loved teaching.
9:18 am
but i've always had this passion for design. i've always wanted to design. at some point i said not getting any younger. i went back to school at the academy of art and learned how to drape, draw, sew, in a matter of about 3 1/2 years and then made the move to new york, and here i am. >> before the show even started you said you hadn't even really threaded a sewing machine. >> no, that's right. i really did learn from scratch. it was just a dream and i just kind of lined up those steps in order to make it happen. it's unreal. >> talk about having a vision. and i'm wearing one of the dresses that you designed which is a perfect fit. you didn't know you were making this. >> it looks stunning on you. this is your collection, right? >> this is one of the pieces available at saks. something i've done throughout the competition is keep a mass cue eleven/feminine aesthetic. this one you can see leather, the tucked shape and the first part of the top part and it looks spectacular on you. >> and you're wearing a piece from each of your collections. >> yes, i tried to make sure i represented all three retailers. i got a shirt from h&m, shorts from macy's and the jacket from
9:19 am
saks. >> this is part of your collection at h&m in stores today, actually as of last night. tell me about what you're hoping the customer can buy. >> i wanted to make sure to do something very trendy and bright and use prints for the h&m customer which is out of my comfort zone for sure. but nikki, the buyer, really wanted to see something bright, beautiful and bold. so i tried -- >> color block being? >> absolutely. the color blocking is so hot right now. this represents it. >> absolutely. and color was something that i know the judges kept telling you to embrace. so that was, as you said, out of your comfort zone. this is also your saks collection here. and it sort of combines that look, too. >> exactly, and again, i think i was most comfortable in the saks realm simply because they do go for little bit more minimalistic colors. i love luxury, i love fabric. this is one of my favorites. beautiful men's style collar. >> the chiffon and the silk? >> yeah, absolutely. and paired together with something very lovely and
9:20 am
feminine. and so easy to throw on, wear, and make it your own. >> what's it like to really put together an entire collection? i mean that had to be something totological a foreign to you? >> it was unreal for the looks that you saw on the runway during "fashion star" we had four days to put together nine looks. and then once the show was completed i had an additional four or five days to put together the rest of each collection. >> and over here to your last look, this is part of your collection at macy's. >> uh-huh. >> what are you going for with the macy's customer? >> macy's customer is really that millennial customer. the customer who's graduating, looking for that first job, i wanted to make sure to give her something that she could wear to the office, but then she could throw some cool, scruffy shoes on and wear out that night. the things that you'll see at macy's really do give you a great work-to-night option. >> i imagine designers are going to be saying, time to call you? i mean we need to get you, so is that -- how flattering is that? >> it's amazing. and i especially want to say thank you to all of the lovely
9:21 am
twitter fans, and facebook fans. they've been spectacular and so supportive all the way through. >> we're happy to say the show's been renewed for a second season. that's good for us, too. >> kara laricks, congratulations. enjoy your success and now get to work. because this is where the work begins. "the fashion star" will return for a second season. be sure to stay tuned for that. coming up, a no-fail easy fish recipe from bobby flay. but first these messages. i'm here with karen and her bffs and we are talking about activia. i've been eating activia and i feel great! i'm used to having irregularity. i feel like that's normal. if you are not feeling like trying this on, that's not normal. activia helps with occasional irregularity when eaten 3 times a day. feeling regular to me was a new feeling... i came to find my 'new normal' and i love it! ♪ activia and try new silky, fruity activia harvest picks. another way to enjoy activia.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> going to be a fairly nice day. temperatures in the low-to-mid- 80's this afternoon 30% chance of showers or thunderstorms will pop up. cooler, less humid,
9:29 am
9:30 am
you psycho analyze, i think a lot. >> sure you do. >> you just -- >> he's taking -- >> you want to psycho analyze me, first. >> this is getting very deep. i'm a little lost and confused. that's alec baldwin talking to ann as they hang out together in the south of france at the cannes film festival. he'll be on the big screen with a new animated film in the works called "rise of the guardian" and you'll see much more of ann's conversation with the star tomorrow on "today." >> and chris pine with him, too. >> that's right. >> from cannes and continues from cannes. >> meanwhile coming up in this half hour we've got chef bobby flay. he's told us to go fish. he decided to go one better, he's showing us how to be better
9:31 am
home cooks with a few simple steps that will keep your fish moist and flavorful every time. he was here last week, he made that spaghetti sauce. people still talking about it. so i expect nothing less. >> a lot of people are scared when it comes to making fish. so this is like really super simple and you can find good fish at everywhere. >> and at natalie's house apparently. >> yes. >> if you're looking for a fun, family getaway for summer, why not go to a festival? there are hundreds every year from the golden gate bridge to the maine lobster fest. we'll show you some of the best in the country. >> all right. first though, a check of the weather for us. >> for today we have a risk of some strong storms in new england, and interior new york. beautiful in the pacific northwest, sunny in seattle and sunshine. hit or miss thunderstorms along the gulf coast. 104 in phoenix today. tomorrow, sunny and mild here in the northeast. nice and mild through the ohio and mississippi river valleys. sizzling in the southwest. mild in the pacific northwest with a few showers in the northern plains. >> good morning.
9:32 am
the temperatures will make it into the a-plus. we have a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm in the forecast. a mixture of sun and clouds. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, thanks, al. coming up next, summer fun at the country's best family festivals. we're going to show you some affordable getaways. toilet rin, you'd have to clean your toilet every time you flush. that's over thirty-six hundred times a year. [ ding ] who would do that? it's scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning gel. just stamp it in. its formula is flush-activated to prevent buildup of lime scale and hard water that cause toilet rings. and it keeps working, flush after flush.
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this morning on "today's travel," the best summer festivals in the country. you don't have to go very far for some good old-fashioned fun and kate maxwell is the editor in chief of she's her with her top picks. >> good morning, tamm rob. >> i love it. you don't have to go far to find something fun for the entire family. there's some things you should keep in mind, right? >> these are festivals, so definitely be prepared for crowds. and if you're going as a group or as a family it's a good idea to arrange a meeting point in case anyone gets lost. and it's summer, it's going to be hot so take a bottle of water. >> hydrate, take one of those portable chairs and keep track of the kids. >> exactly. >> a lot of good things on her. first the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. >> right. it's the bay area's biggest icon. i was in san francisco at the weekend and it's definitely ready for its close-up. the celebration is on the 27th of may, and there's some great,
9:37 am
fun stuff happening for all the family. lots of educational stuff about the bridge's history and its significance. there's a fantastic fireworks display in the evening. >> i understand the cost isn't too bad. >> it's absolutely free! >> which is excellent. >> exactly. and there's cars dating back to 1937, and we have a good hotel there in union scare, question is, you know, smack bang in the center of san francisco. from $169 a night. and it's a great contemporary hotel. close by. >> it's beautiful. and centrally located so you're able to travel around easily. next up, washington, d.c., our nation's capital. what's the event in d.c.? always fun there. >> absolutely. a great year to visit with the election happening this year. the smithsonian folklore festival takes place on the mall over two weeks of july 4th weekend. it's a great open air festival that really celebrates the living art in every sense. there are various themes this year. it's the 25th anniversary of the aids memorial quilt so that's
9:38 am
going to be on display along with a lot of stories about that. again, really, really great to take the kids. >> and i understand your hotel pick is something that the hip and trendy might enjoy. >> it is. it's donovan house which is a favorite of the hip staff, it's got a jetson's look, a rooftop pool, a really trendy restaurant, and yeah, that's $89 a night. >> the next one we agreed in the commercial break we both love. heading to southern california to san diego. >> believe it or not, the coronado bay resort has a surf dog festival. >> an actual pet that surfs? >> dogs actually surf. >> okay, there you go. >> to show their skills. and even, you know, if you want to take your dog to compete, it costs $50. but otherwise it's a really, really great afternoon on the beach. >> i love it. >> again, absolutely tree. >> i'm impressed at how many contestants there are. i would think one or two. he can do it in reverse. >> they think there are going to be about 60 dogs surfing.
9:39 am
>> apparently it's not too late to enter your dog. >> it's not. and the loew's coronado has surfing lessons for dogs. if you want to get your dog to compete next year now is the time to get them going. >> your hotel pick? >> the lowe's. >> you get a great room and your dog can learn to surf. you can't beat that anywhere in the world. >> next up let's go to telluride in colorado. >> telluride is probably best known as a ski resort. but it's wonderful in the summer, it's a former silver mining town, in the mountains in colorado. and the telluride film festival is really the ultimate film festival. it's not a competition like cannes, it's a real celebration of the best work out there. and in order for films to compete they have to make their north american debut premiere at the festival. the films are announced the day it starts. it's over labor day. >> and it's so beautiful. it seems you would want to stay outside but you have a hotel recommendation? >> the lost creek inn at $206 a
9:40 am
night. tickets start at $25. but they have free evening movie screenings. real town favorite, get out there with your sleeping bag or blanket and get there early. >> and last on our list, but should be first as far as i'm concerned the lobster festival. >> you've got to go to maine. a cute little town called rockland there. everything to do with lobster. they're going to have 20,000 pounds of the stuff to eat. there's a crate race. such fun. and lots of little cute little bed and breakfasts there that start about $200 a night. >> is it too late to make a reservation? >> they're filling up fast. but we like the barry manor inn. there's loads of little b&bs that start about $200 a night. >> you've not lived until you've had a summer that features a buttery lobster roll. thank you very much. great pleasure. up next, bobby flay, speaking of fish, he is acting a little fishy in "today's kitchen." bobby gets us back to cooking
9:41 am
basics right after this. hey, is the table finished?
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this morning in "today's kitchen," how to be a better home cook. serving fish can be daunting. but chef bobby flay has a go-to recipe for white fish. he's one of the mentors on food network stars. good to see you. >> good to see you, al. >> why are we so intimidated by fish? >> the one thing i want to say off the top is if you're intimidated by fish, just watch this segment. i think that people want to eat fish but sometimes you're intimidated by cooking it at home. we're going to make it really simple. white fish like red snapper or striped bass, and actually today we're going to use halibut. obviously you can buy the whole
9:45 am
fish at your fish store but most people are not going to do that. just by the fillets and make it really nice and easy. today i have a halibut. nice, pearly white fish. has a good density to it. season with a little salt and pepper. i'm going to show you how easy this really is. salt and pepper on both sides. put it in the pan with sam conhola oil. >> why canola oil? >> i want a light oil. i don't cook with extra virgin olive oil. i use it for salads. >> and just to tick off giada? >> absolutely. but any kind of vegetable oil works. we're going to make a dressing and a sauce all at the same time. >> wow. >> we're going to make a lemon and caper vinaigrette. you want to help me out herein >> sure. >> a little dijon mustard, lemon juice and white wine vinegar, okay? a touch of honey, just to kind of -- the honey kind of chills out the acidity in the lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. and then i have capers, and some parsley. okay. and that's going to be used as a dressing, and the sauce for the
9:46 am
fish. you don't actually have to make a pan sauce. >> wow, that's great. >> so that's done. if you notice we have not touched the fish. >> just left it alone. >> this is not a nonstick pan. you can use a nonstick pan if you'd like, but i like a stainless steel pan because you can get a really nice sear on it. >> a nice crust on that? >> this is the first time i've touched this fish. nice and crusty. now a little bit of white wine, doesn't have to be an expensive wine. i'm going to put the wine right into the pan and we're going to steam the fish. >> two kinds of cooking but it's so simple. >> and it takes literally about 2 1/2 minutes after you put the wine in. because you cooked it on one side and now we're going to steam it through. you can see how incredibly moist and tender this is. okay? it's that simple. that's how easy it is to cook the fish. remember that vinaigrette that we made? >> right. >> you keep cooking. the vinaigrette that we made with the capers, we're going to use this as a sauce right on top of the fish and it's going to give it moisture and some flavor. and i'm going to take the same
9:47 am
sauce and put it with some vegetables. some asparagus, some watercress, and a little bit of tomatoes and just a little bit of the same dressing and we're going to put that right on top of the fish. and you have a fish and a salad, and just a handful of ingredients. that sample. that's all it is. you want to give this a taste? >> sure. >> here you go. either one is fine. i'll take one, as well. >> there you go. >> the capers are nice and salty. and a nice way you have the dijon mustard. think about it. a lot of times you'll see cookbooks and they'll say make the sauce right in the pan. easy enough but this is even easier. to make the vinaigrette, use it for the salad. use it for chicken or for fish. >> perfectly moist and flavorful. that's fantastic. >> even al roker can make this. >> hard to believe, but true. bobby flay, fantastic stuff. congratulations on the new season of food network star. all right. you can't talk now. coming up next a taste of americana when one small town pulls together. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:48 am
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9:50 am
"today's" american story with bob dotson comes from silverton, colorado, where survival can be a challenge and bob it here to tell us more about it. >> good morning to everybody. >> hi, bob. >> those folks have learned something from their history that can help us all weather hard times. ♪ in some places, the past does not slide into history's shadow. it lingers. to remind us what it takes to keep a community together. silverton, colorado's, memories stretch back to its beginning,
9:51 am
because of a great old newspaper that every week includes stories about its past. avalanches. epidemics. and events that could have made it a ghost town. yet 638 people live here year round. >> really? >> reporter: even though their nearest neighbors are on the other side of a mountain pass two miles high. some days, heavy snow, even in spring, can isolate freddy canfield. >> your life really does depend on your neighbors. people really do have to look out for each other. >> reporter: folks here have been doing that sort of thing since their ancestors tacked railroad tracks over those high mountain passes. they came to silverton in 1874, hoping to get silver by the ton. but the last mine closed two decades ago. now, most everyone must work several jobs to live in this
9:52 am
beautiful, bowl of mountains. carrie messler, the county coroner, is also a waitress. >> well, when there's an e. coli outbreak, she's on the case. >> reporter: mark esper writes, edits, and delivers one of colorado's oldest newspapers. if distant memories help us solve problems we face today, so when people saw that the paper was struggling and about to close, they decided to make some history of their own. schoolkids helped raise $2,000 to temporarily save mark esper's job. because -- >> nobody knows everything in the world. >> reporter: beverly rich decided the newspaper was not a dusty museum piece. to pull from a shelf. >> it's how we keep a free
9:53 am
society. >> reporter: she persuaded the town's historical board to become the publisher of mark's first draft of history. >> we keep a free society because of scrutiny. and that's the paper's job. >> is this project going to come in under budget? >> no. it's going to come in on budget. >> reporter: how does history and news fit together? >> history and news are really the same thing. it's just a matter of what time it is. >> reporter: the paper's appeal is timeless. in a town where social media is still face-to-face. but it needed something more to survive. so, kids started covering kid news. turning the paper's mirror on the next generation. >> we all just like looking at it, seeing ourselves in it, because we're all in it. >> reporter: perhaps that's why prescriptions have doubled. >> we made $236 last year profit. hey, that's more money than a lot of big metros make.
9:54 am
don't sneeze at that. >> reporter: silverton's last link to news about itself survives. and at a place where blackberries are still for breakfast and not something you check your e-mail, that's big news. >> i love the kid edition. that is great. good for that new generation there. >> yep. >> does the paper look viable for awhile now, bob? >> absolutely. because the historical society figured that if they could publish a little bit of history each day, they could also figure out how to solve problems that have been around and coming back every 10, 15 years. >> there you go. >> incredible. >> taking action. >> thanks so much. we appreciate it. and in the good news about that is, they don't have to worry about the newspaper going down once the internet goes down, you've got a paper in your hand. >> that's right. carry it around. and you can burn it and keep warm. >> there you go. >> still ahead we've got more from kardashian mom kris jenner.
9:55 am
>> plus the ladies, one of the real housewives of new jersey. your local news >> and weather. have a great day, everyone. what's my secret for sunday lunch?
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