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tv   Today  NBC  May 18, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. the evidence. newly released images and documents in the trayvon martin case offering new insight into the tragic night he died. videos of the florida teen moments before, and photos of george zimmerman just after the shooting. and what witnesses saw and heard at the scene. this morning we'll talk about it all with the attorneys for both the martin family, and george zimmerman. the social net worth. facebook makes its much-hyped debut on wall street this morning. it's shaping up to be one of the largest ipos ever, and will make a few people very, very rich. we're live at the nasdaq exchange. and close call. thinks do not go as planned when a north carolina scientist tries to capture a huge alligator.
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using nothing more than his nerves, and a towel. so what was he thinking? we'll ask him in a live interview "today," friday, may we'll ask him in a live interview "today," friday, may 18th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning, i'm matt lauer here in new york in studio 1a. ann curry continues to join us from cannes, france, and ann, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, matt. that's right. i'm still here. but you can hate me a little less this morning, because earlier it was raining cats and dogs here. not that anyone here is really complaining. it's great weather for a movie, right? well one of the films opening tonight is "madagascar 3," featuring the voices of some very funny actors including ben stiller, and chris rock.
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so we're going to talk to them, as well as their co-stars jada pinkett smith, jessica chastain, david schwimmer and martin short when they all join us live this morning coming up a little bit later, matt. >> thank you very much. also ahead we're going to take a look back at the remarkable career of donna summer. the queen of disco lost her ten-month battle with cancer on thursday. but she leaves a catalog of incredible hits. of course, summer was a huge influence on many artists, and speaking of music, and today's artists we have one of the hottest on the planet ready to kick off our summer concert season. seven-time grammy winner usher will perform in our 8:30 half hour for that huge crowd out on the plaza. but we begin on a friday morning with the big story on wall street. facebook's initial public offering of stocks. savannah guthrie is at the nasdaq exchange where it's being listed. savannah, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. by the end of this day, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg could find
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himself one of the richest men in the country, and lots of americans want to get a piece of the action. the question is, can facebook turn its popularity, with nearly 1 billion users, into a business model that really works? experts say that facebook's initial public offering will bring the company around $16 billion. that's the third biggest ipo in u.s. history. and the biggest-ever in the tech sector. >> i t think that the real difference between facebook and other ipos is that everybody uses it. they have 900 million users out of 1.5 billion people who use the internet. that's really where the interest is coming from. >> but will all those users add up to real value for investors? >> advertising is a huge concern for facebook. because, the thing that people like about facebook is interacting with their friends. they're definitely not there to shop. >> reporter: this week, general motors said it will stop buying space on the social network, after concluding that facebook ads aren't reaching people
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looking to buy a car. >> if there's no value underneath these ads, then facebook's revenue has nothing underneath it, and that means it could fall off dramatically. >> reporter: c-net executive editor hollywood says some analysts are questioning whether facebook can meet the lofty expectations this ipo is creating. >> in a way they're going public when they're at their peak. if you already have 900 million users, you really have to ask, as a potential investor, where's the growth potential? >> reporter: in fact, even though it seems like everyone is on facebook, 2 in 5 american adults haven't signed up, and experts say that's mostly by choice. >> the number one reason people are holding off from facebook is they feel it's going to take more time they want to spend in front of a screen. >> reporter: reaching those facebook resisters will be a key challenge for the company. but right now, experts say there's no real competition on the virtual horizon. >> they are the only game in town. it doesn't look like anybody's going to threaten their market
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position. >> reporter: investors who think that facebook is a good bet say that ad revenue is not the only way for the company to make money. they point out that facebook is sitting on tons of data about its users. the question is, how the company can harvest that to make money. the stock's opening at $38 a share. a lot of people stand to get rich today. according to forbes, matt, the rock star bono, his holdings will be worth $750 million after this initial public offering. back to you. >> it's a nice little friday. savannah, thank you very much. we appreciate it. change subjects now to a trove of evidence in the trayvon martin case. now being made public. according to one police report the 17-year-old's death at the hands of george zimmerman was ultimately avoidable. nbc's kerry sanders has sifted through the hundreds of documents. kerry, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the evidence, which is now public, can be viewed from two different points of view, and clearly that's what happened here because initially george
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zimmerman was not charged with a chime. then a special prosecutor was appointed, reviewed the evidence, and george zimmerman was charged with second degree murder. these are police evidence photos of george zimmerman. just hours after he shot and killed trayvon martin. a bloody wound on the back of his head, his nose likely broken according to his doctor. the 28-year-old told police he was defending himself against trayvon martin. that rainy night in late february. just minutes before the shooting the 17-year-old had been at a nearby 7-eleven picking up skittles and an iced tea. these surveillance video images from three separate cameras are the final moments of his teenage life. within minutes martin would be shot dead with his cal tech 9 millimeter, owned and carried by neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman. and in this gated community in sanford, florida, some of the police evidence like recorded witness interviews supports zimmerman's version of events.
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that he was protecting himself. this is a recording of one police interview with a witness. >> the one guy on top in the black hoodie was pretty much just throwing down blows on the guy kind of mma style. >> reporter: mma. that's mixed martial arts. a form of aggressive fighting. from the moment a 911 caller picked up this cry for help. >> so he think he's yelling help? >> reporter: it's been unclear whose voice that was. martin's mother says it was her son. but when his father listened to the tape, an investigator writes, mr. martin clearly emotionally impacted by the recording, quietly responded no. in a recorded interview, zimmerman's father told police the cry for help was from his son. >> that is absolutely, positively george zimmerman. myself, my wife, family members and friends know that that is george zimmerman. there is no doubt who is yelling for help. >> reporter: in the mountains of
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evidence, another witness says despite looking out her window, she was unable to determine who was the aggressor. >> he we heard a shot i looked out and that's when i saw two men on the -- on the grass. >> okay. you saw two people? >> two people. >> and they were -- were they both on the ground? >> no. one was on top of the other. i don't know which one. >> okay. >> reporter: crime scene photos show the single bullet casing police found in the grass. the medical examiner report says the bullet tore through martin's heart. and thc, active chemical found in marijuana, was in martin's blood. in the 183 pages of documents, it's clear at least one san ford police officer felt, from the start, zimmerman should be arrested. he wrote, i believe there exists probable cause for issuance of a capias charging george michael zimmerman with manslaughter. but at the time, the state attorney decided florida's stand your ground law, gave zimmerman
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immunity. it was only when florida's governor appointed a special prosecutor that zimmerman was charged. none of the surveillance video from the gated community's clubhouse shows exactly what happened that night. but even without video, police concluded early on the encounter between george zimmerman and trayvon martin was ultimately avoidable by zimmerman. if zimmerman had remained in his vehicle, and awaited the arrival of law enforcement. the very same mountain of evidence will be relied on by both the prosecution, and the defense, if this goes to a jury trial. but before that is decided, a judge will have to weigh in to determine whether george zimmerman has immunity under florida's stand your ground law. matt? >> all right, kerry sanders in sanford, florida, this morning. kerry, thanks so much. benjamin crump is an attorney for the family of trayvon martin, mark o'mara is george zimmerman's attorney. gentlemen, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning, sir.
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>> mr. crump, let me start with you, you won't have a role in a criminal trial if it results from this case. you do represent trayvon martin's family. you have seen this evidence. what do you think and what do the martin's think is the most important piece of new evidence we're seeing in this case? >> the most important piece, matt, is what the police determined it was completely avoidable if george zimmerman would have simply stayed in his car. if he wouldn't have profiled trayvon martin and pursued him and confronted him, he wouldn't be in jail, and more importantly, trayvon martin would be living today. >> you say if he hadn't profiled trayvon martin. have you seen any piece of evidence in this latest document release, mr. crump, that proves to you that george zimmerman targeted trayvon martin because of his race? >> well, all we know is what he said, that goes to his state of mind, in that 911 call. he said that he looked suspicious. he got out of his car, and he said, these a-holes always get away.
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and that's going to be important to listen to his words. that's objective evidence that we can judge for ourselves and that's what the family wants. all the evidence out, so it can be vetted and looked at carefully, and he pursues him. we hear him running after trayvon. we hear him breathing. and so, there's close in time that we know we can connect the dots with the phone call. all the evidence is out, and a jury can listen to it all like the state attorney. >> mr. o'mara let me go to you. you had a chance to pore through this evidence, these documents, as well. what's the most important piece of evidence that you've seen that would back up the idea that george zimmerman shot trayvon martin in self-defense? >> well, at the outset i need to say, and i know it's somewhat frustrating to your listeners, that the ethical rules that we have as lawyers connected with the case, and quite honestly my opinion that all lawyers have, prohibits us from talking about the evidence of an active criminal case. so while i might have my opinions on the evidence, it
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would be improper for me to talk about those. plus, as i've said from the outset of this case, my mantra, if you will, has always been that we really cannot look at these cases, and these pieces of evidence, individually, and we have to look at it as a whole, only when all the evidence is in play. and we -- i don't have but half of it, so i know nobody else has more than that. we really have to wait until the evidence is out. >> let me ask you this, and this is not asking you to comment on a specific piece of evidence, but earlier this week prosecutors said that they're going to present george zimmerman's cell phone text messages as part of their case. these are messages that were recorded in the days and weeks following the shooting of trayvon martin. are you aware of what's in those messages, and are you concerned there's anything in there that will cast mr. zimmerman in a more negative light? >> i have been through a majority of them. people make their own decisions concerning what he says. i myself am not concerned about it. but it's incomplete at this
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point, because i haven't looked at them all. >> and mr. crump, this idea of this 911 call that was recorded, this is the call i'm talking about, where we hear a cry from help coming from one of the two people involved in that confrontation. when he was interviewed on february 28th, trayvon martin's father said that it was not his son's voice calling for help. how big an impact do you think that's going to have on the case? because, if it wasn't trayvon martin, it was george zimmerman. >> i don't think that it' going to have that big of an impact. but you have to put everything in full context as attorney o'mara said. this was -- within 48 hours after his son had been killed and on that day the sanford police said they were not going to arrest george zimmerman. he said that it was distorted, and he couldn't tell anything on the tape, not just that he couldn't tell that it was trayvon. and the biggest thing there is it's not recorded, and so it's a different account. and tracy martin heard that, he
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broke down and cried like a baby when he heard his son's voice. sabrina always said it was her son's voice. but people can hear it for themselves. >> mr. o'mara i want to end with you. can you shed a little light for me on the type of life george zimmerman is living today, and how actively involved is he in creating his own defense? >> well, he is actively involved in helping me out. we have to do it remotely. he's living a life and has to live in hiding, he's in fear for his life. again there's been a groundswell of animosity and anger towards him. i don't believe it's properly placed, because the evidence isn't there to support it. but, we'll find out. he's doing okay. one last response, i understand law enforcement perspective that this was avoidable. but quite honestly in every life event or experience, we can go back to one of the premises, had it nod happened -- had he not been going to the target store, had trayvon martin not been in the neighborhood, had he not got out of his car.
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we have to deal with what did happen and try to explain that away properly and in a courtroom. >> mark o'mara -- >> but he got out of the car. he didn't have to get out of the car. >> mr. crump, mr. o'mara, i thank you both for your time this morning. thank you very much. i know you're busy. let's go over now and get the rest of the top stories of the morning. natalie is over at the news desk with all the headlines. natalie, good morning to you. >> and good morning to you, matt. and good morning, everyone. the fate of john edwards will now be decided by a jury, which begins deliberations today. the former presidential candidate is accused of using nearly $1 million in campaign donations to comp up an affair with his pregnant mistress. robert kennedy skwrr junior, the es changed husband of the late mary kennedy says every member of his family considered mary a kennedy. mary kennedy died thursday at the age of 52, with authorities confirming her death was caused by asphyxiation due to hanging. her husband filed for divorce in 2010 but tells "the new york times" the people had been living separately for four years. he also said in regards to her battle with depression, that,
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quote, a lot of times i don't know how she made it through the day. she was in a lot of agony for a lot of her life. two separate shootings left three people dead thursday in louisville. police were called to the scene of one shooting, when several shots rang out nearby, two people were arrested. two others are hospitalized. the financially strapped postal service says it can no longer wait for congress to act and will begin closing nearly 250 mail processing centers by 2014 the post office will have 28,000 fewer employees, saving the organization more than $2 billion a year. and a zoo in eastern india is welcoming three new beautiful additions. rare white bengal tiger cubs born thursday. officials say they're healthy and are being kept under close supervision to make sure they adjust to their new environment. they're just teeny tiny. but you know, they don't stay that way. let's turn it back over to matt and al. >> all right, natalie. >> they are cute. >> thank you very much. a lot of people out there.
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you going to go visit them soon? >> you bet. but we've got a decent day today to talk about throughout much of the country. we do have some showers on the southeastern atlantic coast. more rain continuing in southern florida. showers making their way through the northern plains. we expect to see plenty of sunshine in the pacific northwest. windy conditions southern california. frost advisories this morning in interior new york and upstate and also in interior new england. the heat continues along the gulf coast. windy conditions from the central plains down into northern texas. >> good morning. it will turn out to be a beautiful afternoon. we expect mostly sunny skies.
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>> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al, thanks so much. fans and friends of donna summer are expressing sadness over the death of the so-called queen of disco. the five-time grammy winner died on thursday in naples, florida, after a battle with cancer. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more on summers' remarkable career. gabe, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning. even the white house released a statement with president obama calling summer unforgettable. she lived here part time in naples but her career touched lives all over the world. ♪ bad girls bad girls ♪ >> reporter: she was the queen of disco. from love to love you to "hot stuff." ♪ looking for some hot stuff >> reporter: donna summer defined the disco era. >> donna summer did more than anyone else to make disco cool. >> reporter: she burst onto the
7:19 am
scene in the u.s. in the '70s. >> i feel when i came to america i was at the budding stage, and maybe i'm springing a leaf about right now and maybe one day i'll be a blossom. >> reporter: born in boston ladonna adrienne gains started singing gospel as a child. >> i started si eed singing anda sudden this voice came catapulting out of my body. i remember it. and it scared me. tears were coming out of my eyes. >> reporter: after high school, summer moved on to musicals and recordings in europe. at first, just popular in dance clubs, her appeal quickly spread. >> she's a dance artist who became a mainstream pop artist. ♪ >> so in that sense, she sets the career path for madonna. >> reporter: summer had 19 number one hits and the record for most consecutive double albums. three of them that topped the billboard charts. she won five grammys, and even an oscar for "last dance."
7:20 am
>> i think that her music, those anthems that she sang were anthems of equality and empowerment for everyone. ♪ works hard for the money so you better treat her right ♪ >> reporter: three years ago she released her last album, performing here on "today," and talking with matt. >> what about advice on staying around for a long time, longevity? >> if you have good songs more than likely you will stay around for a long time. >> reporter: donna summer was 63. ♪ and when he heard about her death, pop legend elton john said, quote, that she has never been inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame is a total disgrace. matt? >> gabe gutierrez. gabe, thank you very much. as you saw in his piece there, she was here several years ago for a concert outside. i had a chance to talk to her and i asked her how she felt about being called the queen of disco. take a look. >> i'm curious if 30 years ago,
7:21 am
when you started recording some of this music, if you ever stopped to think that today would still be playing as frequently as it is? >> i never did. no. but i'm really happy that it is. >> so you're as surprised by it as everybody else? >> absolutely surprised. >> you know for the last week we've known you've been coming and i have constantly referred to you as the queen of disco. and i'm curious, do you like that title? because you kind of make a little fun of it in one of the songs. >> well, i do like the title because i mean it's nice to be the queen of something, isn't it? >> it is. >> right? >> and you are definitely the queen of disco. >> thank you. >> donna summer on this show several years ago. and she will be missed. >> oh, so much so. >> last dance. >> that's one of my favorites. i love that song. >> we all do. >> we're going to be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead from here in
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cannes, ben stiller, chris rock, and the rest of "madagascar 3" cast will be joining us live, matt. >> all right, ann. and a north carolina scientist's close encounter with a huge gator. [ laughter ] ♪ [ female announcer ] each one of us is our own boss. ♪ and no matter where you are in life, ask your financial professional how lincoln financial can help you take charge of your future. ♪ the moisturizer in other body washes sits on top of skin. only dove has nutriummoisture, which can nourish deep down. dove body wash with nutriummoisture. superior natural nourishment for your skin.
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[ female announcer ] with olay regenerist wrinkle revolution, it's possible to reduce the look of wrinkles in just 10 minutes. now you've seen it. experience it for yourself. [ female announcer ] olay regenerist. >> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. we have received word of an accident involving a bus. don't know what type -- school bus, mta bus, what have you. let's send it to sarah caldwell. >> we are trying to figure out. we're getting word that it is a bus. we will let you know, if we get
7:27 am
more information in terms of injuries and details of the accident. it is along baltimore national pike at ingleside ave. we will point that out to you in the area of the west side. it looks like we have capt. roy on the scene. looks like an mta mobility + there. this is along ingleside ave. we will keep you posted on details. once we more, we will let you know. closures in effect at rogers ave and northern parkway. north and west side delay is starting to fall into place. another crash at castle street and fayette street. here's a quick live look at traffic. update at padonia. no problems at 83. live view of the north side. website delays on the outer loop.
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no. -- cited delays on the outer loop. >> temperatures are in the upper 40's and low 50s. might want to take a light jacket. 46 andy frederick. mostly sunny skies, temperatures will range between 73 and 7 a. seven-to forecast going to pick this weekend. sunshine in the morning on saturday. most of the day will
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and we're about to hear usher. we were listening to one of his many hits. he's got his start and he's going to talk of the music world. he is taking over rockefeller plaza for our very first summer concert of the season, and as you can tell by looking at the images on your screen, our crowd cannot wait. it is 7:30 now on a friday morning. the 18th of may, 2012. i'm ann curry in cannes, france. and matt is holding down the fort back in studio 1a. hey, matt. >> hey, ann. we have a huge crowd here. we know what you've been doing from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. east coast time every day. how you been keeping yourself
7:31 am
busy otherwise? >> ah, funny you should ask, matt. because following in the illustrious footsteps of some great talents like martin scorsese and whoopi goldberg and some guy named matt lauer i helped celebrate the official opening of the american pavilion here at the cannes film festival. i was welcomed by u.s. consul general diane kelly before the big ribbon cutting. it was really quite an honor, and we've got a lot more coming up from here, matt, including we're going to be sitting down with the stars of the new madagascar movie, including ben stiller, chris rock and jada pinkett smith and also martin short. and a little bit later eva longoria will be stopping by. >> you did great with the scissors, by the way. you did very well. also ahead, one man's frightening encounter with a huge alligator. we showed you this video on thursday. so coming up he'll join us for a live interview and he's lucky he can do that. we're going to ask him what in the world was he thinking. and then some bad news for burger lovers. david zinczenko is here to
7:32 am
reveal the surprising amount of fat and calories and sodium in some of your favorite restaurant burgers. we'll get to that in a little while. but we begin this half hour with what investigators are now saying about the search for a 6-year-old arizona girl who vanished four weeks ago. nbc's miguel almaguer is in tucson with the latest on this. miguel, good morning to you. >> you guys hear -- >> miguel, can you hear me? >> matt, good morning. little isabel was last seen here at her home. her father says he tucked her into bed and the next morning she was gone. now, as detectives pore through more than 1,000 leads, they say they are only halfway into their investigation. at the request of authorities, isabel's father, sergio celis, has stayed away from his wife and two boys for the last week. investigators now confirm child protective services first visited the celis home back in december, though a law enforcement source tells nbc news the incident was minor, and did not involve isabel.
7:33 am
>> we are equally investigating the possibility of somebody unknown to the family having taken isabel from the home, as well as somebody either within the family or known to the family. >> reporter: at a tucson construction site thursday, homicide detectives discovered bones, but quickly determined they were not connected to the missing first grader, last seen four weeks ago today. police say they've encouraged sergio and becky celis to speak to the media, though neither has talked publicly for days. they sat down with nbc news 2 1/2 weeks ago. >> what do you guys think happened to isa? >> kidnapped. kidnapped. >> reporter: but law enforcement sources say the home, which is surrounded by a five foot wall and protected by three dogs, shows no evidence of a stranger abduction. detectives say this case is far from cold, as investigators pore through weeks of evidence. >> the fact that they're saying it could take two or three more weeks of a planned investigative
7:34 am
process indicates they know what they're doing. and they have a plan. >> reporter: with a team of 50, including help from the fbi and u.s. marshal's office, tucson p.d. says they have confidence isabel's case will be resolved. >> we will never give up. we will never give up looking for you. >> reporter: police say isabel's parents are fully cooperating. but law enforcement sources tell nbc news sergio celis' statements have been, quote, inconsistent. thursday night, not far from the family home, volunteers fanned out once again in isa's neighborhood. >> isabel is not related to me in any way, i just -- this whole community has been rocked by this. >> reporter: police say while they have no suspects in this case, it is one tip that could break this case wide open. matt? >> miguel almaguer, thank you very much. now let's get a check of the weather from al. >> "today's weather" is brought to you by the seven bold flavors of bush's grillin' beans. the bolder side of the bush's.
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>> and we've got a new configuration of our -- our -- our concert here. we got this pit in the middle. very nice. these folks in the middle here. hey monkey sh >> that's my baby. >> hey -- >> you might want -- you might want to change that later on. anyway let's see what we've got ear as we look ahead towards your weekend. saturday, risk of strong storms, northern texas, on into parts of nebraska. sunny and hot through the southwest. look for beautiful day along the east coast, with some heavy rain down in florida. sunday, sunday, showers along the mid-atlantic coast, showers in the pacific northwest, sunny and hot from texas into the southwest, rain from the western great lakes in to the central mississippi river valley. >> good morning. it looks like another beautiful day today. it it is a little chilly this morning. temperatures will climb into the
7:36 am
mid 70's. >> don't forget you get your weather any time you need it. go to weather channel on cable or online. savannah? >> all right, al, thanks. and now to an alligator encounter caught on camera in north carolina. this video has gone viral. fred boyce worked with wild animals many times but things went pretty badly for him recently when an eight foot alligator he was trying to capture suddenly turn on him. luckily fred avoided serious injury and he's with us now. fred, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> well, first things first -- >> don't take this personally -- >> go ahead. >> don't take this personally, but i may have been more
7:37 am
comfortable in the ditch with the alligator than i am right now. >> fred, this is going to be a lot easier, let me tell you, because i don't bite. >> definitely not part of the plan. >> let's talk first about how you're doing. i know you've got a bandaged arm. you feel okay? >> i feel fine. i mean, as far as the arm goes. as far as the arm goes. but i wasn't really, you know, the "today" show was pretty far from my mind when i was out in a remote area of eastern north carolina in a ditch. >> but now this video we're looking at has gone viral. many people in the country have seen it, and they have a question, fred. what were you thinking throwing that towel over his head and trying to capture that big alligator? >> well, i obviously wasn't thinking about the digital age that we live in and handheld video cameras. i wish i'd have been thinking more about that. i was basically thinking about the situation that we had that wasn't too good. actually the alligator was in someone's front yard. there was a house very close by with small children, and it was
7:38 am
right next to a highway that is a lot of pretty high-speed traffic passes by, especially at night. >> so you felt like -- you feltic you had to do something. >> it could have caused a serious accident. -- i did because i was expecting some other people to have come and responded. in fact i was told that some wildlife officials were going to be there responding to the scene. >> well -- >> but i was really just expecting to take some pictures and see an alligator and you know, maybe lend a hand if they needed one. but otherwise stay out of the way. and when i got there, i was really surprised to hear that they weren't responding. somebody told me that they weren't going to come and it was all up to us. >> well, fred, let's -- >> there was a woman with small kids and she was pretty concerned about this alligator being right in her front yard. >> sure, sure. let's talk about what the plan was. >> i would have loved to have just left it there. >> i think people want -- >> as far as the towel goes, alligators are very closely related to birs. they're they're more closely related to birds than other
7:39 am
reptiles. they have some bird-like qualities. if you can close their eyes or cover their eyes it calms them down. i really was not equipped, you know, i really kind of didn't feel good about doing this tell you the truth, because this was a big alligator. i have worked with a lot of alligators. i have back jumped alligators, which is what that's called where you jump on their back. you grab them behind the head and if you can work your hands up to where you can close their jaws, their jaws are actually very weak when it comes to opening them. the muscles that open the jaw are incredibly weak so you can easily hold an alligator's jaw shut with your hands. >> but instead he turns on you there -- >> the pressure is incredibly strong. >> i bet it is. >> i think i lost my footing there in the ditch. it was a little bit slippery and i kind of lost my footing before i even, you know, kind of fell down and sort of put my hands on it sooner than i admit to. >> can we see your arm -- >> and it was a little out of my size range to be doing by myself. i was kind of hoping that somebody else might jump on the back behind me but apparently they didn't like that idea too
7:40 am
much. and you know, i really -- i don't hold that against them at all. i really wish i'd had some experienced help there with me, and this was not a good example, i'm sorry this was caught on video, really, is not a good example of, you know, my best work. >> that's all right, fred. >> -- around with a video camera. >> well you're very brave to face an alligator and to come on tv and talk about it. so, thank you so much for being with us. we really appreciate it. >> oh, sure. >> okay. coming up next, the fattening truth about your favorite restaurant burgers. including one that's equal to eating five philly cheesesteak subs. plus, music superstar usher kicks off our summer concert series. but these messages. (bell rings) hi. good morning. big news. we're spreading the word about new honey bunches of oats fruit blends and their unique taste combinations. like peach/raspberry...
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7:44 am
that" belly busting burgers. americans consume about 14 billion of them every year, making burgers the most frequently ordered menu item in the country. and fatty toppings can add an extra punch to your waistline. david zinczenko is the author of the new book "grill this, not that" the no-diet weight loss solution. welcome back. >> great to see you, matt. >> i thought you had gone too far when you took on my favorite desserts. now this is war. what's the problem? you order a burger in a restaurant just grilled meat on a real grill, that's not a problem, right? >> that's not a problem. but these are grilled plates. they trap in the fat. most restaurants should be cited for mad cow. you've got some versions -- >> usually you wait a little longer for your punch lines. >> sorry. >> that was good, okay. >> wake up. most of them have 2,000 calories. which is crazy considering that with a grill and a lighter you can make your own and save 1500 calories. >> let's go to sonic super sonic double cheeseburger, break this guy down for me right here. >> the sonic boom you hear is
7:45 am
when the thing hits your waistline. it's got 1200 calories, it's got 34 grams of saturated fat. that's two days worth. it's got two day's worth of trans fat and a day's worth of sodium. matt, it would be the equivalent if you're eating that twice a week like most people do, most americans, it would be the equivalent of 2 1/2 feet of philly cheese steak. okay, and they use this thing called bun oil which they squeeze into the burger to add extra fat. >> you use that at the beach, don't you? this is the alternative. >> when you're at sonic you get the junior deluxe cheeseburger, it's 450 calories. it's only 9 grams of saturated fat, compared to two day's worth. so you're saving 800 calories. >> okay, let's move on to appleby's the cheeseburger sliders with the applewood smoked bacon. 1340 calories, 87 grams of fat, 2550 milligrams of sodium. >> yeah. they're nice and small and cute,
7:46 am
until you figure the salt and fat numbers. right there, what ends up being matt is the calorie equivalent twice a week of 1 1/2 large domino's pepperoni pizzas. >> that's not good. >> and the problem there, matt, is that people look at sliders, oh, it's like an appetizer. but it's not. it's a meal before the meal. >> so you suggest, if you're at appleby's you order the grilled chicken won ton tacos. all right, guy walks in looking for a hamburger. >> right. >> how are you going to satisfy that guy with chicken won ton tacos. >> i'm going to say order those, save 800 calories. and then go get steak or a burger as your entree. >> you know that's not happening. cheesecake factory grilled turkey. but look at the size of this thing. >> this burger is a real turkey. i mean, this -- it's 1200 calories before they say do you want fries with that. okay. which is a threat, not a question. >> all right. >> so, basically, twice a week,
7:47 am
that ends up being the equivalent of 60 delicious buffalo wings. >> gasp came from the crew. it was a good gasp, not a bad gasp. the better choice here? >> the skinnylicious hamburger. 570 calories, you're saving 700 and having a little bit of a salad. >> i have to get to this real quickly. this is the chili's jalapeno smoke house bacon burger with a side of fries, over 2,000 calories. the equivalent twice a week. >> of 15 mcdonald's cheeseburgers. that is a barnyard massacre. >> and chili's custom combinations classic sirloin with corn on the cob, steamed broccoli. >> you're saving like 1,000 calories and still having beef. >> if you wanted the fries you'll be satisfied by the broccoli. >> sure. >> david zinczenko, thank you very much. still to come, ben stiller, riis chris rock and the "madagascar 3" cast join ann live in cannes. and usher will rock the plaza
7:48 am
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7:51 am
we are back now at 7:50 with the winner of the annual doodle four google contest. this year's theme was, if i could travel in time, i'd visit -- here with the winning doodle is 7-year-old dillon hoffman. he's with us now along with google's vice president of product management marissa meyer. good morning to both of you. dillon, hang tight for one second, i'll congratulate you in a second. marissa, you were here on the day that facebook has its huge ipo. people are lining up. everyone's talking about it. is it worth all the excitement? >> well, i think it's a really important milestone for them and we wish them all the best. >> there was a poll recently that half the people in this country think it's going to be a passing fad, facebook. where do you fall on that? >> i really can't specific late. i think that they have a great company and a great service. >> all right. let's move on to doodle for google. dillon, congratulations. this is a very big deal. why did you enter this contest?
7:52 am
>> i don't know. >> you don't know? did you immediately know what you wanted to draw? >> no. >> no. when did you come up with this theme? >> -- >> you did a lot of drafts, right? >> i did a lot of drafts. >> how many drawings did you do before you came up with this one that finally won? >> a lot. >> a lot? >> his dad thought maybe thousands. >> are you like a guy who likes pirates? >> yeah. >> so you draw a lot of pictures were pirates? >> yeah. >> do you know, dillon, that now, because you're the winner, millions of people are going to see your drawing? >> yeah. >> is that pretty cool? >> yeah. >> and do you know about the prizes you get? >> yeah. >> one of the prizes right there, you get your google -- your doodle on top of crayons. >> in the fall crayola is putting dillon's doodle on a 64 box of crayons for back to school and he's won a $3,000 college scholarship. a $50,000 technology grant for his school. >> and i got a laptop.
7:53 am
>> and you got a trip to new york, right? how about high five for that. way to go. a lot of entries this year i know. it's a very cool winner. marissa, thanks so much. dillon, congratulations. we're back after your local news.
7:54 am
♪ abracadabra. new hershey's milk chocolate with almonds in pieces. your favorites, in pieces. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so ditch the brown bag for something better.
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7:56 am
>> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. here is sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> still very busy out there bank in terms of incidents. manchester, route 30, maple grove road, accident clearing. 29, in the red approaching that accident scene. still a lane closed. baltimore national pike, ingleside avenue, crash still clear from that intersection. putty hill and pleasant plains in towson, we have an accident report. the delays on the north side
7:57 am
beginning at belair road towards the harrisburg expressway. closures along rogers ave and northern parkway in advance of preakness on saturday night at 9. what more accident of note in abington in glen ross drive. traffic, greenspring, going away from us, in a traffic towards the j.f.x. here is what it looks like a baltimore national pike. volume continues to build there. >> the little bit on the cool side, but temperatures will warm up this morning. 52 in jarrettsville. 49 degrees in taneytown. high temperatures this afternoon between 73 and 78. looks like some nice weather into preakness saturday. sunshine in the morning.
7:58 am
a few clouds in the afternoon. sprinkle saturday night. a few showers on saturday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is 8:00 now on a friday morning. the 18th day of may, 2012. and take a look at the size of the crowd that's gathered here in rockefeller plaza this morning. they're here for a good reason. summer doesn't officially start for several weeks, actually a month or so, but we're getting an early start with our summer concert series, and usher is doing the honors for us this morning. the seven-time grammy award winner. >> that's right. we've got a perfect crowd, perfect weather. best way to kick off the summer concert series. >> i'm matt lauer along with al roker and ann curry is still on the south of france. she's in the french riviera and she's in cannes and she's
8:01 am
gathered a crowd of her own. ann? >> no kidding. you've got usher, look who i have. we're about to get up close and personal with a whole mess of stars. they're featured in the new 3-d animated adventure, "madagascar 3." we've got ben stiller, jada pinkett smith, martin short, we've got jessica chastain, we've got chris rock and we have david schwimmer and as you can see, because this is a movie about some animals who want to go to the circus, you can see in this picture that our crew is very excited about being up close and personal with these stars. in fact, maybe they're just a little bit too excited, actually. take a look. anyway, we've got all this coming up, as well as eva longoria stopping by a little bit later. >> all right, ann. we'll have that in just a couple of minutes. then from here we're going to have more on the life and legacy and career of donna summer. >> that's right, matt. the grammy winning disco legend steamed up the charts in the 1970s and '80s with a voice that really defined an era. coming up we're going to talk to summer's former manager and one
8:02 am
of the producers who worked with her on her last album, losing donna summer yesterday at the age of 63 to cancer. >> all right. let's go inside right now. natalie is standing by at the news desk. she's got a check of all the headlines. natalie. >> good morning again, matt and al. good morning, everyone. today is the first day of jury deliberations in the trial of former presidential hopeful john edwards. nbc's lisa myers, who's been covering the trial from greensboro, north carolina. lisa, good morning. >> hey, good morning, natalie. soon after the court convenes this morning the jury will officially get the case. and will decide whether john edwards gets to move on with his life or becomes a convicted felon and goes to prison. john edwards treks to the courthouse one more time this morning to witness the judge hand the case over to 12 jurors who will wade through 31 witnesses and four weeks of testimony. >> it seems like in the main working-class jury, the kind of people that john edwards did well with as a candidate. >> reporter: in often intense closing arguments, edwards'
8:03 am
defense lawyer abbe lowell said his client was guilty of a sin, but not a felony, and already is serving a life sentence for what he's done to his family. he vigorously attacked the government's star witness, andrew young, for pocketing most of the cover-up money. john's conduct is shameful, but it's human. andrew young's lies on the stand, and the government sponsoring those lies, is worse, lowell said. prosecutor accused the defense of desperation. he said edwards had masterminded the plan to use almost $1 million to hide his mistress rielle hunter. money that amounted to illegal campaign contributions. of course he knew. he knew about it from the get-go. it would never have happened without him. edwards' lawyer closed by appealing to the jury to end this sad chapter in edwards' life. saying there was more good he could do. if convicted edwards could face up to 30 years in prison. natalie? >> lisa myers in greensboro,
8:04 am
north carolina, thanks so much, lisa. new evidence has been released from the night teenager trayvon martin was killed in san ford, florida. it includes surveillance video showing martin making a purchase at a 7-eleven shortly before his run-in with george zimmerman. and new photos and documents show the neighborhood watch volunteer had a broken nose, bruises, and bloody cuts on the back of his head after the encounter. zimmerman says he shot martin in self-defense. facebook begins selling stock to the public today in the most talked about market debut in years. it comes a day after the online social network raised $16 billion in an initial public offering that valued the company at $104 billion. and now for a look at what's trending today our quick roundup of what has you talking online. people are tweeting their memories of donna summer. she died thursday of lung cancer. she was 63. she was known for hits like "bad girl" and "last dance" and pop star nicki minaj tweeted another
8:05 am
legend gone. rest in peace. and this photo bomb is getting a lot of attention on tech sites. italian car company fiat found out when a street view camera car was going to take a picture of volkswagen's headquarters in sweden so fiat strategically placed one of its cars right in front of the main entrance, and then again, driving away just as a prank on its competitor. and check out this video to see an awesome father and daughter choreography dance here. they start by slow dancing, but then comedian mike hanley and his 13-year-old jessica show some serious skills on the dance floor at her bat mitzvah party. ♪ >> it goes on for quite awhile. because i watched it. that video has already half a million hits on youtube. it may become known as the best father/daughter dance ever. very cute.
8:06 am
top that all you dads out there. it's 8:05 right now. turn it back out to matt. very cute. >> yeah, it is sweet. natalie, thank you very much. let us get a check of the weather from mr. roker up on the lift this morning. >> well, thank you very much, matt. we are here, it is a perfect morning, 55 degrees. bright, blue skies, and pretty nice weekend throughout a good portion of the country. at least the first half. let's show you what we've got. first of all our pick city today, you can see there, we've got some decent weather, nbc 2 looking good, some clouds and showers. now, as far as your forecast, afternoon temperatures, the heat continues down through the southwest. 80s, 90s, 100s. little cool out through the western plains. we do have more heavy rain down in southern florida. plenty of sunshine in the northeast. mid-atlantic states. also look for some showers making their way through the upper midwest and plains. sunny skies along the west coast. >> good morning.
8:07 am
it will turn out to be a beautiful afternoon. we expect mostly sunny skies. >> that's your latest weather. now it's time to say for the first time in the summer concert series, my people! my people! my people! >> all right, al. thank you very much. when we come back in, ann sits down with the cast of "madagascar 3." and usher live in concert for these people on the plaza. right after this. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ]
8:08 am
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8:11 am
3." europe's most wanted. the wild bunch from the popular franchise has tackled new york, and africa and now they have their sights set on a new continent and they find the perfect cover in a traveling circus, which they reinvent, madagascar style. take a look. >> guys, stop fooling around. >> we're just having a little fun. >> let these animals do their show. >> tah-dah! ♪ circus afro circus ♪ polka dot afro >> i did pick up your -- >> the all-star cast of "madagascar 3" is reacting to that. we've got ben stiller, jada pinkett smith, martin short, jessica chastain, chris rock and david schwimmer. >> good morning. >> polka dot, polka dot, afro, afro. who came up with this? >> oh, i did. i mean -- >> martin --
8:12 am
>> ben threw me this idea and i -- >> i had something and i called up prince, and we batted it back and forth. >> so madness or genius, what do you think, ben? >> i think it's -- you called it limited genius? >> limited. >> you know, i actually -- >> i actually heard it last night on a cell phone as a ring tone just fyi. you may want to get some -- >> wow, already? >> and he owns the publishing. >> okay. >> so -- >> yeah. >> all right. >> okay >> -- just got braces so i need the money. >> four of the six of you as i understand it, four of the six of you, this is your third madagascar film in something like seven years. at this point, how much of it do you actually improvise? >> we -- a lot. >> yes. >> a lot! >> but we were lucky because we had a great script on this one. but you know, by this point, like we've been doing it for like ten years, we started two years -- >> we had no children when we started this. >> so at this point it's really like you kind of know the characters and go in there and have a lot of fun and just give them options. as it gets closer to having a
8:13 am
real movie then it starts to make sense. >> i improvise everything because i can't read. hopefully by four i'll have it down. >> no. the thing about it is is that when you're inside that booth, because that's what's going on, right, you guys are separately recording this stuff in booths, right, and martin, you know, you're saying that they actually watch you, and they actually videotape you doing this and they use this -- >> -- last night because i'm flirting with you. >> oh. >> and it seemed impressive, and you seemed -- >> i was moved by it. >> it's actually true they do film you as you're doing the voice and if you do have some gesture that they like, they'll put it in. so i'm told. >> yes. >> you're -- you're the seal. >> yes. >> he's an italian-speaking -- >> stefano, he's italian. don't go by that accent. but yes, he is italian. >> and and, and, you know, you've got two kids, obviously, two young kids, who loved the franchise. >> they do. >> what are they going to love about this now, because this is a 3-d version. this is a visual on this thing is crazy.
8:14 am
>> it is well 3-d -- >> they're older now. >> they're much older. i was very, very proud and flattered when my son called me the other day and asked me to call jeffrey katzenberg to put on of his songs at the end of madagascar. not realizing that it's coming out in two weeks. i was like, listen, it's done. it's over. >> yeah. >> he's like i know you can call jeffrey and get it done, mommy. i can put a song on there. i was like, no, baby you can't. but i was actually really flattered that he thinks it's, you know, it's still cool. >> i have a feeling he's going to do all right with this a little later. you guys all right -- jessica, this is your first time in the madagascar troupe. >> yes. >> how insane has it been working with these. >> well, i met everyone here yesterday. >> oh. >> so we do the voice -- >> for the very first time. >> and they're lovely. >> ah-ha. >> really? >> i'm not just saying that because i'm on tv. you guys are lovely. >> oh. >> oh. >> love you, too. >> personal favorite? >> making such a point of you should probably say something about the movie, what happens.
8:15 am
because we know that you're going to europe, but bottom line is that there's a lot -- you're trying really to get to new york city and you play the love interest, right? to, mr. right, ben stiller's character, uh-huh, and, and in your particular case you know, you're the leader, right, the undisputed leader, right? >> i guess so. >> disputed. >> it's definitely disputed. >> in the group. >> yeah, the penguins steal the monkey powered superplane and take it to monaco, and they win all this money gambling and we have to steal the plane back from them and then we crash land the plane near a circus train and in the south of france and that's how we end up with this circus troupe. >> you, david, the thing about it is this is kind of a it's -- it's -- there's a hidden message in this movie, right? you're a new father you've got a new little girl who is a year old and it seems to me that there is as a father looking at this movie the idea that the life is a kind of, it's not the, the -- the end of -- it's a journ journey. >> also one of the messages is about home and wherever home is. what we all realize and one of
8:16 am
the messages is, home is where those people you love are. >> wait a minute, don't tell them the end. >> home is wherever you put the stuff you bought from ikea at. >> listen, all of you, so great, so great to see all of you. thanks so much for hanging out with us. good luck, the movie again is called "madagascar 3" europe's most wanted, opens on june 8th in theater's nationwide. a lot more coming up including here from cannes, because we also have this big concert with usher. >> oh. >> coming up. >> but first -- the wheat in every mini-wheat has gotta be just right. perfect golden color. rich in fiber. my dad taught me, and i taught my son out there. morning, pa. wait... who's driving the...? ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm, 99 bushels of wheat ♪ [ male announcer ] yep, there's 8 filling layers of whole grain fiber in those fun little biscuits...
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8:20 am
died on thursday following a ten-month battle with cancer. but she leaves behind her anthems that have impacted generations of music fans. ♪ he works hard for the money >> her look. her voice. her moves. donna summer was the disco queen of the 1970s. her groundbreaking music still dazzles generations. >> donna summer was truly one of the first global pop icons and that was because her music transcended race, it transcended gender and it transcended class. what she mastered the art of doing was creating infectious music that made you want to only do one thing and that one thing was dance. >> reporter: with five grammys and 19 number one hits -- >> ♪ looking for some hot stuff >> reporter: from "hot stuff." ♪ bad girls >> reporter: to "bad girls" -- to the anthem, "she works hard
8:21 am
for the money" summer was the dance beat for party goers worldwide, setting the stage for a legion of performers. >> donna summer laid the blueprint for all of today's dance divas. rihanna, beyonce, britney, christina, they all have donna summer to look at and donna summer to thank. >> reporter: in 2003, beyonce covered summer's hit "love to love you baby." >> even decades later, beyonce, she has to sample that sang in her hit naughty girl. she's sexy in the video. she dances like her. donna summer's taught a lot of young artists after her how to be sexy. >> this morning we all heard the news that we lost a legend. >> reporter: on "american idol" thursday they paid tribute to summer. using twitter ryan seacrest said i remember sitting in the front seat of my mom's toyota while she sang donna summer's "she works hard for the money." her songs were just classic. donna summer will be remembered
8:22 am
by family, friends, and fans, as well as the performers who followed her, keeping the spirit of her last dance alive for years to come. >> and a lot of are you commenting about summer and her remarkable catalog of hits on our website and facebook page and we asked people to vote for their favorite songs, and "last dance" is leading more than two to one. >> i hear it in the studio, as well. natalie, thank you very much. joyce trabulius was her manager during her disco era, joyce's son evan bogue ard worked with summer on her last album. our condolences. >> thank you. >> joyce, there was something about her. i know you stopped being her manager back in i think it was 1979, but you saw her from time to time, and you saw her last year. there was this dignity about her she didn't want to share her illness with a lot of people. did she share it with you? >> no. no. i was very surprised. shocked, really.
8:23 am
and i understand why she didn't. she wanted privacy. she was a very private person and wanted to be with her family. and i think she would not have had the opportunity to keep going with all the projects that she was doing. no grass grew under donna's feet. she was always doing something, working on a broadway play, writing songs, writing a movie. she needed a time to, you know, to be with her family and do that. also she was a woman of faith. so i think she put her faith in god, and thought, i'm just going to live my life. >> evan, you had been, really known her your entire life and you grew up in a household where your parents would tell you about how amazing she was in the world of music. when you finally got to work with her, and produce music for her, did she live up to your expectations? >> it's kind of weird growing up knowing donna the legend, donna the name, and donna the person as a kid. obviously she knew me since i was born. but actually being able to go in
8:24 am
the studio and work one-on-one with her in a similar fashion that my parents are able to work with her is just magical. i didn't know her in that light. i didn't know her as an adult. i didn't know her, you know, as a creative contemporary. once i did it was just like, wow, i get it. she is just so talented. and she knows what she wants and is such a great song writer and obviously a voice. most amoizing voice in a long time. >> joyce i was reading early in her career, and this is the time you were her manager she struggled with the concept of fame. why? >> well, she was living quite a normal life in munich when they found her, and she came over here and she came over with a hit song and so she was on television right away, she was touring. she came over as a star. and she had to learn how to do choreography, and dance, and makeup and everything, you know, from just on the road. i mean, she was very brave, and just took it all on, and after awhile, i think there was no
8:25 am
privacy for her and there was no stopping and i think she needed to take a little time to resenter and spend time with her family and she always said she was so grateful that her fans were there when she came back. >> yeah. >> that it was such a gift to be able to have fun with them again and her great joy was to entertain them, and to have fun with them. >> all right. i know when you think about her legacy one of the great compliments you'll ever get is that she -- her music was either sampled or covered by people like madonna, beyonce, red hot chili peppers, dollny parton. that says it all right there. thank you both so much for joining us, and again our condolences. >> thank you so much, matt. >> thank you very much. >> we're going to have more just ahead.
8:26 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. here is sarah caldwell. >> still some problems out there. we have an accident on southbound 795 prior to the beltway. it is causing a little bit of a backup. reported accident. as you make your way south, watch for delays developing. eastbound i-70, this one is dawn at 20 man and all lanes are open but delays extend past 32. another one at manchester on
8:27 am
route 30. closures remained in effect at rogers ave and northern parkway in the pimlico region in advance of preakness. greenspring, inner loop traffic very heavy towards the j.f.x. j.f.x. filling up quickly towards the construction zone. further south, possible accident at the beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. john collins has a look at the forecast. >> all this stormy weather is off to our south. showers in the carolinas, but not close by. looks like they will stay away for a while. 59 at the airport. lots of sunshine. barometer is up. by evening, the storm stays south. high temperatures overhead. it keeps us in great shape. it keeps us in great shape into the weekend. 75 degrees to 80 on some cases.
8:28 am
>> another update at 8:56.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on this friday morning. the 18th of may, 2012. nice weather on the plaza as we get set to kick off our summer concert series with seven-time grammy winner usher. hey, guys, i wish i could be there, but we're sort of busy doing everything here in cannes. but, boy, looks like you've got a lot of fun. meantime from here going to be catching up with the very talented and lovely eva longoria. back to you. >> and we are back with more of "today" on a friday morning.
8:31 am
we're going to crowd behind us going slightly crazy, because usher has been out here doing a little music in advance of our big concert in just a couple of minutes. and he has drawn a big crowd. i'm matt lauer along with al roker, natalie morales and savannah gruthry here while ann curry continues in the south of france. ann? >> hey, thanks so much, matt and guys. listen i'm sitting here with eva longoria. she just saw the curtain fall on her hit show "desperate housewives" and now she's putting her best face forward as one of the l'oreal paris ambassadors. l'oreal, by the way, has been the official makeup artist for the cannes film festival for the past 15 years. eva, good morning to you. >> good morning. i know it's our birthday. l'oreal's birthday. happy birthday l'oreal! >> part of the thing that l'oreal is doing to celebrate is coming out with this book that basically are photographs behind the scenes here. what happens behind the scenes here? >> so much drama. >> drama? >> no, you know, the book is beautiful because it shows us
8:32 am
getting ready, and you know, getting the dresses on, and the hair and the makeup. it takes a village for us -- >> it's intense. how many dresses do you come out here with? >> this time i think i came out with 22 outfits. but one dress was in an entire trunk. but that's the great thing about the book is you get to see the people behind the scenes. all of the l'oreal teams, makeup artists, and you get to see us being built. >> well you know, you've done this, you've been out here several years in a row. >> yes. >> but just think about your first time and think about the people at home listening. >> yeah. >> who've never been out here. what is the first impression? >> it's electrifying. it is electric whenever you come here. it's my favorite red carpet because there's no electronic press. you don't talk to anybody. it's all about the fashion moment. it's all about being photographed, and this particular red carpet is really open to risks, and very daring and bold choices, so it's just so fascinating to sit back and watch. and then the sea of fans, i
8:33 am
mean, this place is really built because of the fans in cannes. and you can see for a mile just people just waiting to glimpse it. >> and when they're screaming at you. >> and they scream very loud. >> what's the emotion you feel when they do this? >> scared. >> yeah? >> scared at first. and then i go, oh, this is really nice. it's really fun, and you know, it's fun to be with l'oreal because they're such respected partners of the film festival. and to come here with l'oreal is pretty different than coming here with a film. i had a film screen this year, and it was a lot of fun, as well. so it's just all different experience. depending on how you come. if you come as a fan, if you come with a film. if you come with l'oreal. >> emotions having your series "desperate housewives" come to an end? >> bittersweet. it was an emotional end. but i'm excited to be free and to see what the next chapter of my life holds. >> you have any idea where that's going to go? >> i have a couple movies i'm filming, and then i'm campaigning for obama. so i'll be very busy with that.
8:34 am
>> sounds like you'll be very busy. eva longoria, pleasure to sit with you. >> thank you. >> back to you guys in new york. >> ann, first of all let us say good-bye and thank you very much for your job over there in cannes this week. did you have a nice time? >> oh, man. you know it. it's been a blast here. our entire staff has -- has been working pretty hard to make all this happen. we're pleased that it's been somewhat useful to you and you don't have to thank me too much, frankly. i think being here has been thanks enough. >> hi, matt. >> sit down with the producers. have a safe trip home, ann, we'll see you monday. >> all right. sounds good. >> all right, mr. roker. >> all right let's look at your weekend, see what we've got for you. first of all for tomorrow, risk of strong storms, excuse me from oklahoma on into nebraska. heavy rain in southern florida. beautiful weather through the southwest. and much of the mid-atlantic coast, as well. for sunday, sunday, we've got plenty of sunshine, weather in the northeast. showers on the mid-atlantic coast. wet weather in the upper mississippi river valley. showers move into the coastal
8:35 am
pacific northwest. rest of the west >> good morning. it looks like another beautiful day today. it it is a little chilly this morning. temperatures will climb into the mid 70's. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you. coming up, chef jamie oliver is here to show us how to make the ultimate caesar salad. >> plus usher kicks off our summer concert series. guys, i'm home!
8:36 am
8:37 am
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we're back now at 8:37. on the lighter side of farm fresh feasts. jamie oliver is here to show you how to make his ultimate caesar salad that reduces fat and calories but not the taste and flavor. jamie, good morning. welcome back. >> always nice to be here, ladies and gents. >> we love having you here. because it's not always about food with you. you've got always bigger things on your mind. tomorrow you're calling food revelation day. that is what about? >> food revolution day is a global day. you saw the series on abc that we did last year. this is basically a day we're in 60 countries, over 600 cities, and it's a day for cooks, for parents to get involved in cooking in many different ways. >> stand up for real food. >> standing up for real food. it's like farmer's markets. we'll give guided tours around farmer's markets if people are scared. chefs and restaurants are opening up their homes to the public. so we're really excited by it. and i guess matt and the guys, what it's about is just
8:39 am
beautiful things happening in food right now in the states. but it's about pushing it along. i guess today's recipe is kind of an expression of that. what we got here, guys, look, america's favorite salads is caesar salads. but just to put it into example, right pap what is it that we like? what is it? what i've done -- >> the fatty dressing. >> i've taken the fat off the chicken. but instead of taking away flavor i've added it back. i've got salt, pepper, paprika and a little bit of you can call it polenta or corn maize. we're getting color and a crunch here and it's going to protect that lovely white meat and it's going to be gorgeous. now on the dressing, guys, four tablespoons of mayonnaise in itself is already over 800 calories. so i've swapped that out for some really great things in dairy happening right now. and the equivalent in zero fat greek yogurt is fantastic. >> that is the hot ingredient. >> i'm telling you, it's really changing. but it's clean, it's fresh. matt, would you mind squeezing lemons for me, darling?
8:40 am
>> sure. >> al. >> yes, sir. >> four anchovies in there. >> my gorgeous new friend. >> safin nap >> a tablespoon of worcestershire sauce in there. gorgeous. it looks very underwhelming. >> oh. >> mustard goes in there. >> lemon juice. loads and loads of basil. >> and we're going to whiz that up, and when we whiz that up it's going to create the most incredible, fresh, dressing and i swear i'm just going to put about 20 grams of parmesan in there so you've still got that kick. and by the way if you don't like anchovies you will not taste them. so on we go. you're going to whiz it out. you get that color. such beautiful green color. mr. roker, can you slice that chicken up for me a little? >> sure. >> what we've got here. please, please, my friend. if i may come over to this corner.
8:41 am
>> wait a minute. >> we've got -- >> this meal is coming in. i don't do diet meals, okay? this is full of nutrients. full of fresh ingredients. this is just over 350, 400 calories. we've got four builts of crispy bacon here. >> so you can have full-fat bacon? >> just don't have a lot of it. so we've got the smoky bacon in there for the kick. mr. roker sliced up the chicken here. >> how beautiful. >> we're going to lay this in and around our lovely salad like this. if you go out and get a bucket of chicken from a fast food place for four people it ain't cheap. it's not cheap, guys. >> right. >> this illusion of this cheap food, now you can do this, you know, in england this works out about three pounds a portion, and we've got a little bit more chicken than that. and it's all chicken, nice ingredients. start to finish in a normal scenario you can get this done in under 15 minutes. >> by the way. great news, jamie's joining us in london for the olympics. >> yes! . >> we're going to have so much
8:42 am
fun. so much fun. i promise, i promise. >> you going to show us around. show us all the good markets? >> i'm going to show you whatever you want to see. >> careful. careful. >> up next, our first summer concert of the season, r&b superstar usher on the plaza. first, this is "today" on nbc. jamie, welcome aboard. >> thank you very much.
8:43 am
8:44 am
the "toyota concert series on today," brought to you by toyota. >> and the big moment has finally arrived. it's time to kick off our summer concert series and we're doing it in style. ladies and gentlemen, usher! ♪ oh, my when it's over baby let me love you down ♪
8:45 am
♪ summer's here ♪ there's so many ways to love you ♪ ♪ baby i can break you down there's so many ways to love you ♪ ♪ got mow like say what ♪ ♪ i can't hear you new york ♪ you make you want to say i feel something starting i step on the dance floor ♪ ♪ rockin' low never ever on the first sight ♪ ♪ this was something special honey wow oh, wow ♪ ♪ girl you go ♪ czechoslovakia check check you out ♪
8:46 am
♪ she got it all from my head to toe ♪ ♪ and i want it all ♪ baby let me love you down come on y'all ♪ ♪ baby i can break you down ♪ ♪ there's so many ways to love you ♪ ♪ so i found you you make me want to say ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ♪ ♪ oh, my come on hey ♪ ♪ you make me want to say oh, oh, oh, ♪ ♪ oh, baby you got it all
8:47 am
from head to toe ♪ ♪ and i want it all there's so many ways to love you ♪ ♪ so many ways to love you ♪ to make me want to say oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ oh, i got you you make me want to say ♪ ♪ oh, my
8:48 am
♪ oh, my ♪ you make me want to say oh, my gosh ♪ >> yeah. >> we're going to have more music ahead from usher on a friday morning but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
a couple of facts for you, usher released his first singer back in 1993. he was 14 years old. about 20 years later he's got seven grammy awards. sold about 43 million albums around the world. and his seventh album called looking for myself gets released on june 12th. usher, welcome back. >> happy to be back, new york city! >> talk to me a little about the title of the album "looking for myself." what does it mean to you? >> looking for myself is the title track and for me, the last two, three years of my life have been an incredibly journey
8:51 am
musically and emotionally. so all of the findings of looking for myself went into this album. >> i was reading some articles about you last night. you talk a lot about evolving as an artist and continuing to evolve. not wanting to stop that process. >> well, there's a mantra that i kind of adopted, and it is evolve or evaporate. that's really, i guess, the meaning of life. we decide to just stand forward and not allow ourselves to move forward musically, in life, whatever it is. we'll never see beauty. >> when you look at the world in that way and you conquer the r&b chart and the pop chart and you've gone to the latin chart, as well, what is left to evolve to? >> map. i don't know. >> you have to figure that out. >> i haven't figured that out. but i got enough time to figure out all of the business, the most important part now is being involved as a person. that's probably one of the greatest moments of all of this.
8:52 am
having incredible -- >> i think that's well said. what are you going to sing for us? >> actually, they're watching us. i know you guys are watching. love you. >> now what are you going to sing for us? >> this is climax. >> ladies and gentlemen, once again, usher. ♪ ♪ going nowhere fast we've reached the climax ♪ ♪ we're together now we're undone ♪ ♪ won't commit so we choose to
8:53 am
run away ♪ ♪ do we separate can't take it back ♪ ♪ i've fallen somehow feet off the ground love is the blow that keeping raining down ♪ ♪ where are you now when i need you around ♪ ♪ i'm on my knees but i'm seems we're ♪ ♪ going nowhere fast >> we've reached the climax ♪ ♪ we're together now we're undone ♪ ♪ won't commit so we choose to ♪ run away
8:54 am
separate ♪ ♪ take it back i gave my best it wasn't enough ♪ ♪ you get upset we argue too much ♪ ♪ we made of what used to be love ♪ ♪ so i care i care at all at all ♪ ♪ at all at all ♪ ♪ going nowhere fast we reached the climax ♪ ♪ we're together now we're undone ♪ ♪ won't commit run away ♪ ♪ do we separate
8:55 am
can't take it back we reached the climax ♪ ♪ you say better if we love each other separately ♪ ♪ i just need you one more time i can't get what we had out of my mind ♪ ♪ where are you now? when i need you around ♪ ♪ i'm on my knees but it seems we're going ♪ ♪ nowhere fast we reached the climax ♪ ♪ we're together
8:56 am
run away ♪ ♪ do we separate ♪ can't take it back we've reached the climax ♪ >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 is today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. closing arguments scheduled today in the trial of a man charged with murdering a man. he does killed with killing dr.
8:57 am
-- is charged with killing dr. albert rowe.
8:58 am
>> beautiful morning, lots of sunshine. we start in the 40's but we will be warming up. variable winds. saturday it looks great, too.
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