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tv   Today  NBC  May 21, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. violence in the streets. protests at the nato summit in chicago today. this after at least 45 people were arrested over the weekend. we're there live. today exclusively, a new jersey mom charged with taking her young daughter to a tanning salon opens up about her headline-making case and takes on her critics. this morning we will hear from her. and remember robert gibbs. the co-founder of the legendary group the bee gees has died following a battle with cancer at the age of 62. we'll look back at his life and music "today," monday, may 21st, we'll look back at his life and music "today," monday, may 21st, 2012. -- captions by vitac --
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and welcome to "today" on this monday morning, i'm ann curry. >> and i'm lester holt, in for matt this morning. welcome back from cannes. >> okay, thank you so much. >> the story that they made you go? >> they made me go. they made me stay for two days. it was so hard. but no, it's really fun. >> great to be here with you today. we're talking about what happened in chicago over the weekend. things got a bit rough and tumble. this is the last day of the nato summit there with new protests planned, some downtown businesses have actually told their employees to stay home today. >> exactly. you can see why in these images from sunday. dozens were injured, including at least four police officers and demonstrators voiced their opposition to the war in afghanistan and other issues. protests that provided a rather unusual backdrop to one couple's wedding day photographs. she does not look particularly
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pleased about that. we'll have more on this straight ahead. >> also we're going to get the latest on the mysterious disappearance of a 10-month-old girl in missouri. you might recall the story of lisa irwin. she vanished from her own crib in the middle of the night last october. the girl's parents have not spoken publicly about the case in months. this morning they are here with us for an exclusive live interview to open up about what they believe could be a break in the case. >> all right, seven months. and it's pretty darn tough to imagine that. also we have a very rare sight that has millions of americans looking to the sky. we're going to show you more of these remarkable images of the so-called ring of fire eclipse. but we begin this morning with those violent clashes at the nato summit in chicago. nbc's chief white house correspondent chuck todd is there. chuck, good morning. >> good morning, ann. while the nato summit itself has been fairly low key, even agreeable, it's the protests outside the summit that have created the drama that can often be associated with events like these.
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at the nato summit sunday, chicago police experienced their toughest day yet dealing with protesters. while most of these demonstrations were orderly, skirmishes between police and some of the protesters became more frequent as the summit continued. avoiding even larger protests, particularly from occupy wall street, was a big unstated reason the white house moved saturday's g-8 summit to camp david. inside the nato summit, president obama's mission is clear, formalizing his pledge to end the afghanistan war by the end of 2014, and keeping afghanistan secure in the long-term. mr. obama acknowledged that goal before the summit even opened, sitting down with afghan president hamid karzai. >> we are working with the afghans over the next several years to achieve a complete transition to afghan lead for afghan security. >> reporter: now obama and karzai must convince nato allies that afghanistan is ready for the transition, and that continued nato investments in afghan security after 2014 will pay off. republican criticism of the president's afghanistan plan has
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been relatively muted. mitt romney's op-ed in sunday's chicago tribune voided the issue, instead saving criticism for proposed defense cuts. meanwhile, at mr. obama's campaign headquarters here in chicago, campaign aides are preparing another attack on mitt romney's bain capital career this morning. this time focusing on a paper company acquired by bain in 1992 that went bankrupt eight years later. but such attacks aren't sitting well, even with some of the president's biggest supporters, including newark mayor cory booker. >> i'm not about to sit here and indict private equity. to me we're getting to a ridiculous point in america. you look at the totality of bain capital's record it's done a lot to support businesses, to grow businesses and this to me, i'm very uncomfortable. >> reporter: those remarks angered many of president obama's supporters, so booker took to youtube in an attempt to clarify. >> let me be clear, mitt romney has made his business record a centerpiece of his campaign. he's talked about himself as a job creator. and therefore, it is reasonable,
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and in fact i encourage it, for the obama campaign to examine that record and to discuss it. i have no problem with that. >> reporter: all right i want to go back to the protests here. the protests haven't been disruptive to the nato summit its service. bullet has been to chicagoans. look at the photos of a wedding party of tim and beth alberts. as you can see here, nato protesters in the financial district here of chicago, storming daly plaza, if you will, bride not very happy at all. and i think now we even have some footage of the wedding itself, just showing best laid plans. as you know, weddings, they get plann planned, ann, a lot farther in advance than even nato summits and they didn't see this coming. >> chuck todd, she still looked beautiful, though. that's at least one positive from that. it is now 7:05. here's lester. >> all right, ann, thanks. the music world paid tribute to
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robin gibb at last night's billboard music awards. wund of the founding members of the bee gees died sunday at the age of 62 following a long battle with cancer. nbc's jim maceda is in london with more on gibb's career and music. >> that's right. tributes are pouring in for robin gibb from fans and colleagues around the world, after the death of the bee gee with that signature voice. ♪ >> reporter: the bee gees were rock 'n' roll hall of famers whose music sold hundreds of millions of albums and now the gibb family has lost another one of its own. robin gibb following his younger brother andy and his twin maurice died after a long battle with cancer leaving fans stunned. >> they have such tragedy in the family. the three youngest siblings gone. this is not as nature intended. >> reporter: the british trio crossed over genres and in many
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ways defined the disco era. as its lead singer, robin gibb made his mark with a distinct voice. ♪ >> reporter: his song writing and vocals catapulting the bee gees, short for brothers gibb, just behind the beatles in popularity. ♪ >> reporter: born in england the bee gees began as a teenage act, when the family moved to australia in the 1950s. working hard on the tight, blended harmonies that became their hall mark. >> it became like football to other kids, it became a hobby. >> yeah. >> i mean, really just grew with the years into adulthood. ♪ >> reporter: their career took off back in england with the release of a series of sweet, achy ballads like "i started a joke" performed here live in las vegas. ♪ the joke was on me
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♪ dancing >> reporter: but it was in the '70s when gibb and his brothers reinvented themselves with a breakthrough r&b soundtrack for a film called "saturday night fever." it sold more than 40 million copies. the bee gees were in a zone. >> the beatles had that, michael jackson had that, and the bee gees had that with the "saturday night fever" period. >> reporter: robin also had a successful solo career, despite his illness, gibb continued to work and give back. active in many charities, he rerecorded his 1960s hit, i've got to get a message to you, in support of british soldiers. recently gibb had composed a classical work with his son robin john. their titanic requiem was performed on the 100th anniversary of that sea disaster. but by then, gibb was too ill to attend. >> we wanted to take a moment to pause and remember -- >> reporter: at the billboard awards last night, a moment of silence. >> his voice and the music of the bee gees will live on
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forever. >> reporter: robin gibb died at 62. a driving force in one of pop music's biggest brandings. and besides all these bee gees songs, gibb also wrote hits for female vocalists like barbra streisand and celine dion. one british music critic says gibb was more talented than even he ever knew. lester? >> all right, jim maceda, thanks very much. it's now 7:09. here's ann. >> lester, thank you. the jury in the criminal trial of john edwards reconvenes for deliberations this morning. a trial that has taken a toll on the former presidential candidate. nbc's lisa myers is in greensboro, north carolina, once again this morning. lisa, good morning. >> hey, ann, good morning. this morning the jury begins its second day of deliberations, and given its request for office supplies, a blackboard, and a master list of hundreds of exhibits, it looks like we could be here awhile. that was john edwards last fall.
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>> try to get your attention. >> reporter: today the cheerful banter with reporters is long gone. replaced by the obvious strain. >> how are you feeling? >> reporter: of his three-year legal battle and four-week trial. here he is last fall, arriving to his pretrial hearing. >> good morning. >> reporter: here he is last week. >> good morning. >> reporter: in the closing hours of his trial. >> this has had an emotional toll on him, it's had a physical toll. the way he carries himself, his facial expressions, his shoulders are a bit slumped. he's moving slowly. and the strain is palpable. >> reporter: the eight-man, four-woman jury includes teachers, mechanics, a retired accountant, and a financial consultant. they musts decide whether or not edwards is guilty of six felony counts, alleging that he knowingly violated campaign finance laws, to hide his mistress, rielle hunter, while he ran for president. on friday, jurors asked to
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review exhibits, having to do with $725,000 provided by heiress rachel "bunny" mellon. to convict the jury must determine that edwards knew he was breaking the law beyond a reasonable doubt. >> i think there is doubt about john edwards' state of mind, and whether he had the requisite criminal intent. there was never a smoking gun. >> reporter: but edwards' lawyers appeared upset over judge's instructions to the jury on a critical issue. what constitutes a campaign contribution? >> the instructions given by the sort favor the government. >> reporter: the issue is whether each donor gave money to hide hunter mostly to save edwards marriage, or mostly to get him elected. >> instead of having to prove that that money was used for the sole purpose of promoting john edwards' campaign, the government just has to show now that it was a purpose. >> reporter: john edwards, his family, and his lawyers will again be waiting inside the
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courthouse, while the jury deliberates his fate. >> all right, lisa mayors. once again here's lester. >> we want to catch folks up with the story of that young georgia woman fighting for her life after being infected with a rare flesh-eating bacteria. she' now breathing on her own, this just days after doctors had to amputate her hands and remaining foot. gabe gutierrez is in augusta with the latest for us. gabe, good morning. >> lester, good morning. we've learned of a third case with ties to georgia being treated here, the same hospital where 24-year-old aimee copeland is recovering. in a new blog post aimee's father says that she's now breathing on her own, she's off the respirator and even cracking jokes. a significant improvement since the amputations late last week. aimee copeland's emotional roller coaster, documented in her dad's facebook posts. andy copeland writes while his daughter faced losing her hands and feet she did not lose her sense of humor.
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on wednesday he remembers telling her, aimee, you are as priceless as the mona lisa. his daughter shook her head and mouthed the words, i'm nothing like the mona lisa. she doesn't have eyebrows. by the next day, though, her condition worsened. her father says he finally told her about the accident, how she had contracted the flesh-eating infection while continuelining with her friends. i took aimee's hands and held them up to her face, he writes. she didn't draw back in horror. she knew the condition she was in. when doctors said they'd have to amputate her hands and remaining foot, she smiled and raised her hands up. we all understood her next three words. let's do this. copeland is not the only one battling necrotizing fasciitis. a south carolina woman contracted the flesh-eating infection just days after giving birth to twins in an atlanta capital. she remains in critical condition in greenville. >> she does respond sometimes. you can see it in her blood
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pressure, or she has opened her eyes a little bit at times. but that's pretty much about it. >> reporter: but now there's a third case with ties to georgia. bobby vaughn is a landscaper from cartersville. he spoke to "today" by phone from his hospital room. >> i was just -- i was working one day, and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. boom. >> reporter: he says he's been through five surgeries, where doctors removed almost two pounds of infected tissue near his groin. >> i still don't know the extent of this thing. you know. i don't know -- i mean, i was told i was close to death. >> reporter: but he's thankful he's now in good condition. and his thoughts are with aimee copeland, who is just a few rooms away at this augusta hospital. the young woman still fighting for her life. experts estimate that these types of infections are rare. they think there are about several hundred cases in the u.s. each year. with about one in four being fatal. lester?
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>> all right, gabe gutierrez this morning at augusta, thanks. that's disturbing stuff. >> i know. we want to make a turn now and get the rest of the mornings's top stories. natalie is on assignment so savannah is at the news desk. >> good morning. former rutgers student dharun ravi faces sentencing today. he was convicted of hate crimes for using a web cam to watch his roommate tyler clementi kissing another man. clementi committed suicide just days after that incident back in 2010. ravi could face up to ten years in state prison. the funeral is today for convicted lockerbie bomber abdelbaset al megrahi. megrahi denied responsibility for the 1988 bombing of pan am flight 103 which killed all 270 people on board, including 189 americans. megrahi was found guilty back in 2001 but then freed in 2009 by scottish officials and returned to libya, because it was believed he would soon die of his cancer. three years later, on sunday, he died in tripoli at 60 years old.
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dozens of aftershocks have rattled survivors of sunday's magnitude 6 earthquake in northern italy. officials say at least five people were killed, and historic buildings damaged in a rural area near the town of bologna. three climbers have died descending from the top of mt. everest this weekend. two other climbers have also gone missing since saturday on the world's tallest mountain. nearly 3700 people have scaled mt. everest since 1953, and at least 236 people have died attempting that climb. new complications today in the trayvon martin murder trial. nbc's kerry sanders is in miami with the latest on this. kerry, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. a special prosecutor angela corey says florida public record laws are the problem. all of the evidence that she's released so far is on the internet and she doesn't like it. >> because the public's right to know -- >> reporter: at a political forum in jacksonville, rare public comments as the special
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prosecutor, angela corey, unloaded on florida's 45-year-old public records law. >> i would say that nothing should be public until the trial. >> reporter: florida's law forced the prosecutor to release 183 pages, and five gigabytes of files, including surveillance video of 17-year-old trayvon martin just minutes before he was shot dead. and dozens of audio files, including a recording with trayvon martin's girlfriend. >> did you have conversations with him that day? >> yes. >> reporter: in the recording, martin's girlfriend says she was on the phone with him just moments before 28-year-old george zimmerman fired a fatal shot. >> and he's saying the guy looks what? >> crazy. >> and did you say -- >> and creepy. >> reporter: the evidence released has been criticized as underwhelming, leading corey to believe too many are judging her case as unwinnable. >> i don't know where people think they have a right to try a case by internet. >> reporter: florida requires all the evidence to be made public, in part, to hold elected officials accountable.
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>> stop trying any of our cases in the media. let us try them in the courtroom. >> reporter: george zimmerman's attorney, mark o'mara. >> one thing you have is security of the witnesses. i want to make sure we get their testimony straight and true and not impacted by any concerns they have over publicity. >> this is not a new complaint in florida. back in the 1970s, during serial killer ted bundy's trial prosecutors complained about the same thing. but when lawmakers passed this law back in 1967 they said it had one goal, fair justice for everyone, including the accused. savannah? >> all right, kerry sanders in miami. thank you. and finally, a rare annular solar eclipse had millions of people from asia to the western united states looking at the sky. the so-called ring of fire eclipse was last seen here in the u.s. back in 1994, and don't worry if you missed it. there will be another one in 11 years. ann, lester and al back to you. >> not that long a wait. >> but you know, through the miracle of television and pictures it's pretty remarkable
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to look at, isn't it? >> the best place to see it was in japan. we got to see -- >> all right. so mr. roker tell us about the weather today. >> well, we have some video not quite as spectacular, but still a little frightening if you are in south central kansas. look at this, i mean, a very strong storm making its way across, luckily hit rural kansas. there were no reports of injuries. there was minor damage. but for the most part, about a dozen of these touched down during the weekend. look at it going through that wind turbine. man. they're going to have to do a little repair work on that. let's see what we've got right now. tropical storm alberto is 100 miles east/northeast of st. augustine, florida. it is not going to make landfall. makes its way off the coast and continues on out into sea. >> good morning. we will settle in with some
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clouds and rain showers. off and on showers is the forecast. >> and that's your latest weather. ann? >> all right, al, thanks. it was a big weekend in britain as the country gears up for a huge summer. nbc's michelle kosinski is joining us this morning from london with more on this. michelle, good morning. >> good morning, ann. in england you almost come to expect impeccably done pomp and circumstance for big events. but then there are times when your jaw just drops. when you feel the history and pride here. this is one of those times. all weekend long. all for their queen. the military mustered at this 1,000-year-old castle.
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>> head held high. loved it. >> reporter: but all of london feels like a celebration, with much more to come. cakes are being engineered. velvet thrones hammered. bells forged. and tested. more than a million buttons to be sewn. on one banner. >> if we're not on time it might be off with my head. >> reporter: and a queen has been all over the place meeting her subjects. having tea. dodging hailstones. planting trees. in a duck boat. visiting rhinos. cracking jokes. even got a sombrero. it was a magnificent lunch british royals welcoming the crown heads of the world. 24 kings and queens, princes and princesses, an emperor, a sultan, followed by a dinner fit for royalty. so outside the palace gates not everyone appreciated the guest list. king mswati of swassyland who brought an entourage and one of his 13 wives, the king of
7:22 am
bahrain and others provoked some controversy. at dawn and land's ending everybody getting along to kickoff the olympic celebration. the flame has arrived. >> now it becomes really special. it becomes the people's games. >> reporter: and local heroes, 000 total, have started running it all over this land. some walked to savor the feeling. just don't get too close to the torch. burns. this boy is about as tall as the torch itself. diana gould will have lived a century when she carries it. >> i might be 100 in numbers, but i'm not old. >> reporter: a service dog will join the ranks. as will brave soldiers, and disabled who now inspire others. the jubilee honors the queen's 60 years of service to her people. the olympics honors their fighting spirit. that can burn in everyone.
7:23 am
this is one of the olympic torches. a little bit heavy. and in its design are 8,000 holes, no that's not how many it takes to fill the albert hall, based on the lives of the 8,000 inspiring torch bearers who will help carry the flame 8,000 miles around britain. ann? >> very cool that you get to hold that. michelle kosinski, thank you so much this morning. coming up just ahead the so-called tan mom speaks out in an exclusive interview. and she has some strong words for her critics. ear going to hear from her coming up. but first, this is "today" on nbc. guys, i'm home!
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just ahead the parents of a baby girl missing for more than seven months.
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. a man is being treated at johns hopkins bayview center. the fire started at 3:00 this morning at mcclean boulevard. it was brought under control quickly. because is not yet known and there is no word on the extent of the victim's injuries.
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with wet roads, generally problems. >> accident on the bw parkway and delays are in place. a very long line of volume there. take 95 as your alternate. northbound direction past the beltway, accident off to the side. look for north side delays on the outer loop approaching belair towards the harrisburg expressway. outer loop at perring, accident clearing. york road an ashland road, reports of a garbage truck on fire. southbound 83 is slow from middletown down to mount carmel. normal delays on the west side approaching 795 all the way down to edmondson. update and to order 95 showing southbound delays. live view of traffic on 95 at the beltway northeast. tony, overview of. > -- over to you.
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>> is the rain is coming in from the east to the west. rainshowers barreling in across the bay to baltimore. will not be steady rain, but off and on rainshowers. 61 in parkton, 62 in jarrettsville. it will be difficult for temperatures to move. off and on rainshowers, and you'll get some dry hours in there. scattered showers and scattered showers and [ male announcer ] everyone at southwest airlines works together for one goal: to get you where you're going. and with flights all over the country to choose from, it's a good thing we love our work. and now we're excited to take you
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look in the mirror and look at yourself. i really think that these moms or dads or whoever need to step off and step away. >> that's the new jersey mom who gained national attention for allegedly taking her young daughter to a tanning salon. of course blasting her critics. she has a lot more to say and we'll be hearing her exclusively coming up in just a little bit. it is now 7:30 on a monday morning. the 21st of may, 2012. i'm ann curry alongside lester holt who is in for matt this morning. hey, you. >> thank you. good to be here. >> what else do we have coming up? >> also ahead a case of mistaken identity that's still hard to believe after all these years. it was an accident that left one girl dead, another fighting for her life.
7:31 am
their identities mixed up at the hospital for more than a month. coming up, matt talks to the woman at the center of it and she's got some very big news to share. and later kate gosselin became a name with her family's reality show before her marriage fell apart in front of the cameras. now the mom of eight is trying something new. she'll tell us all about that in a live interview. >> those kids are really growing up. i think they just enjoyed their 8th birthday. meantime let's begin this half hour with some new information that's tied to the mysterious disappearance of a baby girl in missouri. her parents are hoping it will lead to a break in the case. we're going to talk to them exclusively in just a moment. first we want to hear from nbc's krig melvin with the latest. craig, good morning. >> ann, good morning to you. this is the house behind me where baby lisa actually lived and perhaps you can still see the missing girl posters plastered on the front door. they're still all over this neighborhood. new this morning, baby lisa's father jeremy says that his deb it card number was stolen about a month after his little girl
7:32 am
disappeared, and also says that the charges are suspicious. all of this as kansas city police tell me while the case is still open, there have been very few leads. >> drink your baba. >> reporter: it's been seven months since 10-month-old baby lisa vanished from her crib in the middle of the night. and kansas city police say they don't have much to work with. but lisa's parents, deborah bradley and jeremy irwin, hope exclusive information provided to nbc news leads to a break in the case. according to jeremy, one month after lisa disappeared, his debit card was suspended because of fraudulent charges. documents provided by irwin show one transaction for $69.04, which he claims leads to a website specializing in changing your or your child's names. kansas city police say they are investigating the debit card issue, but that it does not look promising, or appear to be anything more than stolen card numbers.
7:33 am
>> if a credit card was used fraudulently over a month after the disappearance of baby lisa, that's a long time for somebody to steal a credit card and wait to try to use it. and that's one of the reasons why law enforcement will probably cast some doubts on the relationship between the two. >> not a joke. it is not a circus. it is not a game. this is my baby. >> reporter: lisa's parents last spoke out to dr. phil about their daughter's disappearance in february. jeremy says he got home at 3:45 the morning of october 4th. the door was unlocked, lights were on, and lisa's crib was empty. >> it's really, really hard, because every day i wake up, and i think about her, and when i go to sleep i think about her. and it's almost everything i can do to stay sane. >> reporter: deborah has admitted to having several drinks the night lisa was reported missing, and does not remember when she last checked on her. police searched the home and
7:34 am
scoured woods just three miles away, close to where a witness says he saw a man carrying a baby around the time lisa went missing. according to authorities no information has surfaced about the man, and the search has so far come up empty. now, her parents hope this latest development brings their daughter home. >> that emotional porch light will always be turned on that house and be turned on the investigation until we find out what happened to baby lisa. >> reporter: now, over the weekend i asked kansas city police whether the parents had continued to be cooperative with police. and police told me that while they have provided some information, none of it has been useful to the case. but they hope to continue to talk to baby lisa's parents. ann? >> all right, craig melvin this morning. craig, thank you. lisa's parents, deborah bradley and jeremy irwin are now joining us exclusively along with their attorney. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> we can see you have a photograph, a button of lisa on
7:35 am
you that -- that you're wearing. during that tape that we were just watching, you couldn't stop crying. >> no. >> what do you want to say about where you are now, seven months after she's disappeared. >> i am a mess. i am frustrated. it has been almost eight months, and we're not getting any answers. we understand that the fbi and the kcpd have a job to do, but we need answers. we need lisa. and it's unacceptable the answer to us, we are looking at it, it's unacceptable. >> when you say that you're frustrated, are you saying that you see that they're not doing enough? or that you're just unhappy with what they're telling you? do you think -- >> i'm unhappy with what they're telling me. and it's been too long. and with this -- this development they've had for a long time and we still haven't heard anything. >> jeremy, you -- you -- we just heard in this last report,
7:36 am
you're talking about your debit card being used about a month, right, after lisa disappeared. >> right. >> and our producers, one of our producers took a look at this and they looked at the company that was charged through your debit card for $69.04, and it leads to a stationery website. now why do you make a link between that and this idea that the site where you can change your name or your child's name? >> i don't know why it takes you there now. but when we first found out about this in december, it -- that's where it used to go, was the website that -- where you can change somebody's name online. >> you saw this yourself? >> yeah. we went through this back in the middle of december, when -- whenever it was first found out about it. and we called them, and we ended up talking to the office supply store and they had obviously had no idea what we were talking about. but it all -- it used to go to
7:37 am
the name changing website. and now there's something weird going on there where it doesn't go directly there anymore. so there's some kind of weird internet thing going on. >> and why do you believe this could be a link, could be a break in the case of your missing girl? >> well, somebody has my information and tried to use it on november 6th. and whoever had it and used it used it for $69, and it went through and got paid, so they received some kind of -- some kind of service for the money that was charged on my card. and there were also two other charges attempted that day that were not paid. >> if i could just say, we provided this to the fbi. i mean the cache, the page that we caught in november, you know, when looking at this, when we found the credit card company called us was a website that actually advertised change your
7:38 am
child's name. >> you saw this yourself? >> i saw that myself. our investigators have seen it. we've turned it over to the fbi. if it's just another coincidence when you pile it up in this case they're overwhelming. you have that coincidence and maybe it's nothing. but of all sings a website from the uk that provides a service to change your child's name over the internet for $69, and there's a fraudulent charge on his card. we also have a phone call 11:57 the night baby lisa disappeared to a woman from -- from deb's phone that had never been called before this megan wright. she was the on-again/off-again of this jersey joe, the person we think should be looked at very carefully here, yet no one, because the phones went missing with the baby, remember. and that phone had never been dialed from deb's phone ever before. >> you stop short of saying that investigators aren't doing enough. are you saying investigators are not doing enough? are you saying it should be looked at here? >> here's what i'll say now. i know the fbi is in constant
7:39 am
contact with deb and jeremy and without intervening. this is not about defense of them, this is about them finding answers and finding their baby. they speak with the fbi frequently and routinely. from the get-go the kcpd add pigeonholed them your honor fortunately. it's right to start with them as suspected but they alleviated other potential avenues of and missed other opportunities. including three witnesses identifying a man holding a baby that matched joe's description after midnight. it's inconceivable that that wasn't followed up immediately. >> we want you to have the right answer we want you to be able to find your girl. we want to tell anyone who's got any information about baby lisa irwin to call 816-474-tips. deborah, jeremy, joe, thank you so much all three of you this morning. >> thank you for having us. >> now let's get a check of the weather from al. >> ann, thank you. as we look ahead to the week, showing you that we've got wet weather here in the east. it's going to be wet in the pacific northwest with above normal temperatures in between. for the mid part of the week
7:40 am
we're looking at more wet weather in the mid-atlantic states. warm in the eastern half of the u.s. chillier out west. latter part of the week we expect to see more warm temperatures in the eastern half and pacific northwest looking a little on the damp side. >> good morning. it will be eight rainy start for us. off and on rain shares. breezy and kind of cool. >> that's your latest weather. ann? >> all right al, thank you. coming up next, we're going to take a turn and talk about the new jersey mom accused of taking her young daughter to a tanning salon. she's opening up in an exclusive interview. what she has to say to people
7:41 am
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in the latino communityr retirement. the word that we use is jubilation. as you're getting older, you should be able to do the things that you love.
7:44 am
we're back now at 7:44 with our exclusive interview with the new jersey mom accused of taking her then-5-year-old daughter to a tanning booth. nbc's mara schiavocampo talked to her and she's here with us this morning. mara, good morning. >> good morning, lester. patricia krentcil, also known as the tan mom, said she decided to speak because she wanted to set the record straight and let people know that she is a good mother. while she has come to be known as the tan mom, patricia krentcil wants people to understand what her life is really all about. that of a busy housewife and mother of five kids. >> i'm up at 3:00 in the morning making sure all the wash is done, my husband goes to work at 4:30. works on wall street, and then i make pancakes, pack their bags, and they're all off and gone, and then i work all day inside and outside of this house. >> reporter: in her backyard on a sunny day, we speak to
7:45 am
krentcil exclusively, about the attention surrounding her devotion to tanning, and the allegations that she brought her then-5-year-old daughter inside a tanning bed, a claim she denies. >> she never went in. she never went in. >> reporter: prosecutors say krentcil's daughter anna, now 6, turned up at her elementary school with a sunburn last month, prompting a school nurse to contact police. although krentcil admits her daughter was burned, she says it was caused by the sun, and not artificial rays from a tanning bed. >> it was beautiful out. and they went in the kiddie pool. she's a redhead. she got sunburnt. >> reporter: but essex county prosecutors allege anna's burns were caused by a trip to city tropics, a tanning salon krentcil visited up to 20 times a month. she's been charged with second degree child endangerment. >> i'm innocent. >> reporter: earlier this month krentcil pled not guilty in court. she continues to proclaim her innocence.
7:46 am
>> we're fighting these charges because i'm not guilty. every allegation was completely wrong, and i just want people to leave us alone. >> reporter: but, like it or not, krentcil has remained in the spotlight. >> leave me alone! >> reporter: her overly bronzed appearance making headlines and punch lines. >> is she tanning or did she fall down a chimney? she looks like wile e. coyote after the dynamite stick blows up. >> reporter: she's inspired an action figure. and even a skit on "snl." >> piece of bread. >> yep. >> put it between my thighs. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: krentcil says she's taking it all in stride. but her kids have not. >> they're mad. they're mad, they're picking on mommy again. >> reporter: several new jersey tanning salons krentcil never even visited have now banned her. a move she calls pathetic. >> i didn't do anything wrong.
7:47 am
if there's something wrong about getting your nails done, or somebody who smokes too much, or somebody who overeats, if this is such a problem, why wouldn't this have said years ago. >> reporter: krentcil says what upsets her most is how her tanned complexion brought on negative comments about her parenting. now she has a message for those who judge her. >> look in the mirror and look at yourself. instead of looking at me. i'm sorry i'm tan. i like to be tan. it just feels good. but, i really think that these moms or dads need to step off and step away. >> now krentcil says she is looking forward to her next court appearance scheduled for june 4th because, in her words, she is innocent. lester? >> all right, mara, thank you very much. up next, where does she go from here? the latest on facebook founder mark zuckerberg's surprise wedding to cap off a very big week. right after this.
7:48 am
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7:51 am
♪ in the span of a few days, facebook founder mark zuckerberg turned it 28, took his company public, and then to cap it off, he got married. here's nbc's mike taibbi. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg didn't wear a hoodie for his wedding to longtime girlfriend priscilla chan, just a nice, dark suit. but the understated event at his palo alto home was still a typically unconventional surprise. one of the 100 or so invited guests said they all thought they were going to a party celebrating chan's graduation from medical school. said a neighbor -- >> it definitely outside the box, which seems actually pretty characteristic. so that's good. you know. that's silicon valley. >> reporter: and in silicon valley and beyond the reaction was monumental. word spread that zuckerberg's relationship status had changed, just after 6:00 p.m. pacific time saturday. that within three hours after posting this photo on his own
7:52 am
facebook page, over 400,000 friends liked the news. congrats, zuck, big day, big week, one wrote. another simple comment, wow. contrast that to the mere 485 likes following the opening of public trading for facebook last friday. and a lukewarm reaction from some wall street savants. >> is this the next google? or is this the next >> reporter: still, facebook with its nearly 1 billion loyal worldwide users, came away from the opening with some $100 billion. if money is power, one question now is whether the young mogul and his bride will become one of the country's visible power couples. one celebrity watcher says not in the typical way. >> mark and priscilla have always been a very private couple, and they'll probably stay that way. they may end up more like a bill and melinda gates versus a brad and angelina. >> reporter: the two had met when both were harvard undergrads. when the precocious zuckerberg, as portrayed in the hit movie
7:53 am
"the social network." >> that's what the facebook is going to be about. >> reporter: was inventing the way he believed people would choose to connect in the digital age. in the days before taking his company public, he was saying the same thing. >> i think it ends up being a very clear picture of the important things that happened in a person's life. >> reporter: and what a story in the lives of these two people. the 27-year-old bride, whose 28-year-old groom is now the 29th richest person on the face of the earth. one fan wrote, prenup? i'm just sayin'. but this is a guy on a roll like no other. all smiles, and why not. for "today," mike taibbi, nbc news, los angeles. >> they look happy. kate gosselin coming up. >> after your local news. a quick pit stop for gas.ake [ engine turns over ] but it looks like she'll have to find another station to fill 'er up. no! are you kidding me?!
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. here is sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> in terms of the incidents, but travel on belair road and ridge road. heavy delays on southbound 295 from 195 down to 32. southbound 95 is picking up in volume. look at eastern was about 100. the little red and beltway, accident reported.
7:57 am
-- philadelphia road and the ball wide, paxton reported. outer loop but said belair road, all the way towards the harrisburg expressway. accident reported in the city and st. paul and another 1 hillen parkway. if you want to head out at reisterstown road, we have west side, that is heavy from greenspring down to. -- down to edmondson. watch for this problem. truck fire at ashland road. this is what looks like at 95 towards howard county. prior to those delays, and then you open up a bit too. these delays are heading down to the construction zone. >> obviously, we have rain to contend with. not a widespread rainfall event, but the showers are moving in. east to west, across the bay and into baltimore not go off and on the throughout the day.
7:58 am
temperatures in the low-to-mid- 60's. our forecast for today is often on rainshowers. even a slight chance for a thunderstorm. it will stay on settled --
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 here on a monday morning, 21st of may, 2012. this is the start to the work week but we really can't complain because it was such a beautiful weekend we just had. and also we've got some fun people with us. waving to folks back home. i'm ann curry alongside lester holt, who is in for matt this morning. and al roker. and coming up this morning we're going to kate gosselin who is in our studio. of course we remember her from the show with jon and kate plus eight. well, now the mother of eight is moving past her life as a reality star, with a brand-new career and she'll fill us in on all of that and tell us how her
8:01 am
kids are doing away from the cameras. >> also we're going to catch up with two families who were linked by an unforgettable tragedy. it happened after an accident in which one girl died. the other was badly injured. for more than five weeks you may recall the girl's identities were mixed up. coming up matt talks to the young woman who survived and she shared some pretty big news with him. >> that's exciting. it's really one of the most compelling stories, i think, that's ever been shown on national television. >> absolutely. and a little bit later on the daredevil who is training for a record-breaking free-fall from space. we're talking about 23 miles up. he's going to get help from the man who set the record 52 years ago. we're going to talk to both of them. >> can i try that? wouldn't you love to do that? amazing! >> i don't know if they have a long enough bungee cord. >> anyway let's go inside. we've got natalie who is on assignment this morning so savannah is filling in at the news desk. >> good morning, guys. in the news today, chicago is
8:02 am
braced for more protests on this, the final day of the nato summit meeting. at least 45 people were arrested sunday after clashing with police during an otherwise peaceful demonstration by thousands. the primary agenda item for the summit, the wind down of the war in afghanistan with the nato combat commitment due to end in 2014. robin gibb of the bee gees died sunday after a long battle with cancer. gibb with brothers barry and maurice achieved superstar status in the disco era with hits like "stayin' alive" and "night fever." robin gibb was 62 years old. tropical storm watches for the south carolina coast have been lifted. tropical storm alberto, the first of the atlantic hurricane season, has been moving away from shore and is expected to cause little more than showers and some increased surf. the jury is resuming deliberations today in the campaign finance trial of former presidential candidate john edwards. edwards is accused of failing to report nearly $1 million from
8:03 am
wealthy donors used to hide his pregnant mistress during the 2008 campaign. he could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted on all counts. >> now for a look at what's trending today. our quick roundup of what has you talking online. the billboard music awards are a top google search with highlights that include bobbi kristina brown accepting the millennium award on behalf of her mother, whitney houston. >> i'm just blessed to have been in such an incredible woman's life. there will never be another one, ever. and i thank you, all of you, fans, everyone, thank you. >> this was bobbi kristina's first major public appearance since her mother's sudden passing in february. baseball icon babe ruth is a hit on the blogs after setting an auction record. one of the bambino's new york yankees jerseys from the 1920s fetched $4.4 million. that's the most ever paid for any sports memorabilia.
8:04 am
and will smith's performance as the fresh prince of bel air theme song on the graham norton show has racked up more than 1.3 million hits on youtube. ♪ philadelphia born and raised >> well, earlier smith perhaps got a little bit too much love at the moscow premier of "men in black 3." he gave a backhand face slap to a reporter who had tried to plant a kiss on him. he didn't like that too much. i think we can see the slap. it's coming. oh, and there it is. it's now 8:04. back to al with a check of the weather. guess he didn't like all that love. >> he's kind of swatting him away, i'll tell you. and still the fresh prince. anyway, let's see what we've got for you. for today, pick city of the day happens to be panama city, news channel 7, sunny, hot, 90 degrees. and as we go ahead and show you these temperatures, we've got
8:05 am
the heat continuing down to the southwest. temperatures well into the 100s throughout death valley and on into the southwest. 90 through the central gulf. 80s in northern new england. bangor, maine, up to 83. rain in the mid-atlantic. 74 and wet in washington, d.c. 77 in beautiful minneapolis. look for more rain and wind in the pacific northwest. >> good morning. we will settle in with some clouds and rain showers. off and on showers is the forecast. >> got a girl turning double digits. happy birthday, caitlin.
8:06 am
>> thank you. >> very nice. >> all right. ann? >> all right, al, thank you so much. coming up, we've got some exciting news in the story of a young woman who was involved in a deadly accident that led to a heartbreaking case of mistaken identity. well, matt has interviewed her and we'll have more coming up right after this. with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, we earn more cash back for the things we buy most. 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatically. no hoops to jump through. no annual fee. that's 1% back on... wow! 2% on my homemade lasagna. 3% back on [ friends ] road trip!!!!!!!!!!!! [ male announcer ] get 1-2-3 percent cash back. apply online or at a bank of america near you. ♪
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i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy. instead i got heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilosec isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw! we're back now at 8:10 with a story that generated a huge response here on "today." two extraordinary families brought together by a deadly accident and a dramatic case of mistaken identity. matt caught up with them for "dateline's" 20th anniversary special. >> reporter: some stories stay with you forever. >> how are you? >> reporter: this is one of mine. it involves a young woman. >> ah! her family. >> nice to see you. and another family. equally remarkable. it all started six years ago. with a high-speed collision between a semi truck and a van filled with college students and
8:11 am
staff. soon, colleen and newell cerak got a call about their daughter whitney. >> i think they just told me that she had died. i just thought oh, so sad. i just said thank you. i didn't talk very long on the phone. >> reporter: the crash killed five people. others survived. some with serious injuries. laura van ryn's family rushed to the hospital to find her covered with bandages. how hard was it to see, suzy, to see your daughter in that state? >> horrible. very. >> it was very hard. >> very hard. >> reporter: the ran vivan ryn' up a bedside vigil for their daughter laura. while the cerak's planned a funeral for their daughter whitney. but in the hospital as the days went by, something strange was hopping. >> you noticed something about her teeth. >> these two on either side in the front looked different to me. >> reporter: and as the patient in the bed began to regain her
8:12 am
appearance, and her memory, the van ryns doubts increased. after five weeks of round-the-clock care they asked a question of the woman they still hoped was laura. >> i said can you tell me your name? and she said, "whitney." >> reporter: a shocking realization. somehow in the chaos of the crash, two women, both young, blonde, and pretty, had been misidentified. >> immediately realization that, you know, our daughter had died in the accident. >> that sounds hard. >> yeah. >> well, it was hard. but we knew where our daughter was. and we knew that newell and colleen needed to know where their daughter was. >> reporter: one family's devastating loss meant another family could be whole. within hours, the ceraks were reunited with her daughter. >> did she say anything? >> she was like shaking her head, yes, like yes, it's whitney.
8:13 am
>> reporter: so this is your room? >> yep. >> reporter: whitney recovered fully thanks in part to the devotion of a family that wasn't even her own. >> i love the van ryn family. they're so great. >> reporter: you look fantastic. and what's new with whitney? well, just about everything. tell me about the last few years. >> i don't even know where to start. >> reporter: let's start with her boyfriend matt. in the same church where whitney's family once held her funeral, she and matt got married. colleen and newell, you never thought you were going to see that wedding day. >> it was really a special day. >> it was such an unbelievable moment for us, because we were at a moment in our life when we thought this would never be a possibility. >> reporter: and just four weeks ago, the biggest news yet. oh, my goodness, whitney, he's adorable. but whitney and her family face another big challenge. and soon. matt is in the army. and in about two weeks, he's shipping off to afghanistan. >> this will be like a whole
8:14 am
different level of hard. >> reporter: but somehow you know she'll get through it. just as these two families came through an almost unimaginable ordeal. their love and their faith unshakable. >> we are just glad that we've been a part of it and god has given us the strength to get through it. >> for more of matt's stories and others i hope you'll join me as i host "dateline's" 20th anniversary special tomorrow night at 10:00, 9:00 central time right here on nbc. up next, kate gosselin on life after her reality show. her kids, and her new job. after this. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪ ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind.
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take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ not in my house. with maxwell house, we are perfectly capable of brewing our own coffee. am i right little man? he knows what i'm sayin'. [ male announcer ] maxwell house gourmet roast. always good to the last drop. back now at 8:18 with kate gosselin, the mother of eight, and former reality television star is trying something new these days, as a blogger for kate, good morning. >> hi. >> so your show sort of ended in september, so it's been awhile since we've caught up. how, how are your kids doing, how are you doing? >> great. we're doing awesome. the kids are doing great in school. they've gone on. they really, honestly miss filming. they've recently been saying, when are we going to go here or there? we miss the crew. so we're hoping our tlc contract
8:19 am
is over so we're hoping to move forward and do more fun projects. >> like another reality show? >> yeah. fans are begging, you know. they've grown up, they've turned 8, what are you doing? so we're hoping to put that out there for them. >> mm-hmm. >> i'm compiling my recipes. i have eight recipe testers at home. and working on that. as well as i'm running the san diego rock 'n' roll half marathon the beginning of june. >> so you're in training. >> yes. >> that's pretty exciting. >> did my first marathon in december. so i'm doing a half coming up. and i'm blogging. >> yes. talk about that. because, it -- what you're blogging about is really trying to help people understand how they can save money with coupons. is that right? >> correct. there's a million ways you can save. kouben cabin, i do a weekly blog for them to tell people just, you know, maybe not so obvious ways that i save. they have a new coupon coben mobile app that's coming out this week, actually, soen your
8:20 am
phone now you can find coupons and ways to save, as well. which is a lot easier and faster. >> before we get to some of the tips that you have learned for this process that you can offer to moms at home, let me ask you about the babies turning 8. you had a big birthday, right, they're not babies anymore, they're 8-year-old. how was their birthday party? >> it was awesome. we actually did have their friends birthday party yet, that's coming up. but we did our at-home normal mom's chocolate cake regular stuff. we always have to swim on their birthday, no matter if it's 40 degrees out. and they're doing really great. everybody is excelling in school. across the board. >> really? >> amazing. yes. >> that's pretty remarkable. >> totally doing amazingly well. we've had a great school year. and they love school. and it's -- yeah, it's really fun. >> also,th has been a development that people might be surprised about in terms of your relationship with your ex-husband, who we heard a lot about, there was a lot of difficulty, tough times. >> mm-hmm. >> but now, you can actually say
8:21 am
what. >> i can honestly say that it's more peaceful than it's ever been. i feel like a really big weight has been lifted off my should s shoulders. he's really been positive and more available, and it's just less stressful. i feel like he's working with me, and the kids notice it. and that's good. because i've always just wanted that peace for them. and i feel like we're finally to a point where it's happening. >> so there's a lesson in that that with time, sometimes even the most acrimonious kind of separations someone can turn into something okay. >> and that's good. because i can take that emotional energy that was so wasted in that area, and you know, put it back towards the kids and taking care of them. so that's good. >> so these tips that you have that you want other people to know about that can cost -- that can save money are to do your homework in terms of prices. and, and one of the interesting things is that you went to target and you got one price. and then you went to -- to the website for target and you got a cheaper price? >> yes. >> so there you go. i didn't know that you could do that.
8:22 am
cheaper online. >> -- stand in a store and either, you know, look on coupon cabin's website and order it online, the same item i'm looking at. because it's actually cheaper that way. and it's all a game and at the end of the day if you save money, it's great. i mean you can find coupons for anything. i also reuse things. i recycle it throughout my house. for reuse. that's all savings. it's money in your pocket. i cook from scratch and pack eight lunches every single day because, if you do the math on packing eight lunches versus buying eight lunches, i'm saving so much money every week. >> you also say teach kids the value of a dollar as you say, cook from scratch, be organized and plan ahead. >> mm-hmm. >> so, so, really so what you're really trying to do is if you could do it with all these kids i think the rest of us have some hope as well to save this money. >> it's really fun to save money and know that you're stretching your dollar. so that's what i want to help people do. >> well, good luck on the marathon. >> thank you. >> thank you for stopping by this morning.
8:23 am
kate gosselin. >> absolutely. >> now here's lester. >> ann, thanks. now to a daring world record attempt. in 1960, u.s. air force captain joe kitinger made history free-falling from 102,800 feet. he set several records, including the highest manned balloon ascent, longest free-fall and at mach 0.9 the fastest fall by a human through the atmosphere. felix baumgartner is looking to challenge those records with kitinger's help. retired colonel kitinger. felix is going to do a test jump at 90,000 feet. did you do a test on your way up to 102? >> yes, sir. we did two jumps before i made my last jump. the reason is making it as safe as we can make it. >> felix you have already jumped from about 72,000. your next jump will be 90,000. you're wearing a pressure suit like this. what are you going up against? what are the conditions up there that you're falling through? >> well, this is a very hostile
8:24 am
environment. you know. there's no air left. if you go higher than 65,000 feet that's the reason why you wear the pressure suit. and it's pretty cold up there. >> this may seem like a silly question but whether you're jumping from 30,000 feet or 120,000, aren't the physics all the same? >> no, they're not. at 65,000 feet blood boils. and without a pressure suit, you die very quickly. so, there's a big difference between 30,000 foot and 100,000 feet. it's because of the pressure. >> and felix, very quickly, you're going to be going supersonic, at least that's your hope. >> yes. >> at that point. i thought there's such a thing at terminal velocity. do you have to put your body in a shape to go that fast? >> you have to be in shape to go from that at tud. and we hopefully break speed of sound at that altitude. that's what science is telling us. >> you're going to try perhaps this summer, right? >> yes. >> good luck to you. felix, thanks so much for being on. we'll be back with our celebrity apprentice winner.
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> let's get a final check on the morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> unfortunately not. the commute continues to be problematic. let's look of the problems we are tracking. philadelphia road and the beltway, bus accident there. southbound 95 out of the white marsh area, very heavy all the way down to the split. speeds on average around 13 miles per hour just past j.f.x.
8:27 am
creating a big backup on southbound 795. if you're heading out on what on road might near the border of howard county and carroll county. we have an accident their bankers -- there. 17 on westbound 100 making your way towards 295. belair road, heavy on the outer. those delays in place because of construction. over to you, tony. >> we have a flow coming out of the east now. it is digging in moisture from the bay and the atlantic. into tonight, a slight chance for a thunderstorm. temperatures are not going to move much today. off and on rainshowers in the clouds.
8:28 am
a little bit warmer the next couple of days. >> thank you for joining us. another update at 8:56. ♪ jimmy bond my feet are too dry and cracked for sandals. try gold bond foot cream. it has moisturizers that penetrate thick skin. thanks. think gold bond. ♪ this stuff works she's italian... and you can't cook. ♪
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alright, what do lions eat? ♪ 8:30 now on a monday morning, the 21st of may, 2012. you're looking at times square where you can see we are getting doused with rain. it's a nasty morning in the northeast. and you know what? our intrepid crowd out on the plaza, they're still out there with those umbrellas waving to fans and friends back home. we're really glad that they decided to stick around with us. we, however, decided to stay indoors. and we are joined also by donald
8:31 am
trump. we'll get to you guys in just a moment. we're going to talk to them about the apprentice. meantime talk about how you can give yourself a confidence boost. we're going to talk to a harvard professor who could be as simple he says could be as simple as changing the way you sit and stand. >> like a pirate. >> sit and stand like amy robach, obviously. anyway, he's going to tell us all about that coming up. >> also tired of the superhero or princess theme in your bedroom, or maybe your bedroom, i don't know. but two design experts will teach you clever and affordable ways to spruce up your son or daughter's room and they should know. they've got seven kids. >> wow. plus chef adam perry lang shares new grilling techniques to bring out the ultimate flavor in your next outdoor meal. >> meantime i also want to mention, guys that last week you know you probably know this, i was in cannes, and i -- >> she's apologetic. >> well, you know, it was
8:32 am
exciting but i also feel kind of guilty about it. but anyway i got to sit down with sean penn the oscar winner and it's the first time that he's given a "today" show -- it's a rarity but first we got to interview him for the "today" show in ten years. and it was a very raw and emotional interview. he cried at one point. laughed as you can see at another. we had a lot to talk about including his work in haiti and also his work as an actor. but first let's talk. >> we have the aforementioned mr. donald trump and the winner arsenio hall. he was crowned the winner of the "celebrity apprentice" last night. arsenio i know you're really excited about this. congratulations. hat does this mean to you? >> well, it means a lot. but i think i'm sidetracked now as to why sean penn cried. >> oh! >> oh, my gosh. >> you're the winner. >> yes. >> you are the winner. >> yes, i'm very -- and it's nice to be number one. all my life i've had the number
8:33 am
two syndrome. kind of like clay. that's why i didn't let him talk about that without me rebutting in that area. when i was a kid i entered a contest. i was a magician. that's why me and penn jillette had such in common. coming in the contest i'm second in the lead. late night, johnny carson was king, i was always second. but this morning i'm number one. >> bravo. >> and clay aiken is number two. he raised almost twice as much for his charity. >> he did. >> what came down -- >> but he had a loss as project manager and you were undefeated. i congratulate you on that. but it was a great choice. we really had 18 great contestants. we never had that many. we had 18 this season. and they were really all winners. but arsenio stood out. >> and that competition was four-fold. it was partially money, partially a show we created. partially a psa about our charity and a party we got to throw. and they give you like 24 hours and you do all of that. so it was a -- we knew that it
8:34 am
was going to be complicated because it was so much we were being judged on. >> you were able to give a check for $250,000 to magic johnson's foundation. have you talked to him about this credit? >> no, i haven't talked to him. last night i called my son, i called my mother, and i went to bed so i could wake up this morning, and represent the banner. >> you look well rested. >> who would you like feature " apprentice"? >> we have so many people who want to do it. we've had joan rivers, and so many others. by the way, people like clay atkins who didn't win, lisa and so many of the people in this, even if you don't win it's a great boost. and frankly in terms of career, certainly i tell you what, i just want a little piece of what he's going to be making because i know how well he's going to do. so it's been amazing. so we have many, many people that want to go on that we just can't take. so, we're flooded. probably five to one. >> you know what, when i sat in for piers morgan on cnn, it was
8:35 am
a moment where i felt like, i was seeing an old girlfriend who i still loved. i had such fun. i'm like, i want to do this again. and this show, him believing in me, nbc believing in me, has kind of allowed me to re-enter. i mean, this guy, the greatest builder in the world has built a bridge that i'm going to walk across back in to show business. >> it will be great to see what you do. >> come back for the announcement. >> sean penn's crying again. >> i cried a lot. but i cried a couple times. >> you got emotional. >> my cousin died right before they called me. my cousin died of aids and it made me realize, this is where i'm supposed to be. because magic is so healthy, looks so good, is doing so great. there's a tendency to forget the mission. but, aids and hiv is still a very important problem in our society. and i got the wake-up call when i was making the decision as to whether i should do "celebrity
8:36 am
apprentice." and she's in heaven and she knows that i won and she knows that i'll spend the rest of my life fighting for what killed her. >> arsenio hall. thank you so much. i'm glad you got to say that just now. thank you so much. and congratulations once again. and donald trump. and now you've got a check of the weather. >> you already know it's raining out hew >> good morning. it will be eight rainy start for us. off and on rain shares. breezy and kind of cool. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thanks very much. up next, how to boost your confidence by changing your posture. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
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have you ever wondered why some people seem to ooze self-confidence while others struggle with it? "today" national correspondent amy robach is here to reveal why there is power in how you choose to stand and sit. >> that's right. pay attention to their body language. now this was really a fascinating study that was able to show the way we hold ourselves actually changes what is going on in our body on a hormonal level. so in effect, how you stand or sit can really change who you are. victory. dominance. power. a single pose can stay it all. >> if you watch people when they put their chins up and they smile. they are completely open. they've just won. they feel super powerful so they're expressing that through their body language. >> reporter: amy cutty is a professor at harvard business school, an institution famous for producing some of the most powerful players in high finance
8:40 am
and industry. but in her classes, cuddy noticed that power seemed to have a physical connection as much as a mental one. >> men were holding themselves in ways that are associated with power and dominance, across the animal kingdom. so they're sitting in ways that i can't sit right now. so they're sitting with their knees apart, and you know, an arm draped over the seat next to them. >> reporter: most of the women were exactly the opposite. knees close together, assuming low power positions. >> they're contracting. they're making themselves as small as they can. they don't want to bump into the person next to them. >> i laugh because i know because that's how i often find myself sitting. i think a lot of women can relate to that. with dana carney of the university of berkeley at california, cuddy set out to discover if power could come from a pose. >> we wanted to know if the body could shape your mind. >> reporter: hormones are chemical messengers that signal how body and mind should react to a variety of stimuli. in powerful people the hormones testosterone drives confidence
8:41 am
and assertiveness. in stressed-out individuals, cortisol is the hormone that spikes. cuddy measured these hormones in people assuming both low power and high power poses. >> after two minutes, they feel more powerful. their testosterone has gone up and their cortisol has gone down, and the low power posers experience exactly the opposite. >> what's the practical use of it? can people actually put what you found to use to better their lives? >> doing this for just a couple of minutes can sort of reconfigure your brain. it allows you to really bring your true self to that situation. so you become more powerful. ♪ i've got the power >> looking for a little inspiration for your power pose? cuddy says good examples aren't hard to find, including president obama. >> when you're feeling really powerful and comfortable, he is spreading out. >> but politicians need to be aware that a power pose can
8:42 am
backfire, especially when it's forced. >> there is a bush/gore debate where gore just decides to walk over to bush and stand next to him, he's trying to expand, he's trying to get into his space, and bush turned around and just goes like this. >> and i believe i can. >> and it just -- it's disastrous. >> susannah harwood reuben has traveled the world teaching yoga's mind, body and spirit connection. cuddy's research on the power of a pose makes sense to her. >> it's not even remotely surprising to me. for her students, reuben's body work delivers a mental reward. >> i want for them to feel peaceful, energized. for them to have had a beautiful experience of themselves. >> amy cuddy has good reason to believe in the power of change.
8:43 am
as a promising undergraduate student, she suffered a traumatic head injury. doctors encouraged her to lower her career expectations. >> my experience of recovery from the head injury and saying, no, i am going to finish college, and then some is related to my saying to these people who feel powerless, no, you don't have to be this way. it can change. >> and this really has a transformative effect, and the best thing about it, it doesn't cost a thing. you can do it in the privacy of your own office or maybe a bathroom stall. >> practice your wonder woman pose. >> i know, i know. >> you're crossing your legs. >> i know i always have terrible posture problems. this is a good thing to know. >> listen, we want to say something, though, amy because you've been such a spectacular correspondent and anchor at nbc news for all of these years. i know you've decided to move on and to bigger and better things but we are going to really miss the quality of your work here. >> oh, thank you so much. i really appreciate that. i know it's kind of weird
8:44 am
because lester i already said good-bye to you. >> i meant everything i said the other day about how much i love you and miss you. but what part of good-bye -- >> i'm actually not -- i'm going after this. i'm going to give you all a hug. thank you so much. >> you've been so wonderful. >> air kisses. but thank you all very much. and i have loved and enjoyed every moment that i've been here sharing my life with you for the last nine years, five years, i've just had so much fun. i've learned so much from each and every one of you. so thank you. >> you are adored. >> we wish you all the best. >> and what i said saturday goes again. >> all right. >> thank you. >> okay. we've got a lot more to get to, including some ways to redecorate your children's bedrooms. but first this is "today" on nbc. we love you, amy!
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
we're back now at 8:47 with "today's home." as designers and parents of seven children, courtney and robert juggle home and work to create appealing spaces that are stylish and family friendly on their hgtv show. this morning they're here with unique and affordable ways to transform your kids' bedrooms. good morning. great to have you here. >> thanks for having us. >> you are busy parents, designers. what's the biggest challenge when it comes to designing a child's bedroom? >> first of all you want it to function well. but you also want it to be eclectic and a reflection of who the kid is who lives in the space. i mean all seven of our kids actually share a room. >> in our household courtney and i share space. >> but you share a room because the kids want some individuality within that room. >> right. for example the beds behind you, these are kind of two kids that would share a space. but the beds don't match. you know, one is blue, one is pink. they're from land of nod. but it's okay to mix it up a
8:48 am
little bit. especially in our designs. we definitely have an eclectic look, so as far as bedding we like the fact that they don't match. that everything is slightly different. so for example, one child may choose blue. one child may choose pink. i think it's important, too, that maybe you get them involved, possibly take them to bed bath & beyond where there's really affordable bedding. and you can mix and match all different shapes and colors. >> you have a more traditional bed you can change out the bedding a little bit. >> let me ask you a really serious question, pink or blue? >> i would go with blue. >> just curious. we're also big on storage, lester. we have two great trunks down here. kids can throw the balls in there, their belongings, get the clutter off the floor. >> you like getting vintage items in, as well. >> for example this is a kmart dresser that we all go to, the one place that you can get everything but to make it unique, we did vintage knobs. and so we really love going to flea markets, you know, we even drive all seven of our kids but
8:49 am
if we don't have the time, there's amazing websites out there like one king's lane has vintage and market finds where you can find a globe. >> i noticed the vintage globe there. >> isn't that fun? >> it's educational for your kids. >> we've got boxes showing up all the time at our house. >> because it's actually, the site kind of does the work for you. they break it down and it's really affordable. they give you great values. so antique books, but i think what's important is shopping and buying vintage pieces, even in your kids' room, it brings it in and makes their space you 'nique. >> i know you live in new york city so functional work space is really key here. a lot of folks have space issues. >> it's big. on our show this year we filmed in oklahoma, california, utah and what we've seen in kids rooms especially is over-clutter, toys everywhere and not great work spaces. we're all about creating a workspace for a kid. their own desk, their own personal space. >> at what page would you start
8:50 am
bringing the workspace? >> we have children ages 15 -- our oldest will be 15, our baby is 3. 3 to 15 they're great. this desk here from ikea, $170. it's a place to create, where they can dream, where they can design. >> i love the chair by the way. >> another vintage piece. >> another vintage piece. >> don't be afraid to mix old and new. again you know what's most important is that you really kind of push your kids to be unique. so say what color would you want your room? what color would you want your desk? you know, that's the most important thing. >> i see the children's artwork another nice touch. great to have you both here. appreciate you stopping by. >> you've got to try out. >> we used to call them bean bags. now they're poofs. >> you sit much better. better posture. great job. thanks have he much. up next, cooking dirty. the new way to grill to get the most flavor. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
this morning on "today's kitchen," we're grillin' and chillin' with chef and barbecue expert adam perry lang who's newest cookbook is charred, bold new techniques for explosive flavor on and off the grill. adam, good morning. we know you are dedicated because it is -- >> this beautiful day, right? >> it is a wind and rainstorm this morning. you call yourself an active griller.
8:53 am
>> active griller. i like to move things around on the grill. and develop a crust. it's all about creating flavor and really just putting on the coals. let me show you. i have the coals right there. this is a technique i call -- >> dirty grillin'. >> exactly. when you go directly on the coals. at this four seasons blend which is garlic salt, black pepper, cayenne and salt and you mix these all together. >> and you're grilling, actually, a strip steak, right? >> that's right. >> and as you have the butcher tender -- >> i gave this as an example. you can see how i've trimmed this down already. you don't want too much fat. but fat is good. >> if you have too much i'm sure it causes too much of a -- >> actually not so much. you'd be surprised. a lot of people are intimidated with this type of cooking. so when i season it, i moisten my hands and create this paste.
8:54 am
>> so it doesn't come off as easily. >> yeah. >> so you mixed all the spices together. you're going to put them directly onto this grill. but directly on top of the -- of the coals. >> right. >> how do you keep the ash from going on the meat? >> i use my trusty hair dryer. >> wait a minute. you're using a hair dryer. is this legal? >> yes. >> oh, my lord. >> it kicks the coals right off. >> yes, it does. >> and then, i just kind of baste it and goes right on the goals. >> you've got to be kidding. >> do you have to blow dry your steaks after that? >> no, my wife hates this, because i'm using her hair dryer. once you blow dry once the ashes off it's good to go. >> wow we know what to get you for christmas just a bunch of hair dryers. you basically do that for how long? >> it's the whole thing lasts about 6 1/2 minutes. >> okay. >> so three minutes on each side almost. >> and look how beautiful that comes off. >> and you baste it. >> yeah.
8:55 am
>> take it over there. >> and once you take it off, after six minutes, you now need to let it rest a bit. first before you do that you're mixing it in some dressing. >> exactly. one of the things you may have noticed when i actually cook i use this thing what i call an herb brush. >> right. look at that. you just tied the yummy herbs -- >> just kind of stick it in like that. >> and tie it together. >> tie it together. >> and you wrap this -- i see you put this in the olive oil and put that on top of the meat. >> exactly. >> that's going to give you all of these flavors. >> exactly. >> now you're putting a lot of flavors in parsley and olive oil again on top -- >> right. >> wait for how long? >> just maybe about five, ten minutes. i'll take a microplane greater and just kind of grate some things. >> rah? >> just a little bit of garlic or if you're averse to garlic -- >> i'm not averse. i love raw garlic. >> and rub it in like a caesar salad. >> and then you're putting the meat on top of that.
8:56 am
>> exactly. >> and the meat gets infused with all these flavors. >> exactly. >> yum. hey now. now you've got -- after you've let it rest for six, eight minutes? >> yeah, about that. i don't fess too much about it. >> right. then you're able to slice it and make it beautiful like this. >> exactly. >> oh, look at that. look at that. oh! adam perry lang thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we really appreciate you teaching us all about this. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. city police are investigating and arson in baltimore after they assays someone might have found a molotov cocktail. crews responded to barclay
8:57 am
street sunday morning, where a building caught fire. back in a
8:58 am
>> things have changed a little bit today. off and on rainshowers all the way through this afternoon. scattered showers and thunderstorms all the way through the middle of the week. >> we will have another weather update at 9:25.
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