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tv   Today  NBC  June 8, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. wild weather. at least one person injured as tornadoes tore through parts of wyoming and colorado. this as a powerful thunderstorm produced this eerie-looking cloud, causing panicked moments at an outdoor graduation ceremony in new jersey. and there could be more severe weather today. "today" exclusive, forme miss pennsylvania usa speaks out in her first interview since she claimed the miss usa competition was rigged. does she stand by her story? is she worried about donald trump's threat of a lawsuit? we'll ask her live. and how did he survive this? a skate border rolls into the street and is hit by a truck. incredibly he walked away with only cuts and bruises. he's even going to talk about this today, friday, june 8th,
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he's even going to talk about this today, friday, june 8th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this beautiful and very exciting friday morning. i'm ann curry. >> and i'm lester holt, in for matt lauer this morning. we've got a big, big crowd. >> that's right. because superstar chris brown is going to be perform iing. -- already across the street lined up all the way back -- >> speaking of big crowds,
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millions will have their eyes on t the belmont stakes this week as i'll have another tries to win the triple crown. natalie morales spent some time at the track. when she wasn't gambling she met up with the trainer and the horse. >> or she was saying i'll have another. also this morning we'll be talking about a story that's really interesting. the mother of four who essentially she had her stroller stolen. she decided to do something about it. she set up a sting operation and had the suspect arrested in the process she helped the police stop what they say was a million dollar crime wave. so we're going to hear from her coming up this morning. >> a lot to get to. let's check on the headlines of the morning. natalie morales inside at the news desk. >> good morning lester and ann. good morning, everyone. u.n. patrols are facing gunfire as they attempt to investigate reports of another vicious massacre in syria. nbc has more from cairo with the latest. what can you tell us?
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>> good morning, natalie. the u.n. spent yesterday wrangling ear what to do about syria. kofi annan, the man who brokered the peace plan, conceded it is not working. he's trying to bring russia and china on board to try and negotiate a new solution. china for the first time indicating that he is growing frustrated with syria and is calling on the syrian government to halt violence. but as you mentioned the u.n. on the ground, trying to put an end to that massacre, have been unable to reach the village where that massacre took place. yesterday the syrian military denied them access. violence across the country continued as activists say the syrian military continues its assault on demonstratodemonstra particularly on a day like this, friday, that sees large crowds take to the streets after friday prayers. >> thank you ayman. and startling new statistics today, the pentagon reports that nearly one service member commits suicide every day. 154 soldiers have committed suicide in the first 159 days of this year. that is 17% more than at the
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same time last year, and more than the total number killed in action in afghanistan so far this year. lawmakers are taking a tough stance to fight leaks of highly classified information. recent leaks about drone strikes and cyber attacks used on the war in terrorism has the house intelligence committee vowing to investigate how the information got out. the cia and the justice department have declined to cooperate in the probe. the thousands of former nfl players are banning to the to sue the league for allegedly selling the brutality of the game to fans while hiding the dangers of brain injury from players. on thursday, some 2,000 former football players filed suit, seeking compensation for fraud and misrepresentation about debilitating concussions. traumatic brain injury has become a hot topic for football following the recent suicides of three former players. a greek communist party leader and member of parliament says she will not press charges
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after the spokesman for a far right wing party slapped her three times on television. the incident was touched off during a heated debate about the greek financial crisis. the alleged assailant escaped the studio before police arrived and prosecutors have issued a warrant for his arrest. a new york city train engineer has been suspended after a passenger caught him on tape reading a newspaper while operating a rush hour train. the fta says all crew members are told reading anything at all while operating a train is not acceptable. and mrs. doubtfire has never looked scarier. check out what happens when the trailer for the comedy is recut as a horror film. >> hello? >> hello. i'm calling about the ad i saw in the paper. >> yes. would you tell me a little bit about yourself? >> oh, certainly, dear.
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>> well, the clip is going viral. but after seeing that it might be hard to watch mrs. doubtfire with the lights off ever again. not sure robin williams would like that version of it. it is 7:06 right now, let's go back outside to al with a huge crowd of your people. >> that's right. that video is terrific. all right, natalie, thanks so much. we've got some video to show you. starting off in wyoming, the video, go to the wyoming video, and you can see, we've got a storm system, funnel clouds, mini twisters, unfortunately one injured, five homes seriously damaged. imagine this if your high school graduation, new jersey, graduation, thunder lightning, high winds, a funnel cloud, they were about an hour in to the ceremony. and then they are running for
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cover. luckily, no serious injuries reported. now the map. and we'll show you we've got three areas of severe weather from the dakotas all through the upper mississippi river valley, northern new england and upstate new york. possibility of isolated tornadoes and our friends down in florida, moist flow of tropical air continues to pound them. they're going to be looking at anywhere from one to five inches of rain in northern and central florida. >> good morning. the sun is out. the forecast is good all over the state. mid 80's for highs with lots of su
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>> and now here's lester. >> al, thanks. now to wall street, where investors hope the winning streak can last another day, after plunging 275 points a week ago, the dow has surged over the last three days. jim cramer is the host of cnbc's "mad money." jim, good morning, good to see you. >> good morning, lester. >> week ago the sky was falling. bad unemployment number came out, we lost all the gains of the year. and then this. explain it. >> this is all about the idea that maybe we'll get a resolution of all the problems that we have in europe. europe is the focus, lester, not the united states. because they're falling apart right now. >> so the unemployment number we saw that reaction, that was really not a reaction so much to that, but europe? >> right. well, we have been one of the, i'd say a bastion of strength around the world. but no matter how hard we try to get things terrific in our country, they can pull us down. i know it sounds crazy, but
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spain is more powerful right now on our federal reserve. >> i keep hearing this mixed signals that american companies are doing well but they're sitting on their hands. they're not hiring and that's because of europe? >> they're cash rich. and confidence poor. and the lack of confidence comes from the belief that europe is going to have what we had in 2000 and 2009. yes, they are that weak and they can hurt us. >> what's the tipping point for problems there spilling over and driving our economy back down? >> if we see bankline, people try to pull their money out of spain, that will be the signal that europe has to act or else we're going to feel it here. our large international companies do huge amounts of business over there. and those people that might have to be laid off over there -- >> last week when we saw the dow plunge and those unemployment numbers people were talking double-dip recession again, that we might be on the cliff. are we teetering on the cliff again? >> no. i don't want to be that negative. i think that's what's happen way were starting to build a head of
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steam and europe has taken all the wind out of our sails. but we are too strong to be brought down. we just won't be able to keep hiring like we were last year. the big worry is hiring. and we don't want to hire. >> are companies sitting on the sidelines sitting on their hands in part because they're waiting to see the outcome of november, the presidential election? >> i wish it were that. because you would think that no matter who wins we'd get better. no, it's about europe. if we see a deal this weekend our market goes up. there is talk of a deal this weekend, but we should stop focusing on our federal reserve and our government and hope that angela merkel, who runs germany, comes to her senses, makes a deal, help the world. >> jim cramer, thanks very much. you can catch jim and "mad money" weeknights at 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. eastern time on c innocence. here's ann. >> all right, lester, thanks. now to the first federal survey to ask teenagers about how often they text while driving. according to the secretary of transportation, the results reveal a national epidemic. nbc's janet shamlian is in los angeles with more on this story.
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hey, janet, good morning. >> ann, good morning to you. we knew teen drivers were doing this but how widespread the practice was wasn't known until now. these are startling numbers from young people who are owning up to distracted driving. it's no secret that teens text and drive. but the statistics from the first federal study on the subject are alarming. more than half of high school juniors, 58%, admitted they've sent a text or e-mail from behind the wheel. >> i'll respond to a text or tell my friends, okay i'm five minutes away. >> reporter: it's the way teens talk to each other. sending and receiving an average of 100 messages a day. often while driving. despite years of public service messages designed to deliver a bone-crunching warning. the centers for disease control report did find teens are safer on the road in other ways. more seat belt use and less drinking and driving. but experts say texting can be even more dangerous. >> it's frustrating that while we're making great progress at
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increasing seat belt use and reducing the number of kids who are driving while drinking, other safety issues pop up in their place related to new technology. >> and now, new laws to deal with the consequences. an wednesday, a massachusetts teen was among the first convicted under a texting and driving law. the now-18-year-old will spend a year in jail for a fatal accident that happened while he was texting. >> the simple fact is people continue to be killed and injured despite the fact these deaths are 100% preventable. >> reporter: so why do teens do it? >> we think know things are going to happen. you hear about it all the time but you never really think that that could happen to you. >> reporter: now this texting data is part of a broader national report on risky behavior by teens. but, ann, this is the very first time that the teens were asked about their behavior in the car behind the wheel texting and driving. >> all right, janet shamlian. important information this morning for all parents and
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teenagers. it is now 7:12. here's lester. >> thanks. the city of rapid city, south dakota, is probably best known for its proximity to mount rushmore. but 40 years ago a flash flood put that city on the map for a very different reason. nbc's kevin tibbles is in rapid city this morning for us. kevin, good morning. >> lester on that day 40 years ago the panicked residents of rapid city would have been frantically searching for loved ones swept away by a wall of water that wiped out much of this town. today, they pause to remember but also celebrate what rapid city has now become. 40 years ago, in june of 1972, rapid city resembles a war zone. rather than the picturesque little city nestled beside mount rushmore, and the black hills of south dakota. >> we will begin this evening with the tragic flood story in south dakota. >> the property damage will be in the tens of millions of dollars.
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>> jim was 9 years old. >> when the lightning would flash you would get these black and white snapshots of hell. >> reporter: a mass pif flash flood roared out of the hills, sweeping away everything in its path. including stinson and his 18-year-old sister-in-law claudia. >> claudia went one direction and i went another, and i ended up in one of these trees. down here. a and -- >> never saw her again? >> never saw her again. >> reporter: claudia was among 238 people who died in the deluge brought on by 15 inches of rain in just six short hours. stinson clung to the tree until being rescued by the national guard. total devastation. more than 1300 homes and businesses swept away. along with 5,000 cars.
7:15 am
>> no one knows precisely how many people were left homeless by these floods. >> reporter: damages top $100 million, even 40 years ago. >> it looked just like a junk yard out here. and there was a cloud of death that just surrounded the entire rapid creek area through the city here. >> reporter: don barnett was the city's mayor back then. he was only 29 years old. he'd never been on national tv before. >> i sincerely hope that by the end of next week we can begin to do some construction to put these suffering people into homes. >> reporter: for survivors like this family, the muck and misery was overwhelming. mother, father, and all six children survived. >> i remember the sound. i remember the trees being down, the chaos, and then i remember the people. >> reporter: their home somehow remained standing. but was full of debris. still ken vowed to remain in
7:16 am
rapid city. >> chances are it won't happen again in our lifetime. >> reporter: today, he is 86 years old. you weren't going to let the flood chase you out? >> no. we could probably build right back on the creek if we could have. >> reporter: but no new homes would ever be built along rapid creek again. families were relocated to higher ground. instead, the city went about creating an elaborate and beautiful series of parks, bike paths, and golf courses. >> the scar that was the flood in '72 was the beauty that we have now. >> oh, i'm so proud of this city. i just can't believe it sometimes. new and wonderful things have happened in rapid city. it's one of the most pregresive and beautiful cities in the great plains. >> reporter: jim stinson will never forget that harrowing night spent clinging to a tree, and he is proud of what his city has become. >> there was an element of, from this, you had to basically get
7:17 am
right back. >> reporter: rebuild your life? >> rebuilding your life. >> reporter: and while the people of rapid city will never forget that day, many here do agree the city is a better place as a result of that flood. as for that young 9-year-old boy, jim simpson who spent the night clinging to a tree, he's now the general manager here at the nbc affiliate in rapid city. lester, back to you. >> all right kevin tibbles this morning. thank you. it is now 7:17. once again here's ann. >> all right lester, thanks. history could be made tomorrow at the belmont stakes. i'll have another has a chance to become horse racing's first triple crown winner in 34 years. here's nbc's tom llamas. >> reporter: on thursday, i'll have another stretched his legs, and dug into the dirt here at belmont, on the path to racing immortality, which starts and ends on this mile and a half track. >> i'll have another! >> reporter: the 3-year-old chestnut colt has already won the kentucky derby, and the preakness.
7:18 am
>> wins the preakness, and the triple crown will be on the line! >> i'll have another really is an underdog story. at the derby he was 19-1 when he won. in the preakness he wasn't even the favorite when he won. >> reporter: now the belmont stakes. called the test of champions because of the three triple crown races, it's the last, and the longest. >> it's not an easy race. everybody's going out there to try to fight for the win and i'm going to do the same. >> reporter: behind every good horse there's a good team. and for i'll have another that includes his jockey mario gutierrez and trainer doug o'neil. >> wow. >> reporter: natalie got a chance to see the winning team up close. >> tell me how he got his name. i know there's a good story. >> his owner loves to eat, they have kind of a running joke at the house when he's out of cookies he'll yell out, i'll have another. >> a superstar now. >> oh, he's a rock star. >> reporter: but there's been drama for the team. o'neil is facing suspension in july for allegedly using
7:19 am
performance enhancing techniques on another horse. >> i'll have another has tested clean, and there will not be a tainted triple crown if he were to win on saturday. >> reporter: and to win, i'll have another will be racing against 11 other horses on the track, and against history. the last horse to reach racing's holy grail was affirmed in 1978. the last horse to attempt to capture the triple crown was big brown in 2008. >> 11 horses have tried. 11 horses have failed. some by a nose. and it's because it's been so difficult to win that makes this triple crown attempt so special. >> reporter: and a true test to see if this horse is truly special. and they're expecting 100,000 people here at belmont to watch in person. millions more watching on television. right now, i'll have another is the odds-on favorite to win with 4-5 odds in his favor. that he'll win belmont stakes, the triple crown and a spot
7:20 am
alongside the sport's greatest horses. >> that would be something. >> tom llamas, thank you so much. >> so much pressure. >> i love the title, the name, i'll have another. and it doesn't, we find it's about cookies, not about alcoholic beverages, which is what i assumed. >> alcohol would be fun, too. >> i know, i guess -- let's move off. natalie's actually going to have more on i'll have another a little bit later. >> the cookies. >> that's right. the horse, actually. and also coverage of belmont stakes kicks off tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern on the nbc sports network. with full race coverage at 4:30 p.m. eastern here on nbc. meantime, just ahead, an exclusive live interview with the former miss pennsylvania usa. her first since she claims the miss usa pageant was fixed.
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just ahead a skate border caught on tape. remarkably he walked away from
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>> good morning. i'm jennifer franciotti. baltimore city police hope the footage will lead them to dethe man who robbed several city pharmacies. this man will still medicine and is also known for apologizing to his victims as he takes off with oxycontin and painkillers.
7:27 am
now i guess time for a check on the morning commute. on this problem spots. if you cannot northbound 95 just past the noth avenue, left lane closure. below that of all side delay forming. " live looked at traffic. -- are down and southbound traffic 3 ellicott city, at the moment. delays by around liberty towards edmondson. john collins has a look at the forecast. >> sun is out this morning and it is actually beautiful. barometer has gone up just. no rain nearby at all.
7:28 am
now we have some rain out to the north. storms out on the midwest, long way away. we have a good day today. we are in 60 and we will wind up in the low-to-mid-80's. but the humidity goes up this weekend
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♪ 7:30 now on a friday morning. tgif, everybody. the crowd down on our plaza, a pretty large crowd. ♪ all the way across 4th street. a full half hour of music -- ♪ i'm ann curry alongside lester holt who is in for matt this morning. nice to have you here. >> thank you, ann. >> coming up we'll be talking about that frightening accident that was caught on tape. >> this is really hard to watch. it's a skate border performing a
7:31 am
stunt. he goes into the street and he's hit by a truck. first time you see that you assume he's a goner. in fact, no broken bones. he was banged up a bit but no serious injuries. coming up we'll talk to that lucky guy in an exclusive live interview. i think it will be fair to ask him, what was he thinking, too? >> exactly right. it's amazing that he survived that without any broken bones, also coming up we're going to talk to a mom who you really don't want to mess with. someone stole her baby stroller so she set up a sting to nab the suspect. she got her man and ended up, police say, busting a million dollar crime wave. you're going to hear from her coming up this morning. but we begin with the beauty queen who claimed the miss usa pageant was fixed. in a moment sheena monnin opens up in her first interview since resigning as miss pennsylvania usa. but first, nbc's mara schiavocampo is joining us with her story. >> ann, good morning. this time last week sheena monnin was preparing to represent pennsylvania in the biggest competition of her career. now she's battling it out with the miss universe organization
7:32 am
and may face a lawsuit from donald trump. she didn't win the miss usa title. she didn't even make the final round. >> the fun, the lights. >> reporter: but it's the now-former miss pennsylvania who is taking the spot light and the heat after claiming sunday's miss usa pageant was rigged. on her facebook page, sheena monnin says that another contestant spotted a list of the top five contestants before the show even started. >> congratulations to our top five! >> reporter: and that list, she claims, matched the top five who were later announced live on the air. monday night, monnin, who didn't make the top 16, resigneds amiss pennsylvania, writing on her facebook page, quote, i can no longer be affiliated in any way with an organization i consider to be fraudulent, lacking in morals, inconsistent, and in many ways trashy. lies, says donald trump, blasting her claims tuesday here on "today." >> the person that supposedly told her the list, she didn't
7:33 am
see it, she was told by another person, that person now totally denies it and she said there is no list and i've never seen a list. >> reporter: trump, who co-owns the miss universe organization with nbc universal, says it's just sour grapes and threatened to sue monnin or disdaining his competition. >> i did see her for about a second. i never felt she had a chance. and all this is is buyer's remorse. >> reporter: trump later said monnin had 24 hours to issue a written apology, or he'd go ahead with a lawsuit. monnin's a self-described conservative who wants to get a theology degree. pageant officials say her real beef involves their decision to allow transgender contestants in the competition. stating to nbc news, sheenen monnin resigned because of a policy change related to transgender contestants. only to change her story by publicly making false accusations claiming the pageant was fixed. the organization added that she's just trying to take the spotlight away from the rightful winner. as for trump's 24-hour
7:34 am
ultimatum -- time's up. and monnin is sticking to her story. an ugly spat over a beauty contest with no end in sight. the pageant says miss florida is the one who saw the list with five names but in a statement from the pageant, brett says the final contestant remark was just a joke under quote, frenetic circumstances, and was never meant as a fact. she also stated that miss pennsylvania usa is, quote, using the situation for her own ends. ann? >> all right. mara schiavocampo, thank you. sheena monnin is now joining us for her first interview since resigning as miss pennsylvania usa. good morning. >> good morning. thank you. >> your reaction to the latest from donald trump that he's now thinking about suing you? >> yes, i feel disappointed that he has made some of the statements that he said about me. and i feel prepared to continue to pursue the truth. i know what i heard. and i know what i in turn witnessed come true based on what i heard the contestant said
7:35 am
she saw the list. so i'm prepared to continue to march forward. and what i really want out of this is for the truth to be known. i -- i want to make sure that i stand up for what i believe is right. i know what i heard. there's no doubt in my mind that the contestant was serious when she laid out what she said she saw. and i believe her to be true. >> you're talking about miss florida. >> i am. >> who the pageant revealed had said something about a list. now we just heard in this report that she's saying it was a joke, and that the winner was not even on this list. is it possible you misinterpreted what she said? >> absolutely not. >> why are you so sure? >> well, i have many years of psychological training. i know when someone is telling a joke. i know when someone is scared and when someone is serious. in my pinier her body language was very serious and she looked a little bit scared because she had just seen something that was potentially drastically change the reputation of the miss universe organization. and this is a big deal. >> so what happened then? i want you to clarify. you're saying that she came to you in a very serious way and said that there was a list of
7:36 am
five names. >> yes. >> and how did she say that to you and what was your reaction? >> yes. after the top 16 were called and we were back stage she said that she had seen a list with the names of the top five. and i said, well who do you think the top five are going to be, and she said i know who the top five are going to be because i saw this list. and my reaction was, let's wait and see who the top five really are. because maybe that was a rehearsal list and there are many reasons that a list could be laying around with top five names. but when the names were called out in the order that she said she saw them on the list, that's just too coincidental to not be true. >> you had a very strong reaction when those names were called out. >> i did, yes. and i still feel that strong reaction because i feel that an injustice has been done not only to the other people who were not in the top five but to thousands of pageant girls across the nation who compete believing this is an honest system as i did for nine years bleeping this was an honest system. >> you just heard that pageant officials are saying that your real reason for resigning is
7:37 am
that you disagree with the new policy to admit transgender contestants. >> yes. >> is this upon? is this true? does that have any part of your decision? >> there are a myriad of reasons why i'm resigning. that is an issue that i discussed with my state director back in april, and his reaction was sheena, why don't you formulate an answer so that if you're asked an interview on stage you can state your opinion in a public way. and i thought that was fair. so i continued to serve the title. i continued to prepare for miss usa. but later on in my initial statement i also mentioned fair play. i did not elaborate on that when i initially e-mailed my state director because i didn't see the list. if i would have seen the list i would have reacted in a very strong, matter of fact way. so i didn't feel since i didn't see the list that that was a valid reason at that time. >> when you say you didn't see the list, you didn't see the list. so how do you know that this pageant is rigged? >> i think it's too coincidental for someone to be able to call out, in order, the top five, before the top 16 were even
7:38 am
narrowed down. to me that just doesn't make sense. that's not logical that that could actually be. >> you seem very calm in the face of what appears to be a lawsuit coming your way from donald trump. do you have a message for him this morning? >> my message is very simple. i would like the truth to be made known. i am not here to destroy anyone. i am not here to bad-talk about anybody. my heart and my attitude is i want the truth to be made known. and in my opinion, what miss florida said is true. there's really no doubt in my mind. it's just too, too much evidence pointing to this being fraudulent. >> can you say that you actually have received some sort of mediation effort? >> i have received some legal documentation, yes. giving me options for the future. i'm not sure yet which options i will take. but i do know that moving forward my main motivation will remain the same. >> all right. sheena monnin thank you for joining us this morning. and now we want to get a check of the weather from al.
7:39 am
>> "today's weather" is brought to you by the american cancer society. the official sponsor of birthdays. >> and we have a beautiful morning out here for the good friends. look at this crowd stretching from 38th street, it is huge. all the way down to rockefeller plaza in front of 30 rock. we've got wall-to-wall people. fantastic morning. what about tomorrow the belmont stakes? that's a big deal. we are talking about partly sunny, warm, humid, and a 40% chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms, as the official horse of kathie lee gifford, i'll have another, goes for the triple crown. let's look at saturday's forecast. slight risk of strong storms in the northern plains. heavy rain in the central gulf. texas into the southwest. few showers in the northeast, sunday, sunday, we're expecting more stronger storms in the northern plains.
7:40 am
lots of sizzling heat from texas on into the southwest. >> good morning. the sun is out. the forecast for today is good. lots of sunshine. >> in 30 minutes these folks will belong to chris brown. but until then, my people! my people! my people! ann. >> fun to watch. coming up next the mom who fought back against the person who stole her stroller and she
7:41 am
uncovers a million dollar crime wave according to police. we're going to hear from her. and a modern-day remake of mr. rogers that is moving people online. but first these messages. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's happening right w at your local walgreens. pharmacists are going above and beyond... armed with expertise and advice... ♪ ...with one goal in mind... to better serve you... ♪ nothing will get between you and the care you deserve. find your pharmacist at nothing will get between you and the care you deserve. when we walk together, we are bigger than cancer. the american cancer society relay for life. find your event at
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back now at 7:43 with a mother of four who helped police uncover a million dollar crime wave all because someone stole her baby stroller. rob stafford from wmaq, our station in chicago, has the details. rob, good morning.
7:44 am
>> good morning, lester. state prosecutors have filed new charges in the case this week. you know, chicago's seen a lot of crimes over the years, but never something quite like this. and it was a rookie mom named tia trying to get that stroller back who helped catch the thief. >> that's the guy. >> yes. >> reporter: the man in this surveillance footage stole tia's stroller off her front porch. >> did this thief have any idea who he was messing with? >> i don't think. >> reporter: tia, a married mother of four, reported the theft to police. then heard about a craigslist post for a used stroller just like hers. so she set up a sting and met the seller at a grocery store parking lot. the police arrived and made an arrest after he showed up with the goods. the moment he realized you'd set him up, what did he say? >> he wanted his attorney. >> reporter: the man faced a minor charge of petty theft and was released. tia got her stroller back. and just to be sure, sent an
7:45 am
e-mail out to her neighbors to be extra vigilant. but then strange things began to happen. bills for pornographic magazines arrived. take-out food was delivered late at night. and that wasn't all. male prostitutes? >> male prostitutes. >> reporter: showed up at your house? someone was using the internet to harass tia's family. later, police involved in the case were maliciously smeared on various internet sites. one post accused an officer of dealing drugs. another of molesting children, and the theft on chicago's north side continued. >> it was frustrating, to see a neighborhood that we loved so much and that we were so invested in fall victim to petty crimes. >> reporter: then a lead. security cameras caught this man walking into an apartment building. 'peers to be talking on his cell phone as he scans the lobby. then grabs delivered packages, and walks right out the front door. prosecutors say the trail of evidence, including the internet
7:46 am
address used to harass tia, led to a town home in this upscale chicago neighborhood. and what police found inside was beyond anything anyone on the force, or tia, expected. >> when it opened up the garage and opened up the curtains to a kitchen, or dining room, i was shocked. >> reporter: among the items investigators recovered, some 200 bicycles. 200 strollers. 100 sets of golf clubs. also recovered, 87 garage door openers labeled with the corresponding addresses. in all, prosecutors say, more than $1 million in stolen property. >> it was like a scene out of hoarders because there were just all these items stacked on top of one another. and items many times that were still in the original package that was intended to the victims. >> reporter: liu now faces 24 felony indictments for burglary, cyber stalking and other internet crimes. he pleaded not guilty.
7:47 am
for tia, knowing she helped authorities end this crime spree brings satisfaction and surprise. >> i kept thinking to myself that i can't believe you tried to steal my stroller. the one item he tried to sell, even though he kept thousands of items, he tried to sell my stroller and i felt vend indicated that i for some reason was in the right place at the right time to help the community. >> reporter: liu is now being held on a $600,000 cash bond. and police say burglary in tia's neighborhood has dropped 72% since his arrest. lester? >> rob stafford in chicago. thanks. up next the skateboarder who is lucky to be alive after being hit by a truck. in fact he didn't break a bone. we're going to talk to him exclusively. let's get our creativity running. then get some blades spinning, paper sanding, and bits turning. let's motor to the only place that carries our favorite tools... for our favorite people... armed with a budget and a mission...
7:48 am
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mac 'n cheese! should we tell em we got two free sides? and miss this? say "mashed potatoes!" never! [ male announcer ] buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and we'll throw in 2 more large sides, free. that's 2 extra sides of your choice and one happy family. today tastes so good. back now at 7:50 with the startling skateboarding accident caught on camera. the video may be disturing, but not only did the skater survive, he walked away without breaking a bone. serge murphy is the skate border in that video, his friend andrew mcma'am harrah was filming at the time, actually videotaping at the time, and they're now along with murphy's attorney. michael. good morning to all of you. welcome. what goes through your mind as you think about that taping what are the emotions? >> just shocked and surprised.
7:51 am
surprised i guess. >> other skateborders have tried this -- it's called jumping the rail is my understanding and they went down, but they stopped -- >> at the road. >> -- before they got to the street. did you realize the jeopardy you were putting yourself in by going in the street? >> i mean, i was aware of my surroundings, yeah. >> up until the truck hit you. >> yeah, absolutely. >> and you flew 35 feet. you were tumbling, i don't think -- i think you fly so fast it's even hard to see you. and yet how do you explain how you did not break a bone. what were your injuries, actually? >> i had some cuts on my back. and my hip was just really swollen. and bruised. >> you stood up and walked away from this? >> i wouldn't say i just stood up and walked away. but i went in the ambulance, and went to the hospital. >> this was a year ago? >> this was a year ago. >> andrew you're videotaping this. you're looking through the view
7:52 am
finder and we have the benefit of watching this knowing that everything turns out okay but when you're seeing this, are you assuming he's a dead man? >> yeah, definitely. that's why, i don't really move. i just kind of stand there in shock because i thought he was dead. that's why i didn't run over to him or anything. and then just -- >> nobody could survive that, right? >> no. so why, that's why i kind of stand there in shock and don't do anything. >> meantime, serge, i know that you brought for this interview your mom and your girlfriend and some other friends. >> mm-hmm. >> and i understand your girlfriend tells me that she did not yell at you, but mom yelled at you. do you have a take away on this, i mean, what did she say to you, and what is your lesson from this experience? >> i don't remember what exactly she said but i'm assuming it was don't skate in the street jean more. >> you better tell him again, mom. you better tell him again. okay. >> well you didn't have a helmet on. >> by the way, you're -- >> you're here because there is some issue regarding the damage to the truck, is that right? >> there are claims that are
7:53 am
being brought against serge, right now. and for the extent that there will be a defense brought. >> glad you're all here. glad you're alive to tell the story. >> thank you. >> we're back with much more including chris brown live in concert. living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ...could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you... ...with humira. for many adults with moderate to severe ra,... ...humira's proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events can occur, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, blood, liver, and nervous system problems,... ...serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb.
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> i am jennifer franciotti. time to check on the morning commute. >> let's get you up-to-date if you are heading out in the next few minutes. inner loop at liberty, getting word of an accident there. outer loop delays to edmondson. in annapolis, magnolia lane, we have a motorcycle accident. definitely want to avoid. arpent 97, delays past 50. if you want to head on southbound 95 towards potter mill road and the capital beltway, heavy delays. live view of traffic shows what it looks like just west of the beltway.
7:57 am
prior to 29, you are going to see eastbound delays. 83 and padonia, we are problem- free at the moment. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. john, over to you. >> nice morning this morning. temperatures up to 65 degrees at b.w.i. marshall. barometer rising right now. it took a little bit of a dip right now. satellite imagery combined with its load of radar -- a little bit of radar. storm system out west. right now are forecast looks dry today. mostly sunny skies, warmer today. high temperatures, 82 to 87
7:58 am
degrees. we want to get more humid over the weekend.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on this friday morning, the 8th day of june, 2012. we have a huge crowd here on rockefeller plaza and they're here to celebrate the music of chris brown, as he takes to our stage in what about 30 minutes now. -- their faces back home on your television set. meantime, i'm ann curry along with lester holt who's in for matt this morning. of course we've got the al roker, we're excited about that. we've got a lot more coming up this morning including everything you need to know as you head into the weekend. >> i'll have another is going for a triple crown tomorrow at
8:01 am
belmont. natalie morales spent some time at the track, met the horse, met the trainer, we're going to find out how they're doing in preparation for the big day. >> this is a really cool story. the rider could become the first hispanic to ever win a triple crown. that's so cool. >> that's actually, the owner picked up the horse for $35,000. not too bad. and then we're going to be devoting our entire 9:00 hour to "today's professionals." dr. nancy, donny, star, will all weigh in on the hottest topics, and they're going to give one mom a professional pick me up. so, now -- >> -- all right. >> donny deutsch is involved. >> all right. that's -- meantime lead stories making news today. natalie morales. >> good morning, everyone. federal health officials are racing to find the source of an e. coli outbreak in florida, georgia, louisiana, and alabama. at least 11 cases have been
8:02 am
linked to the outbreak. including the death of an infant in new orleans last week. however, officials are just beginning their investigation, and they hope to identify the source of the contamination before the outbreak widens. british prime minister david cameron has been called to appear next week before an ethics committee investigating the tabloid phone hacking scandal. his predecessor gordon brown will also appear. cameron's former communications chief and two friends have faced charges in the investigation. wild weather, including tornadoes, destroyed at least five homes thursday in southeastern wyoming. several people were treated for minor injuries. powerful storms also pounded parts of colorado with hail. and an ominous funnel cloud developed near an outdoor graduation ceremony in new jersey, forcing new graduates and their guests to run for cover from high winds and rain. former fleetwood mac singer and get artist bob welch was found dead thursday from what
8:03 am
police say was a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he had a solo hit with the song ebony eyes. bob welch was 66 years old. now here's brian williams with a look at what's coming up tonight on "nbc nightly news." >> natalie, good morning. coming up tonight on "nightly news," one of our favorite nights of the year, the graduating class of 2012. we take a look at some of the best and most inspiring graduation speakers. we'll have all of it for you tonight on "nightly news." natalie, for now, back to you. >> always look forward to that. now for a look at what is trending today. our quick roundup of what has you talking online. regular tweeters have noticed that larry the trade mark twitter bird has slimmed down just in time for summer. a closer look also reveals that larry also had his head feathers plucked a bit. mr. knowledroger has re-eme a youtube remix that has the children's pioneer going viral. >> there are so many things so many things to learn about in this world ♪
8:04 am
♪ so many people who can help you learn ♪ ♪ did you ever do anything >> mr. rogers autotunes this beautiful day in the neighborhood also includes appearances by king fridayly and mr. mcfeely. just weeks after isaac's marriage proposal exploded on the internet, this new parody goes in the opposite direction. ♪ we met when we were young got married by 21 ♪ ♪ it was lots of fun but now i'm gonna get a divorce ♪ >> oh, geez. kind of sat but funny. the spoof by second city is filled with familiar complaints about husbands that involve snoring, toilet seats and facebooks exes. it is 8:04 right now. let's go back outside to al with a check of your weather. >> you knew it was only a matter of time. >> yes. >> let's show you what we got going on. our pick city of the day.
8:05 am
rochester, new york. nbc 10. partly sunny, warm, 78 degrees. for today, you can see temperatures are going to be in the 70s and 80s into the northeastern mid-atlantic states. 80s and 90s through the southwest, with temperatures in to 100s. you've got a risk of strong storms, northern plains. a lot of wet weather through florida. showers in the pacific theft. southwest into southern california, looking pretty nice. interior sections of california, going to be sizzling. >> good morning. the sun is out. the forecast is good all over the state. mid 80's for highs with lots of su
8:06 am
>> and that's your latest weather. and now here's miss curry. >> all right, al, thank you so much. coming up next, what's new, what's out, coming up for the weekend to get you started. and we've got a concert from chris brown. [ male announcer ] did you know that your child's teeth start out softer and more vulnerable? new aquafresh kids fresh and fruity toothpaste gently cleans their teeth with natural calcium and fights cavities with fluoride. try new aquafresh kids
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the tree house i built with my dad. (girl) really? yeah. there you go. okay, i'm gonna work on the roof. dad, i'll be right back! (announcer) it's more than just that great peanut taste, choosing jif is a simple way to show someone how much you care. you made that for me? well you're making this for me. (announcer) choosey moms, and dads, choose jif. we're back now at 8:09 with something we like to call,
8:10 am
what's new, what's up, what's in. everything you need to know to get ready for the weekend. >> that's right. we've lined up three experts to share their knowledge. we're going to get things started with what's new in movies, music and tv, tim sack is the senior writer for "entertainment weekly." a lot going in entertainment this weekend including the big tony awards with neil patrick harris who is so fantastic hosting yet for a third time. >> -- won an emmy for hosting previously. he's going to sing. he's going to dance. he's going to do what he's famous for. they're going to do a big opening number with book of mormon and there's going to be lots of more surprises. hugh jackman just announced he's going to appear. everyone's hoping shale sort of do a little dance routine. >> another big thing happening this weekend sunday we've got the season premiere of true blood. >> yeah. >> about vampires. >> yeah. >> and it starts with a clip sort of the next step after a cliff-hanger. >> there was a major cliff-hanger where she was cradling her best friend in her arms. we're going to find out if tara is alive or not and there will
8:11 am
be lots of vampires. >> big moving opening. prometheus this weekend. >> yes. ridley scott's new movie. he directed blade runner and alien. this is a return to sci-fi. rumored to be an alien prequel but no one will say. highly anticipated. the geeks are geeking out. >> what do you know about jimmy fall fallon's highly anticipated -- >> yeah, his album is coming out. basically all his musical numbers from his show, including show jamming the news with brian williams. >> brian williams. whoo! >> he's fairly, jimmy told us he was very jealous of the slow jamming the news segment and asked to be part of it. >> oh, okay. >> it will be a great album. >> thank you so much. now here's lester. >> now to what's up in celebrity news. alicia quarrels is an enews correspondent. let's start off being a bit nostalgic. a lot of folks grew up watching the wonder years.
8:12 am
>> winnie cooper. >> she's getting divorced from her husband of three years. >> they have one son together. danica, we've all fallen in love with her. she's so smart. went to college. "new york times" best-seller for three books, genius mathematician and now she's getting divorced. but she said they're doing it amicably. >> she never had a lot of drama. >> this is a smart, smart woman. >> rihanna. is she sick? a lot of people are asking you know, she canceled her last trip to the uk. her upcoming commitment to her tv show and two performances. >> rihanna said she's not sick. she did cancel an upcoming tour she was supposed to do in the uk. a uk paper said oh, rihanna's sick. she's been partying too much. she said that's not it. i'm spending time with my family. leave me alone. >> kanye west and the sneakers he's wearing have become super hot. >> the air music two. >> are you ready for them, lester? >> i'm still thinking air jordans. >> right. these nike -- nike, people are
8:13 am
waiting in line for them. they went on ebay. reportedly a pair sold for $90,000. can you believe that? >> they're still tennis shoes. >> okay. these are collectors. so women may collect jewelry, people collect tennis shoes. >> alicia quarles, good to have you here. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. last but not least what's in. liliana, good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about crochet. the hot trend right now. kind of going back to the '60s. >> not your grandmother's crochet. this is the modern interpretation. kourtney kardashian was just spotted in this dress available at sears for $63.99. and then this is my absolute favorite from victoria's secret dotcom, under $100. and if you don't want to do the crochet trend in the outfit you can do accessories. >> okay. over here. move over to david beckham. >> david beckham. >> line of underwear is finally out. >> it's finally out. so people love david beckham. he has a new collection starts at $12.95. boxers, briefs, tees and tanks,
8:14 am
all for dad, just in time for father's day. and there's a promotion. buy one, get one 50% off through june 17th. >> good deal. >> hair trends now. beach hair is in. easy way to get that look. >> this is the brand new remington wrap wave. it's a two-pronged curling iron. you wrap the hair in a figure eight and it gives you great waves instead of a curl. >> you've got to use a glove so you don't burn yourself. >> very important. >> now you're sporting this. >> i am. >> which is the chalk for the hair. gives you that cool highlights. >> exactly. >> a lot of celebrities are doing this as well. >> it's a temporary hair color so you don't have to actually keep it in your hair. washes out with sun shampoo. this is from hair color chalk dotcom. take a strand of your hair, pressing it into the pod and pull. >> wash it out? >> one shampoo. >> and the back pack is back. >> it is. >> which is great for our backs. >> it's great because it's in the summer. you want to be hands free.
8:15 am
take it to the beach. take it on your next vacation. these start at $34.80 at forever 21, aldo and maywell. >> a lot of different things to look at here. thanks so much. coming up next, another big event this weekend, i'll have another's quest for the triple crown. coming up next, my trackside encounter with him. and a live concert from chris brown. in my day, oatmeal had two ingredients, oat and meal and not all that fancy-pants whatnot.
8:16 am
[ female announcer ] introducing mcdonald's blueberry banana nut oatmeal. i have got to blog about this. [ female announcer ] loaded with fresh blueberries and just 290 calories. ♪ at home, i challenge that in one easy step with olay. total effects tone corrector. 7 anti-aging therapies for younger looking skin including an even skin tone, instantly. from olay.
8:17 am
i've never been more excited about an incoming season. am i right coach? [ assistant ] right.
8:18 am
did you know the 2012 corolla has an available entune system so you can use bing. i tell you what, let's call your pops. tell him you're thinking about corolla. ok... nope, this is how we do it at corolla, son. [ ringing ] [ dad ] hello? dad, i'm committing to corolla. [ excitement from mom and dad ] alright, let's take this puppy for a little spin alright madre, padre. crown winner in 34 years. but that could change tomorrow afternoon in the 144th running of the belmont stakes. natalie caught up with the prize colt and his trainer at belmont park. good morning. >> good morning, ann. triple crown winners become legend in their sport. horses like seattle slew, secretariat and affirmed who was the last to win the coveted title back in 1978. and since then 11 horses have come close, but have fallen short at belmont. and tomorrow i'll have another makes his run at history.
8:19 am
>> they're off in the kentucky derby. >> reporter: a long shot at the derby. >> at the wire. i'll have another! has won the kentucky derby! off in the preakness. >> reporter: and a photo finish at the preakness. >> here they come. there's the wire. i'll have another will have a chance at the triple crown will be on the line at belmont park. >> reporter: out of nowhere i'll have another has a shot at the elusive triple crown. owner paul reddam is still in shock. >> in all seriousness you think this horse is going to have a shot at winning the triple crown, i would say, well don't have another, because you've been drinking. >> reporter: with a victory at the belmont stakes on saturday, i'll have another will be only the 12th horse in racing history to win the title. the last horse to do it, affirmed way back in 1978. >> you ready? >> yeah. >> i'm going to give you a leg
8:20 am
up. you've got it. >> it's been awhile. >> a natural. >> the colt's trainer doug o'neill prefers to talk shop on horseback. and i was totally game to ride a horse named ricky. the horse of the moment right now, is do you really think he can be a triple crown winner? >> i do, natalie. we're so excited about this guy. he got the right mind. he handled everything like a true professional. his energy, his stride, everything has been beautiful so far. >> reporter: one concern, the length of the track. the longest of the triple crown races. now of course you know belmont is 1.5 miles, and that's always the hardest for the horses to get through this last stretch. what's the strategy? >> you hear a lot about the belmont and the riders need to learn the oval, and you know it's important for the horses to learn the mile and a half oval, as well. and the plan is to have mario come in, ride a few races before the big one. so so far so good. >> reporter: mario is mario gutierrez, i'll have another's jockey.
8:21 am
>> mario gutierrez in his first try wins the kentucky derby. wow. >> reporter: what a find mario gutierrez has been. only 25 years old and pretty much relatively unknown until this year. how did you find him? >> paul suggested why don't you have mario come by, work i'll have another, give that kid a chance. it was kind of that simple. >> reporter: were they a magical combination, magical team? >> it's like you and ricky. >> reporter: there you go. me and ricky. we're bonding. >> exactly. >> reporter: i was ready to meet the man, or rather the horse, of the hour. that's gorgeous. >> isn't he gorgeous? >> reporter: chestnut. beautiful. hey. how are you? tell me how he got his name? >> his owner paul reddam loves rookies. they have an owner at the house when he's out of cookies he'll yell out, i'll have another. >> reporter: a superstar now. >> oh, he's a rock star. >> reporter: like the spot light? >> he loves it. >> reporter: but the spotlights haven't been as kind to o'neill. his headlines most recently discuss his upcoming suspension
8:22 am
from racing after an investigation into a performance enhancing technique he allegedly used on another horse. starting after belmont, the california racing association has suspended you for 45 days because they found elevated levels of co2 in one of your horses. >> we play by the rules. and you know, i contested those allegations vigorously. but the decision was that there was no wrongdoing found. so i'm not really sure what the suspension is about. but it's all stuff i can't really talk about until after the belmont. >> reporter: for now, doug is focused on the task at hand. >> training horses is a privilege. it's not a right. so i take it very seriously. and i'm, you know -- >> reporter: focused on that. >> and just grateful. >> reporter: grateful and hopeful that i'll have another will, indeed, gallop in horse racing history. of course, it is a crowded field with a lot of contenders.
8:23 am
all could spring an upset. but oddsmakers right now, 4-5 odds that we could have a triple crown winner in i'll have another. >> exactly right there. the race by the way want to mention to people 3:00 p.m. eastern on the nbc sports network. full coverage at 4:30 p.m. eastern here on nbc. meantime, >> we want to say hello to andy sandler from "saturday night live." -- new movie, good morning, great to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> all these people have come out to see the greatest rapper that ever lived. >> one of the greatest. i brought my whole family with me. >> -- say your name with adam sandler. you've had this big smile on your face. there's a reason for that. >> i called him a bunch yeah when i heard about this script i wanted to work with him. he's one of my heroes. and now we're on bill boards together. >> how cool is that?
8:24 am
>> it's the coolest. >> you guys, your father but you look like you're not that far apart in age. >> we're not. it's the perfect script in that regard in that he had a child very, very young, as a result of inappropriate teacher/student relationship. >> oh, okay. >> we skim through that part really quickly and get to the fun stuff. >> and, and, of course, everybody is while they're looking forward to this movie, some said this is your last season on "saturday night live." why now? >> you know, seven seasons, we did over 100 shorts, both of my buddies have moved on. we did a lot of stuff together there. i don't know. nothing in particular i'm moving on to, i just sort of felt like it was time. >> -- digital shorts tonight? >> i'll come back any time they'll have me i'm back. i hope it's true for me. >> given somebody else like mark
8:25 am
zuckerberg? >> i don't know that anyone else -- they need another cast member with a "berg" in their name. i played at least three bergs on that show. >> thank you. >> andy sandberg great to have you here. "that's my boy" in theaters soon. just ahead chris brown live in concert for a full half hour.
8:26 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal tv 11 news in baltimore. >> final look this morning. we have an accident is impacting traffic just a bit. powder mill road, watch for a crash towards the capital beltway. one is causing delays on northbound 97 bit you see there is some slow going there. hampstead, watch for an accident. quick live bank look at traffic, update you on a 97, northbound delays due to the accident.
8:27 am
so far so good in this area. that is the very latest on traffic pulse 11. >> nice morning this morning. temperatures at the airport at 65 degrees on tv hill. barometer is showing a rising tendency. west winds at 6 miles per hour. rain chances will be minimal. we look at the radar-satellite, nation and there is a little disturbance. rain activity will be north of the maryland-pennsylvania line. warmer temperatures than yesterday. only around 80 for the high. sunset at 8:33.
8:28 am
longer-term forecast on saturday and sunday. humidity and temperatures go up. upper 80s by sunday, a renewed chance by tuesday. >> thanks for the great forecast.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on a friday morning. the 8th day of june, 2012. we've got a beautiful day, and a beautiful crowd, and these are the perfect can bes for a great concert. coming up we've got new look sensation chris brown performing for a sold out crowd, a crowd who's been waiting. the anticipation is really growing. meantime i'm ann curry.
8:31 am
we've got a lot more coming up. >> we have another guy you may have heard of by the name of justin bieber, two weeks from today, something for music fans. >> and in fact he wants you to pick one of the songs. summertime, beer in mexico or living in fast forward. can you vote on our website, then watch for the winner during the concert on june 22nd. even better, come on down, and find out for yourself when kenny chesney takes to our stage. >> we have a special hour-long edition of the professionals. star, dr. nancy and donny are going to be here to tackle a whole host of questions and controversies. looking forward to that. >> also want to mention that we have a huge week coming up next
8:32 am
week. we've got larry hagman. patrick duffy. and linda gray from the 1980s hit drama, "dallas." they're bringing their famous characters back to life on a new version of the show. and they'll be here along with the next generation of ewings to tell us all about that. monday, here on "today." >> j.r. is actually in a nursing home. he is. they find him in a nursing home. >> i'm sure he's got a lot to say. >> quick hello to u.s. olympic wrestler jordan burrows. the world champion freestyle wrestler. >> good morning. >> you're from new jersey, right? >> that's right. from new jersey. i love the fact that -- >> 13,000 followers. >> yes, trying to get a little bit more. >> apparently so. i got that impression.
8:33 am
when you start off in your field, at that time did you think about becoming someone who wanted to achieve a gold medal? >> never. you know, it was always my dream to be an olympian, win olympic gold medals throughout my life. starting off as a kid it's hard to realize as a young age. now i'm big, strong, and hoping to be a gold medalist. >> wrestled for nebraska. collegiate wrestling. a little different from the wrestling you're going to be doing at the olympics. did it take much to adjust? >> a little bit. like i said, i feel as good as i've ever felt in my career. >> meanwhile, the u.s. has won two gold medals in the last two olympics in wrestling. so are you worried about the prospects? >> i'm focused and really prepared right now. it's been a number of years --
8:34 am
lifestyle changes to winning a gold medal. and right now i'm just hoping to go out there. >> -- great day to be able to see this concert before you get back into your training. we wish you so much luck. >> thank you. >> i'm super excited to be here. >> what's -- >> all right. >> much more coming up. >> we've got to do weather. >> oh, that's right. >> al, what about the weather? thanks for reminding me. >> no, no, no, i'm feeling the love. let's check it out, see what we've got for you. belmont stakes, of course, here you go. possibility of that triple crown. partly sunny, warm, humid, 40% chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. saturday, risk of strong storms in the plains. a lot of wet weather down through the central gulf. sunday, sunday, looking at more rain down through the gulf coast
8:35 am
of florida. slight risk of strong storms in the northern plains on into the central mississippi river valley. >> good morning. the sun is out. the forecast for today is good. lots of sunshine. >> and that's your latest weather. a lot of chris brown fans. >> i know. maybe we should take a second and show them some love, to find out from them where they're from. go ahead, al. >> i'm from d.c. >> and when did you get here? >> we got here two days ago. >> two days ago? you've been hanging out -- all right.
8:36 am
>> that's right. we have a little chris brown fan who is also celebrating her birthday. how old are you today? >> 8. >> eight years old. are you the momma? >> yes. >> and you decided are you bringing her here today because of the concert? >> yes. >> getting ready to dance, a little dancing this morning? >> yeah, maybe. >> i think somebody got dragged out of bed this morning. anyway you guys have a lot of fun. natalie, has -- >> people come from all over, including norway to see chris brown, right? big fans here? big fan of his, right? >> yes. >> what does it mean for you to be here to see him today? >> a lot. >> well, have a great time here all right. where's al? >> i'm going to take it. chris brown is coming up next.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
the "toyota concert series on today" brought to you by toyota. >> we have had people lined up for this concert since thursday. so we don't want to keep them waiting anymore. performing one of his biggest hits, forever, ladies and gentlemen, chris brown. ♪ forever ♪ forever ♪ forever ♪ one two three four ♪ everybody put your hands up everybody put your hands up ♪
8:40 am
♪ hey hey it's you and me ♪ ♪ moving at the speed of light into eternity ♪ ♪ tonight is the night to join me in the middle of ♪ ♪ feel the melody and the rhythm of the music around you around you ♪ ♪ i'm take you there i'm gonna take you there ♪ ♪ so don't be scared i'm right here ready ♪ ♪ we can go anywhere go anywhere ♪ ♪ but first it's your chance take my hand come with me ♪ ♪ it's like i waited my whole life for this one night ♪ ♪ it's gonna be me you and the dance floor ♪ ♪ cause we got one night
8:41 am
double your pleasure ♪ ♪ and dance forever ever ever for ever ever ever ♪ ♪ for ever ever for ever ♪ ♪ forever ♪ forever ever ever feels like we're on another level now feels like our love's ♪ ♪ we can be two rebels breaking rules you and i ♪ ♪ all you gotta do is watch me baby feel the beat inside ♪ ♪ you could take the front seat girl girl it's like i waited my whole life ♪ ♪ for this one night it's gonna be me and you on the dance floor ♪ ♪ 'cause we got one night
8:42 am
double your pleasure ♪ and dance forever ever ever forever forever forever on the dance floor ♪ ♪ it's a long way down we're so high off the ground ♪ ♪ sending for an angel to bring me your heart ♪ ♪ girl where did you come from got me so undone ♪ ♪ gaze in your eyes got me saying ♪ ♪ what a beautifully dadedy no ifs ands or maybes ♪ ♪ i'm releasing my heart and it feels amazing ♪ ♪ there's no one else that theers you love me ♪ ♪ i won't let you fall girl ♪ i finally found what i'm looking for ♪
8:43 am
♪ it's like i waited my whole life whole life for this one night ♪ ♪ it's gonna be me and you on the dance floor ♪ ♪ cause we got one night double your pleasure double your fun ♪ ♪ and dance forever ever ever ever ever ever ♪ ♪ ever ever ever >> ever ever ever ever ever ever ♪ ♪ forever on the dance floor >> chris brown. thanks. we'll have much more more music in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
chris brown burst onto the
8:46 am
music scene seven years ago. he's been on top ever since. he's got a new album out by the way we should next in early july on july 3rd. he's got this crowd still screaming, and is about to perform once again. ladies and gentlemen, chris brown. >> how you feeling out there today? i know you all came out real early. so let's party, okay? i think we should turn it up, right? come on, let's go. get a hand clap. ♪ turn up the music ♪ turn up the music can i hear turn up the music turn it down ♪
8:47 am
♪ put your hands up if you're sexy and you know it ♪ ♪ up in the hair ♪ turn up the music turn it up louder ♪ ♪ ♪ turn it up louder turn up the music ♪ ♪ let's do it ♪ oh, oh, oh, turn it up baby ♪ ♪ ♪ turn it up ♪
8:48 am
♪ turn it up turn it up ♪ ♪ turn it up turn it up ♪ ♪ turn it up turn it up ♪ ♪ turn it up turn it up ♪ ♪ turn it up turn up the music ♪ ♪ i need you baby turn up the music ♪ ♪ turn it up turn up the music ♪ ♪ today turn it up ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, turn it up baby oh, oh, ♪ ♪ can you turn it up turn it up turn it up ♪ ♪ turn it up turn it up ♪ ♪ turn it up turn it up ♪ ♪ turn it up turn it up ♪ ♪ turn it up turn it up ♪
8:49 am
♪ turn up the music >> and the music all the way there. we're back with more from chris brown straight ahead. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
>> you guys ready for some more? chris brown!
8:51 am
♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ move your body ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i hope that this will last
8:52 am
awhile make it last awhile ♪ ♪ ♪ people everywhere everybody put your hands in the air ♪ ♪ yeah yeah yeah i want to see you tonight ♪ yeah yeah yeah ♪ girl i gotta i got to ♪ ♪ ♪ people everywhere everybody put your hands in the air ♪ ♪ just go let's hit it ♪
8:53 am
♪ let's hit it yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ girl i want to see you tonight ♪ ♪ yeah yeah yeah ♪ put your hands up in the air put your hands up in the air ♪ ♪ put your hands up in the air put your hands up in the air ♪ ♪ do it tonight put your hands up in the air ♪ ♪ put your hands up in the air ♪ tonight is the night ♪ yeah >> chris brown, thanks. we're going to have much more music a little later. plus a full hour of "today's professionals." a lot more still ahead on a friday morning, right here on "today." after your local news and weather.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am sarah caldwell. here is a look at one of our top stories. a military judge expects to rule today on charges against bradley manning. he is accused of providing information to the secret website -- spilling website
8:57 am
wikileaks. among the towns, the analyst is charged with aidin
8:58 am
>> sun is out, no storms nearby. we have a clean sweep on the radar. forecasted it puts us in the mid-80's rise. get out and enjoy it.
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